Golf Clash - Tour 11 Quick Pin Chest!

Golf Clash - Tour 11 Quick Pin Chest!

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Yo, rabito thanks so much, I'm. Also starting to literally I'm scrambling. Right now I will. Try. To start playing quickly. I'm, sorry to hear about the stones knocking at your power. That's. No fun. Hopefully. The. Power. Company gets on that and can get it fixed pretty quickly oh. My. Musics, way too loud, right now sorry. There. We go that's better. Apologies. For that, trying. To. Get. Everything ready for the stream I was at work a little later today than typical. Neo, is live right now too. Yeah, that's, true Texas. I was, I had the same when, I lived in Oklahoma so. Definitely. Understand. That. Hopefully. Troy. Joint soon I. Want. To test something. Actually. Once. Again. With. A heck. Nope. Oh. It. Couldn't. Find my horse. You. Might be wondering why, my. Game captures, and taking up the full height, of the screen and. Hopefully. I have an. Answer, for that, soon. Let's see what. Disappointment, our brings us today. Are. You kidding, me. Yo. What up crash head I. Just. Got this in the store. Two days ago. That's. Incredible. Look. At that. Two. Times in three days well. You know what that means. You. Don't. Let it goes. 5,700, gyms. Yo. Yo, Troy what's happenin brother ah. It's. Terrible. Can. You see on. My. Stream. Do. You like it. Yeah. I got some captions. Going on. Hopefully. It works well it keeps saying my microphone, volumes low but it still, picks up my voice. I guess, we'll try it and see how good it is probably, not gonna be the best. What. I might do though I. Don't. Know if one line is enough Oh. A. Nice crash hit that's awesome. Scratch. If. Anything. At least the captions, will be entertaining. Alright. Let's get started I have, some. Things to do tonight though. You. Yeah. It. Seems to be pretty decent I need, to mess with the settings for my microphone. What. Are we doing here. I. Kind. Of wanna. Yo. KDB what's happening. I'm. Gonna test this out. You. Yeah. It seems to work really well if I speak clearly. Actually. I'm gonna switch the settings slightly. You. All. Right this might show more text on screen even though it's set off to the side more. OBS. Has, a. An. Option to, enable captions, but it doesn't, work for live, streams. It. Only works for recording, video. I'll. Work on the settings some more I just wanted to get this, like. Proof-of-concept working. Idea. Alright, let's play. With. Our fancy new, cat. 6 that we got yesterday or, two days ago. Let's. See, what we get. I go, first oh I don't like this hole. Is, this. For. You. Yeah. Troy I, haven't, got a lot of opportunity. To play with the software yet I'm sure. There's a setting for it I. Can. Make it slightly bigger. After. Stream also, tor it'll show like two lines I. Dig. It. Yo. What's up board. Well. I mean like have two lines not not, like the lines would be bigger or anything. 12. For at max. It's. Like 10 rings, look. Like a. You. That's. A bad great. Glad. You like it man. Yeah. Said toradol, Idaho. I, don't. Know Idaho. It's. Not picking up my microphone, as. Well as it should. I need. To enunciate better. This. Will help with my. Enunciation. Skills that's for sure. Enunciation. That. Doubts not Idaho. Like. I said this, will be just as good for the entertainment, factor as it is for the useful.

Captioning. This. Is too much fun. Along. The top oh. That's. A good point. That. Is a good, point. Australia. Whoo. This is a scary. Address. Went right here. One. Point seven rings. Oh. That's. Not good, I. Don't. Want to be hitting great. Australia. Put. Another shrimp on the Bobby. Who farted. Aqui. Arrábida. Heck. Yeah. Roberto. Close. Enough, No. Oh my. God. That's. Too much. Yo what's up Rick. I wasn't. Talking, about placenta. I. Was. Not talking. About, placenta. I'm. Telling, you just, for the comedic. Aspect of, this it's worth it. Really. It. Doesn't pick up laughing or. Sounds. Very well which, could be a good thing I guess. Oh. This. Wind is booty. How's, that. 7.8. Rings. Now. Not a scanline luckily. Oh. He's. Got a straight tail and go go for the rough bump. Koko. For the rough bump. There. You go, he's. Gonna miss it. Definitely. Miss adjusted, but pretty close still. So. Much wind today they're trying to well. Those wind balls already salt done selling, so. Gonna. Offset it a lot. And. To go seven. Rings. Seems. Like a lot. The. Goliath oh. I. Can't, hit perfect today. Someday. It will understand, me. I played. It that one 20%. Maybe. I should have played it even more because. It look like even a perfect wouldn't have been enough. Plus I offset it a ton. Yeah I. Should. Put like a voice meter, -, ah. This. One. Course. I go first. Little. What a tailwind. This. One's plus 35 percent, so. 7.4. Rings. Too. Much left spin. Whoo he's got. Titan. He, has got, a title. Every. Time I play with a 10 it. Either. Goes. Way short in a headwind I hit. The rough in a, tailwind, because I didn't adjust enough or. It, misses by three squares. I'm. Debating playing, it 25. Percent, or even 30. Yea. His shot was way better, and. That's too bad I like that hole. Well. We're not off to a great start I, think. It's because I'm focusing, on my speech too much. It, would be fun to turn this on Neos dream. I'm, working on it all, right I'm, focused now playing. Who's your caddy. Is, this the, same like Caddy 2.0, fellow I doubt. It. Oh. Pete. Would require me to do this I think. Wouldn't. He. Extremely. Lucky, but I will take that. Going. 1 for 1 and a new tour is always fun. Thank, you. I got, really lucky with the landing spot it almost clipped that rough I didn't adjust enough. My. Opponent, has no, balls. Yo. Tink thank you so much. It. Gets it right and then switches. We're. In. Minimum. How, much is that like. Five rings. We're, gonna try something here. That, wasn't enough curling I think. Yeah. A little. Hot too but. Pretty. Good shot. Because. A guy Oh. What's, happenin brother. No. Not cannon, brother. What's. Happening, brother. What, about your katanas. So. We're going into the, shootout. With a berserker, versus. A titan. I. Put. Like that, because. I. Don't. Know why. Instead. Of waiting for the, backswing. From the right to left I just release it on the full right I don't know. Yeah. What's up steve-o. Did. What. Happened. I. Didn't. See what happened. I. Thought. He was close enough that a great wouldn't matter oh. He. Was in the rough I. Thought. He was on the fairway I thought it was gonna be an easy shot. Alright, let's get rid of this serger. Go. Back to our itchy ball. Yeah. Troy I thought he was on the fairway for some reason. Because. I'm an idiot. Hey. Thank, you. The. Only thing that sucks about the text is you can't hear my tone. Well. Played by my opponent. As. Suppose, you are. And, eight, for. Each. Five. Point, six rings oh. That. Was terrible. Holy. Smokes. This. Tailwind. Did, anybody go for the power hook on this hole when it was in the tournament. Because. I did and it was fun.

It. Even spelled out cuz. Eight, rings, even with this club huh. Sure. That looks good. Supposed. To be over eight rings. I'll. Take it. Let. Chuck. Yeah. The power hook on this hole was, super. Spooky because. Of. The. Trees. The. Ball went through the trees and. I. Saw. A lot of people. Hit. The tree with the power hook. Hey. Karen, thank you so much. Gone. Whole. GU. Head wind. We're. Gonna play. With. A Thor's, hammer, six. Cornhole. Cornhole. Cornhole, cornhole. I would. Have liked to see the spin he put on this shot. Cuz. Little. I. Am. Cornholio. Yeah. How I say I don't really have to do much here just get it up there, and. He, forfeits. Easy. Win. I. Wonder. If there's a setting, to only, make it fade out or, disappear. When. I start talking next. So. Like the text would stay on screen until I said something new. All. Right I'm gonna play it to this side because I, always get a side wind. Goodness. Five. Rings. Play. Bit overpower. Yeah. Great. Minds think alike. There's. A slight delay it stays visible right, now for, four. Seconds and. Then. Just disappears, if I, don't talk for four seconds so if I keep talking nonstop it'll, just keep showing text, and show the next line so. It's really hard to follow in this case because if. You glance away for a second it's already gone to the next line so now I'm just rambling I. Could. Have played this more aggressively, but I kind of want to try a longer shot. You. Know what time it is. This. Is a spooky, adjustment. But I'm still gonna do it. Is I don't give, a. Heck. I. Should. Have pushed it up but I'm running out of time so. Though. There's a great that's. Not good so. Yeah oh. Actually. It, was almost perfect so, I think. That great saved me from going into the bunker. Yeah, I'm not sure how, a. Scrolling. Option. Would work. At. Least with this current, software I have. See. There I did that putt again. It's. Just habit at this point. I've. Actually had, people try. To replicate, that from a further distance and miss so I wind up winning the whole maybe, that's why I do it. Yeah. Not for long putts. I like. This whole. I'm. Just gonna go five rings. I'm. Gonna put a little curl on it oh I. Keep hitting great. This. Isn't good. Well. It. Turned out not so bad. Karen. I play this 120, percent downhill. Joe. Damien, thank you so much. Yeah. It might be 15 from the second I'm in two or 11 so I'm playing from the third so I played at 20%. Hey. What's up Master glad. You could join us. I. Should. Have won that. Stupid. Me I did it great. Yeah. Point zero seven. I. Don't. Know why I'm not rematching, anybody tonight just. Feel like they're not deserving. Oh. Come. On don't do this loading, crap. We. Go oh, no. Headwind. Six. Rings. I should, probably lay up with this wind. But. What's the fun in that right. Bad. Great. I don't. Deserve that result. He. Is also using, an itchy ball. This, is probably gonna be a. Wood. Club. This, is gonna be very, difficult. Because. A. Cat. Is going crazy. We're. Gonna come in too hot. That's. Okay. Sike. I don't. Know what happened there. I, think. My adjustment, was off so I didn't land in the spot I was aiming at but I didn't. Really pay attention to how off it was. He, didn't play the wind effect. Ooh. Active. Directory I, know all, about that fun stuff. Ooh big. At. Least a 30% over. Adjustment. Straight. Tailwind. While, a straight, tail wind. I, was. Hoping he was gonna play the driver. No. Luck. It's. Not picking up all of my words. But. It's close. You. Me. And my, opponents, need to start making such good shots. I'm gonna play a seven, point four rings. Play, one back into left and see what happens. Actually. Gonna add just a bit of curl, to because I don't. Trust my spin. Offset. Oh. That. I didn't adjust enough. And. That was a good speed to. Didn't. Offset enough. Didn't. Adjust enough. Now, you. Don't get to play me again. This, is where I got to start using the arrow the, wind arrow. We, go first. Into. A headwind I. Even. Not. A lot of a headwind thankfully. My. Rings. I. Don't. Think he deserved, my rematch. Well. That was a lucky, bounce I. Get. A salty, when people beat me in shootouts. Even. A lot of rings over there. They. Found the bunker. Guess. We'll play over here. Play. Like. Seven. Rings I. Can. See. Close, enough. Yeah. What I'm like oh. Just. A little more curl a little. More curl. I hope. Your tournament rounds, have been going, extremely, well did, it. Check. Out the top of the stream. Check. Out. The. Subtitles. Are here. Nice. It's awesome, that you qualified all of them. See. This guy I'll rematch he deserves, it plus, he's got a picture of a kid lifting weights. He's. Salty, cuz, he made a bad drive. You. Know it Karen oh I just got an epoch card in my silver. Yes. An iPod card. Someday. I'll have multiple. Accounts to try to qualify for tournaments. I'm. Hoping by next season, I'll have at least one, more account to play in tournaments, maybe.

Two. Oh yeah. Give. The old good, luck. We're. Just gonna full blast it let's, see. I'm. Gonna put some left, curl on it I. Can. Line. Up my wind. Not. Making, any special. Wind. Calculations just. Estimating. Too. Much curl. It. Great right so I should have put Walker off. No. Not great race great right oh that worked out awesome. So. The software I'm using, constantly. Is telling, me that my mic volume, is too low. And. It's because I have the gain turned way down and then. I use some other software, to. Make. It so you guys can hear me. So. I need to use that software as the input, to the, subtitles. It. What's up Craig thank you so much. Welcome. Welcome. Everyone. Like. A MIDI, Sh adjustment. Offset. A little bit. That's. Like six, and, a half almost, a, word. In my I. Don't. Have my. Material, here. Yo, what's up Raya. It. Doesn't smell right but that's okay. Oh. A. Nice job Craig. Unfortunately. I only have one tournament account, right now so. I, don't. Get, to stream mini tournament, rounds I'm, hoping, to change that in the future. Thank, You Raya. It. Spells your name differently, every time I say it. Whoo he got really close. Hey, Kevin, I'm. Glad. You got that working. Ooh. Unwhole. And. I, do love, fun holes. Yeah. Karen lost hers in the middle of her round, it. Was just terrible. I. Don't. Know how that happened. Pretty. Good shot here for the most part a, little. Long but. 2.2. Is definitely. Respectable. Probably. A lot better than what I'm about to do so. I'm. Gonna go between min and mid, which. Is gonna be about. 6.2 rings. Went. Off set it a. Couple. To the left I. Haven't. Put any topspin, or anything just, see. How it goes. Always. With the greats. Seems. Long. Good. Luck Raya. I got, my pin chest but, I need to fill my last chest slot so. And. I got nothing. Tonight. Wasn't a good night for the old winds, but, that's. Okay testing out new things. Still. Getting used to using, a second device for adjustments. Also. I know, he's not in here because he's sleeping. But. A big congratulations to, mr. Ian, Ballinger for, 1000. Subscribers. Absolutely. Phenomenal. It, definitely takes, some getting used to you see you guy. Well. Nine. Maybe. Like seven, point six rings on this adjustment, by. X-ray like three and a half top. In, a bunch of curl to the right there. What, I look like it flickered, a little bit. Pretty, good position to be in. See. If we can finally, get this drop. Gonna. Be mid and a bunch of rings. Already. I'm, actually just gonna like come up here like this and offset, it. Then. I'm gonna go, six. Point one this is a 20%. Down out. Which. Is probably too much but. I'm. Just testing it out with. A big offset. And. I hit great. Wasn't. Too bad even with the great. My, opponent here is gonna have to just about. 745. Rings. Troi. Saying hi to everyone. See, here I want to do the goofy but. Because. I'm scared, of the weird. Angle. Of the green and everything. Yeah, I need to hit perfect more often ooh. I, do not like this. I'm. Gonna go the max number. With. Max right and four, and a half back, I can get it to stick, what.

Is Max number 84 I might be out of the club range. Right. On the edge ooh. I. Landed. Way far back that. Was. A terrible, shot. Yeah. I finally, hit perfect, but I made a terrible adjustment. Oh. Here. We go. Going. For the sand bump. Ballsy. He. Hit great so he's gonna lose a little bit of distance. Bollocks. You. Don't deserve a good game for that Robert, I. Didn't. Even I don't even think about going for sand bumps like that I, need. To add them, to my repertoire. Yeah. I was an awesome shot. It's. Probably the safest one in that scenario. It. Would've been awesome if you would have drained, it but. It'd. Engrave. This. Is gonna make it tough. Ooh. I do, not, like this hole. At. All. I don't. Have big topper, in any bags. Big. Top, or. Topper. Of, course he had perfect, why. Wouldn't he hit perfect. You. But I'm gonna do. It's. Gonna aim like down here. And. Pray. Too. Much girl I. Thought. The wind was gonna push it more. Too. Much girl. Well. This is a loss. Yeah, what I'm Mike. Dale. What, is happening, my man. I'm. Just not having a good night, on the course but I'm having a good night cuz all of you are here with me. Zooom. All, right. We're. Gonna sink this one. Almost. Max. Seven. Rings a. Little. More. Almost. Perfect. Wait. Is KD here. Not. Katy. Miss. It opponent, miss, it come on Jason you know you want to miss it. What. A scoundrel. Kady. Is here. How. Much is a max Lauren here five seven I don't. Have enough distance do I know, yep. We're. Gonna go like mid adjustment. Oh funnel, hello. What. Is mid. Or. 3:00. Not even landing in my landing spot. Grates. All night, long. You. Hey, there. She is coming. Out of hiding. How. Many dogs do you have Katie. I dropped. Below 5k. I wasn't, gonna stream this long but I can't win anything so. Here. We are. Baxter. Whoa. Camera. Phone. Down they're just. Gonna, aim up there nice and nice, and pretty like I need to swap to my. 6.8, rings. Like. A lot. It'd. Be fine. At a 15%. Yeah, that's beautiful. Gonna. Sing a lot. What. Would you like me to sing. You. My, interpreter. Is a little special. I'm. Surprised, it's doing as well as it is to be honest with you. Living. For. Like. Almost a mid-distance.

Over, Adjusted. Or. Something. Yeah. Yeah, finally I hit it perfect but it had a bad adjustment. He. Knows what he's doing. Bad. News bears for me. How, many games does this guy have not. That many. The. Way his camera was spinning, I thought he was gonna drain, it. Should. I go for the goofy putt here. What. Have we next. This. Whole again man I am awful, at this whole Oh. What. Is this wind. Tell. Me we were like seven, rings I think. I'm. Gonna be sure and leave myself plenty of room though. Maybe. Ah. Perfect. On this whole. Way. Too long now. Should. Have gotten max max man. Until, you're going to qualify the rest of them. Jag's. He went way back there. You. Know what this, guy can. Just. I'm, just not playing well right now I. Dropped. Below 1.4, billion. And. Below. 800 trophies. Into her alone. In. Two or eleven. That's. Funny. Now Troy I got a I gotta finish it out. Ooh. Ugly. Wind. Using. A navigator, probably, from the free, weekend always walk to Titan, ooh. Look. At this guy. I've, been in this tour long enough that I. Shouldn't. Be losing like this. They. Did just rotate, the. Course. Is the. All, tanah, games. And, he's got a binary win. Amount. A. Whole. Heap of rings. Money. Thank. You try. Yeah. But see I dropped, to 62%, win, percentage, and that. Hurts, my soul. So. When I have that kind of wind I like, to aim off to the left and kinda. Curl it in around that rough, spot because. If. You clip the ref you wind up in this situation where, he's at max, over power with, full topspin, on a sniper. Hey that beautiful shot though. Absolutely. Gorgeous. See. Now I'm up here. Is. This this, is a pill. That's. Gonna be like 5.7. Rings. Ah. Man, I think a perfect. Someday, I will hit perfect, every shot. But. Today is not that day I. Got. To get all these bad shots out of the way before the. Opening. Round. You. Perfect. Drive perfect, putt. Let's. Get a perfect. Shootout. I just. Want to win. That's. All I want is that too much to ask. Do. You not like, whole. But. I'm gonna try this shot again. Like. A mid. Adjustment. What, even is this landing spot I'm gonna try it. Five. And a half. Perfect. Do. I miss the landing spot. The. Thing just hopped straight, up. That. Was funny. Again, the tournament, around. That last night I think, the. Only shot that mattered, that I didn't hit perfect, on, was. Whole, what, for. The, par 3. Oh he, it great but that means he's gonna win because he went for this shot get. In the bunker. Stop. Rolling. I. Don't. Know what a whole is. Are. You kidding, me why, is this up close. Oh I didn't mean to rematch him I was gonna exit, F. Rematching. Doesn't seem to work. Rematching. There. Jiri. Matched but got scared. He. Not a serie fiery. Why, do you keep changing all. Right. Hold on one second. All. Right let's do this I. Have. Is for the poor. Play tonight. You. You. Nine. Rings, here. No. Not, great right. Perfect. Hey. It's, not luck Troy I knew exactly what I was doing I. Typically. Will account for enough. For. A great left or right. Pudding. Spin into, the wind so they're up at left spin, helps. With. The wind effect slightly. Left. Spin, not love spin. Look, at that we both made the same shot. Everything. I like. Four rings. That. Was close. That. Was real, close. Little. Hot but. Real. Close. I'm, glad I could inspire you can. Perfect. Amount of spin look at that. My. Grinding, isn't too effective, though because all I'm doing is losing so. I'm, not gaining anything. Yeah. Exactly, what, Troy said. Troy. Said, I. Love. This program. Oh. This. Whole 30%. Give. Me a headwind. That. Is not a head one we're. Gonna like the minimum, adjustment. Here. That's. Way too hot. I should, have adjusted more. Should've. Gone for the mid aisle and it too far forward and I just kicked, it, under. Stir it right out up there. Oh this. Is another loss. Now, don't get a straight tail ones or it's. Not straight tailing but I don't get tailwind on this hole that often, I. See. That's where I wanted to land I. Was. Basically perfect. So. In that. Kind of wind to backspin. Makeup. Correct adjustment. All. Right I want to play one more game. Regardless. Of what happens. Because. I am. Way. Down I've lost. I'm. Like negative seven, games right now. I'm. Going to drop to 61%, before, too long at this rate. We. Don't get to have fun here. That, over power seemed quite, unnecessary. Come, down to the bottom of my huge ball, stack. Like. Six rings. My. Name like here. We. Put some curl on it.

Oh Perfect. There it is. Yep. The old ball sack got to go way. Down to the bottom I. Start. Hanging that low it takes a while to get there. Is, this why he went for the wind for balls so that he could have an easier. Adjustment on, this shot Oh. Dale. He. Did not move that very far I. Guess. It's only 5.7. He, barely made that. You. Know would be fun. See. Would. Be fun. Doesn't, really work here. Alright. I'm. Like between. Men and mid. Which. Is gonna be. Like. Two and a half I. Gotta. Hurry. Well. I got lucky but I hit great. We're. Just talking about ball sacks Troy. I. Am. Live way longer than, I anticipated tonight. That's. For true, just. This glitchy really. Okay. Not, those kinds, of ball sacks. Our. Sack of balls to. Play golf with. Who, this hole which I also dislike, I, basically. Just disliked or alone. I. Like. How instead of the word tour. It. Says two or. -. Or 11. -. Or 11. -. 11. It. Just keeps changing it. I liked. 2 or 8 and. 2 or 10 when I played them I don't know what courses that aren't on them now why, do people keep hitting such good, shootout. Shots. For. 411. 6, point airings. Yes. I won I won, a game guys. It, is time to celebrate I won a game. To. Were already, supposed to say tour. I didn't. Like my like. Tearing. Something, I didn't, I didn't. Have a torn, I actually. Did have a torn Achilles at one point I. Lost. So many in a row there so. Many. I'm. Down. 260. Trophies. I'm. Also, -6. Today. But, that's. Fine. Did. Whoever, wasn't here at the very start. This. Is to. Cataclysms. In 3 days in my shop. To. Cataclysms. In. 3. Days. Absolutely. Fantastic. Yo, thank, you everybody for the, the. Booms and the claps and the potatoes, and the fries and the, confetti. What. Is that what emoji is that rheya. Tor. Tor, is not phonetic, its tor. Tor. See. Tour. For. Tor. Tor. Tor. Tor. Tor. Tor. 11 Oh, fu, Katie. What. No. Not turn on. Tada. This, is gonna be so much fun it already is so much fun. Fu. Katie. That's. Amazing. Yeah. Thanks Troy thanks for stopping by thanks for spending the entire stream, here. Thanks. To everyone else who's been here. The. Subtitles, are an awesome addition. Even. Though they're wrong. A lot, I. Could. Just call you. Ya. Thanks for being here Mike. I'll. Be live again tomorrow. If I'm playing like I played today I am not playing my tournament, round tomorrow. So. I'll have to do it Friday if, I'm playing well tomorrow, I'll, play my tournament round so it'll, be about the same time I'll put up a a, stream. Scheduled. Stream thing. Yes. An extreme. Scheduled. Stream. Awesome. Awesome so, thank. You all for being here, if, you enjoyed the, awesome, subtitles. Give. A thumbs up if. You, would I, do. Appreciate it, good. Luck to everyone who, is still qualifying, tonight or. Today or this morning or wherever you are in the world. And. I will see you all in the, opening round. Yo. Happy, Anniversary. Troy. That's. Awesome, Congrats. Yeah. Literally, a lot, of great, shots. Like. Great not. Perfect. Great. Later. Steve thanks for being here. See. Sometimes it picks up exactly, what I say. Even. When I speak really fast. Magic. All. Right I will see you guys later, good, luck to all, enjoy. Your, gameplay enjoy, your lives enjoy. The. Moment.


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