Gored! Running of the BULLS - Everything to know - Pamplona Spain

Gored! Running of the BULLS - Everything to know - Pamplona Spain

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We're in Pamplona, Spain for, the Running of the Bulls whoa. Behind, me is a pleasure town for a which. Is where the Bulls get run to. Where. Pamplona, Spain for, the running of the bulls and I'm going to run with him maybe he'll run maybe. He didn't, that's why he's here today. But. I meet is the cobblestone, street that the Bulls will run down for the Running of the Bulls tomorrow, well, for the video it's not tomorrow it's just like next. So they're gonna be coming running down that Street hopefully, goring, and slaughtering, lots of humans, which would be fun yeah we're um we're, looking from the balcony. Maybe slaughtering, him which, Ruth matey. Slaughter is too much justice just give him a second app would be funny. They. Look like the three amigos don't we we, are the three. Amigos. Michael. Is currently, walking the, cobblestone, streets these. Cobblestones, just, might be what takes his life. Or, gives him a second toll. That. Is correct. We. Found Hemingway, we never ran he just wrote about it popularized, this event in 1925. Hemingway, took a trip to Spain and in the following year released, the novel the Sun Also Rises which. Introduced. The world to the festival, of San Fermin in Pamplona. And the Running of the Bulls. Vince. And I will not run with the Bulls but instead, plan to watch the bull run from that top right balcony, yeah I value my life way too much to risk it on some silly run so while they're scoping out of their balcony. I was doing a test run to ensure my shoes were up to the task. We, walk the entire run so I could plan my route and possible, escape route if needed you is probably going to need that xscape route. The, insanity kicks off here, at, 8:00 a.m. and is over by, 801, the. Bulls. Are released from that gate there and then they start to make their trek up that hill, where. Hopefully, they'll. Give someone a second app what, is your fascination with. Someone getting a second, butthole, well I'll tell you antonio, Romero, got. A second, anus, we. Don't. Patty-cake. Maybe you come visit. To. Keep my butthole, safe I know I had to stay away from dead man's curve, that's Burger King conveniently, located in dead man's corner the.

Bulls Come running down here it's called Batman's corner cuz the Bulls tend to slip and then they'll slide and get a little confused and try and kill people the. Burger Kings right here to turn those bulls in the meat and the burgers, you love these, are expensive, itty bitty hamburgers, but, we're, eating in this fancy square. I guess you pay for the atmosphere check out the itty-bitty fries, I am going to eat an itty-bitty fry for one of you. After. A yummy lunch we explored, the town some more. Now. Attending better suppose a good friend but, this, all belongs to Spain now but, back. In medieval. Times I would have in France and, I. Go through gateway. Into. Hey the, next day Vince and I went to explore Spain's, other offerings, that don't involve the San Fermin festival did you find the singing bush we, tried we explored. Down into, the depths, of this valley to find the, reserva, natural. Del rio under. That. Does not sound right it on there I think I think that's right no we. Didn't see some horses on the way horses. On the side of the road, they're. Beautiful. And. Came. Across an old school laundromat. We, finally found the entrance, to the reserved and natural, day hotel. Yeah not so easy to say is it la blah blah blah. You'll, notice no one is swimming that's. Because this water is nearly freezing, even, more so considering, the outside temp it's, probably, an 80 degree difference, from the air to that water. Beautiful. Well, the lovers were enjoying their romantic, hike I was, painting the town red with sangria literally, painting it red for, the start of the San Fermin festival. A big, bottle that we're flying not to understand why I don't know you've got that big ball to do this. What. We're in the square I saw, this guy with cameras, all around him someone over to see what's going on the. Guy was named Buffalo, Bill Helman the year before got gored in the, groin. Thanks. To this available scoring it. Okay. So. The fountain, in the center people crying in this thing to, jump off of doing like cloud diner it's, crazy there. They. Fire off the chicken and roll fire and. People start to douse each other at the center. Somehow. A band, pushes, its way into all inside. This times. Once, we got back we, got dressed in our festive. Wear. One. Outfit 14, days. Picked. Up his head and carried it back. That's, the scarf. What. Is the sash man. To dab the sweat. Just leave it there collects, the sweat much. Easier. Next. We wandered around to enjoy the party yeah and this one was brave enough to tackle, authentic. Spanish, Street food. Dodger, Dolly's like many. We. Made our way to, the start of the run yeah, just in time to see the Bulls get unloaded, and walked up the street to the waiting pen where a morrow where, tomorrow, they will run and attempt to kill Michael or, give him the second butthole. Final. Thing was Michael giving us what would be his possibly. Last words, Junkin. Words before. We turned in that night. The. Following, morning we were up bright early, yeah Deanna and I got our balcony, spot and watched the festivities, unfold. Career, R&R balcony, at running with the Bulls get ready to see these guys tear down the street. As you, can see right now they're hurting the runners into that side right there, they. Loop them back around. From, the silly. She's a little afraid of the height in the balcony it's. Not that hot no. But. Was. The. Police are checking all doors clearing, the streets clearing, up all the debris all, of this for the safety of the bulls that are going, to be killed tonight. That. Guy right there is, the mayor of Pamplona he, is personally, inspecting, the streets to make sure they are in pristine. The, runners, are once again entering, the ring. Or position. These. Guys are drunk and slow. Stretching. Up those hammies. All, the bowls are safely in their pen now there, are in the arena and in their pens. Follow-up. Calls to make sure that none of the other players are. Struggled. These. Are stairs. That, are just meant to make sure that the other boys have. Made it in and didn't travel and get lost. These. Guys run it every day. See. Now. So, they're stopping people from getting into. The, run is now over we, had some fun it's, time to move on to the rest of the day so, what did you think. Very. Exciting, waiting the anticipation, waiting for this to come out the stretch. Everybody, is, getting excited, and then you see the runners start running. And then you really, see them start writing no difficulty, show up you.

Know The, adrenaline. Rush first comes upstairs, and. They see the bulb and then you, know oh they're excited and I start to think about it's. Going to happen to the bowl. I thought. It was exciting it was insanely so I didn't think I was gonna actually be as excited as I was by watching. I don't, know. We're. Four stories up in a balcony so there wasn't much for me to be excited about but man, as soon as those things start coming and. See everybody run in and you're just like you, want to see somebody get killed all the cooks - somebody get gore and, you just like just. Crazy a different, thing so. We. Had sucked. First. One goes off. This. Is my run starting, point was right in this area I. Started. By stand about here my, exit plan because I know I'm not making it past that building I thought, we made it by the last Bowl. Because. You're not counting the Bulls right so I must have been probably, towards the very end the, last pylon by the time I felt I was safe right, everybody thinking I gotta watch people on funny because I don't want to trip right off to watch the ball to see what so. What do you do you're like. But. As I'm standing down now you heard of the first floor and you see some people run the. Second, floor you see some more people run and then all of a sudden a mass wave comes, and then you see these beds but you'll actually see like the full bowl you see like, just kind of the tops and a hard yeah, it's it's not like hey look there's a bear like until we see them coming and you see this massive paper. You. Yes. I started. My. Run with the Bears in front of the bays within somewhere, in here it was so quick I mean. Really it's like you know you're ready with the balls, I ran. With the Bulls maybe five seconds, because. They're fast. It's. It's but. It's it's an incredible feeling man you ain't seeing them and they just being. Bulls just running down the horns going and there's a foot you're big. It's. An amazing experience that addicts describe the adrenaline that goes through your system at, the time they, say when you see those bills coming, what would your run look like. And. There's. No way to get around like if these the. People. Either the people in the polls are gonna take you out and you stay on there so you have to move as they start running up the, adrenaline just going here is going as fast as possible looking behind you hoping, the people falling, behind, is it because some fool is trampling, these people, then. They end up going past it and then it's over like the fear of being dead. Being, born is, now done you're, scared. And. That, was, Michaels recounting. Of the run no. Second butt hole. And. That pretty much covers our trip to Pamplona Spain for, the Running of the Bulls thanks. For watching yeah be sure to hit like and subscribe I. Mean. This guy risked his life the least you could do is hit that like button and. Share it with your friends, and, subscribe and. Subscribe and. Have your friends subscribe yeah, yeah and like do you think they're doing it do. Hmm. I think. There's a mail plane out there oh yeah, it's got some balls. You. Stole his punchline oh sorry. You're supposed to say how do you know it's a mail plane and then he gets the punchline you totally, stole his punchline hey, stole his thunder, oh. Look. There's, a mail plane out there how. Do you know it's a mail plane. Balls.

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In Spain they ran away from the bulls.In Trinidad we run down the bull when they get loose. And in Tobago we have the goat race with man running with there goat and crab race, I took part in the crab race once, but i lost.

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Yoly and I both LOL'd when you guys did the Three Amigos dance ... best part of the video :-) That festival must hold the record for the largest group of stupid people ever assembled. The people crowd surfing off that statue prove my theory. I guess there's some kind of mental chemical imbalance within sangria ! Yoly asked me if everyone signs liability waivers before being allowed to run :-)

Yes, there were definitely some additional yucks but the Three Amigos bit was priceless (and well done if I do say so). Sometimes, just your facial expressions made us laugh :-)

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Ahhh, yeah. I mic’d him for that. But the mic was too hot. The gopro was often too drowned out. I tried to compromise between the two. Its not the greatest but I hope it was still watchable?? I thought it was watchable here. But maybe I can’t see the forrest through the trees?

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Sanfermines born in the Medieval era. Today, the festivities begin with the "Txupinazo" at 12.00 on July 6 from the balcony of the City Hall and end at 24.00 on July 14 with "Pobre de mí ..." a song. "El Encierro" originally the bulls were guided on horseback from the corrals to the bullring to be fought. In XVI the jockeys were joined by runners of the town. In 1776 the first fence was built until the bullring. Years later the announcing rocket was established to avoid dangerous situations. Finally, in 1867 the City Council regulates the race, in the 50's the double fence was established and in the 70's the refuge of the alley. But the Sanfermines are much more than "El Encierro", it's tradition, family, friends, party, fun, music, food...

"Tacos" are from Mexico and "Talos or Taloak" are from Basque Country and Navarra, Spain but neither of the two dishes appear in 10:44

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