Got into bad weather in the Zimbabwean mountains |S5 - Eps. 82|

Got into bad weather in the Zimbabwean mountains |S5 - Eps. 82|

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Can't see anything. I think it's only 10 meters Visibility or so Good morning Internet, it is 9 o'clock in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in Honde Valley in Zimbabwe Now I'll, going to show you how the weather looks like now I woke up last night at two in the morning and it was just torrential, torrential down pour And it's just been raining all through the night, it's now a little bit dry But yeah it will probably keep on kind of drizzling or raining the whole day But I decided to go anyway. 'Cause yeah for the coming days it might stay the same so Yeah, I decided to just go And as far as I understood, the road that I am taking out of the valley Is easier and better then how I came in Because that road that I did in last video, I would not want to ride it right now I think that is.. yeah that's just going to be an absolute mission And super, super slippery I don't think that is even possible without dropping the bike a hundred times In the slippery mud but on the route out it should be a bit better So I'm just going to give it a go So let me show exactly where I am So I am now right here, very close to the border with Mozambique over here In the mountains and the plan for today is to ride as many dirt roads as I can to a place which is just kind of south of Mutare, also really close to the border with Mozambique So distance wise it's not very far, it's about 150 - 160 kilometers But remember in the last video, it took me over 3 hours to do 70 kilometer on that road So it will still probably be a long ride depending on the road conditions of course So yeah.. let's do it. I actually.. yesterday, 'cause I'm just not used to rain anymore Or actually this is the first time, I had heavy rains on this entire trip in Southern Africa Which is been going on for 6 months or so And it's the first time I had proper rain, so I left all of this on Savannah last night And uh.. well, this morning I took it off and it's all a little bit wet and dirty And Savannah is super dirty because all the dirt coming up because of the rain But hey, as long as we are good to go then it's all fine and I will just clean it later. But without further ado let's go

This is how the weather looks like now Some very dark clouds But hey, it's dry at the moment so let's see Oh Thank you! The road is not.. this is not too slippery Alright, so I think I have to go this way out or not No This way Oeh the forest looks so beautiful now that it's all like wet and kind of misty It's very mysterious but yeah I do really feel like I'm in the rain forest now I think in the last ride, I jinxed it because I was just thinking.. ah I would never be able to ride this road when it's wet and in the rain and everything And then here comes the rain Oh wow, I can actually see it raining over there I think the area where I'm riding today, there is also some tea estates over there What a different view from the last video hey? But it's still beautiful And well the road condition, yeah if it's like this is then it's totally fine I can't believe the road actually looks like this after that rain from last night, 'cause it was really torrential I think they said that they receive 3 meters of rain per year in this region So.. that's significant Yeah, I think this is the place.. yeah, yeah in the last video I came from that side So that was the northern side and now I am exiting the Honde Valley from the south side Which is this way and this is the much more accessible way. Nobody really takes that northern route that I did Which I can understand. It was not the easiest route

But um.. Now this way should be fine to get out Wow, these people live in.. what interesting houses Look they live in some sort of.. Yeah how would you call them? They're almost like hobbit houses but then.. a bit bigger I have never seen housing like that Look at this one Isn't that cute? What a cute house Here is another one Everybody is going to work I think Good morning Hi Wow, it's beautiful. Hello

Hello - Hi Oh loads of bananas Ah, I wonder what's in those bags? Well, I hope they're not going to overload this truck like they did.. that one truck I saw Coming out of Harare Oh, it's like wool or something Looked like wool, cotton.. I don't know Next hill climb Whoo Hoo..Yeah Gotta be careful here This is the type of mud that gets so slippery That red soil Some deep ruts Ah, the visibility is really poor Can barely see anything I am just riding right in the middle of a rain cloud I can maybe see 20 meters Max Where does the road go? Left, right I think I am now climbing out of the Honde valley actually Oh Some cows Road becomes dirt Oeh, this is really, really poor visibility hey.. oi yoi yoi

There's a car Oh Can't see anything. I think it's only 10 meters Visibility or so Oh.. oh Saw this rut Too late My tyres are filled with mud now, I think I can feel.. both the front and the rear Slipping I'm going to go very slowly here 'Cause I have no idea. I don't even know if there is a backdrop here

Or it's flat, I know nothing Came out on the other side of the cloud I am going to put on extra layer because.. it is so cold I mean I'm riding over 1600 meters altitude And then uh.. With this rain it is just really, really cold I am just going to.. Put on something warmer Well, the terrain is definitely harder to ride now that it's raining But still it's uh.. quite doable so far

I'm not majorly struggling but.. I am hoping I make it in time to the next place because This afternoon there's going to be again torrential, torrential downpour Not like this light rain And I don't want to ride in really, really super heavy rain 'Cause then yeah it becomes.. a little bit more difficult again Alright, that's better I am closing in on Mutare And then I will be riding a little bit paved so Should be all fine Hi Hi Almost lost my rear tyre there Rough, rough I have arrived in Watsoma And it is market day Okay so from here it will be paved for a little bit Yeah for the next 26 kilometers will be paved Hello - Hi, how are you Good and you? I'm fine How is your ride? Oh, wet! Wet? - Too much rain Okay Okay Thanks Alright Okay, I'm almost there, it's 1.7 kilometers Ooh, I am.. I am so cold And it's just raining, raining, raining so I'm glad I'm almost there Wow, if this doesn't look mystical. Oeh, it's slippery here Must be so careful not to.. fall down

In the last kilometer That will be.. that will be a shame This is so slippery here, oh dear Oh down here Oeh Oh, where am I going? Don't slip, don't slip I'm here Hi How are you? I am alright, I am Buluwesi Sorry what's your name? - Buluwesi Buluwesi? - Yes Nice to meet you. My name is Noraly Nice to meet you, you can come to the office - Okay Ah it is so cold today You can sign in - Yeah See you This way I am going to stay in a little cottage Well, deep into the Zimbabwean jungle we go Okay Okay Alright Back Look at this! Look how cute! Oh, this lovely What a lovely, lovely cottage right? Ah, super nice to be here and I think this over here will be my work station for the next coming days As I wait out the rain, I have to catch up on some editing. Last couple of days I have just been riding, riding And so I think I'm just going to do editing here. There's no internet, no cell phone reception So that's actually good so there are no distractions And I can just work, work, work While the rains hopefully, are going to stop at some point One day riding in the rain is fine but yeah, you can't see any of the views And of course I'm riding in the mountains so it's all about the mountain views So actually there's not really any point in continuing 'cause you can't see anything Plus it's a little miserable and cold So I think I'm just going to stay here and wait out the rains and then uh.. Continue after the sun comes out again So yeah, that was it for today I really hope you liked this video Not much happened Now I think about it If you did, please me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below And then I'll see you in the next video

2021-09-27 23:44

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