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It's. China Airlines. If. We 135. Industries, here in the West a male and one thank. You so much. Thank. You. We just finished, breakfast. Or, brunch at. Brew. So, right now we're waiting for the, train you know we took the wrong one before but this is what happens when you visit a place for the first time and. You, just spend half. You, know walks a little bit rain is here. With three stumps all right so we're getting off we gonna take a +4 like it. So we got off at the last. Up, here, I love the trains in Asia New. York please step your game up and use one of these systems. So. Easy. And. The views are so. Beautiful, check it out. Oh. Little. Mighty postcard. There's, beautiful scenery, here I. Definitely. Recommend you guys check, out, this place I'm sure it's super popular but there's. Really a lot, of different food. You. Should try and so. Much, to. Get souvenirs, I have to go shopping later I don't know what I want but I definitely, have to buy something back because I cannot leave without anything, you know. Okay. There's magnets, here they're super. Cute and then there's also these little. Bubble. Tea keychains. I need one how adorable, is this. If. You guys like spirit away you definitely, have to call them to visit this place yeah. I developed, something yeah it, was a black peanut, okay. Just. Not one of these desserts which have like zero. I've. Always seen people post like, pictures and videos of itself always I'm going to try it so I'm super excited there's ice underneath they, also saw a super hot one but it's, too hot are now told at thought so I. Want. To get some of that like. That, has red beans in there and like. Glutinous, rice balls, are, made with taro and sweet potato there's, nobody, home. Guys. There's this really. Like. Weird. But not weird mask. Store, I kind of go in. When, would it be. This, is the, sweet potato ball it's really good and it's super chewy inside. Possible. Yeah. We, got this crate that has chocolate, matcha. And, bananas, in it and it smells so. Good and. A, lot of places in Taiwan, has these claw machines like visit, one of a really popular. Thank. You just. Got a classic. Boba. Milty, because how can you come to Taiwan and not drink full, a motif my bag right now is my table because. Convenient. Is this guys. Sure, uh problems, everywhere about whatever. Gonna, get some water here at Family Mart. And. Some. Little snacks here, kind of reminds me of 7-eleven, and, then there is like these little pastries. I need. Some water let's, get some snacks. Your. Makeup inner. Guys. He believed this is a train, station. It's humongous. Hey. Guys, we're. Off to get breakfast it is, option, supper at this time it's full 44, so I guess. It's lunch ish. Where. So, can believe this is inside a train station I love. When they display, food that's. Like little. Models of what its gonna look like. I am. They, have these little dishes, and vegetables, that they just let you take and I'm kind of obsessed right now let's, get one of this. This, is a vegetable, dish I'm sorry I'm not sure what kind of vessel it is this is a plan. We have soup dumpling. That. Is what. Mushroom. Fried, noodles but they don't want fries. I'm sure it's amazing. Fried. Tofu. Have. Some side dishes I. Believe, are complimentary. We're. Going and that's hype a 101, mom right now. Good, morning guys so right now we are off to get some breakfast, it is. 8:50. So. We need to walk around ten minutes, to. Get to our location for breakfast, so, I will show you when we get there the, shop is right here you, have some bread out here. This is a menu. We, just learn. We jump back down there is a cat. It. Was. Our, food just came so this is a scallion. Pancake, I love that it's green and we. Also ordered some dumplings, and. Soy, milk with fried, dough. Our last item is a rice roll that has some stuff, in there so we shall show you when we bite into it this is what the inside of the pancake looks like. These. Chopsticks, you're, not strong enough to hold this.

And. This is what's inside the rice roll. We're, waiting for the train it's super humid so my skin and like picture, of Lisa Garrity, and, it's only the beginning, of the day so if, it's hot in the morning I can't imagine how. Hot it's gonna be later I'm just like, really thankful it's not raining because I would, rather it be hot and sunny than raining, and then it's like a difficult. This might've sugar if you know you know I'm gonna buy I don't, know what survived, I'm gonna get some souvenirs, these hats are bags, I, think that's so adorable, these are, used, to like hold your drinks I kind of want one because I see everyone buying. Drinks and like their bubble tea and they just carry around this you don't have to like hold it I. Feel. Like these rocks are gonna break. A hole in my shoes right now, we're. Gonna go to this fruit over here. It's, so hot that I wish I was wearing nothing. I. Just can't help. They're so pretty. Yeah. Everyone's. Lanterns. Are, all flying in the sky woods yeah I think it's, pretty but, it's. Just so much pollution for the earth and. Yeah so. That's, my thoughts on it so. I'm not doing it. Oh hallelujah. We're. Gonna go check out another place right now. Oh. Girls, stepping on my shoes don't. Know they freshener. Yes guys which one do I get. Strawberry. Or, taro taro. Get. Up. One. Amazing, thing about. At least I pay that I know if there is Wi-Fi everywhere, they. Will know. You, don't. Even. Buy them hard or I mean, it is more convenient to have one or a pocket Wi-Fi, luckily the Airbnb that we're staying at a host did leave us a pocket. Wi-Fi but, I think that even, without it and. You're. Kind of go with directions, you. Can just use the public Wi-Fi it's super convenient. That they have it never burned and. It always works like the ones in New York there, are Wi-Fi. That's. Free but it never worked so it's, kind of annoying because I'm lying don't connect me if you're not gonna let me. This, is my outfit so when it's too hot outside just like where. It will personally see shirt as a dress and like don't. Go to worry about anything else and you know my makeup is melted like I don't know. It's. A bunch of rocks on the bottom that has, a, lot of holes in it which, kind. Of makes. Me feel a little uncomfortable. If. You guys have, like triple phobia. Then. You understand. So. Bright my, eyes cannot. Take all, this light right now there's. Not too much people today even though it's a weekend so I'm. Really, happy about that because I don't really like a lot, of crowds I just, feel like I can't. Breathe it's so pretty here. Oh. They. Got. All right. Oh my, gosh these bananas are so huge. If. You're in and it smells so good let, me know in the comments if you like during because. I love it. The. Waterfalls here look. How beautiful, this is. So. We're at the station right now and we're gonna go take the train, to a. Restaurant, for dinner. So. Let's, go. While, these for decorations, for leaves. With. The taipei city. So. We're here at the Elephant Mountain and, there is an amazing view of, Taipei. Behind me so I will, show you the, views are amazing you guys should definitely check it out if you are coming to Taipei. You.

2018-05-23 16:07

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Durians here in the Philippines is freakishly delicious too.

吃了很多美食但是沒拍吃東西的表情所以不知道喜歡或不喜歡, 歡迎來台灣!


I love "Airplane" from jhope it has a smooth beat to it

gotta include the king in my video, ya feel? haha

Girl where is that striped jacket from? I love it :)♥️

Bershka! I'm not sure they sell it anymore though :(

Which camera do you use?

canon g7x mark II

I really loved the vlog! It's like a completely different world than Europe. I wish I could go someday!

Hope you can go, its so fun! I'd love to visit Europe one day!

jen ive missed you and your vlogs!!! i love durian as well !

I missed you! Ahh, durian is the best hehe

Did I spot the king min yoongi himself as her lock screen? everything!

that's bae

Jhooope in the background

Will soon heading to Taiwan as well

thank you, have fun!

The beginning song

You speak Cantonese too ??

yesss :)

Really I like so much your videos. Greetings from Mexico.✨

thank you so much, it means a lot that you like them :)

After living in Tokyo for a year, it hurts so much to watch this vlog. I want to go back there so bad and from what I have seen, there are a lot of similarities between Taiwan and Japan. These 23 minutes just reminded me of the happiest time of my life :'> Also, can we quickly talk about the guy preparing the fried sweet potato balls? Gosh, how much I miss seeing hot japanese guys on a daily basis >_< unfortunately there are absolutely NO asian guys where I live... why can't the men in my country be as stylish as asian men??

I really recommend it! The people are lovely, the food is delicious and there are so many fun things to do! I'm living in the same small town in the south of Germany that I was born in... Living in Japan was my first time away from home alone and it was the best decision of my life so far!

I really want to visit Tokyo! Where do you live now?

Unnie jen!!!! I miss you and your try on inspired outfit for BTS

I miss you too! And thank you :)

omg i missed you ❤️

I miss you!!

Welcome to Taiwan

thank you~


thank you! I'd love to do one in the future :)

thanks for taking me to taiwan lol

Jennifer Lai i did! Keep em’ coming!

hope you enjoyed the vid :)


Jennifer Lai np

thank you for being early...ily!!

Yay you’re back!

hey bae :)

I'm going to Taiwan this summer too and I enjoyed this vlog soo much:)Now I can't wait to go to Taiwan even more!

omg have a lot of fun~~

What is your movie program?

I love your vlogs!!!

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oof the bg music is rly fitting! love this vlog!

;) thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

ahh I wanna visit the Philippines! And thank you love :')

I hear airplane

Jennifer Lai yieeeee, more power and support!


woow , nice vlog, please visit me

Hello dear! This is a great video but i just want to Point out that maybe next time you could turn the sound off and just have some Music and turn it on again when you need to talk.

Josie De Vera

your voice kind of reminds me of claire marshall hehe

You look like a cool kid. Love hearing you talk.

thank you!

妳好,歡迎來台灣旅行! Traveling in Taiwan//台湾旅行記録:

Good départ with j-hoooope song through !!!!!!

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