Governor Carroll Campbell Inauguration 1987

Governor Carroll Campbell Inauguration 1987

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A, production. Of the South Carolina, educational. Television network. Live. From the Statehouse grounds in Columbia, South Carolina and, South Carolina educational. Television and, radio present, coverage of. The 1987. Inauguration. The, governor-elect Carroll Campbell an. Attendant, governor elect Nick Theodore and the constitutional, officers. Good. Day everyone I'm Tom faller Earl Black is with me and just a few moments the procession, will begin down the south side steps, on, the historic, Statehouse, in Columbia as, a general assembly will go down the Court of Appeals Supreme Court South Carolina's, congressional delegation. Dignitaries. Former. Governors of South Carolina's, inaugural. Committee chairman University, and college president, state, officials and lieutenant, governor Hamilton governor-elect, and. The government dick Riley and the governor elect Carroll, County that's. All to come they anticipated, lethally ceremony, tyre. Ceremony, will be going, for perhaps 115. 120. 125. The. Procession, begins it it'll begin and just to feel on this behind me that. Should last 20 minutes and then, the ceremony will begin it's, a traditional ceremony this, morning was, begun. With the prayer service at Trinity Cathedral the. Third such service in recent years at the Cathedral, governor. Edwards you, know his service there governor, Riley held his second service. There and, this, morning Carroll, Campbell and, Nick Theodore held, their prayer service at Trinity, just a few hundred feet away. From our site right here following. That play. Down Main Street Columbia. Ending at the north steps of the Statehouse and. Since. That time about, 11:00 or 11:30, everyone's, been gathering on the south side steps, where. The Sun is it's, on the skewered, by clouds at this moment but the weather is mild in, contrast, to quite, a few inaugurations. When the weather has been very cold, girl. Black is with me Earl that's one pleasant difference. That we're noticing yes even four years ago it was a very brisk, day very cold weather a very nice day for the inauguration it's a little cloudy now but it's certainly livable, weather. You. Know we're in the situation now of, a Republican. Governor coming. In once again in this state with a, Democratic. Legislature. And. Governor Campbell is going to be in the position of all the southern Republican, governors in recent, years which is that, he faces the legislature, controlled, of, the.

Opposite Political party and, that always creates a little bit of tension for. For, the term, in office, he's. Going to set the stage in, his inaugural, address which, will probably take place if. You're trying to plan on watching that, about. 12:30. 12:35, he'll. Begin that and that's anticipated, to be about a half hour in length and then, he'll set, a tone for his administration in. Two weeks time january. 28th, at 7. P.m. and a joint assembly in the house chamber a governor, Carroll Campbell then we'll have his State of the State address which. You will lay out specific. Plans of action but here you'll set a tone why is that watch that at home now well I think it's important, for for any governor coming, in to. Tell. The the state, what his priorities, are going to be and. Inauguration. Ceremonies, or the appropriate place to do that particularly, in. This day and age when you have a television, to, carry the message live, or a few decades ago that wasn't possible, so, I think probably the inaugural address is more important, now than it was in the past as a way for a new governor to tell the people what, he intends to do with his term of office that's. An interesting point we may have several. Thousand, people watching in-person, here at the Statehouse. But many, perhaps. Tens, of thousands, even in the hundreds of thousands, watching either live. Or in the taped highlights. At stations will be carrying the television. Presence here today, is, much different than four years ago four. Years ago there was live coverage, today. Stations. There two stations, with satellite, trucks. Three. Stations have microwave, dishes here and there crews from, all over the, Carolinas, and Georgia, covering. This for television. When you'e crews covering. It as well in court of course print coverage of, course the television, aspect. Of it is really, much. Different, just a hundred. Feet to, our left here on. The. Satellite. Trucks and microwave dishes that would of course mean, a great. Deal of difference, in the quantity, of coverage. Let's. Talk a little bit Earl, about. Governor-elect. Carroll, Campbell he, began. His public. Service here. In the State House in the house chamber in the early 1970s. Very. Young legislature, coming in with a group. That included. Tommy, Hartnett, and. Quite a few others Nick Theodore was in the house at that time and. Then, he went on to the state Senate and then was elected to. Congress I, think, Carroll. Campbell represents. The the. Generation, of Southern Republicans, who are reaching. Their. Political maturity now and. You have, individuals. Now who, can. Run for an office of governor with. A very solid record. Of prior office, holding Congress. Going back to the state legislature. This. Is one of the real changes, from a few years ago when, when, many Republican, candidates, perhaps, didn't have that kind of kind of experience, so I think it serves them very well as he, becomes governor today. What. Strengths will he bring to the office that his fellow, Republican, governors in the South might. Not have had how is he different than the others well. I'm. Not sure how, I'm. Not sure how different, he is except. That he's had. National. Experience. Particularly. Being. In Congress during, the Reagan administration and. Is. Associated. With people, who think in national, political terms, so. I think this is. As a degree of savvy perhaps, that some, other Republican governors well Alabama, is putting in a Republican governor this, month as well who. Has virtually, no political experience at, all and. Carol, Campbell was just the opposite of that's that situation, here is someone who has been. Preparing, for a statewide office, for for, some time and now this is the kind of natural progression in his career. Nick, Theodore as Lieutenant Governor is, coming, into that office and he has, a great deal of experience in this building. Behind us as well in the House and the Senate 22, years of public service. What. Is he going, to be able to do is he going to be the loyal opposition or, will that be found in other people this is this is very interesting because this.

Is Part of the the the classic, position which Republicans, find themselves being. Able to like the governor but, then not being able to elect a lieutenant, governor so, you have a democratic. Theodore is lieutenant. Governor in, the past the Lieutenant Governor ships main. Virtue has been to prepare people to run for governor. Now. That we have a two-term, possibility. It's. It's not as easy to do that as it as it once was so, Nick. Theodore is is in the position of using, the office perhaps. To, prepare. For his own run for governor at some future, point. He'll. Certainly be, the. Chief spokesman for the Democrats, well of course that stepping stone on John John West was the last to make that work from the lieutenant governor's office to the governorship. Earl Morris followed, John West and he failed, to get the Democratic nomination for, governor. Brantley, Harvey followed that and. He. Too starts. Right Nancy. Stephenson did, not choose to try to oppose incumbent. Governor, dick Riley. And chose not to try, for a second term, as lieutenant governor and then we've. Had like, Daniel, who, ran a very, aggressive. Office in Senate governor trying to make it a stepping stone the governorship and he, was defeated so the four previous Latinas writers failed in this attempt I think what's happened is the Lieutenant Governor used to be the stepping stone to governor and, now it gets, you into the democratic runoff, but it does not ensure that you win and Mike, Daniels defeat, is the most recently the illustration, of it in. Just a few moments you're seeing aerial. View from the top of the Wade Hampton, building for, the Capitol Complex in, Columbia. Literally. Four school blocks of land could solid eight in one large state. Office, complex highlighted. By the. State Capitol building behind, us, early. This morning 8:30, a.m. the, Trinity Cathedral in Columbia was the site for the traditional, prayer service, Sheila Johnson Cheney reports. And a little after 8:00 this morning governor, and mrs. Riley and governor-elect Carol Campbell and mrs. Campbell in a Trinity Cathedral to begin what promises, to be a busy day the service marks the third inaugural, service held at this historic Columbia site inaugural. Day for former governor Edwards and governor, Reilly's second inauguration, began, here. The. Whole concept. Of church. And state and. It's. Alleged. Separation. Is. A very valuable, one, meaning. That. No ecclesiastical. Institution. No seven clergy, should ever be able to establish. Their. Will. Religion. Upon a free people. But. It does not mean and, it must not mean for our culture. And. For our civilization. For our state. The. Morality should. Be. Separated, from politics. Ethics. From. Legislation. A. Religion. Why. The. Private conscience. From public, policy. Religious. Convictions. Holes. Prayers. Should. Not be ever isolated. From. The deliberations. And decisions of our country's, leaders. The. Inclusion of the Governor's School for the Arts brass, ensemble, was a special, request of mrs. Campbell, governor elect Campbell, had a special request as well he, wanted to hear his favorite hymn this morning amazing, grace he. Won't be able to hear that him but, according to the planning committee he'll have to wait until this afternoon during, the inaugural, ceremony Tom. Back, to you. Thank, You Sheila the. Traditional, prayer service occurring. Just this. Morning early, this morning at the Trinity Cathedral which. Is next door in the state capital complex procession. Has begun members. Of the General Assembly. Exiting. From the. Doors. To the legislative council in. The Statehouse going, down the south. Steps on, the State Capitol. I'll be taking their seats, along. With all the other dignitaries, and officials. In an order that's set. By protocol. That, will include the Court of Appeals to follow the General Assembly Supreme Court a, congressional. Delegation of, dignitaries, former, governors of South Carolina. English. Dean college presidents state officials and, finally. The Lieutenant, Governor Mike, Daniel, and lieutenant governor-elect Theodore. Governor. Dick Riley in the governor elect Carroll County. On either side of the. Processional. Down, the south steps or bands from the University of South Carolina Clemson. University in the city the, sound behind from, the university's, symphonic, band is playing the crown imperial coronation march providing. The background music for. The procession. It's, quite a task, to organize, the procession, inside the Statehouse. Several. People had the full-time job right now getting everyone, in. The right order moving, out the steps. And. This process will take 15. To 20 minutes.

Following. The prayer service this morning we saw. The parade. It's. Been quite a few years as we had, a parade for inauguration but we'll have that report, in. Just a few few. Minutes. Well, the. Inauguration, isn't, there is a great deal of pomp, and circumstance, in this as well, as the, inauguration of a president in, Washington. What. Does, this mean symbolically. For a government, for an estate for people, well, I think I think basically, it means that we can, resolve, the, question of our leadership peaceful. Means. 1876. In. This, occasion. We had the resolution. Of that issue by non, peaceful, means, but that was that was the exception so. I think what it's doing is saying that that we have this is the end of a long process in, which we have decided who. Will be the formal leader of our state for the next four years and. I think it's very important, to to, do this in a way that demonstrates, that with with dignity, and with some. Concern. For civility, which, I think what's, going to happen. The. State has had a long and colorful history colorful. Indeed and, I think now when we get into a situation, where. We do have political. Parties, changing. Control, then. It's it's it's very important, to, maintain least, the facades and. Of. Course receiving, some the symbolism there by. Lieutenant. Governor governor, elect will be coming down later. Together. At, this moment the, Court. Of Appeals is. Coming down the steps, the. Body which was not in existence for, years ago. Created. And they will be moving into. A building, on the Capitol Complex. Court. Of Appeals is presently Tipperary headquarters, in town now, Chief. Justice bubble nest. Not, to very long ago in, South Carolina, the Supreme Court, had. Their chambers, in, the sea State Capitol building what. Is now the lieutenant governor's, office suite. On. The first floor State. Capitol in. 1930s. The General Assembly, had. Plans to put the Supreme Court in the California, Building State. Capitol Complex court. Felt that was a indignity. They refused, to move, and, so the Calhoun building was converted to other, state offices, putting, up, walls. And a ceiling a. Few. Months aleksander's, and the court of appeals will be moving in that and, judge, Sanders. Says. For. A fact that there is a, very. Nice courtroom, in the Calculon building and, so we'll wait and see when they they tear up. 30 20 15. That's. Exactly what centers. Of course this morning we. Had a parade, for, the inauguration the, first several, inaugurations. Good, weather for that Angela posted. An. Inaugural. Parade kicked, off festivities, for the public today over 80 units lined, up to march down Main Street people, from all over the state have come to Columbia to participate. In and watch the event. Purpose. Of it is to. Celebration. On earth a, celebration. Of the event an excitement, of the inauguration, I think it just brings it all to a head I didn't, know the parade was on but I'm so glad to get to see it though I always. Enjoy something, like this, inaugural. Parades are tradition, in America, the first one was in 1789. When George Washington was elected president he.

Rode On horseback and, waved to the people, horses. Have been replaced, by cars but, some things haven't changed. Even. For those who may not understand. That a new governor, and lieutenant, governor are, being sworn in today the, parade still brought excitement. And smiles. At. The inaugural, parade I'm Angela coxton. The. Sounds, and the sights of, the inaugural, my latest one a down, Main Street is Hoffman. And all inside in Statehouse. The. Governors of South Carolina. -, senator Hollings was, hauling some down the stairs. Senator. Thurmond. Both senator, Collins, and Senator me and insured as governor of South Carolina earlier. In their political careers. Publican. Governor Jim Martin of North Carolina. Fondly. Senator, strong for them. All the ships. The, southern states. Have, quite a few southern, governors. This, year the. Republican. Governors made. A major game. For. Southern governorships. More. Southern Republican, governors now there, have been really, in any previous time in the history of the region. Texas. South. Carolina the, deans issue. And, of course it used to be the tradition that just. As you were a lieutenant governor so you could run for governor you were governor so that you could get to the Senate at some point and frankly all of our United States senators have had been governors as are the two today. When you get people like senator Thurmond senator Hollings in office so it creates a. Big. Advantage in, Washington. Governor. McNair, this. Way they're soft. Side see house, into. Procession of inauguration. Governor. West. Former. Legislator, from the lieutenant governor former governor, and former, ambassador to Saudi Arabia or the carbon. Governor. James, Edwards Jim Edwards now, president, Medical University of South Carolina. The. First republican governor since reconstruction arrow. South, Carolina. In 1974. Edwards. Walsall, state, senator tie this election, to the office of governor. Since. That time he served in a wake administration. Before taking his position as possible. Austin, Adams, Columbia. Following bathroom in the regulations. The. Other. WME, hoodie Johnson, travelbee, inaugural, committee. The. Kisser. Joining us late this is live, coverage on. South Carolina, educational, television and, radio off, the inauguration, of, Governor, Carroll. Campbell and lieutenant governor Nick Fedor and the. State officials, that. Officials, come together instead of the, Constitution. All. Democrats. I'm. Tom Fowler from South Carolina ETV with, me is Earl black from the Department of Government International. Studies at the University of South Carolina. The, governor, to. The next four years Carroll, Campbell will. Be the, presiding. Officer, of the Budget Control Board, which in recent years has. Increased. Its power in state. Agency. Of the. But. The other members that, budget Control Board will be Democrats, how. Will this work well this, is part of the problem with being a Republican, governor in, a basically, democratic, state and it's. Compounded, in the budgetary process because. South Carolina, is one. Of the two states in the Union that don't give the governor a full authority to, prepare the the budget and. Since budgeting. Is at the heart of government this, creates. A dilemma, at least a potential dilemma if, the Republican, governor wants to do things and the other Democratic. Members of the Budget Control order, are. Family. Of governor-elect, nic feet are coming. Down the steps, State. House and combien. So.

We're Nearing the end of the procession. And, his daughter Stephanie. Theodore. Furman, University symphonic. Band. Performing. The crown imperial coronation, March by. William Walton. Jay. Cooke. Conductor. The, escorts, all. The dignitaries and, the families down the steps apart. From the city, Military. College of South Carolina, trust. And. Wishes, Michael. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the wife of the governor elect, iris. Ladies, and gentlemen please. Rise to, greet. The governor, of this great state. His, excellency. Richard. Wilson, Riley. And. Governor, relax Carol. Ashmore. Campbell, Junior. Of the sentence it. All began the inaugural ceremony. Arrival. Of governor Riley governor-elect, Campbell, in, the procession, ceremony. Itself. Includes. Administration. Of the oath to. Governor-elect, the restoration, of the oath. State, officials of, South Carolina. At. That point lieutenant, governor Theodora will administer the oath to the Secretary of State state treasurer Attorney, General the Comptroller, General the Superintendent, of Education the. Adjutant general and the Commissioner of Agriculture. Upon. The inaugural quilts, will be read by any, lease and clearance poor Lauren of South Carolina, and, then the administration of the oath to, Carol, Ashmore Campbell Junior. Given, by nice and Senator Strom Thurmond, then. Governor Campbell will give his inaugural, address. Following. His address and patron all medley, of tunes. In the benediction, a choral benediction, and then that will end the inaugural, ceremony. Be. Followed by and recessional. And I will end the inauguration. At. Midday activity. Will continue with the inaugural ball tonight. As. The firm of university symphonic, band concludes the crown Imperial March. We. Are coming closer to the moment before the, inaugural ceremony. Please. Be seated. Comes, riding. Come. To lick cowboy. Formal. Governor's. Here. Who are not serving in some of the officers. West. McNair, and Edwards. Senator. Thurmond. Senator. Hollings. Members. Of the Congress. Members. Of the judiciary. Constitutional. Officers. Speaker, Shaheen, and members. Of the House. President-elect. Theodore, and my. Fellow Senate colleagues. Honored. Guests and ladies. And gentlemen. There. Is a great honor for me today. To. Have the privilege of welcoming, all. Of you. To. The inauguration, of, the. Hundred and twelfth governor. Of. Our great state, of, South Carolina. This. Moment is particularly. Memorable. To me. Because. It will mark for me, the. 15th. Governor. Under. Whom I would. Have had the opportunity to serve. During. My almost, half a century. Of. Public service I, have. Seen a, great, change a. Great. Progress. Great. Things, on, all, fronts. For. The people of. South Carolina. One. Of the facets of our government, that. Is. Subject, to this change. His. Service, in the highest office, of the state. The. Governor. It. Is important, to note my friends, that, while. The individual, who served in this capacity. Is. Only. With us for a relatively, brief time. There's. Unquestionable. Continuity. That. Has come, here tradition. Any. Home all of. South Carolina's government. That. Is. Dedication. To the ideals and. Principles. That. Have made South Carolina, what. It is today. Our. New governor. Exemplifies. This tradition, of service. As. You. Know he served a brief or six years as a member of, the South Carolina General Assembly. Two. Of those years as my. Colleague, in the South Carolina Senate. His. Service, in Congress. Just. Last eight years has. Been. An. Application. Of. His high integrity. Unfilled. In courtesy, and, ability. During. His service. Here in this state, owes. Carol. Camel, is. A diligent, and tireless, worker a. Christian. Family man, an. Unshakable. Ally and an. Honorable and formidable, opponent. The. People of South Carolina. Can. Ask no, more, of. Men who occupy, the. Office. Of governor, all. Of us he has members of the General Assembly. Our. Constitutional. Officers and our incoming, governor lieutenant governor, have. Been set here by the, people as, stewards. Of the public's, trust and, the. Power that. Has been reposed, in us it. Is our duty and our responsibility to. Work. With our new governor, in maintaining, the. Longstanding. Tradition. A. Responsible. Representative. And, quality. Government. For. The people of South Carolina. We. Come together, today. To. Inaugurate. Our new governor our new lieutenant, governor and to, install our constitutional. Officers and, it.

Is Unique. Coming. Together the coming together of the three branches of government, legislature. You exactly. And judicial. We. Must avoid my, friends. The. Easy political. Answers. To. Complex problems. We. Must assume our citizens. As we. Are doing. Here today. That. All of. You and the future citizens, of this great state, that. We will be leaders, who. Travel, the straight and narrow. Fight. For what is fair for, what, is right, for. What is just and. For all citizens, of. Our. Great state. Now. At this time. I'm. Honored to, introduce. To you, the. Right reverend Donnell, Ray Smith. Pastor, of the Mountain View about, this church and Greenville. South Carolina, who. Will give the invocation, for. Today's ceremonies. Reverend. Smith. Let, us pray. Eternal. God our Father. Thou. Who art of, pure, eyes. We. Thank you for the riches of your blessings, and. For. This. Dawning. Of a new day in, our, beloved, state. Bless. We pray the Our Father. Those. Upon, whom the mantle of responsibility, for. Leadership, has fallen. May. They be filled with your compassion. May. They be guided, by your spirit. May. They be upheld by, your strength. That. We our Father may, move forward, for. The betterment of mankind. Bless. Us we pray thee. Keep. Us in thy presence. Amen. Ladies. And gentlemen the star-spangled. Banner' will be sung by dr., Frank little. Whose. Broad, stripes and. Bright, stars. And. Now our distinguished. Former Governor James, burrows, Edwards, will, read some special communications. It's. A native pleasure for me to read these communications. Dear. Governor Campbell. It. Is a pleasure to extend my warmest, wishes and, congratulations. To you upon. Your inauguration, as governor, of South Carolina. This. Is a momentous, day not, only for you and your family but. For the entire state, of South Carolina. Throughout. Your career, as a public servant, you, have demonstrated leadership. Foresight. Strength. And purpose. You're. One of those unique individuals. Who doesn't, just talk about problems, but. Solves, them. The. People of South Carolina can, be proud of Carol Campbell with. Your courage and commitment at the helm the, future of South Carolina, is indeed bright. Barbara. Joins me in wishing you an hours a memorable. And festive. Inauguration. Signed. Sincerely, George. Bush. And. Another message I. Am. Delighted to send greetings to all who have gathered, for the inauguration, of Carroll Campbell as governor, of South Carolina. In. Recent years, Americans. Have acquired, a renewed appreciation of. The. Importance, of state and local governments. After. Decades, of looking, to Washington, for resources, and direction, our. People, have learned in you that government, closer to home is. Less cumbersome, and more, responsive. To their needs and their aspirations. The. People of South Carolina have. Always had, a strong appreciation, for our traditions, of Independence, and self-governance. And the. Inauguration, you celebrate, marks. The determination. Of your state, to move forward, on these principles, to. Achieve new heights of, prosperity. And opportunity. For, all of our citizens the. People. Of South Carolina could, not have selected a more capable individual. For. These challenging. Times than, Carroll Campbell. Carroll. Has shown himself to be a leader of vision and courage who. Places the interest, and well-being, of the people of South Carolina, first, and foremost. Nancy. Joins me in sending, our warm congratulations and. In, wishing Carol in the, state of South Carolina great. Success, in the, days ahead, signed Ronald Reagan. Ladies. And gentlemen the. Oath of office will, be administered to, the lieutenant governor elect the, Honorable Nick Andrew. Theodore, by. His brother John. Andrew. Theodore. Repeat, after me, hi. Nick, Andrew, Theodore, I Nick, Andrew Theodore Osama, swear do. Solemnly swear I am duly qualified. That. I am duly qualified, according. To the constitution, of this state according. To the constitution, of this state to, exercise, the duty of their office to exercise. The duty of the office which I have been elected to which I have been elected and that I will and that I will to the best of my ability, to the best of my ability, discharge, the duties thereof, it stars the duties thereof and preserve, protect, and, defend and. Preserve protect. And defend the. Constitution. Of this state the constitution. Of the state and the United States and that of the United States so. Help me God, so help me God, I therefore. Proudly. Declare. You official, installed as the lieutenant governor, of South Carolina. Thank you very much.

Ladies. And gentlemen the lieutenant governor will now administer the, oath of office to the state officials. Please, let me first say thank. You to, all the people of South Carolina the, greatest, state in the nation, I. Would. Now like to call the constitutional. Officers to, join me at the podium as I. Announced, their names. The. Secretary, of State, the. Honorable John. T Campbell. State. Treasurer, the. Honorable Grady. L Patterson. Junior. Attorney, General the. Honorable Travis. Medlock. Comptroller. General, the. Honorable Earl, Amara's. Junior. Superintendent. Of Education. The. Honorable. Charlie. G, Williams. Adjutant. General, the. Honorable, T. Aston. Martin. And. The. Commissioner, of Agriculture, the. Honorable. D. Leslie. Kendall. The cross. Didn't. Miss a one. Gentlemen. Please. Raise your right hand as. We. Receive this over. Do. Each of you solemnly swear that, you are duly qualified, according. To the constitution. Of this state to, exercise. The, duties of the office to. Which you have been elected and that, you will to. The best of your ability, discharge. The duties thereof, and preserve. Protect. And defend the. Constitution. Of this great state and of. The United States so, help you God I. Therefore. As. The. Lieutenant governor of South Carolina, declare. Each one of you officially. Installed and, it's, an honor for me to have this particular position. In this, inaugural service, congratulations. The, poem. Inaugural. Quilt will, be read by its author and South, Carolina's, poet laureate Benny, Lee, Sinclair. Inaugural. Quilt. We. Are the quilters, all. Stretched. Upon, the frame, this. Quilt, called, opportunity. Reflects. Our South, Carolina. Dream, it, is. A picture, of the future, that, we shape. Ours. To, honor or neglect. Each stitch, or, applique. Factory. Town, house school. Flourish. Or fade. City. And farm, are torn, or grow. According. To, our vision. Selecting. Cloth from, the past we. Thread, a greater, reach. New. Promise. And new, hope to us. Our, children. For. We are the quilters. Of. Dreaming. Opportunity. Ladies. And gentlemen, the. Oath of office will, be administered to, governor-elect.

Carol. Ashmore, Campbell, Jr by, our senior, United States Senator, the, Honorable, J, Strom, Thurmond. Congressman. Camel are you prepared, to take the oath as governor of South Carolina I, am. If. So raise, your right hand and place. Your left hand on the Bible and repeat after me i. Carol. Asheville, Campbell Jr I Carol. Ashmore Campbell, Jr do, solemnly swear. Do, solemnly swear. That I am duly qualified that. I am duly qualified according. To the constitution, of this state according. To the constitution. Of this state to, exercise, the duties of the office to, exercise, the duties of the office to, which I have been elected to which I have been elected and I will to, the best of my ability, that, I will to the best of my ability, discharge. The duties are off discharge. The duties thereof and preserve, protect and defend and, preserve, protect, and defend the, constitution. Of this, state the. Constitution. Of this day and of the United, States and of the United States so help me God so help me God I therefore, declare, you, official, installed as the governor of South Carolina a great, governor of a great state and congratulations. Thank you very much. Thank. You so very much thank. You very much. Thank, you very much. Thank. You so very much. Senator. Thurmond. Sent. To Dennis governor, Riley. Distinguished. Constitutional. Officers. Distinguished. Members of the legislature, of South Carolina. Special. Guests on the platform chief, justice Ness members. Of the judiciary. It. Is with a great deal of humility that I come today. But. I would like to before I have the opportunity. To. Move forward into an address, take, just a moment as an aside and, thank. Two people, who. Are going out of office. Governor. Riley you have distinguished. Yourself, in the state of South Carolina. It. Is a privilege, to follow you. And. I, want to thank you for your help during the transition and. Thank. You for your offer of help in the future I. Want. To thank the distinguished, former governors, who are here, who. Have also offered, to lend their support and. I would like to also take, this moment to. Thank. The. Outgoing Lieutenant Governor, Mike. Daniel, for the 16, years of service, that he has given to the state of South Carolina in an outstanding, and unselfish, fashion. And. To. The incoming lieutenant governor just. Sworn in, Nick. Theodore, to. Say I look forward to working with you as we. Move forward in the state of South Carolina I. Would. Be remiss if I didn't welcome some of the special guests that we have the distinguished, governor of North Carolina. The Honorable, James Martin, who happened to be my seat mate and the Ways and Means Committee in the Congress, when we served together. And. Several, distinguished, congressmen, who have joined us along with our distinguished, congressional, delegation, who. Might have been proud to be a part with whom I have been a proud to have served. 16. Years ago as a freshman. State, legislator, I, participated. In another inauguration. The. Inauguration, at that time of John West I. Remember. Well two things about that the, first was I almost froze to death. And. The second was that I was honored, to, have, the privilege to participate in, a small way in the continuation, of history. Today. I'm honored to be the 112th. Person, to place. Their hand upon the Bible and swear. To uphold the, laws of South Carolina, as. A governor of this state. As. I've taken this oath of office today I'm fully. Aware of the goodly heritage that. We, in South Carolina, have, from. The beginning over, 300, years ago South. Carolina, has represented, unlimited, opportunity. That's. Why we became home to courageous. Men and women who cultivated, the wilderness, and, that's why we became home to caring. Men and women who established, churches and schools and health facilities, and that's. Why we became home to creative, men and women who, built our industries, grew our crops and introduced, arts to the new world. No. Guarantees, of success were, given to our forefathers. Only. Opportunities. But. Seizing, the opportunities. That they had and working. Together these, visionaries. Helped South Carolina, lead our fledgling nation in, in the introduction, of new businesses, and places. Of learning. South. Carolinians, were among the first to. Build a cotton mill and to. Plant rice for sale, we. Opened, the first public. Library and the. First college supported, entirely by state funds. Each. Governor, before me has. Faced problems and challenges. History. Has swept, these governors, through mega changes, from. The struggling, colonial. Period, through a series, of wars, in which. Our young were given their lives for their country through. Depressions, and recessions, good. Times and bad, these. Governors saw us go from flintlock, weapons, to nuclear warheads, from.

Horse-drawn. Carriages. To men on the moon, from. Pony Express to, instant, communication. Today they. Also saw, South Carolinians, lead the way, they. Led the way from the invention of the laser to the exploration. Of space. Throughout. The years there's one thing that's apparent. Progress. Has been made and. Success. Achieved, because people. Saw. Obstacles. As opportunities. And took. Advantage of, those obstacles. And turned them into opportunities. Those. Who sat by and sought guarantees, never, really contributed, to, the true success, of our state or our, nation. Yes. We have a goodly heritage. Our. Values, are strong we. Believe in family and church and community. Through. The years the basic goals and, ideals of the people of South Carolina have, remained intact. Parents. Want more opportunities, for their children than they had we. Want the freedom to pursue our own version of, the American dream. We. Seek the chance to serve others in our own way and, our. Collective wisdom. Tells. Us there's a higher power who must also be served. These. Are the ideals, that connect generations, past and future they. Are the constants, in a sea of change just. Over. A year ago I shared with you my vision of, what. I would like to see in South Carolina, a place. Where people have the opportunity to, live and work and raise their families in an environment, that's clean and safe, where. Every child can grow up with the opportunity. To receive a good education and, a reasonable. Expectation of finding a decent job a South. Carolina, where citizens, have access to goodell, health care and where. Our elderly, have the opportunity, to retire in dignity and, walk the streets unafraid I. Want. Every, child to have the opportunity. To rise to the height of his. Or her own potential. As. I take office today. The. Time for governing has begun and, with. This time, come. Obligations, obligations. On, my part and obligations, on the part of others who serve in positions, of leadership in, the state of South Carolina. It. Is time to start building bridges, that transcend, political differences, it. Is time to start building bridges, that transcend, personal, preferences. It. Is time for all of us to throw away political. Banners and unite. Under one banner. That. Reads South Carolina, a state of. Opportunity. I. Will. Give every ounce of energy that I possess, toward that purpose, and. I look forward to working with each of you to achieve it, but. I'm not naive I know there will be differences, there, will be strong differences, which will receive full open and fair debate, however. I'm equally, sure that. Beneath the debate over programs. And ideas there, will be a wellspring. Of goodwill flowing, toward the common goal of providing. Unparalleled. Opportunity. For all South Carolinians. This. Is my goal and this is my purpose, as the governor of this state. Towards. This end let me tell. You that I believe in fiscally, sound policies. That are conducive to, job creation, through private-sector growth and an. Investment. Of the private sector I believe. That we must build on and that. We must meet the needs of the employers that we have in South Carolina, first the, manufacturers. The farmers, the, tourism, industry and the transportation. Industry we. Need in this state more, people, working in paying taxes, and not, the same people, paying more taxes. We, have to change that direction. Our. Role in government is to, maintain, the climate, in which. Citizens and businesses, have the opportunity. To prosper to. This, end we must, recognize, that, the role of government is not to perpetuate, programs, or build networks, of preferential, treatment, for the few.

Government's. Role should not be one of finding, new ways to spend, tax dollars or solve. Problems, that people can and should solve for themselves and. Governments. Function is not to ensure that everyone. Receives, an equal share of the pie, the. Overriding, purpose of government as I see it is. To. Do this to. Do for our citizens. That. Which they individually. Can't do for themselves and. To. Ensure that the climate exists, for. Every citizen in South Carolina, to have the opportunity. To. Improve his, or her own status. In life by. His or her own effort. But. While we can't guarantee, that. Every child will achieve, success. We. Can have an educational. System that creates the climate, for each child to have the opportunity. To succeed and. While. We can't mandate that every able-bodied adult. Obtain an honest job and be, a positive force for society. We, can seek to be sure that there are jobs for every person willing. To give a good day's work for a good day's pay and we. Can make sure that government is a, positive. Force in encouraging. Work rather. Than a negative force whose programs, may do the opposite, and. We. Can't guarantee that every South Carolinian, will have good health. But. We can seek to provide the opportunity, to have reasonable, access to. Quality, health care for our citizens. Nor. Can we assure that every, small businessman, in major corporate, executive. If. They choose South Carolina, as a place to start a locater business, will, succeed. We. Can however provide, them. With fair tax and insurance laws. Reasonable. Regulations, that are evenly enforced. And a, vibrant economic development. Policy, that will assure that South Carolina is at, the top of the list in providing the opportunity. To succeed and. While. We can't guarantee, that. Every institution, of technical, or higher education. Provides. Every, course for every student, we. Can, provide, a system, of higher education that. Gives opportunities. To all from. Those who need remedial, help to. Those who work and study and the public-private. Partnerships. Between our universities. And businesses, as they. Undertake research and, development, of new ideas and products. It. Would be very easy at, this time to set our sights low. Not. Just this year perhaps in future years, our. State has and is facing some rather bleak fiscal, prospects, we. Have locked ourselves, into a pattern of spending that has exceeded, our income. Very. Little discretion is, left with the lawmakers, of South Carolina, due, to court orders and funding, formulas, an. Awful, lot is already obligated. Government. Is going through another round of mid-year budget cuts, five. Of the last seven years across-the-board. Cuts, have been mandated in South Carolina.

Ladies. And gentlemen we're going to have to make some tough. And, some. Very critical decisions. In the future, many. Of these decisions are going to evoke a firestorm. Of protest from groups and individuals, who. Will be affected by them, but. It's time that we realized, that, all. Programs, are not created, equally and that yesterday's. Good ideas, may not be so good today. We. Have to have the wisdom to discern and, the courage, to change, we. Must differentiate, between, our wants, and our. Needs and we must. Fund our needs, first, in the state of South Carolina. To. That end we must also. Stop. Constantly. Changing, budget, estimates, of state revenue just, to spend more money because, we're getting in trouble with it, contracts. Must be scrutinised, closely and. Programs. Must be reviewed, and changed, or abolished, if necessary. Yes. It's it's, tempting to lower our sights, because. Of our problems, but. We dare not take the easy road into tomorrow we. Must turn our problems, into opportunities. Tomorrow. Will not fail us unless. We choose to throw it away. We. Have a mandate to tackle, the tough problems a mandate. Because the future of generations, yet to come, rests. On decisions, that we're. About to make. Ladies. And gentlemen the children are our future. Let. There never be a doubt about that. Regardless. Of status or race or any other false wall that society, builds up I tell, you that the well-being of children will have a top priority in this administration. There. Is nothing more that we can do for this state than, to give our children opportunity. But. That too means some tough things. That. Means that parents, will. Be expected, to support, the children they bring into this world to the best of their ability, regardless of the circumstances. That exist, between the parents. That. Means that children must start out with a positive educational. Experience, in the early years, that. Also means personal, attention, which. Means lowering. Pupil-teacher, ratios. In kindergarten. In the early grades. It. Also means, that, a. System, of learning must exist, that puts children first at all times. You. Know children spend about the first five years of school learning to read and, then. If they have learned to read they read to learn from that point on if. Not they get lost. No. Matter the problems, in public education. We. Can never lose sight of the fact that schools exist for the children, and the. Children deserve the best in teachers, the. School system, must be able to pay these good teachers, so we can attract, and keep them and the. School system, and the teachers, must. Be held accountable if, we, do so. And. Speaking, of children in schools let me tell you that the drug. Abuse problem, among young people is real it. Threatens, to undermine everything, that we're trying to do that is good in the state of South Carolina. We. Must do more in educating, our children about, drugs and prosecuting. Those who sell drugs and we. Will find the means to do it. Under. This administration the. Fight against crime will, be waged with vigor. But. Education, can't be viewed in isolation. Education. Is not an end in itself it. Is a means to, the goals of attaining a quality, of life which is defined by each individual, the, second. Part of the equation is jobs. Economic. Development. We. Must have a diversified. Economy in, South Carolina, one. In which is small a minority, business person can grasp an idea, and have, an opportunity, to test that idea in the marketplace.

One. In which indigenous businesses, can expand, an. Economy. Which attracts, corporations. From, all over the world because. Because. We, have a skilled, workforce and we, have the natural resources. And we, have a stable, economic climate. An. Economy. That also recognizes. That the heritage, of the family, farm is precious. And important, to, the future of this state and. We. Must recognize that, no. Area, of this state truly, prospers, unless. All prosper. That's. The rural areas in the major cities, alike Low. Country and Midlands Piedmont, and PD, they. All must be included, in any economic, development of, the state of South Carolina. South, carolina must be positioned, for the next century we. Must be able to compete with any state any, time, for jobs. Economic. Development must be the cornerstone, of state government, for the future. Without. Economic, development, we, not only will be able unable. To provide jobs we. Will be unable to pay, for the educational. Quality, that we seek for our young people. We. Already know that, in. The system today that we do not have enough money to fund that. Which we have obligated ourselves for. With. Programs, being cut. You. In the legislature. And we in, the executive or facing tough, short-term. Decisions. But. The only acceptable. Long-term. Solution. Is economic. Development to pay the taxes, to fund the programs. There. Is no other easy way, the. Only alternatives. To that the. Only alternatives. To an aggressive economic, development, policy, are general. Tax increases. For the same people or lowering. Of the horizons. That we have set for ourselves to. Reach neither. Of those is acceptable. And it. Will not be acceptable, in our administration, in any way for. These reasons, I, intend. To spend, more time and, exert more effort on economic, development and, job creation, than. Any other endeavor. Just. As education, is the heart. Of South Carolina's, future. Jobs. Are our lifeblood. However. All of the effort, that we may put forth to. Provide the jobs in the education, and improved a lot of our people. Will. Be diminished, if we. Make in other areas. Decisions. That will continue, to deplete the resources of the people of this state an. Example. Is. In the field of insurance. Families. And businesses, alike are suffering, under the high cost of insurance, for their cars their. Products, and their. Businesses. These. Are not just costs. They. Affect the quality of life of. Families. And individuals. And they affect the competitiveness of. Our businesses. And these, problems, must be addressed. Yes. We have some serious business ahead. But. As we undertake our task. We. Must always remember, that. We. Have to be extremely sensitive. To the needs of those who are less fortunate for. That too is. The role of government in. Just 13, years our, planet will celebrate a day that occurs once every thousand, years the. Beginning of a new millennium, we. Are moving toward a new era an. Era which provides, unspeakable. Challenges, and unlimited opportunities. The. Steps that we take will. Determine, whether we enter the year 2000. Boldly, or timidly as. Optimists. To see, opportunity. Or as, pessimists, to see obstacles. With. Foresight, of options, or. Hand-side. Of doubt I. Believe. Today's vision, can be tomorrow's, reality I believe. We can have a superior, public, education, system, I believe that, we can create the jobs for the people in this state I believe that, we will create a society, in which our senior citizens can, retire in dignity and. I believe that we will have a, compassionate. Government, and we, shall create a more efficient, government working, together and, as. We do these things we. May. We. May uncover, the solutions, to the social problems, that, are manifest, in the high infant mortality rates, and teeming. Prisons, and teenage. Parents, unprepared, for adult responsibilities. In the, medically, needy and the. Adult illiterate, you, know, with the problems, you might wonder why I'm so optimistic about, the future, I'm. Optimistic, and confident, that we can meet any challenge. For. One reason only. Because. Of the people of South Carolina. For they are our, greatest, resource. With.

Goodly Heritage. It. Turns out to be neighbors, neighbors. Who were willing to serve and share as their talents, allow, citizens. Who. Fit the definition of, hero and they're. All about us, sometimes. We don't recognize them, we. All know the famous heroes, we've, seen them we've, read about them. Past. Heroes, such as Francis, Marion who battled the British. Andrew. Jackson's, mother who became fatally, ill while caring, for wounded and sick prisoners, in Charleston. One. You don't know. My. Grandfather, who practiced, medicine until he was 91 years old. Dolly. Cooper knows him he, delivered, over 6,000, babies and. He. Only took what people were able to pay. Late. In life he burned all of his books rather than send out bill so that no one that he cared for would ever feel the pressure of owing a debt for. Medical, service that he rendered, lost. Heroes. Heroes. Like Ron McNair who challenged. The heavens and died. In a quest for progress. And. My brother Mike who fought for freedom and died in a quest for peace. Unsung. Heroes. Heroes. Like Lila Mae Brock a. Lady. From Greenville, who cares for the needy and has. Done an outstanding job. Johnnie's. An Oni in Columbia, who feeds the hungry. Everyday. Heroes, mill workers, farmers, doctors teachers, homemakers. All. The, men and women whose attention to their responsibilities. Whether they be in the home or the office the, factory, or the field, will. Help make this vision that I share a. Reality. We. Have the will we. Have the determination. And we. Have the faith. The. Wisest, man who ever lived was, King Solomon. And. In. The words of King Solomon, in the book of Ecclesiastes. He. Said there's nothing better for men than. To rejoice, and do good in one's lifetime. Moreover. That every man sees good in all is Labor's it. Is the gift of God. The. Challenge, that we are facing therefore. Is to do good to. Provide opportunities. Opportunities. For all of our people that's. The challenge. Edge. Stone the sword of state is the South, Carolina State seal as all. Of us in the legislature, are familiar. The. Rest of you may not be but look at it. Because. It shows the palmetto. Tree the. Palmetto, tree symbolizes. Our strength in adversity, and. It. Also contains the state slogan. Prepared. In mind and resources. With. God's help we shall remain prepared and we. Will create opportunity. In this state god. Bless you and thank you. Governor. Carroll Campbell. His. Inaugural. Address. This. Is live coverage from South Carolina educational, television Edwin. To. Conclude, the inaugural ceremony. Badly. Than benediction. And. A choral been ditched. Choral. Benediction, will be, Amazing. Grace on, by Dawn Smith with South Carolina that will end the ceremony. Right. Now we'll listen, to, Myrtle, Hall, eggs. A patriotic medley accompanied. By the Furman University symphonic. Mine. Eyes have seen, the glory of, the calming, of. The. Vintage where The Grapes of, Wrath. Benediction, is, to follow with dr., Walter Hanford pastored the Southside, Baptist Church of green the. Benediction, will now be pronounced, by dr. Walter, Hanford. Pastor, of the Southside, Baptist, Church of Greenville. Now. Shall we pray our. Heavenly. Father, thank you for the beautiful day that you've given to us for this inauguration, ceremony. For. The wonderful times we've been been able to enjoy together. We. Thank you for the great heritage that comes in our great state. We. Thank your father for the great political system that you've given to us in America that. Makes this, kind of choice of government. Officers, to be possible, and this. Kind of public installation. And. The, kind of public challenge and the kind, of public commitment, to great, principles, of government. And. Now father I pray that you would give to. Our. New governor Carroll Campbell the wisdom. The. Direction, thank. You for his integrity and. Father. I pray that you would help him and help our legislature. Be. With our new lieutenant. Governor Nick, Theodore, and, all of these other officers that we have installed today and. Fathers. They grapple with the very. Serious and real problems, that face our state I pray. That you would give them divine wisdom I, pray. Father they might recognize. That. Power comes from thee, and. They might recognize, that they are ministers, of God for good and that you, would give them dear father thy direction. Heavenly. Father I do pray that this might be a very special, time in the life of our great. State, and. Use us dear father to support these our officers, to the very best of our ability we pray in. Jesus, Christ's name Amen. Anala. Benediction, will be performed, by Miss, South Carolina Don, Smith accompanied. By the Furman, University symphonic. Band. Oh. How. Sweet. Us. That's. A. You don't. Like. I. Was. Blind. I see. It was, great. My. To. Fear. And. Great. Disappear. Yeah. Dawn, Smith with South Carolina with, the poor benediction, Amazing, Grace, the.

Recessional, Will begin in just a moment, that. Will end, the, inaugural ceremony with. Earl. Black is with me early final, words before we sign, off for tonight well, I think the new, governor sounded, some notes that, will appeal. To just about everybody's, for education. And it's for economic development and, there won't be any quarrel with that at all. The. Interesting part was that he. Made it clear that in. Order to fund. Education. Some. Other programs would have to be cut and he didn't tell us what those were today, but probably, in the State of the State address and in two weeks he. Will and. That will make for some interesting times, to say the least. Inaugural. Address Carroll. Campbell is governor, in Carroll Campbell, we had lieutenant governor of Nick Theodore and. The constitutional, officer was sworn in. The, tone, is set with the inaugural address his, Earl mentioned, in two weeks January, 28th. The, State of the State address by, governor, Carroll Campbell to a joint assembly will set, the specifics, for his first. Year in the four-year administration. I'm. Tom Fowler we like to thank Barbara Porter, who back at the UTV Center was interpreting. For the hearing-impaired on educational, television. To you for watching it's been South Carolina educational, television and, radio live. Coverage, of inauguration. 1987. Good.

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