Graduation Class of 2021 - Tourism, Hospitality and Business

Graduation Class of 2021 - Tourism, Hospitality and Business

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Hello Class of 2021 and welcome to your Graduation  and a special hello to all of your friends and   family who are hopefully tuning in to celebrate  with you tonight I'm Audrey Cumberford, I'm the   principal of Edinburgh College and I am honoured  to be introducing your Virtual Graduation ceremony.   Now, I am really sorry that we are not able to get  together in person this year due to the need to   prioritise everyone's safety but we're going to do  our very best to virtually celebrate and recognise   your wonderful achievements. Graduation is of  course all about you it's about the hard work and   effort that each of you has put into your studies  and it's about commemorating your accomplishments   you've all proven yourselves to have the  dedication and will to succeed in the most   challenging of times which is something that  I hope you will carry with you for the rest of   your lives I often say that pride and passion  are in the DNA of Edinburgh College and you   the Class of 2021 have embodied that there is no  question that the strength and resilience that   you have shown by gaining your qualifications  in the most unusual and difficult circumstances   will no doubt aid you in going on to  do and achieve extraordinary things.   Your college education mixed  with that strength and resilience   is a great foundation to build upon as you take  your next steps into the world. The past year has  

shown us all that while times may get tough  there are no limits to what can be achieved   and my ask of you is not to limit yourselves, you  know what you're good at, you know what excites you   you've got something to offer the world and the  world is ready and waiting for it, so go out there   and join an alumnus of the former Edinburgh  College students who are changing the world   and shaping the future as we speak. The day will  come when we look back and reflect on these times   and when we do I hope that you look back fondly  on your time spent as an Edinburgh College student   that you will be proud of yourselves and that  you will share memories and friendships that   will last a lifetime. Now, throughout today's  Virtual Graduation you will see some of the   familiar faces of those Edinburgh College staff  that have supported you during your time with us   and we're all extremely proud of how  you've embraced remote learning and   persevered through tough times and overcame  the odds to excel throughout your studies.   I remember the excitement of not quite knowing  what path my life would take next after my own   graduation which was many years ago now and  of feeling slightly fearful of the unknown,   but knowing that I was equipped with the  qualifications but also that ambition   to use it and to succeed and I had a fire  in my belly, which would fuel my future even   if I faced knocks along the way, and I have, so  keep your fire burning and you won't go wrong.   Now, before we start the ceremony there's one piece  of advice that I would like to give to all of our   graduates and that's this. Time is all that you  have that is truly yours, so please don't waste it   invest in it wisely whatever your plans are for  the future, you only have one life to live, so live   it well and follow your dreams, you have made a  very real investment in yourself by coming to   college an investment that has equipped you to  meet a lifetime of challenges, so please don't   waste that investment. Now, today is not only a  celebration of what you've achieved but it's also  

what is yet to come and I'm excited to see what is  next for all of you and I look forward to hearing   of your future successes. Now, however you're  celebrating today I hope that our virtual ceremony   goes some way just a little way and showing all  of you just how proud we are to add your names to   our Edinburgh College alumni so thank  you Class of 2021 for being a brilliant   wonderful cohort of students and of course  for being you. Now, without further ado we will   now commence the Edinburgh College Class  of 2021 Virtual Graduation. Please enjoy! Hello on behalf of the staff from the  Faculty of Tourism, Hospitality and Business   I would like to congratulate our graduates.  We are all very proud of you, what you   have achieved during such challenging  times displays great resilience we   wish you well on the next chapter of  your work and life learning journey.

Hi I'm Carrie Nelson I'm lecturer for  HND Beauty Therapy at the Granton Campus   and we just wanted to say a huge congratulations  on your Graduation so well deserved you all   worked so incredibly hard and then difficult  circumstances this year but you all kept going   and you were determined to get your qualifications  and what's more you all went into industry at the   end of it and you all got employment which in this current  climate is is just absolutely fantastic you should   be so proud of yourself we are all so proud of you  and just wanted to thank you for your hard work   all the very best with your career going forward  please keep in touch and enjoy tonight. These days time passes quickly so fast that celebrating  your achievement may seem insignificant   so Miriam, Khadija, Missoon, Christine, Mhairi, Fiona,  Kent, and Amelia I want you to know how important   is to celebrate so let me start the celebration by  saying congratulations because you deserve it. You   are finally receiving recognition for all your  hard work it's quite an achievement to say that   I'm happy for you all is an understatement looking  at you today I am simply beaming with pride   I know you have worked hard for this  achievement so you should be proud of yourselves   your achievement here is nothing but inspiring  what you are able to accomplish will never cease   to amaze me you have all proved that hard work  really pays off the road to this success was   literate obstacles whilst others gave up you  all pushed your way through, it takes courage   to stay true to your goals especially when odds  were stacked against you, but each time I watched   you achieve one of these goals I saw that stack  getting smaller and smaller, I'm overwhelmed with   pride when I think about what you've been able  to accomplish in such a short amount of time.  

On your way to success not everybody  will stop and praise your achievements   but I want you to know that I'm always watching  and rooting for you, I am certainly thrilled at   what you have accomplished and look forward to  seeing you tackle even bigger things in the future   any achievement is a time to take a step back and  reflect on how far you've come to this moment and   to think ahead of what the future holds for  you all. I am so proud of the work you have   put in, I'm proud of your sheer determination  and striving for excellence. Congratulations   once again on your fantastic achievement  and many wishes for the continued success.   Hello everyone I am delighted and privileged to  be part of your Graduation but so disappointed   that I cannot be with you in person so many  congratulations on achieving your HNC and your   HND and Enterprise and Commerce especially in  an online environment environment and with all   the difficulties and probations associated with  all the lockdowns. Well done. It was not easy for  

you but I hope you can draw strength from your  achievement and go on to face future challenges,   so I wish you well for the future in further  study in employment and in your personal life.   I hope we're not a stage where we can begin  to look forward in anticipation of economic   growth and all the benefits that go with that so  please keep in touch let us know how you're doing.   Congratulations and I send you my  very best wishes for the future.   Hello to our CMI ILM and CIPD graduates of 2021  to say it's been a challenging year for you all   is a real understatement I know that many  of you have been juggling jobs had caring   responsibilities been key workers and some of  you even had homeschooling responsibilities   all of this while studying for your professional  qualifications. No mean feat. For quite a number of   you this has been an undertaking of two years or  more, we were so looking forward to celebrating   your success with a real live graduation but this  obviously was not possible. I really hope that you  

can take some time out of your busy lives to get  together with friends and family and to have a   real celebration of your own. The teaching team and  I would like to take this opportunity to offer you   our congratulations and to say that we are very  proud of each and every one of you. Congratulations. Shout out to all HNC and HND Beauty Therapy  classes of 2021. Today is your Graduation you   did it despite all the obstacles this pandemic  has put in your place so be very proud of your   achievement. For me personally it's been an honour  and a privilege to watch you develop and grow   into amazing therapists and I'm so very proud of  you all I know Virtual Graduation is possibly not   what we all hoped for, but please be assured  that myself and the rest of the team will be   celebrating with you all from afar. Enjoy your  special day you've worked so very hard for this,  

celebrate with those that you love and be proud of  all that you've done. You are our future so spread   your wings and keep the industry alive, have  a wonderful wonderful day stay safe and well. What a year but you all got  there with lots of hard work.   Congratulations guys we're so proud of  you sorry we're not able to celebrate   in person but we'll have a drink for you  and best wishes for your future career. From Laura and the team at Milton Road well done  HNC Class of 2021, it's been an absolute pleasure   to teach you all each and every one of you, so  enjoy your day with your family and friends   enjoy your celebrations keep in touch with  us we all know that you're going to do   quite different career paths some uni, some  staying with us going into HND second year,   and others have got fantastic career, promising  careers ahead so have a lovely day and well done.

Just following on from Kirsty also to pass  on my congratulations on achieving your HND and HNC   in Beauty Therapy especially under the  challenging circumstances that you have faced   so huge congratulations and wish you all the best  and success in your future. Well done girls. Bye! Hi listen it was a pleasure and a privilege   teaching you all last year all be it under  difficult and unusual conditions now   to be in the Graduation you've all done  exceptionally well I'm sure you'll succeed   and forge the future you want I'd just like to  wish you all the best and please keep in touch. Events and retail graduates of 2021 shortly a  picture will pop up on your screen of some of   your lecturers out toasting your success. To gain  a higher national qualification is a fantastic   achievement but to do so in these uncertain  times is credit to your hard work dedication   and your ability, you should be very proud  of your achievement just as we are of you,   so what's next in the cards perhaps you're  going to continue on with your academic studies   or perhaps you're going to go out into industry.  Whatever you do, make sure you smash it the same   way you have your studies, so go all forward  keep in touch with us and we wish you every   success so from everybody and the events and  retail team and everybody who supported your   journey at Edinburgh College we wish you every  success congratulations and well done. Thank you!

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