Greece Ultimate Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit | Top Attractions

Greece Ultimate Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit | Top Attractions

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Ancient. Sun-bleached, ruins, pierced, blue skies as the aegean laps at the endless coastline. And, Greek. Culture, is alive with passionate, musics, inspired. Cuisine. And. Thrill-seeking. Activities. Welcome. To. Greece. Join. Us as we, discover the. Land of the Greeks. Misc. Travel Guide bringing, you the ultimate travel, guide to Greece. Travel. To Greece and the islands, has become a must activity, according to the modern lifestyle. Greece. Is so rich in culture, and beauty. That it never seems to be completely, explored. No, matter how many times you visit it. Greece. Is one of the oldest, and most influential. Civilizations. In the world located. In the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula that, stretches into Ionian, Mediterranean. And Aegean, seas bordered. By four countries in the north and east Greece. Has one of the longest histories. Of any country, and is considered, as the cradle, of Western civilization. From. The Ionian, islands in the West including, kefalonia. And Corfu, to, the Aegean Sea, boasting, Mykonos Santorini. Coves and Rhodes, amongst. Others then. There's the pre Hellenic Minoan culture of Crete to the south back. On the mainland, there's, scenery, worthy, of the gods all over, the place. The. Climate in Greece is typical, of the Mediterranean. Climate mild. And rainy winters, relatively. Warm and dry summers, and generally. Extended. Periods, of sunshine throughout, most of the year. Travelling. In Greece is at the same time a way of becoming acquainted, with the origins, of Western, civilization. Travelers. Choose it as a destination not only, for its incomparable. Natural. Beauty, but, because it is a magical. Place full, of discoveries. Charm, and secrets. Let. Yourself, be captivated. By its historical. Wealth and singular. Modern, reality a trip. To Greece is the experience. Of a lifetime. That leaves the pleasant, feeling that, the world is ultimately very rich, very, beautiful. And very interesting. Here's. A look at the best places to visit in Greece. Zu. Gory. Towering. Mountains, virgin. Forests, and impressive. Gorges, a wild. And evocative, landscape. Zagora. Will Rhea to, give the area its full name is a cluster, of stone, villages. Masterfully. Constructed. Bridges and monasteries. Carved, into the mountains. It's. A pure and seductive. Holiday, destination. For all seasons. Tucked. In the northwestern, corner of Greece in the region of the Pyrus zu, gory or zygerria is, a mountainous. Region of stunning beauty in, the Pindus mountain range. The. Region, of ps-aguié has 46. Traditional, villages, nestled, on verdant, mountain, slopes all. Connected. By stone arched bridges these. Villages, are ideal, for those seeking relaxation. And tranquility. Zagora. Is home to the impressive, V Coast Gorge the, second, deepest, gorge in the world after, the Grand Canyon.

As. The. Region remained cut off from the rest of the country for decades it, boasts, an extensive network. Of old footpaths, in good condition. Thessaloniki. The, second, largest, city of Greece is a modern, metropolis bearing. The marks of its stormy, history and its cosmopolitan. Character which. Give it a special beauty, and charm. Thessaloniki. Offers the cosmopolitan. Culture and energy, of a big city with, the friendly ambience, and charm of a smaller town. It's. A wonderful, destination to experience. The real Greece without, the crowds and congestion, of Athens. Magnificent. Third century, remains, stand, next to neoclassical. Mansions, colorful. Markets, and old. Oil warehouse, is converted, into trendy, wine bars and restaurants. Food. And wine are part of the culture here and the, city is considered, a gastronomic. Paradise, among, locals. This. Delightful, city has an impressive multi. Ethnic, heritage. Influenced. By the different, civilizations. That have left their mark, including. The Romans, Venetians. And Ottoman. Turks. Visitors. Are awed by the ancient, ruins. Byzantine. Churches and, the, world-class. Archaeology. Museum one, of the best in Greece. From. Small tavernas, to, nightclubs and, other, entertainment, venues. Thessaloniki. Offers, it all. Alkyd. Iki. The. Main summer destination. In northern, Greece alkyd. Iki is a lush region with three peninsulas, located. Near Thessaloniki. Shaped. Like Poseidon's. Trident and sticking, out into the Aegean, Sea Halkidiki. Is, a treat, for visitors. Lush. Green, forests. That reach right down to the beach golden. Sunlight reflected. In the turquoise waters, a traditional. Style with a rich gastronomic. And cultural, heritage. Endless. Coals unique. Architectural. Sites. Perfectly. Preserved christian, monument, and a host of unexplored. Treasures. All add, their own rich, touch to the unique canvas, that is Halkidiki.

Among. The intoxicating. Blend of blue and green the. Visitor, will find major hotel, complexes, built to the highest standards. Particularly. On the first of the three legs. Cosmopolitan. Cassandra. Here. There are also traditional. Seafront, guest houses little. Hidden treasures, and marinas. Along the coast at Cydonia as well, as some unique. Archaeological. Sites. Lien, dos. Nestling. At the foot of a steep rock and beautifully. Surrounded, by the sea lies. The traditional, settlement, of lindos. On. The top of the same rock stands a centuries-old. Acropolis. The. Acropolis, bears silent witness to Lindos glorious. Past a major. Naval, power of ancient times which. Reputedly, had a population of. 17,000. Lindos. Provides, a mix of history and beaches, the. Village has many historic, houses known, as captain's houses often, dating. From the 16th, 17th, or, 18th century. The. Village, itself is situated on a network, of cobbled, streets all, of which are entirely. Pedestrianised. The. Houses, are small whitewashed. And sit, beautifully on the hillside making, it one of the most beautiful. Places on the island. The. Landscape, of lindos encapsulate. The essence, of roads a surprisingly. Felicitous. Blend of ancient, and medieval. The. View of lindos village with its cubic houses, sprawling, down, the hillside under the Acropolis, is one, of the most photographed scenes, in Greece. Peloponnese. Peloponnese. Is a destination. For all seasons, with, a rich history and a rich landscape. Shaped. Much like a large lead, Peloponnese. Was traditionally. Called Maria which, means mulberry, leaf. Located. In the southernmost, region of both Europe and Greece. Peloponnese. Is a wide peninsula, connected, to the mainland by the real and Tyrael bridge. It's. The land of ancient Sparta home. Of the holy olive, grove and the birthplace. Of the olympic games war. Keys. And, culture. Saturate. The cities and countryside, of one, of the most beautiful. Destinations. Of mainland. Greece. The, Peloponnese is a celebration. Of contrasts. Majestic. Mountains, embraced, by a dramatic, golden. Coastline, of endless, beaches, and exotic.

Coves. Pure. Unspoiled. Landscapes. Technicolor. Water, and fertile. Valleys, are all, just, a short car ride away. Roadtrippers. And landlubbers. Never tire of its winding, roads that disappear, into the horizon where. Sea and sky, become. One. Meteora. Pillars. Of rock sculpted. By prehistoric, rivers. And crowned. By otherworldly. Monasteries. Monuments. To the power of faith, a trip. To meteora offers, the unique experience. Of nature's, grandeur, in conjunction, with history. Architecture. And man's. Everlasting. Desire, to connect, with the divine. From. The early Christian, times the. Meteora vertical, cliffs were regarded, as the perfect, place to achieve absolute. Isolation. To, discover, peace and harmony, and, thus. To, support man's eternal, struggle, for spiritual. Elevation. The. Greek word meteora means, suspended. In the air and this, phrase aptly, describes, the spectacular. Cliffs that rise more, than. 1,200. Feet into, the air. The. World heritage-listed. Meteora. Is an extraordinary, place, and one, of the most visited, in all of Greece. Delphi. Greece's. Most popular, archaeological. Site, located. About two and a half hours, from Athens, along. The slopes of the awe-inspiring, Mount. Parnassus. Delphi. Was considered, by the ancient, Greeks to be the center, of the world. This. Ancient, town and seat, of the most important, Greek temple, and Oracle, of Apollo lay. In the territory, of folkies, on the steep lower slope, of Mount Parnassus, about. Six miles from the Gulf of Corinth. Delphi. Is now a major. Archaeological. Site with well-preserved. Ruins. Dedicated. To the god Apollo. Delphi. Was an important, Oracle. In, ancient, times people. Would come to this sacred spot to inquire, of the priestess, for advice on a wide range of topics from, farming, to relationships. And politics. Significant. Ruins, and structures, at Delphi, include, the Temple of Apollo the, Athenian. Treasury the. Theater, and Hippodrome. That, once hosted events of, the ancient, Pythian, games. Cape. Sounion. Situated. At the southernmost tip, of the Attica Peninsula, Cape, Sounion, is best, known as the site of the ruins of the ancient Greek, temple of Poseidon, the god. Of the sea. The, ancient, Greek temple of poseidon at cape sounion is one of the major monuments, of the Golden, Age of Athens the. Remains. Are perched on the headland, surrounded on. Three sides by, the sea. The. Site is a popular, day excursion, for tourists, from Athens, with. Sunset, over the Aegean, Sea as viewed, from the ruins a sought-after. Spectacle. Athens. Historic. City and capital of Greece, many. Of classical. Civilizations. Intellectual. And artistic ideas. Originated. Here and the, city is generally, considered to be the birthplace of Western. Civilization. Athens. Lies five miles, from the Bay of valour on an inlet. Of the Aegean Sea where. Piraeus, the port of Athens is situated. In a mountain, Girt arid, Basin divided. North-south, by a line of hills. The, city is still dominated. By 5th century, BC, landmarks. Including. The Acropolis. A hilltop. Citadel, topped with ancient buildings like the colonnade, Parthenon, temple. The. Acropolis, Museum along. With the national, archaeological. Museum preserves. Sculptures. Vases. Jewelry. And more. From, ancient Greece. Like. Other hilltop, sites in the ancient Greek world, athens. Acropolis was. Both a place, of worship and refuge. When under attack, crowned. By the mighty, Parthenon, temple, the, Acropolis. Rises. Above modern, Athens. Athens. Contains, several, ancient sites, and these, include the, Acropolis, the, Parthenon, ancient. Agora Roman. Agora. Hadrian's. Library, hadrian's. Arch, Temple. Of Zeus. Museums. Etc. All. Of these, sites are walking, distance, from one another. In. 1834. Athens. Became the capital of the modern, Greek state and. In, two centuries since it has, become an attractive modern, metropolis with, unrivaled, charm. Today. Greater, Athens, is by far, the economic. Political, and, cultural center. Of modern, Greece with, nearly, half of the country's population. From. The acropolis to the temple of zeus to. The bustling restaurants, around monastiraki. Square, there. Is something, around every, corner to discover. Greek. Islands. With. Brilliant. Blue water, and Sun bleached ruins, the, Greek islands, will fill your imagination. With mythical, tales. Greece. Has six thousand, islands, in total scattered. In the Aegean, and Ionian seas. Of which, only, 227. Are, inhabited. Soak. Up the majestic, beauty of the Santorini, or, indulge, in the lively, nightlife of, Mykonos. Days. Are filled with big blue, skies and endless, miles of aquamarine, coastline. With, some of Europe's, cleanest. Beaches. Each. Island, has its own unique, blend, of ancient, ruins mystic.

Castles, And rare. Wildlife. Breathtaking. Views, from, soaring, cliffs. Whitewashed. Churches. Topped with bright, blue domes, and. Archaeological. Treasures from, a lost civilization. Are, just, some of the reasons that the island, of Santorini, is routinely, included. In the lists, of best places to visit in the world. Santorini. Erupts, with charm a, volcano. Embraced, by the Aegean, this, island, phenomenon. In the Cyclades, gives its visitors a mythical. Experience. If. You, love history. You, don't want, to miss out on a visit to ROS, located. Near the coast of Turkey in the Dodecanese this. Beautiful. Island packs, many, historic, treasures. Getting. Lost in roads Old Town is a must. Stunning. Crete is the largest, of the Greek islands, and also. The fifth largest in the Mediterranean. It. Boasts. Gorgeous. Beaches and mountains and, is, dotted with quaint, villages. Mykonos. Greece's. Most famous. Cosmopolitan. Island a whitewashed. Paradise. In the heart of the Cyclades. Set. Out on a journey to discover a, fascinating. World where glamour, meets simplicity. In. The heart of the Adriatic. Sea is Corfu, one. Of the Ionian, islands, of. All, the best islands, in Greece Goran. Probably, offers, the most variety of everything, from, its blend of ethnic, cultures, to its contrasting. Landscapes, and array, of attractions an, island. Steeped in Byzantine history. And Greek mythology. Corfu. Features, charming, old towns laced, with the varying, architectural. Styles, of its Greek Italian, French. And British, past. From. Gorgeous beaches. Ancient. Ruins colorful. Harbors and active. Volcanoes, the. Greek islands. Have it all. Thanks. For watching that's. Been our list of the best 10 places to visit in Greece if you. Liked this video give, it a thumbs up comment. Share with your friends, and subscribe, to misc Travel Guide for more videos, all around, the world.

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