Grilling Steak & Trout Over Campfire | Camping With Our Dog | Sequoia National Forest | Ep. 2/5

Grilling Steak & Trout Over Campfire | Camping With Our Dog | Sequoia National Forest | Ep. 2/5

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Sorry? Do we have any butter? No... There's oil there. Oil? I'm gonna put the thing, okay? The grill. Maybe you can cook some mushrooms? I don't know... I don't know. Mushroom, peppers and onions. Sure, yeah. I was gonna just cook it with the rice again, but... The rice medley.

You're gonna cook rice right now? No, the one that you just put on the skillet with the steak, remember? Oh yeah. Steak and rice. Or I can just make peppers. That rice might actually be better with the chicken.

Okay. You can just keep sticking, um... Sticking sticks in there. You're on top of a stick there, it's not down all the way. No, I know. I'm not ready yet... There you go! Haha

Wow, look at that! You want me to just put it directly on the grill? I'd rather put it on the... What, the steak? Yeah? Oh, I would put it on the grill. Okay, I'll put the peppers there. Yeah, put the... Well, I mean, peppers you don't really have to either.

No I'm gonna put it right there... I don't like it - - roasting it. Okay. You're gonna knock mommy's beer over sweetie pie. You want me to move it a little closer? You want it a little bit closer? It's smokie, isn't it? These should be in the freezer because we want this cold right, our dessert? This should be in the cooler. Oh, yeah.

I like the way I cooked the rib-eye before though, on the pan. It's your rib-eye, babe. Yeah, I wanna do it like that. Yeah, 'cause the sticks that we used are not the same.

Smells really good. We've got some Madeira if you wanna sprinkle it in with the steak. Sure, put some Madeira.

There you go. It's not gonna be as good because it's not getting a good sear. Uw, you wanna try some of this? Eh, eat it, Warren. Here try... Okay... Thank you.

Mmm... Wow! Oh... Wow! That's good. Mmm, seasoned good.

Done? Yeah... I think. Yeah... Perfect. Let it rest and then slice it up... I'm gonna transfer the rest of the veggies.

Okay, let's give it a try. Mmm... That's so tender... You have to try it. Mmm, I wish you guys could taste it. Give some to, Casandra... She would like to try some.

Cassandra... Are you a good girl?... Sit. Good, softly. Yes. Good, girl. Approved? Yeah, good girl. Is it good? Uw... Oh, it's perfect. Just the way I like it. Mmm... Oh, yeah.

You try this? Yeah. Mmhmm. The potatoes are still a little hard but... Potatoes? Potatoes there? You put potatoes in there? Uh huh.

Oh. One potato. Oh. Day two, Kern River... Kern River! July 2, 2020.

Anne caught a few trout this morning. Where'd they go... Uw. By the tree.

She's gonna start a fire. I fell in the water. I'm soaked. Right here, Warren? Yeahhh. We gotta let them cook for a while before we flip them. We've made that mistake before. Yeahhh.

Or we'll lose the whole side. Yeah... That's right. Warren, this is the only salt we brought? No I'm pretty sure there's a larger one - - She caught one on this one and then two on the other. Yeah, yup.

What do you need?... Take this out? Mmhmm. This is our first trout of the season, right? First trout of the season... July. Maybe we should squeeze some lemon inside, right? Um, here, should we put slices in there or I guess it's alright. I'm just gonna scoop it out. Wow! Mmm.

Looks good. Hmm... It's very good. Let's see what the other one taste like compared to it. The other one might be better because it's smaller. It's smaller.

Mmhmm. Maybe a little bit more lemon. It's good.

Whatcha doing, Cassandra? You wanna try a little bit? You helped catch it. You don't like the lemon on it, huh? Flakey. All before 9 o'clock in the morning. Caught it. Cleaned it. Cooked it. Poopie, eat it.

She's over there going to the bathroom. Sandra. Let me try that one. You need to remove this, Warren. The gills? Mmhmm. I didn't think we were suppose to.

I think you're suppose to. So it doesn't taste fishy... But it's not. Wow, yeah... It's fattier. Yeah... This ones not as good.

But this ones like... 9 inches. Want a piece of skin? Will you eat the skin? You don't eat lemon. Yeah, it's not bad. Kinda fishy. This ones kinda fishy, huh? Is it? No, I think it just needs salt, maybe? Yeah.

I didn't salt it enough. Something. You didn't put enough salt on it. Yeah... And the salt was on the skin, remember? You didn't put any on the inside? Come on, babe! You're better than that. You need a lot of salt in there and then more lemon.

Ehh... Uhh. There. Tss... Drown it in lemon. Can you expose some of the meat on some of these guys. My thumb hurts.

Even Cassandra didn't even like the way it smelled. What do you mean?... Cassandra, come! No, she doesn't want it... There's way too much lemon on there.

Come!... Sandra, come, try this. She's not - - no no that's - - she's not gonna eat any lemon. Good girl, go on. She don't want it. Come on, Sandra. Something wrong if she don't want it.

It taste like trout to me. Yeah. It's not like... You could've cooked it more, maybe? It needs a lot of salt. When you first put them on you have to have a lot of salt on them. You think there's a little bone in there? Well, that's 'cause you tore it off the wrong way.

Oh. You kinda have to pull it off with the bone. It's good.

Yeah, with salt. Taste like the creek. Doesn't taste like trout. It taste like it was a sucker fish. Think so?... Okay.

I got bone. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna eat it. Don't eat that because there's a lot of bone in there I won't swallow. I don't want to eat anymore, I got turned off now.

Why? I don't know, because you said creek water and I'm like: ehhh. When you season it, just season the inside and season the outside. Really, really well. Heavy. I just thought because you were cooking on the fire. Like on the inside...

Yeah... It's alright. Yeah. It's fine. It's great! It's good.

Haha. Let's just throw it back in the water. Noo. I'm gonna eat this.

You are? We have to. I can't. Haha. Haha... I haven't pooped in 10 days. I'm stuffed up... Cassandra!

Oh, where you at, poopie pie? There you are! Sandra... You want some, sweetie pie? Come here, sweetie pie. Come on boo boo. Come on. Come here! Come! Maybe you have to eat it with the avocado for it to be good.

Good girl! Yeah, that's a goo -- oh! Hahaha! She - - It was in her mouth and she just went: err. Sandra, what's wrong with it? You don't like it? Too much lemon? She's a princess, I swear! Hahaha what a - - It's funny how she lays down that way and not the other way... So that her body is not on the dirt at all. Taste like creek water doesn't it? Yeah, let's not eat it anymore. Just in case. We have so much good meat over there. That was like the other one that we caught here, the big one that we caught and we ate. And we couldn't hardly finish that one because it didn't taste very good.

It was really big though. It was kinda big. Maybe we just don't like trout. No, I like trout, it's just... How do you know? 'Cause I've eaten trout a lot. We've eaten trout and we've really loved it! The pink meat is the good one... This is white meat.

Yeah. Some are just different. Mmhmm... Is it Brook trout or Rainbow?... Rainbow.

This is Rainbow. It's the Kern water. Yeah, it taste like the Kern water it's crazy. We've eaten trout before and it's tasted really well. Didn't taste like creek water.

Yeah. We need to get you a micro reel like mine. One that's not gonna fall apart on you all the time.

Told you. You thought it was my fault. Well, I mean... This huh, I don't know why but that thing - - It loosens by itself. You think that I'm loosening it but it comes loose by itself.

Yeah, I believe you. Thank you. But, it does it by itself because you're not paying attention to it.

That like something you have to constantly do, is check things like that. It's just like the GoPro, you buy it and it doesn't work and it's because you didn't update it and you just bought it! Mmm. Same thing... Butt holes. She got hot over there.

Well thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Fish. For sustaining ourselves. Uw, that's still a lot. Yeah! Haha.

Hmm. Hmm. Smells good. Mmhmm. I think maybe because of this.

The gills?! Yeah. 'Cause, that's what filters everything, so... It could help. Ew, it doesn't taste good. Yeah, I think you're suppose to remove the gill. I don't know, maybe next time you should just chop the head off.

I don't, no, yeah. Maybe you're right, maybe there was suppose to be no gills but I don't know. We'll have to look at the pictures of the other ones we've cooked. Yeah.

I don't know. Huh? I'm just kidding, I don't want it. Well.

Ugh, man, the thing hurts. I'm gonna wash this and my hands. Is that why that guy laughed at us when we said we ate the fish here? Maybe. Ugh! Well, you just don't know until you know. And it's unfortunate... That a couple comrades here lost their - - their lives... But... It's the nature of the game, I guess.

Should we start backing up and ah, heading... Yeah...

2021-02-23 10:58

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