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[Music] i have nine days i have nine days of annual leave starting today so i decided why not go to hazan i'll be going alone it's exciting i'm i'm so excited because this is the first time that i'm gonna be traveling without any plans at all i'll be living in an hour but look i haven't packed my things yet so catch you guys later what is the true meaning of adventure is it the typical video game scenario we always have in mind but should there be a greater meaning to this word something that you can relate to on a personal level [Music] see you in five days [Music] it's the end of my third year contract in hanoi everything is uncertain i'm not sure if i'm getting another year then i thought i had to go somewhere [Music] [Music] okay [Music] okay i think we're using this business so this is so freaking nice look at that i have my you have your own television your remote control there is wi-fi so i'm heading to hazard now and i just discovered i just discovered that i can do this life is an adventure a good friend of mine mentioned there must be a lesson that we are trying to learn in this lifetime and to successfully learn that lesson is i guess the greatest adventure that we could ever have it was a five hour trip because of the noisy and the bumpy ride i only managed to sleep for two hours i arrived at hasan 3 am and slept for another 2 hours in the station it's about 6 am now here and i just arrived in hazan and i have two hours to wait for my guy i'll look around and find somewhere to eat here i can see some stuff there [Music] [Music] so i'll just wait for my football i hope it's good the furball here is quite different i think the noodles the noodles are different from what they have in illinois um cafe it is so freaking small so little but it's very strong i guess that's why being part of the morning of a place always gives me a vibrant feeling i felt glad i have witnessed this lovely morning this breathtaking adventure is now officially starting i'm just beyond excited to whatever is going to happen to this coming 5 days i would say the best adventures happen without any plans well you could agree or disagree but let's see what this story is about to unfold can you introduce yourself okay good morning my name is tom and i am a local guy in hijang i'm a tour guide for arbin so we're doing a loop friday and today we are driving like around 70 kilometers and now we are in the kilometer and the boy is starting so are we expecting something interesting so today we will see many local people working on the main road there are farmers so they're working in the right field and we see the view boy and some buffalo working on the street like a car okay that sounds exciting so let's go i want to see them now yeah i'm so excited as we moved along i asked tom about the ethnic groups in hazang i found out that there are 43 ethnic groups in hasan ethnicity has their own language traditions and subculture you said this river is directly coming from china we have a small land coming from china and right now deep river for making electricity [Music] tom said we have to sit and drink wine with the local people in order to gain their trust i guess this is going to be a ton of drinking for the next few days we are going to that mountain yes that way that way it was literally a heaven's gate this is the point where the french people made a huge gate and isolated the towns inside the hazang loop though the gate is no longer existing it still seems to me that entering from this point feels like i'm going into a different world you know why they call thomson because inside the towel the house everyone building in the land they have three mountains inside the town three mountain it means the meaning in china we call it dam we climbed up the viewpoint overlooking tamson town you can see from there the two cars cones called the fairy bosom the humor in naming places seems similar to other places i visited in the philippines now it's time for lunch we're here at the name of the restaurant is cafe for those of you are not familiar in in vietnam they have they have this very strong oh thank you they have this strong tobacco called the wow and it looks like this the reason why i'm curious is that we drove from hasan going here and i was i wasn't expecting a huge city like this it's really huge amazing [Music] so i'll be staying here at doom's home state tonight and i'm so excited they have i have all this place for tonight and it's just so amazing i am the only tourist here the water buffaloes swimming it's just so amazing here before i leave hanoi i wanted to i wanted to interact i wanted to talk to people and later we are going to meet the zao zao people they call themselves zao people we had a conversation i'll share it to you you're the first out person that i met how do you say zao um my name is [Music] oh that's more difficult you see so it's a language it's really really different they are not same but thai and if the language is quite silly i'm going to spend the night at doom homestay it's a very nice place i'm going to turn you around area one nice thing about this place is that they have a huge pond it's just nice to see a body of water they don't have um walls around around the home state or anything actually are these mushrooms all right so i'm going to spend the night here in in homestay you do have two options you can stay at those one of those new cabins or you can stay at this uh two floor building on the second floor i'll come up and show you around on the second floor so now let's go upstairs and check out the second floor the second floor is also night the advantage of being on second floor is you'll have this view you can also see the mountain the rice fields it's a room it's pretty nice actually look at this see i can see yourself with the reflection with rhythm this is perfect let's go downstairs and see the cabins it's this is so amazing it's it's just mind-blowing i i really love how they set this up especially this part this part is just amazing and they also have portraits the waterproofer those the buffaloes and my bet i love it because i love green this is my color so even if it's dark very nice and comfy comfortable i wanted to sleep now and here is my toilet you have your own toilet you have your own shower of course and you have a mini garden with cherry and you can also poop do number two while watching the view so it's pretty nice right after i arrived it felt like i've been traveling for more than a day already because of the places that i've seen the people that i've met and the experience that i've had it's just amazing now now i understand how those vloggers uh felt and i'm just starting this is just my first day so i have a few more days to go and later we'll we're going we are going to visit the zhao people and we're going to mingle with them i'm going to interact but i need to rest because i didn't have enough sleep so well maybe i'll take a shower first and and freshen up and then i'll see you guys later [Music] i was just beyond thrilled at this moment i experienced what i wasn't expecting to have experienced in a span of a day in hasan this makes me excited on what to expect in the coming days [Music] um [Music] spending this night with the zao people brought back some memories of my childhood when everything used to be simple and people were not preoccupied with gadgets i think this marks the start of an endless mot haiba experience on the street [Music] and as the night goes on more and more people started joining us [Music] tom was really helpful translating most of their conversations so i picked up some of the things he was telling them he mentioned to me how they talked about the things they can do to increase tourism in hasang without harming its natural beauty and preserving their culture [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] now [Music] [Music] i didn't know how i played the game but i guess how they were so welcoming and encouraging helped me to interact with them like there was no language barrier i felt like i was part of their community i didn't feel like an outsider and have been treated like a part of their group [Music] [Music] last night was was one of a kind it was amazing being able to wake up with this view the mountains hearing the sound of the birds chirping can you hear that the hangover yeah not as bad as i was expecting it to be oh this is so good in the morning what time are we going uh we what's up now maybe almost night we after breakfast we go so here's uh zom zom zom the owner of tombs okay all right so if you have if you want to visit like a cool a very nice place awesome place and meet awesome people here in not dumb village just come over and stay here in [Music] it was an experience that i will cherish forever but wait this is just the start of my journey a lot more is going to happen in the next few days come and join me as i unravel a deeper meaning of this word that everyone wants to experience adventure [Music] goodness

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