Hacienda Gracita | Erline’s Birthday

Hacienda Gracita | Erline’s Birthday

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Hi! Welcome back to my channel! What is your name? My name is Lander Erik Zambles Carinan So, where are we going right now? Tagaytay! "Hacienda Gracita" Why? Because of Erline's Birthday!! My friends are all coming to my house anytime now, right? YES! We will take a video when they arrive. Okay. And my friends who live in Laguna will go there straightly. So excited! Ready! Why is your gift so big haha. E: What's your height? Uan: I think 170cm? Du: I think 164? Lander: 160cm? maybe. E: Hi! why is your gift so big. Uan: *giggle actually it's not big.

E: I'm scared LOL E: I like it! Thank you, uann Uan: you said that you like to cover your face that's why I chose this gift. E: Panda is my favorite forever! Thank you uan Uan: Look, my hand is shaking right now. E: HAHAHA, why are you nervous? Uan: I don't know. E: I will use this because we're going to Tagaytay. Uan: AWWW SOO HAPPY!!! E: I dunno, it looks expensive LOL E: Hey! Next is du's gift! Du: I have a gift for her, wait. E: please support his small business and this is good for you.

Du: If you are having a stomachache? you can use this! Hot Pads will ease the pain for you. Uan: I don't have any pain, I love myself. Thank God, and girls are suffering- Lander: Hi! I have a gift too. E: oh... clothes haha

Lander: this is from Hong Kong E: Hey! We're about to go there now! READY NOW! Oh, you know my friends are here already so we will go meet them right now. Let's go! This is our first time to meet Karl Du in person We're in Tagaytay now Let me show you this place. Look, there is a huge parking space for guests Hacienda Gracita has 3 pools! We booked the largest one, Balai Garcia! That's where we will stay and swim. Oh, the house is so big! This is the living room, and it has 2 big bedrooms upstairs There are a lot of activities that you can do They have a very big and fluffy dog, and a horse, I'll show it to you later Ahhh having AC in this heat is so nice Comfortable beds!! Beautiful! This restroom is so spacious! This is the first bedroom, it's a dorm-type room that can fit big groups! It has 10 beds! And here we have the 2nd bedroom Wow! You can watch over the pool area from this balcony You can also see the activity area from here! I'm not sure if the dog is approachable I like pets. I want it. Come with me! There is a cute horse! Anyway, you can do an obstacle run here. And also you can play basketball.

Wait, what did I see? Lemme look again. Come with me, I'm curious Wow, there are sheep and even ducks here! These animals are so cute, right? Anyway, you can see the ropes where you can climb for your obstacle course That's it! We're about to swim now! Okay, I'll try to pet the dog first to see if it's nice. AWWWWW CUTEE Yes, the dog is good. I like this dog. Oh, I'm sorry, my snow dog.

How do you feel right now? Du: I feel cold because Tagaytay is too cold. Yes, haha after swimming, the wind is so cold! E: Hey! We're done swimming for tonight, let's do that again tomorrow, so now, we're gonna open my gifts! E: The tag says "To Erline, Happy Birthday! love you gurl <3 from ane" Thank you ane!! Uan: Hello, this is JUAN RAPHAEL taking over! Uan: We're about to play some ball throwing here, look! You like to watch it? Are you excited? Yes or No? no? okay fine whatever. Hey! We're playing the chicken fight. E: Now time to open another gift, this is my best friend, Althea. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday! Thea: I bought this from Tagaytay.

E: I do always drink water haha E: Now, for the last but not the least gift, my friend! E: Wow, the style is so chic! Red is my favorite color! Wait, how did u know? Red? Grace: Your best friend told me. Lander: I'm scared, i'm scared! Hello guys, that's it for today's video, we're going home now, bye friends and see you on the next vlog! This is my school. Hey finally! We're home now and of course, my friends are already safe at home. At first, I thought that we will never meet since covid makes it difficult. But we made it happen, we finally got together! Thank you y'all for coming here.

And yes I appreciate all your gifts. But most especially. I'm very happy to have spent some time with you guys. Thank you very much, friends! I LOVE YOU!

2021-05-17 08:16

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