Hagenstedt map fs19 map tour console ps4 xbox

Hagenstedt map fs19 map tour console ps4 xbox

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator 19. Map, tours and, today, we're at hog and stud now. When you load into the game you start at the farm ace which, is just here, where we are right now and. You see the map is a little bit busy because. They've got quite a few of the trees on there so, it is a little bit hard to see some of it but we. Can work with this. It's. A very litter, a map, it's. 10 to 1 10. To 1 10 to 10 and. We. Haven't got any lighting, issues, whatsoever. On this map it's, pretty, cool. So. The Train is all over the place as well which. I, like. That there's, nothing worse than having a, few, little hubs here and there well it is quite, hilly and see, you can't see right the way across the map because there is quite a few Hills and. We come down, into. Our, farmyard. Says. Put them up on and. Basically you've got your. First. Tower. Point which is your barn which, is just there and you've. Got lots of storage, nice. Big sheds, for storage you've got one there and the, smaller one here seen. There's not a huge amount going on in the farm from the start which is good this is a blank, canvas farm. There's a you. Can do a lot of this the slop tank is very low and the one. Thing I. Was. Surprised about and I think it is the first farm, what. We have. Budding. No, I can't, remember, any. Farm, what. Gives you the Case IH. Module. Express. So. That make. Doing, cotton very easy, you've got your harvester, ready to go, brilliant. Loving, that alright. Let's go into, the. Menu and, have. A look in the garage and I'll show you what we've got now, the farm eyes. It, is expanding you can rebuy, it for it was about turning 40 gram. So. You. Currently. The seven slots, and. We've got a guest house fertilizer. Point, liquid. Fertilizer, seed, point herbicide. Farm. Garage farm, garage, farm, garage which ones, I just showed you and then, there's a few of these I. Know. This is the farm garage couple of solo extensions. One. Silo a couple. Of weights and then. Cedars. Cultivators. Plays and, we, have a John Deere T. 561. Beam as well and. Defend. Someone. Six very oh and the Puma, so. Where's the case modular, oh that's. Cheeky, its leased. So. You start off in the game with at least you, don't have this truck I use this to go and see where we could get water from, so. That is at least item, that, is a bit cheeky I thought wow they're giving you a case or H at the start but. No they're, not. So. That's a while we will. Look at the vehicle overview, and you can see everything, needs maintenance. You, know big. Big, way. Huge. Way all of it needs maintenance the, amount of hours on the tractor is, absolutely, crazy. Crazy. Amount, of hours on everything's. A lot, of the kit needs, to be sorted, and. You see that's quite a bit of money mounted up on the right-hand, side already. It's going to cost you a bit of cash to repair, all that, go. Into the prices, of. Everything. So. You got the barn but, you're gonna just. Do your soil edge in your straw in your grass and. You Hague and then. For our main selling, points we got the central grain elevator, port ranch and the restaurant, and also transport, company so, you've got five main. Salads. For your main first. Five, six commodities, which is cool. Then. You've also got the, vegetable. Wear eyes which.

That Does. Your manure and you digestate. And. You can also sell, that at biogas. Plants and I deploy said biogas all night great they're all right four hundred and fifty pound on silage, and. So. It's. Normally about six hundred pounds on on the silage we run normal settings, at the moment, and. Then. We haven't got an egg sour puss we've got eggs sour points, there isn't a specific, one for eggs we've. Got pork ranch and restaurant, and the. Same for milk as well they take your milk, so. Yeah there's quite a few different, places to, buy from, and. Then. Going back to the map and. See that it is quite. A large map is, spread. Out pretty, well. There's. Not too much going on they. In the bottom ends where while, your central grain elevators, spin read and their. Vegetable, wear eyes and. Then your work your way up to the restaurant and then the biogas, is at the top where. The shop is we're at the farm in the middle you've, got this transport, company here which. There. Isn't a road coming from this way down so, you have to go sort of rind or, you can't drive down there but it's. Good to be a tur there's, a lot of modification, on this map so you might be able to put a road straight in down there because currently the main road for that is here, so, it comes right in this way or you can come in from this end and come right in that way we've. Got the animal dealer and the sawmill, and the, port sour, points at the top there. And. Then we, go on to the what. You own at the start so, you start off and you own that. To. Parse. About three parcels of land. And. You don't, know pour gas I bought via gas. There's. Three, hundred and thirty two panes. 256. Three. Hundred and thirty two thousand, two hundred and fifty six pangs so, it's not cheap, at all, now. The other bit on this is they've broke, it into quarters, so if you want the rest of the map you come by it but. It is in the millions last, nine million US, eleven million I. One's. Eight and a half eight point six million and then. That one's just over six million so. To buy the whole map it's gonna cost a fair bit of money and, the. Fields aren't too, cheap either that's one of the biggest fields, that's eight hundred grand, the, other one down there is 909. Grand and. Then. 423, now there are a small smaller. Fields where we've got field. Field. Number 35. And, that's 80 grand and then. These, 153. 117. 104. See they're, not super, cheap at all. But. It makes it all that it. Makes it a little bit harder playing the game and that's what you want if. They're too it too cheap you buy it all up in no time so you're not gonna buy this map, quickly. Unless you cheat. I. Said. Go on to, the, contracts. Contracts. On all the fields available so. You're gonna have obviously, we've just started the game so you're not gonna have lots of contracts. Available. At the moment but they. Are on all the fields well it said it was on all the fields. So, let's get have another planes so. We've got a fuel boy. Point there. And. Then our other storage, with our all. Our implements. And crackers. So. We've got you liquid, fertilizer, boy, point your. Solid fertilizer. Boy point and then, just, in there is where, your pallets are and that's for, your seeds I've. Checked these they're all working fine, and. Then. That's all the kit we start off with it's. All in that shed so you can see what's, what, then. We also have, a, herbicide. Buy. Point there now. These are ones specific. For this, map. And. You, can you, if you sell them you can put. Them back you can buy them again. And. Then. We have our silo. Over, here. But. This area to the some. Sort. Of right here that, you get rid of those trees that, is a huge flat nice area so. He's you can got a huge potential mate. Big. Old farmyard. If. You want to start here hope you don't have to starting, start wherever you want so there's. Our solo. Drop-off. Point and then we fill up right in the back what. We saw, so. I think we will head 8. To. The shop. Yeah, we go up this way towards, a shop, first. Well. Try. And stay on the road, and. Avoid the trees. But detail, on this map so far 11. It it looks, pretty cool, main. Thing isn't all this lighting some of these maps got a huge problem with lighting.

But. Not this one it's, looking good. So. You've got a fuel body. Point over there there's lots of fuel Boyd points on this map. And. Let's jump eight. We got the shop area. Cash. Point I see the thing there's quite a few cash points and that's. Customisation. For your vehicles. Automatic. Doors. We. Come in we got some nice cardboard, cutouts of our. Case equipment. Great. Then. You buy point for your. Shop. So, not not a huge, area, but. A decent size. If. You want to go on a spending spree. Right. So we won't work our way. Term. Right oh. Sorry. So. There's at the time. The. Town area, and. See what I mean about the contours, is all up and down, pretty. Cool I like that sort of thing. And. The cars you, do see them not on the main roads you see them on other roads as well. Where. Is he going he's going right. So. We want to go. Straight. On. Yep, and down again we go. So. I love about this map is pretty, cool. It. Just makes it a little bit more interesting. Now, there are quite a few storage. Sheds. As well I don't. Think that's part of one, of ones in the. Slot paint but, in show you the slot ain't a. Slot. Count at the moment 392. And bear in mind I've got one of these in it so, it's gonna be. Probably about 350, or so which. Is cooled, as. 350. Slots and. If, you get read about everything, that start from scratch you are gonna you're. Gonna do well on that anyway I. Should, have a lit but I bet it was in a couple of hundred I'll have a look and I'll put it into, the comment. And. See how many slots you start off with. Now. I didn't notice these earlier but there's another two. By. Pointy side, there. This. One is the was at the ranch in it yes it is the ones. Yeah. And you've got a seed body, points. Just. There as well, so. You can buy seed fertilizer. Terrible. Side and there's. A tip but for the ranch just there. You see there's a bit. Of a contour, a bit of a difference in height. Elevation. And we. Have got a little. Island. Over. Here. They. Water-wise, I had a look at D you've got the. The. Water running right the way through the middle of the map there and I took this tank here. And. It wouldn't fill up from, it so I'm not sure if it's the tank or you can't get water from there but you can get water from here if you, need it so the, only source at the moment I found is the top where the river is but. It is a little bit problematic so, whether, it's gonna let you modify this. Especially. Even this truck it I. I. Didn't, dare fill it up because if you filled, it up I don't think it'd get it back out again as, if you try and go in a. Tight. Angle coming, back out again well. See, it's rolling back come, on it's. Not having it so. Yeah.

And A lot, of time where you can get water from it. The, ground is a lot lower yeah and that is plenty, deep enough you're. Gonna lose your vehicle. So. That's where you can get water from. That's the only place I've seen at the moment unless, you're using one of your water place falls. Through. A little caravan set up. So. Let's work our way up to. We've. Got to go over to the right on the side as well yeah. We do, the port first we're right next to the port so, let's go another look at the port. Quite, a few trees on this map. But. There I, haven't. Seen any areas where there's a any. Forest. Specific. Forest. Areas, I can find that on the map, this. Is your animal by point. From. Your animal dealer, and, then. We go on right in the back where. We got the port and. What. Was the other one. Yep. So that's the, sawmill. No. Point for your would. See. The sawmill the writings, on the bottom. They brought that to the top it would have would. Have helped. And. Then who over, here. Is the, drop-off point, for. The port. 11. Needs fields as well there's, so many ting noise flat, fields, but, you put work on that field you're not gonna have a problem Maya he's just gonna get that job, done. Right. Next one where you will go down to is the transport. Company, as. Its. Well. Our farm is on the top of that hill up there. Where. You start off, so. To get Danielle we haven't got a road you have to come all the way down. And. This we want to drive down the cliff. Look. At all the contoured, line like there it's pretty, awesome. Loving it. And, we have a fuel boy point and. We. Have a phone I saw. This earlier I thought what. A phone. So. It takes you into the menu, it. Takes you into. The. Finances. Right. Okay. So, I think we tip, in upon, here because it's a train one. But. It doesn't show a great on anywhere. To drop it into so. I take it we are tipping straight, into, the trains bins, it, is isn't it because it's level, so. That is the tip point, for, the transport, company. Now, we're gonna head our way up.

To. Biogas. I think we do now biogas, and, then highlight to the restaurant. So. We're coming into biogas. And. Here, we have our slurry, point. To. Fill up from. Nice. Big. Bunker, silos. You're. Gonna get plenty of, silage. Made in there they're. Huge, they, are huge. And, then we've got our our tip, bin which. Is a low one as well which is always nice. Different. Plants what we've seen before. I see. We've got a. Line. Station, down the bottom in there. Well I'm stationed there and then, another fuel boy point. There's, the fuel boy, point just there. So. I had our way towards. Up to the restaurant. And, I'm on the wrong side of the road. Yeah. There is plenty of cars zooming. Around. And. Go up the hill. Enough. Fun sit with some loads, going, up some of these slopes you know, must teach you back into the. Town area. So. What, will you will do they. Do a bit of off-roading. All right bit of a shortcut. I see, another field noise flattish. Area, not, extreme, contours, on it. Good. Workable, land. And, we missed a restaurant, I, thought. It was long this room it's. Not it's back over that way. So, what we got in here going on. Supreme. Milk. Now. That didn't show up on the map so that wasn't a, sale. Point was it no, so. You put milk you haven't got that as a. Nope. That's. Strange, you just thought about a beat in there. Boy someone had a buck, over to the, restaurant. Which. Is dying, over there. And. I think this road here takes us up unaligned. There's, just so much to explore. Yeah. And we're not getting, the, tractor across that bridge always well. Looks. Like we're doing a shortcut. And, here we got the restaurant. Restaurant. Sour. Point trigger, just there. Now. This is the smallest field on the map and. Then. You've got a little, camping, site set up here we're, not going to show you everything on the lap because it's nice to you'd, find stuff out yourself. Put. Something a bit different I'm using camping, site on a map, before, couple. Of storage sheds. So next we have got the vegetable. Warehouse. You. See these roads, do go up let's go up the high road. Another, chef behind this I don't, think that is one of the baseball's oh. Excuse. Me. Yeah. This is the way we came up with others are tire tracks. This. Is where the supreme, milk was wasn't, it so let's go, around but. Writing that way you, want to go towards the vegetable. Warehouse. And. As. We on beam up this way it's always nice to see a little bit different. Somewhere. We haven't being somebody new. Well. We got trucks coming down these lanes. And. They've got our popular, Avenue. They, are massive lemon trees. And, we are. Gonna. Miss it. Let's, carry on going down and see what is going on down this road. That. Looks like oh yeah, I had, a quick look, looks. Like we've got herself.

Golfing. Area. Because, you've got all these bunkers, and then you look at all these floodlights, everywhere. Except. For a bit of golf there. You go. Alright. Now we can come back out on that other road. Down. To. The. Vegetable, warehouse. There's, so many tracks going off everywhere. So. Much to explore right. We don't wanna miss out again, yeah, we've got to go left here. And. I take it that is it in front of us. No. That's the spin away we. Want the vegetable we're ice which is over this way here. We go. So, it's very similar to the, garden centers we've had in the past. And, we've got some boy points. Herbicide. Liquid, fertilizer, solid. Fertilizer, and. There's. Your drop. Off. And. We got a seed boy point. So. What was it the vegetable, where I stuck. Vegetables. Was. Just the veggies I think it wasn't it. No. A stranger, you'd have thought they would have taken, some. Crop, but they don't it's. Just, manure. And dye just. Date. So, ahead I'll wait over. The. Last couple was at the spinner II and the green elevator. Now. This is the stream. I was. Trying to get water, out of I was further up where, was I yeah, I was staying near the central grain elevator, not like I should have made a difference, I suppose and, I couldn't, eat couldn't get, the tanker to fill up there. So. We have another, fuel, boy station, just there. Unless, I ever saw you - his name. Yep, there we go. So, spin. Rate obviously, burnshaw, myself, and thought well which one was I, normally. In, a spinner II there might be. Some. Cotton, outside or a bit. Of wool. Suddenly. Give the indication or. A sign what says spinner. II, happy. That'd be good. Then. I head on down to the central, grain, elevator. Which. That's directly safest, where the farmers. So. You can see the biggest field is all the way down the bottom there. And. There. Is the tip point for this huge building. Big. Old building. And that. Is, all your cell points basically. That. Is a lot on your cell points yeah. You've. Done them all. But. Overall I'm. Loving. It love this map is. The. Detailing, is, spot-on, I'm playing, anything was. Been. Pants or problems. With it everything, seems to be working fine. Yet. More storage and there. Is just so much to explore, there. Were years. Right. Oh well I'm gonna leave that for you because you don't want to see everything, on the map otherwise, you just oh, you. Know you want to see stuff new if you haven't seen it before brilliant, I'm, not going to show you everything there's no point, right. Now well will you leave it there for today and, if. You've enjoyed this episode faintly helpful then please appreciate. Always, appreciate, a like if, you want to share any content, then go for it. Thanks. For watching till. The next time goodbye.

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