Halal Thai Food - UNIQUE SNAKEFRUIT and Cardamom Stems at Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว)

Halal Thai Food - UNIQUE SNAKEFRUIT and Cardamom Stems at Ban Nam Chiao (บ้านน้ำเชี่ยว)

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Good morning I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in flat tile and this is day 6 of our eastern provinces, of Thailand food and culture, and travel, tour today. We. Are spending, the day at bun am chi ow and so I'm really looking forward to it I know the village to the community. Is very picturesque, and we're, gonna do some cooking we're gonna eat of course I'm. Gonna take you on a tour and walk you around the community, and we're gonna be cooking some halal, food and we're. Gonna, get some fish I'm not sure all that we're gonna cook but I'm gonna share it all with you in this video right now. Oh, Oh. Any. Money flower. This. Market is very small very very small there's only like one row of vendors. Right here and. There happens to be no fish today so maybe the fishing boats haven't arrived. We, ended up having to drive, back, into that town, to. Go to the market because there was no fish she. Was saying that for, some reason the the fish, vendors. Never came, so. It's. Just a 10 kilometer drive to get here we're at the market where we were yesterday but, this is the Central Market of that town we're. Gonna buy some ingredients here. Since. We're at the big market we've asked, auntie, to make a couple of specific, dishes well I'm not totally sure the dishes but a couple, dishes using calm which is the. Fruit just. Buying which is a in. English I mean there's two types there's the Sala salaka. And there's, the calm well, like. I've been his entire I'm, the one of their they're a little bit different one, is my calm is a little fatter but it's a sour fruit she's gonna make some dishes with that and I also want to try to search out, probably. What is my favorite, single. Ingredient, in, this region, of Thailand. We. Just found the ingredient, it's called go on and tie it is cardamom. Stems, it's, an amazing. Ingredient. -. Oh. No. Berlin Akuma, haha. We. Got all the ingredients I'm, very, excited, for the dishes that she's gonna make. We. Made it back to Bonham chiel this, is the community, were walking, to kunas, house, and, we're, I think we're coming up on the river right now - is we have made it to the picturesque, Bonham. Qiao it's. It's. Along the river there. Are big fishing, boats but the main. Icon. Of this community, is the bridge and what. An impressively, steep, bridges, that goes over the the water and it's so steep because of the boats of the boats can pass through. The. Railing, is a little low it's. Kind of high up here but, this is beautiful, oh this. Is gorgeous the big fishing boats, there. Is one. Of the the main mosques, of the village it's, such a gorgeous, little community, why, you wouldn't want these wooden, planks to break on you now though. This, is kind of the community, center, area right here and this is where we're gonna do the cooking they, also offer, ecotourism.

Activities. Here most of the houses in this community are, on stilts above the, water and, it's a fishing community there's, big fishing boats there's mangroves, they're, doing, all of the cooking in, here, and. We. Have just this sleepy. Fishermen, village. View. This. Is the gaol and it has a very, smooth, texture, but, yeah they look, like shoots the, shoots of the cardamom, or cardamom, stems, this, really. Is one of the kings, of the ingredients of, that and this entire eastern, region, of Thailand. She's. Gonna add the go on to two dishes one is that them so much is the soup and. Then she's also going to make a stir fry with gabon which is a village. Free-range, chicken, stir-fried, with curry paste and also go on. That. Snake fruit is also gonna go into the soup but another, dish that I am most looking forward to trying is she's, gonna make a fried fish with a number ik. Dipping. Chili, sauce using. A shrimp paste as well as calm. If. You massage the, fruit with her hands kind of squeezing, out all that juice and then she dropped it into the soup and immediately. As that hit that hot water you can you can smell, the house sour the steam is. The. Fish goes in and at this point again, like normal. Thai, cooking style. You do not want to stir it because, that, will make the fish, a bad smell and taste so, that's just gonna boil, oh man, the aroma, of that fruit though it, smells amazing. Okay. Next she's gonna fry the fish. She's. Also gonna make stir-fried noodles, with that crab that. Style. These. Noodles are known to be very sweet, ah so she added in quite a lot of palm sugar and she's like boiling that down into a syrup, for, the noodles. From. Below. A column a pot Dana. It's. Quite a complexity. Of ingredients that she added to the noodle she first started with the sugar the the palm sugar then, she added in, coconut. A lot of coconut milk and simmered, that down then. She added in some chili paste curry paste then she added in some tamarind. Sour tamarind so that's gonna be sweet and sour. And then, she's gonna add in the crab oh she added in all the noodles which is wound sandwich our mung bean noodles and then she's going to add in the crab. Seminar. Image maker. Viola, calm down here's your things get exciting oftentimes, across Thailand they'll use lime. Juice to make it sour but. She's making the virgin with calm that same fruit the snake fruit to. Add the sourness oh that that's, a combination I've never had before. And. Now, on to the final dish she's making, the stir-fried chicken with, that go on with. The cardamom stems, but she's also making, wholly from scratch the curry paste so she's. Pounding up some garlic she's pounding up some chillies she, tossed in some guy in, there which is finger, root kind. Of similar to ginger. Oh. Oh. It's. So good all. That shrimp face is so fragrant can. You press the shower news of the fruit. She, said we should begin with the stir-fried noodles because. That it will get kind of mushy and and dry, but, these noodles man she added so much coconut milk in it and then it just soaked, up into these noodles and yeah for sure they're gonna be quite sweet as well. I. Mean it, is sweet but it's so good oh it's, so rich and sticky, from that coconut milk. And. It has that balance of sour flavor from. The sour. Tamarind oh wow. That's, amazing this one is the suit this one is with fish with Rock'em as well it's a thumb some soup and only. I did in the girl one as well the. Tournament's. The cardamom stem so I'm gonna take some of the fish, off. With this actually let me just taste that Brock but, with some of the a little bit of everything in there oh. That's. So pure it's so nice and sour it, has that like ass acidic. Sourness. Coming from that. That snake fruit and then that one I love, it it's like it's, like lemongrass, see ginger III. All at the same time but. With a texture, that's similar to bamboo shoots. That's. Absolutely stunning the. Fresh fish it. Just like dissolves in your mouth and. Yeah I'm just blown away by that, next step for the fish and this is a pompano. I believe, that. She deep-fried and there's two different dipping, sauces that you can eat with it some, of the fish all that, flakes off beautifully.

Sauce. Is just spectacular. Again the shrimp paste is so fragrant it has such that that well-rounded, umami saltiness. And then that back down that fruit yes. Just blowing, me away today in all, of this food. Yeah. That's different from what I was expecting, it's, oil with. Chilies a little bit of fish sauce in there and tell, it and next up for the plate of Geico on this, is the stir-fried, free-range. Chicken, with, all of the the, cardamom, stems in here and then they're all, that curry paste she added in then some green. Peppercorns. This. Looks spectacular. Equally. As much as calm the, snake fruit is blowing, my taste buds that grow on those cardamom, stems and. You. Only find them in this. Region, of, Thailand and, they're, truly spectacular it's. Something you have to. An. Actual. Mix of this dish is called punch ah that. Mix of herbs and ingredients. So. I got some green peppercorns, in that but it's so good I'm. So good but that drawn that. That stands out and finally let me grab a little piece of bitter melon Robert, Miller and I'm going straight in for that numb pick a beet. When. It's raw the, bitter melon it's crunchy like a cucumber, Earvin, crunchy err but, with that sensational. Bitterness, and then, contrasted, with that salty, shrimp paste. I'm loving that oil sauce - we've come to the end of the meal that was delicious I'm, full but I gotta have one final bite of, those noodles. I. Mean, it's. Almost sweet like dessert, well, that's, why I wanted it to be my final bite, those. Are like dessert noodles but the richness of. That. Coconut milk with. The sourness and the. Texture of those noodles that's. What makes it so good. Oh I'm. In an ultimate, relaxed mood right now and this this community, is it's, so cool it's waterfront community, we're gonna walk around the community for just a little while now but they were saying that there was an event yesterday I was, like a it was kind of like a County, Fair and so it, just finished and so. A lot of the community. That normally would be selling little snacks or things are not doing, that today because they're resting from that event so I don't know if there will be much going on but we got, it just at least at least take a look at the bridge again and kind of walk through the community, slowly. There's. Not too much going on in the village but it's so relaxing, it's so peaceful, like this but, there is an, auntie who's slicing, up pineapple, pineapple. From her garden and it, you can actually smell the sweet. Juiciness, you. Can smell it while standing up and looking at it oh. That's. Extraordinary, pineapple. Oh oh. It's. Not mushy it's. So sweet, with. A hint of tartness it's not stringy, it's, silky, smooth that's. Like a perfect pineapple. Yeah. And. That is how pineapple, should gaze. Definitely. One of the highlights of visiting, Bynum chiel is that, arch bridge it's impressive I mean the arch shape. The. Wooden planks, that feel like they might break at any moment, beneath your feet, the the low railing, you, just gotta love that bridge it's it's the ricca deenis of it it's just oozing with character, we're, moving on out of the village and I didn't mention this to you at the beginning of the day but, we're actually on our way to got Chong today which is the island one of the main popular, islands, right, off the coast of that well it's in throt province, and.

That's. The plan for today we're going to cut Chang and you can actually drive there and you can take the ferry with your car actually, this entire hull, wall cooking, and, visiting. Button I'm Chia was just kind of an extra thing that I thought about and I was like we have to come here before we leave so. I'm, glad I worked out this was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed, it you, is if. You have some time in that, definitely. Come, hang out at Bonham gl. What a nation will be on the rise it was just about a 30-minute drive we have arrived to the got, Chung ferry, pier. I like up. Pump, up they. Charge you buy the car and then buy the person, our total bill was at 270. But, 280. Our total Bo is 280 and now, we're lining up it doesn't look too busy today I think we're gonna get either, get white right on or wait for the next ferry I. Can. Feel the sea breeze, this. Is gonna be my first time actually to ever visit got Chong and it's it's, it's one of the most popular islands in Thailand we're gonna do some relaxing, and some touring around and it's cool that we're gonna be able to have the car on the island. This. Is the main up here's level have, plenty. Of seats. That, was about a 30 minute ride. Welcome. To cup Chun. Oh. Check. Out our elephant, towels. Chang. It means elephant island. It's. Pretty cool Michael loves it. It. Was actually about a 30-minute, drive from the ferry to, get here but, got Chang has, really, whiny roads so you gotta wind around the mountain and you gotta make sharp turns but. It's great to be here and I'm gonna end the video for today right now we just plan to get, a little I just, kind of walk around today for the rest of the day but mainly, today was all about visiting, Bynum, Qiao and then tomorrow we'll go on a tour of got Chang we're gonna visit some of the famous sites and also. Eat some delicious food hopefully, but. That will be on the next video upcoming so thank, you very much for watching today's video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and if you're not already subscribed, click subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so that you get from notified of the next video, goodbye. From got challeng thanks again for watching I'll see you on the next video.

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MashaAllah i show masjid ......... I watch this vidio on month of Ramadhan .. simply beautiful

Wark wiens ni orang mana nih aslinya?

The city is similar with Banjarmasin in Indonesia

Bendiciones! Desde Riverside Ca. Disfruto mucho tu entusiasmo y siento que como todos los deliciosos platillos de las maravillosas culturas del mundo. Que DIOS LOS BENDIGA A TODOS! TIENES UN ESPIRITU TAN DULCE, HUMILDE y AGRADABLE. QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA JUNTO CON TU FAMILIA.

Nice man

@ 17:19 a muslim woman on a bike ,respect from Pakistan.

You can eat spicy wow amazing.


Dude if you ate that bitter melon and liked it your reaction is fake can't depend on your feedback

ถ้าไปตอนกลางคืน จะมีหิ่งห้อยด้วยค่ะ ในป่าโกงกางข้างๆ

i love how mark's enthusiasm is so genuine :) great videos as always!

Mark, tus videos son geniales, disfrutas de cada rincón, de cada comida, siempre con la sonrisa a flor de piel, tu cinematografía es hermosa, desde Chile, tienes un nuevo admirador. Saludos...!!!

I like the way u eat

super delicious

I'm gald you are showing all different kind of food they look so good, I hopd you travel to germany, and denmark, norway someday.

Brilliant online video! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to check out this sort of contents. We create Travel & Food videos too, around the globe, and therefore we are continually looking for inspirations and also concepts. Thank You.

Come to Egypt

mark are you Thai origine

i'm Buddhist but halal food is my fav dish

i could just imagine the deliciousness of the shrimp paste,

I thought crabs were haram? I am not Muslim, so I don't really know. Can anyone clarify for me?

in bahasa Indonesia it is Salak for Salacca (Eng.) & Rakam (Thai). Yes it is a fruit. We dont use it for dishes.

Where's your son's hair bro

Hey Mark I wish u visit us in Morocco .. Thanks for all ur good videos who makes me hungry each time i watched them xD

Nobody can make the expression that you can while eating a food

Zma khwkh ye kho mala lift na rakay

Hallo mark frm indonesia, palembang.

I need 1 or 2 of those cooking women. You cant find them here anymore.

Visit Bangladesh. Old Dhaka Traditional food.

That produce is so fresh!!!! Wish I was there right now!!!!!!

Y don't you eat that crab.. Just the noodles


10:25 ikang singgang

8:29 sambal belacan

mark ur son micha so cute

yes u rite

i really like e way he eat with that look

you are lucky ...you explore all of the world ..what is your source of imcome because we have to think thausand times to go any where ..first we have to think about expenses and then places...anyvway you are the lucky person

I Love U mark,,,I Love U'r family..

I love halal food

I love your expression!! Each time you take food in your mouth and express your felling so wonderfully!!! just loved that

Love from lombok Mark ❤

MARK what is that BITTER MELON ?????????? are u introducing new names ???????? that is BITTER GOURD very famous all over the world that is very good for DIABETES and seeds KILLING CANCER CELLS

Love u Mark..u so nice...

omg....your language skills makes it seem like you are all of us.....with no doubt you will be one of my unforgettable being when I pass on.

I am your fan

This area so beautiful in the past. Since 400-500 years later muslam immigrated to this area now the violence and terrorist starter to attack in this area. That why you can see the army around in this area everywhere now.

Go back to Mexico

idk there is muslims in Thailand

in indonesian, snakefruit is salak, right? salak pondoh anyone?

hope one day pakistan condition will be peaceful so do come here and enjoy pakistani food

Mark, this is very amazing channel.....any information on creative tourism? have u ever covered it? thanks

nossa que delícia eu quero

You Best ....love u boss

I thought crab wasn't halal?

kapankap kakap iwak kakap

Salacca: sambal belacan My favourite dipping sauce whenever i eat any deep fried dish

U taste almost every cities food so plx jus tell me wht did u feel whn u eat halal n non halal food plx reply .....

Crab is not halal!

he liked something sweet lol

Amazing village of Thailand god bless to all Muslim in Thailand .beautiful places

Mark..Come to my hometown for traditional food..Sabah, Malaysia..

Great show Mark:)

Can anyone tell me the name of the music used ?

I thought that noodle are spicy, little bit disspointed if it have sweet taste... It would be perfect if it spicy...buat overall this video make me watering

Food is food,what is bloody halal.

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You should go to Sierra Leone

Why don't u come kashmir come here and call me at+919906464688

beautiful ingredient,fantastic method of cooking, clean nice environment , that my next travel plan .

Muslim thailand ...

Jauhhh amat dari bangkok hahahah ... Keburu lapar mark hahaha ...

you make me so damn hungry!!! love your videos ❤️❤️

ALLAH GOD MOISES SubhanawaTaAllah Bless As All Always ❤❤❤❤

Good job mike I love ur plan everyday I’m mohannad from USA

I have never seen or imagine all these food, you are such an explorer and your eyes are popping up when you eat thars amazing

Keep on making video mark.. whenever im sad or depress, i will watch your video.. it make me feel better.. thank you mark.. can u show us more halal food around the world? I wish u are given healthy and happy life.. from malaysia

Check out https://youtu.be/n3M8Ttmt4cE

Islam is not real


What a treat to see halal food prepared!!!

ALL just fresh home cook i love it ....

Very nice video and awesome village

Awesome videos brother!!!god bless you and your family!!

Hala is animal abuse, don't buy it !!

In the Caribbean the sour melon is called carilee.

หรอย น่ากินมากๆ สักวันผมจะไปเยือนตรากบ้านน้ำเขียว

Denise Nanan in South Asia, it’s called carala

I am Pure Vegetarian But Whenever I see Your Video...My Mouth Start Watering and I Feel Very Very Very Hungry Even I see Non Veg Food...

Hi Mark, you are sharing really good food streets and it seems that your efforts are creating in the people of hearts.

Looks so testyyy ..


shut ur mouth....uneducated man if y've even little knowledge y'll not say like this dirty things...if u wanna the truth learn about islam and y'll see the result

I like your personality very humble Thank you

Wonderful video mark keep up

More chillis mark, i also love hot and spicy foods.

Very nice✌️✌️✌️


You definitely master the skill of talking with food in your mouth!

for how long have Muslims been living in Thailand?

sungainya bersih ya gak ada sampah 1pun yg gw liat.... gak kaya di jabodetabek, warna sama bau udah kaya tai

I'm already hungry

Love your food

Halal food wooo amazing u made my mouth watering

wow so beautiful .....


the Thai food is always colorful

Super video sir

i never thought in Thailand have a muslim people. thats really great.

hello, congratulatulation about all your video, please se that video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mAHUd3xKZM ) at 37:21, I think you have a twin in Morocco, thank you, take care

are you muslim??

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