Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Orlando | HHN 28 tour and review

Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Orlando | HHN 28 tour and review

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Jared. And lindsey here in orlando florida for Universal, Studios Halloween Horror Nights 28. 2018. Oh man. I'm so excited I love Halloween, Horror Nights. But. It does feel like I was just here for Halloween. Horror Nights 27. Though this. Year really just. Flew. By but, I'm so excited I can't wait to get in there start. Cranking out these haunts and scare zones tonight. Just. So awesome. And, here we go, okay. I got my horror night tickets we got to go pick up our annual passes, real quick. You know here we go we're walking into the harvest first. Yeah. Look at that look at the dude with the pumpkin. He's, I, don't, know he's tracking, somebody down. It's, poltergeist, I don't know if you can see it. Trick-or-treat. Oh. Man. That's so awesome. A really. Good job in this one this year. Oh that. Was really good this year. We're. Getting ready to go into the first house of the night trick or treat and. This, is one we're super, excited for. And. Here we go about to go into trick tree just a few more minutes. Scientist. Pumpkins. On the fence. And, I'm so excited can't, wait for this one. Dude. Trick-or-treat. Was awesome. I, loved, it it was so good. They. Had one prop in there that I'm used to seeing is I have a haunted house so I'm was familiar with it but, it was just, different just, slightly different, enough and, it caught me off guard and I actually got a good jump scare with it. That one's gonna be really tough to top, I think but, what do you think a trick-or-treat I thought, it was amazing, they had great, decorations. Were great you, thought you were in the trick-or-treat scenery and. Pumpkin and. Lots of sand I, guess. Yeah. I got a couple pretty decent jump scares it was a lot of fun man the scenery in there is awesome, it's. Such a great job so. I think we're gonna go check out slaughtered, cinema, next the. Wait set an hour but I don't know they're all pretty long tonight so we might have to suck it up and wait. I think, it sucks if the Simpson rides not open and I usually. Always ride this on. Guess we're breaking, the tradition this year because we have to. A. Slaughtered. Cinema, is an hour weight but we're, gonna do it anyway entrance. Thank, you I will, have fun lots. Of fun. Oh man, I'm not really looking forward to in an hour. An. Hour. Here, we go getting ready to go in a slaughtered cinema that wasn't too bad away it was a no hour but. They've been displaying these awesome, movies up here on this screen. We're. Real excited to, go and air right now. Got. Done with slaughtered cinema and that one was just as awesome as trick-or-treat, if, not better, they were playing awesome little movie trailers in line on that big screen and then as you went through the house you saw all of those movies and different. Scenes so, I thought that one was incredible, that was that Halloween or the two I was looking forward to the most and. It did, not disappoint I don't think the way it was an hour didn't seem that long. So, what, did you. What, did you think of it I thought, it was really well done there. Was a lot of different movies in there, they were all really good I actually didn't think I would like that one but I did they, did a really really good job in there. Yeah that was pretty incredible I, think, I got two really good scares so that's pretty good if I can get startled really good twice and. Then maybe a couple slight ones so. Yeah. The, swamp yetis look cool but they didn't get me because I saw him jump out with people ahead of me my, trick or treat and seeds, of extinction, and, he's got this some awesome surround for, the pizza, fries. We're. Not gonna get any pizza price you know maybe tomorrow oh man. I don't know what this is for but. It's. Awesome. Dude, that is so cool there's, this awesome old looking Church. Look, at that. Sharyl, this graveyard. This, is just in the middle of the park any, part of a scare zone I don't think. Our, entering twisted, tradition, here. We go, transporting. This Township with Airy. A gigantic. Pumpkin, man. Lyndsay. Look at this if you get a shot of this guy he's got pumpkin seeds on his face. How, you can't see him is too dark. Just hundreds, of pumpkins in the trees. It, really went all out on this one. Played, all the round smash, pumpkins. Yeah, they do it was incredible. I don't know you can tell it's a wagon full of rotten pumpkins.

Wow. And, so far the two scare zones I went through this share. Just. Awesome. But we decided to backtrack, a little bit we'd come back to seeds of extinction, and we're gonna do that I don't, know if you can see that's, quite a bit of Clara on the TV but it's about a 40-minute wait. I've. Got wide this queue line starts. It's. Like the size of a parking lot before it narrows down, no. We're not going to Barney, we're going to seeds of extinction, at, least I hope but otherwise, we're gonna be very very surprised here in 40 minutes. That's. Kind of spooky I mean I don't know if it's really like haunted house quality, but. We. Have, this school bus and seeds of extinction, with vines and stuff growing in it. So, that's the facade for seeds of extinction, school bus with vines. And they got something over there, I'm. Not sure what that's supposed to be it's kind of hard to see it's dark. It's, kind of artery's Adara projecting, on the door in front of the, seeds. Of extinction, building, but it's kind of hard to see unless you're standing in one particular, place a few line. There's. A good shot of the entrance, to seeds of extinction, and. Here, we are. And we are almost there. And, also they don't look so much like vines in the school bus like I initially thought they look more like tree branches, all. Right here we go we're next oh. Man. These plants just keep getting better and better through the night just. Got out of seeds aghhh seeds, of extinction, and that is gonna be one of the most detailed hunts I've been in so. Far such. A hit this year man everything. So far in horrid ice has been great in every hunt every. Scare zone and. I thought last year was awesome was. The best year yet yeah that's, a great sound effects some. Great scares the. Only slight downfall, with that one was that was a really crowded going through they really had us packed in so it was pretty slow but even. Beans yeah, I know even, though it was slow like, in crowded I still got a lot of good scares. So, straight on shot of the trick-or-treat, facade. Not, sure that might so far maybe that was my favorite, for.

The Night. Here. We go ahead and into the Chucky scare zone. Oh my. God, yeah look at that. Oops. Sorry. That is an awesome teddy. Bear oh my god the fog the. Fart No. Oh dude. What's this. There we go. Tastebuds. Safety, make playpals. Toys. It's a monkey in a barrel. Her barrel of monkeys. I misspoke. I got excited. Monkey, mayhem. So, strangely, absent from, Chucky's scare, zone as Chucky himself. I have, to go back through and see if I can see him this time. -. Yeah like that. Well, let's see what we got here. Over. Here over. Here we're, in the center Blackshirt crossing, their arms get. Over here. It's right. Now. What's your name. Bryce. Race. Tampa, would be you land of pirates I, like that. Hey Chris what do you do for a living. You're. A student. You're. A student in high school how many other students, we got in. That, hell aren't you in school. It's. Wrong with you, jeez, what are you studying grace. You, know whatever comes, to Mayo. Who. Said my name. How. Are you bringing me. They. Do it you. Know, you, know feel like I'm always getting Rohit. What. A boy all right come over here. No idea, what he's talking about. They, say. Why. Why, why, should I run away. Want. To be afraid of you don't. Think so. You, should tell that all these people are here. Oh. What's. Your name. Don't. Be proud of nope don't cheer her on she's, from New York. Let, me watch out. What. Part of New York are you from. Do you always go like the. Thank. You son. Keep, practicing, terrible. Crowl today. The wife. He's. Making it's too easy for me can. A check. Bad, luck ferry sinking. Well, we're gonna head into Halloween for is the aunt I have anticipated, the most this year it's. A 45-minute, wait but I really, really want to do it so here, we go super excited Halloween. Straight, in but, we just got done with Halloween for it. Was good it was real good I don't think it was as good as the other three, we've done tonight but. It was still real good coupled. The scenes I didn't remember from the movie. But. I did get scared. Three. Times in there it seemed like all the Mike Myers jumped. Out just before, I got there or just after so. Yeah. They were I think if you would have went through in a group, where you weren't aligned, like you are in every haunt at Horror Nights that. Would have been a real scary hon, Lindsay. Got scared twice by the same Mike, Meyer and. By. A security person that wasn't even trying to scare. So. Alright we're gonna see it's getting late we're gonna see if we can get one or two more hauntings and I here.

We Go and then the killer Klowns from outer space. Circumstance. Oh yeah 20 minute wait only for carnival graveyard we are jumping in this one next. But, at least we get the way inside, for Carnival graveyard, unfortunately. Is short. You, know what I'll take here conditioning, for as long as I can get it. And. I was tricked, there's no indoor waiting it's outside. All. Right we were just in line and, the line from poltergeist look for really long then this says it's like 25 minutes so I think we're gonna risk it we. Just got done with carnival graveyard, we jumped into poltergeist. But carnival. Graveyard I thought was, awesome looking, look, really good I really like that they mean I loved the idea, I got, scared a couple times the only criticism I, had of. That particular, haunt was it was so loud inside there that, a. Couple, of the actors jumped out and I didn't even notice because the ambient, music inside, there was cranked up so much, I didn't, hear their little scare music. What. Do you think of it dear it. Wasn't my favorite. The, very beginning. A lot. Of really cool decorations, in the first internal there. Stupid I don't know maybe it wasn't because I was. I think, it's my favorite looking one so far the night not my favorite huh but my favorite looking one for sure it was awesome here, we go we were getting ready to walk into poltergeist. It's. One of the last haunts were gonna do for tonight. See, you on the other side hopefully this one is really good, last one scary. Tales, parks. Just about to close I think it's pretty much just. Walk. Right in. Last, on of the night and. I'm pretty excited about this one too oh man, what a night it's been to, cry. All the parks about to close as you can see their starters tear the stanchions, down we're. Going in for one last hunt, we are going into what's, this one scary scary, tales scary. Tales and there, isn't zero wait. Wow. Scary tales was, so good, that, was. So awesome and, I love the little twisted takes on the. There. You go what not as what as I got in what was. Oh carnival graveyard I got sprayed pretty good on the bug with some water but. So. Yeah dude scary. Tales that was awesome every single home we did was awesome they did a just an awesome, job this year just fantastic. This, is the best year I've been for sure. Yeah. So. We also did poltergeist, we get to talk about that when it came hyung as we had to run right into scary tales. Yeah, I've seen the movie but I don't really remember it so there was a lot of parts in there that I was confused on, like. How it started out and stuff oh well. But, I thought it looked really good and then some really good scares it was very impressive. Yeah. From what I remember there's, a. Keep eggs in a Leland. But, they did a really good job with the scares too and that one can, the sound that. One I think poltergeist especially I thought it would be super scary, if you had to go through by yourself. Oh, yeah there's like, a hurricane going on through their. Doors.

That's Gonna do it for us from Universal, Studios Halloween Horror Nights 28, tonight, Park, is closing down so, we've got to get out of here but we, had an awesome time I think this is the best year yet, that. I have been to, but. It's not the last time we're gonna be here so I can't wait to come back and try, all the haunts and scare zones again, and see if my. Favorites are the same as they were today. So. Take care thanks for watching.

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Can't wait to get to hhn also! Good to hear reviews that is a really strong year!! ~Dawn

Awesome! I can't wait to see it. I think you will really like HHN this year. HOS Tampa was also good but I really enjoyed HHN this year a lot. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on both event.

+Adventure Mode Traveling it's not, we are working on it though. Been a busy week since we got back late Sun! Hopefully be out soon we had enough time just to do the simple escape room review. We have 4 nights at HHN and 1 at HOS tampa coming up...excited about that! ~Dawn

HHN is awesome, I hope you enjoy it! Is your BGW vid up yet?

Oh man, I've always wanted to go to this!! How was it compared to Cedar Point and King's Island Haunts?

I will for sure check your vid out!

Yeah I would love to go to Knotts! Kings Island was actually pretty good, they did a great job this year with all of the fire effects! I just uploaded a walking tour of the scarezones last night if you wanted to check it out on my channel!

Also, I really, really like Cedar Points Halloweekends, I just like HHN better.

No, I have not been to Knotts but I really want to go. I don't think I will have time this year but I may prioritize it next season. I still want to go to Kings Island this season and I may do some more HHN.

Yeah I know HHN is one of the top Haunt's in the country. Have you been to Knotts Scary Farm? I've been watching some videos and it looks very comparable to HHN!

I haven't been King's Island but would like to go. As far as Cedar Point, HHN as a whole has way more production value than Cedar Point. The detail in the haunts is the best. You can really tell they pour the money into it. How scary it is can vary. Cedar Point actors are in full control of their scares, HHN has certain triggers and timing their actors have to use for a lot of the haunt. I personally like HHN way more than any other event period. But that is just my opinion. Cedar Point has more park decorations though.

Vamp85 was the best!

Adventure Mode Traveling Yea they were awesome! Really great work on this street

It was very good! I really loved all the actors they had there, awesome characters!

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