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So. Go, over here these guys are hanging out in the hammock and we'll just kind of canvass this area. Let's. Do a little. Q&A. Hey, guys and gals how you doing, good. I'm just kind of walking around doing a kind of a social experiment when pique, your interest a, little. Bit okay, I am. D. I'm. Facebook live actually. Millions. Of billions of people from. Yeah. Right yeah. Right I, just, got you, know I what you want people to answer this question second go home I. Just. Making a statement and I got a question for you you. Know so I got satellites, aren't real. What. Do you think about that statement. Right. Pretty. Ludicrous statement huh. Yeah. So, with. That being said does this look like a picture of a real satellite. Will. You. Okay. So you got discernment, on what is real and what's fake okay. So if this is a picture of a fake satellite, in space how, do you know satellites, are real then. Because. Of science huh. Yeah. Yeah. And so what if I was to tell you that all of the pictures when, you google, image satellites, in space this, is all you get. Like. You get all CGI, images. From a third-person view of, a satellite in space. Boom. That's this this is ViaSat this is a satellite that's supposed to be launched june 1st from. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. I'll get to that I'll, challenge you. Kind. Of I mean. Kind of I, know. I want. To be done with this - I want to go home because I do this every day for the last week and a half and, nobody can nobody. Can debunk what I'm trying, to offer. Well. I'm offering you to read. An article called. Newsweek. Undersea, cables, and that article, says that 99%, of all of our communication, done on earth is through fiber optics and ground towers and the. Other 1% is, landline, so like old-school phones, and stuff we still have that, yeah. So. That equals I. Don't. Write, but. What did I just say all of, our communication, is done through ground towers, so how. How, what. People perceive, as Global, Positioning System, it's actually called ground and, when. Your. Phone connects, wirelessly, to, that ground tower, that's. How you get cell phone service and, those. Fiber optics, go to your, for example you. Know Verizon, Sprint AT&T. But. That's where it starts, and ends there, are no satellites, that communicate. With. Your phone. There. Is so she mentioned, the ISS, okay. So, if you livestream the ISS, at any point today or next week or whatever it's, takes a long time to process I know this is kind of information, overload but. If you stream the ISS, live you, will not see any satellites. I haven't. Right. And so, if you watch it for like 20 minutes count. How many satellites, you see and if you see one I'll buy, you a pint, for. Each one that you see all, of you all, four, of you I'll take you out to dinner buy. Whatever you want if you. Can show, me one satellite. Well. If all of that all of the pictures that we get officially, from NASA are all CGI. What. Conclusions, could somebody come to. You. Know and so. What does this look like you. Know what does that look like. Right. Bunch. Of ninth graders you know science. A science experiment this is what they tell us a satellite, looks like before it goes into quote space. Yeah. But where is it. It's. On the ground right, the. Establishment, NASA. Okay. So for, example if they make us believe when, we're younger that we grew up on a spinning. Ball flying, billions, of miles through space. Okay. Hear. Me out hear me out I'm. Mocking snåsa. I'm not mocking you I'm not I'm mocking my own education, because I thought the same thing you did at 18 months ago okay. I'll. Bring you to that but. If they make us believe that we live in a spinning ball okay, that, limits, the lands, in the, area, the. Surface area right because. That's 25,000. Miles in, diameter, of, Earth, right so. You see a globe it's about 25,000. Miles in diameter, okay. But. What if, there. Was infinite, land, okay. I know it's hard to contemplate it infinite, but. What if there was an infinite, amount of lands, and they psychologically. Worf our minds when we're young to make us believe we live in a globe and, that's. Where global warming comes in because. Then it makes us the enemy of the. Globe because, we only have earth, right. But. What if there's an infinite amount of lands. Correct. Yeah, have, you ever looked into agenda 21 or agenda 30 yeah. It actually makes humans, the enemy of Earth. Yeah. And that comes down to euthanasia. Yep. We, have an infinite amount of resources. Yeah. Totally. Yeah like, you're, right yeah, I.

Don't. They all are. Yeah. Can I can I just give you a just a really bizarre comparison. Um. This. Is a picture of the UN flag this, is the official flag that's flown in New York of the UN, but. A coincidentally. Looks like, a flat Earth Map. I know, but what what they do to us they mock us regularly. Okay. They mock us. Because. They know the truth and if they send us all to public school and make us believe a lie and they, know the truth. How. Do you know private schools don't tell people that. Maybe. They did maybe. You did maybe your, family is not part of the, bloodlines, that run the earth to, know this type of information, you. Know that may or may not be true. You. Know. I. Thought, I've always questioned, my reality personally. That's just me I've always questioned, I was born with cystic fibrosis okay, so, I always questioned why they have not cured my. Disease and. You. Know the. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation now, has 3.5 billion, dollars, off, of an investment, that they had with a pharmaceutical, company 15. Years ago, there's. Only 70,000. Kids with cystic fibrosis on, earth right now so. Why does a, foundation. Have more. Money, than. Most countries do. You. Know, same. With the Cancer Society, they're never gonna cure cystic fibrosis cancer. Because, they make more money off the backs of those who are sick. Okay. And I'm doing the March at, Lake, Calhoun on Saturday, and I'm gonna inform everybody there that that's true because, I have an article to cite and to. Show that, cystic. Fibrosis may. Or may not be an act actually, a selenium, deficiency and, not a genetic, issue and. So. You. Know I'm kind of if you want to go like to that point of conspiratorial. Because. Conspiracy, is just two or three people getting together, to. Talk about something, right, so but. I saw. A video called, 200 proofs that the earth is not a spinning ball. 18. Months ago or so. And.

It Kind of got my wheels turning a little bit a. Couple, of months ago I stepped away from it because it was information overload, and I didn't. Really completely, buy it, but. I was, back, to, it again after a few months of kind of stepping back and, I. Looked into it again, and now I'm here. So. And I do this every, day here. Or. I'm. Gonna go to Comic Con tomorrow. At. The Minneapolis, Convention Center, yeah there's a lot of kids who believe. In space at the comic-con right and, so, I'm just trying to provoke thought. I. Don't. Know all the answers you, know but I can give you my opinion are. You familiar with what the Vomit Comet is. Yeah. Okay, a vomit comet is something that you and Ike civilian. Can actually pay to go on and what, it does is it climbs to a very high altitude and, then, it nose dives and for. About 90 seconds or so you're able to simulate the zero-g gravity and so. My opinion is is during the, ISS, quote live streams. Behind. The camera it's kind of like the, fourth wall cuz when you watch TV right sitcoms, for example, there's, the fourth wall where, you never see the camera, wall right yeah that's, the same illusion. That they give us on the ISS, is, that. There's. A there's usually somebody, keeping, tabs on, when, they're at 0g, like there's a light up in the top corner that, we can't see that. They know they're at zero g and, so. They do there yeah. That's when they'll do their crazy, experiments. Of you know water floating in Coke space and, then. When they're not in zero-g, they, have harnesses, around their waist and so. A majority of the time when you're watching the ISS. They're of the. Quote astronauts, you'll. Only see waist up. See. What I'm saying I'm, not, saying all the time I'm saying most I'm saying most. Of the time you'll you'll see them waist up and the background is green-screen. Yeah. Like. Yeah it's new. Yeah. I. Thought. The same way you. Know so I'm not I'm certainly. Not trying to mock you I'm really trying, to be honest here and give, you this information so, hopefully it can spark. Something a month from now because a lot of people don't think it's like what's the big deal, right and. I can't explain that until, you know until. You start going, down that rabbit hole. You. Know so. Yeah. So that's really all I got no. I appreciate you all listening and. You. Know 200 proofs the earth isn't a spinning ball. Flat. Earth Clues, you. Know there's a lot of information out there and I have a YouTube channel that I do this every day it's called authentic, social, experiment. Type. It in you can watch all my other stuff and see it my interactions, with people so.

Look. That's, all I got so let me know so you have any questions otherwise I'm going to, walk. Around and yeah I hit up some more people, right. So. Now. I appreciate you listening and, just being open-minded so, yeah thanks. Guys have a good one. No. They won't Steve I called. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and, they said it will be over 20 years I don't. Have 20 years there's, kids dying right now in the hospital ok. There's. Kids dying right now in the hospital of. A. Fake disease that. They suppress, information, of. If. You want to believe that that's your opinion man that's fine. See. If these. Hey. Guys. How. You doing oh good. I was just wondering I was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions I'm. Just kind of doing a social experiment. This, statement here. Yeah. Satellites. Don't exist. Yeah. That's fine yeah I'm. Just kind of Google, image satellites, in space all. You get are CG is, Earth. From space CGI. So. I don't know I know it's not something important, right now but maybe you'll be drawn to it like a month from now or something but everything, NASA, gives us is all computer, rendered, so. Space isn't real I. Know. Yeah have a good afternoon Thanks. This. Guy's balancing, apparently he was gonna go he's. Gonna go do Cirque de Soleil. See. These fellows are doing. See. What these go a lot of hammocks around here. Hey. How you guys doing. Hey. Yeah. I, was, just I'm just walking around kind of doing a social experiment you mind if I ask you a couple questions yeah. Right. On what. Do you think about this statement here. Yeah. I know. It's a pretty bold statement yeah. What. If I was to be able to kind of lean, you in the direction that the statement might be true. Okay. No. Planes no. Planes. No. Like. 9/11 no planes no. Like. Planes. Never hit the towers, yeah. Yeah, they say CGI'd, planes. Over missiles I, mean. You said you're conspiratorial, you know so like. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah awesome, yeah but what about no planes. Well. I think that they use missiles, and they. CGI airplanes, over that because a loop. I. Know. Right so yeah, aluminum, can't fly through a steel structure I don't know if you. If you ever YouTube or Google. Image. Airplanes. Hit by Birds. Okay. So check that out that. Should give you a better understanding that, airplanes. Can't fly through steel buildings. They completely, destroy the nose of an airplane. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yep. Check. It out yeah, so, does. This look like a picture of a real satellite. Right. But, I mean does, this look. There. You go, okay, cuz I I thought the same way 18 months ago I thought like hey you know big deal right. What about like, this guy here does, that look like a picture of real satellite. Right. Neither my but this is what they tell us they look like before, they go into quote outer space but. Where is the satellite. Where. Is this but. I mean from the picture, where does this satellite, show it to be. Yeah. It's on the ground right probably, probably. By a bunch of fifth graders who won a science you know science. Contest but. You, know this yeah this is CGI, this. Picture right here. Right. Here. Hates. And if, you google image satellites. In space yet guess what you get this. Everywhere. All, the time. Does. That make sense no. Cuz they don't exist. Okay. So, 99%. Of all communication. Done on earth is through fiber optics and ground towers. Okay. And then the other one percent is, landlines. Old-school. Phones. So. Yeah, exactly. So, if that's 100 percent of all communication, done on earth is through wires, on, the grounds, and ground, towers, where. Do these come in. I've never I've. Never thought about it either. Yeah. So so, most radio towers, and antennae have. Line-of-sight. And they're. All homegrown. Yes. Because. They're deceiving your mind and they want to control it because. They don't exist, right. And so, so, walk with me here antenna. Need line-of-sight. Hey. Patrick, how you doing I'm. Doing terrific. So. Most, antenna, work on line-of-sight okay. And if, there's a building, or a hill or a long traveling. Time there's. Pointing, towers. Which is P o Y and T ing, that's. Your 3G and 4G to. Communicate. Over long. Distances, and in areas where there's, building, obstruction, and stuff. Go. Downtown Minneapolis. You'll have connection, issues, you. Know that's why a lot of people want to use Wi-Fi in downtown Minneapolis and, so. Your Wi-Fi, is connected to a router which, is connected, to an Ethernet cable which is connected to fiber optics, which is connected to a tower, there. You go. Well. The significance is, is that they're deceiving your mind to make you believe that we live in upon this.

Which. Is also CGI. So. If you look at both of these pictures the, United States is different size and these are official pictures from NASA. Yeah. You wanted look at it yeah check it out you, know. Yeah. We. Don't and we can't we're just civilians. Yeah. So. So. We. Well. They're both false er yeah I know. Man it's hard to believe I know. But. It. Is yeah. And. You. Know once you start going down that rabbit, hole, you. Know pictures like this really start to, make. You question your reality, yeah. Yeah. So. Can, I give you like an illustration, cuz you said like what. Was it like what's the point or like how are they doing this or whatever if if. We grow up in, school, like it we're in first grade we. See the globe right. That's. Called predictive. Programming. Programming. You, know they're you're, getting it soldered. Into your mind that that's our home and you. Would never think to question your reality because, you're taught that right and the, teachers don't know any better because they're taught it and they're taught it and so on it's just kind of a you know snowballs. But. If there was for. Example an, infinite. Amount of lands, and an infinite, amount of resources I know, it's hard to picture. Infinite. In your mind but just roll with me here if there's. Infinite amount of space and lands, and the. Establishment, knows that and, they, want to keep you from knowing that they'll. Limit, our mind, to, a twenty-five thousand. Mile. Radius globe. If the Earth's flat yep. Well the, educational, system makes you distrust, your own common sense and that goes back to density, and buoyancy so. I. Know. It doesn't make any sense because I also, grew, up in public school and. Everything. Can be explained, away by gravity, but if I drop this on the floor that's. Just because it, weighs more than the air around it and to give it a name and say. That this is the. End-all to be all explanation. That's, a religion. Yeah. I get, where you're coming from man you're in school right now so this. Idea. Would really never cross your mind I. Hope. It makes you think yeah. Yeah. It's my opinion you, know so I'm just trying to provoke thought and just kind of make you, question. Where we live because if you do live. Stream the ISS, right, now on, your, phone or your iPad or whatever for. A, reasonable. Amount of time let's say 30 minutes to an hour like, I know that that's not doesn't, sound like a whole lot of fun but, I want you to prove me wrong so, I can go home okay. I wanted, I've been doing this for about a week and I'm tired of doing this because nobody's been able to prove me wrong but. If you can show me a satellite during, the ISS, livestream, I'll. Give you a beer, for each one that we see. I. Know. What you're going to say. Are. They though yes, okay. So. All your satellites, look like this then right. But. This is a man-made satellite, man and this is how they tell us we communicate, on earth. Yeah. So. All of your pictures of satellites, in your. Popular science magazine, on Google wherever, are all. CGI, I. Know. From. Everywhere. On the internet and popular science man, yeah. Because. They tell you because it has to be. That's. What NASA says man. Yes. Sir. Well. If you just I mean, I know this is new information you. Know so it's not gonna really make a whole lot of sense to you right now so. I just encourage you because I don't have all the answers and I can't like keep. Citing, and giving you evidence, but. I can give you provocative. Thoughts yeah. But I can give you provocative, thoughts. So that you can go down that bunny trail yourself, so, then you can try to start a tray understand. Your reality, man because. The establishment doesn't send their kids to, public school, if that. Makes any sense the, elite will not send their kids to public school because they. Want us to be at a lower frequency level. Than them so. That they can continue to mock and ridicule us, when. I tell you that this is CGI and fake when, then they know that the earth is flat and not a globe. There. Is yeah. And. But. Does water curve. I'm. Sorry. For. How much. Okay. But a civilian, wouldn't be able to go you. Had, a question. Nope. And. It always finds its level that's why they call it sea level you see how they mock us and, they call it sea level.

It. Is. Like. Think about it probably measured, measured please. Don't go around this low they like have like like. Ooh. Yeah. So. So. If you yeah. She's. Kind of right because if you go on Expedia, or Priceline, right now and you, go from South America, to Australia you, won't, fly over Antarctica you can't it's very rare to find a one-way, flight. From. Those two locations. But. Wouldn't it make more sense to go from, one point to another is, the shortest distance between two, points. Instead. Of going into a connection, flight. But. You're 40,000, feet in the air man. So. How does how does ooh. I've. Been on a lot of flights internationally. And I have never seen clouds, 40,000. Feet in the air. Have. You been on an international, flight before okay have you seen clouds. Okay. Yeah. Wind, okay. I. Know. I know man I know you want to believe that and this is new information for you. Did. You know that when an airplane stops. At a spot to fuel up it's, it's not called a connecting, flight so. Like on a one-way flight an airplane. Can stop, at a, spot, not. Unload, any passengers. Refuel. And that's, mmm, yeah they do they. Do, they. Do do that and that's, how they deceive your mind into believing that you're, flying on a globe and not. Possibly, on a flat earth. I'm. Sorry. They. Do but, my point is. I'm. Sorry what. Well. You. Can't explain wind because it goes wherever it wants to go you can't predict wind. Not. Not generally, no. But. You're basing this on the globe model and gravity, you're. Basing, your concepts, in your idea of reality through, the globe model and in gravity. Right, but I was also taught Rafi that when I was born I fell out. But. You fell off because you I know, I know man I know. So, so you can measure God. Well. Okay. So but you can't. Okay. But yeah he does he died for you so he does like you and, so you, can't measure. But. No. It's not because, because what's, more powerful God, or gravity. Gravity. Is okay so that's your God, so, that's your God oh, okay. You. Only believe in science you know a student, said that a couple days ago when he said if, science. Tells me that light is red and I see it as blue I believe. Science. Does. That make any sense I. Believe. In science I was born with cystic fibrosis, so. I understand, science. In. Biology. Yeah. But you're not letting me here out okay so for you just let me speak I. Understand. Some, parts of science I don't know everything, I understand. Biology and, all that looking, at a microscope, and understanding, the human body that's, science, but, to incorporate that into being able to land on the Moon or Mars, that's. A deception and that's a lie and. You. Can't put those two in the same boat so. So. If you want you can, YouTube. The. Moon Jupiter. There's, a video a two-hour long video of the moon and Jupiter being, seen. Through. Super. High zoom. Lens. Yeah. Sure so, I'll, buy you a beer for every satellite that you see pass through pass by the moon in, between. The moon and your camera. It. Should. Just be a what a black dot and then we can then I can go home. Oh. But. I hear people but I just had conversations, with people a few minutes ago that said that they see a light in the sky and that's a satellite. I'm. Not I'm not trying to be right I'm just trying to I'm just, trying to help, your, question. Your reality, I. Don't. Know man that's up to you when where you go I hope. So. Yeah. I. Mean. If you want to mock and ridicule me, that's totally your opinion man you can do that but.

I'm Trying to just open your mind to a different, level, of understanding. That. May or may not have ever crossed your mind, so. They will stick to whatever. We. Just what's it like it's, different because like it with you're on a campus very yep. The same time a lot of people stick to their drought they like stick to their roots they stick with like what they were taught at the same time like I don't know I'm the type of person who just like. Yeah. Hey. Two. Years ago I didn't think the same thing it never, crossed my mind, but. Now I'm here doing this everyday so. I mean does. The testimony, of me doing this every day hold. A little bit of validity that, maybe at least one of the things that I said may or may not be true. Sure. And that's fine yeah. I'm you. Don't know me from Adam but, I do have a youtube channel called authentic. Social. Experiment. Check. It out and then you can see what, I do on, a daily basis. You. Know check it out it's up to you you know. Now. I'm on Facebook live. Yeah. So. In IUP's and i upload my videos from facebook on to youtube at the end of every night and so. I. Appreciate. It thanks a lot. To. Be a sailor. That's. How I became comfortable and talking to people in the public because I used. To be where a lot of people are you know so I'm not gonna like. Discredit. Where a person is at you know I want to get people where they're at because. Not everybody knows everything, and I don't know everything but. When I when, I feel, like very. Strongly, about something and I've never done this before but I, do feel very strongly, about. The. Coincidences. That all we get about, satellites. In space earth, room space are, all CGI, I just. Scratched my head and I'm like okay what else is there what. Other things are they deceiving, us with, so. Yeah. I am. Very much so yeah yeah. Yeah. I was just that one this morning uh. Well. See that's the thing is I don't I don't believe that the Catholic Church is, the end-all to be y'all I don't think that they speak for Christians. My. Relationship. My really. I'm. Sorry. Yeah. Most likely yeah and II and the establishment, uses, Kath Catholicism. In all of them all of the movies you'll, never see somebody, like me who, just has a relationship, with Christ, on. A movie, it's, always. Priest. Or somebody wearing the collar to. Represent, that's the representation, of God in, Hollywood. Movies and, so. My relationship with, Christ is just. That it's like I'm talking. To you guys you. Know I'm just like hey guys what's up if I do something wrong I don't, go to a priest to forgive me of my sins, I talked to Christ and he. Is the mediator between us, and God and that's, in first Timothy 3. So. There's only one person that you can communicate to to talk to God. Yeah. American. And. Also right, yeah. And. I come across a lot of kids who were who, grew up in the Catholic Church type of deal and. They hate and they hate God no you. Know and. I understand, where they're coming from, it. Did ten years ago I'm 36. Now and, 10, years ago is when I believe so I was 26. So. It took a process, of me experiencing. Life and. Understanding. That there, is one truth in, this reality and that's. God. Everything. Else doesn't. Matter. Way, from God and that's, why they used the ball earth as a. Conduit, of. Evolution. And, so. A lot of people have testified, on YouTube with. Video to. Say that they were not a Christian before but then when they started. Researching Flat Earth it brought. Them to a relationship, with God. Now. Whether or not you know, I should. Go around and say hey Flat Earth lets, you know praise Jesus, I don't, do that because, he nobody's. Ever showed me a picture of the DirecTV, satellite I looked, I really honestly looked, and this. Is the picture that I. Got when I was looking for a satellite, of DIRECTV. You. Know satellite. TVs you, know satellite, radio I. Can't. Find any pictures of Sirius. Satellite, radio in the, space. But. Why not just, take. A picture of that though you know. Well. I mean to, prove it if, all the pictures of Earth from space or, CGI and, we've, been to the moon boom. Shouldn't. We have an actual real photo of the, Earth from space and, not.

CGI. Like. I don't think we would change. Are. You married right now no, okay, so you can't. Contemplate. In your mind what it would be like to fall in love with a girl and want to marry her and live with her forever. Well. Whatever, but I mean what would it ever cross your mind to marry a guy and fall, in love with him you. Know. What I'm saying like do, you have a boyfriend right now that you love okay. So. Until you have that experience. Are. You do you want a boyfriend or whatever okay. Okay. So until, you, experience, somebody, that you want to live the rest of your life with I can't. Explain to you what it would be like to, understand, that we live on a flat earth and not a globe. Does. That make sense okay. Well. He was said by the Catholic Church. Yeah. And. The. Church sent Christopher, Columbus to a country, that already had people in it, yeah. The. Catholic Church did. Okay. Well that's up to you, this is my opinion of what I've read but. They do tell us that Christopher Columbus discovered America, when. There were already people here, so you can't really discover, something where somebody already lives. Your. Rockefellers. Your Rothschilds. Rosicrucians. You. Know yeah that you're royalty they. Have bloodlines, you know so if, you do research bloodlines. All of, the presidents, who have ever been president, of the United States are all related I. Mean. Yeah because, of Adam and Eve right. But. No. No. I mean like very much like, cousins. Whose. Cousins, with Obama. Gotta. Look into a man I. Know. It sounds it sounds crazy. It. Does but, they're. Not ever gonna they're not ever gonna let us marry. Somebody. That's part of the establishment, because we have corroded, blood basically we don't have the bloodlines, that they have, that's. Why they all intermarry. With each other. They. Do it yeah. But. What about her. Kate. Caitlyn. Sure. But. You don't know her personally. Do you. Know. So all your information that you get about Hollywood. Politics. And everything are given to you by the establishment, on TV right. Right. And. What. Is Hunger Games it's, a dome right, yeah. So. While. She shot the arrow up into the dome right, have you ever seen The Truman Show. That's. Predictive, programming, right there I. Mean. Something. To think about Dark City you, ever seen Dark City, check. That out you. Know that's more predictive programming, that. The whole city is in a dome. So. Um, I, don't necessarily agree, with that because. Actually. You know what I did a whole video about that yesterday, to. Be honest with you I watched a two-hour presentation of. Neil deGrasse Tyson, talking. To five other scientists. On a panel, about, simulation. Theory I. Think. It's fascinating but. Simulation, theory takes away our human. Or organic, nests if you will you, know I'm saying like they're, trying to incorporate like, with CERN. And. The d-wave computer, if they. Punch in their algorithm, of what they believe the theory of relativity, to be and they, put it into a, supercomputer, and, they, press Enter the. Supercomputer. Will play out, their. Theory, and then. They will try to manifest, that into our reality using, CERN does. That make sense I. Know. It is, I'm. Very, familiar with what CERN is yeah, did. You know that they're opening a new one up in China. Yeah. So. No. It's not because. Because. They're affecting. Our reality and they're changing, the way people people's.

Consciousnesses. Know. They're they're drawing us away, from our, organic human, side. Smarter. And. So. You want to be connected like like. Before like before neo like before when neo broke out of the nitrix you, know when he pulled the thing out of the back of his head you haven't. Seen the matrix. Okay. Okay. Can, I implore, you not, to think that way. Because. I know. That's. A scary thing because you don't want to you. Don't want to fall into the B system that's the that's the Google beast system, they, want us as, humans. To be connected, to a Google. Global. System. Well. I'm just using that terminology so, you understand you. Know you, know, so I'm saying like they, want us all connected together, in, a, massive, supercomputer. Consciousness. No. You don't. The. Books. And like all, their bibliographies, guys. I'm, like think about. What. Standard, with any health versus, what standard. What. If they're using technology to dumb us down and the. Food and GMOs, and vaccines, and all that. All. Right. All. Right I. Would. Suggest looking, at. Alternative, ideas. About GMOs, vaccines. And the like and I. Yeah. Yeah. Asperger's. Autism. People. Dying yeah do, you take, but. Do you take like your, yearly flu shot and stuff. Okay. Well. Good I mean that's I'm. Just giving you my opinion on, my. Experience. Well. It may be a combination of a lot of things like GMOs, chemtrails. So. But. I should probably let you guys go you know, I don't want to wear. Out my welcome if, you will but authentic. Social experiment, on YouTube check it out if you're interested I'd. Encourage you to just to, just. Think about an alternative manner, stick, with her she might know a couple of things. So. I appreciate. You guys listening though, yeah. You guys have a good weekend Thanks see ya bye. All. Right.

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Science and Nasa! Tell them to look up LORAN...

there was a solar system hanging over your crib

FLAT SMACKDOWN...great work Joshua James, FE Addict

I applaud you, sir!!

Good job. Great interviews !

The dude with the glasses is a perfect drone, he parrots exactly what the box in the living room told him :D " I wish we were more artificial" "gravity" "i love science", It is sad to see.

I need to do something like this in my city

26:20 The Marinara trench! Yummy!

I love how I've seen people's minds open over the years. 3 years ago you'd be mocked and ridiculed for talking about this, now it's common. Makes me feel good!

Great interactions thats how it all starts

Excellent Work!

just another great authentic video

You should tell people your channel is authentic intent because when you type in authentic social experiment your videos don't pop up

So... do these kids live in Hammocks?

Yes. They are Ewoks.

So many people don't want to give up their understanding of space. How could there be big conspiracies? Thanks for the video.

Good one! At least these younger people aren't so confrontational and actually listen.

joy4118 FFA Future FlatEarthers of America

OH, one more comment! I have some life-long health challenges, too, Josh ("fibromyalgia" is the bogus diagnosis I am usually put into by mainstream medicine) and I commend you for speaking out about the fraudulant "disease foundations" --- AND you tie it into the larger fraud and fakery going on. I have been "questioning" the medical establishment of decades (and living the hell of always feeling sick and not treated efffectively) A LOT of people are chronically ill and not getting the correct and effective treatments (understatement!!!!) and a lot of young people KNOW someone who is sick. Or has died from TREATABLE diseases --- due to the causes and cures being HIDDEN. So this is a good point to bring up to get the lights to go on in their minds.

I just starting to watch this ... excellent! I just wanted to comment that none of this sort of activism could happen without the internet --- and the fact that everyone is walking around with a phone and internet access! It is a gift! This technology is amazing.... it is such a huge game changer. I used to do exactly these kinds of activist "on the street" interviews for cable access 25 years ago, before everyone had internet in their pocket. This is SUCH a higher level of what I was doing. If I had known what I know now.... and everyone had the internet in their pockets back then, it would have been so much different! But, everything happens in good time. This is SUCH a good practice you are doing, Josh. Amazing. You are a master teacher!

yeah, now I am convinced that every city should have hammocks everywhere!!!!

Carolyn Gutman-Dey Good show so far

Open minds are the best.



... 1ST ...

David Rocha we'll see about that. last

Love you A.I. !!!

Awesome. Flatsmacking 101. Thank you!

Instead of trying to prove the earth is flat he should ask those why do they believe the earth is a globe. Let THEM do the work.

Great work :-) -TET

Josh, are you ok at this time of your life w/ that disease? Have you found an alternative for healing? I never saw so many hammocks!

Lol, "GMOs are the reason food costs what it does... Without it, food would be a lot more expensive." Has this kid ever bought his own groceries? I have.... I buy groceries for a family of five and our grocery bills are through the roof. More than our mortgage. I'm not even buying as much produce as I would like to, *because* it's so expensive. Oh.. These poor misguided children. I do hope one day they snap out of their comas. So delusional... So selfish.... So "dumb" (yes, technology has made our youth dumber.) No grasp of our true reality.... Just empty vessels, being slaves to a system. Lord help us!.

One more thing.... I can't get over how socially inept young adults are these days. Sloppy posture, awkward and informal body language, lack of eye contact, hiding their faces when they think something's funny, laughing hysterically at new information, and just an overall lack of manners. I mean, they were nice, in the sense that they weren't rude, but they all lack social manners, and they're incredibly juvenile for their presumed age. ... Yet they always think the extreme opposite. That they're so smart and mature and always right. Ego and pride, right?.. What has happened to our youth?

Yeah, people always equate Christianity with Catholicism... Or a relationship with Christ as a religion. It's pretty tricky what the establishment has done. Aside from completely discrediting God and replacing Him with "Science,".. Also misinforming the masses of terms and concepts to obfuscate the differences amongst them. And I was no different... Growing up I was the only atheist/agnostic of my friends, the rest were Catholic, so were my step dad and siblings... And I always mocked them; telling them I didn't believe in the magic sky daddy. Today, I'm the only one with a relationship with Christ, and all my friends and family who were once Catholic = hate God (just as you said, Josh)... It's really sad. But again, I blame the establishment, and the Vatican 2.0, and its relentless misinformation to equate a personal relationship with Jesus, or living by the Bible, with Catholicism. If anything, it's such a contradiction. Since when do Catholics read their Bibles outside of mass? And since when do they speak directly to Jesus, absent of prayer, and absent of a church official? At least when I was growing up I was agnostic. I still held beliefs that there was a higher power (I namely believed Aliens were our creators).. I just didn't believe it was God. Today, even though most equate Christianity with being anti-Science, in reality, Science it anti-God. Science adherents wholeheartedly believe that there is no debate... That the Big Bang and Darwinian Evolution is the be-all end-all. When I approach them with evidence that not the whole of the Scientific community is in agreeance, and that there's been many to come forward and publish findings on Intelligent Design, for which they were then fired, denied tenure, or blacklisted... I'm told these are "kooks" and "crack pots" who put their own religious beliefs before Science and who shouldn't be taken seriously. (See, independent thought isn't tolerated even within the community.) Ironically, none of the Evolutionary biologists, professors, cosmologists, etc. that I mention even were or are religious. They just merely felt that the evidence they came across proved Intelligent Design, rather than accidental existence. --- Of course, the Science establishment doesn't like that, and so they smear their names and invalidate their credibility. It's really sad.... And yet these "Science" adherents, like the guy with the glasses in the hammock, think they know it all. That "Science" has ALL the answers, and those answers are not allowed to be questioned or even interpreted differently ... Otherwise you're a crackpot idiot. Ugh... Grinds my gears. Then he tries to smear your credibility by insinuating you've been "brainwashed" by the religious establishment. Ah, but alas, thankfully we can have a relationship with Christ without having to be a part of organized religion. Isn't that some of the beauty in life? Always amazed at how you keep your cool, Josh. If you're ever bothered by these people, it doesn't show. You really have a knack for activism... And I applaud your efforts everytime I watch a new upload. God Bless †

Oh, and for anyone interested... There is a documentary called Expelled, highlighting the extreme bias within the Scientific community; namely that of Darwinism vs Intelligent Design. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/V5EPymcWp-g

In regard to the astronaut/ISS footage stuff... I like to remind people of what Hollywood has provided us with over time (Star Trek, Apollo 13, Gravity, etc.) and then remind them how much bigger than Hollywood NASAs budget is. If they can make Sandra Bullock look like she's living in zero g space, performing space walks and all, why can't they make Peggy Whitson look like she's doing the same...?

48:43 and breathe.

He Patrick... If you are here... Welcome in... Step out of that ego which controls your cognitive dissonance.. Theirs a good chap... You'll feel so, so much better..

I concur. It's turning them all into brainless zombies. Just longing for an artificial reality... But why? Because we're told that would be the best life has to offer. If we're just accidental stardust, here for no purpose.. There's no meaning to our lives. Unless, we become a cool advanced people who have been combined with robots and AI... Then suddenly there's meaning, right? I think these types of Science dreamers, and the Sci-fi groupies are really a sad and depressed extreme of what this heliocentric atheist life offers humanity. People are just longing to belong... And for their lives to have purpose. It's sad that they're being stripped of those hopes and fed false ones instead.

Hahahaha... what do you think is more yummy, those delicious GMO's he speaks so highly of or the marinara trench??


It's the new tree kids cult, a lot like the ones who had pacifiers at the raves, but without the drugs.

Start green juicing... give it six months.. just doing green juices raw.... No further Fibromyalgia... it will be gone.... One Apple / One Carrot / Some Kale / Cucumber / Lemons.... three to four to have as many as you can a day... it washes it out of your system .. your be clean and pain free in less than six months... Then Fruit juices three times a day.... or both everyday...for the rest of time.... 17 years i've been a raw juicing fruit's a veggies.. no pain no issues ever.. research it hard. it works every single time... has never failed.. There are No genetic issues... thats plan B/S .. believe in yourself... your be just perfect.. as you already are.

Carolyn Gutman-Dey Lol, yeah I found that quite interesting. Didn't know if they brought them themselves... Or they're already there...? Makes for a comfy conversation though ;-)

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have this amazing experience and wake up to all the b.s. it's always difficult to admit you've been lied to but somehow not once have I allowed cognitive dissonance to block me from progressing toward truth. I once believed I lived on a ball too and never thought I'd ever be soo interested in history but now I find myself loving to research any and everything..this has changed my life in many ways..from the food I eat to the people in my lives and the way I treat those people.. everything gets better once you let go and see where it takes you..its rather fun tbh

Hahaha reminds me of O.D.D. .. well I ate a ham sammich for breakfast today so how does that work on a flat earth huh HUHH! LOL how does wind work in a flat earth huhhh lol

Love force feeding red pills lol.. why wont people stop being so stubborn and just let go..its a beautiful thing all said and done..

Why did your comment just give me extreme deja vu ..wtheck

Real Eyes the girl was on the right path in my opinion..but agreed for the rest definitely

PoopiePants69 lol wtf is a marinara trench tho lol

one3y3jack I still see plenty of Mackey and ridicule..we ain't there yet but its closer

I refuse to support the red cross or any of these charities for trying to cure things because it's obvious that there is no plan to cure things because problems breed profit. There is no reason in a profit system to cure problems because, where is your profit and I can't understand why people can't break free from this mind control that makes you think they are really trying to find cures. You cannot cure cancer because it's fungus. You can only try to prevent it or treat it and get rid of it once you get it and you do that by alkalizing your body because they only way you can get Candia albicans to turn into cancer or fungus and take over in your body is when your immune system has been compromised and it cannot fight the invader. Tumors are your body's attempt to trap the invader. The ordinary person or the masses cannot fathom that their reality has been manufactured for them and they do not even know to question. Only God's elect have eyes to see and ears to hear. Our job is to spread awareness to the masses so we can save their souls from Satan.

I refuse to support the red cross or any of these charities for trying to cure things because it's obvious that there is no plan to cure things because problems breed profit. There is no reason in a profit system to cure problems because, where is your profit and I can't understand why people can't break free from this mind control that makes you think they are really trying to find cures. You cannot cure cancer because it's fungus. You can only try to prevent it or treat it and get rid of it once you get it and you do that by alkalizing your body because the only way you can get Candia albicans to turn into cancer or fungus and take over in your body is when your immune system has been compromised and it cannot fight the invader. Tumors are your body's attempt to trap the invader. The ordinary person or the masses cannot fathom that their reality has been manufactured for them and they do not even know to question. Only God's elect have eyes to see and ears to hear. Our job is to spread awareness to the masses so we can save their souls from Satan.

These stupid liberals think they’re so smart because they can regurgitate what their teacher in school told them

The government can just print money out of thin air to fund NASA and to keep deceiving people.

Man, I hope & pray those young people find the Lord & the truth. The Holy spirit will bring you to all truth...

bro you are awesome, keep up the good work

Will do

Authentic Intent Regarding Cystic Fibrosis When you tell people that you have "Cystic Fibrosis", I feel that people give you an extra bit of patience/time/compassion; exactly how, the Foundations make money off peoples donations.

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