Hand Steering to the Southern Cross! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 165

Hand Steering to the Southern Cross! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 165

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It's. Such a perfect day for EM, steering. It's so cool you have a pop your head about. This hatch and. All. You have a, big. Ocean ahead, of you and, you can be transported. To any, time it. Could be the 1800s, it could be the 70s, it. Could be anything and. Nothing. Has changed out here that's the hell is gonna be. This. Big blue, vast. Ocean. See. My. My. Sauce. One shot several. Days. Previously. On Delos by. Internet everything, is scheduled, as much as it can be we've sent our last messages, since, and said given, we. Spend our last days on Ascension Island under the water and Brian, and I get sucked into an underwater cave while diving. Time, to go. Feeling, excited oh yeah, yeah. Nervous. Every time you're going out to see is like, even. Though this this ocean, is quite calm you never know what can happen. We're, very far from any. Help in the South Atlantic, there's. Always that thought but does, a strong boat we're good. Good. To go what do you think you've already. I think we'll be okay. What, are you most excited for in, Brazil. Good. Question. I'm excited, for the dancing. Culture. For, a long time who always thought kind of even familiar and, even remove into reunion, and Mauritius last year it was kind of smaller islands, quite, easy and. I think this is just gonna be like. Maxwell. I'm really excited for a great. Venture of, everyone because it's like a place I've never been. To before in my life and. To, celebrate my birthday. I'm finna tell you what kind of what. Their local dishes are. Speciality. Brazilian, barbecue I, love Lisa Brazilian, state health department yeah, yeah. Well, I get stupid problem. Experiences. Nothing about I don't. Know what happens in Brazil I know this before cheese that's about it sick. Kids take, kind. Of the food's gonna be really good. Maybe. Some amazing, people. We. Come across someone they, can hook it up and show us some good spots and. We. Go and. So it was time to embark on the last leg, of our Atlantic crossing, it felt. A little bittersweet to have so much of the journey behind us and to be honest ascension. Was a pretty hard place to leave, I think. The island touched us all in a bit of a different way from, experiencing. Those first breaths underwater, falling. In love in the middle of the ocean or just, being completely, overwhelmed by the healthy ecosystems. That exists are on this tiny little rock it. Felt like ascension, had a big question mark looming, in its future as nobody. Knew when the airport would reopen what. Type of businesses, would want a stake and what, conservation, laws would or wouldn't be passed to protect this incredible, area but. I made peace with leaving, knowing that I'd be back again one day and turning. My attention forward. Because. We had one hell, of a journey ahead of us a. 2,300. Nautical mile sail would land us south of Rio on the biggest island in Brazil ela, Bella which, literally means beautiful. Island so. Off we went with nothing but the wind. Okay. I, think, we'll stay off the mooring it's. All good, okay. We're, gonna take off this hard line. Yeah. Bird Island. Oh. Wellis, perks, against Erie we miss the Dolphins but you also miss the birds just. Think about this it's like everyone's, like oh those. In there like. And then you guys are thinking like 60 seconds adult prints and it was, you. Know she. Will. Scrub down we. Gotta get all the bird, off. Everything. Thousand. Urges. Everything you touch, then, you're tracking it in into. The boat. So. From. Ascension. It, feels really nice it feels so, weird in a way to have such a long passage. In, front, of us now but, I don't, know I still feel like I haven't really sunk, in yes yes, but. I'm super excited, and I think the crew is really you, know everybody's. Looking. Forward to. Kind of a long passage and, the challenges, that are ahead and, also getting into Brazil so it feels really good but. Hand. Steering is, definitely, gonna be a little bit different yep you heard that right we're. About to hand steer for over 2,000, nautical miles or what would end up being almost 400. Hours straight but, it wasn't that captain Brian was cracking down on this it, just so happened that our autopilot was acting up right before we took off if. We, can't fix that then. No. Auto plan, I think it's the rudder position, indicator. Is. Not working so when you turn the wheel up there a lot, auto pilot there's a little gate it shows.

You If the rudders took, the order starboard, and that's not moving at all so. The autopilot has no idea if the rudder is turning, or not and, this is the sensory. And. I've checked the wires they're, all hooked up no. Wires broken, on either end the. Sensor is moving freely. So. I don't really know what. Why. That might be on the news. So. The song, sure doesn't look corroded, or anything and, there's. Nothing obvious wrong, so. I need to do some research to do some measurements, but I don't have the information, to do it right now so I always. Have to go with it, maybe. I'll take this something on the way we'll. Just hand steer for nothing. But. I think everybody's up for it and I think it's just gonna take. A little bit of adapting, to and you kind of look to the wheel while you're out there and you, can't really you know sit and do whatever you have to like pay attention to, where, you're steering and the wind and things, a lot more which. I think is a positive, thing so, I'm supposed to say how I feel, I. Feel. A, bit bittersweet I feel, excited that we left, Ascension, and we're on our way to Brazil. I'm. Really excited for the sail that we have ahead of us because the. Conditions, are perfect like, the wind is gonna be right on the beam. Not. Too crazy. And, not too light as well so if we won't have crazy, roles like we do and they're going down then. But. Also at the same time ascension. Was so so amazing the. Diving was unbelievable. And raw and, the. Fact that there was all this talk of sharks, I think added to the. Whole aspect, of why it was so much fun and so excited, for diving the vibe now and, the feeling now is just chill. The sun is shining, we're. Sailing, along good the sails are trimmed. We're. On course for Brazil, and I'm hungry. And. I know that alex is making some good Sammis today. How. Was your first hand, steering. The. Passage. It. Was more like a. Food. Steering. Push. I. Think, I've never touched a little with my hands, nice, no. It was really nice Alex. That. Around. One and a half hours of hands, do it do not watch because she has never done considering before so she wanted to try it in daylight, and. I. Introduced. Her how. To do it that was pretty nice so I just sat around and. Giving. The healthy comments, nice. So.

Yeah Now, it's really gel it's really in pretty easy, we're. Making. The perfect course, with, the perfect, women so. And. She's pretty stable, yeah that's, pretty stable around, 120. You can go, and we're on our of course, 250. Towards. Brazil, so, it's it's really perfect, so. Plato's. Some. Chopped chicken some. Carrots some white, rice on deck. Are you cooking curry. Yeah. Lean chicken curry. Delicious. Should, be pretty good I like. Bonding. Up there if you want to make them all eat them. It's. An epic, sunset, and it's just sort of set awesome. I. Just. Came off my watch. And. It was the first walk, from hand steering, it's. Pretty good. Completely. Different the hand steer them to, finally. Sit around and do whatever you. Pay a lot more attention and. You're. Way more. Connected. With the boat, feeling, what's going on. Just. Engaged. But. I really liked it it was cool I definitely, prefer doing it this way because I don't. Know when we're doing that autopilot I mean it's nice you can look. At the Stars and you can read and whatever. But I. Don't. Know it kind of feels like cheating a little bit and this way it's, like we're earning it a bit more so. I'm happy that we're doing it in this way I think the autopilot broke at the perfect time, do. You see out there, beautiful. Stars. It's. Really cool, you. Have this Southern Cross like really. Bright so, you can line it up to like just. Be behind one of this days and. That's our like zap course. So. As long as we keep that star pattern like in the same spot. Perfect. Course it's really cool, it's. Really cool to just steer, directly. By the stars it. Feels I don't know so, much has changed since the ship's used to do that and if. To be able to do it now, of. Course we're doing this all for pleasure and they were like slave. Ships and a lot of terrible things going on but in. Essence we're steering, by the same stars you know. Of sizes. That I, loved ones there. I what. Would you do it any other way. Why. Enough would just take down - either. Way. I drew up I can see the really nice. You. Can hear that. Who the. Hell. Was in there again this is. Pretty, intense. The second. Sentence really. Nothing. I thought might recorded hey. Time. To concentrate. I guess. I the squirrel, bitches. And, then. It's. A really, beautiful, sunrise. Today, and. It's. A little bit tricky to steer. I got. Can't just. Make. Myself a cup of tea or. Go. And grab myself some water because, I actually ran out of water like an hour ago I, mean, it's just two hours so it's not like that bad it's just, taking. Some getting used to for sure. The, money I, woke. Up this morning was thinking. How. Crazy it is that I'm here and. I could. Have seen. Six months ago, starting. My day like that. Than like well. It's. Been, 100. Days now over, 100. It's. Crazy to think about everything that's happened in that time. I'm. Learning so. Much, so. So much, that's. Good a lot taken. Short. Amount of time but, it. Feels really good, feels. Like I'm exactly. Where I'm supposed to be. Another. Beautiful. Beautiful. Day of sailing and the conditions, are really being nice to us, got.

Like 15. To 20 right on the beam. But. It's. Good. No. Complaints here even. The hand steering has been real nice I think just. Getting more in touch with the. Motion of the boat and really. Focusing. On trimming the sails. So. That there's no force on the rudder and I. Think everybody seems to be doing pretty well with it so far, how. About you. Good. Nice. To, lay around it I. Don't. Know when you're sailing you're, always moving. You're accomplishing, a goal even when your leg feels. Like. Telling. Yourself. What. You, thought of the day ride how does my thought of the day is a, split, pea soup oh. Is that what you're making for dinner that's what. I'm making for dinner my. Thought of the day is. A. White. Sand, beach with, a fresh coconut in, my hand. I'm. There palm, tree. It's. Early on the trip that's still quite normal thoughts give me a couple more days yeah. Well. You got that right, homemade. Split, pea soup, ooh. Looky. Soup for days oh. My. Gosh. Sounds. Really, let's please no, never. I'm. Not a big fan of peace there, is it up I'll, have that to the list here. The. Weirdest person up ever know the food is, not, a big fan of peas. Peas. You, know, what. Else, bananas. All right I just. Peanut. Buckles carrots. Tomatoes. Just leave it guys, I love tomatoes and, I love rice you're just making stuff up now Brian you didn't, say, like five things there's like a, 50%. Chance. Any. Of them this is how Bryan's, brain works, he just makes a list and he knows he's correct. It's. Not the waves. Itself, for, me I think it's really just, the the night action, with staring. At the, instruments. And, because, during, my last night which there were no stars out so I had to look at the instruments, and I think that made, my brain a little bit nauseous. This. Is not. Very well I wasn't like that and they're. Calling, me and. Yeah. Blesser, she's, she's. Not very well. Seasickness, sucks. But. Here now Bamian. Everybody's. Happy. She. Doin. And so do my steps. Yesterday, I got 10,000, but today for me sleep. 2,500. Sometimes. It's a trip to think about all the friendships, that have been formed aboard Dulles there's. Definitely a special bond that develops when, you sail together and there's, nothing, and no one else to keep you entertained besides, each other, but. I guess it's really more than just a friendship it's, learning from each other depending, on each other, failing. Succeeding. Working, traveling and living, together as one. Team one, family, one, career. It's. Another. Fantastic. Night of sailing, we've got like a constant. 15. Knots keeping. It right on the beam there's. The constant, speed. Pretty. Good. And look at the constant, winds just. Sitting right there 15. Knots, or. Just after the beam which is really comfortable. Everything's. Just constant, good Moon's, out making. Good speed we've, already gone about 300, miles that's. Cool and. Yeah. All. Is. Well. Good. Morning how. Are you okay, nothing's, going on nothing. No, boats win. This Constance, Oh. Yep, and we can the. Wind has changed a, little bit so. Now. It kind of makes sense to, keep me closer to 90, right. On the theme and then, that kind of puts us right on course. Have, a lovely watch. Everybody. 7. O clock at the moment. Half, of my watch is over and the. Sun is rising in the background. I'm trying now the first time two and. Two, hands dear at the same time which is not. That easy watch. Was quite. Calm. So, far a few shooting. Stars a few satellites cross. My night sky. But. The wind is really steady and, Dallas doing so good on being, reach that's awesome.

It's Really nice to steer. She's. Very. Steady. That's. Pretty awesome. The sunrise, is. Awesome. It's so beautiful. The colors are so. Nice and. Yeah. I think we're still making good speed and. Hoping. For a good day, so. Far everything, seems good. It's. Almost 8:00 in the morning and, I, spoke up and. Witness. Come up a bit, it. Was around 15. And, now. It's more like 20. A parent, so, yeah. I think it's more like 30, but. I think everybody's, doing really well with the with the hand steering it's, actually, I mean. It is harder when the wind comes up so. They're. Looking good and we're keeping to our. Chart. Force and, I, haven't seen anything except. A lot of flying fish. They. Fly off on the boat and then they get stuck on Monday we don't hear them they. Die. But, he's so cute I'm gonna throw him back in the ocean. What. Are you doing around so, iridium, is not connecting, again, for some reason. So. We're not able to check emails. Or weather or anything like that so I'm attempting to get the old, SSB. Working but it's just been so long since I've used it I don't, think we have any of the drivers or connections, or anything so, trying. To figure out if this is impossible. Okay. I'll get back to you later yeah. And. I'm, attempting, to make banana, bread and the, rolls, because. Look at this we have a, big. Stack, of. Brown. Banana. They. Rather black boss so, I'm. Gonna use as many as I can, and I'm gonna try to make banana bread but it's a bit bumpy down here so, I don't know how good it will rice but. We will see. Such, a perfect, day for, steering. It's. So cool you have a pop your head about. This hatch and. All. You have eggs. Big, ocean, ahead of you and, you can be transported. To any, time it. Could be the 1800s, it could be the 70s, it. Could be anything and. Nothing. Has changed, out here what's the hell is gonna be. This, big blue, vast. Ocean. Not. Too. Bad of a, way to spend I. Don't. Know Tuesday, Monday Sunday. Any. Day I guess so. The. Banana, bread just finished and. Smells. Really good, look. At that. Might. Have a little slice soon. Seems. Really nice. Raziel. Bra, grabber. Meso, string bikinis. Are. You know how's. The steering going right. It's. Pretty good until I trying to read it at, the same time I know. Brazilians. Tend to be extrovert, and gregarious but the great capacity to enjoy life urban, areas are usually noisy that. Often full of very loud music Brazilians. Like the party, arriving. After several, weeks at sea this can come as a bit of a culture shock but don't worry there, are plenty of quiet egregious. Areas. Are. You looking for a quiet place crying that's. Two weeks at sea yes. Next. Up on Delos we, head off towards Brazil and start the last leg of our Atlantic, crossing reflect. On what it is we like best about long ocean passages. Way, down and I, haven't found this, anywhere. Else and really start. To become a close family and bickering, and all this, speed we'll have another twenty days at sea and. Liz will turn thirty on Delos. Not. According to your mom. Like, it I got. Along. Anything, just yelling, I'll wake, up with. Nothing. Wait. Oh you, yell while we're sailing I definitely. A cup I, should. Tie a string, like all the way. Exactly. Exact, same thing you'd wake up I think you'll be all right I don't you. Fry some bacon to, make you. Are. You listening to. The. Moths stories. They're. Just random people that get on stage at these random, clubs and tell stories about, their. Lives. Okay. I'ma listen to, composting. Nature's. Most interesting, process. I was. Brian is the sorceress Brandis assaulted a robust, foreign shut. Forgot. To report that we.

Lost, One degree, in sea temperature, and one degree, in air temperature. It. Means we're going south. Again. We. All work weather.

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hahaha...a real sign of the 'progression' of sailing and sailors; that 'hand steering' a LUXURY yacht with 6 people is now considered a 'chore' as opposed to a cake walk and a joy... why wouldn't you like to DRIVE the boat sometime, rather than just RIDE it?

Time for some serious redundancy in the auto pilot department, you should have two independent hydraulic autos so if one goes down you're all good

Brazilian Episodes are going to blow up you subscribers. I will help it to happen. Bons Ventos!

that was epic....9een 8E8, got to love those brits!

Yes, Brady the universe guide! You are all on a grand trip, please enjoy your trip!


Sailing by the stars! Yes Brady that is the universe saying , be with the world ! Go Delos! Sail the Seven seas! You all contribute to amazing video

Excellent job guys!! The shot of the stars was amazing!!! The sunrises and sunsets...just breathtaking!! Keep up the great work. You all are amazing, and are doing a fantastic job! Smooth sailing!

I was watching the UMA sailing YouTube channel and they use a wind vane off the rear of the boat for automatic steering. Is that something available for your sailboat? Seems like that would be extremely useful when the autopilot fails.

Another awesome video! Enjoy the journey! SV DIJAN

When she says “POOF” at 2:38 it’s freaking hilarious!

Liz in a string bikini:) now that’s just click bate lol, have you guys ever thought of a Delos armada, hopefully in the next few year I will be free from the.......and will be able to cruise with my blue water lady.

Hi Delos! I just want to know why your videos are so delayed? I know that you are in Brasil since few months, but on your videos you are just going to here. Regards

Thanks for sharing

YES! a new post from the crazy amazing crew on SV Delos. Outstandingly stupendous epic vid as always. Steering by hand at night guided by the Southern Cross! Thanks So much for taking me there.

Keep up the good work .Love the vlog

I always wanted to be out at sea and watch the star show. Show it more often please. AWESOME!

I really want to know who are the 25 people who downvote this?

I would like to welcome you to Brazil ... I wish you a good trip and a good stay on our coast, Brazil!

0:08 ya know your statement is well said when it's you intro! Good job Brady!

viva!!!!! Brasil is very gooooooooooood!!!!!

That should be beautiful to look at the stars in the middle of the ocean with no light pollution

I like it alot

Nice video, nice to see all those smiling faces..Top footage again.Enjoy.

I really like 'The Moth' as well. 'Snap Judgement' is another great one.

SO happy to find your channel! This 48 yr old from Arkansas that has never been sailing is addicted to watching your adventures! I binged watched this past weekend! Safe travels!

This episode was crap. Sorry.

my thought of the day.. Why am i working my ass off sitting in a broadcasting facility at 1 am in the morning and not sailing around the world?? ... I hope you guys know just how lucky you are!! Love the videos.. they keep me awake during my 12 hr night shifts as i send tv programming around the world... Wish i was sailing around it, instead of sending around it.. Stay safe Delos... come to New England sometime!

@ 2:57 - the local birds nearly got a direct hit on Austria!

Another week of sanity restored - Thanks Delos crew :)

I enjoyed your video heading to Brazil your first weeks out. Karin banana bread look good she fixed there. Bryan fixing pea soup that’s real good to. Anyway y’all enjoy and have a safe passage and may the winds be with you on your way to Brazil. Be anxious to see your next video as well.

Ship of troopers! Sail on!

Wonderful, epic, exciting, inspiring, professional. Delos is the best sailing programme on any channel. Thank you for another beautiful video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjS3dLwV6co Some dude says he has analyzed your you tube income and has posted a video of it online.. He believes you make 97 dollars a day and probably about 35K a year... Have you seen his video?

Nice video. On your way to Brazil you should take advantage and visit the Brazilian islands Fernando do Norhona and definitily St Peter & St Paul rocks. The diving there is just outstanding. Cheers from Sweden

LOPs ⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓

I would of thought you'd go to the Falklands to check them out. Even South Georgia to pay respects to Shackleton. Why do I always think of Linda Blair when having split pea soup? Take care...

I was wondering have you ever considered wind vane steering, something like a Hydrovane https://hydrovane.com/features/ it would save you a bunch of power and hand steering when you’re short handed.., just curious.

I'm kinda wondering why you haven't set up a wind-steering system by now. I reckon it would be possible with the Amel?

Great video, and so pleased to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't really like peas!! :)

Just found your wonderful channel ! I enjoy watching your adventures...

The crew of Delos are sailers now, no autopilot !

You Must start listening to Greta Van Fleet, I swear, shut your eyes and It's Led Zep all the way, great to listen to while sailing!

I bought you guys a beer. Cheers!

Thanks for another great episode! Always puts a smile on my face.

Marblehead, MA Lighthouse by Drone in 3D https://youtu.be/fkHker8K9TE

Thanks for the good times! I cant wait to run into you in a harbor some time! It says Killa Kiril edited this video?? Lol where is he??

In Vietnam, but joining the Delos crew in a few months :)

Looks like a great time. Enjoying your journey, keep up the good work.

Hey Delos , thanks for all the videos and keeping us motivated to achieve our goals , 4 years down the line of watching your videos my wife and i have purchased our yacht and we are in the process of a major refit /rebuild , no jobs , no cars , no house just dreams and hard work for now ! thank you for keeping it original! love Sailing Lady Africa ( South Africa ) Ricky and Simone xoxo

Yes!!! So Lekker guys :) hope to cross paths. Brian

Hi Guys, I'm a little worried. I've been keeping track of where you are (at this point, Grenada) and for over a week you've been going 4.1 mph - in what looks like the same position! Hmmmm, . . . 4 mph x 7-10 days = 670 - 960 miles! I think that your PredictWind app has stopped working. Either that or you've been circling around one of those rare Caribbean whirlpools we've heard so much about (not). lol

Hey guys, I just came across your channel going thru your videos the last week as i'm coming up on my first taste of sailing here pretty soon. You guys have awesome content, the editing is outstanding. Really enjoying these.

Much love, and check out Powered Paragliding if you get the opportunity sometime! (PPG) (Paramotor)

Steve Engelhardt hey man! So glad you're enjoying the episodes! Much love!

Stay tuned for more Capt brady new boat delos ll.

Reference Sailing SV Delos Ep. 93 "walk on a road that never ends" Thought of the day: There is no such thing as a never ending road, all land are islands. Just some are larger than others.

You guys see what " Bums on a Boat " just pulled off ??? Any chance the Delos tribe could flip them a 10,000 subscriber salute ??? I think they earned it.

Great tune for sailing : -) https://youtu.be/0Ihyafu547k

Summer hey buddy! Welcome to the Tribe!

Ted Souers thanks for the love brother! Get out there! The world is waiting!

Ha! I have no doubt you were too quick for them. :-) Ninja indeed! You are a very bendable young lady, the result of years of dedicated but enjoyable work on your flexibility. Well done. Now, will we see you meeting up with the crew in Tromso or Longyearbyen? That would be fun. I believe Kiril will be there. You would like Kiril. :-) And actually, I will be in Tromso too at that time, so I will look out for all of you. Regards, Rick.

Mauser M03 Blog awww thank you for that compliment!

Hi Lisa. Firstly, thanks for being such a great Delos crew member. Your bright personality and sense of humour was wonderful to see. Re the birds at Ascension - I'm sure it was always a bit dicey to be out from under the bimini at Bird Rock. Did they score on you, or were you too quick for them?

Mauser M03 Blog hahahaha!!! You're right!!! Hahahahaha!!!! How funny that we caught this on video!!! Love it

Bill Ditch thanks for the love, Bill!

Mauro Mozzarelli So glad you liked it, brother!

Whats the big deal with hand steering? We hand steered 3200 Nm this November going from Las Palmas to St. Lucia. Was no problem at all!

Hey guys do you have any intentions on sailing up to New York? if so let me know I boat from Port Jefferson to Manhattan. I really enjoy your videos keep it up.

Your split pea soup looked amazing! We also love hand steering...(because we don’t have autopilot on our current boat) I can’t wait to try it on our new boat this sailing season in New England!

Awesome S/V Delos!

I LOVE the dynamics of this crew. Maybe it's how you've developed as story tellers, but it's more than that. Not that any of the prior crew weren't wonderful, but the addition of Lisa, Elizabeth and Alex has been magical, each bringing such earnest, honest and authentic perspective to the journey. I could go on for hours about how special I feel this iteration of the Delos crew has been, but I'll leave that to you folks to keep producing such lovely stories.

WANTED: Sailing wench to sail the world. Apply on K8UR Channel

Sure Mr Brady is aware of it.... Seamogs is in Barbuda....

Milking patreon much? These are getting pretty lame.

Seriously? 4 episodes of hand steering across the atlantic?

Throw chocolate chips in the banana bread. It's awesome. Love that open ocean footage

your video as a drug) you consider now the time when there will be a new?)

23:41 Isn´t it rather amazing how far tech has come? She calmly lists "a few satellites" among the things she saw in the nightsky that night... You sail across the middle of an ocean, as far away from cities and civilisation as is possible and you can see the lights of some hightech-computerized machine whizzing through the vacuum of space, hundreds of kilometers above you....

Even though anchorages are very cool.. With all the beautiful things you show us..  For me its the sailing to your next destination...  is my favorite part!!  Your crew taking turns as your traveling 24hrs. a day.  Its so interesting to see and experience threw you guys..  Your trials and tribulations on your travels..  Just flat out love your Delos and Crew!!  Thanks

These episodes just keep getting better and better. You guys are all awesome. Side question, have you ever seen any UFOs on your night watches?

Imagine hurled peas....

Satalites cross the sky show us !!!!

I know it is tempting and it would be very easy to upgrade Delos to a newer vessel. I hope you don't. She is what adds to the quality of your videos along with the great crew!

boring as can be yuk

you consume to less beer.

so why not take the shorter route to Recife ...its beautiful and then travel down the coast taking it all in ? shorter journey ... more to see ?

Love watching and dreaming tribe. Love the team and individual idiosyncrasies.fair breeze from a South African in Indianapolis...

i like the moth radio hour too. I know you guys are in the future now but what a fab group! 2- 3 layers of personality interplay really makes for interesting viewing. You people really love each other. I must say I cant remember more interesting and beautiful dive and sail video since cousteau back in the sixties and seventies. I hope to see the southern cross one day! fair safe winds to you all and thank you

Just catching up with the episodes, another excellent adventure of following the wind by hand & foot sailing, watching the stars (Nice image of the milky way also) cooking aboard(looked tasty) even some Salsa dancing across the Atlantic.

Lisaaaaa beautiful pica's !!!!!!

All I can say is, you better never end this because without it I will absolutely loose it. I am so addicted.

cool vid, bring on the bickering...!

OMG!!! this is one amazing video Alex's narration at 21:30 is just so heart warming, This crew is so wonderful the family you have become is such a pleasure to watch

I did 3200 miles from Mexico to the marquesas all hand steer the wind vane did not work down wind only three on the boat a very long passage

Interesting that you were at Ascension.  I lived/worked on Ascension for 3 years, at the AF Base there.  Neat seeing some of the places you were hanging out at Georgetown and the diving and fishing.  Somewhat surprising, too, given the restrictive nature of the island.

I love the grit and raw emotion in your passages. You can see the transformation take place in a concentrated form. Perfect.

Hey there! We are a fan of the WSO100 :) So far so good on the mast head unit. Also gives us temp, humidity, and barometric pressure which is a bonus. Our friends on SV Totem also have one and reported same with theirs.

I know the royalties would be much, but this would've been a good episode to put a little "Southern Cross" in the soundtrack.

Reg Hand stearing, check this guy out;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOMNtwHWyCQ

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I LOVE all the energy that is on the boat. I feel like the crew right now is the best fit ever. I really enjoy watching you guys. I would love to donate at the moment, but I'm still conducting my PhD at the moment and am penniless. As soon as I finish, I will be contributing. The videos are amazing. Lots of love from a fellow American, currently living in Berlin. :)

the captain is always right... even when they are just guessing :)

Delos: I’m old. Alone but for an 11 yr old dog. I know how to sail. My first Trans-Atlantic was when i was 3. How about $5000 to take me along for a bit? Serious! Mitch@k8ur.com

Curiosity is killing me what weight of wet suit do you use most of the time?

Awesome to get back on wifi in Carriacou and catch up on all the Delos episodes we've missed. Watched this one while eating split pea soup (crazy coincidence?). We love hand steering too, but mostly because I'm way better at keeping a course than our autopilot. Sorry we missed you guys in Grenada. Maybe next season! Mel and David, S/V Ar Sgrail wherethewindtakesus.ca

I'm still amazed that you don't have a windvane. They are usually a lot more reliable than an autopilot. Having both would provide some redundancy.

thank you

Love Senior Brady's intro. Love your perspective. Love your way. Keep on keeping on crew!

M. B ni n ,

I like it I like it a lot ..

Welcome to Brazil, bemvindos ao Brasil!

Brady's steering by the stars speech ....

14:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw9gLjEGJrw

I’m embarrassed to be British my god that girl loves to moan!

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