Hanging out with friends in Seoul

Hanging out with friends in Seoul

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Hey friends! Look at how nice the weather is. I'm at Konkuk right now. I'm going to buy a textbook for a class I'm taking.

It's for my International Corporate Finance class. The weather is super nice. Look, it's spring. It's so nice.

There's the founder's little statue. That's the library. I think that's where I need to buy it. I'm going to go get it. After that, I should be going to the coffee shop with Lucy. Then, we're meeting up with Romain.

It's going to be fun. I'm happy. Honestly, it's so dope to have such nice weather.

Okay, so actually, I need to go to the other building because there are two buildings called Sanghuh. It's very convenient. But there's only two so if it's not one it's the other.

So, I'm walking around a bit in Konkuk's woods. There you go. I hope they have it because or else it's going to be really annoying. Alleluia, I got it. And look, it's spring. There are flowers in the trees, I love it.

Look, they're obsessed with cats. There are cats fighting. Cute.

Big fight. I got so excited when I saw this place was in Goblin, which is a dope k-drama. It was so cool. And look we're arriving at the lake.

The weather's so nice. It feels like summer. Look, it's so dope. I don't know many universities that have a lake. It's pretty dope. Look, look. It don't think you can do more cool than this.

I love it. I love it. Honestly, it's kind of sad that I don't have class on campus because it's beautiful. I'm a fan. Look at the place where I spent two weeks locked up. I could only see Seoul through my window.

Very nice memories. We're now arriving at the cafe where I'm joining Lucy. It's a really popular cafe here, in Seongsu. It's so dope. There's a rooftop and everything.

I'm excited. Look at everything they bake. I'm not really hungry so I'm not going to take anything.

It's really nice though. Look at the little rooftop. Very nice. Lucy's not here so I need to go find her but look, I took a little passion fruit ice tea, it's really dope and summery. Lucy's here in the other little garden. It's also very nice.

Look, it's so dope. I love it. Little stop at the arcade. Romain: Sushi! Alex: Always sushi. Alex: The sushi.

Romain: Wait. Alex: We're going to play the game I'm terrible at. Alex: Disaster. Alex: Romain wants to knock himself out apparently.

Alex: We're going to do a little photo booth with Lucy and Romain. Alex: Look it's so cute. Alex: Love it. Alex: Then, here, you can choose your design. Alex: And now, we're at Corner, Corner Pub. Alex: I took a little Corona beer, she took a Max.

Lucy: Cheers. Alex: What is that? Romain: Sex on the beach. Alex: Little beer pong. Alex: Romain is ready. Alex: Romain is probably going to beat us once again. Alex: But it's okay.

Romain: I trained for 5 months, in silence. Hey friends! I'm in Hongdae, as usual. It's the frogs' weather so I thought I would show you Hongdae in the rain a bit. There you go.

Guys, today, I'm in Hongdae again, always Hongdae. I'm going to do a little language exchange with Juyeon. We're in a nice little cafe with a little rooftop. The weather is super nice so it's super cool.

Little hibiscus ice tea, my favorite. Look at how chill this is. I also took a little bagel with cream cheese. Look, cream cheese. Look, it's spring.

Nature is coming back. I want to see the little trees that have flowers over there. Okay, so I found Romain. He won an awesome banana stuffy that I'm going to show you. We're at an all-you-can-eat. It's going to be really nice.

Look at the banana. He's so happy. This is a real Korean barbecue. Look at this beauty. Strong focus. Look at this perfect cooking.

Guys we're coming home from the bar with Lucy. Look, there are cherry blossoms everywhere. This road is so dope. Look, it's so nice. I'm a fan.

I'm a fan, I'm a fan. We're going home. We're going to have a sleepover. There you go. But honestly, this is super dope. Oh, there are little bubbles.

It's so beautiful. Look, this is way too dope. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Honestly, it's way too dope. Yes, that's right, that's right. Look, it's so pretty.

Okay, let me explain. I don't know how but our bathroom locked itself from the inside so I'm currently at Seoul Forest to go to the restroom. And so, I thought I would take a quick walk since there are also cherry blossoms here.

I'm going to walk around the park. There you go. I would really like the restroom to unlock because it's very inconvenient. Hey friends! I'm going to Gangnam right now because little story. I met an English music producer. It was totally unexpected and it's so dope, especially since we met in a totally unexpected place.

There you go. He actually collaborated with major Korean artists like Crush, Dean and Loco. And actually, these artists made some soundtracks for k-dramas so I was fangirling for a bit. "No way, you produced Crush?" "No way!" There you go. Other fun fact, he loves Gamecube so we're going to play video games with some wine. It's going to be really nice.

Should we talk about this building guys? Yes or no? What is this? He's 24 years old. Guys, should we talk about the fact there's Goldfish? There's Goldfish in Seoul! Okay guys, we went overboard. It's the most amazing shop in Seoul. There are snacks of all kinds and of all parts of the world.

Still no Cheetos but there you go. This road is really dope as well. Weirdly, it doesn't seem like Gangnam at all but it's really cool. Romain, are you jealous of all of his food stuffies? Look, it's crazy. Welcome to Gangnam, guys. Do you realize how awesome his view is? It's insane.

Okay guys, so we're having a little playstation party with Overnight 2. No wait, that's not it. It's Overcooked sorry, I'm a moron. It's Overcooked. It's super fun. A bit too fast but it's super fun. So, we're with ROM, music producer, and Lucy.

They're burning rice but I burned the entire kitchen before so it's good. And here, we have the Goldfish. Look guys, it's morning. Honestly, the view is gorgeous.

It's the sunrise on Gangnam. Dope dope. Look at how beautiful it is, the sunrise reflecting itself on the buildings of Gangnam. I love it. I love my life, guys.

Look, this is politics in Korea. I'm dead. They've been going around Seoul for like 5 days. Catastrophe. I can't even pretend to dance on this music actually. They go all out.

Look there's a guy getting hyped on the left. Look, it's a squirrel cafe. Oh, there are bunnies as well. It's so cute. Look, he's hugging cheesecake.

Little caramel latte because there wasn't vanilla and hot chocolate. Romain: Before shooting. Alex: What is it? Oh, it's a squirrel! I hadn't noticed. Romain: Oh yeah, it's dope.

Romain: You know that a squirrel on the side is Carrefour's logo? Alex: No. Alex: It's a dog nose. Romain: Oh shit. Guys, there's a flash mob now.

It's crazy. They've lost it. Insane. Oh, it's him. No, it's a puppet.

Romain: It's a puppet. Alex: It's a puppet, right? Alex: Guys, it's a puppet. Guys, it's not a puppet. It's the real guy. It's the real candidate. I can't.

It's the actual guy, the actual candidate, not a puppet. The guy moves like a puppet. Romain: Show the video again. Again, let's go.

Crazy. These Koreans are insane. There you go, friends. You were able to see the cherry blossoms in Korea and how political elections are held here. Right now, it's for the mayor of Seoul and it's insane. It's like that everyday everywhere.

I know I'm not posting many vlogs but it's just because I spend my time going out with friends. I'm not really visiting interesting places, I'm just enjoying myself. I do have a bucketlist though with like 15 things I think. I'm going to try to do them as soon as possible. The best would be before May but I think I'll finish in May.

And after that, the two months left will just be dedicated to having fun. It will just be enjoying time with my friends and Seoul, and maybe Busan. Who knows? There you go. I'm going to try to see all of that.

So, I'll be able to film some cool things to show you. There you go. I'm also quite busy right now because I'm working and I'm trying to do a project to find an internship.

I'm shooting videos very often but not for the vlog, for my personal project, well professional actually. I'll probably upload it on the channel when it's done. I really hope it's going to turn out good. Up to now, I think it's going well. There you go. I hope you enjoyed seeing what my friends and I do for fun.

There you go. Cherry blossoms are beautiful. Political elections are a bit too intense for me. It's fun though. It's so different from France. It's cool, it's funny. There you go. Loads of kisses. I love you very much. See you really soon.

I'm going to try to get back to it and visit some nice places. Kisses.

2021-04-17 09:24

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