Hangout with me in Boston

Hangout with me in Boston

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Uidahaargui goy editledeg shu huurhun shu

love ya!

Iim huurhun mundag ohinooroo geriihen ni ih baharhdag bhda. Amjilt husii huurhnuu! :)

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Hi ymar camera ashigladag ve?

Hi yu baitsgaana anh udaagaa uzej bna taalagdlaa heregtei medleg bolovsrol bolhoor goy video (blog) hiigeerei goy bna amjilt :)


Yo I miss Bob Chon Ania

Zaya v1.0 would like a bagel with salmon and cream cheese. It's Valentines Day tomorrow... time to get creative :-)

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Woohoo finally

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daraagiin udaad scholarship avah apply hiihed anhaarah zuils ged vlog oruulaach :)))

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huurhun ohin bnaa

Description дээр байгаа

Багшдаа баярлалаа!

Tai, you're amazing




Canon G7X

aww ♥️ so beautiful! reach for the stars ladies

Thank you for believing in yourself and inspiring me to do the same❤️❤️+Ariun Oyun

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Aimar goy hooloitoi ohin


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Thank you for believing in yourself and inspiring me to do the same❤️❤️@Ariun Oyun

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