Happening Now 01/30/18 11AM | January 30, 2018 Breaking News

Happening Now 01/30/18 11AM | January 30, 2018 Breaking News

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We're. Going into overtime today, yeah bill hemmer is our one lucky guy on outnumbered, you got to be ready it's got to be a recipe, where. Your Kevlar right they come from all angles, right. Well the continuing. Coverage of the State of the Union so, it's an awesome day to have you yes I, just got seriously shall, have my back. Happening. Now starts now. And. We started with a Fox News Alert on the ceremonial, kickoff, to president, Trump's second, year in office with his State of the Union address, just hours, away good, morning to you on this Tuesday I'm John Scott and I'm Julie van there was a big hour ahead for you major progress, on the economy and a push for bipartisanship, among. The themes for tonight's speech as the president addresses the Congress, and the, nation live, in, primetime, he is also set to pitch his immigration, plan as the clocks tick. Down to, another government shutdown. We. Have team Fox coverage for you with Kevin cork live at the White House but we start with Peter Doocy, live, on Capitol, Hill a big day in Washington, Peter. Julie. Republicans, in Congress think, that they've been doing a lot of good things over, here so they hope that part, of the State of the Union address, tonight is a sort of highlight, reel before, the president's, attention shifts, to the next big fight which is going to be immigration. Obviously. He deserves some credit before I could have blowing the whole wall, of the political establishment to be able to drive some of these things through tax, reform dodd-frank. I believe. Also we make you a little bit about him talking about what his plans are with the, doctor recipient, how to resolve that but, we're expecting, a lot of things. But. Democrats, want the president, to touch on an agenda item believed, to have a lot of support among their, ranks, infrastructure. The Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has an op-ed in the Washington Post where he writes that quote the, president promised a trillion, dollar investment, in our infrastructure, on the campaign trail but since he took the oath of office Congress. Hasn't heard much about his plan and what we have heard is in, promising. We, know nearly a dozen Democratic. Members of Congress plan, to skip the State of the Union sand some, others are gonna wear all black to, show solidarity with, the me2 and times up movements. But the House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy just, told us he does not want to see anybody's. Protest, of the president, gets, so loud or unruly. That it would interrupt tonight's, proceedings. I, would. Think there'd be very disrespectful, I. Wouldn't, support that during, a time when President Obama was in I wouldn't support it now I think our country was better than that a whole government is designed, to have compromised, and. But have a debate and I don't think tonight is a night to, play political games I think tonight's a night to listen. McCarthy. Also said he hopes President Trump, emulates, President. Reagan, and ask, anybody, that is watching from, the dais whether, or not they are better off now than they were before he was sworn in Julie. All. Right Peter Doocy thank you very much we've got more live team coverage for, you of tonight's State, of the Union address, which the president, hopes will strike a bipartisan, tone Kevin, cork is live at the White House with it more from there hi there Kevin hey there Julie I was actually just talking to my colleague John Roberts, who was talking to some of his sources here at the White House they're, telling Fox News that this speech will be bright and optimistic and I found this one really interesting they're, also telling us that it will be well, there'll be some things that you don't expect in tonight's, speech so certainly we're looking forward to that I can also tell you that this, speech will basically have, two very distinct.

Sections. One is going to be the accomplishments. And the second will be the agenda, what can the president point to moving. Forward as for the accomplishments, well the yeah we clearly he's going to talk about tax reform right he's going to talk about deregulation, and dismantling, Isis the, EDS. Certainly the appointment of a number of judges at the federal level and especially including, Neal Gorsuch on the Supreme Court bench trade. And pulling the u.s. out of the Paris Accord and the trans-pacific, partnership, now the agenda. Is where things get very interesting because, it's, believed, that this, is sort of an area where he gives fairly, bipartisan. Which I think might surprise some people these, are issues that both sides of the political spectrum should, be able to support things like infrastructure. Immigration. Reform welfare, reform, and rebuilding. America's military meanwhile. Here at the White House the, president, will be rehearsing, once again today even as speech writers make a few last-minute changes, press secretary, Sarah Sanders, telling us more, about the theme earlier, today here on FOX News. There. Is no. Denying. That the economy, is certainly better, under, this president, than it has been under the previous administration we're, really excited about, talking. About our successes, of the first year but even more so what. We are going to accomplish. Over the next seven years and how, much better how, much better things are gonna be after, eight years of President Trump, as, we've seen just in this first year, we. Have actually heard her make that reference before, after eight years as, you can well imagine more. Rehearsal, today on that speech which has been crafted, by Messrs Miller and Kohn and Porter, and McMaster the. President really wants to make sure he strikes the right tone tonight we, do expect exurbs, to come our way at some point Julie and as soon as we get a few lines we'll pass them along to you but for now back to you all right Kevin cork thank you so much I'm lining the White House. Another. Issue boiling, in Washington, right now despite, warnings, from the Justice, Department Republicans. In the House Intelligence Committee voted to release a classified. Memo which, accuses the FBI, and, Justice Department of, misusing, their authority, in the Russia investigation. Democrats. On the committee say releasing, the memo is a political, move and will undermine, the special counsel robert molars investigation. Let's. Appreciate, the fact that. We're. Talking about the core, way. That we keep ourselves safe, why, those 17, agencies are, important, the. Sources, that give us this information and, how, we do things we're. In real danger of revealing that the. Department, of Justice, said. In their letter to us this is dangerously. Reckless. We. Can at least take some time to hear them out before. We race to a judgment here, for. More on this let's bring in our senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, kind. Of difficult to talk about all this because we, haven't seen the memo there are 22, members of the house in telecom it E who have seen it right I've been very critical of the house Intel, committee for sitting on this as long as they had they sat on it during, the time that the House and the Senate were voting, to expand. FISA, authorities the. Day after. President. Trump signed the expansion, of FISA authorities into. Law they revealed this stuff what is this stuff it apparently, shows an abuse, of FISA. Authorities, translated. It shows, the we think because none of us has seen it except, members of the house it shows, the use of raw intelligence. Data for, political. Purposes. Congress. Should have known about that before, it gave the people who abuse this authority nor Authority FISA is the Foreign. Intelligence Surveillance. Act yes and guess what this is all about spying, on Americans. And using. That material to, embarrass. Humiliate. Or manipulate. The Americans, that were spied on spying, on Americans without suspicion, and without, probable cause but on the basis, of a city. Block or an area code or a zip code or a, telephone. Number so the we, just heard Democrats, and, some others are complaining, that. If you release this to the public, then all of our sources and methods are going to get out there okay so yes. And no the, this is a four, page summary. Of raw, intelligence, static, we're all intelligence, data is the information, that the spy agencies, actually collect like a like a phone call or a text message, or a series, of these when. The Republicans, prepared. This was written by three members of the committee and Republican. Staff members, and it, became apparent it was going to be released the Democrats, prepared, their, summary, of the same raw intelligence data surprise, surprise they come to opposite, conclusions, so you have ten pair of eyes Republican. Eyes looking. At the same data ten pair of democratic, eyes looking, at the same data they come to radically, different conclusions, the committee votes only to release the Republican, version I say, release.

The Data white, out the names of the people who gave you this information don't, release the names of your sources but let the American, people decide for, themselves who, broke the law who. Knew about it and who looked the other way the, Department, of Justice, has said oh you cannot release this stuff that this is dangerous stuff and that turns out the Department, of Justice, at the time it made that statement hadn't, seen it and this is where it gets a little dicey, in response. To that revelation, that, the Department, of Justice hadn't, seen it the, director of the FBI Sunday. Afternoon, went, to the House Intelligence Committee vault. In the bowels, of the Capitol. Building and read this four page memo and looked at the data from which it came and, what did he do 12 hours later fired. His deputy, Andrew McCabe yeah, they must have seen something there this must have been the last straw with, him with respect to McCabe, and they'd worked together for a long time well and and Andrew McCabe has been implicated, in the Peter straw Cleese ELISA, page memos, about the group that was getting together to talk about what. Horrors, would. Be would. Befall the nation if Donald Trump were elected president right also implicated, in the decision, to exonerate mrs., Clinton on her email. Scandal so. The bottom line this, the this is the tip I don't. Want to say iceberg, but it is it is the beginning of a lot of government, misbehavior. And will have the right to know about it and members of Congress who have seen this memo have said that this there's stuff there that's worse than Watergate I hope, they're not exaggerating. Because if they are they're going to have egg on their face but, I do believe the American public has the right to see it i ardently, wish congress had seen it before it voted to expand. Domestic. Spying powers on all of us fascinating. Yes we're, gonna be watching and we'll see whether the president, decides to you, know allow this release if the president, allows the release we. Will probably see, this on Monday, of next week. Judge, Andrew Napolitano our, chief judicial analyst thank you pleasure John Julie, all, right John two young dreamers in Southern California border, patrol agents just arrested. Them for taking part in a human, smuggling, ring we are live with all the details straight, ahead plus the, president's, first State of the Union address, just hours away what. The White House is saying about tonight's speech and how lawmakers will. React to it the. President, will deliver his first State of the Union address. The, theme of the address is building a safe strong, and proud America, which, is exactly, what the president has worked to do.

Fox. News Alert and on, the push for bipartisanship. The president set to make his case in tonight's State of the Union address, and tell lawmakers they, need to work together on, some, key issues. So. The expansion of work speech we cover immigration, and for. Many years for many, many years they've been talking immigration, they never got anything done we're. Going to get something done, we hope it's got to be bipartisan, because the. Republicans, really don't have the votes to get it done in any other way so it has to be bipartisan, but hopefully the. Democrats, will join us or enough of them will join us so we can really do something great for daca. And for, immigration. Generally. He. Word bipartisanship. Will, this speech, tonight maybe, perhaps change that joining us now Congressman, Steve King a Republican, from Iowa who sits on the House Judiciary Committee. Thank you very much for joining us. Julie so the president, is going to be using this uninterrupted. Hour to talk about the growing economy the, decline in unemployment and, the booming stock market, on, the war on terror fraud he'll point out victories, against Isis what, else will the president point out that will help perhaps shape. Bipartisanship. Legislation. Moving, forward we've. Listed a couple really good things that I'm interested in hearing from the President on and there, were significant. Dialogue how. You go for our broader, with the bipartisanship. I think you'll reach into the immigration, issue and try, to pitch that as a bipartisan, issue that's, been essentially, polarized, in the debate and the dialogue over the shutdown and, I think he will say some things that are designed to avoid. Another effort, by the Democrats, to, take. Our CR, hostage, on the 8th the February 8 to February and bring, about another shutdown I think you'll hear that but. He'll be talking about the need to secure the border and to enforce, the rule of law yet more law enforcement to, build a wall and, he's offered, up 1.8, million, essentially. Amnesties as price. He seems to be willing to pay to get some of the enforcement they, were part of his campaign promises, don't I want to talk more about immigration, that is obviously, a dividing, factor here, he hopes to reach across the aisle on this one on Fox, last night Republican, senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, said it's going to be up to Congress to decide the number of dreamers that, will ultimately be led to a path of citizenship, as laid out by the president's, plan in exchange for a wall listen. To his comment, and then I want you to react. Certainly. This is a great starting, point so what the president has provided is. His, roadmap, but it's not it's, up to Congress to make those final decisions, on where we go so whether, it's the number, of dreamers that are included you, know the 1.8, million that he's proposed, or whether it's a smaller number, those. Are all things that Congress, will need to make decisions, on so again it's a great starting. Point but, there are still a lot of questions, that we have with his proposal. On immigration, and, daca we're, going to have to work through that I met her of course I was thinking him the present No as the president points out that he needs Democrats, to get on board with this will, a State of the Union change, any minds you think, it's. Going to be interesting to watch the dynamics in that chamber just a few feet down the other way from me doing that that's, such an educational, thing to be inside that chamber and see who leads a standing ovation, who sits on their hands, and, how that works but he'll, try to do that I don't know that he can patch that together and in response, to Senators, comments, on that we, know the President, Obama's, number on daca is 690. Thousand President Trump says 1.8, million and, that. And then the price for the wall is the president's asked 25 billion the, CBO, score, for amnesty. For 1.6. Daca, recipients. Yes 26, billion dollars so if you look at it dollar per dollar it's going to cost more to grant amnesty for, daca recipients, than it will to build the wall you, might as well thank the walls twice the price if, that's going to cost our taxpayers just. Support the daca recipients. In this country that is a very interesting point, because a lot, of Democrats, would argue that he wants to spend 25 billion dollars for border security and he, also wants to end family based chain migration they say first of all that's too much money but, like you point out under the Democrats plan and under our former.

President Obama they. Would have in fact spent, that money regardless so. Let's, talk chain migration that's something widely contested by, Democrats, is that something that perhaps Republicans. Will be able to meet in the middle on well. I think we need to go actually more on the shame ride migration, side of this but we should remember when. We're discussing, putting, an end to chain migration, Republicans. Are in support, of allowing, I'll, say immigrants, to bring in immediate, family that would be spouse and, dependent children, and we. Going beyond that I remember hearing several years ago in the immigration, committee that. The, witnesses, testified this that there were only between 7, and 11 percent. Of the legal. Immigration in America that was based on anything that had to do with merit, the rest of it was essentially out of our control chain. Migration Visa. Lottery and a number of others refugee. Status so, I want that upgraded, and I think we need to also end, this automatic, citizenship, this birth tourism for, anchor, babies it's not been part of this discussion that, could be three-quarters of a million. Every, year in this country that eclipses, Daka and everything else times who knows a number 10 all, right Congressman, Steve King thank you so much we'll be watching this of course well speak to you soon thank you Thank, You Julie John a sad, situation in, Washington, DC over, family members of veterans leaving. Their loved ones ashes, at a war memorial why, a new ban is, sparking. Outrage, Plus. President Trump gearing up for his first, State of the Union address, what's, at stake for the president why his advisors say this is one, speech you don't want to miss I. Don't. Want to get ahead of what the president will say during his remarks but, it will obviously be must watch TV. Family. Members, of Vietnam veterans have. Been leaving the, ashes, of their loved ones alongside the Vietnam Memorial Wall for, decades, but now officials. Want them to stop a spokesperson. For the National Mall says they're, not equipped to handle long-term. Storage of human remains but families. Of veterans say they should be allowed to fulfill, the wishes of their loved ones I, hope. They are able to find a resolution, that. Everyone can come to because, these are the people that sacrifice, many. Of them did not choose to, go that way sacrifice, they they were called they were told they went and they did their job some lost their lives, the. Ashes, of at least 70, vets have been left at the wall since the Memorial memorial. Was erected including. Five, in, 2017.

We. Are hours, away from tonight's State, of the Union a, must-see, primetime hour lots. Of anticipation, over the topics the president plans to cover while Republicans, tout, a booming, US economy, and hope president Trump will drive that point home for. The party. They. Want to know that we are going to come forward with an infrastructure, package they want to know that we're going to work on immigration, jobs. And the economy the. Wonderful tax cuts, and Jobs Act that we just passed last month is providing. Wonderful opportunity. Across the United States those. Are the things that the American people are really, interested, in and they want us to work on I hope it's a message, of optimism, keeping. America, safe keeping, us strong and of course making, us all proud to, be Americans. I think that's that's what I hope to hear from the president, and that's what I truly expect, Jim, Kessler is former legislative, and policy director to Representative to Senator. Charles Schumer and Alexandra, Smith executive director, at America rising PAC thank you very much for, talking to us, Alexandra. I will start with you because you say president, Trump is going to be giving Democrats every. Reason, to, come to the table tonight what do you mean by that he sure is I mean if you look at anything from the immigration, proposal, that he's going to talk about in his speech tonight to. Infrastructure, a 1 and a half billion, dollar plan that he's going to be talking about this. Giving Democrats every, reason to come to the table and. You know what they really should because 2018, is a big year for them and after, the legislative, temper tantrum they just through with the government shutdown they, need to show their constituents. That they're more, they're good for more than just going to Washington and say no to Donald Trump there are several key senators they'll be sitting in the audience today senators, that come from states that President Trump, won some of them by double digits, so they really, ought to show. Some enthusiasm. For. Coming to the table and working in a bipartisan, way with, this president, in Republican Congress Jim what do you believe is the state of our union and, what is president, Trump's biggest challenge tonight so. The, state of our union is divided, this is the most divided country, I can remember in my lifetime is, this, is a polarizing, president, he has chosen to be polarizing. Yes. There are a lot of there's a lot of hope for the State of the Union I think of his hope of what he is trying to do is to bring this nation together and be less polarizing, and you. Know try and heal the divisions in this country that would go a long, way towards. Things like immigration and infrastructure, but right now I think he's more interested in dividing, than uniting and, we'll, see what he does in the State of the Union my hopes aren't as high as as as, others, on this because division. Is what got him the presidency, and it seems that's. That's, what that is his modus. Operandi, with regard, to, uniting. I mean the president wants, to unite the two parties he's made that very clear that, he wants bipartisan. Legislation, to move forward with, regard to spending, On February 8th Alexander. The government's funding runs out for the fifth time since, last October, due. To the Democrats, pushing forward and being reluctant on meeting. In the middle in, other words not being United how will tonight's speech, address this showdown, with the Senate Democrats well.

Look I totally, agree that the president, came to Washington, in 2016. Perhaps, of 2016, elections, as as, someone who would be a change agent I think what the American people were saying in the 2016. Elections is that we're tired of both parties we're tired of the way that they both work or, rather not work in Washington, and we want to see some action and I, think that you know coming up with the government spending you know Democrats I think made a major, unforced, error. And the government shutdown that they that they did a couple weeks ago that really showed the American people that they're not here to work for them so they really have every reason in the world to work with this president because I think that what Americans, are going to come and find in the midterm elections is that they're tired of these kind of antics Jim there's no way Democrats can argue that we don't have a strong economy our stock market isn't soaring, unemployment is, down what. Then will be the Democratic response, available. This is the amazing thing because you, know the economy, is doing, well it's been doing well for a long time but it's out of good, year the stock market is way up the country is at peace you, would think the president, would be popular the president, is incredibly. Unpopular, so, people are rejecting the. Way basically. That he is behaving the. State of the Union is, an opportunity, for him to press a reset, button I don't think the White House understands, that they have a problem but they do have a problem if, things are going this well and he's doing this poorly they, need to make a change his, State of the Union should, try to bring the nation together and show that he's, learned that the apprenticeship, is over he's, learned over the past year he is a different person he, will be a different president all right Jim Kessler Alexandra, Smith thank you very much to you both thank you for having us John, still. Had two, people who have enjoyed, the protections. Afforded by Daka. Arrested. For human smuggling, near the US Mexican border how. Their cases could complicate the debate over the dreamers plus. The. State of the economy will be front and center at the State of the Union address, tonight while Republicans, say the president has every.

Reason To be proud of his first year in office. There. Is no. Denying. That the economy, is certainly better, under, this president, than it has been under the previous administration. President. Trump's first state of the union from where our nation, stands right now to his big plans for America watch as Bret Baier and Martha McCallum acre the State of the Union followed. By the Democratic, response and Donald, Trump jr. reacts on a special, Hannity tonight. Driver. Admitted to being in. The area to, perform scouting duties for, a smuggling crew, the. U.s. Border Patrol arresting. Two young men in southern california, near the us-mexico. Border both. With daca status here, in the states both accused, of human, smuggling, Jonathan, hunt is live, in Los Angeles with more on this story i Jonathan. Hey. Julie, there are two separate, cases here, one, east, of San Diego, close to the border one north, of San Diego along, the coast in the first case in the border area, east of San Diego, near Pine Valley Border. Patrol agents arrested, two illegal, aliens and in, the process, noticed, two suspicious. Vehicles, they, pulled over one of the vehicles, in the 22, year old driver admitted. He was working, as a scout, for a human, smuggling, crew working. With another driver to relay information about. Border patrol movements. Agents. Also discovered. That this was far from the first time the man had, successfully. Participated. In human. Smuggling operations. Under. Daca this being, involved in a human smuggling event is a violation, and, so they'll be held in removal, proceedings in DHS, custody and then ultimately removed. From the country in, the, second, case on the California, coast about, 30 miles north of the border the, arrests were the result of a tip from a citizen, who saw a smuggling, operation near. Torrey Pines State Beach agents. Moved in on a vehicle to conduct an immigration, check they found three men inside, among, them the driver who is a 20, year old daca recipient. Immigration. Attorneys, argue, these are, isolated cases. Daca. Recipients, are usually. 99.

Percent Of the case is the. Ideal. Immigrants. So it's not that these events are impossible it's. That they don't make sense as presented. And it seems more inflammatory than, it needs to be. And. It is only fair to point out Julie, that these are indeed just two daca, related, arrests, amid some. 700,000. Daca, recipients. In the country, but they are worth noting, coming, as president, Trump prepares, for a State of the Union that. Will no doubt have, a lot to say about immigration. And potential. Paths, to, citizenship, Julie. All right Jonathan hunt in Los Angeles Thank You Jonathan. Resident. Trump said to tell hey strong economy. And the, tax cuts in tonight's first State, of the Union address, he might, also unveil his immigration. And infrastructure. Plans. Look. The president is going to talk about a number of things tonight, certainly. The economy, will be front and center we've had a historic. Year record-breaking. Moments. Throughout the year in, large part due to the president's, leadership on, deregulation, and a, huge capstone at the end of the year with a tax cut. Ohio. Senator Rob Portman joins. Me now from Capitol Hill he serves on the Finance Committee and, is a former, directive, of the Office of Management and, Budget, president, george w bush, you're, kind of a number, cruncher by, Nature, what do you think of this economy, that we're in right now and and how much of the credit goes to this president, John. It's really exciting because it's what all of us have been hoping for not just the increase, in the stock market which helps a lot of 401k, plans out there not just the increase, in economic growth we now have projections, of next year to be going. Over two and a half percent and, not, just the jobs and job numbers have been good but for me the most exciting news is we're seeing wages, begin to go up and this, is something we really haven't seen in a couple of decades if you look at it from an inflation adjusted basis, wages, have been flat where, it's expensive strictly healthcare have gone up dramatically, so this. Is exactly what some of us were hoping for is it the combination, of reforming, burdensome. Regulations, and very. Significantly. Fixing. A broken tax system that actually encouraged jobs and investment going overseas is. Beginning, to make. A big difference for workers in Ohio and across the country and so, that's exciting to me our, chief White House correspondent John, Roberts has has had some Inklings, of what is coming tonight he tells us to expect a bright, and optimistic speech, he also says, the, president, is going to slip in some things that people do. Not expect. I suppose. You're. One of those who might be surprised with any idea, what the president, might be hinting at there well. I think talking about the economy is important, but the next step in the economy in my view which I hope you will talk about I know it cares about his team cares about is workforce because, right now we're seeing across the country many employers who are ready to hire ready, to add more people encouraging. More, investment, through this tax cut is one thing but, you got to have the workforce to be able to. Be able to have the expansion we all want so I hope they'll talk some about that being sure workers have the skills needed for 21st. Century jobs whether. It's in healthcare whether it's an IT whether it's in manufacturing, we have big gaps in all those areas and then second the opioid crisis, I know, again he's got a passion for this but we need to figure out much more constructive ways to.

Deal With this issue in my own state of Ohio we had overdoses, and deaths increase again last year from the previous year unfortunately. We're not seeing this getting better around the country rather getting worse and this, has an impact on everything families, being broken apart communities, devastated, increase. In crime and an impact. On the economy there, many employers who are. Having a tough time getting people to pass drug tests and part of this is because of this opioid, epidemic that, has gripped our country so I hope they'll talk about that as well that. New Senate, report on the amount of illegal, opioids, that has been seized in, international. Mail deliveries, to the US raised, a lot of eyebrows, that the Postal, Service. Kind. Of. Unknowingly. Smuggling. Drugs what do you what are what, are we supposed to do about that well John you're up see right we studied it for a year the subcommittee, that I chair I had a hearing on this and we did a report last week that was shocking because it showed that this, fentanyl, and her family there's a synthetic, synthetic. Opioid, so sort of a synthetic form of heroin are, being produced in China primarily, and then, shipped to our own US Mail system, right into our communities, so we've, got to stop this poison, from coming into our communities, we know what the post office could do better in order to provide law enforcement information, they, need to, be able to identify and, stop these packages, and our, legislation, called the stop act is something the president's Commission's support it we got to get that done that's one of the things that can, be done and should be done right away to. Begin to keep some of this, deadly drug, out of our communities is, anyone at the post office fighting. That idea well. I met with the Postmaster, General yesterday, on that topic yes. They're concerned about us. Putting this in place because. They say they don't have the resources they need more time and so on but. This is an urgent matter back in 2002, Congress directed the post office to study this issue gave them the authorization, to do it we required all the private carriers to do it so the FedEx's and UPS's and DHS have to do it all, we're saying is give law enforcement the, information they need about these packages where they're from what's in it where it's going then, they can identify these, packages. Law, enforcement once it, community. Is back home in Ohio one it we need to get it done, senator. Rob portman republican. Of ohio we wish you well in that pursuit thank you sir next John appreciate, you Julie. Bombshell. Report charging. The US, military, with censoring, information, on, Afghanistan, concealing, from the public just how much territory the Taliban actually controls, how, the Pentagon is, responding. Plus uber. Calls it horrifying, after one of its drivers is accused of raping. Four. College. Students, what, we just learned about the, suspects, I. Mean. It boils, your blood and I think these events have really sort, of scared and worried people. Juston. Court action, for an uber driver accused, of raping four, college students in California all, are con Nunez pleading, not guilty this, 38, year old is an undocumented. Immigrant. His bail has been set at 1.4. Million, dollars. Now. Uber has issued a statement calling, the case horrifying. And says it is working with law enforcement. New.

Information, Now the Pentagon denies, reports. That its sensors, data on Afghanistan. This after. A federal watchdog claimed. It was told by officials to withhold. Information from the public on how much how much territory the Taliban, controls, and as, president Trump rejects, the idea of negotiating. With the Taliban after. A wave of deadly attacks in Kabul. When. We see what they're doing in the atrocities, that, they're committing, and killing. Their own people and those, people are women and children many many women and children that are totally innocent. It. Is it is horrible, so there's. No talking to the Taliban we don't want to talk to the Taliban we're going to finish what we have to finish what, nobody else has been able to finish we're going to be able to do it. Michael. Singh is a former, senior director, of Middle Eastern affairs at the National Security Council on a managing, director of the, Washington Institute, the Pentagon, says Michael, that, this classification. Error was a mistake, and maybe I can put on screen now part of the, memo that they released they. Say, in, the most recent, report cigar. That's the Special Inspector General, for Afghan, women. Indicated. That resolute, support restricted. The public release of unclassified, district, population. And land area control, data that, had been provided previously. It. Was not the intent of resolute support to withhold or classify, information which. Was available in Prior reports a human. Error in labeling, occurred the classification. System because. It incorporates both in NATO and u.s. nomenclature, can be challenging, and a mistake was made the. Data is not classified, there, was no intent, to withhold, it, unnecessarily. The. The argument began or the the controversy. Began because, all of a sudden NATO was not I'm, sorry the US and NATO, were not, releasing. The amount of land that the Taliban, controlled, or estimates, thereof so is do we chalk this up to human error Michael, well. John I think it's fair to take the Pentagon statement at face value you know this this sort of issue actually, dates back to October for. The last cigar report, where. They started to not, release information on the casualties.

And Trician rates of the Afghan security forces and, so perhaps there was a concern by the inspector, general that this, sort of move against transparency. Was increasing. But. To be fair to the Pentagon they have actually been pretty forthcoming both, today. And yesterday as well as in the past about, this particular, metric about how much land, is controlled by the government of Afghanistan versus. The insurgents, the Taliban the the numbers, suggest about sixty, percent of, the territory, of, Afghanistan is. Outright, controlled, by the government about ten percent, controlled, by the Taliban and, the. Other thirty forty. Percent is kind. Of somewhere in the middle that's. Right John and that's a whole heck of a lot better than in 2009. Before the surge of US troops that, was directed by President, Obama but. Of great concern is the fact that the, government, controlled territory, has since, been declining, since, you, know about 2014. As US, troops have. Been pulled out of Afghanistan. And, now obviously President Trump announced a new Afghanistan strategy in August, the. US troops that he, decided to add to that fight really, only arrived as of November, and so I think the jury's still out whether the new US strategy is going to be able to reverse any. Of that decline well, it's more of a gloves off, strategy. A lot less restrictions. Especially on the use of air power is. It too early to give your assessment, well. It is a bit of a gloves off strategy, bearing. In mind that the US troop levels still, are quite low I mean still only 15,000. Versus, you know the hundred thousand we had there eight or nine years ago and. There are other key elements of strategy as well so for example, trying, to integrate the diplomatic, and economic elements. Together, with the military elements that's quite important, from my point of view a very, different approach towards. Pakistan. Which we've seen from the Trump administration, these. Are all I would say just as important, if not more so than the military element and yes they do take time I think to to have any effect and, so I would say it is too soon to really render a judgment that, said, John obviously the American public has, really soured, on Afghanistan. And soured on this conflict, in, recent years and so the Trump administration doesn't, have an unlimited amount of time here to show results it is America's. Longest, war and, it grows longer by the day Michael. Sing Michael thank you thank. You John so. The State Department says it will not impose new sanctions on, Russia why officials now say they're. Not necessary, plus a seven-year-old, taken away from school, in handcuffs, officials. Say his behavior, forced. The drastic, move but his parents say they went too. Far. My. Guys made their King say no he said dangerous to society what. I say seven-years-old. Dangerous. To society like. Sot, you say, to the union baby it's tuesday, outnumber coming up republicans, voting to release that controversial, memo they, say will show big surveillance, abuses, by the FBI and DOJ, Democrats. Lashing, out calling a partisan, fiction, what. Will be the fall out when, that memo goes out and, all eyes on Capitol Hill just hours from now the president, gives his first State of the Union address, and Democrats. Well, they're putting. Up five yes five responses, whether that's a good idea or just too much noise all, that plus somebody you know well it's, going to be outnumbered, top of the hour that is. Florida. School officials say they followed protocol, when a seven year old student in Miami was handcuffed, and taken off. School grounds, according. To an incident report the first grader became violent, hitting and kicking his teacher after he was pulled from the school cafeteria for, playing with his food he. Was put in a hospital, for psychiatric assessment. Before. He was eventually discharged, now the boy's parents think, handcuffing. Their son went too far they call it police abuse school. Officials say the child has been restrained once before for aggressive. Behavior. So. The Trump administration refusing. To impose new sanctions on, Russia for the Kremlin's meddling, in the 2016. President, election, as Vladimir. Putin confirms, the u.s. for releasing a name. And shame, list. Of Russians. In his inner circle Richardson. Is live from the State Department in Washington with the very latest on this one hey rich naked, morning Julie and 210.

Government, Officials Russians, billionaires. All part of this so-called oligarchs. List the Treasury, Department, lay slit late last night released. This report required. In a law passed Congress, last, year that sanctioned, individuals, were authorized, that sanction of individuals, in response, to, interference, by Russians in the 2016. Presidential, election the administration, says this is not a list of Russians. That it is targeting, for, additional, sanctions though some on this list already, fall under US sanctions the Treasury Department says it is simply providing, a list required, by law of senior, political figures and those, close to the Kremlin and worth a lot of money the Kremlin claims this list is attempted interference. In the upcoming Russian presidential election, President. Putin says those named are engaging, in domestic, politics, and that the United States is attacking the elected, president putin also says quote certainly, this is an unfriendly, act it aggravates, the already bad condition, of Russian us relations, and certainly, harms international. Relations in general we, are not going to look for trouble or aggravate, the situation we. Want and will be patiently. Building, relations, to the extent the other side the American side in this case is, ready for it now the Trump administration also, announced, that it decided against, enacting, additional, sanctions, for now as the, law that passed last year does, enable the US administration to. Do though Steve minuchin the Treasury secretary, just, testifying, before the Senate Banking Committee says, after the release of this so-called, oligarchs, list that the Treasury Department will, announce, additional sanctions, though he has yet to provide a timeline Julie, back to you all right Richard sent up the State Department thank you rich John thanks so President Trump will give one State, of the Union address, tonight Democrats. Are preparing five, rebuttal. Speeches, what do you think about those numbers they'll. Talk about it straight ahead on, our number.

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