Haunted Beach | NIGHTTIME INVESTIGATION | Dumas Beach, India

Haunted Beach | NIGHTTIME INVESTIGATION | Dumas Beach, India

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All. Right, namaste. All around, another one, in. India million. Hi. Guys thank you for tuning in to amy's crypt I have a very special episode for you guys today this is a first for my channel today, we're going to be exploring, and then staying around until, nighttime to. Investigate, a haunted beach. You. I'm. Actually so excited to, be at this location I'm, currently in India, and this what beach was a place that a lot of my viewers you guys recommended. To me when, you found out how it's coming to India and it. Has a massive. Reputation. For being one, of the most haunted places in the country and. It's. Just so cool to be here it's known, as doom a speech hopefully, I'm saying that right because I didn't actually look up pronounce. Situation, before we came here now. It, is quite busy at, the moment, pretty, bustling. Tourist destination. By day at least so. We're gonna walk further, out towards. Where I assume the ocean is I can't actually see it but we're gonna walk out there and just. See what's going on but this is a bit sludge so. Oh. My. Gosh I, don't know how far we're gonna get and, it's like kind of deep or. Getting deeper, why aren't you sinking, a lot. Is it better stickable. Would tell, me the way. Actually. My foots already. Anticipate. Where's, the water. It's. Like Mardan I reckon, is just this mud sludge all the way out cause I can't see any water because, it people out there, the tides up. People. Walking out in. Sludge. Oh. No. That's a bush and there's somebody out there those. Don't. Tell me this is another catacombs, all over again. This. May be where to the catacombs, at. Least the catacombs, wasn't random. Yeah. So. By day there's. Heaps of people here they're, on their camels and, the horses. Are on their motorcycles. Whatever. The hell that thing is, and they're, all having a good time but. Apparently at night everyone, fake hates because they're so scared of ghosts, so, we're gonna hang around until dark to see if that is the case. Sorry. About the noise guys someone's, ripping around on a good bike down there but I did want to make note about the sand and, this has to do with why it, is believed that this Beach is so haunted. So. Supposedly. They say that. This used to be a burial ground, they used to bury the dead on this beach and. The. Reason why the sand, appears black as they say it's actually ashes, from cremated, bodies being mixed of the sand that, has turned a black and then. I guess, there's some spirits, that have left. Some, leftover energy and, they're, the ones fought to still roam the beach particularly. At night if we get down here can you definitely see. This. Is black sand or I mean there's, definitely black. Parts. Of the sand. So. I, don't. Know if I'm just playing, with. Dead. People, ashes, here and I'm standing in them or, that's. A local, legend. Or anything it certainly is very creepy, and disturbing but, that's. Why they say that the. Sand is black here. Raise. It battery standing, under these power lines. No. I, mean. A servicing. That unlike time effect before something like there's. A lot of these big, concrete slabs, at the bottom of them and. People. Are just hanging out it's like a picnic spot where, I, don't. Know you, go to the beach and you're like lay out your towel some, people have little tents, to pitch and all sorts they, just come and sit, under, the power lines I don't know what, health. Concerns of that are. I'm. Sure maybe it's not like long-term exposure I'm first applying for, a day. What, do you think it looks like.

Pirate. Asylum I feel like a ghost, ahead. My. Body. So. The Sun is setting and we're just waiting to lose our last light, and we are gonna hang around here tonight. Because this. Is a very well known place, in India, for being haunted, it, has quite the reputation one. Of the cool things about it which is very creepy, to know is, that, a lot of people who have come to the beach at night have gone missing and, many. People believe that, this, could be the ghosts taking them so, I mentioned earlier, that, this was supposedly. A burial, ground and, people. Say that late at night they see apparitions, walking, down the beach there's, also been strange light anomalies, and what, people believe as spirit orbs captured, in photographs. Here but. What I find really creepy, is. The, reports, of disembodied voices, coming, from here so voices, screams and, strange. Laughter. So, it's gonna be a very interesting night and I'm very excited, to lose light and to. Try, and reach out and see if we can make contact with any spirits that might be here. So. Jared what do you think, about all these missing people do you love it when I take you to these places. Yeah. I mean the missing people probably just get stuck in the mud. That. Is true. There's. A lot of mud out and the tide comes in in the ground, you. Think someone could actually get stuck in that, identical. Stuck in my boots for coming off as I was walking. More. Selfies. We. Got absolutely swamped, by people, for Sophie how. Many. People, all, surrounding, us wanting to have photos, of us and that's. What we love about India. It's. Funny that you feel like a famous, person here, or something, but. We have just lost the Sun I can't actually see anymore so, hoping. That everyone is scared of the ghost and leaves soon and we, can get, going with investigating. Do a speech. You. Another. Thing we don't actually know, how, we are getting home there's. Nothing. Really out here and. We. Don't have. Phone. Reception so, we have no internet, and a way to call anyone, we're. Guessing it's gonna be about two, hour walk back. I'm. Sure like if we had to walk back we would find a little tuk-tuk, rickshaw, being on the way back or or, someone that would pick us up but. It's. Always a rough night always every, time we go out no. Car if we had a carpenter, bees yeah yeah I know I were too scared to drive here in a lot of these countries particularly. India, the road and traffic. All. The rules that you hear just are so. Foreign to us that I feel like we couldn't adapt quick enough to be good on the roads and, we. Don't want to spend the money to. Like hire a car going car. On, West Beach talk to my speech no, ghosts. Haunted. Your haunted all I want the number one novel, in India yeah, number. One okay. Say that guy, that came up to us on the quad flag and said, very. Haunted, very haunted. Something. About the police and, we have to go. Come. On he spoke to him and we showed him my. Youtube and he seemed to like it I think. And. I think he understood that we're here to try and film. But. I, mean. Now he's saying the police I think he was saying the police are up here and they're clearing out the beach so maybe they don't want us down here he, also.

Kept. Insisting we got on his quad bike to. Leave I think. It. Seemed like he was scared that we would be here because it's very haunted, and he says this, area is where, the ghosts are so. I mean. Knowing, us we want to kind of just stay here, we. Told him that we're gonna walk and follow him but I don't know what we. Should do now. He's. Left us alone everybody just walks slowly yeah, I really don't know I read one article that. Said it is completely, forbidden to, be on this Beach after, dark and it, does look like other people have. Cleared out up there now now, please. They're coming at us. Yeah. Where am, I going. Okay. They really want us off the beach. Wanted. It. Go. So dangerous, and. They're. Scared that were on this Beach, okay. So I. Don't. Actually know if that was official, place, one. Of them's named kind of official, I was, like telling. Us to get off the beach it's. Haunted. Whatnot. So. We left but we kinda just went across the other side of this. Big. Rock, retaining, wall we're. Just hiding in a bhootish now. And. Just. Hoping, everyone just leaves and we can go back to the beach to investigate, I don't know if they're gonna patrol it or what. Doctor. Was creepy that bear was creepy, everything. Here is creepy. And. We're trying to not have any lights on either so people can't see us. So. We're, just standing, here in the dark basically, lighting. Oh my. Gosh I just want to investigate. If. The speech truly, is as haunted as I say. We. Need to get out there. Tell if they're coming to us on. So. It. Was like a massive flash, of light in the sky I. Mean. There's. No. Clouds around, anything. I could think is maybe it's, something man-made. The power cables, exactly. My point did. I do that in the dark I have no idea. But. I feel like you came from anywhere it came from that way which is away from the power lines. What's. That. So, I could drum. That. Distance. I. Don't. Know you tell me to go I look under the Stein's. Still. Glaring off the beach there's, still people out there with lights but I think it's. People clearing up the shops that have been out there I don't think it's anyone. From the public so I think they're just finishing up.

We're. Not gonna go on the beach again, just yet because. America. Needs to better well I've got a motorbike I can hear it out there what's. Interesting is we just seen another light. Up the entire sky, flash, of light, both. Of us in it again we, both in again again, not companied, by any. Sound. No, planes there's. No plane there is an airport nearby maybe it's something I, have. No idea what, it could be there's no there was no planes at the time right no, planes no, sound, just a massive it's. Almost like when there's a massive strike of lightning and it lights illuminates. The entire night. Sky. Except. There was no thunder. Yeah, there's no funder to go over there's no actual. Light, source it we just see it light up the sky so we've had it happen twice now both off-camera. I don't, know if anyone's watching from. Around here and you know what it might be it's like something from the airport, or who, knows. I can, hear a. Man's. Voice oh, my singing, them all Johnson. That, sounds like it survivor a speaker or, something. Okay. Guys I am. About, to run a ghost cheap I'm gonna hit it right now I. Have. Indecent, so, we might receive words. You can probably hear motorbikes, in the background there's motorbikes, there's music going on. This. We've. Been waiting for a long time for this base to quiet and down and it hasn't. We. Don't know whether people are they don't seem, to be on the beach anymore. There. Is a fire going out there though. So, you don't want to get too close to them. It's, going to be super difficult to pick up. A VP's just, because we're not going to be able to establish. What. It is that. We're. Hearing there's so much. Noise. Pollution here. My, magnetic readings. Look quite steady actually, we won't really show how these. Electrical. Okay. So, we just got a word. Because. I don't speak, Hindi. I don't know what that word was so I'm gonna have to translate it afterwards. I. Do. Feel. I gotta, say I feel like this place is scary, but. That's more because. We. Kind of almost, got chased up the, beach and, everyone. Seemed really concerned, that we were here we've. Seen some weird light. Anomalies, and. It. Just was like an odd place with all these cables. These. Power cables. At night and, I. Can. Definitely picture, people, coming out here and getting super scared. I'm. Really interested to know what that word might, have been and. Just. Because we received, a word it, doesn't mean that it's paranormal. At all it. Could just be, just. A random anomaly, that we received, we'll. See if it is relevant to, any of the backstory of this Beach which is that it was a burial ground a. Long. Time ago the. Reason the sand is black is because it is mixed with ashes. My, father say so. Yeah supposedly, I, don't. Know if that's just, one. Of these rumors that accumulates, over time or, there's another reason why the sand is the color that it is there, are a lot of factories, in that around that, is true. I'm. Going to stop the ghost chief now just for a sec. Just. Just so - give it a rest. I don't, really if you are kind of feeling this too. Normally. With, paranormal, you talk about sudden. Temperature drops and then people say the skirts around it gets super cold but. I keep getting wife's of. It. Feels like always hot. Air, I'm. Not getting that but. I think I did just say some lots behind you in the distance. In. The car now just. Over your right shoulder, I. Think. I did you see but I think I did you see but I think I did you see. It. Was interesting because they say light anomalies, is. A big. Thing that they capture, for. People's sight at this Beach I want to know what those Lots where that were but I had to there I know I'm very interested in, that. All. Right guys so. We're, actually on the beach now you, just scaled the, rock or tiny well. I'm just gonna go for a walk, I'm. Just gonna go for a walk I'm. Not gonna use my spirit box. But. Maybe I should I haven't decided yet. Just. Because. But I want to get cool and get, in trouble like kick it off. So. I think. What, we might do is go for a walk, and.

Just Be really raw with, this investigation, I. Will. Let, you know if I. Am. Feeling anything I, don't. Claim to be sensitive, already anything. Like that but, I, think. One, thing that I don't do on my channel. Is. To use myself as the. Investigation. Tool, which. Everyone says that you should you, know follow. Your feelings or intuitions, or senses or whatever I, can. Hear music. So. I feel like we. Can't really listen out the EVPs. Anything. That we're recording, now is kind of polluted. Footage, relatedsound, because, there is so much noise. Around me I kind. Of hear the buzzing of the. What. Are the electric, electricity. I. Actually. Feel. Almost. Like a static. Prickling. Sensation all, over my head and. I'm. Not claiming it's paranormal, effect, but, I'm. Not even claiming it's in effect from these power lines that could just completely be in my head but I think, just the noise that, is there it's. Making. Me feel it's. Like when you talk about bugs. And you suddenly feel itchy, it's. Making me feel like that with, these power lines here on the beach so I, don't. Know if that's relevant to. Debunking. Anything, here but, we're gonna do, a spirit box I'm, just gonna man. Up and do one I am. Going to be speaking, in Hindi and. I. Don't actually speak Hindi but, I have got some, questions. Written, out from Google Translate on my phone. And. We're, just gonna see, how we go. Namaste. Mera, naam ami hat. Hello. My name is Amy. Yeah. But. Carding, game, would. You like to talk. To. Be part of a putter Fred that sounds like here but. Same. Flower ah none. Come here what, is your name. Kim. Yong ha. Shampoo. Ye-yeah. Danyoung. Word Alvida. Thank. You goodbye. Okay. So I didn't, want to do one for too long, we, did get voices, through. Nothing. To me that sounded really distinct, but again I don't speak Hindi if you do speak Hindi and you're, watching this and you noticed a word or something that sounded like a phrase or an answer to any of those questions please drop, me a comment I would love to know your interpretation, of what you heard it. Is frustrating not knowing in, the moment if anything, came through we. Did hear something that sounded like yeah. To one of the questions but, that. Could just be our brains you. Know wired to hear, and understand, English that, that's what we could kind of pick out. We're. Trying. To find our way out of here, just. Walking along the, beach. There's. We. Don't actually know that we're going there's. No reception. Or internet or anything out here. We. Haven't even been this way down the beach we're just heading. Down it now I think that we can get to what kind of looks like a town because there's lights there and. Then hoping, we can get a taxi. To. Take us back to our hotel, otherwise. It would two hour walk. Thank. You guys so much for watching that was actually, a pretty scary, adventure, so I just wanted to fill me in and let you know that I'm headed back to the, hotel room safely, not. Before though joking I had to walk for about 40, minutes in the pitch black of night on. A beach that was haunted and that we weren't allowed, to be on and then. As we ascended, that big rock retaining, wall there was a dog there, was completely, nothing around us and we, walked for a lot longer down, a really dodgy Road actually, made it to the little town of Dumas, and we. Were lucky because we. Went to an ice cream shop and not only did we get ice cream but we also had, someone. Help us organize a driver who got us back to. The hotel room so we're very thankful for, that adventure. And being safely you. Did enjoy this video please remember to Like comment share and subscribe that'll, really helps me out if you want to read more about do a speech or other haunted places I visited in India head to Amy's crypt calm and, remember guys until next. Time stay, spooky, I, actually. Read online that. Dogs. Are affected, by the paranormal, activity at the speech and some of them really don't like it and, I know that animals, you, know there's fairies that they can sense spirits, presence, and that we've. Seen a few dogs here and they don't really seem to, care or, minds there's some, really cute puppies. I don't, know they're eating. Whatever. It is it's making them less, cute. Crabs. Or something. Please. Make. No just be hungry.

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Didn't find the water. I couldn't go too far out because of the mud, haha.

Does the spirit box need to be that loud someone might hear it and you could have trouble please be careful. Nice to know you made it back ok . This is Ivana from Canada ❤️ happy New Years.

Thanks, Ivana! Yeah, I was hesitant to use the spirit box because of this. We made sure there wasn't anyone there before proceeding with it! Happy new year to you too and thank you for watching!

they don't want you out there because they don't know how tough you are! tough chic

Ok I really really enjoyed this video........


Yay! Thank you, Kavitha! That makes me super happy!

scream in the dark

Hi Amy, I really like your videos, excellent work, the anomaly that you comment 23:18 maybe it can be an ROD I leave you the league of a video, this was made known by José Escamilla. Take good care of yourself, you're very smart and beautiful, please I just want to ask you to wear gloves if you touch old objects, walls, a tombstone, etc just in case. I follow your videos, a kiss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuMDfUio_FU

Thanks for the info, Pitufo! Appreciate it!

the police are sissys

I really enjoy watching your videos but the background music/sounds are to loud almost annoying. You really don't need it that loud just listening to you tell us a bit of history about the place with very low background sounds. Be careful out there guys. This is Ivana Williams from Blue Mountains Ontario Canada ❤️

Thanks for the feedback, Ivana! I always mute the music completely during my investigation segments though.

Paranormal research = 98% waiting...quietly....hoping it's worth it. / Just an uneducated guess but maybe the sands have a high concentration of minerals coming from maybe basaltic rocks from the sea or some other source deposits from as far away as Arabia. Either way, it's cool. Love your CH

That is so true, Amarie! Thank you for watching and coming up with theories about the sand. I'm really not sure what causes it either. Though, if the legends about the ashes are true, it is pretty creepy!

Sorry for watching your video so late, it was a long day of work, now I am just relaxing and trying to catch up, and since I don't sleep well I will be watching alot of videos. Much respect from South Carolina.

+AmysCrypt and your welcome.

+AmysCrypt I will be up for sometime since it is only 12:40 am my time, and I enjoy your company and videos.

Thanks for watching, Bruce! Sorry to hear you had a hard day! Glad it has finished now though! Hope you enjoy the videos and get some sleep!

maybe they are going to start a bond fire and cremate some hotdogs yuk yuk

Very heavy essence about that place...seems to be a figure following you..that's the feeling that I got! awesome video! I am hooked on your videos!

Hey, Meg! Glad to hear you've been enjoying my videos! Wow, that is so creepy to hear! This place was definitely spooky once the sun went down!

Hey guys just one moan can you please please stop with the ugly music chur

Thanks for clarifying Niki. Will work on this for future videos.

+AmysCrypt yea the volume other than that awesome just subbed

No worries. Thanks for the feedback, Niki. I always mute it during the paranormal segments. Do you just not like the sound or is it the volume? I feel it needs to be added to create depth and atmosphere. Cheers!

Amy’s the best !

Thank you, Shawn! Super flattered!

didn't your mom tell you not to play with the dead creep on

happy new year amy and many more creepy vids

Thanks so much, James! A big happy new year to you too!

surfs up dude wait what surf dirt's up lol

The black in the sand is probably from the wood they use to cremate their loved ones. Cremation ashes are more of an off white colour….that way of disposing bodies is the norm in India....

Thanks Debi. I love learning about different cultures, how they differ (or are similar) to my own and explore local legends. Cheers

I like your videos as you seem to travel to more countries and I think the correlation between the norms and belief system of any given country and the paranormal beliefs are very interesting....l+AmysCrypt

Very interesting! Thank you for the info, Debi! Hope you enjoyed the video!

That Bell was creepy! Great vid.

Thanks, Dave! I agree! That bell freaked me out, haha!

Great video, but please be careful, could have been Alien related.......plus if you got caught on the beach after being told to leave they could arrest you, take care and stay Spooky xoxo

Thanks so much for the concern, Jacqueline! We always do our best to be careful! Sta spooky!

I wish next time you will adventure in hunted disney land

Hey Andrew! That would be so much fun!

Your video s are amazing thank you so much for the good documentary videos shout out Indianapolis fan of yours

Thank you so much, Mr. Leprechaun! Really appreciate that!

Welcome to my Country... Amy!! I'm from another part of India(North eastern region). I'm very surprise as well as very glad to see you guys here. And plz! Bear with our India traffic, it is a mess no one follow the traffic rules..

+AmysCrypt Glad to hear it... enjoy your exploration in our country's haunted places...

Thanks, Tangshang! We are so excited to be here exploring! India traffic has been pretty bad, but we've been here a few weeks and are actually used to it now, haha.

Wow, be great if you could explore other haunted places around Asia! Looking forward to more of your informative haunting videos in 2019!

Thank you, Ana! This is actually one of my goals and hopefully, I'll have some more vids from Asia out in the new year! Glad you are enjoying them!

You guys have balls of steal! I would have been petrified to go against the Indian police, that lot scare me lol. Another great video, my heart was in my mouth through most of it tho. So glad you guys got back to the hotel safe!! Looking forward to the next video

Hey Ali! Yes, I have so many travel plans. I'm on my way home to Australia now but will take a while to get there as I want to hit more countries on the way. I'll likely stay home for awhile since I've been away for 4 years, then I'll head off again, haha.

AmysCrypt wow that’s a lot, it would be good to see them all. I’ve got everything crossed you decide to upload them

I have a big back log of places, and can't decide on what to release next. I still have vids from Europe, some more from India, and if I stretch even further back I have some from the US, Australia and MExico (but these were filmed so long ago and I have learnt and grown a lot on my channel since I began, so they are probably terrible videos which is why I have not produced them yet). I think a place from Poland might be next, or if not Paris.

AmysCrypt just realised I spelt steel the wrong way haha. I have night shift brain

Thanks so much, Ali! I was still petrified, haha! Was pretty relieved when we made it back too!

After you asked what is your name I could have swore I heard "Jack" anybody else hear this?

Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

Have you visit kuldhara ?

+AmysCrypt God bless you

Hey, Kumar! I have not. I was looking at it, but it was a little too far out of the way for me. Hopefully one day I'll make it there!

You should do the ghost house next. I think they are near Vietnam somewhere . I seen a movie about it . Just don’t touch anything or remove anything from the ghost house . It said . You will be haunted by the ghost .. image running into a ghost on that beach . Knowing my luck . I would see some beautiful lady on the beach . Get close . She be like the grudge

Thanks for the suggestion! That place sounds pretty creepy. I'm going to look it up!

23:37 I think it's just a bug

Thanks for sharing this, Sean! Appreciate it and think you are probably right!

When are you gonna go too Mexico

Hi, Noe! I was in Mexico early last year. I have a few videos on haunted places there too. Here's a link to My Mexico playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkI6CH_Xcccct1HDX3ap1-KErF6ZzYDdI Thanks for watching! Loved Mexico and want to return one day!

It looked like a orb that went by you.

Thanks for that, David! Love to get others opinions on these things!

Hi amy,is philippines included to your list?

Hey, Michael! It is actually! Not sure if I'll make it there, but I really want to! Thanks for watching!

But you should find some haunted locations in Georgia the Deep south is full of legends and ghost

Thank you for the suggestion! I would love to get there and explore. Hopefully one day soon!

Great video i like that you are so real and when you investigation the beach there can be nobody on earth who get you leave that beach good work i love that. I remember the beaches on Toremolinos they have also black sand'y beachest the reason why was that there are vulcanisch sand. Who knows maybe a little bit vulcanisch and human ashes and contaminated soil on Dumas beach, well you know you touch the sand and then you touch your face or mouth brr wake up call you just get human remains in your system (i always see in pictures so that's a real disturben picture) I think it's great that you save yourself from the most desperate situations and always secure the way home or hotel. That says so much about your true passion of the quest for the paranormal. I'm really a super fan of you authenticity. Stay save and much love from Myriam

Thanks, Wildey's Place! Yes, I really had to get out and investigate the beach, haha! I'm not really sure what caused the black sand, though if the legends are true it is pretty creepy that it was a burial ground. Freaky to think I might have rubbed the ashes all over my face, haha. Thank you for appreciating the effort it takes to do what I do. We always seem to get stuck, but figure out ways to solve the issues!

Amy do you ever get scared on your hunting the spirit's i love watching your videos have a great new your amy love yeah be safe.

Thanks so much and happy new year, David! I do sometimes get scared, Usually from the living though, I actually welcome any form of paranormal encounters!

What if that's not Black sand and ashes what if it's just tons of Camel shit that would suck

Oh my! I'm there rubbing my finger in it too, haha!

Nice video... I should admit, you guys have guts... This place is like really creepy and has a huge history from what i read... Well ashes are like the remains of the human body after cremation... So if human ashes are mixed with the sand which u rightly said about this place... the possibility of this place actually being haunted is quite high.... From what i have researched and understood... If u really wanna experience the paranormal... Go to these kinda places without camera... These things will never reveal themselves... However thats just a suggestion on a personal note... There are several haunted places in mumbai as well... With interesting back story... Try to visit if that fits into your schedule... Last but not the least Welcome to India... i think I am a lil too late to say that... Lol... Good Job guys

Thanks for watching, Shehzad! I agree! If those legends about the beach being a burial ground are true, there could definitely be a ghost or two hanging around! Thanks for the tip about the camera too. I am hoping to check out a few Mumbai haunts too! Cheers!

Not only was this video extremely creepy, but that was the first time I've ever seen you actually holding your camera to get that selfie angle...!

Thank you, glad you found this one creepy! Glad you also appreciated that selfie angle, haha!

I really wonder if the power lines aren't a huge contributing factor to the eerie sensations and feelings you had. Also seemed like there was a bit of static during the last part on the beach as well. Seems odd they clear people off the beach and makes me wonder why. Great video as always!

Hey PianoGirl! Glad you enjoyed this one. Yes, the power lines were a weird touch that very well could contribute to the paranormal claims on the beach! Interesting to think about. I'd never been on a beach that had to be cleared of people at night! So odd. Thanks for watching!

Where is the ocean!!!! Weird! XO! Be safe!

I think the tide was out super far, Betsy! I couldn't walk far enough out to see it because of the mud though, haha. Thanks for watching! Always try to be safe!

Great video. You are braver than me...

Haha, thanks so much, Stephen!

And I missed it Anyways So try investigating Pakistan,My friend who is Pakistani says they got some hell of crazy stuff

Awww, no worries that you missed it. Glad you can still watch it anyway. I would love to visit Pakistan, would be cool. Thanks for the suggestion!

LoVe YoUr ViDeOs!!!

ThAnKs, Dawie!

I don't know theater or anything like that but I like your investigation methods I watch all the time from sunny Florida be safe

Thanks, James! Sending love to Florida! Cheers for watching.

another great vid that was a spooky beach i think the light anomalies were probably just bugs thanks amy xx

Thanks for watching, Barry! You are most likely right about that!

Wow ur in india

There's also a place called Bhangar fort and it is said to be very very haunted. And people experience a hell lot of paranormal activities especially at night.. If you're still in India, you can check it out too. It is said to be the most haunted place in the country. BTW.. I love your videos. And I really appreciate your works. I wish you good health and luck!!

Thank you so much! Appreciate this! I actually visited Bhangarh and will have videos on it very soon!

Ma'm...r u still in gujarat?....i really wanna meet u...

Sorry! Not there anymore.

Love you videos

Thanks, Desmond!

Thumb up for shirt with Mikey. Great video. Interesting place. It will be interesting to try some rituals. Funny fact.. do you know that really big "piece" (i think its actually 3rd biggest amount of components) of the sand on beaches are fragments of dead organisms anyway ergo some cremation dust is just little adition ;)

Glad you appreciate the shirt, thank you! Very interesting fact there!

Hi Amy again sorry I didn’t mean to get affected by what I said I just wanna be like you ghost hunter and paranormal investigation but you know it’s sopar hard to get in to thank you a lot Amy stay spooky see ye

No worries, Kaya! Very exciting to hear you also want to investigate! Thank you

Ma'm plz inform us whenever u r going to come to India again....plz Ma'm......I just lost chance to meet u....I live very near to Dumas...plz mam it's a request.....love u...

Aw thanks Ronak

Do you really believe in another world (be real)?

I would say that i WANT to believe. I am a skeptic. Even though I have seen, heard and felt things that I cannot explain, I always can or try to think of a logical explanation. I hope there is more to this world than what we see, but I cannot say for sure that there is. More research and investigations needed.

So sad...strange beach and sand...it must be very haunted and scary at night!!!... :o

Thanks Graça! It was quite creepy, especially because all of the locals were urging everyone to leave

Hi beautiful how’s it going the gay you talk to him about the place he was so scared if u looking to one he’s face why that’ I don’t know man people get scared because of ghosts that’s unbelievable I never saw a ghost in my life but I wish if I can see one I’m not like you Amy u can travel I’ll around the world because u from Australia u have strong passport and money but I wish if I had so I can travel like you into any haunted place around the world I can sleep over because I don’t have fear of ghost good job Amy see y

Hi Kaya. I am well, thanks. Thanks for watching and commenting. I hope one day you get to do some travel, too. And if not, you can always explore and do paranormal investigations locally, too. Once our trip is over I will be bringing you guys some haunted places from my home country, too. Thanks again for watching

Dang, lady that sucks! Watch your video, and it was dangerous and spooky. As being, a woman, did you have to precautions? I'm unfamiliar of the area, only what I hear.

AmysCrypt WOW! You’ve been away for 4yrs?! Awww yeah, defo have some down time, you totally deserve a rest!!! You’re living the dream for sure, but there is no place like home eh? Just seen another upload from you, just on my way over to watch it

Ummm maaah. Ur so naughty lol. I heard yes and the lights were just insects buzzing around

18:19 figure 18:30 let's turn12:10 go surround them

Wow! What a long haul to India! Thanks for sharing this. I've been to the North side of the "big island" of Hawaii, there is actually black sand there. It's not like the sand here. The Hawaiian sand is almost beautiful, and certainly consistent of color, and appears clean. The Indian sand here looks polluted (maybe by ashes) Who knows if ashes would wash away. India is so big. I know the Ganges River is so polluted because of leather tanning mills (factories?) that dump the waste onto the sand, making it one of the most polluted places ever. There is a lot of ways to tan leather. Pioneers used smoke and other means. You can also use Tannic Acid. (which is very acidic and strong). I have not seen light phenomena in your other videos, where you used the Jarred cam. These were brand new to me. You actually looked scared in this video, at least what I thought. The thought of being on a mass grave would make me very creeped out, and probably scared, too. About the timeline theory that I've mentioned a couple times, where ghosts possibly are not tied to linear timelines anymore: It's possible when you asked "how many people are here" that they had already answered it "23." I realize that might sound convenient, but maybe might be considered. I hate to go on like this, but in Quantum Physics, it's possible for someone in the present to influence the past. Einstein believed this, and he also did not believe in time. Of course, linear time is the only explanation for cemeteries and people aging, etc. Thanks so much to both of you for what you are doing.

Thanks so much for the in depth comment. You always share excellent thought out points. I didn't know that abut the tanning mills. Cheers as always for watching!

That is the creepiest beach I have ever seen! I can't believe how muddy it was! Very spooky at night! Thank you for enduring the muddy shoes!

Damn those power lines next to water is dangerous thats why people scare and paranormal guys

Beaches are so spookey at night you think of all the shipwrecks and people that have lost there lives. They must come in with the night. Also yes electric lines are known for making people feel wired but also there known for helping paranormal activity. I think your show is cool sweet. And you don't fake stuff I love that. X

Thanks Natasha

This beach looks very eerie. Damn police people back off.

Looks like a KKK Ghost

It does kinda look like that - thank god it wasn't.

Your Vedios r just interesting i Love You ❤

Thanks John. I am loving India. Still there now...

+AmysCrypt yeah i thinks the same

Hi Crowfoot. Just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and set up a Patreon. Don't feel obliged to sign up, but I thought I would let you know because you specifically mentioned it. I am already so grateful that you watch and comment on my videos. Let me know if you have any feedback on it, here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/amyscrypt

Hi Amy, I really like your videos, excellent work, the anomaly that you comment 23:18 maybe it can be an ROD I leave you the link of a video, this was made known by José Escamilla. Take good care of yourself, you're very smart and beautiful, please I just want to ask you to wear gloves if you touch old objects, walls, a tombstone, etc just in case. I follow your videos, a kiss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuMDfUio_FU

awesome job amy have a great day all the very best xxx

Thank you so much Alan. Have a nice day

Hi Amy, hope you can visit Philippines too. I would recommend Diplomat Hotel or go to Baguio City Convention Centers. Baguio waa become a garrison during Japanese occupation. Many were killes and tortured. Because of that it became haunted with spirits. Diplomat Hotel are once home of Dominican Missionaries. But when Japanese discover the place they rape nuns and killed them. Priest head was cut off. When you take photos and videos they do appear.

I really really wanna visit the Philippines

Hi Amy, what I like most about your channel is your honesty about the paranormal and that you don't claim everything to be down to paranormal activity. Also you have a lot of content, they are nice long videos. Not sure what that was that flew passed you, but it was an odd shape. It could be that missing people do get stuck in the mud and drown when tide comes in, that is a possibility. The Pylons (over head cables)will probably give off a small humming noise, don't know if you could hear that. You are doing great, Thank you. x

Thanks so much, Daisy! It makes her so happy to hear you appreciate my honest approach. Really appreciate your thoughts on this video too! Cheers!

Osm...i missed you...i also in Dumas beach on dec 30


What is crazy is that this is the date I filmed this!

And i recommend you to investigate Bangarh fort as well.

Thank you! I visited Bhangarh Fort and you'll see it on my channel soon!

Next time you wanna invesgtigate haunted places in india, call me i'll be there to help ya.

Thanks, freaKy guy! That's very nice of you!

Thanks, Shaune! I think you're right, most likely a bug!

Thanks so much did analyzing the video!!!

Explore Rajasthan.... Forts like Bhangarh or some other. And ya it's a honour to have you in our country. Welcome ☺️

Kuldhara. Have a visit over there

Come to the states and Marry me Amy!

18:19 figure 18:30 let's turn12:10 go surround them 12:58 what was that 14:26 in here 14:30 that's why they use the spirit box amy 14:34 time to put her away 14:37 watch this that spirit box is there's 14:39 what they want is at last 14:47it ain't freezing 14:49 you see me first 14:54 spirit dogs 14:58 I been ok . 15:19 it's about us four 15:22 what if

+AmysCrypt your welcome I hear these with my ears have a great safe day!! Have fun!

Thanks for the feedback Crowfoot. I hadn't considered a mapster, this is interesting. I will give some of these ideas some consideration, thank you

Hello +AmysCrypt! Sorry for the late reply. Congrats on getting a page set up! I love this whole idea where fans can contribute just a tiny amount monthly (and I do mean tiny! like, ONE DOLLAR tiny), but added up allows people to continue making the stuff we enjoy so much. I did sign up! and didn't feel obligated, heh, no worries. The support tiers are perfectly named, lol, and the icons for them are awesome as well! I literally created a patreon account to subscribe to you and a couple of other content creators, so I'm as new to it as you are, but so far so great! The one thing I would suggest would be having more tier levels, ie 1$ tier level (maybe get a sticker, or a post card from a spooky place?) and $10 level (sharing your mapster that has all of the spooky places bookmarked??). I don't know if those rewards make any sense for you - just tossing ideas out there. But having the option to just send a buck might be more enticing for a lot of people, and again, once a bunch of us are doing that it really adds up for you. But everyone reading this, please know you can donate at any level you want - it's just the rewards that appear to be set at certain tiers. You can also do a one-time donation by subscribing at a custom amount and unsubscribing after it goes through. But Ko-fi.com would be the best option for one-time donations, set at the price of a latte - or a beer

I used to get angry at people who say go missing instead of disappearing, but now I’ve heard Amy say it so I’m quite all right with it.

How is it I never heard of Amy? Hurrah, a reason to keep living. Hope there are loads of videos!

I wouldn't say that visit haunted places only and only India, but yes please visit places which are cursed or were/are used for some sort of communication or telepathy with the paranormal world. I really appreciate your and your cameraman aka husband's efforts

I really wanted to visit Kuldhara but unfortunately it was out of our way. Will have to be next time

Hey Amy ! You look so beautiful,why don't you go some more haunted places in india ,will wait for your next video.

More haunted places in India to come soon

Wow i don't think we will holiday on this beach, you are super brave :) great video as always

wow such a cool video I'm new to your channel and I'm having so much fun going through your videos :) your really great at what you do. I loved this one and the witches pond :)

Thanks so much, Nikki! That is really cool to hear! Stay spooky.


Hello, Amy - wounderful video from a mysterious country - Verry creepy! Best regards of Petra;)

Thanks, Pamela! There are probably some less spooky beaches around for a good holiday, haha!

Looks warm. At least it's not mud. Sand dries up and falls off. It doesn't cling like mud does. Oh it is mud. Looks like sand. How come I still hear people? Oh. I would spend all night there. Maybe it's volcanic like in Hawaii or one of it's other islands. The sand that is. Your spirit box has a beat to it. A rhythm. I like the way your eyes glow. Yup looks creepy. Yeah you two just be careful because there's a lot more than ghosts wondering around at night.

the reasons, why I disliked this particular video was the following: 1.) it looked very muddy, you and Jarrad had to walk around in mud for hours. 2.) there was no water, just mud, funeral ash makes for at least taking off your shoes and running bare foot through :) 3.) power lines are dangerous, especially with wet mud, there is a part in the Hunger games talking about electricity in wet sand killing people, so it was not very safe for anyone to be there. 4.) this is the most important reason; in a country as vast as India, with you and Jarrad somewhere with no people no cell phone and stories about people going missing and urband legend about illegal organ harvesting trade, you and Jarrad were again at risk. seeing you both safe at the hotel did make me feel very relieved. finally the one thing I did like were the two dogs eating gross things on the beach :D

Thank you so much Petra!!!!

i feel like the back ground music is too loud

I think the power lines are making your camera make a crackle sound

They look like bugs

15:01 with my headphones on and volume fully up to me it sounded like a mosquito buzzing

The lightning could be heat lightning

12:59 sound like a cry from a baby.

You are lucky that you can travel all over the world. I wish I was able to do that

You need to raise money for an Infrared camera for locations like this one.

People have got stuck in the mud in Weston Super Mare and Morecombe , and died . And that place looks much bigger and a lot worse.

Thanks for watching

It was a tad muddy but it was fun to explore and I love the legends!

the noise you put in the video is enough to get rid of me sorrt i will check in another time.

Hi Stephen. Thanks for the feedback. So I can understand the issue a little bit more and to help me improve my videos, could you please clarify whether it was it the intro sound track at the very beginning of the video, or the music used while I retell the ghost stories or another sound? Also, was it the volume that bothered you, or did you just dislike the sound of the music/find it irritating? Thanks for clarifying Stephen. I am always looking for ways to improve my vids.

Most of the time, no point doing EVP in a place where the spirits doesn't understand English but no harm to ask them first if any of them know English since you won't be able to understand them even when you are editing. But if they don't, I mostly just walk around with my camera, hoping to catch some activities. It nice to see that are some American youtubers investigate haunted place in Asia

+AmysCrypt I didn't know that. Anyone in the US and Australia all look the same to me

Thanks Kevin - I am Australian, though

Ghosts don't appear when filming takes place

They do make it hard to capture hehe

Thanks for the feedback, will try to adjust volume in future vids

Yeah, you can definitely hear them on camera. They were even louder there. Crazy!

I think so, too

Yeah, it kinda does, thanks Becky

Hi Becky. I am very lucky to be able to do this. I am thinking of making a video one day on how I manage to do it, probably when i get back to Australia

Ahh I see, thanks for the suggestion. I hope to get one some day

+AmysCrypt I'm an idiot LOL. I meant that heat seeking one. You could see bright hot people and cold blue people LOL.

Hi Pablo. I am using an Infrared camera in this video (the green scenes and thumbnail), but I do think I could do with more Infrared light to help brighten up the video. Thanks for the suggestion

True. Supposedly the tide was out because I have seen other photos where there is water there. But yeah, I would not want to get stuck in the mud

@AmysCrypt Yeah...it is famous song

Love from India ❤

Thank you so much Boni

No it was playing all the way through I guess it is to make it seem more spooky but it was like am radio compared to FM stereo. KInd of a tin can sound.I hope this help you understand what Im tryng to say. I wish you the best.I will be watching.

Not sure if it’s The whole video, but especially around 24 minutes, you can hear the hissing of the electricity. That’s super intense and I can’t imagine that’s very safe. My parents are both electrical engineers and they’ve told me many times that electricity can do weird things to people. It can make them feel paranoid and even hallucinate or feel like they’re being watched. I’m guessing the regulations aren’t great in India, and I know there are even places where people are exposed to huge unsafe doses here in the states. And yeah, the spiritual and less scientific route says that water and electricity (plus the black volcanic ash in the sand) can all be conductors for paranormal activity. What a fascinating place.

That is super interesting!! Yes, the sound you can here is indeed the power lines. They were louder in person, but I think it is interesting that they could potentially effect people's mind - perhaps this is the reason behind the "paranormal activity" claimed here?

Bhangarh vid just dropped on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZxvPdttH0Y

You need to come down to Goa and explore 3 kings church and couple of other haunted places. You will have a great video Goa is a great place you for guys to take a break and chill out as well. Kill 2 birds in one stone

I just found you recently but have a tumblr with a decent ish amount of nice followers, so I’ve shared a link of your stuff to try and get you more views yesterday. I’ll do more! Women supporting women! Also, your content is much more pleasant than most!

Video is not scary but background sound

Thanks for tuning in

Awesome u amy

Definitely heard moaning. And not in the fun couple beach times way, either. More like a person's entrails won't stay in their body.

Thanks for watching. Yeah there were strange nosies everywhere, but hard to tell if it was tourists, animals or something else

I used to come there to drink at night as I was studying in an university nearby. I was spooked after hearing weird noises. I stopped going there at night.

Thanks for watching Siddharth. Maybe we drove past your University? I remember seeing one on the way to Dumas Beach near Surat. Is that where you studied?

Thank you so much for the recommendation. I was looking into visiting Goa and had heard of the church. Unfortunately, it was just a little too far out of the way and I ran low on time. I'll have to save it for my next trip to India!

Thank you so much, Lauren! That is so nice of you to do and I truly appreciate the support!

Wow really superb blog nyc to see u in India Love from India ❤

Thanks, Kishu! Loved India.

@17:00 you hear a man singing you said? If im not wrong is this the Athan, for as far I can hear it - the call for prayer by the Imam in the Islam. It must have been around 20:00 PM in the evening you've said that right ?

Thanks so much for the info, Ellen! Cheers!

AmysCrypt it was most probably from a mosque in this case! A high population in India is Muslim as well, besides the fact that basically all religions are practiced there (which is amazing!). In the Islam, as you might know there are 5 prayers a day, the prayer around 20:00 PM is called Isha'a and is the last prayer in the night, the first one is around 05:30 AM called Fajr. Cool video, love the content. I could feel the strange vibe over here. Waiting for part 2 of the temple!

It definitely sounded like prayer, and it sounded like it was over a speaker, perhaps a nearby temple. Would love to know more. It was probably around 8pm, yea

Hi Amy, I believe so. Thanks for doing this, I hope you had a wonderful time in India. I moved to Connecticut 3 years back, I am a big fan of conjuring series. I was hoping to visit the occult museum there, but unfortunately it was closed for maintenance. Now I have moved to Germany.

Amazing ....

Thanks Barbie!!!! Glad you liked it

Great video, glad to see your on vidispace that’s a great network for you I talk to a lot of people from that company

AmysCrypt they are awesome people to work with you’ll have a great time with them

Oh cool, thanks Darin. Yeah just testing the waters - I was excited when they reached out, but not sure how frequent I will be able to put content up. We'll see how it goes

Your build up in this investigation is epic!!!!! Omg.. classic spooky scenario, no transportation, no cellphone service, police clearing out the beach, and finally sorta creepy fellow warning you guys.. dammmmmm, this is awesome!!!!!!!geezzzz!!! Needless to say you guys had to be glad seeing the hotel room and ice cream!!!

Hey Gregory! Thanks for watching. Yes we were so relieved to finally get back haha. thanks for watching

I once being to dumas night with my friend and begin to feel uneasy so decided to go back to crowded place bt i noticed that the lights on the road where we were going were switching off as we were heading, uniformly this thing happend till we reached airport. I dnt knw was it haunting effect or not but this is what we observed.

That is cool that you have visited Dumas Beach too! Interesting about this story. Thank you for sharing it with me.

People are still dying there

Thanks, Darin! Cool to hear!

Hey Amy do u experience anything paranormal in Dumas??Any sort of negative vibes u hv felt.It used to be a cremation ground many years ago.

Hey Avishek. Some weird vibes there but could have been the power lines. Thank you for watching!

yes it looks and very awesome out there be safe ok thanks mssamyscrypt

Thanks so much, Leon! It was a cool place!

I found very cute when you spoke in ours hindi language and video is very creepy by the way, yur eyes r very gorgeous.

Thanks, Ravi! Tried my best with the Hindi!

Probably heat lightning.

Interesting. Thanks so much for sharing. Had never heard of or experienced this before.

Dumas Beach One Of The Most Haunted Places In India.... Urban Story's Tells Us , Once Upon A Time Dumas Beach Was Used As A Graveyard ( Burning Dead Bodies According To Hindu Religion) .

Appreciate Your Work

Yeah these are some of the stories I heard, too. Thanks Abhay

+AmysCrypt Yeah, it tends to happen more in rainy climates probably. It occurs when there's a distant storm over the horizon that you perhaps can't see from your location. There is then a lightning strike in those storm clouds whose light refracts up into the atmosphere and higher thin clouds up there, lighting up the atmosphere for miles around, making it visible even from your location and making it seem like there's lightning in a clear sky, though the source is actually from a quite distant storm.

Wow! So interesting. You learn something new every day! Cheers for sharing!

when are u coming to Cali

I used to live in Cali (for 3 years) - I have a couple of videos from there, but it was super early when I started Youtube so they are not as long as the videos I film now. But I will be back soon - I am gonna explore Australia for a bit when I get home and do some Aussie haunts and then think about making another trip back to the US. Cheers . Here is a link to my playlist of USA locations if you are interested, including a couple from Cali: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkI6CH_XcccfjVDu9d18W4MjdiEeEEG6m


Haha, thanks so much, Cory!

Awesome video Amy and I love the video of the beach as well.

Thanks, James! Was a cool beach to check out!

Hi Amy you look funny but good video keep going god bless you love u guys next time u come to INDIA I meet u guys I'm living in Punjab take care xx..

Amy visit demonty colony Chennai also


Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to add it to my list for my next visit! Cheers, Tamil!

Thanks so much for watching and leaving me all these suggestions, Seng! really appreciate it!

Hello Amy....ur new subscriber

At approximately 21:45 there was a flash of light in the sky behind Amy's head, on her right side, or the left side of screen as I viewed it. I did not hear a plane passing overhead or thunder. Was this similar to the flashes of light in the sky which Amy and her camera crew reported seeing?

Hi Nagma!!! Thank you so much, welcome to my Crypt! Enjoy the vids

wao you have travelled all over the world!.. love spooky ..love your videos...

Thank you so much! Yes, I have been pretty lucky to see all that I have!


Cremated ashes are white not black it could be coal ashes unless there's minimals in water that's turned them black if there are cramated ashes that could be a reason why if it's a strong pH

What hertz do Indias electricity system. Run at UK is 16. 17 Herts that's cycles a second not sure if you done physics Amy

I can hear insect noises. It sounds like some one praying the drum noise

Just begin looking at your video could powerlines cause some fluctuations in in sprit box and evp Ive studied physics. And radio communications. I know powerlines can create electrical magnatic fields. I was fasanated with electrical magnatic and broke my mum and dad's 500 pounds TV. Set when I was 14 15. Years old it was just fixed I put big magnets on screen and it damaged the alignment off the crt screen.

I begin asking people if I am out if there places are haunted my mum said it's very imbarrising

You never know what you might uncover by asking around though.

+AmysCrypt I haven't found anyway that's haunted in my home town yet tho

That is excellent!

We figured it was likely pollution and that the ashes story was folklore, but you never know...

Not sure to be honest.

Yeah, we were outside so there were likely bugs or animals around. The noise we recording was apparently someone praying.

I believe they may have something to do with the reports of paranormal activity in the area. There is likely some effect they could have on the human brain!

+AmysCrypt what I do in an investigation I look at my physical evidence first to find out if there's some scientific explanation if I can't find that then it's mostly likely paranormal if it can't be explained

What do you call a beach that had no brain Dumas beach

I do not know if India has the same as here America but when say lightning hits a transformer on a telephone pole. It produces a bright blue discharge that illuminates the sky. Not just a flash but multiple flashes.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Oh my gosh. This made me giggle. Thanks!


Thanks, Darlene! I agree. Not too bad by day. We were both glad to make it back too!


When you asked for names I heard names like Pragya, rackli,sudha , sugavendra, neelam I can hear a women calling sudha

Thank you for sharing what you heard here, lost hope! That is really amazing of you.

The beach in India Dumas the black sand is not from burned bodies. It's natural. Just thought I'd tell you so someone was b.s.ing you .

Thanks for the info, Barbara. We thought this might be the case, though that is what the legends state. Cheers.

This was fantastic Amy very spooky xxx

+AmysCrypt You guys are the best xx

Thanks, Robert! I always aim for spooky!

Awesome video! I only been watching your videos for a week but I really enjoyed watching you guys adventures.

Aw, well I am glad you are enjoying them. Thanks again

First video on your channel Can i get a heart

So cool to hear. Here are some hearts for you:

Ganges River is where the bodies were cremated, its BS about the black sands at the beach!

Save up coz 365 days from now you need to go a mosque in New Zealand where 49 people were massacred while praying...There's some haunting for sure.

+AmysCrypt ....How is the sea life by Dumas beach? You need to watch Jeremy Wade's River Monster to understand the eco-system of upper Ganges as compared to the river mouth where they mostly scrap cargo ships and you can't spend 7 days to really understand the culture. I lived in South East Asia for 45 yrs. I can't give serious comments about Europe coz l don't live there and my knowledge are not paranormal related.

I believe the cremate bodies all over India. I'm not sure that was why the sand was black either, though it is what the folklore states. Cheers.

i live under twin power lines i experience spirit n psychic energy nightly its very intense i def believe the lines rmp up the energy x

Thanks for sharing, Mr Biscuit!

Dang you guys go all out. Be careful, please. Thank You

Thanks, Jerry! We are pretty dedicated to delivering good content and investigating the paranormal!

OMG try the suicide forest in Japan

Thanks, Bill. I hope to one day! Cheers for the suggestion!

Hey there. I live in the city of Surat which is very near to Dumas beach like a 15-20 min drive and i have been there in daytime. One thing you should know about this beach is that it used to be an old cremation ground for Hindus. That is why the sand is black. And the stories of it been haunted are fake. Those stories were made up by smugglers. You see the state of Gujarat has banned any sale or consumption of alcoholic drinks so smugglers smuggle them through the sea in the cover of the night. And on the spirit box , there was nothing. No hindi phrase, no english or even Gujarati phrase (which is the local language). One thing you missed is that they give excellent fritters out there in Dumas beach or maybe you tried them idk

+AmysCrypt What I actually think that once you have been informed that a place is haunted, your mind plays tricks with you and you just assume any abnormal sound or light must be paranormal.And yes the power lines must be causing the low buzzing sound as they obviously carry high voltage. Even the eerie silence has been confirmed to cause hallucinations and the light apparition have been reported in the area along with whispering noises but nothing has ever been confirmed. Thanks for coming by this beach and its a pleasure to watch you investigating!

Thanks for watching and commenting, Samaksh! Yeah, I actually stayed in Surat for a couple of days when I filmed this. I noticed the alcohol ban, so that makes sense. I do feel though that the power lines may be linked to odd behavior, causing people to believe they've had a paranormal experience. Just a theory. Cheers for the info, I'll have to try a fritter next time, haha!

My first terrifying paranormal experience was from an Indian beach.... ancient& angry energy. Sinister spirits.

That's very interesting to hear! Thanks for sharing that with me!

You are very lucky that you didn't find any ghost but when I had gone there I saw a lady with no head waking in the water

That is so crazy! Thanks for sharing your experience with me!

Have you gone to Khuldhara village in Rajasthan it's the most haunted village

I was admitted in the hospital also

At the beach

Are you ok

My mom showed me a picture of two girls standing and staring at the ghost who has bright eyes and look like a skeleton

Wow! That is so creepy! Thanks for watching my video!


Super príbeh máš všetky príbehy super Amys.

Vďaka, Marcel! Som rád, že sa vám tento príbeh páčil.

It's run of katch swamp land hundred miles through Indo pak Area don't think anybody lives here only army police navy station scattered around those area and empty land mass it's scary

Thanks Rajib! HAha the living are always more scary to me than the dead, but we ended up being ok. Cheers

AMY you are such an inspiration to me :) this will go down in history as the week I discovered Amy's Crypt :) We have a beach here in Australia like this beach very cool, still loving your work

what took you away from Adelaide ????

I dont know if its haunted but the tide is way out and you cant see the ocean, also its very isolated, I am thinking of moving there actually

+AmysCrypt parham beach South Australia, I am Adelaide born as well, I have lived all over the world but I am back home in Adelaide now, small cosmos :)

That is really cool that you've had a history-making week, haha! What is the name of the beach? I will look it up. I'm originally from Adelaide.

I was there on the beach, long back, and we waited for ghosts to show up,. I think we were up till 3:30 AM, then slept well in a slightly dry place to be woken up by the locals around 9 AM. I think the ghosts weren't interested in us.

Aww, well I hope you had fun exploring the beach anyway

*Project blue beam in India!? Haha*

HAha yeah, for some reason they clear the beach.

*It kinda was intense that you couldn't stay on the beach & hiding out!! Love it!! I wanna come with!!! Haha*

That could be a paranormal thing or a bug

watching from Nepal.

Thanks, Pemba!

@AmysCrypt parham beach South Australia, I am Adelaide born as well, I have lived all over the world but I am back home in Adelaide now, small cosmos :)

@AmysCrypt What I actually think that once you have been informed that a place is haunted, your mind plays tricks with you and you just assume any abnormal sound or light must be paranormal.And yes the power lines must be causing the low buzzing sound as they obviously carry high voltage. Even the eerie silence has been confirmed to cause hallucinations and the light apparition have been reported in the area along with whispering noises but nothing has ever been confirmed. Thanks for coming by this beach and its a pleasure to watch you investigating!

@AmysCrypt ....How is the sea life by Dumas beach? You need to watch Jeremy Wade's River Monster to understand the eco-system of upper Ganges as compared to the river mouth where they mostly scrap cargo ships and you can't spend 7 days to really understand the culture. I lived in South East Asia for 45 yrs. I can't give serious comments about Europe coz l don't live there and my knowledge are not paranormal related.

@AmysCrypt You guys are the best xx

@AmysCrypt I haven't found anyway that's haunted in my home town yet tho

@AmysCrypt what I do in an investigation I look at my physical evidence first to find out if there's some scientific explanation if I can't find that then it's mostly likely paranormal if it can't be explained


@AmysCrypt Yeah, it tends to happen more in rainy climates probably. It occurs when there's a distant storm over the horizon that you perhaps can't see from your location. There is then a lightning strike in those storm clouds whose light refracts up into the atmosphere and higher thin clouds up there, lighting up the atmosphere for miles around, making it visible even from your location and making it seem like there's lightning in a clear sky, though the source is actually from a quite distant storm.

@AmysCrypt I didn't know that. Anyone in the US and Australia all look the same to me

@AmysCrypt I'm an idiot LOL. I meant that heat seeking one. You could see bright hot people and cold blue people LOL.

@AmysCrypt your welcome I hear these with my ears have a great safe day!! Have fun!

23:18 is clearly a bug...

Cheers for sharing this, Pranav. I think I agree with you

You honestly and vary beautiful and hardwarking i appreciate for you.. I interested you can visiting same other places india...

la psicofonía dice en malayo "mal hola" "hola mal" dice en malayo "una caldera"

Thank you so much! I have a few more vids from India still to come!

Visit haunted city Kuldhara in Rajasthan.

Dumas is correct pronunciation as it is a Portuguese name.

Hello amy , i m from surat , nice video but dummas brach is haunted place.

@AmysCrypt so u come again surat

I love Surat!

I couldn't make it this time around, Hopefully, on my next trip! Thanks for the suggestion!

Thank you! Glad I got it!

There's a haunted English graveyard in Delhi. But 100‰ unsafe. And Jamali Kamali tomb too much haunted.

I appreciate your dare as more than ghosts these area are the fevourite spot of criminals, crackjacks, rapi***. May god keeps you safe n sounds.

@AmysCrypt thanks and keep it up.

That black sand kind of reminds me of that Island it's just off the coast of Italy that the country won't allow anybody to go on to unless you get special permission. That was an island that was used to take people over that were dead or dying from the plague back in that time. Believe it was black death but there were so many bodies that it did turn the beach sand black.

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