Having a BLAST in BRAZIL and Chasing the DELOS Crew! - Sailing Kauana Ep 20

Having a BLAST in BRAZIL and Chasing the DELOS Crew! - Sailing Kauana Ep 20

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Finally. Some blue skies. Where. They're gonna be today. You. Join it. Guys, check this out this is a wonderful. Local beaches well, he almost grew. Up in here and this. Is uh you. Can get pretty good in here for stuff but. It's a nice beach. I. Used. To live here close, by the speech and she, is. Valley. News live in, a half hours from here inside, of the country and, I used to Center pictures, of the beach salmon there is nobody no no no. Maybe. Some. Slowly. Are starting I you know Frankie. Attracted. To the beach I think it worked. So. Used to wake up early in the morning go surfing, come, back to the car, send a few pictures to the lady, make. Sure she knows I'm here. Bit. Of fish. Fresh. The court probably. Nice. Cold beer, yes. Guys, you gotta come check out Brazil. This. Is a life. So. We're leaving but, the window we're going to vanity. You. This is we're in a mission now we, have, to try to find the guy fellows her, there's somewhere around what about now for being in a beach of quality. As, probably every single sale blog out there we are big fan. The. Great's meet and see if we can find, Commission. Drinks, any about you. Are complaining about you need everything how, can you compare that view ladies sir. I. Don't need another boat that's what do you say you just never. Said that. Then. Don't put words. In my mouth, this, is beautiful guys this, is the way to put a cheat. Young, relation from the mission. So. I think we, can see that was over there oh yeah. Yeah knocking, through them yeah. Illya. Apparently. Think. That catch over there that's them if. You guys can see it the. Track over here goes. All the way to the next beach where they probably are. Tell. Us finding mission. Would. You believe those guys in your third step you know I've been five years watching, them and certainly the guys on your doorstep, but. It's. A yeah why, yeah what, you're doing here. These. Guys over there kind of believe them. And. Look who's down there. Xena. Version, of radio. Was. That supposed to be yes. Nikhat. Even see me with drunk and not. Fully conscious. Is. A choice where, the picture goes. You. Should. Check. This out. That'll. Screw the tribe tribe. Tribe. Keeps growing. Put, the camera. So. How was your night I was. Out Della's experience, that's, great if we if we had to like describe, those guys it's. Exactly, what you see in the videos you know the nicest, people ever the truest. And, friendless. People ever we end up sleeping over there having a great time kind of t-shirt. We want we should begin with a t-shirt alone you know like. A it's crazy how you know we expected. Like, for. Them to be really nice and you get there with open arms because you feel like you know and we've been watching their videos and then we get there you get the same reception back you know they they, just got us you know with open arms as if they knew us you know and we. Just became really good friends end up chatting till 2:00 in the morning yeah. We. Hope we meet them again at some points maybe they can be in the same we don't know they're gonna be around there would be really nice there probably will yeah, some really nice guys very, nice day, we're, leaving para chief for Sao Paulo, who.

Didn't Have a shot this morning. Ever. Shot out. This, waterfall. Is quite famous and yeah, a couple. Of Hollywood films were made over here so he got soap. And. A. Waterfall. So. We just got here at the room, it in cashew era you haven't got a shower today are, you ready to, go into the waterfall with, ice-cold, water you're. Not. This. Is the downside. Of all. I, did, about an hour from here but uh most of my driving uh. That's. Uh what. We have to face every. Time we drive over here I do not drive over this side, very. Often though this. Is the famous. Chiat/day. River. One. Of probably the most polluted, rivers in the world and, it's. Smells, horrible. You. Guys never come this way you. Don't really help shake it out, it's. A crazy lifestyle. They become just a shame what's better get. Out quick. Okay. Speak up i miei go to Malibu Sammy a comic geek mr. Agosta Kearney. Mr.. Allen karate boy look what the. Hell. How can you pin your food. Well, they gonna go, what'd. You buy there. And. What's that good for, for. Paints to. See in Brazil we have all sorts, of natural. Remedies and, that's, translating. Direct it's an, old, man's shin is. That right. So. Tell us Chris, all. I can think about. Gonna have to catch the train in the front again, what's. Up with the big. Luggage. Guys. I just follow myself, carrier. Of a carrier. Can. You carry that all into the Train please. How, much 1 euro 1. Euro -. Okay I paid to come. On. Okay. Finally. Arrived in shoo boo right. 2424. Since we left home and. Now. About. Two kilometres but. I this is hopeful, that I will. Find a cab that can carry our board but. I'm. Not sure I'm. Not sure, hey. I was, wrong it did fit in the cab yeah. It's. Big but it did fit. So. Stop complaining tell people where we are. Okay. Let's, put put the things in the front here leave. The board on here and go open up. Are. You ready. Okay. We really nervous because. She. Forgot to onions, well, no it wasn't even our thing that you forgot check she left it on purpose she thought it would survive for, months. What. Did you have in your head. Passports. Keys, keys. We have a lot of wood in the cockpit. And. That was my bad because I. Closed. The drain, oh, it's. All dry and tight. Okay. The. Awnings, nice. You're. Ridiculous, are, you serious we're. Gonna eat this once tonight but. You left the, fridge, closed, I can't believe it. Is. Horrible. Well. That's good in France. Wow. Everything's. Here. Okay. We have to look at the bill just. Fine. We're. Good, way. Back, let's, see battery voltage. Voltage. Is running at twelve point eight volts that's beautiful, in. The, million thirteen point five that's charging, that's. All good, let's. Show, them how it's you, know after captain. Obviously. Because we. Didn't want it to to. Get Omo audience, you know any. Water in here from, the rain nothing. Can. Leave you. Through. So.

Until. Now we had no way. Of communicating. Long. Distance, with. Anybody. While. We were off and, now, we. Bought something that should. Save. Us a lot of trouble if something, goes wrong all. Right. What. Is that explain to us this, is the gummy enriched. It's. Uh oh it's. A government. Kind of. Thing. It no more GPS whatever I know but what they did is they made, something that can use, the Iridium. Network. Satellite, network but, not to make calls though we, can, you only use it to send messages where. As far as I understand, it has like an unlimited. Package. For messages and this will, allow us to the, message. Text communication. With. Our people, and troll some. Key people that couldn't tell us like our weather forecasting, stuff, like that look. At that. Beautiful. It. Is okay. This part is the part that you selected, oh don't, do it let me do anything off stuff okay. You can peel. You're. Happy. Check. This out ready. Rani. Non-stop, and a full cast for. The next couple of weeks is horrible. Again. So, we don't know how long we're gonna get stuck in here fronts. It's. Black seeker guys it's. Been a long time since we don't work, until. Night right, well. It's fair enough because you only woke up. That's. Helped. Me stay out. How. Do you think more. Yeah. But. The ice is in Brazil they are probably like about. Six. Or seven times that size, it's. Like yeah I think they have more organs, I don't, know it's if sexual organs probably bigger. President. Sexual organs are and to be bigger me probably, Isis oh. Well. It's the noise that lives in the water and what you expect nobody. Saw you thrown away the Jews. In. Let's not I just I took it but he said that this is not like Nutella, come. On. What. Was that. As you, know guys obviously. We. Can recognize for that well, swab, RoSPA Darcy.

2018-04-12 18:16

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Very nice video and glad you caught with Delos :) BTW, those ain't onions but French shallots ;) thanks and best from HKG

Great job.

Nice on guys

A long awaited video, this is @creativelooksphotography on instagram, been looking forward for this for ages. To see your very happy faces especially You beautiful lol x

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Muito legal! Também gosto dos SV Delos e foi uma surpresa saber que a Larissa é de Valinhos. Sou de Campinas. Um abraço ao simpático casal, e bons ventos.

Love your videos you guys are great!!!

Cool meeting Delos, great vlog thanks.

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ok I wont lie, I love Brazillian waterfalls

Boa Viagem! E Fair Winds na Biscaia!

You two are awesome, well at least one of you lol, kidding u both are. You didn't know I was there directing traffic so ANGEL girl didn't cause a wreak, what a view, of the waterfall of course. Chris my friend you are one lucky man, you found a diamond in the ruff. Love u guys you always make me smile.

Beginning to think your HR is bulletproof. Here's to Big Brazillian things ... you know... that Brazillians have. I'm learning portugese. peace.

Keep going Brazilian Vikings! Cheers!

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Good thing u snagged him girl he is friggn gorgeous hot!!!!!!!!! You guys are hilarious heh great to get on Delos eh where was the English chick? It looks like u had such a good time with them. I just love your boat you guys are so funny when you argue and he teases you but you give it right back girl lol. I love your channel but you need to post more often!!! That beach u met on was absolutely gorgeous I can't imagine growing up with that in my back yard my gosh....happy sails

CC Rocker no She’s hot hot hot lol

Great video guys. Everything you do is truly fun to watch. You are so funny!

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Did something run a cross the back of the inside of the fridge when you opened the lid?

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I think you will like the Garmin InReach.   I've been using it for a couple of months now for short texts, sending position reports (bread crumb trail) to friends and family, and abbreviated wx reports on longer passages.   Seems to be more than just another gadget.   Looking forward to your passage to A Coruna.    Fair winds my friends.

Hey Patrick! Yeah, that was our only tool for getting weather when crossing biscay! Great piece of kit!

Delos drinking crew! You drink it? Drink it a lot!

We drink it a looot!!! Hahahaha!

It's exciting to witness your returned to your boat. I found myself holding my breath in anticipation. Ahhh, ship shape! Thanks for taking me along and feeling like I'm a part of your amazing journey. Now, back to my lonely existence...until I get my boat. :) Fair winds!

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Fabulous entertainment from you guys as your so full of life and happiness its hard not to like. The shots of the Dolphins underwater being pushed by the bow wave is brilliant. What gorgeous creatures they are and such a mood lifter for people when down. Not a lot of sailing going on but was impressed with the conditions below deck and the layout. You've obviously got a very homely den down there. Very cosy and super manageable, just love it. Thanks for sharing with everyone...…..

Yeah, not much sailing indeed! Will catch up soon though, next episode we go for Biscay bay!!! Cheers!

Cris, que figuraça você heim? Muito louco esse história de assistirmos os canais e já nos considerarmos amigos dos YouTubers que admiramos! A maioria das pessoas esquecem de quem vemos nos vídeos são pessoas normais e também gostam de conhecer novas histórias e fazer novos amigos. Quando somos verdadeiros, simples e de alma limpa tudo fica mais fácil! Adorei Bro! Se um dia rolar de estar perto de vcs, não tenha dúvida que vamos tomas uns tragos juntos e dar umas risadas! A vida é simples, a gente é que complica as vezes! Forte Abraço e Bons Ventos Sempre!

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Wow what a great video you get to meet the Dallas Crew and stay the night that must have been so excited for you guys and then seeing you guys having a push shower that was so funny it looks very cold and those bikinis that was the cherry on top

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Well, i realize ya put a lot of hard work into the editing of these videos, might i suggest in the opening minute intro, folks dont care to see ya with your mouth stuffed with food. its a bit gross. Perhaps edit that out? Also, I think what makes Delos so popular is that it differs from all the other sailing channels; its not just another couple and following them around in their adventures. Its a group of people, a community sharing in living a grand adventure around the world. It makes it more relatable to so many more people out there. When its just a couple it gets boring really fast.

It says 720HD, but the video quality is shit. Why?

No idea...

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lizbef is with her french boyfriend and bought her own sail boat

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Avoid saying "Don't put words in my mouth" to ur other, partner, friend or family. That's a bad line to be saying in a relationship no matter what relationship it is.

I bought instruction from Avasva and I build it very very cheap.

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Guys, Ubatuba is definitely wonderful. There are many incredible beaches, you do not know this part of the Brazilian coast, access the channel of this young man, who makes very beautiful videos of the various beaches of Ubatuba. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd88-5sTvG3g0uYtTXT1D6A

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Acompanho o Delos para praticar meu listening, ouvir brasileiros falando ingles com certeza facilita a compreensão, acho que nós montamos diferente as frases ou apenas declaramos mais as palavras. Gostei da ideia do canal ser falado em ingles dessa forma vcs atingem um publico muito maior e promovem nossa cultura no exterior. Seguindo o canal, bons ventos!

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It was great but have to say Bahia, Porto Seguro in particular was also amazing. I had the beach mostly to myself. I would imagine by now the tourists have found it and....yeah. We had a long winter here in Canada and many times i dreamed of going back to that beautiful country filled with mostly amazing people.

Oh man! And most beaches haven´t changed a bit since then! Love it!

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Kauana Sailing Expedition ..your welkom.

Hahahaha! Great to see you catched up!! Thanks a lot for all the thumbs up and the coments! Cheers!

I was wondering what happened to you two. Cool seeing you with Delos an now back sailing.

Kauana Sailing expedition——— why is it taking so long to put out videos ? I love your channel and I kind of freak out when I don’t get a notification each week, so are y’all working and don’t have time to add videos? Or is there something else going on ? God Bless and stay safe !!!!

Canada is amazing but if you get a chance, check out my last video. You will see the not so amazing part.

Can you put a PayPal link in please? So we can donate.

So cool....i have followed Delos for many years. That Isa dream come true

Hey Adam! Thanks for that. We´re probably the only chanel out there not seeking money to ourselves... but if you want to help, I have a very cool project coming up and will need funding for it! Drop us an e-mail!! Cheers!!

Hey! We love to read messages like yours! We would love to put out more videos, but as you guessed, we still work hard and make a living out of our two jobs... so we have time to go sail the world... and then it´s hard somettimes to get that spare time and use it to edit... it has been a litle crazy last few month but I think we will make it to the weekly videos again soon! Sorry for that and hope to see you in the next videos too! Cheers!

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Kauana Sailing Expedition ----- Thanks for responding.. I just wanted to tell you that the video you made when yall took a shower in the water fall was awesome.... BUT YOU MISSED PUTTING THE BLUR OR COVER UP ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.. I SEEN HER BOOB AREOLAS... THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!! ☺☺ CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT VIDEO...

u2 where ment to be together hha seriouly tho and you capture the journey to perfection ! til next vid.. jahbless.

nice video! had a feeling that delos crew are very down to earth, we heard the same when they were in Cape Town :-)

Ok I'm assuming that you lost the Angel down the river so I am coming to Brazil to rescue her I will start by looking for a beautiful woman in distress, if no luck I will move on to a patch of clothing, lol you have to be optimistic, If no luck there I will search for the last thing I remember, A String. Love you guys hope you come back soon. I know you are busy Scott

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haha awesome you guys met DELOS how cool is that :-) nice video guys cheers

Do you know when Delos will be in the caribiean /

Already been and left! They will be back in a few month though!

You folks are great! I love the dialogue between you both. Very interesting travels you are making and glad I found your site in the sailing videos. I am a land person but sailing looks to be a great deal of fun with plenty of excitement. Keep those videos coming.

Thanks Jeff!

Cara, também conheci eles, na Ilha Grande e meu... é exatamente igual aos vídeos.

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