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Peace be upon you Bohemian Family. I hope you having a delicious day. It’s Mino and Amina we’re in Skardu. Skardu is one of the most beautiful place in the north of Pakistan. And today We are going to explore the unique food of Skardu. Are you ready? We need to take a PCR Test to get to Gilgit Baltistan area.

Peace be upon you. Thank you. I feel sad. Peace be upon you Bohemian Family.

It's about 6AM. We are going to Skardu which is one of the most beautiful place in Pakistan. We are arriving at the Skardu airport. It takes only an hour from Lahore.

We just arrived in Skardu. This airport is surrounded by amazing snow mountains. This is our hotel in Shangrila near Skardu city.

So nice place! We should cross this Kachura lake to order our dinner. Peace be upon you. Look over there. What's the name of the mountain? Himalaya mountain I want to live here.

Here is Kachura? / Yes. Life! What a beautiful place! Very nice view of restaurant. Here is menu.

Thank you. Now we're coming here to order Iftar. I will suggest you a platter with salted pakora, samosa, juice and green tea.   In the meantime, we are exploring this small village. Don't eat my finger.

Goat boys! Peace be upon you. How are you? I'm fine and you? Thank God. Always breaking fast with sweet dates. Drinking Rooh Afza water is the essential of Pakistani Iftar. I love this chickpea salad. It’s very healthy and tasty dish for Iftar.

It is potato samosa. It's super crispy! Tasty! It contains a lot of chilies. Mint chutney What is this this? This is mint sauce. Very nice! This mint sauce is amazing with any kind of fritters. So yummy!! This cream marinated chicken barbecue is super tender and so creamy. I can taste creamy yogurt and also smoked flavor.

It look like vegetable curry. It's spicy and creamy at the same time. Chicken Malay Tikka and mint sauce. Look at the full moon. / Yes I can see it. it's so beautiful! Peace be upon you.

Pakora? / Yes. Potato? / Yes. We are in local market to get some food for iftar. It's hot! Thanks.

Peace be upon you. What's this? / It's Mithai. Sweets! Peace be upon you. How are you? Thanks god. How much is the Samosa? 30Rs.

Kabuli Pulao. 300Rs. Let me have one plate. I love biryani but I prefer Pulao in Ramadan. Because it has much mild and simple taste.

It's like moroccan semolina bread, very similar! Look at this fresh fried pakora. Yummy! I love Pakora for iftar. Thin sliced potato. It tastes like fried roti. It looks like moroccan harira. Let me try.

It's very mild tomato soup with noodles and chicken. This is samosa. We got from the market in Bartistan Skardu. Something different! It contains green peas. It's crispy outside and inside it's very juicy. It's very sweet, tastes like moroccan chubakia but something different.

What's this? It's fried candy. it's first time to try this.  It's like Sfouf or Zmita in morocco but it's much less sweet.   One of my favorite food, Kabuli Pulao! It's originally from Afghanistan. Fluffy rice with sweet carrot, raisin and tender beef. I love it. It's very different from the fresh apricot juice.

It tastes like boiled juice. It has deep taste because it's boiled then cool down. Thank god. My stomach is already full.

Skardu is very famous for its great nature and natural food and herbs. Peace be upon you. Apricot? / Yes, dried apricots. What about this? / Also dried apricots.

Different type of apricots? Actually it's a local and it's not local. Mostly people make juice. What about this one? Actually they call it Sea buckthorn. This is good for diabetes. It's best for sugar patients. 100% natural 8~10 different dried fruits. Apricots and mulberries...

How much is this? 350Rs. So this is oil? / Yes, apricot oil 100% natural. Is this one liter? / Yes. Ok how much is for one liter? 1300Rs. Shilajit! What is Shilajit? This is Shilajit, made by stone.

They call it, jus of stone. It helps increasing immune systems So it mix with water? Milk is the best with it. How much is for small one like this? 250 Rs for you. Especially for couples, it's the best! Peace be upon you.

How are you? / I'm fine. Thank god. It's very nice place. / Thank you.

We are in Shigar valley to visit the famous Shigar fort. What a stunning view! This place was built in the 17th century. and recently the fort was converted to a museum and luxury hotel.

I like their beautiful garden and unique architecture style. It looks like a Korean summerhouse but the style of architecture is different. I got Asian feeling from this architecture style. Peace be upon you. Welcome brothers! We joined a traditional Baltistan Iftar in the fort.

It looks like Kal-guksu. It's like korean noodle, let me try It tastes same as Kal-guksu. You can find pakora everywhere if you come to Pakistan in Ramadan. What is this chunks? This is buckwheat bread. It's like a boiled roti. Looks amazing! It's very delicious. it's quite famous here. I love this texture of Handmade buckwheat dough with walnut paste and apricot oil.

First of all, the sauce is nutty like Korma One different thing is less spices and salt so it tastes mild. Local cheese and bread! let me try this one. This fresh cheese! It's tasty and refreshing! / Yes amazing! It's like Baltistan pizza? / Yes exactly, Balti pizza! Spices, chicken, onions and chilies...

I love these mild food. Thanks to ptdc for the collaboration.  please check the description and press like   Please check the description and press like ptdc social media pages. Next day we were invited to an Organic village called Nansooq. The way to the organic village itself was an amazing journey.

We passed Rocky Mountain road then cold desert and Indus riverside to reach the village. So beautiful! Peace be upon you. Nice to meet you. We met our host Mr. hassan and he invited us to his house. Come in.

It's bread. / it's not roti? Do you have special name of this? Khurba. Loti of Baltistan. Are you fasting? / Yes.

We're fasting. We are muslim. You don't need to fast when you are on journey. Long journey it's okay but it's short journey we have to fast.

This is Pakora. This is green tea. Very dark. But we put milk then it comes pink. What do you call this in Baltistan language? Payu Cha.

What is Payu? Salt. This is the salt tea! Fresh milk. It becomes pink. Very good! Butter What's your name? Ashiraf What's your name? Tamran My name is Amin.

What's your Korean name? Mino. Cereal flour. Salt This is mixed chili. Masala. Spices, potato and vegetables.

She’s mixing buckwheat with vegetables to prepare Pakora. I really love this simple kitchen with wood fire. We are living in Morocco, muslim country. Smells of Pakora with wood fire! Just amazing! Wait! Is she frying pastas? This is ground buckwheat and it’s very common ingredient in Baltistan area.

Buckwheat is a highly nutritious whole grain. Many people consider to be a superfood. Apricot oil? This is Zan. What about this one? This is yogurt.

When it is finished then... So this is Raita? / Yes. Baltistan Sabji They are fasting.

Mr.Hassan is teacher of the village. and he showed us his classroom in the meantime. School library! Here is the blackboard. We write with this chalk. Mud clay How can I say 'dates' in Baltistan? Khorma Green tea / Kahwa (in Urdu) Local green tea. / Very good.

So tasty! with apricot oil? / Yes. It is very tasty. So aromatic! This chewy buckwheat Zan with super aromatic apricot oil was surprisingly tasty. Parpar It's very crispy, it's like a Saewoo Kkang(Korean snack). This is Balay.

Balay with apricot oil. I will try. This is spinach. Not spinach / It's not spinach? What is this? This is Turnip. What a fresh taste! His eyes will close. Mr.Hassan try to teaches us how to eat Zan in a proper way.

Like this... Like a spoon! I like to try. and then make a bowl. and scoop it.

Raita is very good!! Best Raita in Pakistan. This is so tasty because it's fermented well. This is turnips. Just keep his eyes close. Victory to Skardu! But this time, Paindabad! Long Live? Long Live Baltistan! Look at this pink tea.

Himalayan pink tea, they call it Payu cha. So yummy! I can taste milk, butter and salt.

2021-05-25 18:22

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