Helping A 27-Year-Old Mom Rebuild Confidence After Burnout | ZULA Makeovers | EP 4

Helping A 27-Year-Old Mom Rebuild Confidence After Burnout | ZULA Makeovers | EP 4

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PD: Why do you decide that y'know you wanted to sign up for this makeover for yourself? It’s been a long time since like, I’ve actually like, followed trends, especially for makeup- and ever since the Covid right, my skin has gotten very bad- that has really taken a toll on my confidence. So probably with the makeover, just to gain a bit of self-esteem back as well. Chiara, did you watch Rinie and Moes’ episode? Oh my god, yes. Y’know I was tearing by the end of the video. But today we are here for another makeover with 27-year old Katharine. Oh, that means she’s younger than you lah! Eh, that’s not true! Don’t! Shh… Hi, my name is Katharine. So this year I will be turning 27 and I actually work as a preschool teacher.

So, I’m also a mother- So my oldest is actually my daughter, Caroline, she just turned 4 this month. And I have another son, he is 18-months, and his name is Theo. Basically right, she spends her life 24/7 with kids, and this makeover is giving her a chance to let her hair down, find her identity back again.

Yah, she’s probably pretty burnt out from the past few years of motherhood, Yah. So I think it’s time for us to do what we do best- Yes. Ready? I’m ready.

Katharine! Hello! Hi Katharine. Hello! Okay okay, sit down. - Come come, sit down. - Thank you. This is like the first time we are getting such a reaction.

- Yah sia. - Is it? I don’t know, I’m a big fan. I have been watching since like the olden seasons. Oh my god. So you have seen Fauzi glow up? - Eh, shush! - Yes! Yes.

But yah, thanks for inviting us to your home, I know that you have two kids right, where are they? One is in infant care, and the other is in the preschool. Oh… Maybe we should intrude even more and like, head to your wardrobe? Yah yah, it’s actually really Chiara- this is her favourite thing to do. - Go go. - Let’s go. My closet is over here. Nice, let’s take a look.

This is actually just an outerwear. Oh, do you wear a lot of outerwears for your work? Not usually, I wore this for vacation. So what do you usually wear when it is not for work? I like to go for dresses, and also shorts ‘cause they are comfortable. And also long skirts- - I like long skirts. - Long skirts… This one is a bit different vibe.

I bought this in China before I had kids. So what is your style before you had kids? A bit more grungy. Woo… - Something more spunk, - Like band tees all that.

Wow! Yah, okay. Next one, another outerwear. Yah, but this one is actually new. Yah, the price tag is still here, how come you never wear? ‘Cause I was saving it for vacation. My husband, he’s actually from China, Oh okay.

So we actually go back for about a month every year, but ever since y’know, Covid, then it’s not possible. Oh no. Before we end, I want to see some of your favourite pieces. Okay.

What are some stuff you would love to see yourself wearing more? Umm, I actually have this one. I wore it before I had my first child. Is there a reason why you feel like you needed to change your dressing after you had kids? I felt like I had to look like a mother, especially when y’know sometimes you go pick up the kids right from the school. Like sometimes if I dress like, too young then they will see like, “Is this the sister or the mother?” Now thanks for showing me your wardrobe.

Okay, shall we go look for Fauzi, see what he’s been up to? Okay, sure. Fauzi! Okay Katharine, as you can tell, we are very much in theme for this episode sitting at the kids’ table. I do understand that you are quite a young mother, has being a mother changed your lifestyle dramatically? Yes, definitely.

Like, when I had my first child, I think I was 22. So after that, since we didn’t have a helper, a lot of things we had to do by ourselves, Right. So that means less time, less energy.

But when it comes to y’know, free time- do you even get some free time? I do, but very rarely. Because every time I try to take an outing, I will feel guilty. Oh… Not just to my kids but also to my husband. Okay, speaking about your husband right, how did you guys meet? We were working together. Oh! I was doing data security with him, he was actually my reporting officer. Oi! I wish I had a reporting officer I can also fall in love with.

*Both laughs* I think it’s good, let’s use this opportunity to y’know, get yourself back. Are you ready to enjoy? Yes… This is the ‘how do I speak to my children ’ voice, Right? Yah. Come, must be more excited! Are you excited to take care of yourself? Yes! *Fauzi screams* Yes! I hope to feel like a new person, an improved version of myself. And also, I hope that the makeover will give me more energy to persevere in this field.

Chiara, brand new day, brand new location, and I mean I love the scenery here. Okay, I love the scenery also but y’know I’m from the West okay. Y’know who else is from the West? Who? Katharine! Yes, come on in Katharine. Hi, good morning! - Good morning! - Hello! Woo, Looking good eh! Yah! - How’s is it outfit today? - It's like a- functional yet still trendy mama. Mmm, correct correct. Okay Katharine, the reason why we brought you to Jewel Changi Airport today is because- it’s more than just a retail complex- so, there’s a range of attractions such as maze, sky nets at an indoor canopy park.

So, we just want to y’know, experience things that you have never been able to treat yourself to. Plus you can also enjoy some experiential workshops like, customizing your own fashion pieces to y’know, enjoying dining with a view right here in Jewel. *Katharine claps* I like how excited she is, I know. *Chiara mimicking Katharine* Well well well, because we are going to start the day right off- Alright, Chiara here is going to take you to the first location, where you will get your fashion wardrobe overhaul. You like or not? Yes! - Exciting right? - Excited. Because it’s shopping! - Go go! - Let’s go! Enjoy yourselves! Hey Leah! - Hello! - Leah, this is Katharine.

Katharine, Leah. - Hi! - Hello hello. I think Katharine already knows you so I don’t need to introduce you anymore, What! but I will introduce this place- we are at Urban Revivo and y’know they have both basics as well as loud pieces, so it’s great for mixing and matching and it’s really stylish. So Leah is going to help us with that as she is the pro at mixing and matching.

-Yes. -Uhh, I try lah. Humble a bit okay. But are you ready to check out what’s in store? Let’s go take a look? Let’s go.

I saw this, it actually caught my eye because of the stripe pattern. Do you like something like this? Yes, I love the colour actually. So do you like blue? Yes. Y’know what I will wear, pair nicely with a dress like this? Oh, boots! Y’know Katharine said that she likes grungy spunky look. Oh, alright! Let’s see if we can find some grunge aesthetic in this shop. More clothes! It’s more colourful up here actually.

I saw it and I couldn’t resist because it’s a plaid vest. It’s a bit grungy to be very honest. Yes. Do you like something like this? Previously yah. Okay, maybe we can test it out to see whether now you’re still interested in it or not, and then we can see how it goes? Can! You had your eye on this dress.

Woo, is it because of the colour, -Or the design? -Yes. -Oh the colour. - I love yellow as well. Oh… I see… Okay. I love the colour and I actually like the cutting of this- because it kind of gives the illusion of like, a balloon sleeve at the top, but then it cinches you at the waist here. I don’t know you might be a bit scared when I pull this out, but don’t scared okay! What do you think of this? I’ve always been intimidated by like, fully covered (dresses).

It’s a bit of like a prairie dress. What’s a prairie? Prairie, it’s like those like, peasant dress. You want us to be peasants? This is like a very go-to dress, you can just throw it on. It does look very comfortable. Let’s try! So I think we have more than enough things to try here, let’s head to the fitting room to wear all the outfits. -Oh my god! -Woo… Oh my god, I love it eh Chiara, it’s damn nice! Looks like 小仙女 (little fairy).

Wow, I love it! I love the fact that it’s voluminous here and it cinches you at the waist. How do you feel about the colour? I love the colour. It really matches your watch by the way. It matches my shoes as well.

Oh my god, clearly we are going for the pink theme as well. This outfit looks great- I think this is great choice for like staycay for even like casual wear when you’re going out. First dress, the yellow… *Leah gasps* Wow! Lowkey giving me very fashionable tweety bird vibes. Eh, ya eh! It’s very comfortable, it’s not very thick- I think it’s suitable for our weather.

I love that it’s like a, it’s like fitted. It makes you look very slim, like shapes your figure very nicely. I know that’s something that y'know as a mum you will be probably concern as well after giving birth like, twice right. Don’t waste the waist! Must show it, must flaunt the waist. So I think we tried out a lot of outfits already, so there’s still one more place that we are going to shop, so you can change out of this, we will grab some of your items and head over there.

Now for the second stop, we are here at Levis, which is most well-known for their long-lasting denim pieces. And there’s many many jeans and different styles for you to try out, so let’s take a look inside and see what we can find. Okay, sure. So Katharine, do you actually have a solid pair of denim jeans that you usually go to? Well, y’know during motherhood you are always in between sizes, so there’s not one that fits me perfectly yet.

So, let’s try this pair of boyfriend jeans, I think this colour would be very very wearable. So how about like, denim outerwear? Do you own any? No, I don’t. Yah, 'cause I always thought denim to be quite thick and hot.

Right! I think the great thing about like Levis is like, they have a range of denim materials. I saw you wear the pink dress just now right, What about a pink cropped jacket? How about this? The length is different. Yah, and I think something that is a little bit cropped will give it a bit more of an edge. What do you think of the colour? I like it, I think it’s cute and it’s so thin. They have a lot more than just jeans, so they have a lot of blouses as well- so I’m going to pick out a couple of them for you to try on with your jeans staples over here, to see which cutting and which colour fits you the best alright? Let’s head over there. -Wow! -Oh my goodness! Wow, I love it! Oh my god, I love that it’s like a, a bit of a school girl, y'know like the pinafore look- but definitely a more mature version of it.

I was shopping while you were trying on the clothes. She suddenly got an extra hat on top of her head, matching florals. So she was showing me the dress that she like before she had kids, it’s a bit of this vibe right, there’s the strap and then you can pair it with a blouse inside.

Now you are a zhng up (upgraded) version of yourself. Eh! This is my favourite outfit for the day! Is it? Y’know, you picked a cropped jacket, and then the jeans is high waisted, so it’s a very nice play on lengths. Even though it fits just nice here, I don’t feel it squeezing.

Ahh! On one step to finding her perfect jeans. Good job Leah! Good job Chiara! Good job Katharine! Thank you. It’s okay. It's okay, I high-five you. Katharine, how was picking some new clothes for yourself? Very fun.

Very fun? And also a new experience for me. Very good. Well, we are not going to stop there, the new experiences are gonna come again- because we are going to do something to complete your look, and that is your hair. And we are here, so let’s go. But you’re lucky because I’m not cutting your hair okay, I’m not qualified.

But I've got someone who is, and that is David. Come on in David. Hello. Hello David, looking so stylish this David ah. Okay David, tell me a little bit more about what you think you can do with Katharine’s hair. So maybe we can have like, fringe. Oh, like a bit of a bangs moment? Yes.

Maybe the length probably, the length is like this. Change the black hair to the colour. Okay okay.

So maybe we can have like, like this kind of colour. Because of the hairstyle, so I suggest bring a little bit of a highlighting. Y’know what David, you’re being super detailed about it, but y'know honestly, I don’t understand everything, but all I know is that I’m going to trust you to take care of Katharine and make her look fresh okay. - Can? - This is my job, no problem. Katharine, are you ready? Yes, very. Very good, she is ready, you are ready, I am ready to go- Bye! Goodluck! Alright Katharine, your hair makeover is almost done, but we need to complete the whole look and the whole experience, so I’ve got someone who is very experience with makeup, makeup artistry, none other than, Sangee.

Hello! Y’know every time I will see her right, I will say her makeup is always on point and she’s going to give you that same beautiful on-point face look right now. Okay. - Let’s go. - You got it? Yes. I’m going to go now. Okay, bye Fauzi.

Bye! Okay Katharine, so what is your makeup knowledge you would say? I would say that I've tried everything except for eyeshadow. Okay, so don’t worry, I will teach you how to do eyeshadow today- something that is also simple yet you can always intensify it, so that you can wear it out or maybe just to work as well. Okay.

Yah, so let’s get started. So here you have like, some scarring right, so we just put (foundation) on it first, and then we work towards the lighter part- so that we don’t want to cake your face up okay? Okay, sure. Okay, you can look at the mirror.

You really can’t see it at all. Yah, it’s very light. So the next one I’m going to do is concealer. So the one I got for you is this one. So for like concealer right, my own personal way of doing it is always doing this tribal design, is to highlight the high points of your face.

Usually, you can just do it under your eye, so that it helps with brightening up your eyes. For glitters right, and then when we put it into the skin, we always dab it into the skin. So it’s a very work-friendly makeup look. So, it’s not too drastic, you can do it very easily. So for lipstick, I have chosen this like, reddish-pink. I feel like it can be used for like on a normal day, as well as you’re going out or whatever, it’s a very versatile shade.

Okay, Katharine, so we are done with your makeup, and I hope you learnt something new that you can apply to your daily lifestyle. Okay, so now I’m going to hand up back to your hairstylist to finish up your hair okay? Okay. Wow! This is a new you eh! Yah. Can you believe that this is the same person? Really, it’s a big difference. I feel like y'know, the old me would be very satisfied. Oh my god, I love that! I love that! Okay, but y’know, since y'know you had a little bit of time to reflect during the time you were getting your hair done, just want to ask you a couple of questions.

Has working so much ever made you feel burnt out? Yes… Because y’know when it’s at work it’s also children, then when I get back home, it’s also children again. So I can’t seem to escape from that. Right. I think that finding like, my reason, my meaning keeps me here, keeps me in the business. I like that, I like that. That’s nice to have such a strong purpose when it comes to your job and your family.

But y’know, for yourself today, it’s been an entire day without your kids, how has that been taking care of yourself a little bit? It feels fun, satisfying- but also, like a part of me still misses them. But I mean don’t worry, you will see them very soon. That’s it for today, but I have a surprise for you- all your clothes are right here, so you can have all the time tonight to look through what you want to wear for tomorrow, and the last surprise is, for the grand reveal you have to recreate this look by yourself. - Oh... - Can or not?

Are you up to the challenge? I will try my best. Try your best. I’m going to leave you to that, you can head home and get some rest, because tomorrow is going to be a long day. Alright, I will see you tomorrow! Alright. Now we are here at Shiseido Forest Valley for Katharine’s big reveal, and right in front of us is the iconic IG-worthy waterfall.

And not only that, look around us, there are also gentle walking trails leading up all the way to Jewel’s highest level. Correct, I think Chiara, we’ve had enough of the natural sunlight and enjoyed it enough under this aircon temperature, We should really like, get Katharine’s family who is on standby right there to come and talk to us. Okay, come on in guys! Hello hello, morning! Hello! Come come. So over here we have- what’s your name? Caroline. Caroline.

And then- I’m her grandpa. Katharine’s dad. And Steven. Katharine’s husband.

And Theo! I want to ask you guys, what do you think of Katharine’s usual style? She tries to stand out but sometimes maybe running out of ideas, so need some advice from others. Maybe when you met her, was her style different? Yah yah, actually it’s totally different. And she was wearing a red hat, like it’s really like the flower amongst the leaves.

Wah, I love that! I think it is about time we finally reveal new Katharine. Are y’all ready? Yah. He a bit apprehensive but nevermind must be excited okay.

1, 2, 3 Katharine! Woah! Oh my god! Who is this person! Katharine, oh my goodness! Oh my gosh, Katharine! What do y’all think? Yah, I mean it’s really different. Does she look like the time when she wore her red hat? It’s different, but it’s really better. Nice! So sweet! What about daddy over there? Grandpa.

Never seen so beautiful before. - Aiyo! - Wah! Actually, at that moment, I was very nervous- especially for how my dad and my husband would feel, but y’know, hearing what my dad said almost brought tears to my eyes as well. Okay Katharine, what about yourself? How do you like your new look? I feel rejuvenated. Wow, okay.

I feel energized, I feel elevated. I feel like you’re smiling more- like, now she has the eye smile. Katharine and family, guess what, we actually have a lot of activities planned for you today- and in fact right here we are at the Shiseido Forest Valley, and there are a couple of trails that you can explore. Kids, are you excited? Yes! Yes.

PD: Hello! Caroline: Hello! *Caroline blows flying kiss* *PDs squealing* Okay, Katharine, we are done with your makeover but your day is not over yet- because we know you love your family so much and love spending time with them, we actually got you passes to enjoy the whole of Canopy Park with them. Yah, y’know Canopy Park right is specially located at the top level of Jewel, where you can explore and have fun with the mazes, the sky nets, and there are also flowers, if you love flowers. - You are wearing a flower top right. - Clearly! So there’s a seasonal flower display at this place called the Petal Garden.

On top of that, there’s also Canopy Bridge where you can get a panoramic view of the Rain Vortex. It’s so amazing how you can enjoy all these recreational activities under one roof in a mall. So, shall we start with the first one and that is none other than the Canopy Bridge! Have fun guys, bye! Chiara is very scared by the way! Not bad what! *Chiara cries* You see Caroline jumping jumping eh! Hi Katharine! Hi! Yes, it’s amazing right, the view? Wow! Shall we move on Fauzi? No, we are going to stay here all day.

PD: Jump! Don’t jump please! Don’t jump! Hello! Waiting for the smoke (to) come out. Now that Chiara has conquered her fear, Chiara and I are going to make a move first. But we are going to leave you in the very capable hands of somebody else, it’s not makeover related, it’s to document your makeover. We have someone like, a very special someone, Chiara, would you like to introduce him? Yes, Mr John John! Yay! Hello! Come come. John is going to be helping you today, he’s gonna maybe to give you a new display picture, - I don’t know. - Definitely. Yah, I mean makeover already right, makeover already must take nice nice OOTD what, if not what’s the point! - That’s true, hashtag OOTD. - We love it.

Yes. So John, you are going to take care of Katharine and her family, Chiara and I are going to conquer her another fear, we are going to go to another bridge. Perfect! Let’s go! Bye guys, have fun! Now that we are here in the Petal Garden right, we are going to use this opportunity to get some pictures for you and your family. Ready? And walk.

Katharine: So many? Big and small one yeah. John: Very cute, I like that. Who is this? It’s me. It’s you. Adorable? - Is it nice? - You like? Yah… Very good very good! Caroline: Hello, why you up there? John: Hello! Caroline, I want you to wave and smile at me, and then mummy you just smile at her okay? Okay. Ready.

Come wave at korkor. John: Hello! Hello! Cute, adorable. Got it! Very nice! Caroline, I want you and mummy to have a, a big hug.

And give mummy a big hug! Yes, so cute! I am more or less done with here already, good job! Okay Katharine, so we are more or less done with our shoot today- thank you so much for being a great talent, and thank you Caroline- Caroline come! Caroline! Caroline! Okay, she’s a bit distracted now. I hope you enjoyed this experience, do you like it? Yes, I enjoyed it so much. Perfect, I can’t wait for you to see the pictures that I’ve got, I think I’ve got a few nice pictures here and there and I hope your family likes it as well. Thank you John. No problem. Thank you to everyone at ZULA for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Y’know, it made me realised how important it is, especially as preschool teachers maybe for mothers as well, you really have to treat yourself once in a while to gain a bit more time and energy for yourself. I feel that with this newfound confidence, I feel more- I have more energy, more drive to maybe take on further studies in early childhood. Chiara, that is four episodes of ZULA makeovers down, done and dusted, how do you feel? I really enjoyed myself for the past four episodes, y’know under our belt we have Maverick, Shirley, Rinie and now Katharine. Yes.

I hope that all the short-term help we gave them have like, long-term effects, y'know make them feel better about themselves and then like, y'know trudge on in life with a positive heart. I hope so, I hope so too. I mean like, we’ve done it so successfully, I think we are more than qualified to do it again. Of course! But if you would like to see another season of ZULA makeovers, comment in the comments section down below. You can like, share and subscribe, and until next time, bye!

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