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You guys ready to go kick some balls, ready. To go score some goals. Right. Or. The hot air balloon you guys. Alright. You ready, Oh. Where's. The soccer ball go. You. Ready. We. Gotta go get your Jersey. You. Look all professional than your ball like that hey we're a little early because we wanted to make sure that Bailey was all squared away since, this is her first. Weekend. But. We have about 20 minutes so we're just playing on the playground here that's like right next to the field. Everyone's. Practicing, right now Bailey. Let me see you in your Jersey. Wow. You. Look so, cute. Number. Seven turn, around let me see she's at number seven yeah number seven. That's. A good number are you ready for your first soccer game. Yeah. You ready to cheer on your sister. Say. Go. Bailey. Get. Out. Every. Change, has. A reason. Baby. Let, it come here. Every, soil. Every. Season. Lose, outsider. Status quo. Passions. Gone we, doing. Baby you, and I. Wake, up. I'm, proud of all artists way. I was, a very easily. Good. Job Bailey. That's. A martyr. Good. Job so. Proud of you. Okay, we just finished up with Bailey's, first soccer game did you have fun. Yeah. You. Played so well I'm so proud of you. Shay, wants to get into something too I think she. Can start when she's three so he'll probably sign her up next year. We're. Gonna head home right now for. A nap time and then once the. Kids wake up we're gonna go to the pumpkin patch with Vanessa and her family. You. Got about 20. Minutes until nap time so we're, gonna kick the ball again outside, she. Loves it. Pick. It show, me your best kick, kick. It so hard. Good. Go get it run run run kick. We'll. Play with Chloe, let's. Go get Chloe, okay. I'm. Tired, no still, kind of hot out, maybe. In that a couple of weeks it'll start to cool off a little more. Chloe. What are you doing. Okay. Let's take em off okay the girls are both awake, from, naps, they're, weighing their only little ones Halloween, dresses, we're. Gonna go to the pumpkin patch here in like 30 minutes we're just waiting for Grayson, to wake up let, me see you twirl. Twirl. Shay. Beautiful. You, guys look so cute I'll, link these dresses, down below for you guys are adorable, we're watching the Notre Dame game in the meantime waiting, for Grayson, to wake up from his nap and they're. Destroying, horribly. What's. This team I think this is a team that we've never played before. We. Just took a picture of the girls wearing these dresses. We. Got a new lens what lens is this boom, soon. As the 2072 are. 2417. Before, the us are. Yeah. The first time we've shot with it this, is basically our first professional, lens, all of them have been like mediocre. Very. Basic. Apopka. The. Big one. Are you excited for your first pumpkin. Pie. You. Have to to what, your should, we go feed the animals. Yeah. You get one two. Three, go feed the animals first. You. Can lick you oh. There. You go like this. Like. This okay, actually, just I do like this yeah. It's. A big cow huh. No. No don't do that they're gonna take the whole thing you, want to save this stuff, just. Give it one at a time. Put. Your hand up. Oh do. Families, fault. Yeah. Three. Months. What. At. Their really back all. The way back you guys excited. Alright. Have fun okay. Stay. Sitting okay have. Fun. Did. You like so much babe. Oh. Next. Year you'll be running around this place. Come. On I'm, going to dinner. Okay. We're heading out from the pumpkin patch did you guys have fun. I'm. Going out way tonight are. You close to. Here. I'll. Fill it there. Not so surreal. Good. Morning you guys it is the next day now it's Sunday morning and we are on our way to Chuck. E Cheese or, at Bailey's and friends, at his birthday party so. The last stuff that you guys saw we went to dinner, after, the pumpkin patch with Vanessa, and her family at tender, greens or, tender or what under smoke.

Racism. Place in California. It's. Called tenders smokehouse, and it, was incredible, was really good don't you think yeah. We got it, looks like just as much on the camera doesn't. But. Anyways it was a really good barbecue, it. Was a really good place to take the kids because, there was like outdoor music, and, a, bunch of games and stuff cornhole, and. Was that one game but you take, a ring gaming through it yeah they found that my bucks too and Bailey has gotten it each time we've gone to go home I bucks she got it and, attend. There's no couch she got it for all the boys really coming up. There. I'd. Like to collect Oh on the tables it's in salina a few ideas are up in this area you guys should take your kids it's really fun, it's really good food so, my. Camera died though after, that last clip so I wasn't able to film, much, after, we got home but we just put the girls to bed but. You know we run away to her. Friend's, birthday party so it should be a lot of fun I don't, think the girls I've ever been to Chuck E Cheese so, they're really excited, Adams ever been to Chuck E Cheese either. What. Kind of childhood, did you have I like grew up at Chuck E Cheese I. Used, to go like every weekend with my friends. I'm. Trying to think of like how old I was it goes like eight, or nine seems. Like the place to be we. Definitely went down my childhood suck, this. Is gonna be the, girls first time and, Adams. First time and, Grayson, Grayson's, happened a lot of first. Gotta. Throw it really hard use your muscles. I'll. Try. It. Oh. Bournemouth. And for you. My. Baby. I. Got. Like three four, thousand, in a row. I wasn't. Really trying. She's what stimulation. For him I think. Nobody. My. Weights above, playing this game when I was a kid. Draining, all the coins to fall off the edge. So easy. I think. It just goes on the card. She's, like I want you to do it. Okay. You want a lollipop, okay. Do. You want a lollipop Bailey. You, guys have fun, yeah. First. Time at Chucky Cheese was a success. First. Time I Chucky Cheese with a success. Yeah. Bunch a, well. As you guys can see if a lot later now I'm in my office editing. But, after that last put that you guys saw we didn't really do much the girls came home and took naps I went, to go get my nails done and I'm back to my usual, white, which I love. They. Look really good I went win you any all salon I went to the nail. Salon that Vanessa goes to and I'm honestly probably just gonna continue going there because they got the shape and everything like my cuticles, look great the place that I usually go to is like right next to our house and. I. Had gone there since we, moved, here and I, just like haven't switched up and I never really truly love how they are every. Time I go I just continue, to go there cuz, it's close to our house but. The, place that I went to today did, a phenomenal job so I'm probably gonna continue, going there I got. Like a deep purple on my toes, but. Anyways we didn't really do much after. The girls woke up from Napa kinda just like lay low at home because we were pretty busy at the rest of the weekend but we've had a really fun weekend I hope you guys enjoyed, today's vlog, I think I'm gonna end it here though be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if, you haven't already and, I will see you guys very, soon, bye.

You, Were like.

2019-10-11 16:55

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Hi guys happy Monday! I’ll explain this a little further in my next vlog, but for those of you that are upset about the translations not being ready when I first upload, I wanted to let you know that the girl that translates our videos isn’t able to get them up by my original posting time (between 10-11am CST) anymore due to her going back to school. The video will still be translated but not until 5pm CST from here on out. We are currently in the process of hiring someone to translate my videos into all other major languages as soon as possible so that everyone around the world can not only watch my videos, but understand them as well. Thank you so much for your patience, love and the continued support you show our family. It means so much to me.

If u need Arabic translation anytime I'm ready to do it for u

حبيتي ♥️

I am from Austria, I speak German but this is perfectly fine with me, also because I was an au pair in the USA

Tara Henderson Im fluent in English & Spanish if you need a Spanish translator!

Love you Tara. Arab folower . I see this video so happy for you.


That's amazing! Always caring for your followers. Hey girl I sent you a DM on IG. I am looking for some advice on a personal issue I'm going through. Hopefully you can read it and get back at me. Xoxo Mayra

Hey tara

@Katey H I'm from the UK too.

Thank you tara for your caring iam so pleasure to follow you actually you are super mama love you Iam sarah from Egypt

you just carry on being a wonderful mum, you are amazing. sending love from the UK :D

Tara Henderson Follow you from Saudi Arabia love you

Hi, Tara. If you ever need a backup Arabic translator, I'd be happy to help.

Thanks you to take care for your followers..

So stinking cute!

I love you Tara nina from algeria

Feeding the cows and seeing how friendly and sweet they are and then going and eating their barbecued flesh...pretty disconnected.

Great vlog!

Your husband is very smart and good looking

Great vlog sis! Thanks for your hard work! ❤️

1:16~ so cute

فيديو ممتع .استمتعت جدا .عائله مميزه .

Hey Tara! Please change Baylee out of her soccer shoes and socks into slip-ons after her game ends because those shoes are only meant for soccer grounds and they slip on every other surface especially concrete roads. She could really injure herself if not taken care off. Usually the soccer shoes and socks are always worn when you reach the ground and taken off after the match. Also, make sure before every game her toe nails are short and trimmed because a hard impact of the ball can remove her entire toenail. I'm play soccer myself too so I thought these tips could help.

What's the song she played towards the end I know she plays it alot I really love this song

Shay ❤❤

Grayson is a little Bailey...

Why do they have two different jersey colors? Loved the video!

Those boys are so sweetest ❤ love your family tara❤

My heart melts watching the boys watch over Shay and Baylee. ❤️

Hello please help me I will give birth last month anything you did not need your son send to me I need please And your old clothes shoes makeup please communicate with me

Nice family... U r from?

Nice vlog....

Plz..help..me..i am.needy plz...to buld a home..plz

Omg I want to put my daughter in soccer too, how old was she when you put her in? She looks so ready and knows what she’s doing

Молодцы ребята.

Awwww little Shay has a sweet best friend ❤️ adorable!!

You are SLAYING it girl! Wife, mom, You Tuber... your energy & passion is truly inspirational. The way Grayson smiles at you is absolutely precious... are you content with him being your last baby?

Enjoyed hanging out with you guys! Grayson’s smile

Love their outfits

OH my gosh I am loving seeing that little boy with Shay that is to adorable!!! XO

كيف عرفتي اللغه العربيه

Make sure the girls wash their hands after the petting zoo, children have died from infections and E Coli from it. Just a reminder !

I agree

NO 7 - David Beckham

oh my gosh how cute is Baylee in her soccer uniform

those boys will treat there future wifes the best

Y’all need a really cute intro (example: ACE fam)... is something like that- it would be so cute with your family!!!

How is it living in Texas? Considering moving with my husband and two boys

Your Baby Greyson is so beautiful God bless his little heart and your girls are adorable bless them both too. Nice family I enjoy watching your videos.

This video was darling between Graysons smiles, Shay laughing and Baylee talking to Grayson. So stinking cute! I can’t believe Adam never went to Chuck E Cheese

Eu adoro seus vícios e uma pena que eu não intendi o inglês bjs

I love how sweet those boys are. Their mom is raising them right and you can definitely tell.

Love your videos but you use the same song in every video and it’s getting pretty repetitive. Hoping you can switch it up

I must be hearing it in all the other family vlogs then

It’s realllly time consuming to find new music and by the tine I’m done editing the vlog it’s 11pm. I need to find a day to set some time aside to find new music.

CarliCaspers I haven’t used the songs in this video in awhile that’s why I chose them

Did she have a red and blue jersey? Thought she was wearing a red one in the beginning of the video and in your IG pic but she was wearing the blue one in the rest of the vid!

Kay2198 haha the jerseys are reversible! We thought she was on a red team but turns out she was blue!

Baylee always looks happy or focused, unless she has reason to feel sad. Shay mostly looks sad or pensive, unless she has reason to feel happy. It is tough being a toddler or a teenager. If they discover the fountain of youth tomorrow, I would not go back that far to either stage. And Grayson is saying, "Mom, if I keep stretching, I think my sport's going to be basketball." Baylee looked like she had potential in your backyard the other day, but she looks pretty good out there on the field with the others, too, in terms of ability to move well and to really stay on the ball. Shay can play with friends in the yard. Those ruffley dresses are perfect with their shoes or vice versa. Shay does not look thrilled about having the animal's mouth or tongue touch her hand and so wanted them to take the food directly out of the cup. It was cute to watch how she wasn't so sure they shouldn't be helping themselves to the feed in the cups. The children accompanying them were so sweet with the girls. Fun for us to go along. Grayson looked a bit pink from the sun and perhaps a bit overstimulated with all the noise at the party.

I can’t handle. Michael and Shay!!! So much cuteness !

I missed over two months of your videos all because of my notifications weren’t on

Aw how cute! Such a beautiful family

I go to BGSU! The team ND played.

I just freaking love how gentleman those little boys are,they are so sweet to Baylee and Shay and you could definitely tell they are being raised right

Good old chucky cheese memories!!!

Are y’all still sick? Or are you feeling better?


Greyson is literally the sweetest thing ever!

tell him to get off the phoneee

am a loyal subscriber I like your vlogs please how old is your little girl

Goooi Baylee!!! The 7 is the best number

The bespectacled young boy is such a gentleman, lol.

Baylee shay

Where did you get your stroller? I think I’ve seen one that Dillard’s! LOVE IT!!!

Glad to see that you guys had a great time.Make memories and treasure them.

OMG how adorable. ur daughter s are looking soooo pretty nice vlog Tara

Hey Tara I want to sign up my son for soccer too but I’m new to my city. How did you find sports in your area for kids, was it through someone you knew or a youth organization?

Thank you so much

Crystal Palacios I just googled and did some research. Also talked to a couple moms I know in the area. :)

تحية لكل العرب هون ❤❤❤

N°7! Thats alexis sanchez and cristiano ronaldo numbers! So fun seeing her play soccer (or football as we call it here)

I was 7 a few times when I played

Happy bonding for the 3 kids. Shay still shy an observance very quite. She will be making up in the next outing. Talk and talk to her.

I actually get so excited to watch your videos!! Love from Egypt❤️❤️

My favourite your baby smile so cute

I went to that same pumpkin patch when I lived in Texas! It was insanely hot, pouring sweat, all the pumpkins were rotted from the heat and lets just say this Virginia girl was so out of her element

Nice vlog enjoyed it so much bliss

I am dying with how sweet those boys are with the girls!!!i love it!!!he takes so good care of shay like proper big brothers!!so sweet!!

I have to say , those boys are adorable with the girls. I can’t get over how cute they were . ❤️

Sooo cute vekog ,little kids are so lively,God bless u all ,i m from pakustan daily watch your wonderfuk videos

Beautiful family!!!

Yup Chuck E Cheese birthday parties are the best especially for the parents bc no clean up. My sons had their parties there in the 80s. We are Southern California natives and still live here. So thanks for the happy memories ❤


I’ve noticed that baileys speech is getting soo much better, love watching your girls and Grayson grow

Nicole Ramirez it’s getting better! I think school is helping a lot.

I love your channel because it is translated in Arabic and I love your young children thank you tara

Am I crazy or no because at first Bailey had a red jersey on and then a blue one

U guys r awesome

متشوقه جداا لاشوف جرايسون في سن الخامسه

I lived in Allen for about 15 years and my brother works for the city of Allen he’s a supervisor

Plano has a balloon festival every year I didn’t know if you guys knew that

تارا نريد الترجمه بالعربيه

Hi love your videos I'm tween viewer god bless jodi

Ms. Baylee, NO pink shin guards...??

Camille Richards ya we got her pink :)

Baylee is really athletic ❤ Love them both in those little dresses!

My son plays for i9sports. We are in Houston

Your family is total goals ❤ love your videos x

Tara do you know what kind of floors you have in the kitchen and living area? Are they wood look tile, real hardwoods, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl plank or laminate wood plank? Are you happy with them? Do they scratch with kids and dog?

Tara Henderson thank you!

Liz Paul they are engineered hardwood. We love them!

That was so sweet when those two little boys when they were being kind to Shay and Baylee. Love you guys! Great job on the soccer game Baylee. So proud of all of you and what your doing.

Well done Baylee great first match. It looks like Shay loves it to. You all look so well now. Tara you look amazing.

Those boys are so sweet with the girls!

❤ Oh My, Shay laughing in the car made me laugh too. So cute!

Awsome Spatorico me too! I love a good contagious laugh!!

How sweet is that little boy?...The way he helped Shay onto the wagon and then held onto her because it was bumpy, was just the sweetest thing! Such the little gentleman...Mama is raising him right! All of the children are so well behaved...good job, ladies!

grayson melts my heart tara!! so sweet seeing his cute baby smiles ❤️


Shy is so cute.. when she is laughing.. god bless her...

This makes me so excited for soccer games! Also not gonna lie I completely forgot Chuck E Cheese existed.. I can’t believe they’re still kickin!

❤❤❤you're the bestest!

I remember that when Grayson was born I told Adam on instagram so that the translations from your videos disappeared so suddenly and it wasn't right because so many followed you and they didn't just want to see but understand and many said me "but why you don't enjoy for Grayson's birth instead of scolding Tara and Adam ?! " and now everyone here who wants the translation too

I love you from Saudia Arabia.... انجليزتي ضعيفه لكن فهمت مجمل الكلام المكتوب شكرا ع اهتمامك بكل متابعينك من كل الدول ومن مختلف اللغات

You have a lot of arabian lovers and i'm one of them..love from Algeria

I love you tara

Hi Tara how are you . Firstly lots of love to your family you all are such sweetheart

Słodkie dzieciaki!

If this sounds hateful I don’t mean for it to.... does shay have bangs in the front or is that part just not as long as the back! She’s adorable either way! I’m just curious?

You should get a Tula baby carrier that way you can wear Grayson when you go in places so he doesn’t always have to be in the car seat! I think it’d be a nice change of scenery for him! My second girl loves being worn!

New subbie

I'm brazilian and love follow your family. You are very beautiful. Kisses from Brazil

شكرا علي الترجمه ب نستفادو جميعا ❤❤

أحبك من العراق

I love you and I love yours family my name is Ayesha from Pakistan

omg those matching dresses are the sweetest! so cute & love you and your fam

يااااه قديش لطيفه تارا شرحت بتعليقها المثبت انه الترجمة تتأخر كم ساعه مو بس مهتمه تترجم لنا فيديوهاتها ومهتمه انه تشرح لنا انها تتأخر لكن موجودة للي دايما يسألون مع نزول الفيديو فورا ليش مافيه ترجمة ... الاجنبية الوحيدة الي ما افوت لها فيديو ابدا حتى لو روتينها مكرر .. اقدر لها اهتمامها بمتابعينها ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Tara, when you have those times when Shay is having tantrums or meltdowns, maybe show her videos of her laughing like she did in the car with hiccups. Sometimes In stressful moments it can help to see laughter and you and her see the fun moments.

Tara is a gentle lady..a gorgeous mom❤love and respect from bangladesh

بتجنني كتير بحبك بتمنالك السعادة والهنا

Your eye lashes are overlapping, looking different


Hi sis h r u I cal you sis welcome to India I like so much u r family kutti baby hi daily watch u r channel u r read than replay

Kids are super cute together

I love girls and grayson smiles his so cute

Your friends kids are so nice and well behaved

shay looks exactly like adam when she laughs!!

Kendal Bartley it looks like maybe they’re reversible so that the kids can scrimmage against each other.

@Breeyawna Edwards she did I was wondering why

I thought the same, but was too lazy to go back.

Your vlog’s made my day in each time I watch it

When Baylee was on the playground her jersey was red and black but in her game it was glue and green, was I seeing things?? Lol

Omg I'm dying at Shay having the hiccups

These little precious young boys are going to grow up and be such amazing young grown man one day. Credit to the parents ❤️

Check out the yard in downtown McKinney same concept with stuff for the kids and good food and drinks

جميل جدا

OMG Grayson is so stinkin smiley

Mommy vlogger inspo forever

What sweet boys raising them right . Luv the girls dresses when at the pumpkin patch also

Omg. Those girls melts my heart. Grayson is the best baby I have ever seen. I just love all of them. Such great parents. Baylee did so good in soccer. Those boys are such gentleman. Glad you have someone like that. Good to see you Adam. Have a great weekend.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Your baby's are really cute


You should put the girls in dance and when Grayson gets older he should do lacrosse or soccer or somthing

I just love your family.



@Tara Henderson Too funny!!

I bet the girls would love the balloon fiesta here in Albuquerque. It’s amazing seeing hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky!

Bowling green is not far from me.

You and Adam should do a sit down video of how life with 3 kids are

Hey, Tara If you need someone to translate into Urdu/Hindi I would be happy to!

Tara I also grew up at Chuck e Cheese although in Canada i dont think it is such a huge deal anymore

Que lindo pricip


تعجبني كثيرآ اهتمامه في بيتها واولاده ILoveyou tara Im In iraq

Ur daughter smile good I am nagaraja india

Hi tara this is nagaraja I talk to u but I speaking to not English I missssssss uuuuuu new subscriber but u videos all seaing from india

Bayleee....i love her sooo much....and Shay and Grayson is the cutest.......love ur family tara

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