Here & Now Friday January 4 2019

Here & Now Friday January 4 2019

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Good. Evening I'm Anthony Germaine and I'm Debby Cooper when we start here now tonight with breaking news, a crash at a car dealership in Saint John's has sent an employee to the hospital, here now is Katie Breen is live now at the Hyundai dealership on can Mount Road so Katie what can you tell us. Well. That's right I'm here where police are still on scene and, as our crews who are trying to weatherproof. The, Capitol high on day building kehrberg crash happened. Earlier today I don't have to too many details about exactly what happened but what I can say is that a dark color sedan, somehow, crashed through the window earlier this, evening it's a dark. Color sedan, and I'm not quite sure if, it was a test type Drive or if, it was a customer, who owned a vehicle but a vehicle did enter through the window I was told by people on scene today that about 50, people work here and when. They heard the bang all of them called, the police and. Cars. Came, quickly, right away we had about, five, or six here earlier this afternoon. What, I do know is that an employee was involved they were apparently. Somehow. Pinned, by the vehicle, and was, taken. To hospital the. People on site told me today that they're. Not sure how he's doing but when he was taken, from the scene he, was at least alert, they're hoping of course that he's okay and everyone, around has been shaken by the incident, hande, has sent statement, just moments, ago saying, that it can't comment on the specifics, of what happened here tonight but. That. They are cooperating with the police in their investigation and. From. The police, we haven't heard exactly what they. Haven't been able to confirm any further details, rather but, they do say that they will send out a press release later. This evening so an update we should have online reporting. Live for here and now I'm Katie Breen in st. John's. This. Is CBC. Here and now. We're. Not talking about ferric, and nail we're talking about something much more serious we could do is power for for. Weeks and weeks a dark. Anniversary. But there are fears it could happen again it's been five years since, dark, canal when hundreds, of thousands, of people lost power during a cold winter, tonight, could, dark Enel happen, again, and we'll, look back at some of the moments from, 2014. No. It's not a crisis, and we're not in a crisis, at the moment, 2017. Hopefully, we'll never find ourselves in this kind of a circumstance. It's. An anniversary that, many would like to forget but some say the trouble that sparked, the hashtag, dark, NL is still. With us five. Years ago this week rolling, blackouts, left a hundred ninety thousand. Island customers, without electricity it's, a system failure that the Public Utilities Board is still investigating, and others warn it may happen again here. Now is Mark Quinn reports, this. Was the sharp end of the January, 2014, power, failure, family. Fighting through the storm to help loved ones escape a cold dark seniors, home in st. John's but. Was it a crisis, you know no it's not a crisis, and we're not in a crisis, at the moment words. That some say helped usher former, Premier Cathy dunder Dale out of politics, there's, no reason, to lose confidence, in the power system cold. Stormy, weather drove, up demand for electricity, demand. The system couldn't handle it, sparked, a fire here, at the Sunnyside terminal. Station, a disaster. That rippled through the system, leaving many people in the cold, there were 190,000. Customers without power the. Public Utilities, Board looked, at what happened, and is still considering, what should be done to prevent it last, fall an independent, consultant told, the PU B were still, not out of the woods it said. Newfoundlands. Power supply, remains at the mercy, of the weather Tony, wrote is a very old old, system, and that's and. We. If, we lose one. Or two units. And. We. Can't get sufficient backup, from from, the maritime link then. We're gonna be in trouble, penny, believes these are problems that won't be solved, by Muskrat, Falls he, says we'll need a backup system, to replace Holyrood, on the Avalon, Peninsula. But. We're talking about you. Know could be seven, or eight hundred million, dollars more to. Ensure reliability, answers which, is seven or seven, or eight hundred million dollars that we don't have in. A statement Newfoundland, and Labrador hydro.

Reassures, Customers, that they will continue to have a safe reliable power, supply, it says. The system's performance, through this week's weather is evidence, that it's working mark. Quinn CBC, News st. John's. Hundreds. Of thousands, of people in this province have their own stories, about dark NL yeah many of us remember those nights in about 25 minutes we're gonna come back to mark some of the highlights, perhaps low lights or no lights from, January 2014. Well. After two days of bad weather a lot of snow has accumulated in downtown, st. John's causing, some mobility, problems business. Owners and residents are, frustrated today, over the state of the sidewalks, they told heroes Meg Roberts, the city needs, to do more Meg. Joins us now live from downtown, st. John so Meg, how. Are the sidewalks, looking, now pretty, clear I understand. Yes. It's looking a bit better right now but this morning the sidewalks were almost, impassable. Now although it's still early in the winter season some, business owners are saying that, there they're at their wit's end with, the snow removal, there. Was one question I kept hearing today and that's why isn't the city doing more to deal with all this snow was. One of the pictures that the owner of Oliver's tweeted, out this morning standing, on top of a large mound of snow in front of his downtown, restaurant, Calvin. Vincent, says he's fed up with messy sidewalks, get, your trucks down here get your loaders down here push it all in the middle of the street and I'll load the park anyhow and take it away why. Is that so difficult I have no idea it. Just seems the city. Doesn't. Get it they don't care I really, don't feel they care about small, business downtown, the sidewalk, was cleaned with a plow later in the morning now he's not the only one who is concerned about the dangerous walking conditions, this, is what the stairs leading up from Duckworth, to the LSP u-haul, looked like last night which, caused some issues for musicians and fans who, were attending the opening of the annual feast of Cohan people, were coming down this, set. Of steps here holding on to the guardrail for dear life and still, find it harder than the footing because it was so steep it's so slippery that it was it, was life-threatening, really I'd love to know from. The city's point of view how they can explain it and. I would actually like to see an apology, well. He won't be getting an apology from the city mayor, Danny Breen says there was nothing preventing, someone from cleaning, the steps however, the musical director at, the hall says they've been told not to clean because of liability, reasons Breen. Says the city is clearing, snow as planned, sections. Of the city are ranked for snow clearing and removal, and some, spots take priority over others. There's. 9 kilometers, of sidewalk to be dealt with so it just take a bit of time for the process to happen so the process unfold. Is as, it, should we. Were able to clean up the area make, it better and then. Clean up the sidewalks, after. The. City says that the the mayor says sorry the city can't take the snow out of the downtown area from Thursday, through Saturday ask because there's, so much foot traffic late at night so snow removal, is supposed to happen a Sunday although there were some additional crews, on the road yesterday, trying. To move the snow off of the street and with, the rainy forecasts. Mayor Breen says that there are some concerns about freezing. And flooding, reporting, live in st. John's I'm Meg, Roberts 4 here and now a, lot. Of room there to get by man as you can tell. So. It's appropriate, that Ashley, is joining us now with a preliminary. Look at the weather it, mentioned. Potential. For rain in the forecast we take a look at the weather on the way that. System, moves in, on late. Saturday. And then into Sunday for the island and it does look like we can see some significant. Rainfall amounts, with the systems particularly, for the south coast and parts. Of the avila now central we'll see a changeover as well but, it does look like we should see mostly snow for, parts. Of the, northern peninsula and then.

Stormy, For coastal, Labrador, we, could see some blizzard warnings wouldn't be surprised to see those issued within the next 24 hours and then, as far as tonight's, forecast goes, we've got snow on the way for the west and south coast and then flurries, by the time it makes its way to the Avalon but I'll have all those details coming. Up in, a little bit. Accused. Killer David, Casey was found guilty of the first-degree murder. Of Carole King in a Saskatoon, courtroom, today King, Casey's. Ex-partner. Was from Newfoundland and living in a home in rural Saskatchewan, at the time they, were together for four years, before the split up just, months, prior to King's death the, crown says Casey admitted, to killing King and disposing. Of her body during, a so-called mr., big sting that, sting is when police posed as criminals, to try to gain the trust of a suspect and much, of the trial revolved, around police, protocol, during that operation, Carole. King was originally, from Madison. On the west coast of the island, Saint, John's car dealership, and its president have pleaded guilty to, tax evasion, Cabot. Ford Lincoln sale. And, Frank, Clarke were each convicted, of one count under, the Income Tax Act, it, is for tax evasion over, a three-year period from 2009. To 2011, Clarke. Controlled, the company, personal. Expenses, were claimed on Cabot Ford's corporate, income tax, return, a provincial. Court at a provincial, court this morning the judge accepted. A joint submission from, the lawyers on, sentencing. Cabot, Ford Lincoln was fined over. $33,000. Clark was fined more than, 57,000. That, equals the amount of taxes, evaded, and doesn't, include any civil, penalties, a fight. Over a garbage, collection bill got settled in court today with a property, owner begrudgingly, agreeing, to pay st., John's businessman, Derek Windsor took on Eastern, Regional Service Board for, a bill he says he didn't know he had to pay for his summer home which, is located in western bay here, now sees hair reports one. Of the things I. That's. Derek Windsor on the right, waste management board, chair ed grant on the left and things, were a little more civilized inside, the courtroom Derek, Windsor appeared in small-claims court today challenging. The waste management board, for its failure to notify him. That a $180. Fee was owed for five years, of garbage collection he, argued that he should not have to pay the bill because he didn't know it existed and wasn't, even made aware, of it but, in the eyes of the law not, being notified doesn't, matter the, presiding judge explained. That, the law is clear once, a regulation, is gazetted, the money is owed, the. Judge advised Windsor, to pay the principal only no interest, for, some of eight hundred and fifty five dollars and sixty-two cents, Windsor. Says while the board may be operating, within the boundaries of the law it, owes taxpayers, more, is.

That A real realistic. Expectation. For this board to. Say, it's, in the gazette so, you should have known I don't, think it is I think, there, are better ways of communication. The. Waste management Board says in unincorporated. Areas, like Western Bay paper. Trails on most properties are scanty. And there's no central, database either, so, tracking, property, owners takes time and there are about seven, to eight thousand, of them under, its jurisdiction when. We go into an area we. Put notices, in the local papers we put the motifs in the convenience, stores we, hang. Information. Pieces on properties, and we, have a staff. Person who does nothing but try to identify properties, the takeaway today is, this if you are now off the radar from, the management board and you're not paying for your garbage collection, eventually. You will be found and eventually. You will have to, pay cease. Hair cbc, news st.. John's if, you, were looking for work December wasn't, particularly. Kind that's, according to new numbers from Statistics. Canada, overall. 2018. Saw record, unemployment, across the country. There. Were just over nine thousand, more jobs in December that, less than typical, monthly, gains for the year. Manufacturing. Transportation, and healthcare, were strong, with, more than 20,000. New hires other. Industries. Like Alberta's, oil sector lost. 17,000. Jobs overall. A hundred and sixty-three thousand, jobs were created, in 2018. Less, than each of the last two years, however. Unemployment. Remains, low, at 5.6, percent the lowest since, the 70s. We. Haven't pictured to show everyone, now, of, this year's. Provinces. New years a baby and she's. Got a very unique name. Zephyr, louise coyote. Burn russell. Was born at two o'clock in the morning on New Year's Day making, her the, official New Year's baby mm-hmm, and she was born at the Health Sciences Center in st. John's and she actually arrived more. Than three weeks early the due date was set for January, the 23rd the. People. Of Darfur have no voice and, I. Pretty, to be in Canada, I can be able to use Facebook, or whatsapp or any social media to send message. To the world and until, that message is received a Sudanese, man and Saint John's is on a hunger strike his story coming, up. You. And. Welcome back everyone all important, weekend forecast just ahead but, we have some video to show you the, plus side to all, this. Snow. Creating. Lots, of winter fun yeah, lots of kids out having. A lot of fun we managed to get one, of our shooters, out there to get some pictures on a little sort of snow drink which comes, in a certain amount of risk, this. Looks like Long Pond I have, slid. Down there many times when, my kids were young. Pretty. Good crowd yeah. Always. It, always draws a good crowd over there don't complain about the snow go play in it yeah. And. Not too windy, yeah no winds finally digest yeah which is nice. But, not, a whole lot happening today is you can see there just a little bit of gray skies if we take a look at the satellite, and radar today, you. Can see not, a whole lot as far as. Weather. Goes were just seeing starting to see that snow now on the west coast if you zoom in a little bit and that will continue as we head through the next couple of hours but boy. Was, it cold, when we woke up this morning temperatures. Minus. 16, in st. John's actually was minus 16.8, so minus, 17, is the official, number minus 25, in badger, some. Of the numbers I saw were close to minus 27. In the morning hours now those temperatures, have. Significantly. Warmed up sitting, around minus seven in st. John's minus 11 in gander along the west coast we're looking at temperatures in the mind of single digits and they will continue to rise as we head towards the morning hours up through, Labrador.

We're Starting to see that happen. Labrador. City right now sitting at minus 13 happy valley-goose Bay at, minus, 22, but those wind chills have eased, quite nicely so only, feeling into the minus teens which is much different from what we were seeing yesterday, so winds. Have also died down that's why we're not seeing those wind chills at. One point they were near zero for parts, of the Avalon which is very different, from what we've been seeing for the past couple days but very much welcomed so. Here's a look at the Future tracker we're going to see that snow start to spread. For the south coast and along the west coast as we head through, the night and then towards central by morning, and. It looks like we're gonna see that for, the Avalon, as well as the, beer and peninsula and then eventually tomorrow, doesn't look all that bad once, that snow moves off we should see a mix of Sun and clouds into, the, afternoon and those temperatures, are, finally going. To return to, near. Seasonal, so here's a look at the forecast for tonight just that chance of flurries, or light snow as I mentioned, minus one by morning for Corner Brook we're going to see those temperatures slowly. Climbing, it looks like minus four in st., John's by morning and the winds are gonna pick up just a little bit as, we head through the night tonight Labrador. Is also gonna see those temperatures climbing, minus 19 for, happy, valley-goose Bay by morning Labrador city should sit we're, sitting now about minus 13, and then, tomorrow again, we are looking at that. Potential. For. The. Temperatures, to climb back to seasonal, so zero degrees for, parts of Central one, degree for st. John's and, then, the next system will. Move in late, day on Saturday. We're going to see that potential for some freezing rain to start for the beer input well essentially anywhere along the south coast and then, same for the Avalon as well the southern Avalon specifically. Overnight. And into, Sunday and, then otherwise we're just gonna see that snow spread across and then the Sun peak out into the afternoon and then same, thing for, Labrador, as far as flurries go - 11 for lab City -, 14, for, happy valley-goose Bay so, as far as snowfall goes tonight still looking at a good bet we're gonna see between 5 to 10 centimeters, along the west coast and south coast south coast closer to 10 centimeters, is a good bet otherwise, 2 to 5 centimeters, for most of the, rest of the island up through Labrador again trace to 2 centimeters and that's, the case for the.

Avalon. As well but we'll see that into the morning hours let's look at your forecast we'll look ahead in the storm coming on Sunday when I come back at Deb thanks. Ashley a Sudanese, man living, in Saint John's has started a hunger strike, as anti-government. Protests. In his home country are escalating, multiple. Demonstrators. Have been killed in recent weeks, and while, the Mun student, fled his home country more, than a decade, ago, he's desperately, urging, the United Nations, to step in here now is Jeremy Eaton has more like. Nobody even cares what is happening. This. Is what jegging Cueto, ball is talking, about he shared multiple, videos like this telling the CBC these were taken over the past few weeks in Darfur Tobel, takes them and post them online the people of Darfur have no voice and I. Pretty, to be in Canada and I can be able to talk to the world and I can be able to use Facebook, or whatsapp or any social media. Protests. All over Sudan, started, late last year demonstrators. Unhappy, with soaring food costs, fuel shortages, and President, Omar al-bashir government. Police. Have responded with violence resulting, in a number of people being killed the, people of Sudan United. And they say we don't want this, regime anymore and then. The government say, okay I'm a responded, to this by, like. Killing. The peaceful, protesters, arresting. Activists, Togo. Fled Sudan and spent seven years in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, four years ago he ended up in st. John's and Memorial. University what. He's seeing back home caused, him to take action United. Nations Security Council and, the International, Criminal Court know very well about Omar al-bashir so I want them to take action against, Omar al-bashir that's. Why I started. Going on a hunger strike. With. School back in session it's, not easy for the father of five toggle, knows his life in st. John's is a lot better than what's happening back home but, after watching weeks, of anti-government protests. He wanted to be a part of it about, this not nice but I don't know how I'm going to do but because. I have to send this message to the international community. It is very important, for me toggle, is calling on the United Nations to step in and remove al Bashir vowing. Not to eat until that happens, Jeremy. Eaton CBC News st., John's. There. Are pool players of every, skill level imaginable. In the st. John's area and there are a lot of them many of them disappointed, because Dooley's, shut down on Boxing, Day that, story and what it means for these pool players coming up. You. Welcome. Back to here and now now you obviously, know, that pool is a popular game but maybe not exactly how, popular, gonna find out as we cover the story so Monica tell me about your pool, league the. CPA is the Canadian pool Players Association. We, have. Seven. Almost 700 players in, our league area, on the Avalon Peninsula that's. Carbon. Air Bay Roberts, CBS. St. John's male pearl area.

We're Designed for everyone it, doesn't matter how, well you play pool, you can never, pick up a pool cue before and still play our league have, fun and compete, on an equal basis, 700, that strikes me as a lot now you mentioned for everyone there must be some sharks, here yeah, there's definitely a few good players around some. Of the top players and the province also played early some, bad news boxing. Day as I think a lot of people were surprised to learn Dooley's the. Latest downtown, business to shut its doors what impact does that have on a league with so many players, well. It was definitely devastating we're. Very upset to see them go they're, very much part of the CPA family, a, lot of players don't, have anything now in the downtown area to, go. To to, play, we. Have 42. Teams, that, had to find new homes and. We. Did find new homes for, those teams but, it's still devastating. They still are gonna miss their third. Downtown, location, there's nothing in the downtown area anymore. Being. A, disabled. Pool, player you're, not meant to. To. Feel like one in this sort of situation the. Way. The skill levels. Doesn't. Matter if you're in a wheelchair for, able-bodied I. I. Play with this with, this thing I, don't. Feel as if I'm like. A Telecaster, sure, for lack of a better word I guess, for. Being in wheelchair what's the significance of, Dooley's shutting. Down it's, a huge blow yeah, just. A whole format. Of everything, that's. The place. Where we go, to do, our provincials, on a personal level it was one of the it was very accessible. And. It. Was just it was just a great place to play, tell me a bit about the championships, that your league plans. Floor, and, how important is to have a place like this and Dooley's, and I guess anywhere where you can find a pool table yeah well Dooley's had 24, tables, our, next location that. Has the most amount tables is this one this. West Side Charlie store B Road they only have 12 tables. Which. Is great for regular league play but when it comes to Championships, last, year we had 58 teams in our championship. Tournament, playing for Las Vegas, that's. About, 450. People and there's no location. I think, in the province, that can hold 450. People playing pool now. When you have I guess eight players per team for. The big championship, we mentioned this you're. Looking at more than a thousand players right yeah. So in our league regularly, but for, our championships. We have last year we had about 58, make it to Championships, for the trip okay, you mentioned Las Vegas so some people here, so. We. Send so this championships, in particular that I was talking about was our eight ball, team. Championships. And we. Send three teams this, year to. Las Vegas in, August, we, also send about. 150. Other players, to, Las Vegas in, April and August, for. Events other than he just tells me these are the serious, serious. Players, Dooley's. Is closed down not. A great way to end 2018, and last question for you heading. Into the new year what would you like to see Monica happened, for all these pool players in 20. Well really there's nothing in the downtown, area it. Would be really nice to see a pool hall. Establishment. Start up in the downtown area for, those players.

But. Even if we had a vendor that supplied. Pool tables, for our championships, would be great, we could add pool tables to other, locations. And, and. Hopefully go from there okay it could be an opportunity if there's an entrepreneur, out there maybe, pool might be your future listen all the best in 2019, and thank you very much thanks. A. Pioneer. In the seafood industry has, passed away Bruce, Wareham died from cancer this morning at the age of 75. He, was the founder, and chairman, of the ice water group of companies, in their plant in Arnold's Cove he, had been in the seafood industry for, 55, years. Newfoundland. And Labrador has, also lost a legendary, country singer Jimmy. Lynn agur known to some as the kid Ranger, died last week, when. Your welcome Jimmy, Lynn occur. During. The 50s, Lynn agur was a regular, on local radio playing. Four nights a week on CJ Owens bargain, hour program, many, credit, the performer, with being a pioneer, in the provinces, country, music scene spending. Summers, touring, across the island Lynn agur was a regular, performer at the st. John's Folk Festival and most, recently, in the Avalon, Ramblers, Country pickin, pals and ghosts. Of Grand Old Opry his. Funeral, is set for tomorrow at Saint Patrick's Church in, st. John's Lynn agur would have been 83. Next, month. 35%. More, demand. On the system that day than the average of the last five years then. We had several units that, were off for, unplanned, maintenance. Looking. Back at dark and L we dip into our archives, to bring in some of the highlights, from that widespread power. Outage. You. Welcome. Back to here and now well first there, was a cold snap that caused rolling, blackouts, or brownouts, in early January, 2014, and that was followed by a snow storm that brought 38, centimeters, of snow then, a fire, at a substation, in Sunnyside which, led to a big bang at the Holyrood power plant and that's. When, the lights went out it's, an event that people in this province still, called darken el now, we put together some highlights, from, that frigid, event five years ago.

Pressure. On the provinces, electrical, grid reached an all-time, peak we, had 35. Percent more demand. On the system that day than the average of the last five years for that period then we had several units that, were off for, unplanned, maintenance, as, a combination, of events that rarely rarely happens. The. War 190,000. Customers without power and, again, Newfoundland Power has 257. Thousand customers so the vast majority of our customers were off that. Left about 50, percent of the island in the dark so. Why doesn't hydro, have the capacity, to deal with these failures we, don't build. A system to meet extreme. Circumstances. Because it can become very costly so what we do is we we, planned our, generation, to me what we call a normal cold, winter day and, what. We're experiencing, right now is well beyond what we normally experience. We have a crisis, when we cannot, meet. Peak, moments, no it's not a crisis, and we're not in a crisis, at the moment it's, an assessment, at odds with the way many people are feeling today we, didn't have any food like we like and we went out to get to like so bees or domini and they were all clothed so we were pretty much starving, until like midnight something, should be done to get a better system because, if we're having power outages now. When. It gets really really bad it's gonna be a lot worse after. Hours, without power residents, at Cambridge, estates, personal. Care home were bundled, up and sent to the Holiday Inn many. Didn't, understand. What was happening or, where they were going some. Were still wearing bedclothes these. People are. Unable. To move there they're sick, there you know they should be taken. Out of their beds and in the middle of the night and transferred somewhere else white says for many here, it was a life-or-death situation. They, could pass on because of something like this happening pretty elderly, and people. With health problems could, be more away more of an inconvenience out of this to me in this time and day and age I think they should be doing stuff better. We're doing everything that we can to rotate, customers, so everybody has their fair share of outages, and we, are trying to minimize that outage time to 30 to 60 minutes but. To characterize, that as a crisis, maybe. So it's a very difficult situation for our customers that's for sure. In. National news now the number, of flu cases has. Jumped, dramatically, in New Brunswick there, are. 579. Cases, so far this season compared, to just 207. The year before the. Provinces, chief medical, officer, has this explanation. Say. That for this year this season we're seeing an earlier start so normally we see the cases start to ramp up the. Last weeks of December but this year we saw them start to increase in the latter. Part of November while. The most vulnerable are, seniors. Young, children, and young to middle aged adults are, also at risk most of the 71, New Brunswick patients, who ended, up in hospital did, not get a flu shot the, province says those who haven't, had their shots should, still get them saying, the vaccine, can prevent or reduce severity. Of the flu. Sadly. 2018, was a terrible. Year for an endangered, pod of killer whales living off B seas southern coast, killer. Whales that all, of the females descendants, stay with her for life both male and female offspring and and and grand, offspring, and so on. So. The loss of a matriarch is quite a significant, thing now, marine experts, say two more whales are dying of starvation and, one is the matriarch, as, a mother and grandmother who, keeps the pod together and her, death will be a significant. Blow and, the, whales don't have enough food because of an ongoing shortage. Of salmon, in area there, are only 74. Left and what's called B C's southern, resident pod and it's, the smallest the pod has been in 30 years three. Of the group died last, year and there, hasn't been a new calf born in three, years, a. Calgary. Woman has been quietly helping those in need for, more, than a year but, the free pantry, that she set up in her front yard has become so popular that she is struggling, to keep up with demand so. She's turning to social media for, help dan mcGarvie has more. Mago, Baker restocks. Her little free pantry, with her daughter Taylor, outside the home in Abbey Dale she, says many here are struggling financially. The. The certiorari, need is so strong in this area there's a lot of immigrants there's a lot of people who who. Are dealing with things like disabled family members and all of their money goes towards, looking after each other so, there's not necessarily a lot at the end of the month kids get breakfast, here on the way to school others, come under cover of darkness to quietly, take a few essentials, Margo's, been paying for everything herself but, says the demand for the pantry is getting too much that, pantry actually uses more than we eaten a month so it, was so.

I Posted on Facebook yesterday like, not, very long ago asking, just for ideas not for handouts not for donations. And it's been overwhelming people, or people. Are coming out of the woodwork everywhere it's wonderful Baker, turn to Facebook is the last resort after, she says appeals to local politicians, the city and supermarkets. Were all ignored, well. I was up to 3:00 in the morning trying, to respond to messages and. I woke up to a whole slew of them again there's been so many and. That. People are saying this is so wonderful thank you for doing this. What. Can we do to help what, can we bring you please give us a list how do we fill that what what, what's the best thing that we can do to help this and it's really wonderful, I have I. Have, people coming by today with current. Loads of food she, says now her shelves can stay fully stocked, helping. Others through one of the most difficult months. Of the year Dan McGarvey CBC, News Calgary. Not. A whole lot happening outside, the. Art studios right now I'm gonna wake up to likely, a dusting, maybe two centimetres tomorrow, and then, rain, on, Sunday. Which may get rid of some of this snow I'll. Have all those details coming up after the break. You. Almost. Four years ago I became a quadruple. Amputee I had. A stroke people, who have overcome some major life challenges. When. I came to iron, was pretty, well as dismembered I have bad days and good days it, kind of depends, on the day we're checking back in December. They are today this, is my story this is my story this is my story, a new series on CBC NL starting, January, 16th, and this is my story a. Lot. Of people across, the province are hoping to give their arms a rest after all the various, snow shoveling, and snow blowing and now another system coming up this weekend, on Sunday, right yeah and depending on where you are you. Want, to get those snow shovels back out again especially. Up to your Labrador so if you take a look at the. Future tracker you, can see that system start, to make its way in, late, Saturday into, the, early, morning hours of Sunday, now this, model showing rain. But, likely going, to start as freezing. Rain as that system starts, and then. Continue to track further north now this rain/snow. Line depending. On how far it sets up will, determine on how much snow actually, falls but it does look like it's heavy rain for the most part and then most, of the northern peninsula looking, at all, snow. Through. The day on Sunday, and then the same thing for Labrador. Late. Day Sunday and then continuing through Monday then we start to get into that northwesterly, flow and everything. Will change back, over, to, snow through the day so out ahead of this system already, have those winter storm watches for the Great Northern Peninsula and, if, we take, a look at the forecast those temperatures, are, going, to climb so this is why we're gonna see that rain 5 degrees it looks like for Mary's town 3 in st. John's Central, will see temperatures between 2 and 3 degrees and then up through the Great Northern Peninsula staying. Well below zero and, that's why we're gonna see all that snow, through. The day now, we're generous, E a southerly, flow and then change back over to a northwesterly, flow as we, head through, the day on Monday and that's why we're gonna see things change over but those winds are really gonna ramp up as well so, here's what I'm thinking as far as who's. Gonna see what so just flurries or light snow for the most part for Labrador, except along the coast and down through, the Great Northern Peninsula, some models pointing at forty to fifty centimeters, of snow by, the time it's ending, otherwise. A good bet we're gonna see a snow over, to rain for most of Central.

And Along the coast mixing. In with freezing rain at times and, then down through the south coast, biron peninsula and Avalon, that will likely be a snow rain mix changing, over to heavy rain but again some, sort of freezing, rain during that, changeover, so here's, a look at the system Sunday night into Monday, you can see these. Lines, here the stronger or the closer they are together the stronger the winds that's gonna pull away but still gonna see that snow in that northwesterly, flow on Monday. Eventually. Tuesday. Things clear out but. Keep, an eye on this one the next system moves in, from, the coast. Which is gonna bring more snow right, now models. Aren't exactly agreeing on it but this is what it looks like for, Wednesday, afternoon, and, evening, so here's a look at your five-day forecast quickly, a couple centimeters of snow by morning and then that system moves in we'll see those temperatures drop by the time Tuesday rolls around and then, for, a central Newfoundland same thing more, again, rain/snow, mix with that risk of freezing rain look at those temperatures on Monday though dipping down to minus 16. And then same thing for Western New Zealand snow and windy right through Sunday and Monday and then up through Labrador, coastal, Labrador especially, is where we're gonna potentially, see those blizzard conditions, through. The day on Sunday, and into Monday and then, same thing for. A rather Western Labrador not too bad just looking at that chance of flurries Monday sunshine moves in so let's look at your forecast look at your weather photo when I come back well. In other weather-related, news, Parks Canada has, issued, a rare extreme. Avalanche. Warning for, the jasper, to banff rocky, mountain region, the, advisory, means people must, stay, away from areas, prone to avalanches because. Weather. Triggered, naturally. Or by humans, slides, are a certainty. Heavy, snowfall moving, in from BC is combining, with warm temperatures, and moderate. To strong winds, into Alberta, avalanche. Control teams. Happen out trying to knock down the threat. An. 18 year old Canadian has stunned, the tennis world after, defeating tennis royalty Venus Williams overnight, in New Zealand, Bianca, Andre sq told interviewers that it felt as if she had done the impossible. She. Wanted two new favorites, or walk ladies and gentlemen through to, the semi-finals. Tournament. Organizers have dubbed the Mississauga, Ontario teenager. The Giant, Killer at the Women's Tennis Association event, that's after she took down 30, 38, year-old Venus Williams one. Day after, defeating one of the tournament's, top seeds a 28, year old player from Denmark. And rescue, who was ranked number 152. When she entered, the event now moves on to semi-final. Play against a number three seeded player from Taipei, later, tonight should say in the morning about 1:30 Island.

Time. Well. A christmas-tree dumped, by the curbside can be a sad discouraging. Sight but, a farm in Winnipeg, is offering, a friendly, four-legged. Alternative. Marina, Vaughn stackelberg went out to check it out. These. Goats are eating an extra, nutritious, snack now that the holidays are over a. Healthy. Intake, of your old Christmas tree. Bring. Your unwanted tree, here to aurora farm in winnipeg Southend they're 21, goats we'll take care of it for you goats, will eat absolutely, anything and as, an added bonus you, can hand, deliver your tree. And. Watch. Them go crazy for, it for, some serious, amusement, the, goats love it they, chew em up it's, like apparently, really good for that their, digestive, system and and, the. Byproduct is fertilizer. So. It's good. Farm. Staff say the goats get extra excited, when they see your balsam, or Douglas fir the, trees are a special, treat it's, something new to change up their appetites, from boring, feet and hay goats. Are actually, foragers, by nature they're not grassland, animals, so by bringing the trees and it actually brings them back, to their natural instincts, it's a christmas boost for them with, nutrients, it's, a natural, dewormer. You, might think that the branches, and the needles of a Christmas tree would be hard on a goats mouth or stomach but, they're actually bred to digest these types of plants and a lot. Of other animals on the farm enjoy, it and Christmas trees too. Chickens. Enjoy, chowing, down on a branch sheep, and alpacas, have been known to dabble in the taste of Christmas, trees too this. Morning with your one in four the alpacas, not. So into it the goats are the most enthusiastic about, the trees so we just give it to them. It's. Not just a snack it's entertainment. For an animal that's always curious, trees. Make a great, scratching, post too and besides, the, goats are happy to provide recycling. Services, free, of charge the. Farm says it expects to get dozens, of trees all winter long marina. Vaughn stackelberg CBC, News Winnipeg. Pretty. Big goat. Beautiful. I. Saw. This earlier so you know I picked, over Ashley shoulder. Up in the newsroom that, is so, beautiful. It just looks stunning yeah well I'm sure you, can't guess where this photo is taken but I'll tell you who took this wonderful. Shot and where it was taken when we come back. You. Well. It's Friday it's a tradition, we like to keep on Fridays, of course you know what we're talking about let's. Have a look at who's celebrating birthdays, and anniversaries. Happy. 60th, wedding anniversary, -, Jim informs, Devereaux of portavoz who are celebrating their 60th anniversary. Today. Happy. 50th, wedding anniversary -. Viva and. Happy. 56th. Anniversary going. Out - George and Shirley Crocker, of Cormack. Congratulations. - ray and Geneva breed of dildo who enjoyed their 64th, anniversary, December. 28th, happy. 60th, wedding anniversary, -, Millicent, and Ambrose, Patton married in tilting, Fogo. Island, and now, living in Stephenville, actually. For the past 60, years, they.

Congrats To Harold and Susie Piercy in st. John's who were celebrating 64. Years of marriage and. A happy 65th. Wedding anniversary. - Robert and Caroline chunk of Charlottetown, Bonavista, bay their special, date was December 29th, and. A happy 55th, anniversary to, Florence and George Clarke in Deer Lake who celebrated, on December 30th. Wishing. Otto and adelaide house and daniels harbor a very happy 50th, wedding anniversary and, we are told that Otto is a nightly, viewer of here now so thank you very much for that also. Celebrating. Their golden anniversary sterling. And Yvonne Peterson, in bought wood their special, day was Wednesday. Walter. Knapp seen penny of Lewis ports Salas Lewis port celebrated, their golden, wedding anniversary on, December. 27th. With their family, in Banff, best. Wishes to Winston, Anne and Parsons, of Corner Brook who celebrated, 54. Years of marriage on December, 30th, flora. And Claud Boyd, of Windsor, enjoyed their 64th, anniversary on, New Year's Day they. Now live in st. John's happy. 58th, anniversary. To Frank and Rebecca Frampton. Of, town now living in Arnold's, Cove, wishing. Maude and Charles Kendall, in Stephenville a happy 53rd. Wedding anniversary, tomorrow, and. Congratulations, to Ralph and Elizabeth, Louisville from McIver's, who celebrated, there's 57th. Anniversary on, New Year's Day had. Happy birthday - Arthur Cox in rec Cove who celebrated, his 92nd. Birthday yesterday. Also. Celebrating. Yesterday, congratulations. To dawn and Cheryl, maven. In fortune, on their golden anniversary, best. Wishes to Bert and flora Simms and port Abbas who are marking their 55th, anniversary today. Best. Wishes to Ivana, an Edward, Cormier, of st. Teresa's, on their, 74th. Wedding anniversary, yesterday. Congratulations. To Leona, and Harvey, greening of Musgrave, town celebrating. The 64th. Anniversary tomorrow. It's, a 61st. Wedding, anniversary, coming up this Sunday for, Martin and Nina tiller. Of Corner, Brook happy. 93rd, birthday tomorrow, to Mabel Lemoine from channel, Korda bask happy. 50th, wedding anniversary to. Alexander. And Ellen Jackson, of Cavendish. Trinity, Bay who, are celebrating today a, big. Happy birthday to Agnes crew from Ram iya now in virtue there with Santa celebrating, her 99th, birthday and a, happy 50th wedding, anniversary to, Bernhard and Judi Connolly, and Kilbride, happy. Birthday to Dorothy hotter in Port Blandford will be 93 years old this coming Monday and wishing. Jim and Marie st. Croix and st. Mary's, a very best as they celebrate, their 55th, wedding anniversary. Today and, happy. 60th, anniversary, to Melvin and Ruby rigs from Browns Dale Trinity, Bay whose special, day is this, Sunday old Christmas, Day. Congratulations. Once again all. Christmas, day upon us hey that's right is that the tree time detectors, down on Sunday probably not, Sunday, probably Monday. Anyway. We saw a beautiful picture. From. You, before, we went to break let's have a look take a look at the beautiful shot of the caribou in the middle of an ice field well, freezing, rain anyway beautiful. Shot there and the, picture. Was taken. In. The. Well. Peters. River, Barrens. Nice, excellent. Yeah a beautiful shot there i but as soon as I saw it I thought it was so stunning just to know an icy, bear and relaxation, day I've, never seen glitter on the ground yeah well I guess I have but anyway have, a great weekend everyone goodnight.

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