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Here & Now Monday July 30 2018

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. Squeezing. In one last row, before race stay here and now is live in Katy vidi tonight ahead of the 200th, running of the Royal Saint John's ragazza and. Province. Of new flying Labrador simply, was not discovered, in 1497. Doing. Away with Discovery. Day a st. John city councilor speaks out but why isn't buona Vista onboard. Good. Evening I'm Anthony Jermaine and I'm Carolyn, Stokes we start tonight on the Burin Peninsula, where the government says it has eliminated, waitlist. For mental health and addictions, this after, the region has been grappling with an, unprecedented, number of suicides, last year hearing now brought you stories of the mental health crisis, on the Burin Peninsula, including this one I was. There she. Heard. A gunshot and. I. Walked. Up to the corner of my fence where. My random it and. I couldn't go any further and. I kept calling isn't any minute didn't answer. And. So three months after, Leonard. Took his own life my. Husband, died I first. Saw inflicted, gunshot wound. As well Natalie. Randall and her sister Valerie peach both, lost their husbands to suicide, it happened, in a three-month period two, men in a string of suicides in, Grand Bank a town, with a population of. Just. 2,300. People, but. Today it changed to mental health treatment, hearing now's Ryan Cook is on the Burin Peninsula, and has this report. 2017. Was a horrible, year for the beer in peninsula, ten suicides. In less, than one year as many as six here in Grand Bank the, government, then committed to making real, changes, here and today, we, heard this through. The work of the people in this room and in this team wait, times for counseling. In this area, have disappeared, they've, gone 180. Days a year ago zero. Today. Everyone. From church leaders and teachers to nurses, and doctors combined, forces they. Created, a primary, health team to address the suicides, they. Also moved from a scheduled, system, to counseling, on a walk-in basis. For, Natalie Randall it's been a lifesaver. We, brought you her story last, year she, lost her husband, and her sister's husband to suicide, now. She's a part of the team spreading. Awareness and combating. The stigma it was quite the struggle in the beginning, everyone. In the room a clinical, experience, they, said for me so. Every, time we did introductions I cry, trying to get through the process of, saying the death of my brother-in-law and almost. Losing my nephew and then losing my husband. But. At the same time, it gave me purpose and. Then. It gave me something to fight for the. Cry for help started with Grand Bank Mayor wrecked Matthews, and a call he placed to Eastern Health CEO, Dave diamond, last year David, and myself. It. Was very difficult very difficult, for, me. When. You see good people for. No reason that we understood, take.

Their Own lives so. Much to live. What's. Going on. We. Really needed at that time. Now. This is a model that's being eyed for other areas of the province as well Bonavista. Bought wood gander, happy valley-goose Bay are, among, some of the locations, that have been listed as potential, targets Natalie. Randall knows it could have helped her husband, but, she can take heart knowing, that his death and her push for change are, helping others, Ryan. Cook CBC News gran, bank. Now. The program will also include presentations. And courses, offered, through community, groups schools and workplaces and, we've got a complete breakdown of all the services, being offered on our website you can read the story and see those services, for years at CBC dot, CA slash n L will. Come for the education, stay for the startup, the, government has created two, new options, for immigrants, to this province both are designed to help entrepreneurs set. Up shop and a home in Newfoundland, and Labrador Minister. L Hawkins announced, the new categories, under the Provincial, Nominee program this. Morning and he did it at the st. John's office of hey Orca, a technology. Company owned, by two former, international. Students, thirty, people, work, at the local office and five more in Toronto, they, came to Memorial, University from, Iran and Malaysia, and saw a great opportunity to, state, but, because they started a company their pact to permanent residency, was challenging. There's, so many hoops you just could be really. You. Know creative. With your your, your application, process make sure that you fall into the guidelines and now you, can apply, and know that you, start a business you have a clear path towards permanent permanent, residency, so, I think like it makes a huge difference it just takes the worry out of anyone. That wants to start a business. Hawkins. Says there are checks, and balances, to ensure immigrants. Applying under these new categories. Will stay in the province, people. Can apply after operating, a business for a year he says the government introduced, these new categories. To help Kate Orcas founders, and others, like them because, with a declining, population, it's important, for the province to attract, and keep immigrants. They. Really wanted a commitment. To stay in this province so, if this entrepreneur, international. Entrepreneur, graduate program but in place it, would have made a lot easier for them and we don't want to lose these people we want if they come to New flan and Labrador. To study and and. To spend four years or five years in the province studying, in our university, or in our College of the North Atlantic we. Want to keep them. The. Gander Airport Authority, is upset, with Air Canada for cutting a flight to Halifax beginning. On October 28th there will only be one daily, flight from Halifax, down from the usual to the, airport authority issued, a statement calling the decision significant. And unnecessary. Meanwhile. Air Canada, says it'll be using a bigger plane on that one daily flight a 78. Passenger, plane to accommodate, passengers it, currently uses a 50-seat. Plane for its twice, daily flights, well. It's finally official Karl, English, will stay on to play another season with the st. Johns edge but, it's not your everyday deal. English. Will be signing, himself he's. The team's acting, general manager so. He'll authorize, his potential, multi-year. Contract. Once the details have been worked out the, reigning National, League MVP, led, the team to the playoffs last, season this. Year he wants to take it all the way in fact, he's already hitting the gym to get ready for me, it's amazing to be back home with the fan support and the people support. I didn't realize how special it was when you're walking the street and people are thanking you for coming home it's a it's a great feeling so we.

Just Got to build on it and win that's the key. The. Owner of the four dampers pub found out about Toronto's, Danforth, shooting just like everybody else, only, later did he discover that he had a personal connection with, one of the victims now, he's throwing open the pot doors to, help out a. St.. John city councilor we'll introduce a motion to change the name Discovery, Day at the next council meeting the holiday commemorates, Explorer, John Cabot slanting. In Newfoundland, back in 1497. But, critics say it doesn't acknowledge the indigenous population. But, not everyone, likes the idea of renaming, Discovery, Day here, now is Chris O'Neill Yeats reports, city. Councillor Maggie Burton, says the name Discovery, Day just has to go she, says there were indigenous, people, living here at the time that Europeans. Arrived, but the name Discovery, Day doesn't, reflect that here, in the st. John's area, there are about 7,000. Indigenous, people and while she was on the election, trail last year she said she spoke to a lot, of them and now, is the time for governments. Of all levels, to start looking at history not just that of European, settlers but the history, of everyone, the, word, discovery, suggests that, somebody. Was the first to go somewhere, the first to see something, the first to do something and that's, not accurate in this case so, the province of Newfoundland Labrador simply. Was not discovered, in 1497. We, can definitely commemorate. Cabot's, contributions. To our province without the use of the word discovery with it the concept of the province being discovered, Maggie. Burton has gotten some backlash, to this idea, a lot, of it on social media and particularly, coming, from the town of Bonavista. Bonavista. Prides itself on, the cabot legacy it's built its tourism, industry a lot of its economic, activity. Around the. Cabot legacy, they, say that yes indigenous, people were here before Cabot, but they don't see why they would have to give up the name Discovery. Day now, it won't be a decision, of the, city of st. John's this is a provincial holiday it'll have to go to the provincial government, and premiered. White-ball says he'll, entertain, all ideas, about, whether the name Discovery, Day stays, or goes. Chris, O'Neill Yeats CBC, News say, John's, ok. Well I'm kind of a one-trick pony in here now but Carolyn multi, skills shifting. From anchoring, to weather now and a lot of people of course big day on Wednesday big day on Wednesday, and so far it's looking really, good I think the theme of Wednesday. So, far it's looking like it's going to be the heat ok it's gonna be a hot one and if you're wondering how sunny it's going to be just have a look at this Future tracker this is Wednesday at 5 a.m. pushing. Right on, through. All day, not, a cloud in the sky so, this is how regatta. Day is going to be shaping up on at, 7 a.m. on Wednesday, morning 17, degrees as the high now those temperatures, are gonna rise very, quickly and I know winds are a big deal on Wednesday and to, start the day it's gonna be some light westerly, winds could see some gusts up to, 20. Then by the time we get to the, afternoon things are really, going to heat up 28, degrees but with that humidex, it's going to feel like, in the mid 30s, and the winds will make up just slightly not. Too much we're, looking at the southwesterly, winds, 20. We could see some gusts up, to 40. And then by the time we get to 7 o'clock the temperature will dip down a little, bit and we're, still looking at those same, winds, so so far it's.

Shaping Up to be quite a nice, day. Everyone's gonna have to bring lots of water and I'm sure ice cream sales will be big and someone. Who's soaking, up the summer Rae's right, now is Jeremy Eaton, he's a lakeside, at Kitty vide along with regatta, day rowers, squeezing. In one last practice, Jeremy. Yeah. Carolyn it's a beautiful, night down here at kitty-witty Lake and you are right there are a number of crews on the water here, a few rowers, getting their last few, strokes in because. This is the last day that you can actually train on the water now some of the more hardcore teams, well they'll do an early-morning row and then enroll later in the day but on this day the Monday before we're got a date you can only get out once, to. Go for a spin so and as you were talking about a lot of people I was at the dock I was out here, earlier today and a lot of people are talking about the wind keeping, their eye on it because that's been a problem all, summer, we've talked, about it last week we talked about it two weeks ago high winds means it's. A very bad thing for wrong and that's what a lot of people gonna be keeping their eye on now, the other thing that's happening around the lake there's a lot of people a lot of activity, we've seen a lot of folks but there's also people setting up concession, stands to get a jump on that, now this is Monday the big event weather permitting, is still two days away and that, announcement of whether or not this will go ahead will be made early Wednesday. Morning and as for me yeah I. Don't. Know anything about wind or meteorology, so I'm gonna leave that to the experts when they make the decision on Wednesday, but I do know a little bit about the oldest rowing crew here in the regatta and I'm gonna introduce you to them coming up later on in the show reporting. Live for here and now I'm Jeremy Eaton down at kitty-witty Lake. Muscovy. He's. Kind, of a cross between a turkey, and a duck but. He's mostly done from. Feeding her town to supplying, end, restaurants. Meet a 13-year old farmer from Tripathy, oh and. She also saves, crows lives, too. You. You. Welcome. Back to here now what seems young entrepreneurs. Are launching their own startup, businesses younger, and younger, Darius, Ulis business started, with a single duck and, now she's, selling meat and eggs to her neighbors and she's also supplying, high-end, restaurants, and did, I mention that she's just 13, years of age we, swung by MS sue Lee's farm in Tripathy. My. Name is Darius uli I'm. Doing, agriculture. The. Name of my operation, is Bill's his um George, annex and, this is 24 carats, he's, the one who started all of this he was my first duck my. Mom came home with 24 karat in a box when he was three days old I, always. Wanted a pet duck so. When she came home I was really excited he. Was yellow at the moment, so. That's where he came up with his name 24 karats and. Now he's around 2, years old and he's. Not yellow anymore. Me. And my dad built this pen about, to. Eat yeah around 2 years ago there's. Two, other misko fees and we got Peking, and Peking cross it here we. Had a hundred but we used them for me and now these guys are for eggs I saw, these around Christmastime because they, get right fat and, a, lot of people bottom. The. Most work is like cleaning out like their little spot where they lay eggs because. There. Is a lot of like feces. And stuff you gotta clean off yeah and, you got to go pull hay to. Go put it in there yeah just it's mostly. Ducks is a lot of work. We. Also have. Nesting. Hens here. These. Are the eggs underneath, my hand they're, about 15, days, into, the egg. Incubation. Process, with. Both hens, that are here there's 25, eggs underneath them this. Is the hen house we built for our hens this, is where they went they go in at night time to sleep and lay their eggs we're. Gonna build, a larger. Housing. For them it's gonna be pretty much a baby barn. So. We're gonna have the Ducks in at the winter the. Hens and and. All the chicks and stuff like that. Sound. Like a way bigger differences, then I can have I, can, have more more. Than. Guinea. Fowl are pretty. Much like a guard, dog we're. Not predators come they'll. Getting a big hurt and they'll, do. Their loud call and their auction they'll actually call, them off scare, them off. I. Use. These guys for eggs and me, I sell. Them to restaurants and I saw their eggs to restaurants, also you. Come back five years you're gonna see peacocks.

And Emus, and all. Kinds of weird birds and stuff like that. Yes. Yes actually yeah, I grew up my dad raised almost all those birds there and when she talked about the, messiness she. Was being very polite a, great. Kid Wow, impressive young, farmer, imagine what she's gonna be like when she gets older very hard work, well. In other news tonight a new bike race, of sorts, is coming to the Bonavista Peninsula this fall unlike. Most, cycling. Events, this one focuses, on having fun and not who, finishes first, it's. Called the bond Rexton. Gran Fondo an. Idea, that organizers came up with after enjoying a few pints, for. Two days in September cyclists. Can ride a 130. Kilometres route, around, the Bonavista Peninsula or a shorter. 50 kilometer ride, organizers. Say it's the first of its kind in this province but the format, has been growing in popularity around. The world, it's. Just a nice big cycling. Cultural, event and we don't have one of those on. The island yet and I'm not sure if we ever have I haven't, heard of one some, some other people might correct me on that but from what I've been, asking around this, might be the first Grand fondo, that. The island is going to have so yeah. You, know we we just decided let's, put it put, it together see what happens. Now. Staying, with bikes The Gathering Place wants, to help keep their guests moving so much so the, st. John Center has a new bicycle repair, program clients. Will have access to tools and knowledge, support, they're hoping to eventually, offer repair, services, three to four times a week. You. Can see behind me it's, a staff member now that this would have taken the lead with this and he's helping guests get started, but the guests here of tremendous talent, so they'll start to help each other and I mean isn't that peer. Support and how, any of us learn well. I mean a bike is transportation, and transportation is independence, and, it's freedom in a big way gives you capacity to move around to get to a job interview to get to a meeting, you. Know to come to the gathering place to get a meal so. It can be it can be all the difference. Gorgeous. Evening on the pond it's the last day on the water for the rowers at this year's royal Saint John's regatta the next time they hit the water will, be for the races there's, one crew this year that can boast more than 400. Years of, life, experience. Jeremy. Eaton had that story coming up. You. You. The, update is brought to you by take-charge, business, efficiency, program over, 570. Businesses, have saved energy and taken charge of their bottom line find out how you can to. All. Right before we get to the weather apparently have some high voltage, video, from the big land to share which is quite. The lightning, in Labrador. Just check out this video from. Sasha, Dyson. And happy valley-goose, Bay that's, quite the bolt. Yeah quite the show. Yep. Screechy laitanan and, that's, about all Jeremy Hillier's shared this daytime, video on Facebook. That. Was a big bang. Wow. No, surprise there Newfoundland, Hydra tweeted out that they recorded more than 5,000, strikes in the Upper Lake Melville, area yesterday, evening, so pretty. Turbulent, weather yeah well, there's no lightning. Up there tonight, but, we do have a thunderstorm. Watch, in effect where, are parts of central yeah, I'm going to start with some warnings, first. Off we do have this heat warning, in effect for much, of the island, the North East Coast Central, and the northern, part, of the Avalon. So, yeah, human, X getting up to 33, and we expect this to stay in place probably for, most, of the week actually and yes, as I mentioned we do have this severe thunderstorm.

Watch For the gander area Terra Nova and that will, be tonight but it won't last for very long, I'll. Just show you here, these, are the the heavier showers, that are coming through six o'clock tonight they push out very, quickly, so it, may, be a bit, loud in a bit while but it won't last for, very long tonight and then things clear off very, nicely for, the island and we're in for a great day tomorrow so this is the situation for tonight, as you can see those thunder showers a chance of some thundershowers, action. And Grand Falls Windsor as well the, rain associated. With those thunder, showers about, two to four millimeters, but you could see up to 15 millimeters, in some of the heaviest downpours. As, for, overnight lows, on, the island around 15, degrees winds. From the West 30, gusting, to 50 so it's going to be a bit breezy overnight tonight and we also have a risk, of thundershowers in happy valley-goose Bay similar. Kind of situation, to. The central area two to four millimeters of rain with the chance of some heavier, downpours. There. So when you wake up tomorrow morning this, is how it's going to look great day, for the island, we have sunshine, across. The board really. Warm temperatures, to start and as you saw with that heat warning things are gonna bump up really. Really quickly throughout the day for. Northern, Newfoundland. Up around the st. Anthony area a little bit cooler there, and some. Cooler temperatures, as well as happy valley-goose Bay in western Labrador, with a chance of showers, tomorrow, so this, is how it's going to look you can see clear, skies right. Across, the island a bit of a flurry. Or flurry. Imagine. Shower. Action. Labrador. Whoa, okay. And that pushes through to. The. Coast there so it's gonna be a little bit of a wet day there for parts of Labrador, but look at these temperatures 26. Degrees as the high for st. John's the winds from the West 30 gusting, to 50 should start to die down throughout, the day as we head into rege, on a day hot temperatures. For central. 28 degrees but with that humidex, it's going to feel much warmer in the mid-30s and right along the coast lots of sunshine and those, warm temperatures, persist there, as well a little bit cooler and, a chance of showers in the Mary's Harbor area and as well as a chance for showers throughout the day for. Most, of Labrador. But temperatures pretty nice 25 degrees as the high for happy, valley-goose, space, so we had a little look at what regatta, day is. Going to shape up like a little, bit earlier so I'll have a closer, look at that coming up. Thank. You Carolyn flurries, huh Christmas. Is about five months away so it's. On to something now there's one royal Saint Johns we got a crew that can boast more than 400. Years of life experience the, Nautilus Masters rowers the youngest member is 58, the oldest, 72. And they, hope to prove that age can't, slow their boat down here, now is Jeremy Eaton has been getting to know the team and Jeremy, joins us live once.

Again Lakeside, Jeremy. So. The, Nautilus, masters rowers, will they admit that there definitely not going to be the fastest, team on regatta day but I'm willing to bet that they're one of the funniest so if you add up all their ages the average is. 67. The youngest guys Anthony said is 58, years old now they do practice five times a week every morning here at the lake and so they took time out of their busy schedule. To, chat to me late, last week. My. Name is Jean Noble I'm number one on the crew hello, my name is Raymond, Blackie O'Leary I roll, number two in the boat I'm Billie lourd I'm number, three in two votes I'm Rob price I'm rolling number four on this team hi my name is Bruce Peters, and I'm number five my name is Dennis Byrd and I'm number six or in our boat we're the oldest crew right now our. Average. Age is 67, so, we have four hundred and one years for. The six rowers most, of us like playing, sports and we've. Got two, guys in the boat who had two knee, replacements we. Have another guy who had. Billy. Told you he had open-heart surgery, so, the thing is is that rolling. Is so systematic, very. Easy on the joints so, it's a team sport that, you can play which, is not as taxing. As say hockey, or baseball, or soccer so. It, gives us a chance to be together as a team, to come down here, and exercise, work. Hard great for the heart great for the lungs but at the same time fairly, easy on the body there's, a great combination of experience, and youth, be me the youngest person on the team so. We're a bunch of old guys basically, enjoy for the fitness and the camaraderie couldn't. Be a better way to spend a summer. I've, always come to the regatta since I've been living in st. John's I'm from Corner Brook originally, yeah I've always thought she that'd be a great thing to do but the opportunity, came up this year to do what I was encouraged by Dennis because I work out with these guys at the gym on the ergometer. And when he encouraged me to do it I jumped, at the chance it's been humbling for me to take this group of individual, who have a passion for what they do and we're, like a family it's a continuation, of that from where they go into I think, it's the, learning has been for me the privilege has been for me home Ling has been for me and the coaching has been from them to me I'm, very proud it's just to be a st. John's person just to roll into 200 anniversary just as my third year wrong with these crowd I'm, just so glad just to see I'm a st. John's person just thrown together and my grandchildren looks up to me for these so we're in a race with one other senior, men's team so. Once again there's. Only two senior. Teams in our race so, that means if we come last in that race among the seniors we get another medal for. Two years running we came last in every race and got a medal. So. You, can see how good spirited, they are even if they lose well, they still finish second, now the other thing that the team wanted to remind me was is that their sponsor, is another member of the gym that they go to which is the works the a Karina and that's Sandra Golf and she decided to pay, for the registration fee for that team in honor, of her father who used to take her down to the lake when she was a young girl so. If you're interested in keeping an eye on perhaps, the funniest team maybe. Not the funniest team but they're definitely the oldest team but they'll be rolling scheduled, to be rowing at 11 o'clock here, on Wednesday, weather, permitting reporting. Live from kiddie vide Lake I'm Jeremy Eden for here and now. Well. Our colleagues. Could have definitely used some tips from those. Rowers CBC, employees, took to the pond Saturday. For the fun regatta.

There's Arianna Kellan dicey there half, the team had, never stepped, into, a, shell, before but thanks to veteran coxswain, Gord. Delaney, they managed, not, to tip over our, coworkers completed. In. The, media competed, rather in the media race against, NTV, vo CN & Rogers, and a fill-in telegram. Team CBC, team finished third with, sore, legs I'm told and they've all found a new. Respect, for the, real. Rowers. It's. Respectable. That's. Hot job. The. Four Dammers pub is a long way from Danforth, Avenue but, next Monday people here will be digging deep raising. Money for one of the victims, the Toronto shooting, that stories next on here and now, you. You. Welcome. Back to here and now funerals. Were held today for two of the victims of the mass shooting, in Toronto's Danforth, neighborhood, a public. Service was held for Reese Fallon, she's the 18-year old she was going to start studying nursing, at University, this fall Fallon. And ten-year-old, Julianna kosis died, when gunmen Faisal Hussain fired, bullets, down the Main Street in, Toronto's, Greek town he, was found dead nearby, of a self-inflicted, gunshot. Wound Prime, Minister Justin Trudeau and Toronto, Mayor John Tory were both in attendance at the service for Fallon a private. Funeral was held for, Julianna kosis the shooting eight days ago left 13, others wounded, Julianna's, father is reported, to be one of the injured. After. The funeral, for Rhys Fallon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited, the shooting, scene he, was asked about Toronto's, proposed, ban, on handguns. People. Need to be safe and. We need to take the right measures to, do that and we're looking at things. That have been done around the world things have been done in other jurisdictions looking. At the, best evidence the best data to. Make the right decisions, to make sure that we are. Ensuring. That our citizens our communities, are safe into, the future. Before. Meeting with reporters Trudeau, laid a wreath to add a parkette, fountain, that has become a more memorial, to the victims.

One. Of the victims the Danforth shooting, is getting some help from people in st. John's next Monday night the for Tammuz pub is holding a special fundraiser, with all the proceeds being donated and. The staff working, for free it's, all because of a connection, that we first reported on a Friday between, shooting victim, Danielle Kane and her boyfriend, Gerry Pinkston from straits view on the northern peninsula he, joined us on Friday, here now Zack Gowdy has more on this story. The. World of restaurants. Is one that Gerry Pinkston knows well he, used to work at blue on water alongside, Evan, versi who now owns, the fort amherst pub, he, is that type of guy always caring for some whether he knows you that well or not when. I first met Gerry I was just starting in the kitchen there at blue on water and, I mean he was the first friendly face I met and. Anybody, who knows the industry knows that you know there's a lot of heat there's. A lot of requirement. For high speed, times and things like that so when, you got someone who's ready to throw a funny joke out there or get you a glass of water and just take the edge off, that makes all the difference, last, week Pink's ins life was, changed, forever he. And his girlfriend Danielle, Kane were at a diner on Toronto's, Danforth, Avenue when, a gunman opened fire. Pinkston. Is now a nurse and Kane a nurse in training when, they ran to help one of the shooting victims Kane. Was, hit by a bullet she, suffered a shattered vertebra, and may never walk again, back. In st. John's Evan Bercy heard about the shooting like everyone, else only, later did he learn that his old friend Pinkston had been in the middle of it it's not only someone that you knew but it was someone who was going to help complete strangers, and, then, he was going to do you know be the first responder, to these these these people, and, then in, turn had to do that to a significant, other I mean, that I can't, imagine what must have been going through his mind and and how much, stress. He must be going through right now so I mean truly, anything that anybody could do to help him is, commendable. I think next. Monday evening the four Dammers pub is hosting dining. For Danny it's a fundraiser, with a hundred percent of the proceeds going. To support Danielle Caine even, the staff are going to be working for free and kicking, in their tips this. Afternoon, a GoFundMe. Campaign for, Cain had raised almost a hundred and fifty thousand, dollars still. Percy, says Cain and pink son will need all the help they could get and he's, happy to pitch him community. Is everything at the end of the day we all have hard times and how we get through it is what you, know makes, the outcome that much easier so. If we can come together and, and make a bit of a difference for him I mean I'm sure he'll appreciate it cuz at the end of the day he was trying to make a difference for someone else and that's what led to this whole situation. Zac, Audi CBC News st. John's. Well. In the Pacific, Ocean halfway, between California. And Hawaii there's, a massive, patch of garbage, three times the size of France most, of it is plastic nearly. Two trillion, pieces, of it and one, young man is now working on a way to remove, it but, not everyone is convinced, his massive, invention. Will gobble up the garbage without harming wildlife, Kim. Bruno Brewer has the story. Near. A Los, Angeles pier. A slow-moving. Stream. Of garbage, plastic. Bags plastic straws. Plastic. Bottles plastic lids they. Flow by on an aquatic, conveyor, belt it never stops, there's always more, all. This plastic, garbage is carried here by ocean, currents and accumulates, on shore seven. Years ago this phenomenon, gave Dutchman, buoyance lot an idea and inspired, an extraordinary. Plan to clean it all up when, I was 16 years old I was scuba diving in Greece and some, more plastic bags than fish and. At. Some point in time I thought well coastlines. There are very effective ways of catching plastic. So. He thought why not invent, a floating, coastline, of sorts to, gather up all that plastic an enormous. U-shaped, pipe will support a mesh screen which will hang about three meters underwater. The. Long floating, tube driven, by currents, and the wind will, funnel plastic, into the mesh every. Few months or so a vessel would come like. A giant, garbage truck of the ocean and would empty the system and take the plastic back to land where, it could then be, recycled. Then, they'll tow it out there into the Pacific, Ocean halfway between here and Hawaii to the area known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch our, research has shown that it contains 1.8, trillion, pieces, of plastic, spread.

Over An area that's twice the size of Texas kind of sucks to be like the debbie downer oh shit, auger for Kim martini, conducted, an external, review of the project four, years ago and she believes several key problems, still remain. Like little tiny owaisi's for animals and you're gonna actually be. Attracting. Them to regions. Where you have can ingest, more plastic, and also this is susceptible. To entanglement, as well some critics worry that, this might actually harm. Wildlife, yeah. Really what, life should have enough time to go, around it, SWAT insists, collecting. And displaying more, than one trillion pieces, of plastic, will be a concrete, illustration. Of an abstract, problem, a dramatic, reminder. Not to toss all that trash into our oceans in the first place. Kimber, uber CBC News Alameda, California. The. Polls have closed in a historic, election in Zimbabwe, for the first time in decades Robert. Mugabe was not on the ballot my. First time yeah, I just thought we, as young people they. Were looking for change. Millions. Voted, and while lines were long the day was free of violence Mugabe. Was forced, out of office last November, in a bloodless. Military, coup but he still tried to insert himself into the process, on the eve of the election the, 94, year old through his support behind the opposition leader, and tried. To discredit, his former party as well as the incumbent, who replaced him as president more. Than 20 presidential, candidates and nearly, 130. Political, parties took, part in this election. Firefighting. Crews and equipment are, being stretched, to, the limit in northern California and it's not even the peak of wildfire, season, yet. Unfortunately. This new normal is. Kind of upon us in California more. Deadly more destructive, fires more often, and, it's and it's obviously. Requiring. Additional, resources, not just from California, but some throughout the United States too to get ahead of it the fires are being blamed for six deaths, including, two, young children and, their great-grandmother, a rare. Weather, vortex. Sent flames racing, through reading unexpectedly. Hundreds. Of homes have been destroyed and 38,000. Residents, have been forced out some. Neighborhoods. Were reopened. Today there, are 17. Major fires burning. In California. Now the. State is on track for the, worst fire, season, in its history. Working. Their way up so. There's another jumper right there our own Fred Hutton took this video in Terra Nova beautiful. Spot. You. All. Right let's meet some of our young athletes the Taylor sisters we'll start with them Ava and Kaylee are our young athletes from st. Philip's the pair are aspiring, gymnasts. Training, at Cygnus gymnastics. Congratulations. Girls. And. Also, meet. Joshua. Tyson 7 years of age and as part of the Lake Melville Minor Hockey Association as, well as the happy valley-goose Bay miners, Software Association and, the lake Mail gold miner ball association, hey his favorite, sport is baseball, but enjoys playing all sports.

Congratulations. Joshua. Ok. Well Jeremy seems to be enjoying some nice weather right now he's reporting live from the lake as he has been tonight on here and now and you got more come, on right oh yeah tomorrow's, gonna be lovely. It's, gonna be very similar to today actually, in the east and just. Want to start with mentioning, about the severe, thunder shower, warning, that was in place that, has now been dropped as quickly as that you, can see here on our satellite and radar those that. Rain pushing. Off the northeast, coast there, so that that. Watch, is now over. For tonight but we still have this, warning. And effect a heat warning, which we expect will be in place for the next few days humid, x-values, around 33. So things are gonna be very hot for. The next few days in those, areas, so, looking ahead to tonight those showers as you can see push off very quickly and the. Island is looking nice and clear, for tomorrow, but lots of shower action across. Labrador. There this is the picture for tomorrow, in the east 26, degrees as the high but feeling much warmer with the humidex, winds, from the west 30, gusting to 50 which is a bit high, going into regatta day but those winds should, start to diminish, throughout, the evening for. Central areas looking at a hot day 28 degrees as the high humidex. Of course once again causing, that to feel much warmer, than that as well as the west coast very, hot day with lots of sunshine, on the menu for tomorrow, but chance, of showers throughout the day. Or most of Labrador, temperatures, 25, degrees in happy valley-goose Bay tomorrow. So, it will be warm so as we head into Tuesday night if you're heading out if, you're in st. John's and it's you're playing a bit of regatta roulette looking. Good, Tuesday night you can see no precipitation and no clouds in the sky overnight. On Tuesday. As we get into Wednesday clear. Skies for. Pretty much the whole day Labrador. Though looking at some showers and some, overcast, skies on Wednesday here, we are at 7 o'clock and this.

Once, Again I just thought I'd show you this again, to show how the, regatta day is shaping up 17, degrees to start the day but temperatures. Will boost up very, quickly to 28, degrees, but the humidex will make it feel like in the mid-30s so if you're heading down there you'll definitely, want to stay hydrated and. Indulge. I'm sure in a lot of that ice cream and at. 7 o'clock tomorrow. Night 18, degrees still, quite, warm for that, championship, race. For, the rest of the province on Wednesday, central. Areas very, warm 30, degrees, as the high so gonna, feel much warmer at once again with that humidex, nice. Day coming on the west coast but a chance of showers for eastern Labrador and those temperatures are a little bit cooler than. The rest of the island and 19, degrees with, some, showers, for Western. A Labrador. So Wednesday, night, we're, gonna start seeing a change. A bit of rain moving, into the, province heading. Hitting, the east there around Friday, morning, there, so. Thursday, cloudy. With showers right across the, board for the island, temperature still warm in the mid 20s, a little bit cooler there in Labrador. With 18 degrees as the high in eastern. Labrador. So, as we head into Friday still, a chance, of some early, morning showers, for the east then we get into Saturday so, far looking, good 21, degrees with a mix of Sun, and cloud as well, for central areas some, clearer weather on, Friday than. In the East and Saturday. Also shaping up to be quite a nice, day, for western. Newfoundland, very, similar. Looking great pretty much right across the island as we head into the, weekend as well as for Easter, and Labrador, all of, those showers. Will start to move off and then you're getting into a mix of Sun and clouds for Friday. And Saturday as, well as western Labrador. So things were really gonna start to clear off as we, head into the, weekend Anthony. Thanks. Carolyn two young sisters in Nova Scotia have, hit on a fetching recipe, for a successful business they make dog, treats and their customers apparently, are begging for more but they're not keeping the money they earn they're, giving it away Colleen. Jones went to visit the young entrepreneurs. Oops. We. Start with oats, meet. Seven-year-old. Hayley and her five-year-old sister Miley, don't. Sit in the bowl. They're. Young business, girls we're. Putting, them in Anna's and here. They, make dog treats did. You know that dogs, like, bananas, yeah. Their. Mom Jen is supervising, but Hailey, and Marley have things pretty much figured, out. And. Then we take this. And. We. They. Sell their dog treats as fast, as they can make them here on the side of the road and Beaver Bank. It. Seems, everyone, knows them and they're supporting, the business. Thank. You. This, is a story about giving. Back Hailey. And Miley are doing this for their favorite charity, hope for wildlife. Why hope, because. She, was kind to animals they, started thinking they could raise $200. Now they're whiteboard, shows they're just over, $1300. We started with family and friends and, then, all of a sudden I took to social media and it's just, blue. They, say the dogs love them. How. Do you know they like them so much because. The. Humans, call us the humans, call you they, use themselves as testers. We. Eat the dog treats uh-huh is this okay to eat dog treats uh-huh. Oh. If. I were a dog I'd be really happy and they. Use their neighbor's dogs Kiley and maverick, for more quality, assurance, they, love your treats huh. I'm. Sitting, who, sit I. Recruit. Tom Murphy's dog Georgia my dog Bobby for an unbiased, taste, test and of wagging, tails is the ultimate, indicator, well, it seems Haley and Miley have the right recipe, what. Do you guys think is. It boy Colleen Jones cbc, news bieber. Bang, a. Canadian. Hockey great, Jarome Iginla, is hanging, up his skates a longtime, NHL, forward announced, his retirement today, in Calgary, remember. Starting. Hockey at. Age 7, and going to my first tryout and dreaming of how great it would be and. It's. Been even better these these 20. Years in the NHL it's been better and.

I'm. Excited for retirement, and, to be with my family but I'm. Gonna miss miss all of you in all this again. Laughs played 16. Of his 20 NHL, seasons with the Calgary Flames before. Being traded to Pittsburgh in, 20, thirteen, he's the flames all-time. Top, scorer, he, retires with a career total, of, 625. Goals and 675. Assists. Of. The. Day, we're looking at all, the lightning and happy valley-goose Bay earlier, in the show that's. A great shot it's still the big land right yes. Amazing. Shot great. You. Welcome. Back to here and now while. Watching, a humpback whale a, group on the northern peninsula got a visit from some, playful, and curious visitors. A. Pod. Of killer whales let's, check this out amazing. Bit of video here this was taken by dart tickle company expeditions, and the, company tells us they have seen orcas before but. Never this close. Which. They obviously got cameras under the boat and above. Well. Great footage. More. Happy tourists I know, if the humpback was happy to see them as a tourists were. They. Are killer. Whales but, they're gorgeous obviously beautiful animals, look, at that. Checking. Out the people. Thanks. It's quite something. And. This. Viewer photo of the day is quite something as well, two lightning strikes, at once. At. The airfield, in Goose, Bay, yes. There, we go you, saw some of that footage actually when the video of lightning before so do, not park your planes in those two spots and. This. And. This was actually an, image that was taken from the webcam. At. The base right, so to isolated, the picture right yeah. Messner, Knight, posted, this on Facebook that's, where we got it might die if you have a photo that you'd like to send in to us and, email. It to NL, photos at CBC dot, C please do thanks for the photo Norma, and we'll. Be back again tomorrow have. A good night. You.

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The Discovery Day holiday is not just a St. John's holiday. It is a provincial holiday. It was put in place to recognize the the day of the discovery of Newfoundland by John Cabot. It was never intended to diminish the importance or recognition of our Indigenous People. Instead of changing the Discovery Day holiday, I firmly believe that we should create a Provincial holiday that will recognize and respect our Indigenous People who were here long before the Europeans. Besides, don't forget, that John Cabot referred to our island as New Founde Land, which, eventually became the name of our province. If we get rid of John Cabot's landing here, will we have to change the name of our province also???

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