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Here & Now Thursday August 09 2018

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You. This. Is CBC. Here-and-now. Remembering. Nevaeh, a community, comes together for a child gone too soon. Good. Evening i'm carolyn, stone and i'm jeremy Eaton, a community, said goodbye today, to Nevaeh, de 9:00 at, a funeral in the ghouls the nine-year-old spent, years, raising, money for other kids with cancer she, lost her own battle, with the disease on Monday evening, here. And now is Kate McGilvery is in the ghouls tonight, Kate, what can you tell us about today. Well. First of all I can tell you that this was not like other funerals, as you can see behind me there are decorations, and streamers, and balloons. What, Nevaeh's family wanted was for this to be a celebration of, her nine years of life and the, community here in the golds rose to that occasion. I'm. Very emotional because, it's. Hard, to believe that such. A little girl, such. A beautiful and so well had to go through so much I mean she was sick most of her life since she was probably two years old. The. Day began with a procession, of vintage cars done up in Nevaeh's, favorite colors along. The route people, out in droves to pay their respects, Dorothy, pike is a friend of the denyin family. Know. Just that we do care everybody cares a little, down the way a lemonade, stand to honor Nevaeh's, tireless, fundraising for, other pediatric, patients, she, taught us a lot and just as, support, we're out here today, -. Obviously. Something here the lemonade stand that, was is gonna, be always her legacy. It's, just our way of paying, tribute. The. Procession, ended up at st. kevin's church in the Gould's the town where Nevaeh grew up and went to school mourners. Wore light colored clothing and celebration, of her life and friends, and family built the church I am, here, because, Nevaeh. Wasn't, one of my best friends he always went camping with us it, was sad but. You, know she's in a better place now, at. Least she's not suffering no, more. Everyone. Had something to say about the way Nevaeh had impacted, their lives this, beautiful girl touched, my heart she honestly gave me hope in a very hard time when I have awesome needed cancer and. I actually had the privilege to meet her in March after, holding a party, for my mother who had passed away we. Raised money and I was unbelievably grateful, to get to donate it to her Lemonade Stand and to get to meet her. I've. Been hearing that a lot over the last few days people telling me that Nevaeh inspired, them to dig deeper and give more the, Confederation building in Saint John's will be lit in yellow tonight in her honor giving. Everyone a true drives by a chance, to reflect on what her life meant reporting. Live for here-and-now I'm Kate McGilvery in the Gold's. Another. Suspected, arson in Grand Falls Windsor, it's, the 4th this summer and the town's Chamber, of Commerce says. Businesses, should, take precaution, I'll. Bring you those details coming up on. Hear now the. Province, is looking at replacing Her Majesty's, Penitentiary, the, Department of Justice, has hired a consultant, to look at how the province, can get the most out of its money a new prison, moved up the priority list after CVC, published, letters, from inmates complaining. About conditions, on the inside here, in aus Malone Mullen is live with more tonight Malone. Well. There's been a lot of criticism, here over the last few months most. Of it focused, on the prison building itself people, on the inside and the outside all, seem to agree a replacement, is needed and the province is looking into it.

Prisoners. Here have slammed the conditions, of this antique, prison the pen has long been criticized, by lawyers the, Human Rights Commission and recently, the families of inmates two, of whom died by suicide behind. These bars in the last year the. Glaring problem, according to all these critics, is the facility, itself something, the Justice Department, agrees with and says, it's taking, steps to change we're. Bringing in policy, that, I think is gonna be some of the best in Canada but, you know when, we still have these buildings that are outdated it it hinders, our ability to do as much as we want to do in a change of tune today Parsons, said the province, is now making a new pen a priority. Hiring, a consulting, company to figure out how to afford the project, on a tight, budget, Parsons. Also, said he asked the feds once again for help but exactly who's, footing the bill is still up in the air we'll continue to work with the feds but this is not something we can wait on this is something that I think is a need, and is a need nail among, the short-term changes done or in the works a new, addictions counselor, more checks on inmates better access, to health care but, of all the issues at HMP one complaint, stands out inmates. On suicide, watch are still kept in solitary confinement small. Isolating. Cells condemned, by critics and blamed, by inmates for making their mental states even worse parson. Says it's because of the prisons layout, they simply have nowhere else to put inmates, threatening, to harm themselves he. Once told the Human Rights Commission sick inmates weren't, being, put in solitary but. He reversed that statement, today it's, happening and it likely won't change until, a new pen is built plans. For a new jail drawn up in 2014, included. A mental health unit to, avoid keeping sick inmates in segregation. Parson. Said today those plans are still under consideration we, have a bricks, and mortar issue, down, there when it comes to space, built, to, handle individuals. Facing these challenges so. No. Promises, have been made there's no timeline, yet but Parsons, said earlier, today that getting. Something built is a priority, reporting, live for hearing now I'm alone Mullen in st. John's. It's. Been a secret for four years, but today the people who provided the funding to help cleanse the rocky Harbor blue whale to be put on display here Memorial, University reveal. Themselves I'll have that story coming. Searchers. Are looking for a berry picker who has been missing since last night members. Of a ground search and rescue team are looking for 67. Year-old Harvey, Rowe he, was picking berries along a dirt road between Markland. And Collin net Rowe was reported, missing around, 11, o'clock last, night, helicopters. And a police dog are also involved in the search as well, as police officers, from the Placentia n Whitburn detachments, of the RCMP, Rowe, is from Broad Cove. Sorry. There's, a reason to, hope for skilled workers in this province, politicians. Say the town of Mary's town is offering to buy the idled, Mary's Township, yard from Kiewit offshore, services, local, MHA mark brown says the plan is for the town Tobias, then, lease, it to businessman, Paul antal and a Norwegian group, who, would operate, it Brown says they plan to develop an aquaculture, supply.

Service, Base at the shipyard, it's, not a done, deal yet though I, always. Say nothing's done until it's done but. This is this, was made public today by the town and and, and by the group that. This purchase is in, the works and this. Is very positive because for so long this facility. Which was built with taxpayers, dollars, has been laying, idle, in the center of Mary's town so the prospect, of hundreds of jobs back in Mary sandwich are stable, continuous. For a very skilled workforce. Well. If you bought dole, brand, baby spinach, recently. You might want to take a second, look dole. Is recalling, some of its spinach, over concerns about listeria. Contamination. It's. Recalling, baby spinach, with tender, Reds after, tests, by the Canadian, Food Inspection Agency, found, possible. Listeria contamination. The. Spinach was sold throughout, Atlantic. Canada including. Here in a package of 142. Grams and, has, an expiry, date of August 4th, for, more details, on the UPC, code head to our website Slash. NL. Businesses. And Grand Falls Grand, Falls winds are being warned after several, suspicious fires over the past few weeks the, RCMP, have been called to seven, fires and, believe arson, is involved, in four of them as here, and now as Garrett Barry tells us the Grand Falls Windsor, Chamber of Commerce is warning, business, owners to take precautions. What. We're seeing here is the aftermath, of another suspicious, fire in, this town it's the fourth that police in Grand Falls Windsor suspect, was, arson. This, time last week these two wooden. Structures, looked identical but now one, has. Been burned to bits, that. Was then this, is now, no. One was injured because this warehouse, is empty but. Another suspected, arson I mean to, say that we're not concerned, would be ludicrous I mean. But. We, have to deal with it before this a siding business, was struck and before. That the, town Ski Club it, started, out with, these fires on the outskirts. Of the community, and now, it seems like they have moved into the community itself police, say there's nothing conclusive to, link these fires together, but they, have been happening, near wooded areas and there's, definitely more than usual so, can you remember anything like this happening in the past no. No, so, what can businesses, do to protect themselves it's. All common sense of course and good surveillance. Have. A good security system. Try. And make your business itself. As foolproof. As you can but. The important, part when it comes to the fire as part of it is make. Sure that your the perimeter, of your building, is free. From clutter the. Chamber is now asking businesses around here to be a little bit more vigilant, to, clear their properties, of anything that can be easily burned, and also, to check their security, cameras to, see if they've caught anything that can help police crack. The case. Garrett. Perry CBC News Granite. Falls Windsor. Teen. Baseball, players from Corner Brook got to experience the famous film a league of their own last, week. Thirteen-year-old, girls, took part in the baseball, for all national. Tournament, in Rockford, Illinois home, of the famous Rockford, peaches the, under-16 competition. Is designed to empower. Girls to play and stick with the sport the team ended up winning nationals, and they stopped by corner Brooks Morning Show to, talk all about it, was. Just an awesome experience him to play baseball Deon there was even better why, was it so great oh my. God. So. Many people were like so. Nice and every, all the feeling, you get when you walk in to an indoor field an outdoor field just made, you like fall in love with baseball all over again. Another. Gold medal for, Katarina Roxon the Paralympic, swimming champion, from Kip ins Newfoundland, is dominating.

In Australia. Roxon snagged gold in the women's 100-meter. Breaststroke earlier, today at the Pan Pacific Paris. Swimming Championships, the, 24 year old won her first gold medal at the Paralympic Games. In Rio back in 2016. Roxxon's. Back in the pool tomorrow to race the 100-meter, freestyle. Congrats, Katarina and good luck in the pool tomorrow. I'm. Calling Connors in Corner Brook where they just announced a huge tourism. Plan to, bring more tourists, to meet Maggie here, at the Newfoundland Emporium. I'll. Have that story for you tonight. How. Many bees do you think are in this. You. Welcome. Back to hearin now Saudi. Arabian, born students, at Mun are in limbo, the, Saudi government has ordered all of its post-secondary. Students. Out of Canada, officials, made the call after tweets, from Canada's, foreign affairs minister, and the Canadian. Foreign, policy, account criticized, Saudi Arabia's, handling, of human, rights cases, Memorial. University has, 23. Saudi students, enrolled in the upcoming semester the, school hasn't been, contacted about the future of those students, yet but, it's anticipating. A call, given. The uncertainty, of the situation and, the, sensitivity of the situation a lot is up in the air right now folks, are at the university level and not the Students Union level are trying to find out the. Impacts of this so, that's, all I can really say at the moment but. Rest, assured that we are looking to support the students throughout this transition. The. IOC, mine in the Labrador, city may, be up for sale though, the company is staying mum about it the, report comes from Reuters wire service. Which cited unnamed sources, in banking and industry it suggests Rio Tinto, which owns nearly 60%. Of IOC, shares is considering. Listing, the company on the toronto stock exchange the. Story also suggested, Rio Tinto was hoping, to take advantage of healthy prices, in the iron ore market now this isn't the first time the company has tried to sell its share of the mine it did it back in 2012, but was, unable to find a suitable buyer the, MHA, for the area says the mine is a valuable, asset, there's. All kinds of possibilities that, people that may be interested in the Labrador trough when you look at the region and the Labrador troughs I mean looking, at really one resource, that's there so who operates in that region I guess remains, to be seen but I think there's all kinds of possibilities who any potential, bidders, may be a. Holocaust. Survivor who, shared his painful memories. With thousands, of students in this province is being, remembered tonight, Phillip, reitman died in his sleep at, his home in Halifax, yesterday, morning he was 96, years old. And. They, give us real bars and. We take the dead bodies. And. They still warm. He. Emigrated to Newfoundland, in. 1946. Before, it was part of Canada, he lived here until, 1981. Before moving to Nova Scotia but. He came back here to speak to students about the horrors he witnessed, in concentration. Camps he. Did it so the victims of the Holocaust would, be remembered, and to, prevent it from ever happening again, the, CBC's, amy Smith, has this look at his life. Around. The stop and. The divided, us. It's, a story Phillip Brightman didn't speak about for four decades his. Experiences. In the concentration. Camps of Nazi, Germany but starting. In the 1980s, he decided, he needed to share his first-hand account, of the Holocaust, making. Sure everyone, knew the full horror of what happened. He. Spoke to countless, students, and community, groups over the years reliving. Painful, memories of Hitler's war against, the Jews. I. Sat. Down with reitman for an interview in 2014. To talk about his life I never. Forget, when. The first Germans. Model. Seiken, came. In to, our town, could. You imagine my town the size of Truro and could, imagine 1, million. Men going through our town with. Tanks and trucks and everything reitman, was around 14, when the Germans came into Poland and rounded. Up his entire family, they. Were shipped to the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, where, his parents and his seven brothers and sisters were killed. That's. The reason I didn't speak for 40 years. After. The war reitman moved to Newfoundland, to live with an aunt and it. Was in his adopted, country he, said he once again. Discovered humanity. Maybe. I survived, to tell, Brightman. Son Larry says, his father had a special, connection with the young people he shared his story with he. Could do what. So. Many others, couldn't, that. Was it, was absolutely, where he could put it and he could put it on their scale, so. That they could grasp it and, a lot of survivors can't, do that at, one point Philip Brightman was speaking to as many as 80 schools a year and.

The Impact, was, powerful. Philip. Brightman was 96. Years old Amy. Smith CBC, News Halifax. Honey. That, we just pulled from, the. Hive so. How. Much is this guys. What's. The buzz tell, me what's a-happening there's. So much buzz about Carolyn's, beans and, after her forecast, Kerala, shows us how be experts, are dealing, with the hive that she found inside, of her home. You. Our data is brought to you by take-charge, business. Efficiency, program over, 570. Businesses, have saved energy and taken charge of their bottom line find out how you can -. Well. Welcome, back - here now big change yesterday and, today Carol in terms of the weather a lot, sweaty, err yesterday. Much. Cooler, it was almost shockingly, cool when I walked out this more the boiled, spoiled, here we get a little bit nice weather and we get spoiled yeah and you know we just have a little bit of rain to get through and then we're back to some really nice temperatures, for a good stretch of time let's start, with a look at the highs today. It, got up to 19, degrees in st. John's today we didn't even crack the 20, degree mark in st., John so yes it was much much cooler than. We've been used to in central though 25, degrees in badger Corner. Brook was lovely, 25, degrees, lots of rain heading, their, way tonight. You can see it right here on the. Satellite and radar coming. Up through it's gonna start. In the West and persist, to the east overnight, tonight, as, well as in a Labrador. You can see much of the heavier showers, heading, towards the Straits and to the west coast overnight. Tonight and, yeah. Throughout tomorrow, pretty much everyone is gonna get a taste, of this but overnight tonight we're looking at a chance of some thundershowers in, the corner Brook area about, 15, to 25 millimeters, of, rain and the winds are a bit gusty there too we're looking at gusts. To 60 along, the coast for. St. John's overnight, low of 13, degrees, 15. In gander, with a chance of showers, there, in Labrador. In the Straits area looking at about 10 millimeters, of rain overnight tonight that will continue, two more on about five millimeters tonight in lab, city with also a chance of some, thundershowers, there. So tomorrow, morning when, you get up st., Johns metro area is gonna be pretty cloudy, similar, to what it was this morning 16, degrees to start the day those temperatures are really going to bump up throughout the day pretty, warm to start in the, Burin Peninsula area 18, degrees, western. Newfoundland looking, good but it's going to be a wet start to the day for. The corner work area and some cooler temperatures, there, in the north and in a Labrador. So yes this is a Friday, at 6:00 a.m. so, tomorrow, morning, you can see all of the showers right across the province in. The east mostly. We're looking at overcast, skies won't be until later in the day that we'll start to see some of those showers so. Forth most, of the day we're looking at about 26, degrees and a chance of showers in the east 19, degrees along the south coast there, with a chance, of showers throughout the day now for the Mary's town area 10 to 20 millimeters of rain expected, there. Tomorrow, and, 21, degrees as the high but, 5 to 10 millimeters, of rain, for central, areas, tomorrow and. Temperatures. In the mid-20s there another, 5 to 10 millimeters of rain for the west coast a corner work area so it's going to continue to be pretty wet for the morning it should clear off throughout. The day for, the straights for st., Anthony area looking at about 15 millimeters, of rain tomorrow so, yeah it's gonna stay pretty wet but it will clear, off, throughout. The day as well as in Labrador 5 to 10 millimeters of rain and look at these temperatures, much, cooler there. Tomorrow so, it is going to be a pretty chilly day lab City 12, degrees, as the, high a little bit better there and happy valley-goose, Bay but you know things are going to look, really, good as we head in to the weekend. Some really good temperatures, the island, is going to be seeing a mix of Sun and clouds and temperatures in the mid-20s. I'll have all, of those details coming. Up a bit later Jeremy thank. You very much miss Stokes sounds, like some pretty sweet, weather, here, and. Speaking, of sweet there, have been a lot of buzz online about your honeybees story. On. Twitter as a kid it's been all bees all the time and, you know it's a question I never thought I'd ask you know what do you do when, you get a hive of honey bees living.

In Your home it. Was just it was such a shock and I found out firsthand this week when I learned that thousands. Forty, thousand actually of honeybees had set up shop inside the walls 40,000, uninvited, guests everybody guess. But. Luckily, the folks at a delese Adelaide's. Beat reserve, hull and brenda din they swooped, in to help, and of course I've filmed the whole thing so have a look so. It's just right up there, do. You think there are very many in there I would say there's a good you. Could be looking at a colony, of of, anywhere, from 30 to 50 tiles of honeybees, 30. To 50,000. In there yeah. We. Really need our honeybees we, really need them why, do we need them we have literally, we're, one of the few places in the world that has the healthiest, honeybees and we've. Got to really protect, and cherish them, honeybees. Will. Give, us one-third, of the world's food, supply so, any fruits anything, that flowers is pollinated, by a type. Of bee or a pollinator, and we really, really desperately, need them the, bees are up in a I. Guess a dormer window and they're. Just foraging. Collecting, pollen and nectar and, you can see them coming and going very calm, relaxed, but they're there they're in the third floor of a home we'll. Just gradually remove. Part of the wall and then. We're. Gonna add a little smoke to the bees calm, them down and we're, gonna slowly start taking comb honeycomb and putting, it into actual, honeybee frames, and then, installing. Them into beehives. Oh my. God. How. Many bees do you think are in this hive I'd. Say there's I'm. Guessing, now I would say. I'd. Say 40,000. 40,000. Yeah they're. Actually just a nice sized colony, they're looking really good though guys there's, gonna be a lot of bees in here in a moment. So. That's lots. Of bees lots of comb. Put this one into the heart so. That's your first frame you try to keep it as. Inform. As possible. There's actual honey dripping down on my head. Usually. We capture, them in a, swarm where they're just looking for a new home and they're, hanging in the tree or on the side of a building what have you but, this is the first one to my knowledge of one. Actually, being taken. Out of a home that's already established, so this is all, of the edible honey that, we just pulled from, the. Hive so, how, how. Much is this worth, you guys. Like. This we. Sell for about $40. Wow. So. You've, got a good 10 pounds or more there of colony. And. It's as organic, as it gets. We. Put all the honeycomb. And the bees as many of these as possible into. The hive, hopefully. The queen is in there as well and. What what's going to happen now is over. The next few hours as it gets darker, the bees are going to signal to the other step this, is the way home and by. The time we come back tonight, the majority, of bees should be in the Beehive. And. What. Happens now look, our home and, we'll we'll, lay them on we have a heist a hive stand ready for them placed, in the hive stand and then tomorrow morning we'll release. Out. In the goals with a hauled, in and we're, just about to release the bees into, their new, temporary, home so, I thought you might like to see it. They're. Doing good they're just they're, just like full. That is just chocked full of bees there's, tons so they're gonna take a little while to kind of say oh where are we and we're home and everything, else and then they'll, be fine.

So. I got a ask so what happened so your bees are gone never coming back no no, they're they're gonna stay at Adelaide's, for about two weeks, while. I repair, my house. Because. They can't stay on the property because then they'll just go right back in so. In two weeks I'm going to adopt the hive or the hive has adopted me, so. Paul, and and, Brenda at Adelaide they have this program adopt, a hives so they're gonna help me out and set me up and the, bees are gonna come home and, I actually brought in a little bit of comb just, to show everyone and I. Wanted, you to have a little sample, you never say no, organic. Honey, it's. Some delicious bagel yeah oh, man. A bakery I got this. Very. Sweet. Honey. Man, is it ever awfully, good yeah they say that every every. Honey, from from, a hive. Like that has its own unique flavor so, even. Though more too much of a bite because we still have to speak you can invite me over anytime, Ronnie. And bagels. Cheers. Nickname. Is penny they're already saying that the whale would probably be known as penny I think that's just fantastic. What. Have you done for your mom lately, well, the Dobyns are naming a blue whale after their mom. Maggie. From, the, Newfoundland Emporium, is the, center of attention today in Corner Brook as the region unveils, money, for a new tourism, plan. You. Welcome. Back to here and now the, bay of islands, got a tourism, boost, today, nearly, a hundred thousand, dollars will go to a new tourism, plan, to put Corner Brook and surrounding. Areas on the global map the, big announcement took place at one of the most touristy, places in town the newfoundland emporium here, in aus Coleen Connors was there. This. Is Maggie she's, the mascot for this kitschy place three, store floors of Newfoundland, history, and memorabilia, but. I love the new feel and Emporium we could not get a better location Dave, to. Talk a little bit about the. Benefits. The. Full, stream of benefits that. Occur from. Growing. Our tourism industry the, announcement, well the city province, and the federal government, contributed, ninety thousand, dollars to, a new tourism plan, but. What is it exactly, this. Is I guess funding, for a tourism. Strategy development, for, the, Bay of Islands region and the lower Humber Valley consultants. Will come in ask people, in the tourist industry like, Emporium, owner Dave LeDrew, how, to make, Corner Brook a prime tourism, destination. I think, about time I mean. For years I mean they. Built the highway around Corner, Brook and as, a consequence, the year, after they built the new chance to get a highway business. Absolutely took, a dive in Corner Brook tourism. Because the. Government, is spending all kinds of money promoting, course. Mooring and it's great and but. The benefit goes, mostly, to 2d relief is that that's a natural staging. Area dearly during, Ike has a tremendous, advantage over us so, we got to work at it to make, sure we get our share not only want is our share the, plan is to get people to stop in on their way from st. John's or grouse mourn and spend, more dollars at, hotels, restaurants.

And Shops, we. Believe that, we have a, great, asset here in the and, we. Just need a little help and I think a little more cooperation. Between, the government's and the private, sector and the public sector to, really, make the Bay of Islands a top, destination in New Zealand and, it starts with places, like this and a. Good plan it's. Going to take 12 to even 18 months to come up with this tourism, plan and a goal to target, Corner Brook and the Bay of Islands to tourists, so they come to stores like this and buy, more stuff like this calling. Connors CBC, News Corner, Brook. It's, been a long road for a blue whale carcass that washed ashore in rocky harbor four years ago today Memorial, University made, public. That the Dobbin family fronted the funding, to give the massive mammal a permanent, home in months new core science building before, we get to that announcement here's, a look back on the journey of the world's, biggest animal, in the. Winter of 2014 this, footage, was captured by, DFO the lifeless, bodies, of two of the biggest creatures. On the planet these. Were just two of nine who died when, crushed by heavy sea ice as the. Ice melted. The bloated, carcass of one whale rolled, around on the beach and trout River arguably. The world's most famous dead, whale while. The second, washed, ashore in, nearby rocky, harbor. The. Royal Ontario Museum took. Ownership of, the whales but, couldn't, afford to Flynn's both, sea, beasts, in May, of 2014 Memorial. University stepped. Forward to finance, the deboning, and cleaning, process, but. It wasn't the University, who paid the tab quietly. Mark, Sandra, Craig and Lisa Dobbin funded, the expensive, process something. Kept secret, until, today, surrounded. By family, and University, brass the Dobyns made their role in the blue whales story, public. Well. Like a lot of Newfoundlanders, we were following the press carefully when the, tragedy happened, in so many blue whales perished. We were very struck, with the fact that Ontario. Royal Ontario Museum, showing. Great leadership obtained. Characters. So that they could extract the skeleton, preserve. It and then. Display it and also conduct research on it and we felt left. Out as a province, that. We didn't have the same opportunity. My wife Sandra was at a function. With. Gary Koch and Oscar president at the Memorial University of Newfoundland was there and challenged. Him to. Why, don't we have a well and, he indicated, that they didn't have a budget and they, needed some financial, support so we. Agreed to financially. Support the University in this noble, endeavor my brother Craig and his wife Lisa also. Volunteered. And jumped at the opportunity to help and that's how we got here first. Of all we're big supporters of Memorial University and. Having. Such. A dramatic display and, what's going to be state-of-the-art. World-class, research. Facility, here on campus in. And of itself is a benefit, my, mother who we are doing this gift. In honor of is, originally, from Bjorn and off. Bjorn. Is Bjorn Ireland and when I was young I toured, it in my uncle's boat and saw the old. Remains. Of abandoned, whaling, station, there and was. Very struck, as. A young man on, tragedy. Of hunting animals as moving magnificent. As whales so, I'd always stayed with me and I think that's one of the reasons why we.

Undertook The gift. Hold. Your mom's reaction when you told her that you. Know the Dobbin boys were going to team up and help finance, this massive. Whale project, we only actually told her a couple of weeks ago so it's. Been a secret since 2014. And she. Was a, little taken aback and, overwhelmed. But I, think, she's risen to the challenge, of accepting, it quite, well like, she does at everything in life now. People may be wondering but how much money goes into putting this, project together mister darman well we, haven't really disclosed, the the, amount of the gift it was substantial amount of money as you can imagine. We partnered with the University on this and we're. Just happy to be able to be contributors, at this stage, well. I think the universities, wail now and people of the province, what. Feels really cool for me is I think my, mom's nickname is penny and, the. People at the memorial, here. Are already saying that the whale will probably, be known as penny and I think. That's just fantastic I'm tickled pink about it. So. The, first one was a trout river whale and that was the one that was on display in the ROM so that's still in Toronto, but I did made it made a few phone calls today and I tracked down the, rocky harp rocky Harbor whale aka penny and that's, it's, been deboned been degreased it's, ready to be mounted whenever the building is ready and it's currently sitting in a sort of warehouse in Trenton Ontario but. I spoke to the company who puts it together and they said they're ready to go whenever the building's ready so hopefully, 2020. We'll be talking about the blue whale again. You. I. Love. That phone. If. I was a weather geek I'd probably have nothing. Anyways. What I never. Get invited back, jokes. So, we, were talking earlier, when. You were outside we were talking about backstage. Julie, Skinner one of the producers of the show is talking about how beautiful your garden was oh yes, well I'm I'm an avid gardener so it's just one of the reasons I'm excited about the bees and what is a garden need the, garden needs lots of sunshine and. Rain. And, what's in the forecast coming up. Good. Segue. Have. A look at the long-range forecast starting with, some current temperatures, 15. Degrees in, st. John's right now so it is definitely a cool evening. Out there still pretty hot, there in badger 23. Degrees, at the moment, for, Labrador. Happy valley-goose Bay looking at 19. Degrees right now so not half bad, so yes. The showers that Jeremy, mentioned overnight. Tonight pretty much everyone is going to get a taste of this system at some. Point, the showers beginning, tonight mostly on the west coast and for the Straits and for, Western, a Labrador. So throughout tomorrow, you can see lots of scattered, showers the, east won't see this until later in the, day into, Friday afternoon, Friday evening, and yeah. The showers kind of persist throughout the day for, Labrador. So tomorrow, we're gonna return to those warm, temperatures 26, degrees, in st. John's and with that humidex, it's gonna feel more like 33. So, yeah it's gonna be pretty humid, again tomorrow. So. With some of those late, day showers. For, the central area could see some showers around noontime early. Afternoon, for. The south coast 10, to 20 millimeters of rain so that's where the heaviest rain is going to fall tomorrow. On the island 5 to 10 millimeters of rain, for the Corner Brook area on top of what falls, tonight, for, a Labrador.

Some Cooler temperatures, then the island particularly. For lab, city 12 degrees, there, with, some, showers that should, be clearing off throughout the day looking, at about 5 to, 10 millimeters, of rain, tomorrow, so. Unfortunately, Labrador those showers are gonna stick around into the weekend but for the island, Friday evening. The showers, will start to move, away and as we get into Saturday 6:00, a.m. things. Clear off quite, nicely. You. Can see the odds our there on the northern peninsula but, then, things are looking great, for the island. So for Labrador, some, chances, of showers in, the early, parts, of the day and cooler, temperatures for the West 16 degrees, 20, degrees for. The East and just look at the island, looking fantastic, for. The weekend so far 25 degrees in the east pretty much mid-20s, all across the island mix of Sun and cloud just, dandy. And Saturday. Evening into Sunday it's a similar, story we have some showers going through for the south eastern, portion of Labrador. And the northern peninsula there, and. Some more showers into, the evening for, the West but on the island, another, great, day so it's, times two for beautiful weather on the, weekend for the island mix of Sun and clouds and temperatures continue, in the mid-twenties. Not half bad in temperature-wise, at least in the southeast 23, degrees with, those showers and as well Fort Labrador, solo showers will persist but, look at this nice stretch, of weather we're getting into for the east mix of Sun and clouds sunshine, lovely. Temperatures, right, on through to Tuesday so far similar, story for central, areas and as well for the west so we're going into a really, nice stretch. Of weather on, the island not so much for Labradors the weekend is looking pretty wet, starting. To clear off as you begin the work week though and for. Western, labrador, clearing off on Monday in a bit of overcast skies and some cooler, temperatures, on Tuesday, that's, your forecast Jeremy, back to you thanks. Carolyn a cat in Nova Scotia is making, an amazing, recovery this week it, was shot and now, the SPCA, is asking, for help to find out who is responsible the. CBC's, Shayna Locke has the story, if. The bullet had been a couple of millimeters, in either direction Vox. Would never have lived to come home but, the nearly two-year old cat survived, the attack that happened sometime, between Sunday, morning and Monday night, they, say cats have nine lives so, I asked my husband and I he's probably down to maybe six cuz that was a big, one but. He. Said he's coming around slowly but surely Vox, showed up on the back step clearly, injured but, it wasn't apparent right away how bad his injuries, were until, they arrived at the vets she said I think you're going to want to come and see this x-ray Beverly.

Greenlaw Says her heart sank when she saw it she, couldn't believe someone would do this all, of these, dark. Pieces that you see here are bullet. Fragments. The. Bullet passed through Vox, is head exiting, near his left eye he, may lose sight in that eye and will be permanently, deaf in one ear part, of his jaw and some teeth are gone at the, vet clinic they're, spreading the word the, SPCA, is investigating. Greenlaw, believes this was not a BB pellet but a bullet used to hunt coyotes, this. Kind of action, is purely, malicious, and, it's. Not something, that you could say was in, any, way an accident, somebody actually had, to go get. Again load, a gun aim, the gun that pulled the trigger, angela. Dolphin ii is thankful, vox his injuries were not worse but, it's been a terrible episode for her family their loving cat is now afraid to be alone and startles, at sudden noises i am, really hoping, that. If. You, know it just doesn't happen to anyone ever again you know i mean, it's it's our pet he's he's. Part of the family just like anyone else who has pets and. Just. Maybe. People will think twice sheena, lux cbc, news new, cornwall. Well. Now a message for dog owners living, in condos, or apartments don't. Use, retractable. Leashes. A Toronto. Woman's puppy, was nearly strangled, in an elevator and is Nick viveur, reports, she wants to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. Who's. A good point was a good boy yeah a good boy of, course, and, after what happened a few weeks ago a very, lucky, boy - he's. Okay. It's a miracle. Dog, thank. You buddy last. Month Emily Pinkard and Oscars stepped off the elevator on their way home the, four month-old Ozzy doodle had other ideas I reach, in my purse to grab my keys and while, I did that he bolted, back into the elevator just as the doors were closing she. Frantically, unlocked, her retractable, leash and listened, to the elevator to send to agonizing. Floors so, that's like it was literally pulled I guess as far as it would go I wish that it had you know broken, then, I started to hear the elevator come back up and. The. Door opened, and he, actually. He. Fell like. In. Front of me the, dog was borderline, unconscious. But within seconds, Oscar, popped back up I have, heard this happening before I had two other cases and unfortunately, the they were adult dogs and they didn't survive it Oscar's, vet says elevator, stranglings, like Oscar's, or this one are more likely to happen with a retractable leash, I find it they they can fail on people those locks don't always work dogs can get away from people to prevent them happening, he's advising, people to ditch, their retractable, leashes but, they are popular around Toronto I do offer this kind of leash well.

When We're walking and it's, safe, we're not, even, on the street I let her go right to the end she, likes to run around a little bit right and if it's just a you. Know stagnant. Leash she can't do that so what the vet recommends, is having your dog on a leash like this one that's under two meters making. Sure that you're both together. When. You go on the elevator, anyway, leashes, longer than two meters are technically, banned, under city bylaws, Pinkard. Says she's, done with hers now I'm warning everybody like, in, my building whenever I see somebody who's using a retractable, leash I tell them, be careful near the elevator Nick whoa there CBC News Toronto. From. Animal hour to, outer, space the, US Armed Forces is, eyeing, space to become the next military, frontier, the, Trump administration says. Threats from China and Russia are the impetus baton behind, the creation, of what it's calling the, u.s. space force. The. Space environment has fundamentally changed in the last generation. What. Was once peaceful and, uncontested. Is. Now crowded, and. Adversarial. Today. Other. Nations are seeking to disrupt our space-based, systems and challenge American, supremacy, in space as never. Before our, adversaries, have transformed, space into, a war fighting domain, already. The. Plan is to have a u.s., department, of the space force in place by 2020. Congress. Would have to approve the startup, budget of eight billion, dollars. Over five years now, pence told an audience at the Pentagon. The aim is to defend US military, and intelligence satellites. From, hypersonic, missiles, and laser, attacks critics. Call the creation redundant. And wasteful. Here's. A look at today's viewer photo of the day what a pretty scene, this, is. I don't, hard to guess where. Darling, which part of the island uh it's in a coastal. Area of the north and, this, place has one of the prettiest, names, of, a, community, in the province I think, Eddie's, Cove no. Eddie's. Coast south Oh. It. You know where this was taken after the break. You. You. Welcome. Back to here and now we just, have enough time to have a look at our viewer photo of the day have. A look at this, so, yes, this is not a nice Cove chair. Mistaken. In. Fleur-de-lis. Is a beautiful, it. Is a beautiful photo - it is great colors the. Boats all lined up there Dana, Osmond thank you so much for sending this in if, anyone else has a shot, to send in we got some gorgeous photos, we appreciate, a lot of good photographers, out there yeah keep, them coming because we like it gets, us to keep, guessing where it is so, someday. We'll actually get close not like not like me tonight, thank. You so much for joining us everyone have, a great night we'll. See you tomorrow. You.

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