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Here & Now Tuesday August 28 2018

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. I'm. Anthony Germaine live here, at the Wedgwood cafe on Elizabeth Avenue in st. John's where chefs have come together in support of the family of nine-year-old, Nevaeh denying, we're gonna have coverage throughout tonight but it's really about this remarkable person who in a short life managed, to raise more than $200,000. For other children who like her were battling cancer and the focus is on her family tonight and getting in through some tough times details. Coming up throughout here and now here's, Carolyn now with a look at today's top news stories, thanks, Anthony, I'm Carolyn. Stokes and here's what else is making news tonight, ma. Che colin holloway believes there's still a place for him inside the Liberal Party despite, the fact his harassment, allegations, were dismissed last week I'm Terry Roberts we'll have that story tonight on here and now they. Give us skirts to wear like, skirts. How, are we supposed to do police work in skirts, she's, the longest-serving, woman in, the RNC, and this week sergeant, sandy Harvey, hangs up her hat let's. Get right to our top story the harassment, scandal at, the House of Assembly one. Politician is disappointed. And dissatisfied. With the investigation. Into his complaints, of harassment and. Intimidation by. Fellow politicians, but, tonight Colin Holloway says he's not giving up his fight for justice, our, Terry Roberts spoke with the MHA, for Terranova, today so Terry, what's the latest well, Carolyn Carolyn, Colin, Holloway's allegations, were very serious he says he was bullied and harassed, by, former Liberal cabinet ministers, Eddie Joyce and Dale Kirby but as we reported, last night the Commissioner, for legislative, standards, has essentially, dismissed, Holloway's, complaints, and Holloway. Is not pleased with the outcome I gotta. Say I was, completely. Surprised. With. The findings, Holloway. Says the reports lacked what he calls procedural. Fairness omitted. What he believes were important, details, and even reached incorrect. Conclusions, he, does the potential, for, leading. People. Down. A different, path in his, first interview since receiving, the reports on Friday Holloway. Criticized, the inte process, saying, he never had faith in the commissioner's office to, carry out such an investigation, I didn't think he had the experience for. The office had the experience, so, Holloway has hired a lawyer he plans to bring his concerns to the House of Assembly this, fall sticking, by his belief that he was mistreated, by Joyce and Kirby during internal party debates over issues like the MHA pension, plans and the selection process for Speaker of the House of Assembly the. Commissioner in his reports, talks. About this is normal, way of how. Politicians. Interact. I. Can't. Believe that that, should be acceptable, behavior, in a workplace in. The meantime Holloway. Says people have approached him and said his actions have helped change the culture in their workplace, he takes some comfort in that but admits it's been a stressful time the, consequences. And the challenges, and the difficulty, that. Is has, resulted because, it is and you. Have to really question you. Know if there are if, there is no change. That. Happens, then, you really have to question should. You have done it in the beginning last. Spring the Liberal caucus was in turmoil, infighting spilling, into the media it said bullying and intimidation at, its finest Holloway. And others complaining, about a hostile, work environment climaxing. With Joyce and Kerr be stripped of their cabinet, post and ejected, from the Liberal Party there are more investigations. To come and Holloway believes their findings, will support his claims of misconduct it's about a culture and it's about two behavior, of, these two individuals not, only against, me but also against all their members in the House of Assembly so. It's about a pattern of behavior it's, unclear whether Joyce and Kirby will be welcomed back into the fold but Holloway believes the Liberals are better off without them I think that we've had change, since. Both mr. Joyce and mr. Kirby came out of caucus I find. That people are, more at ease, people. Are a bit more jovial, and, I. Guess people. Are under a little less pressure. Now. While Holloway, admits it's been a hard time he, says he won't leave politics, or the Liberal Party he, says he has the full support of his family and most of his constituents, and will, be a candidate in next years general election, now ask for Dale Kirby and any Joyce they're, not talking to the CBC Caroline.

Thanks. Terry that's here annouced Terry Roberts reporting live tonight, staying. With politics, the provincial New Democrats, are having their nomination, meeting tonight the, party will vote to decide who will run in the Windsor lake by election, it's between, two, candidates, Kerry Claire, Neal is a social, economist, and feminist, Matt house previously, ran for the party and owns a bookstore in, downtown, st. John's and whoever, wins will go up against liberal, Paul, antal and Progressive Conservative, leader, chess crosby the by-election, is set for September 20th. A. Warning. For those, residents, of the West End of st. John's who get their water from petty harbour Long Pond it might, be discolored, the, city says it's caused by high levels, of Meg Maggie's, and should, not be consumed. No, word yet on how long it will be before the issue is resolved. In the meantime free, water will be available at the Municipal Depot on Black, ler Avenue, tomorrow, though, you'll have to bring your own container, for, those with, clear, running, water the city says you have nothing, to worry about. Well. Have you checked the registration. Stickers, on your vehicle, lately if you, were counting on government, to remind you about renewing, them you are out of luck, those mail outs were canned. In last year's budget and. The fact that drivers, weren't warned. About the mail out cancellation. That's, turning out to be a problem for some people here. And now is Ryan Brockville has that story, as of. April 30th, motor, registration. Discontinued. The long-standing, tradition, of mail, out reminders, for drivers, to renew their vehicle registration. The, only reminder, you get now one. Via email, but, you had to sign up for that otherwise, you're, on your own and that's, not sitting well with some, I'd. Always do my registration. Online and, always. Donut when triggered by the reminder that was sent out by the government but, without the government, reminder, David, winter only checked, his stickers, after, hearing a CBC. Story about someone being fined, for, having out-of-date, registration. As for. The email reminder, system winter, says he, has no problem, with that but, he could have used a heads-up thing I think the government or motor registration, sort of you know send out a notification to. With. The last. Registration. Notification. For your renewal for your car and we, let her in it saying this would be the last one of these and you receive, here's. What you got to do you. Do it and take whatever actions you feel fit motor. Registration. Says it did, send reminders, but, only to 50,000. Drivers in its last mail out in March, it. Says the move will save four, hundred and sixty thousand, dollars a year you know I'm all for the government trying to save money I think, if they communicate, their changes, to the people the people will accept, their changes there are going to be people in maybe. Remote areas who don't have access to computer who's internet is bad or whatever it is and, they're. Going to be the people are going to have to go to the office and hand and, remember. The fact that, that. Their stickers are about, to expire so, if you haven't checked your stickers yet or you can't remember the last time you slapped on that new one it, might be time to check ryan, brock Revilla cbc, news st.. John's a local. Member of parliament is, slamming, a motion, passed by the conservative. Membership. At their annual convention last, weekend. Nick Whelan, says he isn't surprised, the motion to end birthright, citizenship. Came from his home writing, but calls it racist, here, and now is Ryan Cook has more. Nick. Whelan says he runs into people with hard stances, on immigration every, time he goes door knocking so, he wasn't totally surprised, when the motion came from st. John's east a motion, that supports the end of granting citizenship, to babies born in Canada to non citizen, parents, so. To single, out, people. From other places being, born in Canada, about. A problem that doesn't really exist is, dog whistle politics it's race baiting it's trying to encourage people to be afraid and, or think that there's an issue where there isn't one now. To give some context, on this issue there. Were more than 300 thousand. Babies born in Canada, in 2016. Stats Canada just. Over 300. Were born to non citizen, mothers this. Is an issue that's come up in Richmond BC where liberal, and conservative, politicians. Have spoken out in favor of ending so-called. Birth tourism where, pregnant women come, to their city just, to give birth so their children can get the perks of being Canadian, Whelan, doesn't believe those numbers are significant. Enough to pose a big problem, but, I spoke with Morley wit a few moments ago who was a member of the st. John's South Conservative, Association he.

Wasn't Available to go on camera but he says no matter how small that number, is it's, a loophole that's worth closing, or at least worth talking about what, doesn't feel there are any racist, motivations, at hand here and that people claiming racism. Are shutting down a worthy, debate how. This issue came up as something, worth talking about and st. John's remains, a bit of a mystery but Witte, says he's glad it was raised by the association's, here more, than 7,000. Kilometers from Richmond BC Ryan. Cook CBC News Saint, Johns a. First-degree. Murder charge has been laid in the death of this man 36. Year old John, Bradley, Healy, was originally. From clarin Ville his, body was found on a dirt road in Fort McMurray this, past June, the, man accused, of killing Healy, is being held in custody until his court appearance next month Healy, was facing multiple drug, trafficking, charges and gun, related offenses, at the time of his death a home. Owner in Corner Brook made a narrow, escape this, morning, after his house caught fire this. Duplex, was filled with black smoke and flames when firefighters arrived. Around 2:00 a.m. the. Owner of the house was waiting, for them on the front lawn he'd, escaped through his, bedroom window, and was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries. The, coroner Brook Fire Department, believes the fire started, in the kitchen and crews, had it under control in just minutes but much of the house has, been destroyed by, smoke and fire, damage a. St.. Johns couple, is dealing with their frustration. About Muskrat, Falls by setting, up camp in front, of mal cores headquarters. Matthew, and Alicia, de. Laval are, ready, to stay for a week or more to make their point they say the energy project, is a boondoggle, that will, push the provinces, most vulnerable into. Poverty. They, created a list of 13. Wide-ranging. Demands for the energy corporation. Which includes more environmental. Protection, at the site and for, now court to be overhauled, for, its part now cor says as long as the protest, remains, peaceful the, couple won't be asked to leave we. Deserve answers we deserve to be told. And. Be. A part of this decision-making. Process you, know and it's like I said you know we we welcome. Anybody. From now core who. To. Sit down with us and speak, with us we're, here to be peaceful, and to. Try and motivate, some, movement, that, that'll actually be, a benefit, to people. Tonight. People are honoring the memory, of nine-year-old. Nevaeh, de 9 she's, the little girl from ghouls who suffered, for more than half of her life from, neo blastoma. But, all she wanted to do was pay forward the support, she received to. Raise money for other children, like her children. Living with cancer. She, held her first a lemonade stand when, she was just four years old, over, twenty thousand, dollars went to five families, who had children, battling cancer in, 2015. As word of her annual, fundraiser, spread, thousands. Came out to support her cause. And. From. Their word, of Nevaeh's, Lemonade, Stand spread. Throughout the province, and the country, even, the Blue Jays Jose, Bautista, sent. Words of encouragement. Hina, Vegas John I wanted, to say happy birthday and congratulations. On your lemonade stand again to Sharon no you're not doing too well I hear, you're a fan of the Jays and I have a special friend who wants to say hello to you. But. Tragically, Nevaeh, died earlier, this month at the age of nine the, outpouring of grief was, palpable, tributes, poured in, from people affected, by her courage and generosity her. Passing, was mourned, and Nevaeh's, life was, celebrated, there, was no limit to her and she was fearless, to. Change a perspective on life that's how I want her to be remembered like take. Life for, what it is and enjoy it to the fullest and, tonight. Her spirit, of generosity lives. On at the Wedgwood cafe, that's, where a group of chefs are, holding, a pop-up supper. In support, of Nevaeh's, Denine family. Our Anthony, Germain is there so Anthony how's, it going. Well. The food is cooking outside the Wedgwood cafe here in the parking lot where there are people firstly sort of the overflow area and there's, certainly cooking up a lot of food on the site as well we'll talk to some of the chefs later in, the program but I thought it might be a good idea to talk to to family friends who've been involved with Renee's, movement, and has, helped this successful, fundraising, that Nevaeh was capable of achieving so I'll start with Stephanie Stephanie what, was it like actually being part of the lemonade, fundraising, Nevaeh well we've been a part of it since, the very first time that Nevaeh called and said I want to lemonade stand and we were like oh okay yeah what do you want she said well I want it to be like the biggest in the world I was like wow I don't know if we can be the biggest in the world but we'll certainly do our best and that first year in the goal is that st. Kevin's we had a lineup of like 6,000, people waiting me a lemonade and it was just phenomenal and it's just grown every, single year and we, planned for her legacy to live on for a very long time and we have high expectations for this year's lemonade's or next year's lemonade stand well in the lead-in to this any of you Carolyn Stokes was basically, showing viewers some, of the highlights.

Of Nevaeh over the past few years as this thing turned such a huge success what's, what's your sense Jessica, the, significance, of her, lemonade movement, so, it's been so incredible, and I like sniffing I left a outstanding. Legacy that you know but. With that being said like it's been four years for. Lemonade stands and. It's just been overwhelming. Incredible, and even in the past month alone you, know there's so many businesses, and organizations, coming together and pulling through and really, raising money for other families, with pediatric cancer just, what Nevaeh wanted, so it's. Just incredible, credible, movement it's, interesting because a lot of people try different fundraising, but there's something about this little girl that just seemed to to. Touch people in a profound way what do you think it was she, was just very special we we firmly believe and I talked to Holly about this not her mother her mother sorry not long after she passed about how we. Felt that she was put here for a reason and the reason was to help and give back and to teach not just other kids but adults, everybody. I mean it's reached its global it's gone international what, she's done and we've, raised in the past five eleven eight students two hundred and thirty-five thousand, dollars and it's, just it was a lot of work but it was just so easy to help her with her cause because of what she stood for yeah. Well I know that you guys are busy here tonight and I appreciate your time yes, I'll let you go. Thank. You very much thank you so much now, this event is going on until 9 o'clock so if you're in st. John's there's lots of room outside I think the inside sold out and coming, up in my next interview here we're going to meet, some members of the family because, as you can imagine this, is a bit overwhelming, and they're very grateful for what's happening stay tuned for that. Coming. Up on here and now there. Are no Caledonia. Yawl zon Conception, Bay today, but. I'll tell you about one man's plan to, change that I'm. Gonna put it down in our little marina and the, harbor and. I'm going to sail it. You. And. Welcome back to here and I now time now for a look at your weather forecast, and some great, temperatures. Today. Having a look at our highs to start you can see on the island temperatures, in the mid 20s, for pretty much everywhere, even a happy valley-goose Bay got up to 25, degrees, and you know what we have more warm, temperatures, coming tomorrow but first Labrador. Has to get through some pretty intense, showers. Moving, through tonight, first, hitting Labrador, city at about 11 o'clock tonight and making, its way east happy, valley-goose Bay should be hit at around 3:00 a.m. and, then. It will move off to the Cartwright, area early, tomorrow morning. So some pretty intense showers associated, with this system and. Some, thundershowers happy, valley-goose Bay Cartwright, Area looking, at about 25, to 40, millimeters, of rain from the system so it's going to come down pretty hard in some areas lab City 15, millimeters, of rain. And temperatures, fair our winds, fairly, breezy southwesterly. Winds 30 gusting, to 50 as well and cool overnight lows there in Labrador for Shore different. Story on the island, looking at mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight, and. Temporally. Upper, teens, but some showers moving in for the west coast tomorrow, morning. So this is what it's going to look like tomorrow morning and thank you Laura Murray for sending in this beautiful shot of the flower for. St. John's we're gonna start off with a cloudy day but warm, temperatures, to start around 18, degrees some. Chance of showers for central areas, and looking, at some showers for western.

Newfoundland, In northern New Flint as well and a cool start to the day for western, Labrador, once again, so here you see those morning, showers on the west coast that will make its way east and central. Areas and the East could see a little bit of a shower action later. On in the afternoons. So, this, is how the temperatures, are looking tomorrow, a humidex, of 29, degrees 24. Degrees in st. John's as the, high with a chance of some afternoon, showers but most of the days looking pretty, good. A bit breezy southwesterly. Winds 40 gusting, to 60 for, central areas the humid x32. So. It's gonna be pretty warm there tomorrow as, well a chance of showers. At throughout central, areas. On the west coast about two to ten millimeters of rain expected for the corner brook grouse more important, that. Should hit around tomorrow, morning. And the human x value about 28 so, yeah it's gonna be a warm one there as well cool, things, really cool down though as we head north, in the Straits a few, showers there, Mary's Harbor could see five to 10 millimeters, of rain, cartwright. Fairly cool at 11 degrees and you can see those temperatures in the mid, teens up along the coast here but a mainly a sunny, day coming for nain, and a chance of showers throughout. The rest of Labrador. So things will cool down on, Thursday, I am sorry to say I will have all those details coming. Up in a little, bit but first I need to get over to the desk which. Fortunately, is pretty close, to the green screen, all. Right, well. When it comes to Newfoundland. Wooden, boats a Dory or a schooner, might come to mind but how about y'all. Well, there's one being, built in Conception, Bay right now Dan Costello, lives in Denver Colorado but. He's making the unusual. Sailboat, at his summer home in bacon, Cove hearing. As Marc Quinn has the story. Such. A beautiful shape here's. A wooden boat that's not a punt, a Rodney, or a Dory, in fact, it's not even a rowboat called. The Caledonia. Yawl it's 19, feet 6 long it's six, foot four wide, Dan. Costello has. Big, plans for, this small, open. Sail boat I'm gonna put it down in our little marina and the, harbor and. I'm gonna sail it this, is what the all should look like when it's done Costello. Is using the same plans that were used to build this one and he's, not rushing, into it right. Now he's three years into a five-year, plan, to build it now to do the math I gotta make the sails or have someone make sales. I just. Wished I could do it all you. Know even, if I had this hand, so the sales, like. The old-timers, did even, though he's putting it together the old-fashioned. Way it could be the first time a Caledonia. Yawl is launched. From bacon, Cove but. Costello says boats like this that, were originally, used to fish off the coast of Scotland should do fine here as well oh yeah. The. Fella that Drew's. That drew the prints up I think he lives in Scotland so he sails it off the Scottish. Coast if everything, goes as planned Costello. Hopes to be sailing here, on Conception. Bay by, 2020. He, says there's nothing like being on the water in a boat that you've built yourself I, feels. Great as, long as it doesn't sink. Marc. Quinn CBC. News bacon. Cove. You. You. Beautiful. Evening here on Elizabeth Avenue for this special night for Nevada nine and her memory, as well as the fundraising efforts to help her family obviously is you know a big story that, has shaken and moved a lot of people's her. Death earlier this month after being such a successful, advocate. For helping other people people, like her who are also kids like her who are also battling. Cancer difficult. Time for her mother who's here tonight and I spoke to her briefly she didn't want to talk to us but I do have two members of her family gran, for the nuncle who agreed, to come and talk to me thank you very much how are you so, well you're her grandpa yep papi, what, do you make of a night like this actually I must say I really appreciate all the chefs coming out here and all the people showing up here tonight beautiful, night for it we. Really appreciate this right and you're. The uncle Davey, but also apparently uncle gravy I'm. Uncle gravy yes sir how'd you become uncle gravy that, was her nickname for, me I used to make gravy when, we'd have a family, gathering so, and, of course it rhymes with Davey so yeah naturally, you'd be uncle gravy now, you're also the caretaker of this wonderful vehicle right so people step back from the car a little bit so I can take a look at it I'll just move over this way so tell me a bit about this car how it came to be it.

Was Donated by a generous. Man who, unfortunately, passed away with cancer as well a. Bunch. Of friends of ours helped us sand. It down and get a prep for paint I painted it we painted the wheels another. Friend of mine done the decals everything was donated, it's. Very moving, yeah and this she loved his car so but apparently she, chose the color right she, did she said I asked, her what color she wanted to paint her beatings he said I want a purple so. This is the color with Joe's, purples. Her color welcome, back to you know poppy obviously. A, this. Was kind of a special child and I'm you're biased because she was a grand show have a lot of people are talking tonight that there was just something about her that she touched so, many people's, hearts, oh yeah that's for sure yeah I mean a lot of people everybody knew her and you know and she wanted to do something for the other kids, years, ago and stare that was small Lemonade Stand her plan was to have, it on the street and I think about 7,000, people show up the first time right so, I mean it's been and it's, going to keep still. Is going to continue on and around regardless. You know I mean you know we're, gonna take the carrier over the stored away every winter now when you're gonna put it away you. Know and get, it all done and get, out of the back and get the mixture and hopefully, a bigger crowd next year again. And put our families to that's what it's all about yeah you know and yeah absolutely I know for you know a lot of people watching of course they know they know a Nevaeh's story and they've been watching it but, for you of course it's personal because you you, lost you your granddaughter, how are you and your daughter coping. With all this I mean you're coping I mean I mean, I know there's other families, that the, kids had the same thing just have two. Grandchildren. And children have two passed away so we know how they feel, I guess, what it is initiative. Actually. Happens to you you. Don't know, what it's all about what you know. Listen. I appreciate your time and I know that you, guys are very grateful for the efforts these chefs have made tonight and I. Mean without then this wouldn't be possible I mean you, know we want, to thank you so much you, know well.

Thank You very much thank you sir and thank you as well thanks thank you very much. For. My brother and. For everybody because, we lose in, our community so many people to suicide, and, so. Many people on a daily basis struggle, with with, mental health a sister's. Fight, her efforts to help happy valley-goose Bay coming. Up. You. Welcome. Back to here and now sergeant. Sandy, Harvey, is the Royal Newfoundland, Constabulary. Longest-serving. Female officer. And this week after 37. Years of service, she retires, here, annouce Peter Cowan sat down with her yesterday to learn about her storied, career, and the challenges, she faced at the start, as one of the first women to enter policing. Want. Me to decide to go into policing, 37, years ago I'd, gone to work in in, an office and friends. And relatives. Were joining, the police department and I realized, that they. Were accepted females because they hadn't been before so. I, went to their sharing it's wearing in ceremony and. Sounds. A little sappy but I heard him take the oath without fear or favor and to serve and protect and I that. That's what I had to do what. Was it like being one of the first women to join the force, we. Were treated very well we, were treated very well by our classmates that were very supportive, there. Were you. Know barriers, that had to be broken and there were you know places that things, they didn't know what to do with women look, what well. In. Training, we. In the beginning were warrant we're wearing coveralls, in the Academy you know going through all the things we did where if they led police academy in Charlottetown for, four it, was 21 weeks, so. In, the beginning they put us all in coveralls and after a period of time they said okay well you've graduated from the coveralls now we'll put you in uniform and then you can carry on so, it was a big thing for all of us at that point on we're gonna be pretty proud to be put in the uniform on so, when they gave out the uniforms, we all went upstairs with our little packages, and. The. Guys all had their their pants with the stripes on them and the shirts and all they give us the shirts but they, give us skirts to where there's like skirts. How are we supposed to do police work in skirts. So. We kind of complained about it and they said get up over the stairs you put on the uniform you were given so sure enough the next morning me. And three, other females, in my class and there were two, from the mainland as well all, came downstairs with her our shirts on and our skirts and our police. Boots with the black socks and that was that was not acceptable, get up over the stairs we'll get you some uniform pants, so we had to put our coveralls, back on for a while so, you know it's it's fine-tuning yes we were we were welcomed but, there were details, like that that they had to work out and. You. Know so we just moved ahead from there what. Was the reaction from the public was there resistance, sometimes when. Someone. Calls for a police officer and you, showed up instead of the, stereotype, they maybe had in their head yeah. There were times yeah when we were ignored, and they would speak to our male partners, but, you know what that just took time to and people. Got used to seeing you around and, and you know as long as you did your job you were fine is. There a moment that really stands, out from your career in particular, one. Particular. Job and is that just, one thing that that, I did but I'm a crisis negotiator, and I have been for a number of years now and for. Me being able to. To. Deal with people when, and and, be. Given the skills to. Be able to help people when they're in a real period of crisis that and. You know bring them back that for me has been it's, been great what's. Your reaction when people use terms like Trail Blazer to talk about you I don't, even think of it that way like when did 37, years happen you, know I joined.

Because I I wanted, to want to help people but, it's not just All Bran so you don't need you, know it doesn't have to be a male or a female thing that doesn't have to be a size thing it's just, you. Know believing, in right and and trying to pursue that and you know just showing. Respect to people and, you. Know helping about when they need us. One. Of the lingering. Issues, surrounding the, legalization. Of marijuana, is how to test, for people who drive while, high well, police will soon have another option, for that justice. Minister Jody Wilson Raybould has given, the green light to. A new roadside. Test, the, equipment will be used to test a driver's saliva, for, THC that's. The main mind-altering. Chemical. In cannabis, a recent. Study in Norway raised questions, about the accuracy of that new test the, equipment shouldn't, be used in temperatures, below 4, degrees Celsius, it, will, be left to individual, police departments, to decide what, equipment they will use. Yellow. Seats have, been popping, up in communities, across the country they're called friendship, benches. And they aim to give people a safe space to talk about their issues a woman, in happy valley-goose Bay has, begun a fundraising, campaign to bring the benches to her community, Jacob, Parker sat down for talk about the project. Right. So, this is your yellow bench yes my parents saw, the. Front bench on the news like, shortly after my brother passed by suicide they, saw the, bunch on TV and my. Dad painted one for, our, house to show that I guess like to honor my brother but then also to show that our, house is like a safe space for people the French and benches are. Metal. Benches that they're suitable for like outside all year long and, on, the back of the bench is a, bar code that you can scan your phone and it'll pop up with a, list of mental health resources near you the. Front row bench project also comes with different, programming, that. Can be delivered. In schools your, fundraising you need a certain amount of money to get these done so I mean, how. Much do you need and what does that money go towards, so, we need almost twenty thousand dollars and what. That will that's. The cost, for seven benches for Goose Bay so instead. Of just having one bench in our community like many, communities across the country have I think that it would be nice to see French adventures everywhere around town why a bench. Like this we're sitting down we're having a conversation on the bench so having, something that's bright and yellow and just. To catch your eye and having a space for people actually, to sit down and to be conscious about talking about mental health and to, have this as a safe space that people can, sit. Down and talk about what they need to talk about why are you bringing, attention to this why are you committing so much of your time. To. Cause us like this we lost my brother to suicide. Two. Years ago and, since. Then. After. He passed we've heard like, how many people that he's helped I don't, know just um yeah. For my brother and for. Everybody because, we, lose in, our community so many people to suicide. And so. Many people on a daily basis struggle, with with, mental health. Let's. Hear now is Jacob, Barker in happy, valley-goose Bay, many. Long-term care facilities, face a constant, worry about patients, who wander, off usually. The solution is to invest, in LOX barriers. And medication. But some long-term care facilities, in Montreal, are taking a different approach art, Shawn. Henry explains. At. First glance this looks like a nicely, painted wall but, it doubles as a disguise, what. Was once a window to a hallway now a drawing, same, for the doors even the elevator, for a floor of residents, with Alzheimer's and dementia it's, about more than aesthetics so whenever there is an exit door we put, a therapeutic, mural, and that, is. Used as I diversion, for them so they divert when they go elsewhere the visual diversion, is the solution to dealing with residents, who may get anxious or agitated if, they try to leave without, resorting, to medication, what they do is they want to leave the unit they want to go look for their family, they want to go look for their children. They want to look for their pets and although we can see the doorknob or the handle it isn't, obvious to the resident. Because. They won't notice still just known as the therapeutic, where all the designs for the murals are deliberate, it's different paintings, with. Different objects basically if, there's flowerpots, there could be a grocery store there, could be a library, bookshelves and it, reminds. Them of their past staff, at the long-term care facilities, say they do have safety measures in place in case residents, do leave but, the aim of the murals is to take away the idea altogether. Shawn, Henry CBC, News Montreal.

Though. A bit of fine wine for a fine cause here at the Peter. Wedgwood cafe a pop-up dinner for it Nevaeh de 9 will talk to the organizers, about why they decided to pull off this event I'm not allowed to drink this. You. Welcome. Back to hearing now time, now for a look at your long-range, forecast. And the, upcoming, departure, of the cool temperatures, at least for a little bit gonna start with another look at this. Evening, because we do have this system that's going to bring a lot of rain, to parts of Labrador, tonight here's a nice close-up. Look of how the system is going to play out at around 11 o'clock lab, city will be getting a, pretty. Hard by, that rainfall and, then at around 3:00 a.m. happy. Valley-goose Bay is gonna get a real good dose and then, Cartwright as the system. Starts to move off so once again just to recap thunder. Showers for the cartwright and happy, valley-goose Bay Area possible, for tonight 25, to 40, millimeters of rain possible, in the heaviest of showers, so it could come down pretty hard, 15, millimeters expected for lab city and on. The island there overnight lows looking, fairly warm mid to upper teens so. Tomorrow, we're, looking at the system push off a few, lingering, showers for. The eastern portion of the island in the afternoon. But, overall things are looking really nice a nice another, hot day on the, island, temperatures in the low to, mid 20s. But the human X values gonna make it feel much warmer, than that chance, of showers for most areas, there tomorrow, Cartwright, looking at some morning, showers clearing in the afternoon as. Well as happy valley-goose Bay with a high of 16. Degrees, tomorrow. So this is where things start to change Wednesday. Night into Thursday along, with, this system right in behind it the the wind direction is gonna start to change you can see this northerly. Wind coming, down and that is what's going to cool everything. Down, on, the island so lots of showers expected for the northern peninsula and the west coast and the south coast there as well. And yeah. So things are looking fairly, cool going down to, 14. Degrees in the east and west 13, in, central, areas with some, rain there and a chance of showers in the, East cool tempers as well for Lavra periods, of rain for, the east eleven degrees in western.

Labrador. With a chance of showers, so, the, ad long peninsula probably won't see that rain really until Friday. Morning and. Then things should start, to warm. Up a little bit more we're. Looking at 18 degrees in the east on Friday afternoon. Still, fairly cool in central areas is 12 degrees 16. Degrees there in the West and in, Labrador, not too bad on Friday afternoon, a mix of Sun cloud and temperatures nearing. 20, degrees. And the weekend of course this is the long weekend, right so everyone wants to know how it's going to look so, far so, good Saturday, and Sunday least comfortable. Temperatures. A little bit on the cool side 16. Degrees on Saturday 20. On Sunday. So certainly, not a scorcher. Looking, much nicer though for Saturday, and Sunday in central areas, in the mid 20s there on Sunday. And as, well for western, Newfoundland. And Fort, Labrador. Not a bad weekend there pretty much pretty. Much everyone is in for a good, weekend, so far chance, of showers there, for Sunday in a, western, Labrador. Okay. Now let's go back one more time to check in with Anthony, at the pop-up supper, that's taking place to support the family, of Nevaeh. De 9 Anthony. How are things down there now. Oh wonderful. Carolyn I wish this was smellivision, so you can actually get a sense of how fantastic. It smells here I'm where the action, is inside, the kitchen at the Wedgwood cafe with, Peter which with a wedge would rather and Jonathan, Richler so maybe first Peter what, was the idea buying this so. You, know today, I did so much to help so, many people that we just wanted to rally around the. Champion community involved and help, out a family the best way we know how by cooking and. Obviously we, spoke to some of her family members before you managed to get quite a few shifts including, this fine gentleman. Jonathan. Why did you want to be part of this I, just. Tell. You what there's, a Hebrew, philosophy, called tikkun olam you have to leave the world a little bit better than when you entered it and that is the inspiration that Nevaeh. Told. All of us even if she'd never met us I never spoke, to this young girl I spoke to her parents along, the way but. Her inspiration. Was. Visceral, so, it. Was a no brainer for me and everybody here to, just jump, in and help. What she did so the, obvious, element.

For All of us was lemons, lemons. Lemons, lemons, so first would you make I made very salty lemons, I have some salt preserved lemons with Moroccan, lamb. And a couscous, lots of dried fruits and nuts North. Africa all the way but, we've got some lovely chicken wings with a lemon rind. We've, got some Mediterranean, cod with. Lemons, on the, base everybody, the desserts of course are all citrus. So listen. She set an example all. We can do is follow a nine-year-old and not, even because she started when she was what for that's right yeah yeah four years old yeah yeah so just. She just said an incredible example we can all learn from a nine-year-old and you, know if we just do a little bit better every day we're doing, right by her and I gather Peter you didn't have a hard time actually getting chefs, and cooks to be part of this because I see the places back not, at all so I actually invited, a couple of these guys and. He. Started talking to each other and next you know my phone was blowing up like I want to be involved what can I do and so, I said okay boys let's get on board we're gonna regulators, mount up we're gonna ride tonight and, so. All these guys I said boys I'm, not gonna tell you what to make you tell me what you're making they all brought it to the forefront lemon. Inspired and it's just unbelievable. Now one of the most touching moments tonight that I saw Peter was you. Came in and then Nevaeh's. Mother came in and you gave her a really, big hug, Holley yes I can't hug her enough I can't give her a big enough hug such, a lovely, lovely, lady and everything. That they went through and she Percy's, gone through the, light of her life you know it's just if. You can't get behind something like this there's something wrong here all, right well gentlemen, I'll. Let you guys get back to cooking a lot more customers out there thank you both very much but thanks for coming we really appreciate it thank you real pleasure thank you so, if you're the st. John's area this is continuing, until nine o'clock island, time it smells, fantastic. I'm certainly planning on sticking around if you know what I mean, Carolyn, a. Wonderful. Event, for a great cause we'll see you tomorrow. Well. A new business, owner in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, is, cutting, out a place, for himself by giving back and paying forward, the, barber is going, beyond the, usual shave, and haircut in. An effort to be a positive influence, on some of the most troubled, in the city Madeline, Coetzer has this story. Jason. Go che has a lot of energy, he's, bursting with it. His. Friends call him Jay he. Set up shop here in Moose Jaw a few weeks ago there's. A steady, stream of clients the day we visit most. Sits smiling as Jay cracks, jokes to Facebook live viewers both. On and off cam his enthusiasm. Is contagious. He. Calls it JD HD, and he's open about the fact that he lives with ADHD, and, anxiety. He's also open about his past he. Remembers, what it was like to be homeless to. Be an addict, to, be a convict, and he, remembers, the difference the kind of others made when, he was at his lowest whether. It was five dollars to, buy food or some, kind words just. Little acts of kindness someone. Believed in me and it just takes one person sometimes, believing you that's it because, of this he knew he wanted to give back recently, he went through some hard times and, decided. To channel his energy for. Good for. Him that meant doing what he does best cutting. Hair for, people who are homeless like. He once was so. I'm cutting this old man's hair and he had a beard in my hands that means I'm carving his beard in and, he looks in the mirror and, say I asked. Him what he'd been doing that day said I was picking cans I was gonna go to suit the, drop-in center for soup I say you can eat here man and he.

Digs In this pocket, and he pulls out at two meals like hey hey hey no no no he goes. He. Throws it in my thing and that's when I cried he's, been cutting hair for homeless people since then his. Shop in Moose Jaw is just around the corner from the city's Riverside, mission, that's, where he met Mark Kelly a former. Drug dealer who was trying to put his life back together a, lot. Of the people down there are hurting you. Know they don't have a lot you don't have anything you. Know and. They. Look pretty rough, and. When you can take a guy that you know looked, pretty rough and clean them up a little bit you. Know who knows what that's going to do for him the next day go Jays work is creating, connections, to from. People who are homeless to, the mayor, people. Sit in Jays chair for a good cut and good, company and the, positivity, is creating, waves you. Know it's not always government's, coming, up with solutions as you can see you, know Jason's, come in here and said there's, a need and I want to do some. Good work and he's, taken his talents, and being able to fill, that void and, I, think, that's an important role kocha has dreams of eradicating, homelessness, in Moose Jaw through tiny homes and expanding. His outreach but, for now the, change he's creating, starts, in his barber's, chair, Madeline. Cots her CBC News Moose Jaw. Here's. A look at today's viewer photo, of the day. Beautiful. Isn't it, if the sky looks a bit hazy that's, because it was, this was taken on Saturday. Somewhere, in the province, and, on Saturday, the smoke, from the BC wildfires, was having a bit of an effect on the atmosphere I'll, let you know where in the province this photo was taken after, the break. You. Welcome. Back to hearing now imagine, this slowing, your morning, drive to, work. That's. Pretty slow and. Was, probably slowing, down a few people as, they. Were heading to work particularly, parents, dropping their kids off at, a daycare. Center, earlier, this, morning in, Fujiko that dog doesn't sound too happy about it either. They. Are having a real conversation and, somewhere in there the owner is actually, calling out to the cows he's, driving. Down the road ahead trying, to lead, them away from, the main highway but yeah pretty hard to rush herd. Of cows they're definitely in no hurry. Looking. Out your window at. In the morning well. Have, a look at our viewer photo, of the day just, loved this, one and as I mentioned before the break it was quite. Hazy on the weekend a lot of people talking about that and this photo was taken on. The Burin Peninsula, Buren, they, armed. So yeah the person, who sent that in Jason, Edwards was talking about how hazy, the sky was because. Of the smoke from the BC wildfires. And that was certainly the case over the weekend things are clearing away though now and if, you have a picture.

Of The day that you would like to see on the news or even on our website because we do post a lot of them there in our viewer, gallery, you can just email your photo to NL photos, at And. That's. It for us tonight Anthony. Germain we'll be back here in the studio tomorrow, evening thank, you so much for joining us everyone and, have a great night. You.

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