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Here & Now Tuesday May 8 2018

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. So. You know what the game is they're not, stone they know what the game is here tonight. On here and now buyer's remorse Daniel, William says more permit, problems are causing major delays in Galway, and. Fresh. Out of prison and trying to turn his life around meet Evan, Frye who's using music, to create a new path for himself. It. Does hurt me you know seeing a lot of my friends suffer yeah it hurts nearly, two months at the IOC picket lines and businesses, in western Labrador, are feeling the pinch we, go to lab city in 30 minutes. Danny. Williams says he deeply, regrets building. His galway development, in the city of st. John's the former premier announced today that residential, construction, in Galway, has ground to a halt because, of a dispute with the city over building, permits, here. Now is a key gaudi is on the story and joins us live Zach what does this fight all about. Well. It's about a piece of land in Galway, between, one and three acres, in size that the city wants, to use as a site for dumping snow it, sounds. Like a small thing to derail such a massive. Development but, this dispute, has so enraged. Danny, Williams that he says he regrets ever having, built Galway, in Saint John's and wishes, he could make it part of Mount, Pearl instead. This. Morning Danny Williams summoned, the media to the offices of Duke or his company that oversees, the galway development, flanked. By duke or senior management, williams opened fire on the city of st. john's I deeply. Regret. Ever. Having, invested. In, the city of st. John's. My. Greatest wish would. Be for the city to. Admit. Finally. That, they don't want Galway to succeed, and, premier. Ball transfer. Our, project, and our community, to, the city of Mount Pearl William. Says the city is holding residential. Building permits. Ransome, without, them housing, construction at galway has ground to a halt leaving, construction. Companies and trades, people in the lurch and, i know full well that, going, to press today. Will. Only further aggravate my, relationship, with.

City Staff. But. Honestly they. Cannot possibly, treat us any more, unfairly. So. We collectively have absolutely, nothing to lose at this point at, issue is a piece of land in Galway that the city wants to use as a site for dumping excess, snow William. Says doucouré agreed, to an escalating, series of demands including prepping. And fencing, the site but, the city wants, to own the land that's, where Williams, draws the line we offer to provide the requested land in a, free lease, agreement, to the city. But. This wasn't good enough so, enough. Is enough, we. Won't be held to ransom any longer Mayor, Danny Breen says it's not ransom, it's just regulations. And until, they're met there will be no, building, permits we're, an. Authority, that, regulates. Development, and these, are negotiations, these, are we have to find the right the, right the way to bring these regulations, into force as, for Williams suggestion, that Galway, would be better off in Mount Pearl Breen, says Williams is just seeing greener grass on the other side of the fence well there's a big assumption there that if he that, if this was in Mount Pearl that my own permit will capitulate to these demands and I, don't think that's the case I think, what we're doing is we're protecting, the future best interest, of the taxpayer. So. How does this get resolved, well mayor Danny Breen says that the city is willing to accept a temporary, easement. On a small, piece of land in Galway until, it can assess the long-term snow. Storage, needs in the area but even if Danny Williams accepts. This compromise, it seems, that the, city of st. John's and Galway are, starting, out as very, uneasy. Neighbors. Reporting. Live in st. John's I'm Zach Audi for here-and-now. There. Was a parade of pro oil people in st. John's today all assembling. In one room to impress upon a federal panel just, how important, the offshore industry is, to this province it, was all in response to a plan by Ottawa to protect more of Canada's marine and coastal, areas Terry, Roberts reports you, are a big name in Newfoundland, and Labrador offshore. Oil industry there's, a good chance you were in this room today lining. Up to address members, of the national advisory panel, on marine protected, area, standards. The. Panel is holding meetings across Canada, listening. Preparing. Recommendations. On marine protected, areas, and what, activities, will be permitted, no. One voiced any opposition to the idea of protecting 10 percent, of Canada's marine, and coastal, areas but. They had plenty of advice to offer they, need to look at hofstra, jurisdictions, like Norway and the UK for, examples, of how they protect I mean protected. Areas and the standards they put in place to, allow one agast activity, to, occur. There nearly MPAs, or. A kind of maybe sometimes within the MPs the. Provincial, government showed up in full force the, premier two senior, ministers Dwight, ball schooling, the panel on how ocean industry, is the economic, lifeblood of, the province, sending. A message that if change is coming the province wants a strong voice at the table so it's important for us to make sure that the message becomes loud and the message is very clear that what we're looking for is certainty around, what the future looks like for hosting developments, half our province more than twenty percent of Canada's marine, protected areas, are in Newfoundland, and Labrador waters. Increasing. That number will, likely meet, resistance so, we've done our fair share but, everyone agrees there can be a balance between economic, development, and ocean. Protection you the, entire area of New Orleans offshore, occupied, by oil and gas is is, right now less than 0.2. Of 1%, I think. There's plenty of room to have. 10%, of our air protected. For marine, purposes. A protection. Of our ecosystems, and yet, have a flourishing oil, and gas, industry. Terry. Roberts, CBC News st., John's. It's. Been 18 months since roads were washed away and excavators. Have finally, arrived in Morrisville it's, just a constant reminder of that night and and the fact that it looked like a war zone the morning after in frustrating, this weave and, nothing. We could do we've done what we could do our part of it I'll tell you why people here are so happy to see this coming. Up on. Here now. Well. It was a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy the surroundings yes, certainly Zack Gowdy seemed to enjoy the weather there is one downside however, to a day like this and that's, because you can see everything so, clearly, for instance you get to see all the trash that people, throw away and I'm, not just talking about chip bags and plastic bottles. Yesterday. We showed you the garbage being thrown away in bought wood and that got a response from, one of our st. John's viewers. Cindy. Wall told us to head up to Ken Mount Road Terrace to find some ugly sites we.

Sure Did and you're looking at what we found and, this was garbage from just three, locations, in and around, Ladysmith. Drive, oh. That. Is so. Tough. To look at don't, see that in the tourism ads certainly. Do not especially, because it's. Free, to, drop it at the dump and we have a pretty good dump system and yeah we do I just it's, hard, to fathom anyway. What about the weather is that easy to fathom yes, and another. Nice day tomorrow for getting out and perhaps, picking up a little bit of trash Iran your local. Community. Have a look at some of the weather on the way headlines, and you can can see where we are talking about more sunshine for Wednesday some. Showers, roll, in Thursday, night into Friday and, certainly will increase. The cloud cover through, the day on Thursday and, watching a weekend, weather maker that may. Have a little bit of the white stuff in the mix for Newfoundland, for. Sunday. We'll talk about that coming up in your long-range forecast, as well but of a cold front rolling, through the province right now we've got some cloud, cover and a few showers rolling, on to the northern peninsula and, darting. Down towards, the. Grouse. More an area up towards cow head right now Daniels, Harbor and that will push south, eastward. Across the island tonight although it's losing, steam so while there's some shower chances, in Corner Brook into Central by tomorrow morning this thing is pretty much gone and we're not looking at much of the way of shower activity at all tomorrow in fact again, talking about more of that sunshine will break down your forecast in detail for, the next 48 in just a few minutes thanks. Ryan we're learning of one business owner who's not happy with yesterday's, approved list of pot sellers in this province yesterday. The new phenomena liquor corporation, released its list of 24, approved, marijuana retailers. Here, in nows Meghan McCabe is looking into legal, weed she, joins us live from the newsroom Meghan. What are people saying about this provinces, pot plans. To. Be blunt they're saying there's just not enough detail, considering. The federal government says that recreational. Marijuana will, be legal by, this summer, and the, province says that it'll be ready we. Know of at least one. Local. Independent, business, already, selling, pot that, was denied the chance to be a licensed, retailer, under the provinces, legal weed plan Water, Street cannabis, care in downtown st. John's says it's working on appealing its projection, and the, licensure, the NLC says any applicant, unhappy, with the results, can contact, their staff as we, learned yesterday the, big pot dealer in this province is a national, corporation, Dominion. With ten approved, applications. So, what do people think about that. It's. A strange day and age I don't know again I support the local little, guy I love, that you, know, if. I can buy a bunch of weed with a bunch of oranges or something that's cool I would love to see small. Business have the opportunity to make some money and you know to have more new money in the province, because that new money is being recycled directly, back benefits everybody I think that bad at all right you can buy it really anywhere and eventually it will go like - like convenience, stores and stuff because it'll become a natural thing like cigarettes I never ever thought I'd see it in my lifetime but pretty. Happy about it you know taking away the stigma so it'd be nice to see kind, of like a craft cannabis, thing kind of like you know kiddie vide brewery or something like that for Newfoundland because I feel like that would be a big tourist, attraction for Newfoundland you know we already have beautiful. Scenery and all this stuff why not enjoy it with a I draw. Weed. Tourism, as an attraction well that's an interesting point well, we, still don't know what the provinces, pricing, plan is gonna look like making, you have any ideas, about what they're gonna get at, not. Yet other, provinces, have locked, that down for example Ontario, said, months ago would be selling for $10, a gram and that's what people pay and, st. John's for, illegal.

Weed At the moment a few, dollars more for a gram at the dispensary, another. Thing the province, hasn't, worked out yet is what, to do about home, growing Ottawa's. Proposed, legislation. Is for people to be able to legally grow up to four plants, at home but, provinces, or municipalities. Can restrict, that and this. Province, hasn't, yet decided what, it will allow, even. If legalization. Is moved back from that July first target. You can tell that there's still a lot of work to do and a lot of questions from consumers, reporting. Live for hear and now I'm Meghan McCabe in st. John's. Well. Someone broke into the Paradise doublea's complex last night police got a call at around 4:00 a.m. saying, the main doors were smashed, and an ATM was stolen, the rnc later received, a tip that an ATV, was seen fleeing the area heading towards topsail police, are asking anyone with surveillance cameras, in the area to review their, footage a. Mock. Memorial, service was held in downtown st. John's this afternoon, this, after, several, protesters, were arrested on the hill yesterday in Ottawa, organizers. Say the memorial was to give Caen olan says to the land water, and culture. That will be lost as a result of the hydroelectric. Project, one, attendee says today's demonstration was, also about reconciliation. Between settlers. And the indigenous community. I also. Think people on the island of Newfoundland need to pay attention because, it will have devastating impacts, on our life and livelihood here, will. Increase, the prices of electricity making. Us choose, between heating and eating making, us make choices between buying, pharmaceutical. Drugs for ourselves or our children, and heating our homes, but. Also will for some of us to leave and that's a loss of the culture of this island, as well as the culture of Labrador. Horrible. One-sided. And rotten. Some of the words US president, used to describe the Iran nuclear deal today Donald. Trump's feelings, towards the deal had already been widely known known, but now he's backing up those words with action, I am, announcing today that. The United States will. Withdraw, from. The Iran, nuclear. Deal. In. A few moments, I will sign a presidential. Memorandum. To, begin reinstating. U.s. nuclear, sanctions on. The Iranian regime. And, with. That Donald, Trump kept his a campaign, promise to walk away from the deal going. Against, the advice of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom but there's at least one, other country applauding, the announcement, today Israel's. Benjamin, Netanyahu, issued a televised, statement shortly, after Trump thanking. The US president, for the decision.

Join. CVC NL at the annual trail raiser in support of the East Coast Trail Association on, Saturday, June the 2nd enjoy, some of the beauty our coastal trails have to offer and be part of a great cause, buses, will be available for pickup and drop off for more information, visit East, Coast Trail calm. Excavators. Have finally. Arrived in Morrisville it's been 18. Months since the remnants, of Hurricane Matthew bolstered, flooding in that community and the, rebuilding is just, getting underway here now is Garrett berry reports. Every. Bit of this was covered in water like, it ripped off the patios, and stuff so it was like about five or six feet high because I had five feet of water in my basement, there, are some things Traci drew will never forget mud. That filled her basement the noise that the water made as it, came tearing through her yard it, really, sounded, like it was like the, sound was the same as if you were standing by a huge, falls it was just, unbelievable, of the sound piled, up wood cars, signing. Those, memories, too. Hard to shake, and. It doesn't help that the town bridge still hasn't been replaced cars. Are still driving on a dirt crossing, all these, months later there we are 2018. Just starting, and. Like we had a beautiful little community whereas all we had was our, everything. Was all grass and beautiful. Air and we, got wiped out overnight and we've. Been waiting for two years to get her everything. Back to normal he. Lives right across from the work site and says it took too long for, the provincial government to tender this work and for, these crews to arrive, for. Kendall back to normal means, this needs, to be finished hopefully, within a year or two it is just be thing, of the past you know but. When you look at every, day and see this it, reminds you of whatever did, everyday, you think about there's, not one day that went past that I haven't talked about that flood no. One from Morrisville was seriously hurt in the flooding and so far no one moved away but. What they lost the. Place where kids used to play and the men used to talk you. Know everyone says we can't wash away memories but at the time it kind of felt that way because. It was the huge part of the town like forever so, this. Bridge was more spills answer, to a town square you, could sit up on the rails and, chat with your neighbors and wait, for the mail to, arrive, that's. A little tiny bit of the community, feeling that people here are hoping will return where, the replacement, bridge is finished. Garrett. Berry CBC News. Morrisville. Now. We did ask the Department of Municipal Affairs why, the reconstruction. Of that bridge took 18, months to start and, a spokesperson, said the process is, comprehensive. And quote may, take some time to administer the. Department also said the tender process had to be repeated because. None of the earlier bids were acceptable, and once. A bid was accepted the department had to wait for the weather to improve. Fresh. Out of prison for a robbery conviction evan, fries trying, to make some changes coming, up Arianna Kellan tells us about his lyrical, journey to turn his life around and find, his new path. You. A. Budding. Musician, says he has music, to thank for getting him through some of his darkest, times just, a few weeks ago evan fry was released from prison and today, he's inspiring others, with his music and his, message here, in now is Arianna Kellan has that story for you. Two. And a half weeks ago Evan, fry was just another inmate counting. Down the days at, a minimum, security, prison in New Brunswick I'm. Afraid to get parole because I might be dropped today he's, with the CBC crew recording. A song he penned in prison, that's right twice of this is my life that it impacts, us is that in fact I made up my mind I've gotta find some more productive, ways to break up my time. Enjoy. And. Now. Present. In this. Fine. Basically. It's about my. Struggle, over, the last you know five six years I guess. Really, most of my life you, know in regards to addictions, and you, know just a way that people, are perceived, by, you. Know by I guess being a you, know a drug addict or or a criminal, I just. Think that you, know there are a lot of good people that just made some bad decisions in, her life, Evan. Fries from cupid's a quiet picturesque. Coastal, community, in Conception, Bay north as a child. He loved music and he. Was good at it when, I was 11. Or 12 years old I started playing drums and I. Always, played you, know a little bit of guitar and you. Know some bass but. Music, was soon put on the backburner replaced. With something else a drug, dependence, he couldn't shake when, I started, I guess just, to dabble or to, experiment. It was more so because I didn't really have anything else to do and I just I eventually.

Became You, know physically, dependent. At. 22, he was sentenced for a home invasion breaking. Into an elderly woman's, house in Bay Roberts, it was, during his time here that Frey began, to write and he. Had a lot to say, he, rented a guitar, $15.00, for three months, 50, if he broke it but, fries says he'd never do that the instrument, was too precious music. Is just something, that keeps me busy it keeps my mind occupied so, that's something that you know if I were bored I just pick up my guitar and play a few songs and I mean, forea. Late. Last month Frey came back home he'd, served his time and picked up a guitar of his own a friend, grabbed a phone and recorded, this in Bannerman, Park I'm sick of having mental, problems, tied to big and impressed and not having a sense to solve in a religion, I wonder big in this place you think I want my family watch the news singing, my face sometime too big and disgraced I'm trying to snoop, gonna, make a mistakes you know tired of losing need, those taiga do with evil, things. By. Stephen, King sick. Of the twist y'all a sicken applies stop clean, up someone, get me to my preserve. That. Video, that message, has, been viewed more than nineteen, thousand, times and sparked. The interest of, a local music producer. It's. Really positive because a lot of people are showing me love and I was afraid that I wasn't going to be accepted, the way that I am when I was, reinterpreting. In this society again. Frey. Says he's been clean for three and a half years. I'm. Getting a tattoo fixed up this you, know it's it. Reminds me a lot about you, know my past life and I'm sick, of looking in the mirror and being reminded of it so I'm just trying to turn over a new leaf. But. Turning over a new leaf is, impossible. Without friends. A support, system there's. Being support, you know he's a positive support you know trying to make an I encouraged him there you know to do a better job to stay stay clean and stay good. Fries. Been asked to play shows to, share his music with the public, but, for now he's keeping, it for himself his. Therapy, I. Really. Realized, who I am like in the last few, years and I think music is you know the best therapy, and it helps me stay clean and stay away from, things. That I shouldn't be doing you, know I'm just focusing. On my life I mean I'm you know I'm I'm, hitting the gym and I'm you. Know I'm staying, surrounded, by good people you, know I'm focusing, on my music and I'm staying, clean and healthy and and just. Enjoying, life for the, first time in a long time so feels.

Good. Arianna, KELOLAND CBC, News Saint John's. So. Music is therapy and also as a way to show. And demonstrate talent, or strong story certainly, is an Ariana kale and joins us here live in the studio to give us something we normally don't get to see here on here and now yeah, so as you heard Evan said he doesn't have any big gigs coming up right now but we are gonna take, the tempo down a little bit here in the here in ou studio and we do have Evan here with us so thank you so much for sharing your story thank you very much for having me so tell us a little bit about the song you're gonna perform it's a song, called stuck, in the rain and it's basically just, a, metaphor for being stuck. In a situation that you have no control over all right take it away. If I was miles, from home I'm. Alone, I, can't, pitch my, self. Anywhere. I'm. All. We're. So, cheerful. And it's. Vote. I pick, my, conscience. I. Can't. See he I can't. Breathe I, can't feel. Anymore. I, have. To, say. I. Don't. Know. Who I can't. Protect. Life. Has. A store. For. Now, I'm, just uh. I'm. Just. Stuck, here. I'm. Sorry. I'm. Confused. How, folks, oh. Nothing. In particular. Hi, just. Pondering. In space. Hands. I, can't. Describe, so. My. Whole. Time. It's like my, thoughts. Have. Been. Ready. Cuz. Ya'll can't, see here I can't. Breathe, I can't feel it more. I have. A real. Acting. Sir. I. Don't. Know I can't. Protect. Life, has. A store. For. Now, I'm, just, up here. And. I'm. Just stuck. Here. You. You. Haha. No. Matter what you do if you live in lab city and the mind goes through the downturn you're. Gonna be affected, by it no matter who you are normally. We are flat, out and we can't keep up with the orders but now we're, 50%. Less, a, strike. In Labrador West is taking, its toll we'll hear how businesses, are coping as the IOC strike drags on into its second month. Chrisp. A blue day here, for much of it I ain't was the island like that yeah it, was a fantastic, day now we did. See some clouds, building in we have a couple of showers on the go but at least temperatures, are still mild even forward this evening we're, into that double-digit. Range right now so that's, now. We. Want, to talk about the fact that not, only was it sunny but. There was no wind southern, shore mark. Quaint apparently took that video today then by firm use and look beyond. Ly any movement, really a gust, don't. See that too often no. Don't. It's so special we had to take pictures of it just to show that's right just but you wouldn't believe us that's right yeah, or, it didn't happen yeah, that's incredible thanks to mark Quinn for those pics so, as, I said I still double digit temps for, this evening which is a very very nice and have a look at the current temperatures right now now there's a bit of a wind shift on the go in Labradors we see. A frontal, boundary move through and some, cooler, air coming in on the other side of that cold front that, will sweep across the island tonight, and through tomorrow and, so. We'll go from southwest, winds to northwest winds and a bit of a temperature drop for, some of us tomorrow six, degrees right now in Daniels Harbor latest.

Up Webcam shot does show a few showers in the area and that is again thanks to this front which is rolling, on to the island with those showers now, the front is as I said earlier losing. Steam and so not, really, looking at much in the way of shower activity for, Central and no, showers for the east as we. Have this area of high pressure that is generally. Going to be dominating, for us again through tomorrow off to. The south and west are watching this weather maker that, is going to be our next one it will increase, the cloud cover we're, going to bring some showers in the mix for the Thursday night and into the Friday time period here's how the next few days play out so there's that frontal boundary again, tonight a chance. Of a few sprinkles through, Central by. 6:00 a.m. though it, is long, and gone now we will see winds gusty. Along the coast of Labrador tomorrow, with a chance of seeing. Some flurries. And some light snow from Cartwright to named to start the day chance, of a flurry in Labrador City and happy, valley-goose Bay minus, 10 to minus 7 so a cool start there across, the island we're going to be starting in a on the freezing mark but I think we'll be on the plus side here, in the south east thanks, to those southerly winds now, we will see the winds shift, as I said to northwesterly, into the afternoon that will keep temperatures a little bit cooler in those onshore winds along the North Coast the west coast and how about those winds still gusting in the 80 to 90 kilometer per hour range tomorrow for the coast of Labrador, particularly. Mackovic, to Cartwright there's also a wind warning in effect for the northern peninsula for. Tonight into tomorrow morning now have a look at temperatures, three. For, the northwest parts we shouldn't squeak into that 10 12 even 13 degree range for the, southeast, including the st. John's in the metro region so. Looking pretty good there with a mix of Sun and clouds an early for everybody, now along the coast of, Labrador again, windy, is the name of the game tomorrow still, some lingering flurry chances, mainly.

In The morning and then some clearing into the afternoon and, again a cool one across. The board for the big land now into Thursday, winds shift back to southwesterly. We're gonna be seeing temperatures really rising, in Labrador, we'll see a chance of some showers particularly. Labrador city to nain after a little bit of morning mix a chance, of a late day shower and, happy valley-goose Bay but, again, more as I said a late day risk there on the island increasing, clouds on Thursday and, a chance of some late day showers pushing, into port a bask in Mary's town everyone, else stays dry for Thursday, and then that rain will arrive Thursday, night through Friday and will break down that, forecast, with your weekend details coming up in just a few minutes Anthony. Striking. Workers have taken to the fronts of some businesses, in Labrador City though the workers aren't calling the businesses out by name they, say they are choosing their spots around town strategically. And they, will continue to pick at businesses around town that they feel are crossing, their picket lines they, say every day there is a barrage, of workers crossing, their picket lines doing, jobs at the iron ore mine that they are supposed to be doing. This. Protest, peaceful. Demonstrations, is the highlight, the need for a nice cab legislation, women our province this is 2018, new phone line Labradors had a rich history of merchants. Taking advantage of the people it's about time too people stand up we got 1200 people healed here and you know what we shouldn't have to worry about scabs, or, bill people going in doing our jobs. Now. As for the iron ore company of Canada they say there are no replacement, workers being used whatsoever. Meanwhile. As that strike nears the two-month, mark businesses, in western Labrador are starting to feel the pinch, IOC. Is one of the provinces biggest, employers, and it is the largest in Labrador West without, the usual business from the mind and without the cash flowing from its workers pockets there. Are fewer dollars trickling, down in the region here now is Jacob, Berger, has that story, well. The seasons, are changing here, in Labrador, city but, the picket lines remain. From. Top to bottom businesses. In town are, feeling the effects, of the, ongoing strike, no, matter what you do if you live in my up city and the mind goes through the downturn. Nick. Bleak drives a cab he supports, this trade I'm, a hundred, percent pro-union. I have, a lot of friends who work at IC and when, I see them suffering, due.

To The actions of Rio Tinto and having, Rio Tinto doing absolutely nothing to try to help them yeah I got to admit that it. Does, hurt me you know seeing a lot of my friends suffer like. Many his business goes up and down with the success of the mine my. Job it 100%, does, depend on the mind and how the mine runs first. Simple aspect you know if that mines not running you know people got no money to god they can't go out you know he's, seen a big, hit to his bottom line, so. My paychecks basically been cut, exactly. In half it's not worse and while you may see lots, of signs on the picket line here. At premium business solutions. Remove. The excess vinyl from around the detail they're. Not seeing any bump in sales we. Felt. The effects. Immediately. Atkins, says they saw about 50%, of their business disappear, almost immediately, after, the strike began, normally. We are flat, out and we can't keep up with the orders but. Now we're, we've. Dropped to a level where everyone, is busy but. Not not. Enough to pay the bills for the long term, right. Now the shop is getting creative, to adapt as a change in momentum we. Keep, our working. Hours down lower, or close. To normal as we can like, there's no overtime. And no. The. Little frills. Put, it this way or not enjoyed. At that time and while, some companies are having to take that step to lay employees, off many, are doing everything they can to keep their employees, on and hoping, that a deal can be reached between IOC. And the Union, and that everybody, here in Labrador, city can, get back to work Jacob. Barker CBC, News Labrador. City. I'm. Matt estate now I think I've really come to terms with, how I am perceived now. Just. Based on all the experiences I've had since the accident a big, win for local, filmmaker at Toronto's, hot Doc's festival, her story of hope follows, a man who is scorched, and left disabled, meet the Newfoundland woman behind Prince's. Tale. You. He's. Overcome a. Very, disastrous. Thing, it's. Kind of like a warning, in a million, you're, watching a scene from Prince's, tale the 60 minute short was all the buzz at Toronto's, Hot Docs International, Film Festival, it, tells the story of how one man survived. A horrible accident, and the choices that he made to move on with his life, the, film won the best Canadian short documentary, award and it, also won, the Audience, Choice Award, the film's director and producer is from st. John's and Jamie, Miller is in one of our Toronto studios congratulations. Thank. You so. Listen what was it like at the awards ceremony when, they announced the winner is and, it was your film oh man. It was crazy, it was so unexpected, I was, really kind of nervous leading, up to, leading. Up to it when they were kind of introducing, the award and. And. I didn't believe it I was sitting there and my friend had to imaginate, it to go up on stage because it was the first word of the night and I didn't know what I was supposed to do it was the, first situation like this I've been in so it's, been incredible, fantastic, news and we'll get into the other award dad towards the end of this interview so tell me what, is prince's tale about, so, princess tell is a short documentary about prince, and Ponza here in toronto a local, actor who was in a fire five. Years ago and both. Of his arms are amputated. And. So it's about his. Choice. To start acting again in the last couple years how he decided to get back on stage and, really. Just about you. Know a portrait, of him and his. Beautiful, personality. It's. A very powerful film, having. Seen it tell me how did you meet this really fascinating, man, well. Prince, actually. Lived. In the same building as a couple friends of mine who were also in the fire he, was the only one who was injured and then, four. Years later he was in a play that a friend of mine here in Toronto directed, so. I got to see that and immediately I was just really. Drawn to him his, power onstage is really. Incredible. And I, just kind of asked him point-blank. After, the show and if, he wanted to work on this with me he. Was for, it so we got started you know when you start watching and you sort of see you know how he's coping with the extent of his injuries it's very very striking tell me why, would he actually want you to expose him in a film this way. Well. Prince. Basically. Started. Wanting. To share his story because, after. Recovering, both, mentally and physically, he. He, loves connecting, with people he loves, being. On stage and expressing. Himself and, it took a lot of, encouragement. From his friends but he. Decided, to start acting and then he just knew that by. Sharing his story he might be able to do some good for people. So. He's really friendly and and generous. With. With. This part of his life and. It's. Been so much fun working with him on it well one of the jobs of people who make documentaries, as you do is of course it's a document, people's stories, did you ever feel as though you're being maybe, a little bit invasive, I know that's the nature of the genre but you're really inside his where he lives and and also when he's on the stage I ever feel like I'm really getting, really close to this guy.

Yeah. That's definitely something you're constantly. Thinking about that that relationship and, kind of the ethical boundaries they're. Getting. Into his life and asking, him to relive this trauma. He's been through I think from the beginning I, asked. Him what he wanted to share and how he wanted to share it I really wanted to make. Sure it felt like his, voice was. Really prominent and. We. Would talk through the process the whole time and really collaborate, and luckily. We. Were able to do some really creative work, together where you know he's dancing, and performing and really. Putting, his own soul out on stage and we're able to have fun with the camera and capture. Some of that so it, felt like a really collaborative process, and he's been really kind, and and happy with with how it's worked so far so, so. What's it like to get this kind of recognition it's. It's. Mind-blowing. It's incredible, I I. Had. No idea going, into this it would be like this I was, just excited to be in the community and get, to see a bunch of great film, and, this. Has been beyond, everything so excited. Quite the way step but, my last question I'm almost afraid to ask it, so. Where can people see this remarkable, film. Well. It's just the beginning this, was our world premiere, so. We're just getting started on the festival, circuit. Hopefully. We'll have some more festivals coming up this summer and then the fall I've applied, to the st. John's women's festivals so we'll see, and. Hopefully. Something, at home if. You're around. Other, parts of Canada there. Will be other festivals, and. After. That you know maybe. Something. On TV or online, we'll, be able to share it more ok well let's hope for the best and congratulations again on your success, thank. You so much and three okay bye now. You. Time. For athlete of the day eight-year-old, Sophie oak loves all sports including, Zumba, basketball. And one of my personal favorites, downhill, skiing but she has taken a extra, liking to gymnastics yeah and a great. Flexibility, there she's participated, in gymnastics at velocity, in clarin Ville for, the past four years and, Sophie, is our young athlete. Of the day Congrats. I know. When I have my leg like that I've always had that same time yeah, I. Get, my leg up this one we actually have our own athlete. Of the day that's right yes the CSD athlete of the day yes. Yes. You. Interrupted, his stead oh yeah. Yeah. You don't tell you know when the cameras rolling. Get. On TV you know that's right I am so embarrassed your mother would be so proud, I wasn't, cuz I know Glenn's a professional, I know he's gonna do a bunch of cakes and I didn't even stop to yell and it was like ha ha ha Glenn man I'll get you st. John. And. Then yeah. My apologies, Glenn and to the viewers. He. Just found out it happen. Hopefully. That wasn't his best take now have a look at our. Highs temperatures. Current, temperatures in fact across, North America right now. 19. In, Toronto. 27. In, Chicago. And 32. In places, like Kansas and all the way down to the southern parts of the US you, can see where that cold front is a rolling. Through our, neck of the woods right now and so we have a big temperature drop on, the way have a look - one in Labrador city 3 in Moosonee 21, in Montreal and that is the edge of that colder air mass that's going to be sinking, down just, so you know Roger, my earpiece just died so if you get that time or going for me I'll make sure I won't go over on my, time, for this weather hit a.

Little, Back and forth of the control room got to make sure we're all on the same page here now watch is our future tracker rolls, through the next. 24. To 36 hours, here and you can see that front kind of stalls, out as it rolls through at, least eases, as it rolls through Newfoundland and Labrador where, those showers, dissipate, we've got more sunshine on the go for, Wednesday, and more. Sunshine on the go for Wednesday across the island and even Labrador, is looking at a pretty solid afternoon. After those morning, flurry chances, do clear along the coast now into the afternoon for. And. Into the Thursday time period we're gonna start to see that high, cover rolling and then especially on Thursday the clouds really, thicken up across the island by Thursday afternoon into Thursday evening that rain starts to march in from south, to north and we're, gonna be seeing it's mainly a Thursday, night into Friday time, period showers, on the go some of those could be a little on the steady side but nothing, too significant, here just enough to help green the grass up a little bit now into Friday rain. Will begin. And, then mix back to snow as temperatures fall on the other side of this system for Labrador and some cooler air will rush back in could see some accumulating, snow for along the coast now this is the interesting setup. For the weekend that I talked about earlier in the show Saturday. Still looks good but, forecast, models now on board with the system that's going to be a little earlier not Monday but Sunday, this next system looks set to move in and yes this could be an interesting one in terms of some rain, and snow mixing. In across, parts of the island we'll, keep you posted on that obviously. Over the next few days so temperatures, rise, and then really fall off as we roll into that Sunday time period where, we are talking about the possibility, of some snow mixing, in Monday, Tuesday not looking too bad with a mix of Sun, and cloud on the go now into Labrador. You can see where that seven-day. Also. Has a fair amount of snow mixing in especially. Into, the early. Stages of next week that's your forecast too now. You. More. Fissures are spreading, as the Kilauea, Volcano. Keep spewing out lava and gas on Hawaii's, Big Island. Deadly. Volcanic, gas has been belching. Through cracks on the ground advancing. Lava has wiped out 35, homes and buildings so far about, 1700, people have been ordered to leave their neighborhoods, and more evacuations, are expected, as one of the world's most active volcanoes. Continues. To erupt. Look. At this now, still with volcano. Kilauea I'm, getting. Better at it you. Two. Different times have, a look at what lava can do to occur. Yeah. Now why did you park there is probably one of the questions are asking that's so powerful, I'm sure well that Ford Mustang is probably done so that's somebody's saddened that they parked there the wrong place yesterday. But. I have a feeling that I'll probably be on Kijiji soon, it's, still good for parts, I don't, know but what's left of that I think that that love actually goes on past that and then goes through a fence area just keeps going and going and going that's incredible, it is nature, is cool looks, like r2d2 parked, in front of the new, mailbox. Yes. Turn. It to here now we make fun of natural, disasters, of the expensive people. True. Hopefully there is insurance that, vehicle, okay. Weather. Picture of the day any guesses we, have a minute. Here I believe oh come. On Jeremy you know all the places you've been this is central, and northeast, actually, northeast coast in edging, into central have, no idea it's. Beautiful, you can see on the top of the map there goes, to Lambeau but we're gonna zoom into Terra, Nova and, around. The Terra Nova area there is a lake called, Lake st. John and this was a beautiful picture that Gail, downing, took you can see on the timestamp, there recently. Nice. Shot Gail very, nice unfortunately. Because snod was easy with the table lands last night he gave us this Tuffy tonight babe right here's water where, could it be fellas. Thanks. So. Mr., Eaton I guess we're not gonna have you to kick around anymore today's, your last day with us couple, days had a bit of fun thanks so much for having me yeah and I, think we're still employed. Debbie Cooper we back tomorrow. But to always, a, experience. Working with you. Great. Way to put that great, way to only be hanging here there we go I'm gonna get Debbie back yeah restore, some discipline. Thank. Thanks for having us great, being here I will see you tomorrow night I won't but they will have, a good night good night everyone.

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