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Here & Now Wednesday May 2 2018

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You. This. Is CBC. Here and now. Percent. Leader. It's, proven himself I've been with joy since 2011, three companies in Asia he. Became aware of something one morning and within 24, hours it, was stilt with I think that is commendable, these. Things are not easy to deal with he's dealt with them these are difficult decisions, to expel a member from your caucus absolutely. Unequivocally, he's always been a man of integrity in principle I have, more confidence in premier. Ball today than. I did ever before, tonight. A remarkable, show of support for premiered white balls leadership, good evening I'm Anthony Jermaine and I'm Debbie Cooper, our Megan, McCabe was at the house today she's, been following it all Megan, let's get right to it as, you, just heard those, liberal MHA s almost, eager, to tell our cameras, they're still backing ball, that's. After their colleague, Colin, Holloway told us yesterday that, he's not so sure from. The back of the bench to the front, it sounded, like these liberals were reading from the same script. Absolutely. I've been with Dwight ball since 2011 and I tend to stick with I believed, in him right, from the get-go as a leader and I still do yeah, and my experience with the with premiers ease. Of. All the politicians, I've dealt with and I've been at it long time municipality, as well he's, got as genuine. And art as I've, ever meant these, great leaders done some great things for this problem so we move it in the right direction forward and he's taking a strong stand on the events. Or the past few days that. Resounding. Support. Doesn't, extend to the allegations, from some fellow MHA is about, bullying. And intimidation within. The caucus. When. Asked, if they'd seen the kind of intimidation and bullying that Kathy, Bennett sherry Gambon Walsh and Colin Holloway described, they, said no. Tense. Heated, meetings especially at cabinet sure but, not what they'd, call bullying. What. I can say is from my experience. The cabinet, table and, in caucus, I have, not seen nor, have I experienced. I have been at the cabinet table since, the 31st, of July and it, has been a respectful, table, but no it's not something I've dealt with her or had to deal, with it's not something I'm aware, of it's certainly not a conversation, I've had did. I feel it was bullying, intimidation to. Me no. But. That's, you, know every person is different on how they interpret, things aren't they, no. Megan we haven't heard of PCMH. A Tracy Perry has, filed an official complaint, about, Eddie Joyce did, she say anything about that today, she. Did she, says she's not comfortable, with the process as it stands, in terms of final filing, a complaint to the commissioner who then reports, to the premier but, she has one ready to go. Yes. But I certainly hope that we're able to reach a, consensus. That the, more appropriate, mechanism, would. Be the one we're debating right, here in the House of Assembly today, and that, is one similar to the Nova Scotia model, which, offers, a procedural. Fairness to everyone, involved, the. Premier can't actually change, the complaints process because, it's a legislated, thing so until, that legislation, changes. He'll, receive, the reports, and he says that if everyone. Involved, agrees, he'll make them public and in the meantime Tracy Perry says she's still deciding what to do Anthony. Thanks. Megan it's megan mccabe live in our newsroom now staying with politics, big question, where is former, education, minister, and now independent, mounts, isle MHA Dale Kirby the, embattled politician, hasn't been heard from publicly, since last Thursday so we asked here now is Terry Roberts to see if he could find kirby he joins us live now Terry give. Us a sense now what's the latest. Well. Anthony what you're looking at right now this is dale, kirby country, right here that's the provincial. District. Of mounts, aisle right here but, dale kirby he's pray facing some pretty serious, allegations of, things like harassment.

And Intimidation so. Everyone in the media of course they want to talk to him everyone, else is talking about him, but, today he was where to be found. So. I tried to get some answers this morning by calling him directly he, answered his cell phone on the second, ring he, confirmed, it was him on the line and here's, how it played out from there yes, hi, I'm mr. Kirby's Terry Roberts calling, from the CBC, just. Wanted, to check in with you Esmond lot something over the last few days I. Called. Back a short time later and this was the message the customer you have dialed is currently not, available, please try your call again later. At. His. St. John's home a vehicle. In the driveway the Canadian, flag flying, in the wind but, no one answering, the door you. Certainly won't find his vehicle in this parking spot Kirby, was removed from cabinet, the Liberal caucus an investigation. Into his conduct underway, and Kirby's. Close friend Tourism, Minister Christopher, Mitchell more not, commenting, today the, second, time Kirby has parted company with a political, party here's Kirby, and Mitchell more after their very bitter split with the NDP nearly, five years ago. Now. I spoke to quite a few liberal, mas today asking, you know about Kirby's. Whereabouts, one of them said to me today I just don't know he's, no longer in my caucus, I spoke to another MHA who said he, didn't witness any inappropriate, behavior by Kirby and he's, just eager to see this investigation. Concluded. So that they can expose the truth in this whole matter now as for the other emelita. Involved in all this controversy. Eddie Joyce so, far he's publicly, refuted, any claims of inappropriate, behavior but, he wasn't commenting. Today now what what happened late this afternoon what, came out of the House of Assembly is that both and. Politicians. Joyce and Kirby have been granted personal. Leave leaving, this, district, right here the district of Mount Zion and Bay. Of Islands on the west coast without, any representation, right now in the provincial legislature, just, the latest twist in this ongoing political, saga. Reporting, live for here and now I'm Terry Robertson st. John's. Busy. Day for MHA Tracy Perry as she introduced a motion to develop a legislative, specific, harassment, policy I'll tell you how that boat, went down coming, up. Look. Who's back nice, to see you're a nice to be back big, thank you to collect. Kennedy Jay Scotland, that, was a last minute request. To them I had to take some time off unexpectedly so, big thanks to them for a, pinch-hitting, right well you were missed yes, so, I hear. We. Had a moment a couple of technical issues, and our apologies, for that of course so. Thanks. To everybody who it's. Nice to know you're watching, is. Always nice and as you watch it this evening a little, bit of snow to. Share. With everybody especially, for, you folks in Labrador but let's have a look at the webcam, here this. Is the last check-in happy, valley-goose Bay minus, one now it's been snowing, for a good portion of the day and happy, valley-goose Bay you can see though the roads at least the main roads here in. Town, not really seeing any of that accumulation.

Certainly, The grass though looking, nice and white there after that snow through, today we're gonna see another two to as much as five centimeters, through the southeast parts of Labrador overnight tonight by Thursday morning some, lingering flurries there along the north coast of Newfoundland. The baver peninsula back into central, parts of newfoundland along that north coast rain, here across the east for a good portion of the day may. Even, see a wet flurry mixing in can't rule it out for Saint John certainly clarin Ville Bonavista and up that northeast coast for. Thursday afternoon as temperatures, drop to the near the freezing mark in those northerly, winds area, of high pressure coming, in behind and so there's, some light at the end of the tunnel in terms of some sunshine for Friday and, we'll share, it in your Friday forecast and, of course tomorrow Friday and the weekend in full detail coming up in just a few minutes Anthony thanks. Ryan well it's a case of connecting, the dots for men for. Home invasions, and no, positive, identification well. Tonight one man is going to walk three. Others are in jail for the foreseeable, future here, now is Ariana Callen reports, now on the verdicts in the Paradise home invasion trial. That's. Tyler, Donahue on a court break after, being found guilty until now, he's been free on bail but he knows now he's, heading to prison. Donahue. Has been found guilty of a home invasion here, on angels Road there, was a young mother and baby inside, the. Judge doesn't believe Donahue, was inside, the home or was one of the masked men that. Was this man, Abdul Fattah Mohammed, the Toronto, native had a gun the, evidence, says he and Donahue, fled in this mazda3, tossing. The gun then running into the woods later, tracked, by a police dog this. Gun had DNA, of a man struck, in the head the night before at, a separate, home invasion in the trunk, of the Mazda, stolen. Goods from that previous robbery, with, those dots connected, Mohammed. Was found guilty of two, of the four home invasions, why, he came to st. John's is unknown but, he stayed with Mitchell Nippert wali was here the common link between all, of the men the. Judge found Nippert may not have gone inside the houses either but, at the very least helped, plan the break-ins and robberies. Guilty. Of 2 out of 4 home invasions, and that, leaves Garry Hennessey, he was found near the scene on angels Road but, that was about the extent of, the concrete, evidence against.

Him Not, guilty. After. Saying his goodbyes it was back to jail for Tyler Donahue but not the end of the story they'll, face sentencing, next month, Ariana KELOLAND CBC, News st.. John's a. Doctor. Who temporarily, lost, his medical license, now admits, what he did was wrong four. Patients complained. That dr. auto coonley, oh Allah, be made, sexual comments. And touched. Them inappropriately, during. His disciplined hearing in 2016. Ola B said he was innocent. And one, of the women involved was, a pathological. Liar now. A report. Settlement, agreement, posted, on the website of the College of Physicians and, Surgeons says. He, acknowledges. He made, inappropriate. Comments, it also says he's licensed. To practice medicine again gives. His address as the Labrador West health center to Ottawa, now MPs. From all parties, were visibly, shaken, after hearing, that one of their own had suddenly died, Gord. Brown a long time Ontario, Tory suffered. A heart attack this morning in his, Parliament, Hill office. It's. Just a good man and. He. Was always there for all of us I. Just. I don't. I'm. Just wild loss for words I'm sorry. I'll. Miss him every minute of every day. Brown. Had represented. An Eastern, Ontario ridings. Since 2004. He served on a number of committees and did a stint as the chief opposition. With question. Period was cancelled today so, MPs could pay tribute, Gord, Brown was 57. Years old. Toronto. Police are investigating a, bizarre scene, near one of the city's busiest, highways, this. Is what Motors saw on their way to work near the Don Valley Parkway this, morning a car dangling. From a cable under a bridge at, first police said it appeared to be part of a movie shoot but, no permits, have been issued the, car is now on the ground and police, are investigating. That. Is rather bizarre, strange, parking, job now. To a love story that's taking, off two. Young people CJ para a in Clarkston, Michigan and, Becca Warren in Corner Brook are trying, to meet in person they. Met online last, June and fell in love but, neither can afford a plane ticket to visit the other they, both work low-wage, jobs, he's a barista she works part-time at, a movie theater, now in a last-ditch effort for ei tweeted, air canada and asked just how many retweets, would it take for him to get a free, ticket because he needed one they wanted a ticket to Newfoundland well, five hundred and thirty thousand, turned out to be the magic number roughly, Debbie I think that's one tweet for each citizen in Newfoundland.

And Labrador so the quest is on but, Air Canada has put an expiry, date on this it's May the 13th, now right now they're well, over eight thousand retweets if you want to help them out search, for the hashtag. 530. K for Becca. True. Love oh true tweet. A. Few. Days ago hardly anyone, had heard of, whack-job, NL but now this anonymous. Twitter account, has the political, scenes full, attention, what we know about whack-job, NL coming, up. You. And. Intimidation, they. Have all been dominating, our workplace, for far too long, we've. Been talking, about it for, decades about. The need to put an end to bad behavior. But. Talk is cheap when, progress. PCMH. A Tracy Perry in the House of Assembly today moving that the government, bring in new anti, harassment, rules, and those rules modeled. On what Nova Scotia brought in a year ago here. Now is Jeremy Eaton is covering, that for us tonight he is live at Confederation. Building Jeremy. So. Debbie, the. MHA for Fortune Bay capelin, Tracy Parish she introduced a legislative. Specific. Harassment. Policy, so that's one that includes all forms of harassment including. Cyber bullying and intimidation two, things that we have heard have been happening up here at confederation, building and as Anthony said in the intro two years ago Nova Scotia introduced, a similar policy for, its elected. Officials, and that's, one that encompasses. MLAs, their, staff, and even, volunteers, when they are working for elected, officials so as Perry said in that opening clip this has been something that's been talked about for decades but. Nothing has been done about us and today I, felt. Confident. That it is something. Every one of, us would like to see happen it seemed clear. To me throughout the debate that there. Would be support which. Gave me a comfort. Level that moving. Forward we will, have a fair process under, which to launch our complaints, and. That. This, process will, improve the legislature. In Newfoundland, and Labrador and hopefully other legislators, will follow suit as well.

So. All three, parties, and independent. MHA Paul Layne vocalized. Their support, fort during the two-hour debate afterwards. Now as for premiered white ball he says that after what's happened here the last couple of weeks a lot, of eyes in this province are on what's, happening, here at confederation, building and he says it's time to be held accountable and that things must must. Change, here and that policies, need to be introduced, to allow members to, go to work in a harassment free, environment. So with this motion passed, unanimously. The. Work now begins, to develop it and put it into place and that's work that will be done by the privileges, and elections committee. Reporting. Live for hear now I'm vir me eatin that Confederation, building in st. John's, well. All, the characters, caught up in the bullying, and harassment, scandal, one, of the most talked about is the Twitter user whack job and hell yeah catchy name the anonymous account is the subject, of police complaints, from 2mh A's and rumors. Are flying that, a political insider, might be behind the keyboard here, now Zack Gowdy joins us now live with the story Zack even, though this account is operated anonymously as I just said any clues about who, could be behind it well a lot of people are dancing around this evening to have their own suspicions, without wanting to publicly, point the finger yesterday, liberal MHA Colin Holloway insinuated. It could be someone close to the liberal party what, we can say for sure is that for more than a year someone. Use, this account to anonymously. Troll, local. Politics, its tweets range from sarcastic. To vicious, most, of it is trashing. The Conservatives. And NDP, and anyone. The account perceived, as hurting the Liberals, political, fortunes now, whack-job NL took some care to remain anonymous, for example using advanced, privacy, settings and potentially. Even disguising. Their IP address. Before tweeting, but we can use data to construct a crude, profile, of the person behind the account now we have, collected, all of whack job and ellas of ailable, tweets and as you can see the account tweets most often, during the Business Week Monday, to Friday with, a peak on Tuesdays.

Now This next graph is time of day and when adjusted, for local time it shows, that the account tweets most often, around 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., Newfoundland, time so right, after work, now when watch Chavanel mentions another twitter user it's almost always to, insult, them the accounts mentioned most often, while, CBC News is number one followed, by the ocm news after that it is lorraine michael chess. Crosby and Jerry, Rogers so NDP, and conservative. Politicians. One, more stat whack job and L tweeted, an average, of more than three, times per, day that's. A lot whoever. Was behind this, invested. A fair bit of time and, effort. So, for, people targeted. By a troll, account, there's obviously, a direct affect on them but what, if any effect do anonymous, trolls, have on the rest of us ACK well, usually. Not much right a few days ago most people would have never heard of whack job NL in fact the vast majority of people don't, use Twitter at all but over time even, little known troll, accounts, can't, have an impact, I spoke, with Melissa royal a lawyer who frequently, tweets about provincial, politics, she says that anonymous, trolls can, shift the public conversation or media, coverage, of an issue I think. You know they contribute, I'll contribute maybe - you. Know ahead to complementary of a word but definitely a part of it you know almost in a way that, you. Know slipping, an anonymous. Letter and in a blank, envelope under the door of a news station in the past may have been and that you're you, know giving, your opinion or giving some kind of fact you may know without. Putting your name to it but, the problem is is that you. Don't have any editorial, controls, right, like a newspaper would not publish a letter to the editor without a name that was inflammatory. And baseless, and you. Know the CBC certainly wouldn't post. A comment that was that was similar to that either right but, with social media a person. Can it can take that anonymous, tip and put it out there with no one really to stop them so that is a problem, so. As Melissa royal is saying they're anonymous troll, accounts, seek to have influence. Without, having any accountability. Now whack-job NL has certainly, had some influence we're all here talking about them after all but whether the person, behind the account will escape, accountability. Remains. To be seen, the RNC is taking a hard look at their tweets right, now reporting. Live in st. John's I'm Zach Audi for here-and-now. Why. The province, is warning a federal, strategy on caribou won't work here, Peter Cowen has that story for you after, the break. You. Welcome. Back once again not a bad, day for us certainly this morning. What's. Ahead well. It's never a bad day when he's back no thank you except. What you're going to say yeah that's right so great day today on the island clouds, have certainly been building in as you alluded to Debbie with, some rain pushing in to the west and then some snow mixing, in tonight into tomorrow morning even for folks on the island but, not quite what we're seeing in Labrador, today may. Snow good. For sore eyes right, or a sight for sore eyes I'm, not sure which. One or perhaps both the Kirk, King thanks, so much for this picture taken in western, Labrador this morning and you can see even. The roads were. Accumulating. The snow for, this morning as it was falling at temperatures, still, near 1 on the plus side in Labrador city we're near minus one and happy valley-goose Bay and, that snow. Is, pretty much confined to the southeast, now and as that system departs we're gonna be seeing a big temperature drop for the island you can see where we're in the seven, eight nine degree range currently. But. Temps will fall as the winds shift a northerly they already shifted to obviously, Northeast and happy valley-goose Bay, Northeast, in Saint Anthony northerly, and toyline Gate and that northerly, wind will wrap in to, the rest of Newfoundland as this, system trucks, through through, the overnight hours tonight seeing, that rain pushing on to western parts of Newfoundland as we speak a little bit of mixing, likely even, as we speak for, the northern peninsula but, again the bulk of the snow is over the southeast, right now it moves in to the northern peninsula through, tonight dropping, as much as two to five centimeters, especially, for higher elevation, areas by tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. could, see some wet flurries mixing in anywhere from gander to, Grand Falls Windsor, especially.

Through The baver Peninsula, where we have the best chance. South. Of the northern peninsula that is of seeing, some accumulation. Will, be again over the baver peninsula, temperatures will actually start tomorrow morning in the 3, to 5 degree, range for the southeast, a very, chilly start for Labrador, minus 8 to minus 15 in lab city to minus 12 in nain so quite. The cold airmass, funneling. In on the other side of this system now, by the time we get to Thursday, morning, around, 11 2 a.m., to noon. Wyn will start to shift to north in st. John's and that rain will. Taper off the. Possibility. At least of a wet flake but I think the better chances, will be clarin ville de Bonavista to terra nova and again back towards gander of, seeing, some of those flakes mix in so we'll actually see temperatures, dropping, to around 1 degree, for, st. John's Clerval, Bonavista Terra Nova will be steady near 2 for Gander Grand Falls Windsor in twin Landgate tomorrow and back through the Humber Valley as, well for. The, south coast likely dropping to the 2 or 3 degree range into the afternoon the west, coast will see some clearing maybe a morning flurry Humber Valley is favored, as I said but, things will clear into the afternoon and that spring sunshine that'll, turn the thermostat up into the afternoon into that 4 or 5 degree range temperature. Is pretty cool through Labrador tomorrow certainly far cooler than what you should be for this time of year but, lots of sunshine on the menu and so I think we'll take it as we take a look into their Friday time period a bit of a some light flurry activity maybe, a shower, mixing, in with some wet flurries into the Friday afternoon, time period that'll approach western, Newfoundland into the afternoon generally. Though Friday is a quiet day 3. To, as warm as 6, 7 8 degrees along the west coast 6 to 9 for Central and East and even, Labrador, getting back into those plus side temps now Friday. Into Saturday this, is when our next system tracks in we're talking about more snow for Labrador for Friday night into Saturday and some gusty winds and periods of rain working their way onto the island and we'll talk more about this with your weekend forecast in, detail coming, up in just a few minutes this. Weather update is brought to you by the HCF home lottery bonus, deadline, is tonight at midnight get your tickets now at HCF, home lottery dot CA. The. Provincial, government is raising, concerns about, a national plan, to help caribou, numbers, it says, the focus on habitat won't, Health the George River herd in Labrador, that.

Herd Had about. 800,000, animals at its peak in the 1990s. Since, then the numbers have dropped, now, there are about 6,000. Animals left here, now is Peter Cowan, with what the province, thinks would actually. Help. The. Federal government's, report looking, at caribou. Numbers across the country focuses, on one key issue and that's the loss of habitat, it's, a big issue in many northern areas where there's development, and mining happening, but, interestingly that's, not the problem for the George River herd in caribou, 98, percent of their habitat, still remains untouched, by humans, the, issues behind their decline are more on a natural. Cycle about every 50 years the population, rises, and falls but, the other big concern is illegal. Hunting, while, they're at the lowest, levels in in. Recent history x' there, is a lot of unsanctioned. Hunting, going on and that, is causing a significant. Human-induced, reduction. In the overall viability. The, integrity of the herds and that, has to be dealt with the province estimates last year about 900. Animals were shot and the George River herd that's, out of a total population of, just six thousand, the, big concern, is that many, of the hunters are ignoring, this hunting, ban that's in place for, example anew from Quebec, and Labrador, have said they'll continue to kill animals that it's an important part of the culture and food source for their communities, the. Minister says what, needs to happen is the federal government needs to do more engagement. To solve that problem rather, than focusing on habitat, reflect. The unique circumstances. To, a unique, set of herds and that, is the circumstance, of Labrador, which needs protections. Other, than habitat. The, province is hoping to have more federal enforcement, officers, on the ground in Labrador, that it might act as a deterrence, to stop hunting before it's too late Peter, Cowen CBC News st. John's. Well. Just after tonight's show I'll be crossing the street to head to Mun where I'll be moderating a panel discussion, for autism, and L it's an important topic as young people with autism in our province grow up it's all about finding housing options, for adults, with, autism here's Tess him Ian with the Autism Society. Residential. And housing options are a really big challenge for all those on the spectrum of all abilities, particularly. For those with, aging parents and aging, adults so, what we want to do tonight is sit down and talk about what the solutions need to be in hopes that that can inform the new autism, action plan that the provincial government is working on again. That's happening tonight at Memorial University in Saint Johns interesting, guests people who are on the spectrum parents. As well as experts hope you can drop by the, doors open at 7:00 so I'll scoot, over there from here and now right at the end of our program and it all starts at 7:30 this. Is, a, leadership. Issue. But. Every, single, one of us has, to shoulder this responsibility. Since. Last week we've heard of harassment. And bullying at the House of Assembly but, what, about in your own workplace, how, does it compare and, how, do you solve the problem, next, a human, resources expert, weighs in. You. It's. Been a chaotic, week, in provincial politics, as allegations, of bullying and, harassment, among. Politicians. Resulted. In two MHA is being turf from cabinet, and caucus, it's, not a pretty picture and it's got lots of people wondering, about what it means for their own workplace. Relationships. Dianne. Ford is an associate, professor at, Muntz School of Business who, studies, workplace. Aggression. Thank you so much for being here thank, you very much what did you make of all the developments, in recent days of the house well, it doesn't, surprise me given, the culture, of politics. But, also in terms of the culture. That is shifting, in everybody's, awareness, and what we expect, and will. Accept. Within the workplace so whether. Or not we accept this type of incivility or harassment or bullying be, it workplace. Aggression, people. Aren't willing to take it any longer well you mentioned the culture, and there does appear to be a real shift, in what's. Acceptable, behavior people people's, tolerance of, that but, where do you draw the line in, the workplace, whether it's, private. And you deal with private. Employers. Or if, in government. Between. Just. Normal, friction. And. Bullying. Harassment so. Normal, friction is when it's about the task in the process and the behaviors. And ideas. But. When it becomes about. The person. About attack, about you as an individual, your values are who you are as an individual, that, is unacceptable, and that is when you shift into this other realm of incivility or.

Harassment. Or bullying and bullying, is when people are being persistently. Targeted, so, it's not a one-off it's not a one-off well that, can be harassment, if it's a severe thing or. If, it's a low-grade thing one-off is incivility just. Simply rude now you are working, with different businesses. As I mentioned, is bullying, and workplace, harassment a, big concern, to them it is and it's it's a definite huge concern now there's a shift in terms of what people are willing to accept and and with that comes this idea of a psychological contract, of what employee, our wanting. In the workplace we expect to be treated fairly we expect to be treated with respect and. With. Better awareness, we, are expecting. That and so employers, are now having to address that and we. Do so through policies, and hopefully through training, that's the important part and how our employers. Are reacting, to this it seems like it's kind of bottom-up. That you're talking about what about employers, at the top so employers are definitely going through the policy, shifts you see a lot of reviews going on even. The government the federal government, has. Gone through a review of policies, it will be implemented, June 2018, which apparently isn't quite early enough, but. You. See a lot of that shift in terms of policy awareness. And upgrading, I. Wonder. In. Your opinion, is there a generational. Divide when. It comes to this issue. Yeah. That's a good question, my, own research is that there there have been these behaviors, throughout the generations, but whether or not it's been seen as acceptable, might. Fall along the different generations yes, Diane. What, do you think has to happen to, resolve, what's, going on in the, House of Assembly to. Resolve that particular issue, as with, any organization. You do need to have proper, process, and for, there to be procedural. Justice for all parties involved and procedural. Justice involves, having full, information, full, disclosure but, also transparency. For the participants, in that both the complainants, and the respondents, so be, treating, people fairly throughout the entire process is a way, to help with the healing and also in the way of correct, it and. We did talk about the cultural, shift, how. Optimistic are, you that. The. Feelings, that we've, seen evident, in politics, and I guess in other workplaces. That, this, can really, change the genie is out of the bottle now it's.

You're, Not stepping it back in the bottle definitely, not although there's, a lot of work to be done in terms of training. The, skill sets that one needs to be able to deal with conflict properly, in terms of supportive, communication, but. Also in terms of the, processes, how do you handle. And help, here are the individuals, who are harmed, in this intuitive incident. Because people. Who are targeted with bullying are harmed, they are they're physically, emotionally and just. They are certainly, harmed and they so we need to heal so that it doesn't perpetuate. Diane. Ford we'll leave it there thank you so much for your perspective, on this, tangley. Issue here is yes thank you so much thank you. They. Might not be tired of it but Stan cook sea kayak adventures is, putting away the boats for, good after. Nearly five decades on. The water that's. Coming up. You. Let's. Meet our young athlete. Of the day and, this. Would be face LeDrew, from the Bellas, Coast she's 12 and spin, runnings since she was 8 and today faith has completed 20 runs including 4, 5k, runs to raise money for the Terry Fox foundation and this past year faith placed, first, in both her provincial, and regional cross, country running Championships, faith also plays basketball and, soccer, her dream is to one, day compete, in the Olympics, for Team Canada. She. Can add that to the, medal that she. Was a. Young lady so. Pretty. Hot in certain parts of the country yeah how about if. You have any friends or family in southern Ontario I'm. Sure they might, be ringing you for bragging, rights set for today, obviously. The hottest day so far this season 28. Degrees, in Toronto, today even. Calgary, at 1940. Macke at 17, Vancouver. At 15, degrees now st. John's the high 14, Montreal, 25, so, we're gonna be fair to say that the Leafs. Loss was rewarded, by somebody, upstairs who decided to make Toronto a pleasant place to be absolutely. And, also, they. Needed great golfing weather right. Hitting. The links. Yeah. You know what they gave it the old good. Try but, wasn't, to be this year the, wounds are still fresh sorrysorrysorry yeah, how those senators, do I. Had. To now as we take a look off to the south you'll notice on this last map and I'll back it off 27. In Oklahoma City 11. In Denver when you see a big temperature contrast, like that you know there's a storm brewing and indeed a big, storm developing, here in the US plains and that is going to be our weekend, weather maker as it, tracks through our neck of the woods bringing, some, snow and some rain and here's how it all plays out there's that snow tonight through southeastern, Labrador, sweeping.

Across Northern, Newfoundland with the risk of flurries through Thursday, and temperatures. Dropping back, to the freezing mark in st. John's by the end of the day Thursday evening, into Friday area, of high pressure and firm control that. Means a bit of sunshine in the mix now later Friday, into Saturday, a little wave will push through with a chance of some showers and, flurries mixing, in that's on the leading edge of this next system which really the meat and potatoes of which will truck through, Saturday. And we're, talking about some periods, of rain at times that could be a little on the heavy side some, snow, on the northern edge of this system which I think will be a little bit more pronounced than what this model is showing and that's. Certainly in the forecast for. Saturday and Labrador here's the European, forecast, model ID you can see it definitely has the, snow much, more pronounced, for you folks in Labrador and I think the idea will be closer to this one, where's, some accumulating. Snow back, on the menu for you folks through Saturday and Labrador that system, will depart and as we roll into the Sunday time period bit of a clear out some lingering, flurries, a bit of a area, of high pressure will try to edge its way in for Monday into Tuesday, be. Keeping an eye on that system which at the moment, looks set to track. Southeast. Of Newfoundland, for, that, Tuesday. Time period Tuesday into Wednesday so we'll keep you posted on that here's, a look at that seven-day forecast, which does. Have some double digits in it but obviously some rain in there as well Saturday, and Monday looking, like the wet days and Sunday shaping, up to be a beauty right now across, Newfoundland, we'll keep our fingers crossed on. That one in. Labrador again a nice day to morale though cool that, mixing, in with some snow for, you folks on Saturday, and into Sunday Monday. And into Tuesday, temperatures. Start to rebound but again a bit of cool, air mass trying to creep back in for mid next week. Well. It is a sad, day for, kayakers. Stan, Cook sea kayak, adventures the. Calling it quits that's right after almost 50, years in the business imagine, half a century Stan junior says the entire family's agreed that's it's, just trying to move on now, in, 2016. I had the pleasure of joining Stan, junior on the water and keep bro have, a look, take, him Junior does. This ever get, old the short answer is no and besides. It being beautiful here there's no two ways about it and the whales and all the stuff we'll get to see what, I enjoy the most of the people oh yeah. He's her can you hear him crying for help you say bring me the tech Sinjar, will, be very no, no that's gonna get ready to fire the poison I really. Enjoy tourists. Coming by and also the locals coming out and just experiencing. Something that you. Can't experience a lot other places you might have know some starfish down there have you seen some little sea stars and stuff the snails, are sea stars there's a bunch of Lobster populace you can never really get tired this is too good is too nice. Almost. Appear. To, look like I know what I'm doing. All.

Right Team. Follow. Me. Tough. Gig today. And. This. Is known as the arch de las Artes. De luxe in this cool one. Of the highlights of this tour and one of the highlights really, of Cape oil is caves. The caves these, caves are locally, known as the devil's nostrils and, we can go in a long ways but the thing about capo list is 14 different sets of case that we can go inside so everywhere, you paddle on the shoreline it's great little placing sneaking go inside see different sized caves different, heights different depths so it's really really cool great place to paddle. It. Is a great place to paddle, fantastic. Beautiful, and, Ryan used his meteorological. Powers to summon up one of the most gorgeous days, ever, pretty much fabulous. I had the chance of going twice so my wife and I went a couple years earlier that day, that. Day yes. One, thing that for sure came through and if you've ever been on that tour the, passion, that Stan. Junior and Stan senior of course they had for their jobs I, had. The pleasure of doing, that tour as well on a day, just like you experienced. There it was, fantastic. Hopefully. Somebody else might tell ya, my day will never come now but anyway, good luck it's I know that a lot of people have enjoyed Stan's, kayaking over the years. Well. Peacocks, they're rare, sites except, if you live in a certain subdivision. In Surrey British Columbia there. These birds wander, freely across lawns rooftops. And they can nest wherever they pick some, people appreciate, their beauty but others complain. That they're just too noisy and too, messy and one man took matters into his own hands and now he's facing a big fine, Meera Baines has the story. Peacocks. Are admired, for their good looks and stunning plumage, but some Surrey residents, have had enough of their bad behavior up, to, 150. Exotic, birds have made Sullivan, Heights their home any, time they're disturbed, they start screaming and it. Sounds, a lot like a crying baby I've gone into my kids room thinking that they're crying at night and it. Turns out to be a peacock, the wily birds are rumoured to have come from a rural property in the area a decade, ago and are, now over running it kids. Are tracking it in I can't send the kids out in the backyard to play my, kids never play in our backyard because. Their patios full of poop he. Says other municipalities. Classify, foul, as livestock and, they aren't allowed to wander or they're taken away. Their. Perpetual, pecking. Cooing, and distinctive, hooting in the early morning hours drove. One neighbor to take drastic measures he. Cut down this old healthy, tree without a permit, because it was used by the birds to roost, TJ. Share Gill says he doesn't blame the homeowner, for cutting down the tree my neighbors day I, heard some. Time they had scratches, on their cars. Two. Years ago I remember one bird attack on my daughter and my, neighbors a kid, as well the. Move prompted Suri's by law department to issue a $1,000. Fine against, the homeowner the contractor. And homeowner, could also be facing additional fines, of up to ten thousand dollars will they continue with our investigation, looking. Into further legal actions and fines against. The, homeowner and the individuals, that cut the tree down. Ray. Hall says the Peacocks fall outside the scope of Surrey animal control he, says ten years ago the city tried unsuccessfully to. Remove the birds and, I think it was 2010 this is tried before and did not end up so well the. Contractor, was chased out of the area so that, contractor, is still that still fresh in his mind there's not something that he's prepared to do at this time. Rail. Says, the city plans to hold community meetings to, educate, residents on, how best to deal with the birds Muir, Baines CBC. News Vancouver. Our. Viewer. Picture of, the day comes. To us from western. Newfoundland, and in particular. Southwestern. Newfoundland. I. Don't. Western yeah, that's pretty. A. Little, public, this I'll give you a big clue this is a peninsula, in. Southwestern. Newfoundland, Oh. Sealed. On a port a port, find. Out after the break port, a port. You. Welcome. Back the stage version, of the Disney hit frozen has just been nominated for, a Tony Award for Best Musical on Broadway, Canada's. Casey. Levy. Is already. Drawing rave, reviews. For her lead role in the, big-budget, productions. Stephen D'Souza has the story from the Big Apple. It's. The highest grossing Disney, animated, film ever with, two iconic, princesses, and the. Song the. One that's etched into the brain of every parent, with a small child. Bringing. Frozen, to life on Broadway, and transporting. Elsa from screen to stage is the, challenge Canadian, Casey Levy faces, eight shows a week no.

Pressure Right I thought oh god, can I do this can I be, this person that everybody. Wants, me to be. So. How does she do it she takes, her cue from the song's title. Ultimately. What gets me through everyday, is not, thinking about it like actively, not thinking about it so in a sense when you were singing the song you you let it go I do yeah. Casey. Has, a voice from God she. Really, does, not. Only has she made the role and the song her own levy, has loud critics, and her, co-stars, there must be Canadian water when she grew up she drank something that, made that voice golden, loss powerful. She's, a powerhouse. Levy. Grew up in Hamilton her, success comes as no surprise to, Gary Smith the, theater critic cast her for a role with the Hamilton players guild when she was 17, Smith. Has since followed her career around, the world and, recently took in frozen, I stood, up at the end and I cried and I couldn't stop crying because. It. Was I was so proud of her and I was so thrilled. That, what, she wanted for herself, happened. To it. She. Didn't get the part after her first audition she. Was chosen after a new director, was brought in and the, tomboy from Hamilton. Is now a Disney, Princess living. Her dream on, Broadway, there's, something about, the. Magic, of being in a dark room with, a bunch of strangers and getting up in front of them and telling some story and watching them be changed by it. The role of a lifetime that, she shows no signs, of letting, go. Steven. D'Souza CBC, News New, York. As. You can sing a bit oh my, goodness was wonderful, and looks fabulous. Okay, who doesn't like a fireworks. Display lighting. Up the night sky well, one Chinese firm took things a little further launching. A spectacular light. Display, using. Hundreds, of drones. 1374. Drones, to be exact lit up the sky over this ancient Chinese city. They form various patterns, flowers. And popular. Slogans and no small feat flying the drones for the 13, minutes show which covered a square kilometer of night, sky the, display broke a Guinness world record for the most unmanned. Aerial, vehicles in the sky at the same time. Wow. That's. A lot of joysticks. They. Also broke that record yeah I guess so that looks so magical that, is gorgeous, Wow I would. Love to know what the price tag on that was probably. A wee bit more than a firework so my thanks yeah. Okay. Or if your picture of the day comes, to us from yes, Anthony Jermaine the paw report yes, a, big. Win in a competition. Here, yeah. Getting. One for every thousand, GB of my. Batting average going up so. Amanda took this I'm not actually sure from, which community, no, more detail than other than that was taken, at the perfect time on the portable Peninsula and thanks to Amanda for sharing that and to everybody who's been posting. Pictures to my Facebook page over, the last couple days that's a well-known, surname. From that network is that from mainland, I think that's. Beautiful, pictures. My guess anyway I'm. A little, maybe, your two for to go, with you on this one let us know let us know yes, great to have you back thank you great to be back. Indeed, anyway. Thanks for being with us everyone, have a great night see you back here tomorrow good night everyone see ya. You.

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