Here's beautiful Malaysia :D || The Jaysian Traveldiary

Here's beautiful Malaysia :D || The Jaysian Traveldiary

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Hi. Monkey. You. So. The next, day. In Malaysia. In Perak. Was, filled, with things that we had planned to do it was, unbelievable. Let's get it started for this video I don't have much to do because the more I traveled the more confident, I got with recording, myself and other people. All. Right breakfast. Food place la it's, basically, written on there, how the, system works there but you go have a seat and get your tea and then you go to the cashier get, your piece of paper and, then tell them what type, of food you want and how much of it and then I put it all and then they write it down and then you pay and then you go back to your table and enjoy. Your fruits boom so, um yeah, let's eat first. Them. So so, they usually only sell them some for breakfast, and usually people have it very early like seven or eight but nowadays it's even sold in the evening like the first place the first makan stall that we went to had dim. Sum if you remember. Yeah. T-tom, pull chee. Cheong fun teach on food that delicious, dance made in heaven. It was so delicious like it was my favorite thing to eat the red stuff on it is someone, and we had a version with prawns I think it was so good I don't know it's simple and good. Like. All green never. Okay, after this first stop chilling, at Joanns uncle's, home. House. But. Then near camper putra they still haven't, finished building. It but they're still building and Disney, themed shops, and restaurants kind, of Street or little village. That's. A break. And we're getting long pants. Apparently. A woman come, here to take their wedding pictures. Really. Second. Stop, it's both, kinda. Not really near the city in pole there, are amazing. Cave, temples that's where we were heading, the first temple we saw was sound. People. Are. And. Now we headed over to 19. Let's. Go. And. There's nothing. What. You're. Gonna check into okay. Hahaha. Don't. Don't come on. Is. There more somewhere, oh. Oh. There. Oh. Damn. Okay. Let's try it shall we go up. It's. So dark my camera doesn't see anything. Mm-hmm. Yes because cameras, can MC. God. They don't yeah. Why. Do you why what. Dance. A dark. All. But it's, like. Huge here. That. Is crazy. Like, ever can't see you that's crazy. Damn. Such, a huge cage. Oh. Tgd. Kiwi. Mom. Battles. I don't, care where you. Come. From Penang, what you. Don't want in a cave damage what does what mean. To. Me. Then. January. 2000, something. And. So long. Nothing. Yeah. After. This very, unintentional. Cardio. Workout. We. Decided, to chill outside with some lucky. Hey. Look at her. Losing. All the food. Thank, you. Both, of them yeah. Seeing. A face. I've. Talked about those wonderful. Delicious, eggs in, my previous video but, oh my god there was some more examples.

Herbal. And it's horrible thanks horrible next time. To, come. Why. Is the hotline. Third. Stop foodcourt, woolly food court in Ipoh we had delicious food to energize ourselves, again after a lot of walking, and climbing, and, being in awe fourth, stop fourth stock on Cube on lane fourth stop concubine, lane I don't know what I'm doing fourth stop concubine, lane oh my, goodness, Oh My Damn. Wow. So. Pretty. Except. This is not the concubine lane yet, we'll. Come to that in a second I promise, continue. The tape. It. Was a short and charming, street and it, was just nice to slow, walk through and window-shop for a bit. We didn't know that but, I can, do that this place was famous for its pudding, unfortunately. They, were sold out. Sanic. Speed. Fifth. Stop. Kellie's. Castle. Thirty, mother. My. Camera that gave up took a lot of pictures though and had a great time just walking, around and looking at the scenery and, being amazed by all the people and they can picture and call really, impressive, building, some believe that it's haunted I guessed, I think there are even night tours I would, want. To do that piece no it's basically, an unfinished. And roomed kind, of mansion, and was built by a, guy called William. Kelly, Smith, some people say he built it for his wife as, a present. Other people, believe that he built it for his son to live in and, we will never know because he did and then six, stop Oh. Sleep. Talk. To Joe and being, sentimental, and, stuff like that. And. Will. You. All have to come to. Europe. It. Was this, day, it was crazy, I couldn't, be when I looked at the fridge I couldn't believe that this was all in one day I thought those were two days all. In one day and and we had the comfort like we would doze off between two places that we were heading to and um. Yeah. I enjoyed it a lot but this, was still not our last day we experienced. So much and was so cold and I couldn't I didn't want to leave because it was so cool yeah. See. You next time. Thank. You very much for watching from, a double dancing, Jay and kite see you next time when I talk about. No. Okay. Well. I can't, wait to see you. Rezac, you.

2018-05-14 08:55

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I really love your editing. Have fun

Great video! Gracioso como siempre ;)

I look like a man Lord have mercy


Loved the video! Looks like there is so much history (and walking) in Malaysia. And as much as we've explored SE Asia, I will never get used to seeing so many monkeys around. Great on you for not getting bit. subscribing and looking forward to more travel videos! Hope you can make it to our channel and show some mutual support!

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i'm trying. but i'm so lazy. and have so many other things. gnahr. :(

gracias!! tankjuuuu :D

hai Hack fuck Bangladesh

just want to say that u are cute.

Welcome to malaysia

You really have a great style and presence, not to mention that you are so funny. I can't wait for more videos. May you can do some stuff about your home town. I look forward to watching you and your channel grow. I'll watch anything with you in it.

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