Hidden Gems in Japan | Breakfast Lunch & Dinner in Kagawa

Hidden Gems in Japan | Breakfast Lunch & Dinner in Kagawa

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What's, up everybody I'm Shinichi, I'm sorry today we are here in Kagawa. Prefecture, Kagawa, Prefecture is, a smallest, Prefecture. In Japan but. It has tons, of things to do and of course lots, of delicious, food on this video we're gonna be eating a lot of good food as we, always do plus we're gonna show you guys some of our favourite spots here in this charming city. The. First place we are at is a place called lead feeding garden, leading, garden has more than 400, years of history includes. Six, ponds, and thirteen, hills and it's amidst, a backdrop, of beautiful, mountain. I've read, about it I've seen photos, of this Guardian and it's even been featured in the Michelin Guide book, you know they rated. It 3 stars as, a must-see. Place. Hi. Guys it is breakfast, time and we are here inside the visiting garden, in. One of the tea. Houses and, what's wonderful about this place is that you can eat this. Breakfast. While gazing, out at the beautiful, scenery. Outside, of, the two, leading, gardens it's just spectacular, I'm so looking forward to this check, it out let's look at it together, okay. So, well. Reveal. What's underneath this. Clock. Check. It out what's, underneath here, oh. That. Looks like some nice, simmered, vegetables, on this, side you see some grilled. Salmon some. Shishito peppers, um that, is a broad, bean simmered in soy sauce a tomato. You got some cheetahmen, Jackal which is like small, sardines, with. Probably. Sliced, shishito as well you got your pickled vegetables, and of course the main course you have your Oh Caillou which is the rice girl this, is very very different though it's very special, made with white rice and it's. A cooked, in this, tea. It's a special, kind of fermented, tea and you also see some pieces. Of sweet, potatoes. Dona Tomas. It. Has a tea flavor and it's. Not to just team. It's. Different. Because, implemented. The, flavor but not it's so strong nice, primarily, to pepper and. Saltiness. Sweetness. Of rice and. Potato, sweetness. Perfectly. Matches and this is a very, beautiful on the very room so colorful I directly have this pumpkin. Episode. That's, you forever so, well. Mhmmm. And. Check, it out some, nicely sized sweet potatoes, and there's a lot of them in here. Mmm, wait, is this sweet potatoes but. I, think this is like potatoes. Like regular potatoes, I don't. Think it's sweet potatoes I think these, are regular, white, potatoes. The grilled salmon is one of my favorite things to eat in the morning especially. With a Japanese breakfast, beautiful. Color. Hmm. Nice. And fresh really. Good flavor, so, we finished a brick lasted.

Shall. We eat some snack in town. So. We just had a lovely breakfast. And I personally. Enjoyed walking through the gardens I really. Loved that garden, me too it's always been a dream of mine to go there we're, walking along this street this, is a medic, I'm a mighty short thin guy okay yeah I can never remember that name but, it's one of the main shopping streets here in Kagawa. And as, you see there are olive. Trees, and the reason why is because there. Is an island yeah, a lot of people like to visit and that island, has a lot of olive trees there they, actually make olive oil and stuff like that one of the most popular things to do here, in Kagawa this, hot satoshi is, something to. Cool me off okay. Right, dear. Look. It's a gelato shop. Gelato. Mart. Should, we get some gelato, yes it's long. I, got. The double with, the pistachio. And the Wissam Bo Hwa's hambone is a local, brown sugar that they use to make confectionery. So that's what I got and I also got the pistachio, we just see no extra charge but it's okay because everything's, made here, from scratch. It's. Very milky, it's, like fresh, milk with a tinge of brown sugar but I hear that what someone is a very subtle. Sophisticated. Type of brown sugar let's. Try the pistachio, yeah. This is supposed to be super good that, pistachio. Is like. Eating, pistachio in, frozen, form, oh my, gosh it's. Sweet, but you still get that roasted, pistachio, flavor delicious. Mine, is a strawberry tomato, and, lemon and this. Green one is celery. Pineapple. And green apple, is it amazing. This, crema won't first praise in the Italian. Contest, so. I wanna eat with tomato, tomato. Strawberry and tomato, one like. You mas. Mmm. It's, nice. Strawberry. Flavor acaba. Is also famous Bob strawberry, it's, so. Sweet, and flavorful have, a tomato. Tomato. Reba is nuts, awesome it doesn't, disturb, just add up the desire to taste them this, is dessert not too visible, don't, worry celery. And pineapple. Silly. Hmm, I can taste them three. Distinctive. Flavors, but the celery flavor is, not, too strong it's, good. Pants, pineapple. Celery, and green, apple. Once, again pineapple. Green apple, sounds like a good combination but celery. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I've. Never had, a gelato, quite, like this, at. First I was like whoa I might not I might not like it but. You. Know what. It. Is so different that, it's so, good, it's like you no wonder they want an award at least they should win it for uniqueness because this. Flavor. Combination, is like, it's. Not subtle at all it's like right in your face you, still get that green apple, you still get that pineapple but, you also get that bang of celery it's that's, a pretty amazing, combination, if you ask me that gel, out of place was pretty amazing, it. Really was not even joking I, the. Pistachio, was by far my favorite, it was so rich and flavorful what, about you the. Ciliary one the celery whatever you want yeah it's amazing, it really was I gotta say that's my second favorite I never, think I would choose a celery, gelato, over, everything, else but it, was really good I want to come back just to try, the other flavors, right so delicious. We are about to head to lunch I know you're thinking can you guys still eat actually, we have a ways to go we have to drive, into. The mountainside so, uh yeah. At the one normal one hour one, hour right okay, so let's drive it let's drive. So. This is our lunch, Kagawa. Yes, the, dome is a most popular thing so, today. We came here mishima, you dome it's located in 110. Side of Kagawa, Iran. This shop, is, rice. Pale and mountains. And this, shop is we, don't factory, B we are eating decide, on the we don't factor in, the menu there are only two items 'm large, or small hot, or cold. That's. It so, we ordered called. The small boards, and, as. A topping, we, can choose two. Egg green, onion and soy, sauce put. Green onion for soy sauce and crack, one egg it's raw egg I'll, a blue egg and, mix mix mix very. Well. So. Direct. Mouse. Mmm-hmm. The, texture, of this you don't so. Treat, Oh the iconic thing of Cargill, atom is this, chewiness, combined. With soy. Sauce and a, crema. Very, well, it's like eating like a TGK, tamago, kake Gohan as you can see one of the highlights of this place is eating, your bowl of dongs in front, of this rice, field so I decided, I'm gonna stand here because that special. Seed that overlooks the rice field is taken so. Yep. Diagnosed, diagnosed. Extremely. Smooth noodles it's. Actually, not, as um chewy, as I thought, it was going to be but. It's um perfect you know like even my mother couldn't eat this cuz my mother you, know she doesn't really like it too chewy I'm.

Eating Mine which simply um, a little bit of soy sauce green onions a little bit chili pepper no, egg in mine, it's. Delicious, guys and by, the way this place like so she says they, do not make a broth, at all which is why they only have the soy sauce because, this is simply a noodle, factory, but. This, is one good bowl of noodles I gotta tell you and once, again eating, udon. Here. Is, what makes this place so special so. We came here kotohira. Should I'm aka, Campinas. Sama and we are standing at the entrance of the shopping street lead that leads to the - right right, you know I think most, shopping, streets that lead to like a shrine or temple they usually have you know shops and, restaurants and, you know lots of street food today we're, here because we want to sample. Some, snacks and maybe some local treats here, sounds, it to you yep. So. We got some soft-serve guys and this. Is what some boom flavor what sample is that that, brown, sugar the. Local brown sugar that they have you. Know what I got it I got it eat it cause it's already melting, and as you can see there is these little bubbles, around and it's oh my god okay. Whoa-ho. Oh my. God that's delicious, the. Outside, is like you. Know these, beads the inside is like Airy and it's. Just a thin crust of sugar on the outside these. Are apparently things that they give for weddings, and celebrations and. They. Put this around this wissam bow and soft serve very. Very nice it's like slightly. Sweet, candy. On top, of brown. Sugar ice cream very rich and, good. And you know cool cooling, on a hot day like today oh this shop name is ass coconut, ring and this, this. Candy, is called wait there. They, are stop for waiting. It's so careful, Thank You Alison. Wow. Just saw the, soft oh stop it has, a gentle, flavor gentle, sweetness, mmm. I like. This and this texture, of lady. Wow. Inside, ears inside. Is air and, in. My mask it's whatever. Say. Cecotto, and disappeared. It's. Interesting, run. Away we found something else at, yogi. Yokocho, can we ah yeah, just just a few stores. Down from where we were we. Got something else we can tango which translates, to watermelon. Rice. Cake, on sticks. And, they. Look so funky. And bizarre the same that I've never seen them. That. Is really, like freaka, yeah, what not metal watermelon, yeah, and you, know if you guys know, what dango is it looks like a dangle right usually dango, has three, round. Rice balls on a skewer like this one but this one looks like three, tiny, watermelons. Mmm. Crunchy. Oh, goodness. Mmm. Whoa, that, hit me like three times first of all the, outside is like crunchy. I'm chocolate. Tastes. Like watermelon essence. Buy-in is like the, flavor was watermelon. Huh more, than anything else and then the inside is red, good. Aloma, aroma. Came watermelon. Aroma, this is pretty. Amazing. What. A week isn't. It great. I. Like, super, impressed, with this. This. Makes me laugh because it's, so unique and so good bangle, badge on over Papa see, kebab yeah, watermelon, come here yeah in front of us there, are there's. Hundreds. Of stuff on this we're. Actually gonna go up 750. Something steps something, like that and that's not even all the way to the summit but that's how we're headed to on this scorching. Hot day ready. Let's. Time. Out. Here. Is. 105. Steps, but, in front of me, it's. Like a war. Is. War. Here. I can see the gate over the shrine maybe. This, is halfway or, these stairs, I. Thought. Here's about, halfway but, it's not it's, one-third. Still. We have to grab. 491. Steps. From. Here. We. Can rest for a while it's, flat. About. Ah. We. Made it we made. 700. Is something something, and. You know Jeff, weii it's, not all the way to the top you when I get to the top it's, like 300. Or 400, steps more it's over a thousand, steps although summit, we don't need to go up there do we but. It's. Good it's good we had a good climb we've got a good exercise because, we're gonna be eating a lot of food today yes, yes, but, this is a beautiful shrine beautiful shrine is, this, Ryan but is the, guardian, of the mud in traffic safety oh I see, like so for all the people who come on ships and, stuff like that maybe. Something like that, here is the observatory, and you can see a small, mountain looks, like Mount, Fuji, it's, called, asana, kikuchi-san. Aki. Is all the name of a koala, and the, shape looks like a Mount Fuji, so it is called Sankey, Fuji it's the, one iconic, mountain, around, here we have very cute, a snack you sure did pick. This shape, it's a triangle, shape this. Shape means Oh cute. What, is it what I say you English Oh cute I really don't know but it's those things that you you put on your body like the sore spots, and you like it's, hot, and it's.

Supposed To alleviate. Pains, and aches in. Certain parts your body I don't know what it's a nurse my mother uses it all the time and this, shop is called Ishita, yeah this. Shop used to be in, and at, a time this. Shop over to their customer, or queue Oh interesting. Well this comes in a pack of three of, course they have other sizes well got a small pack and this. Was haha. 225. 225. Yen okay all, right and so, let's give it a try. Is it good oh I. Love, this I I like, this kind of um traditional. Japanese sweets this. One particularly, it's, not that sweet the, inside, is a mixture, of white bean paste and egg, yolk, only. Which, is very very unusual to. Be honest if you knew Joe that's unusual, you know you usually don't have them egg yolk in a white bean paste. We, turn s. This. Outside. What much shall I say that cake but the, cake part of. Course and the, bunch apart and, this, um egg, yolk well, blended, it's not a key not a you know you don't taste the egg at all basically it's really well-balanced not, too sweet and delicious. We, are back in town at Maracana, short and guy or a shopping street to have a dinner where this place thought bubble. Gamer and to try put, honey cheeky, body which, is chicken on the bone this is a Kagawa. Specialty. So this. Is something we have to try before we leave Kagawa. The first thing we have is the chicken, gaza, and these, gyoza, dumplings, are smaller, than usual, very. Very crispy on one side and they serve it with the gyoza sauce as well as usual for shop which, is a citrusy. Peppery. Taste so. Let's, try this docume. Hmm. That is good actually this. Is small but, it packs a punch, super. Super flavorful time. Because you're using chicken instead of pork it's, a lot lighter, and not as I'm not. As um heavy. I guess it's kind of like if you can imagine that okay, next we have Sonic I'll show you mommy which is another, Kagawa delicacy, we don't have this in Tokyo these, are broad beans that, have been simmered, in soy sauce and these, are tempura, so this is tempura, broadbean, show, you mommy. It. Is delicious, this goes so well with beer, oh this is delicious I think I have the biomass of a package of these before. We leave Kagawa one, more thing we, saw. The. Specialty, is nori, cabbagey, beautiful. One, minute, remains in sleep, beautiful, soup sprinkle. Some parsley, other, basil. I love. You your cabeza la. Cabeza. Very. Good very, good meet. Reba the, pepper device is stronger than the regular, Lorca. Bhaji pogreba, really. Good next, one this, is sweet. Our meal, it's solid ski touring chicken, on the bone, chicken. On the bone there are two types, one. Is parrot, a dark, about another. One it's a baby one what child one and we ordered boss. So this. One is a child. One. Chicken. Skin part is, really. Crispy. Haruto. It's, really crispy they're using spices. And. God especially, garlic, not. Easy garlic flavor and, also the so, juicy. This. One this one is a parents, I had, parents, meat, is firmer. Than, baby, one. Divinatory. The. Parents on meat is firmer. Than, baby mom what. Flavor, is it. Well. Concentrated. For. Me, generally. They become he's, better, because it is so, tender mg.

I, Do. We do apologize for the, very noisy, atmosphere we, are in an izakaya which, is Japanese, pub and, everybody is really having a good time here okay I cut two slices here, I believe. That you're supposed to dip. The chicken inside, this oil that they use because all the spices and. The seasons are inside, this oil for, the young chicken. Oh. Oh. She said The Outsider crispy is. Juicy. So, much flavor has a little bit of spice little bit of get that. Oil don't you, have to dip it in the oil because this oil is where, all the flavor lies, so, this is the parent I'm not sure if this is the mother or the father we. Just call this the adult, chicken shall we. Let's. Try this one. Definitely. It's. Tougher. Then. The younger chicken what I feel. Like the flavor is more intense, there's a more chicken flavor a deeper flavor okay. So we order some rice balls too because that's. What our friend told us to do so. I'm gonna dip the rice ball into, that oil then the chickens been cooked it, dipped, my rice balls in there and. Apparently. I suppose tastes really, good like this. There. We go. It, tastes like, it. Tastes like garlic. Rice you. Know like garlic, fried rice. Because. They. Use garlic to fry the chicken, and. Other spices as well so all that all that delicious, spice goes, into, the oil that's. That. I just dipped in it with my rice ball is, so, delicious. Seriously. Good and. That, my, friends is, how you eat Thai Gamez local. Chicken on level, okay. Satoshi so, we have come to the end our. Eating, Day extravaganza. Specialties. Yes, I gotta say that, Kagawa has some pretty darn good food I, think so too I am in love with it with the noodles I think, you have the best udon noodles in the entire country me too and I actually think, me, too me too me too and I actually think, that you you you you, should come to Kagawa just to eat udon noodle me like seriously like I will come back just to eat the noodles, did. You have any favorite we, had a lot of food today I can't decide to everybody's. Stuff every, stuff was so good what.

Remain, In my brain maybe because we just had it he's a chicken, chicken, the last one chicken in the bone the. Parent. Chicken, parents galas my favorite it was so, flavorful, probably the most flavorful. Chicken I've had in my entire, life. Well thank you so much for coming along with us we, hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and if you are new to our channel and you enjoy putting travel videos like this one we would love it if you subscribe thank, you for watching see, you next food, adventure.

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Hi you became a abo from me. WHY: naturaly japan like information. Not from Tourist to Tourist. Its great :) The Amtmosphära of the places can be found in the taste again That can only be a Japanese. For me since your the Anthony Bourdain of Japanese cuisine. Greetings from Berlin Germany. I am now learning Japanese and may even be able to enjoy myself. Thank you very, very, very much

He always makes me so hungry listening to him talk about food

Japan is so incredibly beautiful. Every time I watch videos of Japan I feel intensely homesick, even though I’ve never been there a day in my life. I really hope I get to visit someday. It’s #1 on my bucket list before I die.

Absolutely beautiful!

Shinichi and Satoshi-your descriptions of what you ate today were quite detailed and really helped me to understand what you were enjoying and made me want to visit Kagawa someday! The suikadango and the udon both caught my eye! Now I’m hungry! Thank you both!

Tiger balm. Tina

Love watching you guys

I just love Satoshi!( hope I'm not misspelling ). He's so funny just by being himself. Such a nice lovely channel, great food, great sights, made me love Japan even more. Best of luck guys!

I'm going to be in Kagawa next week so this guide is really timely. Thank you!

Thank you for the lovely trip and all the "gentle sweetness."

celery gelato sounds interesting! 750 steps-whoa! there goes all your junk food calories....go eat something unhealthy(deep fried!) after guys! Thanks for showing us the beautiful shrine :) 10:38 show us the doggo!!

There's something so menacing about the phrasing Satoshi uses when he talks about older and younger animals. "The parents meat is firmer than the baby one." and just calling the food you're ripping your teeth into "the child one" will always have me doing a double-take, lol

At first I thought you guys were describing the chicken at Kadogen as "Parrot"

I was literally about to comment the same thing. I love the way he describes things ☺️

Guys, next year i will go in Takamatsu and this video is soo useful!! Thanks =)

The gelato.......

The gelato kept making me think of the Pineapple-Apple-Pen song.

I want that ball soft serve

The first place is too pretty to exist

These guys are too adorable...such pretty hair...love gelato but not too much makes your body gelato

The whole video was just stunning. I felt like I was right there with you suffering up those 700 something steps (I would have died), but the reward at the (semi) tip was just absolutely worth it. I love a lot of the food you guys eat, but I was actually jealous of that amazing looking chicken you both got to enjoy. Everything about that chicken just screamed delicious and then dipping the onigiri into the oil?! Yessss! Rice is a staple in Spanish cooking as well as in Asian, so when you dipped that onigiri in the chicken’s oil, that was just 100/10 right after my own heart. I love you guys and all that you share with us!

Thank you for the lovely trips and all the "gentle sweetness."

OMG beautiful place i love your videos

Everything looked good..

Do they speak English?

I literally just startled myself with how loudly I laughed when Satoshi said: "This is dessert, not vegetable. Don't worry."

You guys are great!!! Thank you for walking up all those steps for us

Awww, just found you guys through Asian Boss, you both are amazing, and this video is entertaining with good edits and music, thank you!

I know, I really like his accent.

Rosie Thomas, he has a lovely voice, quite mellifluous.

Just recently subscribed and really love your content and I would love to come to Japan as some point!!! Keep it up!!!

I love your videos and you two ❤️ But i have a question: Does the Song at 8:43 has a name? It's "feel-good-music" Thank you for your help

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