Hidden Hikes Episode 9 - Colby Trail / APU / Goldy Knows

Hidden Hikes Episode 9 - Colby Trail / APU / Goldy Knows

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That. Was a horse on. The trail wish. I could ride it. Hello. We're here at the COBE trail with the lovely Jill. And who do we have here this, is my daughter Caitlin she's in fourth grade okay nice to meet you nice to meet you too hi, I'm Caitlin, Hartwig I am nine years old I'm in fourth grade and I'm Jill Hartwig I'm the first year writing coordinator at APU, so I help this coordinate, all of the freshman, writing classes and, make sure they're staffed with great teachers and, occasionally. Get to teach myself which, is really fun so it's a half-time position, but we love APU a big fan we. Were, pretty excited when we went to bed last night, have. You done this no have you done the Coby spell no, but I'm excited really excited yes. Give, me a high five I love your energy well, let's go meet Timothy and president, John Wallace of Azusa Pacific University. On. Hidden hikes we, invite fourth graders and their families to experience the great outdoors with us. And. Are you Kaitlyn I heard about you, high. Five. Colby. Trail. We're. Excited to have this lovely rock star Goldie, Goldie is amazing, she is a former, wrestler, she. Tours in a rock band and she even has her own show, here on the Empire network called Goldie, knows so, it's a joy to have her join us on the trail today we're. Also excited to have President John Wallace, from Azusa Pacific University. And now so later on we'll be meeting up with professor, and croissant. From Glendora Conservancy. President. Wallace you, have hiked this Trail several, times for the last 30 years so talk a little bit about your history and how it's related to APU sure Tim thanks for asking so I love. Being up early in the morning with students for, more than 30 years we would leave like at 5 in the morning and meet. It this trail and and. Walk it so that we could watch the moon set. And the Sun come up so. Students have a great memory over those 30 years walking, his trail with me but also volunteering. On this trail and helping with the Conservancy. Last. Spring when we did the president's hike with president Wallace he was an awesome guy to have out there with us with, all the backpacking, experience that. He has from walkabout, and from doing the president's hike in years past it, was great to get to hear him share stories, about what. He knew about the Colby trail how. He has, you, know had different, interactions. With students on the trail and really positive ways and and so it's always something, I look forward to each year to be able to hike with him on I'm Colby trail with like, I said between fifty and a hundred students, you, get to share stories laugh and be outside together, so.

It's Free I'm glad we're on the trail I'm glad you guys get to hike it with me yes well thank you for joining us we appreciate that, Irish. You ready to get started yeah. Sure, it's this way okay. Come, on guys we're gonna meet professor, and croissant she's a botanist, and she has something to tell you. What. Is your title and where, are you from I'm dr.. Anne croissant, and I. Formerly. Taught at APU and, also at Cal Poly and, but, I'm, out here this morning. We. Had a fire I don't know whether you realize that or not but the Colby fire happened, in January, of 2014. Ok and, we're constantly observing. And monitoring, what is, happening. In the recovery, there. Is one survivor, though right, in front of us which everybody, should know before they go on the trail guess. What its name is I mean I know what it is Timothy. You guess what it is so that's how you stay away oh there. You go oh. Yeah. But, that's it and it's a survivor, ok, it keeps coming back no, matter how tough right. Here it is if. You can catch it the. Scalped, method, is leaflets. Three let, them be, so. If you see anything like this that's kind of bushy or scrubby, or even the vine, this. Is it and it's starting to turn a little bit red it's predicting, right now and early fall, so. When the color change happens, that means fall is not far behind and, it's not just the leaves that are that, had the oil thing everything, the vine and in a cloud really. Of, Mauricio. The Guru CEO Liz is an, evaporated. Oil this is like a cloud, that we'll cover on a real hot day you may, have a sleeveless. Shirt and you're going to get boys milk even though you don't stand in it and, it's because of the oils, that are touching your skin and what's, even worse those, little black flies and, little mosquitoes and so forth they. Might get. On this. And. Then they get on you and you will I can have poison oak many different ways. Sometimes. When those early morning hikes people say well how do I find my way to the Colby trail mm-hmm why, online you can just put that name. In and lots of information comes up this is actually one of the trails that is. Under the city of Glendora. X' website, okay, and. You, can park right at the trailhead there's a few spots like we saw or off one of the side streets okay, yeah. It's got great access I love that about yeah Colby. Now. How long is the trail it's, about a mile and a half of that Club and. The. Way that we are sprinting, up this trail we'll be there in no time okay. Now. We. See that his horse friendly, so I'm assuming that it's dog friendly yeah. People. Bike here as well they do okay, and and I what I love about this trail is there's a lot of courtesy, we saw that with the horse, yes she, starts, to figure out yes my, side. Was. That that, was a horse oh right. From. The horse yeah have you ever ridden a horse yeah. I mean back, in the day okay, I think you just still do it all right well you know what they say it's like a bike right yeah excuse, me. Here's. I'm a plant that's really interesting it's not a big, huge version, of it um.

It's. Right here. Hey. Let's. Learn more about that I heard. You wanted to know something about this plant yes I know it as sagebrush. This. Is correct that's correct. You. Know what family it's in it's. In the mugwort family. Yes. Yes what's another name for the motor family. It's. A. That's. Okay. Okay. Are. The, astrologist, family. Eh. That. Was kind of fast racing. Master. Race sunflowers. Thistles. Sagebrush. All, of that okay and. But. A lot, of people get confused because, they look at this and, they say, but. This thing smells like sage isn't. It in the sage family, no it isn't how. Do you tell you, have to look at the flower and. The flower looks, more like a tiny. Sunflower. We're, tiny thistle, or one of those but. It does have. That. Amazing sage, smell you want to pinch some this is a native that's common, so I mean we can even. Take pieces of it if you wanted to use. It for the, strawberry. Or something, like that you could actually use it that way Justin do you eat it no, there, is a sage you can eat that this is not it. Can, you smell that they. Used to call it cowboy Cologne, because. When the Cowboys would come back from riding. Out with their own the horses, and they're all smelly come into town find some pretty ladies they would rub it on them. I'm. In. Coffee. Sycamore, tree if, you're ever out in the wild, and you forgot toilet, paper oh oh you didn't use that's, right or it's all okay yeah really. Soft. Exactly. It's out here a little further up we saw a sycamore tree okay the little fuzzy leaves and I thought oh the little girl they're good if you forget your toilet tissue. Well. Moss, Oaks also works okay. In. Fact I was thinking all. Of the competition. And biodiversity. Of toilet, tissue and so forth we still haven't invented the perfect no, fabric. So. This. Would be an important thing to know if if we, go. To the east that's, kind of a shortcut to Glendower Mill Road we're gonna continue north, and that's where we're headed up to the ridge line that's like perfect. Professor. You know so much about this area can, we delve, into more of the facts of this trail and give us a little bit of the history sure actually the, trail goes back the, 1980s. And. I was a local, teacher I took a lot of the kids on the trails there was the sudden. Call. I got one Sunday, morning, who. Said n you, got to get out to the Colby trail they're gonna take it away and I said what's this all about, so. I came out and I said you can't do this this is a local, natural. Area and a lab outdoor, lab for, the kids and, the families, and the scouts and. Everybody, to come out and share and enjoy, he. Said well it's gonna be developed, on I went, to City Council and found out that I could stand at a microphone and, plead for. The sake of the kids to save this trail right about that time prop a the. County grant measure was starting, they. Said and we, like your grant we're, gonna fund your grant that. First 50 acres, was one point four seven million dollars, first grant I ever wrote, County. Funded it and the rest is, history, so. 640. Acres later, we. Protected, water supply, we've saved an endangered, plant well earlier you told me that you've invested 33, million dollars, over the course of the years and right.

This Is with grants, that we achieved, or lands, that were given to us so it totals out that's, significant, that is significant. Yes and we're all volunteers. Nobody gets any money we're just no staff no paid, staff it's. Community. Endeavor. People, working together and, doing. Good things and for the sake of the children and people just to get out and to look at our foothills, yeah. Julie. You, work at APU as well as your husband your schedules are both busy how do you guys prioritize, family time so we, were. A busy family oldest. Is 13, and her name is Hallie and then, our, 11 year old as named olya and then Kate is number, three and then our little guy is Matthew. Is four years old we, love to stay pretty active so but time time, is always a battle for us so our two. Older sisters play, soccer, on, club, soccer teams so that eats up a lot of our evenings. And, some of our weekends, so, we, kind of struggle. To make sure we can find that time all together as a family. We. Like playing, baseball, soccer, and, dodgeball. In our backyard, and we also like going on bike rides as a family, we. Have computers. But we don't play video games we. Attempt, to limit technology. I think everybody knows that's a huge challenge, these, days okay. If you look carefully. We're actually following, a fault line but you didn't know that really yeah. Actually, if. You look here. You. Can see some of the outcroppings. Here this is called a Glendora volcanic. And, it's, more of a storia, this, is a type of volcanic rock well and, this. Was a fissure, mm-hmm, years ago but this whole, trail, is on a fault line. It. Was just like a natural drug it's a natural, trail this, was a fire trail at one time okay so back in nineteen three they actually, had, whatever. The, vehicle, was and they were pulling maybe wagons, but. This was to take care of a fire, but the. Fault lines for some of the best places to, actually make trails so look carefully when, you're walking anywhere. See. If you find any kind of evidences, of, some. Rather large rocks. And, again. This is volcanic, rock and.

This Is what made the trail but this was a fissure, and in. Eons past. When. The earth was hot lava, all of that. The. Rocks would be shot up and lava. Into, the air and. They. Came down all over the place they're huge volcanic, bombs that you'll see all over the Glendora lands when that breaks down it forms red. Clay soil and that's why you have these. Odd little plants, called geo fights, which. Means the earth plants, and like, the bro dia that's, where they live, they. Don't live in other places so, if we can't find the right volcanic. Soil they, can't live, so. I said when, you look you get kind of a three-dimensional, look because it isn't just the plants, it isn't just the birds isn't. Just the flowers, there's. A rock of. Water all, of this is, really part, of the habitat until, you connect, the dots you. Miss the real story. Ah. The. Breeze. John. Hey, you phone yeah, we snuck, out to a little bit of shade we were we, were ready for that cool breeze. You're. Smart, very smart. So the the, trail ends, just on the other side of this tree but I've got a cool story a. Student, named Cory would, walk with us in the mornings all the way up to this spot and in. His senior, year he falls in love and he, decides that this is the spot that he wants to ask, the woman he loves to marry him so he builds a bench he. Hauls two bricks. He builds, it he built he carries it up here okay, and he and he with a router he puts her name in the top of the bench and and so, then he brings her up here at the moment is set right and he says since, the students will. You marry me he says and, you know what she said she. Said yes okay good I. Got. A car to Kristin's right now two kids they live in the Central Valley California. But it started, right here on Cole Patrol is. The boat still there I don't know if it's let you. Know it's been a long time let's. Go see okay yeah yeah show us. This. Is beautiful. President, John no bitch yeah, you know here's the thing I we, don't need a bench to, imagine. Not just Cory, but future. Proposals. Yeah right there right the. Life that will begin right here amazing. So where are we yeah, so directly. In front of us is a city of Gwen Doran mm-hmm, city, of Azusa and right over there is a zoo Civ Pacific on a clear, day Setting. Sun you can see North. Hollywood the big buildings. Well on a really. Clear, day looking. Straight away you can see Catalina. I love. It you can't get better than this that's. Right I. Hope, a lot of people will do, the work to hike up here you know we found it a couple pieces of trash and, that's it oh yeah yeah that was crazy, just, saw some a minute ago actually, girls, are on the trail and you see trash pick it up throw, in your backpack throw it in your pockets you know doesn't. Do any harm to you and it only increases the. Experience, of others and make sure that the trails are st., preserved longer. Feel. It's a practice that I try to employ every time I'm out on the trail is there's. A giant log in the middle of the trail move, it to the side so that someone isn't you're funny or if you see if he's a trash left by someone else pick it up you know little, little. Things by many people make a big difference. John. I don't know why people come, out here and have picnics and then don't pick up after themselves but. Caitlin we have a slogan and it says pack it in pack it out repeat after me pack it in pack it. Out and. All that means is whatever you bring up here with mom for your picnic take it back home with you and, dr. croissant what advice would you give to viewers, when it comes to being good stewards over our national, parks you know you're gonna have families, come and visit how, can we take care of nature. Well. It's really pretty simple, overall. I stay on the trails take, pictures, instead. Of plants, or, anything. Like that leave the rocks alone leave it as you found it. The. Scouts have really good. Examples. Of learning how to take care of the land don't. Litter, stewardship, is taking care of the land and. Like someone once said. A good. Steward is. Somebody, who, has an idea has. A practice. Plants. The plant that. In a hundred, years when, that person will no longer be here the, people of that time will enjoy the stewardship, others generation.

Person So it's an investment in the future. Professor. And croissant. She's Wonder Woman to me amazing. Woman with a wealth of knowledge and. So. Humble, and so sweet. There's. Really inspiring. To, hear. Goldie's. Mission, of empowering, women, not. Only helping them fix. Their homes through, home improvement. But also to fix. The broken things, that, are in their lives they. Call me the rock and roll mary poppins i just sort of pop, in where. And when I'm needed, empowering. Women meeting. With great people paying the positive, forward, today. I'm the lead singer of a band but, I spent my early years learning DIY. From my dad and working on construction, sites, she. Cared about me, and I'm, a single mom and you want to help me and she, come and, saw. The wall. And she, say we can fix it we. Can do together. Everybody. We're back at Susie's today with this timer I brought my bandmates with it let's. Ever see you guys take a break before Goldie beats me up. See. That smackdown wrestling, Queen. Amazing. Trial John yeah absolutely that, was fun one it was a lot of fun just the the vistas, of views from the topper, breathtaking. Yeah, I love, where cities like Glendora have trails, that are accessible like, Colby, right yes and boy, we sure had a great morning doing that idea, so. John what part of the words of wisdom do you have for us about ways that our viewers can take better care of their parts yeah you know it's easy to remember just pass. It on play it forward. So. What, does pay it forward mean it means that in our own generation for. The next generation, and beyond, hmm, that we get him in the outdoors we taking the backcountry we take my local trails like this in the city of Glendora and, they understand, that this is a sacred place it's a holy place and they, will pass it on to their. Families, their, friends that's, good. Kolbe. Trail, Colby trail is beautiful, and, it's so accessible this trail is really nice because it's just easy you could get here on a weekday morning, and then go back to your regular activities, that's a total gift to have something so close. We. Also learned a super cool slogan do you remember that yeah. Pack. It in pack it out. That. When you free trashed. And you got to also take the trash out and you do that. And. Then you go skiing, I think hiking, provides a really neat, opportunity for. Conversation. To happen and it, creates the space for that and we don't find that in everyday, life because our schedules are busy so. Just having that time to connect with each other make, fun memories is something we always refer back to and, it's. Great it's definitely something we want to do more of. I've, met President John Wallace on a couple of occasions I thought he did a stellar job what, a knowledgeable. Man and what a sweet way to inspire. Others and kind of pass. On the passion that he has for the love of hiking and he. Had a lot to offer to me I learned a lot from him, Caitlyn what was your favorite, part of the hike today I'm. Learning, about the sycamore, tree okay, what did you learn about the sycamore tree do you remember its, leaves are really fuzzy. Do, you think your friends would enjoy a hike like this yes, cool. Well. President. Yeah thank, you for joining well yeah thanks for squeezing this in on a morning right apparently, my day job, if the university, may be calling we're. Gonna sneak away don't tell me wine today PU we got up here we'll we'll Surprise them later exactly, all right thank you guys all right guys Caitlyn yes sir yeah great to meet you. Today. President, Wallace was amazing, I loved his energy, and his insight the, story about the proposal, on the bench that was so sweet loved, it thank you so much president Wallace professor. And croissant. The, Hartwig family, as well as Goldie from the upcoming show Goldie, knows for an excellent, hike today and until next time remember to keep our environment clean and to make forests time family, time.

Great. Work Kate. Thank. You.

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