Hidden secrets of Namibia! [S5 - Eps. 55]

Hidden secrets of Namibia! [S5 - Eps. 55]

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It means stop, I think Hi! I can go? Sorry? The middle one? Okay.. yeah Thanks Good morning Internet, it is 7:50 in the morning and welcome back to the channel. I am still in Uis   but today I'm moving on. I will show you on the map what's going on. So this here is Namibia, I am now   right over here and today I'm going to follow this road and make a shortcut here and then   I want to end up here in Twyfelfontein and  there are some pretty interesting things to   see around Twyfelfontein so I'm  pretty excited I think it's going to be   a nice day it is not very far, I think it will  be around 150 - 160 kilometers of riding so that's   perfect and I have time to like do some local exploring so yeah I'm all ready and let's go Where do I go? No, going wrong Pay attention This way.. oh yeah Basically I'll be riding to the other side of the Brandberg so I'm going to ride all the way around it Wow, it's gorgeous up here hey? Beautiful Some trees, some green.. that's been a while  

Ah of course I'm now at the.. is this the Ugab river? Yes, it doesn't have water at the moment But this is the area where the desert elephants usually are because they eat the trees here And this is also where you can get rhino. There's some rhino walking up the Ugab river and desert   lions but I believe the desert lions are not here at the moment they were in the area two months   ago the locals told me but not right now So should be okay. This is now.. this is now called Anixab

What an absolutely stunning area is this. Total different part of Namibia than I've seen so far Gorgeous. Oh, there's another river here   This is the? Where am I crossing  the Ugab again. No, this is the Huab Aba huab You can just already see it by all  the trees that suddenly grow here That's also dry. These rivers only have  water in the rainy season in December

It means stop, I think Hi I can go? Sorry? The middle one? Okay.. yeah, thanks This is a cool track At some point the river must have.. dropped some water here because otherwise these trees would not be able to grow here, I'd say Right, there is a lodge here So first going to check in, drop  my stuff and then take Savannah for   some local exploring here Wow, what a cool place Let me see if I can get a room here I got myself a room, I'm staying right over  here. So I put most of my luggage inside So I can ride nice and light Let me park here. This is my first stop I'm now on my way to a geological feature called the   organ pipes. I can already imagine how  that might look like

Yes There we are So these are called the organ pipes  and they are dolerite columns Let me see if I can find another good example And well the reason why these dolerite columns kind of look the way they do That all has to do with physics and now of course physics is not my expertise and for that we gotta ask Ryan from Fortnine Wow, look how cool. This is fantastic Wow, so but yeah but even though physics is not really my expertise, I will give it a go   And explain why you get these shapes. So according to the laws of physics any   free deformable body tends to form a sphere because a sphere is the largest possible volume with the   smallest possible surface area. Now bodies that cannot form freely like confined basalt rock   they will form hexagons and that's because  that's the closest geometrical shape   to a sphere and they can be connected to each other without gaps so that still makes it the   largest possible volume for the smallest  possible surface area And if you've seen that video, can't remember which episode it was  in Iceland, where I saw something very similar   and the principle here is the same so when this doloretic magma cooled down it contracted and that   created small fissures in polygonal sections and eventually turned out like this. How amazing is it hey? So I'm walking now back to Savannah  and then about 800 meters that way   is another really cool geological  feature that I'm going to check out Wow, wow this is so cool. This is called the burnt mountain and it wasn't actually burned by flames  

but this original shale layer got  actually burned by hot basaltic magma   that was rising up and what you get then is  this, which is an example of contact metamorphism   So what happened was that basaltic magma came up and this hot rock melt of over a thousand degrees   celsius came in contact with shale and that  caused the shale to undergo thermal and chemical   modifications and this shale was an original lake deposit so it was very rich in organic material   so geologists even found small layers of coal so that actually turned it into coal   and that purple and reddish look, those are  caused by iron oxides and manganese oxides Wow.. really cool! There's just so many really cool things to see in this area. It's just really wow, incredible Okay, that was the awesome, awesome burnt mountain   Now there's one more thing I want to  check out, that's not a geology thing Which is also not so far away from here Ah spectacular Oh, this riding wind is so nice 'cause if  I just stand still and walk around in in my suit then it gets really hot.  It's midday now so that also helps Okay, so besides those old rock paintings  that I saw at the Brandberg. Namibia also  also has some pretty old rock engravings and they are around this area so while I'm here you know   why not, let's check out some of these  engravings. They're supposed to be  

pretty good they're quite famous Wow, that's amazing These are the carvings Believed to be done by the bushman people And they use the quartz stone to scratch with.. which is harder than the sandstone There's a zebra? - Correct with the nicely done with the stripes 2,000 - 6,000 years.. those are  the estimated. Different generations.   They were nomadic hunter-gatherers But Twfelfontein is believed to be a holy place During their festivals, they come here, they draw.. Communication, to leave  the message. They draw for fun, education, spiritual.. No pen, no papers in that time. No camera for photos Internet here. Storybook here.

But some of the drawings might have different meanings .. or different interpretations which we don't know Any guesses, or imagination,  is welcome Top ones, those are two oryxes Giraffe and a baby Sable Flamingo and then an elephant Flamingos at Walvis Bay - Oh, that's the flamingo there? - Yes, ma'am Walvis Bay Lagoon and Swakopmund but they used to go to Etosha Pan when it's wet During the breeding time Here we are talking about nomadic people Hunter-gatherers.. there is no  way to say Where did they see that? Somewhere in Southern Africa.. maybe in Botswana Maybe, because they moved through the whole Southern Africa It was considered as a holy animal Giraffe, they didn't hunt giraffe? Because they believed the long neck can get up to the clouds and bring the rain Now they draw more here.. we need more and more rain They thought giraffe were bringing rain When they see the rain come: oh, thank you giraffes! Are there are any more? Or are these the only ones This is the only one but we're still going to see more on the other side too Wow, amazing Please take care! - Yeah, yeah Thank you, bye! Right back towards the lodge Ah yes See? These are fresh, fresh elephant droppings. Remember when I was at the Brandberg , I said that there was   a herd of desert elephant that I just missed there. They were in the Ugab river and I just missed them   because they moved on and I just heard that they are now here they were here last night so they've   walked from the Ugab river to the Huab river that I passed today and they are here They're in the area, I can't believe that just I missed them by one day, that they were here but   That also means that there's still a chance  that I will see them if I'm extremely lucky   But so cool I feel like I'm kind  of tracking these elephants now   Anyway I'm back at the lodge. So that was it for today, I really hope you like this video if you  

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2021-07-27 22:27

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