Hidden Treasures of Fernando de Noronha - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 191

Hidden Treasures of Fernando de Noronha - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 191

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Or. Are they Caza thank you oh, the right there. They're. Literally, right next. To the vote huh. We. Can hear them all the way outside of the water. Every. Day I get dolphins right next to the boat that's cool it's like around noon, every, day they just come into this Anchorage like and just. Cruise around. They're, like swimming, under the boat you can even hear it from here Wow. That's. So, amazing. So anything. I. Don't. See, my. See. My. My. Previously. On Delos we. Have an incredible. Two-day sales live, in Rania and. Do, our first dive. It's. Pretty exciting day today we. Have an adventure, coming up, Brady. And, Ragnar or your nice one. Of these crazy little buggy, cars. So. We're gonna try to pile in all of us you're. All on and. Go for a little explore, on the island. Awesome. Yeah. I love driving things. Oh my gosh oh gee. The family. Right. We've. Got our cartoon map yep, so we've driven from here to Harbor up here and then, we took this way and. Now we're here somewhere. Okay. And, my. Suggestion, is that we take this road. When, you're being the only road the only road to here there you go this way okay, there we go all the way out here I'm good oh that's, nice. Our. First stop was playa de Sancho it secluded. Half moon strip of sand backed by steep cliff, that. Is covered in lush rainforests. We, didn't know but, apparently it's, only reachable, by boat or to, make the claustrophobic. 230-foot. Descent, via two ladders, that cut straight, through the cliff it's. A pretty interesting way to get down to the beach isn't it yeah I'm wondering how long he's been here for or. Kinda. Came up with this yeah. Of all places to build a little. It's. Tight squeeze blitz tight squeeze. Oh. It's. Like you're lowering down into a cave. That's. Pretty cool. People. Waited to get up to it's only way up and down. Well, that's pretty cool. A little, bit of interest in experiencing it's a beach, I'm, not there yet instead.

Of A hill climb. Look. At his beach. Wow. What's, on the menu for lunch today I'll younger. A. Joe. Chippies. After. Full beach day we found live music, and a perfect, spot to watch the sunset. Right. There get up there take us be a normal person and take a cell phone stuff, is going on let's see it fix your hair first you're doing it all wrong. Yeah. Are you ready Oh. That's, a good pruneface. Think. Ready play that. Is good well duh. Hissing. Ah, see. Genes, at me. We're. Close to the table and we're gonna move on to the reggae party that's the every Wednesday and Thursday, there's a reggae party on the beach somewhere. There's. Calm was, the. Highlight. Of the trip. Definitely. All, the animals. Love, being in the water it's. Or turtles. Which. Lobster. Huge. Huge. Lobster. Don't. Be an awesome. Thing great. Yeah. It's been really good here okay. I think it's time to go to the airport. Favorite. Part of the trip, oh I. Love the. Ongoing. Tempo, all through the trip but. Jays, take every, day as it comes. No, real class, that's the favorite part. They. Say it's sad to go but it's gonna be good to come home as well okay. No. More kisses right now. Although the boats gonna be selecting. And. There was four. You're. Doing. Awesome. Yeah just can't wait to see you in Sweden really good trip. Hi. Guys. What, a good trip huh, so good so. He says we say bye. That, was a good visit crazy. How fast a month can go so. Crazy I don't know if she's the. Fast I'm having like your family, out. Be part of what we do is. Amazing. Because we don't get to see the middle, yeah. Yeah. Very, sad to say goodbye though, yeah. But now it's time for us to leave yeah, gonna. Go diving yeah, we're gonna go diving and then we're leaving. We've. Been doing so, much cool and exploring, here around. The inside of the park and one. Of the main things about Neronian, that we really, were excited, to do and we got here was dive we've. Done a few dives on our own but there's. That area that, covers most of the shore that's in the park and you're, not allowed to go unless you go with the register guys company and we've, been, talking to people and, they everyone, has suggested, Atlantis divers, here so, we're gonna go and now and talk to them about where. We're gonna go and, I. Don't know just kind of sort out the trips for the weekend any questions that's doing ok where's. It worth marcelo and you know 6 me. Explaining. That the sites that they go to they. Do all these a lot and that this well picks up on this side they come around to this side too, and our best bet is to take. It's. Another incredible. Morning we're, up super. Early. To. Go do, some more diary. But. Look at this sunrise awesome. But. Today I think we're gonna go up. To the north end of the island which, is sort of that way. Into. The National Park which. Should be. Really. Really cool so we've heard a lot of good things about dive in here senior, yeah, time, to the diving yes. Facing. The right way that was recording. I have no idea I, know. Please not our super duper combo. Go, through here six months.

In Macro, with this. And then for the wedding. Cows is gonna rock the g15. Kind. Of small and it's easy to like if we need to jump in the water focus. It's always really good on it and, then consume it pretty good and the colors are good with the red. And then maybe me in radial swap. Back and forth between monadic, am I'll get to me most. The time underwater we shoot with the naughty. Cam gh4, housing, with the Panasonic, gh4 in it this, housing is sweet, because has, a vacuum inside. Now. Turns green so now it's completely, air locked inside and all the moisture has been sucked out so you're not gonna have, any fog on the lenses and you, know that, there's no problems. With the seal you can also test lights on the top. Jump. From here. Swinging out of the boat and straight, out. And when to sweep all around. The rock. Side-by-side. Sighs, okay. Swing out of the strong. This. Area, has been a protected, marine park for over 30 years. We. Become the dive by doing some pretty epic swingers. It's. Such a unique feeling. Pushing. You to be completely, in the now. Controlling. Your buoyancy, with every, breath, rising. Up as you take a breath in and, sinking. As you breathe out I. Love. Alex's, reaction, trying to express this feeling, without using, words. We. Spotted quite a few of these big schools of black markets. Hovering. Under the protection of the big shelves, in, non protected areas they are common, targets, for spearfishing, getting. Close you can see how they sometimes get, their nickname sweetlips. From, their abnormally. Large rubbery. Lips. We. Were able to get pretty close to this big southern stingray, they. Spend most of the time laying, camouflaged. In the sand like this. Looking. Even more impressive, while swimming searching. The bottom for small prey buried in sand they. Find worms small, fish and crustaceans. Using. Echo reception. And their excellent, sense of smell and touch. And. All. Of a sudden this, beautiful. Nurse shark swam, straight, towards, us. This. Is to have an itch as he kept rubbing, himself on the bottom. They. Can get quite large with, a length up to it 4.5. Meters living. Up to 35. Years old they, proud the reef for sea snails, crustaceans. And other small, fish. Under. Some of the shelves, we found the spiny lobsters. They. Can live up to 20 years, and, are, some of the most alien, looking creatures, down here they. Undergo, an incredible. Transformation throughout. Their life, starting. Off as a free-spinning. Microscopic. Larvae, after. About a year the, La Vie settles, in seagrass, beds or in mangrove, roots after, undergoing. Several molds, to make room for their, larger, bodies they. Migrate, to the coral, reef and live. In holes and crevices just, like this.

Then, We saw this this. Coral is spawning I've never, seen this before. Since, the call cannot really move around the ocean floor, some. Coral reproduced, by sanneya tiny eggs and sperm called, Gammy's into the ocean, it, looks like thick smoke and the. Crawl eggs and sperm joined together into, baby coal called, vanilla, that will hopefully find a place on the ocean floor to grow into, a new coral, colony. Filming. Underwater is just so different paying. Attention to current, your. Buoyancy, death. And most. Of the time the fish is not all that keen to be on camera a lot, of the time I think the fish can sense when you're focusing, on them and they, both out of the frame before you know it to. Put together desiring. Sequence, I've gone through about 300. Clips from four different cameras. Our, last time in aronia was, a drift eye between two islands. During. Our safety stop we started to hear dolphin, sounds, in the distance. Seeing. Dolphins while, diving is pretty rare and something, I've never experienced. Before, so. Seeing them swimming out of the blue was incredible. We. Pretty much all lost it. Oh. It. Has been a fantastic. Stay. In neuro Nia and. We. Just had a hell of a time did some partying did, some epic. Dives last few days but, now. It's, time to move on we've, just got a few more things to do I've got to go pay our fees check, out, yeah. Yeah. Well let's see we are officially, include out of Brazil we're. Gonna see if we can grab a few veggies. Found some food images. And. Got. To clean the bottom of the boat. As. A this. Is our last. Sunset. Of, Brazil, it, is time to go time to set say I think everybody feels sort, of ready it's, sad because we met so many incredible, people here and we had no. Idea at all what to expect, of Brazil, like if we were going to have to leave after one. Or two week because we didn't feel it was safe but, I, don't, know we just sort of fell in love with the place and the people and the copper Amyas and the food and. Everything. Else is muy fiel Brazil and. We've. Decided to spend one more night on the anchor just Chile and relaxing, Alex is cooking a little bit of dinner and then. We'll wake up tomorrow, put the dinghy on deck and set. Sail, for. Somewhere we're not even quite sure yet but we're just gonna start sailing that general direction and sort. Of see where the wind takes us, anyway. This. Is our evening. Enjoy. On. Top of all the crazy and amazing Brazilians. We've met over the past six months we. Want to give an extra special shout-out to our friends that helped us translate, their beautiful, language into English from. A total of 23 episodes. In Brazil. We're. Sorry for butchering, your language at times but. Boyd obrigado amigos. Ciao. Brazil nos vamos Volta. Up. Next, we, pick up the book and say goodbye to, our amazing Brazil. That's. It we're. No longer touchy in Brussels try and dive a remote, reef, and. Heaven later crossing ceremony, for blue you must swim from, the bow of Delos to. The ladder up. Onto the deck and, you must do it naked. Okay. Go. Let's. Sing yeah. Dude you got massive, thighs. That's. Why strong. Leg. In my inner thigh burns. So. You can't see my fat rolls yeah. Let me zoom in a little bit mark okay okay.

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Another great video! The dolphins were such a nice surprise! I work night shift as an ICU nurse and I follow a lot of sailing channels but you guys are my favorite. Coming home Friday mornings all I can think is what does the Delos crew have in store for me today? You guys have such a great vibe. I feel like you are welcoming me to the boat every time I watch a video. If the anyone from the rest of the Delos tribe hasn't followed them on instagram or facebook make sure you do! I love getting the "uncut" updates. Watching Brian with the grinder on Delos keel was pretty neat. I am surprised that Amel hasn't tried to give you that 55 you showed a year or so ago, or maybe they did and I just missed an episode. Thanks again for another escape from the grind! I hope I get to buy all of you a beer in person one day. Fair winds.

I think that was your best underwater video so far.

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Lovely video guys! The underwater sequence is great and you were lucky with the dolphins too! Sheryl and I sailed to Fernando back in 1991 but haven't been able to return. Thanks for the memories!!

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Brazil. Caught the Clap there in 88. Ouch.

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Fantastic video as always. Just wanted to mention that most sharks and rays have electro receptors and can detect the electrical discharge from nerve cells. They use this to locate prey.

I had my honeymoon in Fernando de Noronha almost 33 years ago. a really nice place to dive that where I started, fair winds to you guys.


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Sorry to hear about Felipe. Awesome video guys , many thanks for sharing

RIP Felipe, condolences. :( May you be climbing the stairway to Heaven in great company. @ 7:42 there seems to be a bird diving into the sea, but it's moving so very very fast! I could be wrong........??? Once again another awesome adventure in Brazil. You guys have truly shown to us uninitiated, the real Brazil and I thank you so much for that as the misconceptions from general "false news"..... no, should call it: "false views", tends to paint a very different picture, almost the opposite of your experiences which you have shared with us. The best vids yet again, especially your diving shots - brilliant! Looking forward to next week - Cheers.

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I remember when they first were heading to Brazil and the apprehension we all felt from all the horror stories people experienced. I am really happy they had a awesome time in Brazil and it shows people how it really is there and what a positive place it actually is and how it is good to get to know locals that will tell you what and where to watch out for. Also from my experiences traveling and living in New York City you have to really trust your inner feelings and vibes you get in areas you visit. If something doesn't feel right trust those feelings.

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"Which side do we drive on here?" HAHA -- such a cruiser question. The underwater dolphin school smacked so hard! Wow! (Stole a scream-shot of that. ; ) Yeah, tell us about Felipe?! That news hurt. I remember him, so open and happy. RIP.

OMG I was uninformed about Felipe. I already knew him. He was an important publisher of electronic engineering on youtube, sharing his vast knowledge. I learned a lot from him. about traveling through Brazil, it was incredible to see the beauties of my country from the perspective of the delos crew. We are a country with many problems and you have shown our best parts. Thank you so much for this. RIP Felipe.

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Johnny Gerhart there's always one in every crowd.

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What happened to Felipe?

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What a great visit to Brazil. I will say that your manner of visitation did more for my opinion of the country than even the Olympics did. Kudos to you for your manner of meeting people and finding the best in them. I am so sorry to hear of Felipe's passing. May he rest in peace.

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Dear Delos Crew, my nickname is "Mac", I found you about a year ago while in the hospital, battling cancer! Nights are lonely when you're sick and in the hospital, aching and can't sleep! But I had you to keep me company during my many stays, for treatment and I'm having another treatment stay this Sunday& Monday, but at least it's not for surgery this time! Delos please tell Blue that my mom is from Austria too! She is from Enns! Also, what happened to Felipe, how did he pass away guy's! It's so sad..... Your friend, (who will buy you a beer when I am better and working!) Mac

Once again I do not know if you have "laid keel" for your new ship, but you simply MUST treat yourselves to a "moon pool" like the bad guys have in James Bond movies. Your love of diving truly shows. You are the new Jaques Cousteau... but there are six of you...or more...Love Love Love to you all. Thank you so very much for taking me with you. Your photography skills now rival any beauty shot(s) that I have ever seen in any Hollywood production. Thank you. thank you. thank you.

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it was very thoughtful to dedicate this episode to Felipe. Respect to Delos crew for that! And as usual thanks for another grate adventure!

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Guys!!!! The shots are amazing!!! Spectacular!!!! National Geographic and Discovery Channel have a very capable competitor right now! Yeah!!!!!

Beautiful episode! Thanks for kindly showing an incredible part of our culture! Espero que voltem logo, boa viagem e que Deus acompanhe vocês, um grande abraço! Cheers from Ilhabela - Brazil

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Felipe was in "Sailing Brazil's Biggest Island, Ilha Grande - Ep. 181" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqIYmUUK_iA&t=1245s

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@6:42 I almost thought you guys teamed up with the Dirty Heads.

One of the best vids! A 25 minute vacation.....

Epic guys totally awesome I can't wait to do this on my own also.


Voltem logo! Boa viagem e bons ventos.

I think that's the first time in human history someone was able work in a "money shot" of turtle into a video....lol....great job Kazza! Sorry to hear about the loss of a tribe member...RIP Felipe

Imagine what Jacques Cousteau and his team could have done with modern camera gear! Totally “epic”, as Kazaa would say. Obrigado.

Does anyone see the bird dive at https://youtu.be/dOzoT4_wzj4?t=462 7:42

Epic epic dive video - WOWZERS!!! Stunning variety, spectacular quality, crisp editing and smooth narration by the queen of the sea. Cousteau himself would hire the gang!

RIP Felipe. Once again you have given us a great video. Thank you all and safe travels.

What side of the road do drive on? Way to figure it out on the go.

so young and full of spirit. R.I.P Felipe

I think your Dolphin visit on the dive was Karma's reward. Vale Filipe. R.I.P.

Ha-ha, Cptn. B lightin' one @ 8:46

Felipe expression when he first met you and expressed how it made him feel, is exactly the feeling I had... and I think I'm not the only one judging by the comments here. He's was (is) a great guy - puts a smile on my face. Great video - don't you love Brasil!?!?! :)

Best Delos Ep. from Brazil but to be honest I was waiting for much more and I'm disappointed on your brazilians episodes. I know Brazil is not the best place to walking on the streets with 5 cameras but....yeah never mind...BTW super cool Kaza,s commentary.

This one brought tears of joy: Amazing out of the blue dive under way. . . DOLPHINS! And the final sunset on Brazilian waters! BIG thank you to Kazza for the TONS of edit work to get that great dive footage. Sad about Felipe. . . May know more?

Oh no! What happened to Felipe? I am so sorry for your loss Delos. I know you spent a lot of time with him. He had a sweet spirit. I will refrain from discussing potential reasons for this beautiful soul's death as none of us know anything, and how he lived was more important than discussing how he died.

We bear stakes to retrieve the context, as we take another step up for a bullet train race. With all due respect to those before us, hold up the names in the Marks of our ancestors. And if the fall was up to the call, believe in our hearts so we can take control, we can make it, oh we can make it. If you let us be what we're now, we can take it. Ramukanji.

brazil's tourism industry owes you a massive dept of gratitude for dispelling myths about personal and property security,thank you for showing us that wonderful land,and sea,there are not many places I wish to visit,now Brasil is one of the very few,my condolances to Felipe's family,and friends,he bought a boat,now he's sailed away.thank you Delos crew,all of you,on board,on line,for absolutely awsome vids. "May the wind............."R.

Good episode

OMG, I’m so sorry to hear about Felipe, that’s so sad. This was an amazing video guys. Well done as always

I watch the episode with my daughter and she told me there should be a cartoon featuring your adventures , to which I agree. Thank you guys , we love you and beijos e abracos do Brasil !!!

One of my favorite videos to date. Love the way you explained everything Karen. Being a diver myself it's fun to see what you are seeing around the world. Thanks and sail on.

What side of The Road do i drive on...... lol. Love it.

Love you all

This was an epic episode! seems like you guys really had a great time.

What a beautiful beach that was! Good to hear your voice too

Delos, please do not cater to the calls for a special episode or statement or whatever, from those who are suffering from Mourning Sickness over Felipe. You have done well to pay tribute to him, by dedicating the episode! Leave the real Mourning for his family and close friends, and do not cheapen his passing by going into it further merely to satisfy the morbid curiosity of the masses who want to virtue signal with overemotional displays of grief for a person they did not even know. I am sick of all the crying and fussing, and over-hype nonsense like what happened with Princess Diana. Don't turn Felipe into a spectacle. Delos is about life, so let the dead rest in peace. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mourning_sickness

Brilliant underwater scenes. You can not get more clarity underwater, awesome. Definately,Cousteaus of the 21st century

Fantastic episode - thx and be safe!


Future video on the army of cameras used around the ship and underwater would be cool. Some opinion on what Cousteau would think about the massive improvement in cameras of today compared to what he had to use back in his day would be interesting.

True inspiration, love you people.xxx

Another epic episode. The footage of the dolphins from your dive was incredible.

look out blue , Ragnar about to take Señior Brady off your hands!! lol

Those guests were bogus. Super lame, glad they’re gone.

A truly fabulous episode in every respect. I smiled, I laughed and I learnt a bunch of the underwater World I know little about. Thank you Delos crew.

Another shoutout from a nurse. You make my job bearable cuz I can "sail" away after shifts. Julle moet lekker braai hoor! Lovies, Z

At the end you post a dedication with dates 1990-2018 for Felipe... what happened? Where is he?

Awww! What happened to Felipe?? He was so young...and full of life. I wonder, do you guys have withdrawals when all your guest crew leave and you have the Delos to yourselves, or is it a welcomed reprieve from having to be responsible for extra souls onboard? Epic video(s) as usual. 8 thumbs up (said the octopus)!

Breathtaking and beautiful, that's just KAZZA, So too the video quality... when is the wedding, Cant't wait to see the Dress !!! maybe LISA will catch the Bouquet if you attach a Rocket to it? GO LISA we Root for your Happieness

Yikes !

I still look for Lisa, but she is gone, only for now !!

Nice video Delos Tribe.. the only thing is that I still in shock after read at the end about felipe... RIP Felipe!!!

RIP Felipe. The dive video was *amazing* - the colors and sights and then the pod of dolphins!! Everyone's reaction to it was so fun to see! Next week's preview got me thinking, how many N. American women get to say they did their turtleback going NORTH across the Equator!? You're in small company, I'd bet, Blue!

Buggy island? wth :D

this is the standard to compare all of the other sailing channels to. thanks a lot.

Life is short anything can happen . If you want to go sailing DO IT . Do it now .

Any thoughts on health care for cruisers from country-to-country? Countries that are good or bad?

We've had EXCELLENT care provided in New Zealand, Australia, Phillipines, Thailand, South Africa, and Brazil. We've found it to be cheap and easy and of good equality in most places in the world.

I've been watching yawl for awhile and this video is my favorite

Very sad to hear about Felipe...may he rest in peace. Delos rocks forever!

I LOVE your dive videos AND narration! GREAT work! ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!

Watching from St Thomas. Leaving soon. Safe travels!

Epic is for once in lifetime events ! Everything cant be epic!

Ahoy SV delos peace love unity respect even when my life gets so busy it takes an extra day to get the opportunity to enjoy your video I shall be forever grateful that the delos tribe brings the greatest entertainment YouTube ever known to The Working Man water is life awesome video

:-) sweet, two full moons in one week! Can’t wait. We have yet to meet, but I love you Delos crew. (-;

"What side of the road do we drive on?" was the best!

Wow I haven't given a thought about Corals rejuvenating its self cool and sexy sharing its love juices ...RIP Felipe at least he's in Haven with his grandmother ..God Bless...Thanks Delos You guys are the Best...Txs., and keep up the great content and beautiful Views...Oh Txs. for sharing ...

U tube wants money from me to upgrade,does any one else have a blurry pic on their tv?

Whoop whoop delso dropped

I think the real lesson here is Delos exposing Brazil for what it really is. A beautiful country full of beautiful people.. Yes like anywhere there are some bad apples and those bad apples can create a false reputation. Brazil is filled with wonderful people living in an absolutely gorgeous geography. Thanks for Delos showing us the light of Brazil

I really love this video! I think it's the best one yet! I always love when Kazza & Brian do the narrating. Kazza has a wonderful voice as does Brian. What a wonderful place to visit! Thank you for sharing this awesome video!

Miss you guys!

Mac, we're all sending you well wishes! Just wanted to mention, the Delos folks had said that it's a little easier to talk to them on facebook if you want to connect. They said it's a little easier for them to see the messages and be able to get back to people. I think they are in Grenada now for hurricane season. And I saw Brian had commented he will be meeting up with Liz's boat Papageno there either this or next month. Can't remember the exact time but looking forward to that episode a lot. :)

Really loving your diving sequences and the education you are doing with it! Great job guys

great episode

What is the meaning of love? You guys define it ! Cheers. Hope to see you on the Pacific side!

OK, so I've seen many of your dive videos and have to say, this one was EPIC! Just...WOW! Dolphins finishing off a dive filled with sharks, rays, sea turtles, and a coral orgy! Noice! Seriously, you guys are doing an awesome job of highlighting the need for protected coral sanctuaries which benefit not just the corals but also the diversity of wildlife that depend on them. Add to that some local color from the residents of Fernando de Noronha and it's a winning combination. Just so you know, your channel is followed by some of my fellow Alaskan sailors and when we get together during our races or overnight trips to exotic Alaskan locations, we'll sometimes talk about the latest exploits of the good ship Delos and her crew.

love and prayers to Felipe's family....... His humble character and The Way he was accepted into your Home, was an inspiration to us all................ thank you for the hugs and love you showed him, r.i.p. may he be with The Lord Jesus now that we can celebrate and meet him again in the future. We share with you all our tears..........

Reproducing coral, who knew!!

what flavor would you like taste&high?

So sorry to hear tribe member Felipe passed on - sailing the big blue. So nice to dedicate the episode to him!

Have you been to San Palo Brazil ? I've a family remember who's orginially from Brazil , who lives in USA.

Fun + education = another great video! Thanks Delos o---) When scraping the hull try using a small plunger with a handle to hold you to the boat better. Use a toilet plunger. You cam make a small rectangle handle to hold onto better and to tie a line to. At least drill a hole in the handle to tie a line to (and to your body of course).

Thanks for posting the names of the underwater camera equipment you guys are using!

Great underwater sequences and welcome descriptions of what you saw. Rays sensory systems are even more elaborate and interesting than you claim although unlike dolphins and bats, they can’t echolocate. Instead they can sense electric/magnetic fields as well as both distant and nearby vibrations by using different parts of lateral line system.

I must say i am so jealous to watch all off your videos and i did not see sea for 8 years ::) your folower from PRAGUE Czech Republic

Loved this edit. Thanks for the extra info on underwater cameras and species. The shot at 20:38 of the dolphins is magical.

Hey Brian...It's not VENGA...the correct is VENHA = COME...BR

Fantastic video guys. Thank you for sharing. So many cool shots. Especially during the dives. Coral breeding. The dolphins swimming through. The bird dive bombing on something among the surfers at 7:42. "Camera on, pointing in the right direction at the right time"... so true! And you guys get it all. Thank you, thank you.

Good to know. Thanks!

No, my experience is the fee to upgrade is for less ads and other premium content - I suspect your blurred images has more to do with local internet speed ...

Government screws the people, have to pay a favoured company to go in the water, similar shit in Mexico, rip-offs have the right to charge 4 times the taxi fare to and from the airports.

Appreciated the identification of wildlife you photographed.

Another awesome episode, thanks gang! That coral breeding was a first for me as well. Keep on sailin'.  Peace & love to Felipe & his family & friends!        Jim S/V Kampeska.

What model dune buggie did you rent. ?? Very cool

what ep# was Felipe in?

OH GOSH! Sad News of Felipe. So young. What a loss.

What the fuck, awhat happened to my homeboy? We’ll toast are old friend.

Does anyone know why trees are painted white? Seems like a negative thing to do.

"Which side of the road we are driving" lol, I had this only sous la mer and reverse but a valid question ! lol . Very nice "movie" (At least for me) I`ve just opened and THUMBS UP anyhow, so brilliant, sharp, entertaining, honest, documenting and underrating in a straight forward live style way. Thank you ! This IS THE WAY TO GO (SAIL) and you practice it. Fabulous.

Hope you guys come back! There's plenty more Brasil to explore ❤️

What an amazing dive!

Another beautiful and amazing rendition of the best of humanity. Love you guys and your living and your work and your sharing. Thank you. RIP Filipe

EXCEPTIONAL!  Thank you!

Thanks again for brilliant work. There must be so much work in all that. Thanks so much.

That is a special place in the world, amazing people as well

Awesome narration...enough said!

Damn, I remember Felipe to be Suicidal/Depressed hopefully he didn't go that way.. RIP

Now THAT'S a Crossing-the-Line Ceremony I'd LIKE to attend, just to watch Blue, lol! The Underwater shots are TOO Clear, I want to reach out and grab a fish! It looks like they're swimming in AIR.

i am late viewing this adventure and i can say once more it was great.....that kewl beach with big waves - great diving pics - man it does not get much better from our view point - standing by on my end for more.....fare winds

Awesome place, music? nah lol

So sorry to hear about Felipe, may his soul rest in peace. Wonderfully edited & narrated video Kazza

" The Wrong Throat!"...lolol Kills me every time..Hahaha!!

I think I'm going to add one more comment. I'm going to watch every episode again. Just because I love y'all so much!

Quick question when are Max and Frida coming back? Can't wait to see that.Maybe they'll stay awhile. Sorry about Filipe he looked like a great and fun guy from the episodes I saw him in. This is just a stopping point to a better place. Y'all are doing an awesome job!

Loved some of the new graphics tools you are using, in particular te info banners.

I really liked the educational feel of the diving segment, it’s really nice to know more about the fish and reef! So sorry to hear about Filipe :(

love the dive footage!

I am so happy for your dive I could cry ! Love your freedom x

Do you have a desalinator?

What a RollerCoster of emotions! Happy (visiting the island) -> Sad (bye Kazza family) -> Happy (dive experience) -> Sad (Felipe's death) -> Happy (new country to discover trough Delos crew eyes

So sorry to hear about Felipe . Such a kind and good person . Love to his family and may He RIP .


23:10 "sort of see where the wind takes us" - excellent!

Thanks for another fantastic video. Sorry for the loss of your friend. :-(

RIP Felipe. Love to see and follow ur journey, Delos Crew. One question regarding your bottom on the boat: how come you dont use Coppercoat, instead of conventional paint?? It’s fantastic and keep your bottom clean way better. Going to treat my Beneteau 393 with it. Had a great success with it on our old boat, Scampi 30. Keep up the good work guys. All the best Lars

what happen with Felipe??????

I think it’s so sweet how hard the good byes are for Kazaa. It’s refreshing to see someone so present and appreciative in the moment!

Yes, it is powered by 220V AC (our generator) and makes approx 180 liters of water an hour!


Long-time subscriber here... you guys have had your ups and downs IMO, but the evolving SCUBA emphasis is my cup of tea. Unsure who is narrating the excellent underwater video footage, but very competent and informative. Looking forward to the addition of Nate and Jordan; enormous potential if the stars align, and the fates allow.

WTF! What happened to Felipe? 28 yrs old!

An absolutely fantastic episode guys, one of your best!


Is it just me or is Mr Brady putting a few pounds on of late?? Must be content eh

your a lucky man brian.

Your underwater footage is on another level! Well done

Thank you for sharing your dive camera setups and for identifying the fishes. You guys are best!

Muito bom! Parabéns SV Delos.

I think that was the most epic dive yet. So much stuff to see, so many cool colors. Awesome!!!

Awesome job!!! Loved this episode ❤️

Greetings from istanbul you love

No steel drum at anything that is Reggae? FAIL!

Waves are magic.

What if you are adipose challenged; those ladders . . . ?

I think the discovery or travel channel should pick you guys up. Perhaps buy you Delos 2, maybe a big Cat would be awesome.

Kudos to Kazza for the fantastic edit of the underwater scenes. Thanks for sharing how much footage it took to make that great video. It is the best I have seen. I think it beats the Discovery Channels which sets you in an elite status in my mind. You guys just keep doing better as you sail. I love the idea of just pointing in the general direction and seeing where the wind blows you. Pretty great concept.

I think what Ragnar said at 9:25 is "We had nowhere to be and all day long to get there"

Always watch when I can. Many blessings for a continued safe journey.

Hey guys, great video, just wondered if you got sponsored or got freebies from Atlantis Divers? If not how much were you charged? Thanks.

@7:30 mins Rag still has the factory shipping screen protector on... I never wanted to peel something off so badly

Thank you for telling us the names of the sea creatures, and about their characteristics... always appreciate the education :-) Perhaps you can explain the underwater hand signs for us non-divers.

Compassion is the radicalism of our time. – the Dalai Lama (according to the internet). Thank you, Delos!

I like how you're trimming your mustache out of your nose brian!

RIP Felipe.


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