hiking achasan, brunch, cafes, and new friends | my life in seoul, korea VLOG

hiking achasan, brunch, cafes, and new friends | my life in seoul, korea VLOG

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Hi everyone! Long time no nature :) Today we are going to finally   hike Achasan! I don't know if we're going to make it to the very top but we're going to try our best.   The path from the subway station to the mountain is very well marked but there's also just a parade   of people in hiking gear that I'm following so yeah I have my water, I have my snacks packed.   It's a beautiful day! Let's go! Update: this area is also filled with really cute cafes and a bunch of   food - like market stalls - so in case you do forget any food   on your way there, there's tons of convenience stores but there's also   a lot of places selling fruit and all these really yummy snacks so yeah this is a   really cute neighborhood. The hill begins - I see we're sloping up so I'm gonna focus on walking! So this is a program, the Seoul Trail, where you can essentially get a passport and then if you go to   all of these trails all across Seoul, you can use this stamp and fill out your passport and then I   guess once you finish it you actually get a kind of passport - you get a certificate. So one day  

I will do it. Today is not the day but we're still gonna hike! Well this trip became real wholesome real fast. So I made eye contact with ahjusshi who   started talking to me about how he - before he dies wants to see the sunset in Santa Barbara.   So nice! And then I ended up stopping because I didn't want to walk up that kind of   just rock face because I'm not wearing my non-slip shoes and he went up and when he got to the top   he turned around and he waved! So I think we're heading to the same place, these should match up,   so maybe I'll see him again but just how sweet! And before we get too far along I do want to   give a shout out to this video sponsor, thank you so much Skillshare for sponsoring this.  

Skillshare is a wonderful online learning  community, you guys know I hype them up all   the time, and I actually just started a really  cool class about video for Instagram - being able   to tell an engaging story in 60 seconds because Korea finally finally got Reels which we just   never had before on Instagram so that is just another potential way of sharing video content   for me that I kind of want to try out. You know that I love really really long-winded vlogs so   kind of learning how to tell a succinct story in 60 seconds would be real nice. So if you want to   check that out or any other courses on Skillshare, you can check my link in the description box for   a free trial of the Skillshare premium membership which means you have access to everything and   after that it's about $10 a month. So thank you to Skillshare once again and let's continue the hike! Okay great news, I thought I was lost - I'm not. So let's go to this place first. Up more stairs.

My home is down there, near the bridge.  Oh wow, my home is over there, I think. Okay yeah this video should have come with a super wholesome warning. So I did end up meeting up   with my friend up here. He took the hard way up the rock, I took the easy way. Turns out he   lives around here and he studied - he really likes languages so he studied Arabic. I don't know where   he learned English but he likes baseball. What, how nice! We just chatted for a really long   time and it was just :) So that's a thing that  I really I've talked about before but I miss   that a lot about - where I'm from people tend to just strike up conversations randomly all the time   which is kind of a blessing and a curse but I  kind of miss it here, you don't get a lot of like   stranger interactions and this was just really wholesome. So he says that he walks here all the  

time and he loves to chat. I'm just gonna sit  here for a little bit, the wind is picking   up but it's gorgeous and everyone is just kind of parked out on the rock, taking in the view.   It was super chill, it took me maybe maximum 20 minutes, I don't even know, from like the trailhead.   Yeah I'm gonna chill and then we're gonna head down and we're gonna get some lunch so yeah   thanks for coming with me. Sorry I'm not going to the top - he's going to the top! But I just kind   of wanted to get a feel for it and then come  back here in summer because it's going to look   stunning in summer. It's gonna be so green and like I said it was a pretty easy hike so  

yeah I'm going to leave you here, see you on the descent! You are too close to me friend...   You look like a relatively clean pigeon though, all things considered. Who created this? Okay perfect timing, I'm suddenly  so hungry and we are going to get   soft tofu (soondubu). This is a pretty typical  thing to get after you hike and there's   a pretty famous place right around the  corner from the mountain so let's go! That was delicious, amazing, love places  that only have two things on the menu.   And we are gonna head to a cafe  but I just walked past another one   called Cafe Acha which was beautiful but it was full so I'll link that - whoa sorry - I'll link   that down below as well if you want to check it out because that was a gorgeous little cafe.   But we're gonna head to another one  because I do need just a little bit of coffee   ooh there's a cute little plant store... 

Hi! Time jump! We're back home, we're rested, we're changed, and we're heading to COEX to   meet with Mehdi. We're gonna get dinner  and he's going to teach me how to vlog   properly around people, so hopefully  there will actually be footage   of Mehdi and yes - so I'm going to hop on a little bus, we're going to go get some dinner, okay? Okay! Now to find Mehdi...he has blue hair he should be easy to find! Also hi, we only saw the back of your head. Hello! Wow oh such service! Song and dance? Gold on top? We are bougie! Is that edible? Ye....no. lol. Okay horrible vlogger checking in to say goodbye to Mehdi. Bye bye thank you!   Thank you for the burger, thank you for the dessert. Okay I will see you later bye goodbye goodbye!

So today was just a wholesome day from beginning to end. Mehdi is always wonderful, we talk way too   much so I literally can't film because we're just chatting and he is just great please go follow him   he's a little light. But I'm gonna actually  head home and hopefully - oh there's, can you see him? BTS is really big over here. Oh it's the MTV  unplugged. Anyway, yeah I'm gonna head home  

and thank you so much for joining me - I will see you guys next time. I'm gonna head out of here   before this screen starts showing like really  creepy things - they have a couple like really   unnerving things that go on on the  screen so yeah I'm gonna head home   but thank you for joining me, see you guys next time, love always! Good morning! So I realized that I ended that vlog on a really strange note so I'm back to take you   out for coffee this morning. We're gonna  hit this place that has been on my list since   I think since I literally came to Seoul  the first time. It's been here for a long  

time. It's called mtl hannam and so I  figured I'm gonna be meeting Kaila soon   in this area so why don't I finally get coffee here.   I have a book that I need to read - you guys might know what it is if you follow my book channel   but anyway I'm gonna go get coffee, check  out the cafe, read, have a wonderful morning.

Oh my god!   Hi there! Big time jump, we just sat and had  brunch and talked for a really really long time   so that was that. This week has just kind  of gotten away from me, there were things   came up that were unexpected and things that were expected but I forgot about them and so I   need to do all this stuff - anyway - so apologies that this was a little all over the place but   it was a very lovely two days, got to see a lot of people that I love, made a lot of new friends   etc - a lot of new friends meaning a barista who was really nice and an old man on a mountain   but anyway - I'm going to end it here so thank you again to Skillshare for sponsoring this video   once again the first 1000 people to click my link in the description box will get a free trial of   the Skillshare premium membership. Yeah that's kind of it. The weather, I mean, we're literally   like a week away from cherry blossoms happening. I'm gonna try and travel a little bit to catch   as many as I can so get ready - hopefully this was the last video where I'm like 'oh my god everything   is still brown' - the color green will be back  in our lives soon! So yeah I'm going to see you   guys next time, thanks as always for watching and have a good day night evening morning bye!

2021-03-16 23:22

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