Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln in Sweden 2021 4K

Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln in Sweden 2021 4K

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OK! We have started our hike on Jämtlandstriangeln. Which is a 3 day hike. First day goes from Storulvån to Sylarna, it's about 16  km.

And the 2nd day we go from Sylarna to Blåhammaren, which is the longest day. It's  about 18 km. And the last day, 3d day it's about 14 km back. So it's a triangular  shaped trek in Jämtland in Sweden. Here we go! How are we feeling? Good...

Is it hard? No... ...It is! How was the first day? It was very, very hard... I am very, very tired... Knut? Easy peasy lemon squeezy... So day 2 of the trek, we're leaving our tent. We're not going to start section 2 on this triangular shape trek today...

We will try to  instead ascend Storsylen. The tallest peak of Jämtlands, lies about 1743 meters above sea level. From that peak you can continue to ascend an additional 90m.

Then you have to cross  the border to Norway. So the higher peak is actually in Norway. It doesn't count as a highest peak in  Jämtland. We might be in for a tough day... Here we go So we made it to the top of "The Pyramid".

Now we continue along this  ridge up until we reach Storsylen. Good job! Almost there... It's really high...

So actually i've been here before once... 4 years ago with my girlfriend. We came here and then we turned around.

This is the second time i'm here and this time... i brought my brother! So yeah, we will ascend... We made it! So this is the tallest peak in the  Jämtland...

Over there we're crossing over to Norway Which is the tallest peak  on this mountain, "Storsylen". So we made it to the top! Actually in Norway. Yeah it wasn't it wasn't too bad... Now we go down! So we made it down.

It took us maybe 3-3,5 hours to get to the top 2-2.5h to get down again... Really feeling our legs! Here we go! Whoa! That is so good... So they have a drying room here! i wouldn't mind staying here drying up myself Good night! So we're leaving Blåhammaren starting our trek on the 3d section. The final section of the Jämtlandstriangle.

Headed towards Storulvån,  which is the place where we started this trek. So it's day 4 and it's about 14 km, so it's the shortest section on this trek. Mostly downhill so we expect  the day to be quite chill...

Alright, here we go! So, that was Jämtlandstriangeln in Sweden!   If you would like to do this trek yourself, I will share with you some good to know details. There are 12 renowned so-called signature trails  in Sweden. And this is one of them! We started our trek in Storulvån, which we reached by a connecting  bus from Enafors That was easily reached by an overnight train from Stockholm. From there we  started our 16 km hike towards Sylarna We passed plenty of water streams along the way  with clean water suitable for drinking So you do not need to fill up multiple bottles while hiking! In each end of the triangle you see they had rooms with proper beds and where you could also purchase  food. Not only to bring with you, but also as great restaurants.

So if you don't want to carry your  own food like we did, you can just buy it there. The rooms as well as the dinners could be booked in advance so don't count on it being available ...unless doing so. Once we reached Sylarna  we pitched our tent on the other side of a river. The Jämtlandstriangle is 47 km long and is typically split into 3 days but we decided to add another day to ascend Storsylen, summing  up to a total of 56 km during 4 days.

The second day we climbed Storsylen  which took about 5 hours up and down   So a fairly short hike that i highly recommend  doing if you have room for it in your schedule! The views were just amazing and you get to  climb over to Norway. We didn't meet too many people while hiking it... But to our surprise the  top was full of Norwegians that climbed from the other side! Our third day we went back onto the  second section of the triangle towards Blåhammaren. Around here was the spot where we encountered  the huge reindeer herd strolling around. The second section is the longest section of the  trek at around 19 km, But halfway through there is a small shelter where you can warm  yourself and prepare lunch if the weather becomes bad, like it did for us. Reaching Blåhammaren we  felt relief that they had heated drying rooms As we were soaked having walked in rain for hours...

We pitched our tent close by... The final day was only 12 km long hiking back to Storulvån From where we started. it was definitely the easiest section as it was not only the  shortest distance but also mostly downhill. We had booked a bus taking us back to our connecting train from Storulvån at 3 o'clock and we felt no stress getting there on time.. so i recommend you do the same!

For a trail in Sweden to qualify as a  signature trail according to the Swedish tourist association, it needs to have distinct  beauty of the surroundings and it needs to be characteristic for its part of the country. For me Jämtlandstriangeln is a perfect entry-level Swedish hiking experience That offers some  diversity with each section. You really do get this sort of lord of the rings vibe! With these far stretching landscapes and snow-capped mountains in the horizon...

The only downside for  us was a lot of mosquitoes whenever stopping. So it varies by season and from year to year, but we got unlucky. So be sure to bring a mosquito net! It is quite famous in Sweden this trek so you will  not be alone on the trail. Especially if you hike during peak season which is July to August. Another reason why this trek is so great is how suitable it is for everyone! You don't have to bring a tent  if you do not want to as you can book all cabinds forehand. You can even eat well cooked food at  restaurants every evening if you want to do that! You even get the possibility to do some more adventurous hikes, such as ascending Storsylen along the way and if not everyone in your hiking  crew are as adventurous as you they can easily spend day near Sylarna to just explore the  area.

If you like this video please consider subscribing! As it ultimately enables me to get out  and do more of these treks and videos to share. I will put links in the description for  all the places we stayed along the route as well as trail map. And if you have any questions about this trek or video or feedback, comment below and i will make sure to reply! i hope you enjoyed this video and i hope to see you again!

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