Hiking with the Donkey | Camino del Norte from Zumaia to Deba-Day 6

Hiking with the Donkey | Camino del Norte from Zumaia to Deba-Day 6

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Good. Morning on day six it's, 7:00, a.m. now and we're, still in tent in the spot we found yesterday in the fields so it's a little forest here was, very card with no wind so it was very warm in, the ground is kind of uneven, but. Overall. The didn't sleep very well, because. Of the rain the rain walked, up are several, times so. I kind of feel a bit, down, you know did, everyone to make 15, kilometers to the camp inside and we really hope that it won't be closed as our last one 15, kilometers doesn't seem very much but with how tight you are it will be the perfect distance to. Do so, want to be moving forward but don't want to be killing ourselves so. That's, our plan for today. Alright end is so wet right now that it plays at home and. Takes up so, much space. This. Is our setup with a sleeping mat for boiling up water, I found, it more efficient, this way. Today's. Breakfast, will have rice what, is meant for salads, but we like it is a main dish. Today's where there is so much better than yesterday's, promise. In a good sunny day and, the. Air is so fresh you. There. Is also vineyards. Around, here, this is where the grapes grow great, we've. Missed it and. We. See also the little one, factories, there, so for the wine lovers, should. Be great for the gustation, tasting. The wine that. Is a very, weird -. I haven't, seen that anywhere. Before, maybe. Just somebody, painting it but, it's not like official. Sign. We're, scared but local, this black cloud. Will. Be also top. Some. People on the following said, that the first seven. Days. Or a week is, the most difficult, through, the mountains and, if you can survive this, the. Rest of the way will, be easy for you but. For, now we don't feel like it's, challenging, part maybe. Because we're more trains, after, leave in one year and hiking in the mountains, but. You. Know uphills, and downhills. No. No. Not a big deal, maybe it will be different in the, future so we'll see them. After. 40 minutes back on the trail. I hope. To do it this, morning. We. Decided to go to the bundle today. Quickly, so, now having the real quick snack and, we're. Going on the way when the weather is not pleasing today there's, not a billion today to walk right we'll do it anyway you must do it we don't know how much we're gonna we're gonna feel that we'll try our best. We're, just talking about how the people are. Managing to walk. Long distances in. The boots that, are hard and heavy weight. Because. We. This. Clear that there will approve and like better. Holding. Your leg and stuff but. We. Won't be able to, do so because it's. So heavy weight and you, know our, legs are would be all wounded, up so. Maybe it's really been demanding. To the, shoes but we prefer the. Light trekking. Shoes or, sport shoes anyway. So we're, interested of what you guys think what's your opinion we. Must commit. Well. Mutti, conversations. Oh and, the flowers everything. Use. Places. These days you have met several people with. Backpacks. Serious. People that. Are kind of looking like they're doing the Camino but they're going in reverse direction so. We were wondering if, someone. Does, it actually this, way going. Backwards. From some geography you. Don't know so, where else we. Can show about it. If. You have some information about it there is no. It's, rainy weather influences. Media, very badly I have, a bad headache. Probably. It's because of the pressure because. I notice. That if, the sky is lighting. Up, I feel, better instantly and, if it's not mean again. I feel. Worse so. I think. It's for sure because of the weather today, the weather extremely, changeable, one, moment it's raining heavily and you put on the raincoat, another. Moment the Sun is coming out and, you're going up here on your court they, want to put off everything off it's. Hard today, the, convener is going around the donkeys. She. Wants to come out of the gate. We. Were so tasty. For. A great couple, she, loves you. Now. We continue the community the. Diamond. Is. Protector. We, always wanted, to. Try to go with the donkey in our, drink. Came to. The. Donkey. Wants. To come with us. We. Don't force it. Today. We don't use the paste and we're Gator, because. We have a lot of indicators that's. Been great all the way you, have adjust of the Camino and just go with it it's been very relaxing. The first days were kind of confusing. The route spots from today on maybe. We'll go with their commune or me that's.

Great. It's recipe. Little. Break. They. Were these lots of uphills. And downhills probably. The most out of any. Day will be non Camino but. That's, been fine because it's been great views all. Around and. The. Road itself was very quiet, like. 50%, pavement. 50%. Dirt roads by, at least we didn't walked. On the car, rolls and you know highways, so. It's just perfect. It, was interesting day, with. Different route weather. And. Landscapes, walking. Through the forest through. The fields, and, seen. The ocean most, of the time so. It's been great even, though we had. Little sunshine, it was very bright day for us, lots. Of impressions. Was. A positive, emotions. It was the most rainy, day so, far who had a chance to, try out our wrinkles, so. It's. Not bad and. For the most part it was drizzling rain so, it wasn't very heavy. Rain, so. We've been fine. Yeah. Now we're going to bed a village and then we decided what camp it will stay in because all the capital sports are kind. Of far from the city three kilometers back, or forward, but. You think going, forward because it's more logical, but. We'll see, make, sure you're around now, we're on our way to the. Campaign that is five, kilometers more, for us to walk and, had. A bad news because, the. Pedestrian. Bridge broke. Up or something. Do. That huge, round. This. River, of something, wrong the corrode and our hands the tunnel. It's. Kind of looking weird right now, I don't. Know if we can get there but. We'll try to film everything. This. Way thanks, guys. So. We're still going it's. Already very late. Thank. You so much for watching if you enjoyed our video feel, free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel always stay up to date with our recent hikes and adventures, make. Sure to check out the detailed map of the hike in the description, below the video also. Follow us on social media like, Facebook and Instagram for, daily updates, hope. You're having a wonderful day, and we'll, see you in our next video bye.

2019-03-06 04:34

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Great video again!!! I loved the donkey hiker

Thank you so much! We was the cutest and sweetest donkey we met on the way, would love to have the whole hike with him:)

La terre est si belle, merci

Merci beaucoup, vous êtes toujours la première personne à regarder et à apprécier notre travail:)

Great video I loved it you had a lot of rain though. What time of year was it and how long did it take you?

Hello, thanks for stopping by, we did it last year in September - start of October and it took us around 35 days. We can say that it's probably one if the best months for doing el Norte because we had the most of the sunny days. It was actually one of the only ones rainy.

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