Hollywood Studios Live Stream - 1-26-18 - Walt Disney World

Hollywood Studios Live Stream - 1-26-18 - Walt Disney World

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Gosh antenna, with, resort TV one and we are alive tonight, at Disney's Hollywood Studios. So. If you're watching this stream on the replay make sure that you hit, the subscribe button if you're new also click, the bell to, get notified every time we go live also. Make, sure make sure you remember that we live stream every Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern Time and, every. Yes well, not every Saturday we don't launch a most artists and we have new videos every day at 9 a.m. I got to wake up and then, also, check us out on social media hey everybody, Road Trip Rachel. Patrick. Trap max Ethan episodes blue polo hey there's, projects, math Brandon, Disney Princess Kutcher Rachel. Murillo, blue, polo trap max Ethan episode Patrick Jambo maskull News live in HD our road trip Rachael Brandt, dreamers Empire Damion, James vlog. David Briana hi how's everybody doing Christian great. Marco Disney like me how's it how's it going Luke, Jasmine. Here there's our theme life one of our partner channels Marc. See Isaac Heather, at LJ LJ. Jim, awesome, been waiting all day Thomas ever after they got a great channel to check them out thomas ever after Daphne, and family Julie and blue polo Nikki Angela, Paola. Sunday Studios yeah, Nancy. Hey Renee and Josh Disney, chick Mario mhm Bower powwow lucky dog Julian Wow Conor. Everybody. Melanie. John grace. Sean. Bates Mouse junkie Craig W. Thomas. Gervase. Justin. Moto 200 already Wow Josh, Paul how's it going Evelyn's buddy. Al, real. Schumann, the. Chats flying at Thomas after after Judith Jaime, Daisy the lab hello. Jael. Yeah. Ben. Music 96 John nari Dana buyers Hershel margin landing hello Jeff Hoover austere, D how's it going, mr.. Gonzo al, Michael, Lorie Carlson, how's it going rocky and Cory the ace pirate pirate, pirate. Max Timothy, rain waters rain waters were here that's. Gonna live Laurie, Brad Pamela. Yeah, LeAnn. Orion. Devon, Devon Jerry. Supplement, Thomas Marino hey there's Ruth Murillo, rail. Bender hello, yes. We will jl disney chick craig merlot welcome back thanks. Thank. God for this every week Craig absolutely, thank you 200. Wow yeah. All. Right Judith let's, hunt, smack hey guys we're gonna sorry, if I miss we're gonna miss a bunch of comments here for seconds we want to introduce, some people, that are with us tonight so hold on just a second, Jenna's here I'm. Here and we, have a great. Group of people here this. Is this is Britt from, aviation photography. And Andrew. And. Okay. Remind. Me again Natalie. And. Krystal. And they, are from California and, they are, Disneyland. Pass holders yeah and we've got what was the name of the chicken. Hey. Hey. Hey on vaycay that's right and then of course you all know our, John's. So. Yeah so if you guys are seen aviation, photography on the stream and Andrew what's your name on the stream of you. Andrew. Lockerbie yeah okay, so, yeah so you get to meet them in person they're over here on the, East Coast. Do. They know DAPs DAPs. Okay. Heather. Springer LJ so yeah so they're joining us tonight yay Oh Jenna. Give him a card I forgot, to give him that earlier but it's a card Cory the ace pilot says aviation, I don't, you know Cory the ace pilot or not maybe. He knows you, 300. On the stream already in there's mom and dad happy. Birthday Jacob. Oh happy birthday to add up it's at his birthday happy birthday Atta. She's. Getting them all our resort hopper card I'll have Jenna wish you happy birthday soon hey Judith, watching. With my sweetie until we go to dinner got, my discord to work a they got the cards guys yay.

Pizza. In our TV hey Thomas bats Dustin, Disney, doodle it's getting a little cool but not bad Jeanette's, Addas birthday tonight. And. By the way I got a Brit shirt is like I need this, I. Make. Coca-cola disappear, what's your superpower. I need, that hey Jay Patrick. Yes we need that. Alright. So Peggy Jo. Julie. And I love mom and dad so we're gonna we're gonna move on down the road here a little bit William. All. Right everybody say happy birthday to a derive Midway mania yeah we'd have to have a fast pass for that great shirt everybody likes it I've, got Bob yay Michelle McCoy he has a card hi, from Tennessee either spring I love the shirt Scott, would love that shirt Renee says Chris. Who Gio no 57. Days and Counting sorry if I said your name wrong there's Serrano how's it going mom and dad love them there's Big Al and Mary how's it going. Denise. Manning CSX, Jim yeah there's Jim we're gonna see him and pretty soon Ross. Says hi to everybody, Isaac. We're gonna have a lot of fun yep hey there's Lori Braun, Harry. Murray bump Dean, mistyped, that one time. Hello. From Brandon and Heather yeah, magical News live wants to remind you that's a family-friendly stream so, make, sure you keep, it family-friendly tonight a little Megan of two boys hello, Donna, how's. It going everybody says happy birthday to Atta Heather. Says, the same thing both others do misty. Let's see his camera, what. Does. He have a camera oh. I. Don't know hey Anna starett. Harry, Murray calif, i continuous pre-stamped, envelopes could you send a Nanaia card yes yes we, forgot yes but yeah send us an envelope we'll get you one mark, Warren Powell we're gonna just we're gonna walk around and check some stuff out tomorrow. Hello, did I say it right. Tomorrow. Disney, lover Paul Wozniak, we're gonna look at galaxies, edge here David. Parks hello Det Riggs I'm, over at Star Tours okay come say hi Stella, urban sooner girl monkey, man Wow stuff how's it going Scott, Denis, Lola, yes Santiago. Up. Two froakie lon Mary Ellen hashtag, Newton new to hopper Rowling. How's it goin Martin, just popped in to see the start of the stream going to bed totally understand. All. Right we'll. Look at the rest on Saturday, Studios, looks quiet that's not too bad over here for sure that's, okay okay all right I tried, is it, bad that I was thinking about this stream okay therapy, be far behind I hope not, Aztec, Disney cranes he was thinking about it all day yes. This new area looks nice Barbara, blue polo yeah, all. Right so. That's. What I'm thinking you can see some rock work but do I have to kind of get over here to see it or it was no it was over this way. Yeah. So. You can kind of I was seeing it earlier maybe it's like back up the hill you can see it the rock work for galaxy's edge mark. Hamill just liked my tweet oh my goodness that's, big news right there I'm.

Gonna Go back up here and see if we can see the rock work there's some rock work on this on the. Millennium. Falcon experience. Sorry if I'm missing your comments I'm trying to do we're trying to do a lot of things here hates us turns gene builds odds and ends hello all, right there oh there it is now you can see it look right here you can. See some rock work on the Millennium Falcon experience. Up there just a little bit I think Disneyland is actually ahead of Disney World on construction, on that yeah, I think. Hurricane, I'm gonna put it behind it but probably just you know who knows I don't. All. Right what's. Up guys Stella, urban hello Matthew hello, Anna hi. All. Right. Fault, love's wall hello, almost. 400 now awesome, awesome well. Hi. That's. Awesome oh. Thank. You. Card. Card, give me I'll, keep them in my pocket, I'll get the cards out Sooners so what are your names. Alexa. Somebody. Said Maineiacs. Yeah. Wow. Well, thanks for staying. With us for so long. Nice. To meet you too bye oh. Yeah. Okay yep, alright, well. So actually look no um let's see what should we do yeah. Let's go back sorry I'm being like I'm being like a DD over here let's. Go this way. Hey. James that's a miss roogey sorry if I missed your comments hi happy Jack lives, in Bangor oh wow Bangor, Maine oh yeah yeah yeah. John. Maybe they said in July Disneyland, will open first okay, interesting. By the way check out some, of the awesome channels, that are on here our theme live again, is one of our awesome partner channels Mike. And Jen as well as magical News live is. Awesome Nick and and Disney, Princess Couture Rachel, go, to couture yeah, I can't, do it and. Then also make. Sure you check out, Thomas. Ever after is a great channel via pre-project. Who. Am I missing all, Central Florida CFL, Park up or all of our cool partners, check him out. For. 20 now yay. Welcome. Back, that. Was cool wonder if they live in Topsham her birthday, I, hey there Shana in blue, I met. Them earlier not, on the screen now they're on the stream, so. This is Shana and blue hey, I. Already. Gave them a card, Oh Walt wins yes Walt wins thank you. Hey. Be our fan TV they're awesome - check them out so this is Shana and blue, you guys have seen them. Yeah. Shout at the blue potent he's just blue then we got blue Paulo - two, different people and little, blue we got three different blues. Yeah. Hey Mario Bremen yeah, so I gave them a card earlier but. Yeah. Absolutely. Oh yeah I should give. Oh. That'll, be awesome. Well. Even we, went to one that was sold out we. Weren't there for the rides but even though. There. Was nobody there so even if it sold out. Yeah. No. Jenna hasn't got the Starbucks yeah. Awesome. Awesome yes. Okay we're gonna get a picture. He's. Like what up wait, wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what. Alright, guys we're gonna get a picture this is so awesome lots of resort hoppers yeah alright so we're gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna, hold the camera down so we can get a good picture here. Alright, you got it. Geez. Hey. Thanks. And. I got to talk to him earlier too so that was really awesome yeah. Just. Got home from a long week we'll be at Disney traveling to New Orleans that's cool claim right. Everybody. Says what a nice couple, yeah. Our, resort hoppers are awesome yay bye. It's so nice to meet you guys have. A lot of fun Oh. Oh. Hey. That's yeah. We're. Not at Magic Kingdom yeah, not indoor web country. Well. And it's, not like we're gonna stop doing this so next time you come down. Yeah. And you'll be back I'm sure. Well. Thanks guys it's so nice to meet you, bye. Oh, Josh. Go with the two dollar donation first donation of the stream do use ello app it's a free walkie-talkie. We we actually don't but that's kind of cool Zelo so. Joshua will thank you Josh, Joshua. Will thank you so much love blue jacket okay so Jenna. You'll take the stream for a second take, the resort offers I'm gonna give them a fast, pass to Space Mountain maybe. Some photography. It's. Better than money guys. Jenna. Lingo, that's right. Hey. Rita yeah. Free faster. Hashtag. Better than money. That's. Right. He's. Got like 20 lines. Wait. Wait wait whoa. She. Says hey hey I got to have this gonna screen for a little while oh, we. Got somebody else with a stabilizer hello. Yeah. We're like cb1. Here. Oh, really. Okay. What's, our channel. Okay. Oh that's. Awesome Isaac, Congrats. Okay. Guys what's um we're. Gonna go move. On move, along. Do an extreme, closeup on Josh okay. People. Are gonna be like oh close that video right, hi Jane yeah our house hunting is is going slowly but we're so hunting hunting. Away. Three-day. Finger. This. Was used to be open here and now it's a wall there's, a wall.

We. Need to get Disney to accept resort hopper cards as fast baths yes yeah perfect, Jenna say Jambo, to Richard for me. God. Was up from dick from Nick yeah yeah. We. Were gonna ride Muppet vision uh tried you can't ride my vision, we were gonna watch puppet, vision but you can't do it look Ian who'd say hi. You. Can't you can't film in Muppet vision we checked it out we were gonna do it the signal is there but I asked the cast member Jenna and I did and they said you can't film on it so we don't want to break the rules but we, tried, do. A restaurant. Yeah. Do, a restaurant, video like the 50s primetime I did check it out it was um not, on too long ago Oh Elsa. Says hi hi Elsa that, was actually um yeah look last week a Saturday just posted it yeah so go check that out nope good stuff good stuff very. Okay yeah, yeah the fountains working guys yeah. It looks beautiful. So. Happy to be back with you guys. Over, Ned Dale and I are looking for a house no. All. Right let's go up top here and see what we can see oh. Thanks. Iran oh yeah. Yeah. We're gonna go we're. Gonna go up sorry. Trying, to walk down the stairs and not fall. Joshua's. Son is adorable, yes, oh thanks, Renee. Up. The stairs, we're gonna go up the hill so. Stairs are now a hill. You're. Secretly, house hunting for a partner Channel. Yeah. We. Love it all of them circle, of life is probably closing since you know it's kind of dated yeah. It's. All about it bad just, dated guys just. Yeah. I think I think it's actually better right here by that okay. The the. Job hunt is not going well I'm still at my same job, the. Trees the trees the trees trees. You darn trees. Yep. Cass Tech Doren trees can't, see anything here I'll zoom in guys see trees. If. You please. Yeah. Have. You heard Champions Gate has. Its own 16, minute road to Disney huh, yes they, actually heard about that Matt what's. This what do you mean by a 16, minute road to, Disney I'm confused, a rope thick 16 minutes Jenna has a cat room and josh has a flesh. Did. You fish. All. Right going down the stairs sorry guys can't can't read and walk down the stairs at the same time or walking chew gum no I, can't, do that oh you can do that I can't. They. Said I can. Flesh. Flesh. Fillet. Flesh. And flies. Need, to buy a Disney, themed hotel we would come every year well I'd love to buy a hotel but that's a little it's a we're gonna be buying anything that's a little expensive. Dale. Is not here unfortunately he, doesn't have a ticket so. Eventually. We'll get him a ticket yeah. What. Do you. Every. Cool well I'm on stage oh. Yeah. Okay. And. What's a jinjo yeah okay. For now. Okay. I. Know, thank my one-year-old, you should. To, go with you. Everybody. Saying rip great movie ride. That's. Good. Right. Picture. Calling. The aliens. Arrived. Big. Al wants to know if you're gonna break out your Fonzie. Jacket tonight. Hi, Joe Morgan Sophia, and Julian, hi guys.

Yeah. Let's keep on moving. We. Might have to flew past Starbucks. Hey. We. Might get we might have to get a new shirt guys belongs, to resort TV one. Down. Yes. Like. My son got a concussion today, so he's listening in to your live stream oh I'm so sorry hope. He gets better. Hey. Becca. It. Does it looks super different, doesn't it guys. Oh you're. Welcome LJ, Stevens that was fun to do. Hey. I'm. Planning my next trip to Disney in 2020. Ah some, for your 40th birthday Jenna. What hurts the most when walking around Disney all day um. You. Don't really notice it when you're walking around it's, when you sit and get back up because, then it's like Oh everything. Aches but I walk around all day at work too so, like I've already got 14,000, steps before I even come here so. Yeah. I'm. Gonna go show them this, alright, guys we're gonna go this way. Can. We take a walk to Epcot later, I don't know we'll. See I'm not sure we're gonna do that tonight, I'm. Excited for Toy Story land too. Yep. No more Christmas do. You think one day you, guys could live stream from scooters. Baby. Oh Ross. Merrill thanks, hashtag, by Dale a ticket, here's, the first five dollars toward vying de llano annual bad food sissy, Josh. Ross. Merrill, hashtag, by Dale a ticket, here's the first five dollars, towards Dale Daniel pounds. JPL. Studio hey wait. For Star Wars by the way we did our Disney tag, we. Did it I. Don't know James if you if you do you want to do vlog style stuff I know you mostly do audio but we didn't, know who to tag so we tagged our John's I thought let's see that he didn't own any videos on this channel but maybe I'll have to do it on Nick's channel or something I don't know where or, we. Tagged him he's been tagged already and then we tagged JPL Studios James yeah you don't have to do it I know that's not your channels more about audio net awesome no worries go check out JPL studio is one of our partner channels as well but anyway you got tagged. Zoom. Out again alright guys, we're. Gonna smooth this way again and, I had to show them the picture yeah absolutely. Hi. Jenna, and Josh from New Hampshire, we'll be at Disney on Sunday awesome Kevin yeah I can't. Wait for Star Wars I'm. Still waiting for the theatrical, cuts to get release. Cool. Okay alright, you, got tagged, Big Al said. Anna. Want somebody to rent me a scooter. We. Do enjoy the rides yeah we, can't really bring the phone. On there though cuz the stream will die Oh a blue polo enjoy. Watching the stream thank you fly eagles, fly thanks, blue polo. Josh. Blue polo oh good polo thank you $10. From blue polo enjoy watching the stream thank you fly eagles fly yes everybody. That can beat the Patriots sorry Patriots fans yeah sorry sorry. If, you're a Patriots, fan. Looks, so different I know it doesn't it. What. Is your favorite ride at, Hollywood studios right now it's probably toy story mania, it, might change later, Jenna. Rachel, and we. Both. Want to say a very special thanks, to. You and Josh this is an insider and Jenna, Rachel, can tell you more exactly, what that, means okay, Rachel. We both want to say very special things thank. You to you and Josh this is an insider and Jenna Rachel can tell you more exactly what that means okay Thomas and Randy cool. Can't. Wait to hear more about what's. Talking about. I'm. A Chiefs fan okay, cool. Josh, and I are Colts fans even though they're not they're.

Not That great right now we lost Peyton a while ago. Would. You rather watch the Super Bowl or be inside the parks um I would rather be parks. Hi. Jenna from the Crowley family, we missed you on Saturday. When we bumped into Josh after is he back from the People Mover yeah sorry, Dave, Dale and I were house hunting on Saturday, and it took longer than expected because. I was gonna go over and meet Josh but it's. Okay maybe. Next time but sorry I would have loved to meet you, live. Stream from the Super Bowl Oh from our Super Bowl party Oh funny. But. Job, hunting, is very very, slow I turned in like four applications. But. I haven't gotten anything back from anybody yet so, that's. Okay I mean I'm still at my same job it's just. Exhausting. But that's okay. You, guys help us meet such, amazing, people like Thomas and Regina and you guys we, were talking about how lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives, oh thanks. Rachel I this this. Resort, hopper community, is amazing we've met so many awesome people I love it I love it yeah, oh thank. You. Disney. Hired Jenna now. Hi, Jenna the mouse family or something wait I find the Mouse family. Hey. Guys I got hired by Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse come, on. Hey. Minnie just got our star on the Walk of Fame oh. And. There she is Oh Josh. Elaine Kantner, $10, oh well thanks Elaine keep up the great job thanks, Elaine see, see it's all Jenna all. Jenna get oh no. Thanks Elaine we appreciate that very much Oh Craig. Murillo hire Jenna now. Yeah. Hire Jenna and the Jenna family, Oh. Our theme life five dollars truly. Love what you guys do our, inspiration, for our channel comes from you guys can't wait to see you guys on our next trip oh that's. So sweet Mike and uh Mike. And Jen that's so sweet thanks, guys we've. Truly appreciate, it you guys are such awesome people so definitely check out our themed life they've a great channel awesome. Channel, so I want to Josh, yeah, Mike and Jen Oh Mike and Jen our theme live, truly. Love what you guys do our inspiration, for our channel comes, from you guys can't wait to see you guys on the next trip oh my gosh thank you Mike so nice, always. So supportive guys if, you haven't checked out our theme life yeah you know they've been growing, and they just passed a thousand subscribers a few weeks ago actually, I think on New Year's Day I think your eyes but, anyway please go check, they. Are just such a huge supporter, of our channel and always, have been and we want to support their channel and we always will do that as yeah so. Yeah Jenna I really liked your unboxing, video this week I might get some of the soap gems and Josh you did a great job with Addison, oh thank, you oh by the way Tim Tim, and Jen on the Kim tracker stream shouted, out Aarthi, while this was, kind of throw, my love that was fun. Let's. See responses before we forget oh, my, goodness. Fifty dollars we never truly, appreciate, you all thank you for all you do oh my goodness, Heather, thank. You so much. Wow. Thank, you so much everybody for the donations, we just want to go to selfie and Thank You Heather you're so supportive of all of us thank you so much and, she supports our theme why have to she gave them a really nice donation the other day too so thank you Heather so much you guys are awesome it was so great to meet you in person we can't wait till the next time as. Gregory, her son was just such a treat to meet such an amazing, kid was Jacob and the rest of the family family but it was just yeah it's just so nice to meet all of them.

Thank. You so much Heather I. Was. Gonna say if they're watching hi Gregory hi Jacob hi Greg whole family hello Heather, of course hello. All. Right. We. Can't wait to see you all again - Heather yes. Yeah. I actually, got to meet him on my birthday so that was fun. How. How. Is the young lady battling. Cancer right. Now. If you didn't see our Facebook post she's, not really doing that well at all yeah. They're. Gonna go to the ER last night yeah she caught. The Bronx you caught bronchitis and turned into the flu and. Her immune systems already down because of the cancer obviously so it's not been very good so. We're hoping that you. Know we're praying and hoping for a miracle that she'll, get better. Julie's. On here we'd love to hear an update we're gonna, keep, for. Later they said that they were going to the emergency room last night so she's still in the hospital she may not be you, know she has it more important thing. Nashville. News live says find the Josh find, him now the, Hollywood, studio. The. Number the. Number we need the number now. All. Right. I'm. Gonna pack the back of my arms gonna fall, we. Don't want Jenna's arm to fall that would be bad. Mailing. Address mods, can you post the mailing address it's in the description of the video to you. Go in the description the video you're gonna find our sponsors you're gonna find the ways that you can support us if you want you can you can find our P o box you, can find our Spreadshirt, where you can order our resort, TV ones shirts you can find yours, by Jenna all kinds of stuff so check them out. Yeah. Hashtag, safe Jenna's arm and Paul says best wishes to Elena, an. Arm falls off hashtag say Jenna's arm that's awesome. One. Like equals one prayer yeah for sure let's go over here real quick there's, there it is thank you magical news live I'm following on Facebook and Twitter yeah guys by the way follow, us on social media if you're not because we post a lot of updates there so. Follow us on social media. We're, almost at, oh wow it was like fireworks over there for, any of the guns we're almost at a thousand, followers on Instagram and Twitter so follow us there hello. Thank. You. Well. And they love your ears by the way that you've got the Hollywood, Tower Hotel ears, on. Here to here's a card for you. Absolutely. You. Got you. Got a flash I guess oh yeah you got a good flash on that one. All. Right guys we got light up Jerry and picture lizard. That's, awesome. Well, we love to hear that you know we just if we were able to bring a smile to your face one day or something that really makes it worth it. There. You go and that's a good flash so I bet it got a.

Life's. Like a nice camera. What. Kind of camera is that, okay. Like, it like, what's the model of it a, 65. Okay I was looking at a seven that's why I was telling. Nice. Thank. You so much oh. Thank. You thank you, so much this son has to meet you guys have a great rescue trip. Hey. Clueless clueless mama, D hello clueless mama D how's it going. She. Was on a, bio, freeze, yes. Oh hi clueless momma Dee and. Sorry. I missed some missed, some comments there if I missing your comment their son is watching okay cool Mike emotion sci-fi dinosaurs yeah, Julie. Says she, is home she is better sorry, guys working on my eBay Wallace okay so she's better that's, good okay so Elena, is better yeah that's very good news, AJ. Duffy Hollywood use of the least popular Park oh yeah until then toilet toy toy, story and Star Wars land yeah then it'll be that the best. Part for sure your. Famous final about that we enjoy it for sure, Kaylie that, was Kaylee. Lucas. Corner, can you shout me out please and what is your favorite number one Disneyworld ride I'm going in May. So. Shut you out and of course our favorite my favorite ETA, and I think Jenna's is soren, and and flight, of passage yeah they are very sweet Cassidy, so. Hey everybody. I'm. Here but waiting for unexpected company checker champ cool shot up the Tina and gene and granddaughter deja in Rhode Island Paul. How's it going Paul Hines yeah Disney. Fan 65, Anna, says great news yeah Kodak moments Thomas bets, my. Wife is always sad she works late can't make your strands awesome, okay, I feel off to a frock you line up to pro I'm sorry you like you like watching me say, your name I don't do it very good they, need a little more lighting I agree Epcot Bob by. The way how's it going Bob and Dean oh you guys are usually watching, Robert. Werner. Hi, Josh and Jenna flying home from Philly yeah. Renea, Congrats to your parents I didn't see it sorry what. A wonderful, night temperature, is it's a little cool probably 65 right now Scott. Happy 35th, birthday tomorrow, Ross. Merrill moving, to Orlando, no. Timeframe cool Ross and dmg. Explores then. We got DMV it for $20. This. Is Derek thanks, for your help that you've given Gregory, and I with our channel we're trying to grow that's awesome, love, you guys well thank you D and G explorers, check them out yeah they're trying to grow a channel check. Them out d & G explores, and thank, you so much for being. A $20 donation, DNG, awesome awesome. Alright. What's. Up Nick yeah. Donation have, you guys seen the new duck tail show I have I don't really like it as much as the original it's. A little bit edgier just. Just, went to the chiropractor okay. Pamela, that's, good guys. Will be signing autographs I'm about that we did once. You. Guys having microphone issues I can hear whomever is holding it but when you talk to people it's hard to hear them they, were they were they require to write them yeah that's, okay oh yeah. Not. Out of the woods yet she goes back to Emory Tuesday, hopefully she'll be able to do the treatment this time she has missed three weeks oh man, keep, praying yes for sure not out of the woods Grand, Avenue esteemed as a gentrified, historic, district, inspired. By the real location of the same name in downtown LA cool, your. Channels with my favorite channels am organic cool. Okay. Sonny. And Suzanne and Tennessee love you cool by the way if I miss your comment please just repost it it's never on purpose all. Right Jay our NJ Jenna hire Disney. Should hire Jenna as the. Exit ambassador she could say bye-bye to every guest as they leave, yes. All. Right. Yes. Hubby is working late so I get to hang out with you guys less Sunset Boulevard yeah and this is actually, a Hollywood. Boulevard. Donation. Total one hundred two dollars thanks, guys you guys are so generous to us thank you so much I want, to make a highlight video of you saying my name yeah I think I just think that the Brian there you go all. Right so I, need to do the sponsor so let me catch up here real quick hi from Oregon, works. Art hello, Elvis. Gaming channel hello there's. A new duck tails yeah clues mom Andy it, got dark yes it did big out, Sunset. Boulevard inspired, by the real thoroughfare oh the same name was the first expansion of the park opening July 1994, yeah, that, we did have 500 a second ago where will you suggest to eat in Hollywood, studios you. Know back lot is great but. You, know sci-fi, is really cool if you want to do a sit-down kind of a thing shout. Out for your birthday frozen, mama sure. All. Right you, like the new duck tails okay Ashley just finished my mitts aren't I'm cool, hashtag.

Bloopers, Guys. A dark tales do, all do, you get do, you get all the donations through PayPal yeah I actually did get like 95%, of the PayPal donation yeah. Missed the main street performers, yeah that they still do performers, here though soon. To be great Marco just just. Done a seven and a half hour drive across country so, chilling out cool I'm glad you made it safely kind. Of sad to see all these wonderful event, oh all the wonderful event exaggerations, that were here during Christmas Oh. $27. From window repair parts lop things under repair parts and $20. From William. Twin-twin, de Beaufort so. 27 for window repair and 20. From when william, prynne, opal so thank you so much. Thanks, guys we appreciate that very much. And. Guys the chat just really jumped sorry all, right we'll look Disney balloons they're a little out of hand right now I need to do the sponsors so what we're gonna we, can do the sponsors so we're gonna show. You Hollywood. Boulevard while we do that so, guys please check out our sponsors, Mickey blog calm and Mickey travels calm for the best in free vacation, planning advice and, you can check out Mickey blog calm for great articles, about Disney as well, as Mickey travels calm to book your trip and it does not cost any extra to. Book on Mickey travel so I'm not gonna be reading the chat for a second sorry guys so, please please make sure you check up Mickey blog comm and Mickey travels calm also. Make, sure you check that window repair parts us window, repair parts they've already been on here and donated they're on here every time Rachael Craig. Ruth and Peter great great amazing, family so, please check out in their magical news live just, posted the sponsors please check out window repair part us, amazing, people and use the coupon code resort TV one for 20% off your purchase so if you need any kind of window repair parts door repair parts please check them out at, window repair parts us also. And all the links are in the description, also you, don't have to remember it and magical news live just posted it also, check out Neverland mercantil com Neverland. Mercantil comm. You. Can check out Disney and fire baths frosting like meet me on Main Street churros, and all kinds of stuff oh. My. Goodness imagination, returns and Jenna just did a video about an unboxing from them so, if you want to know more about neverland, mercantil calm, please go check out Jenna's unboxing, video that I posted this week before.

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Check That you're not playing when you're driving well just don't run so fast just get it kept get, a strawberry funnel, cake so good how. Do I become sponsor, and get you to mention my business Adam if. You go to our uh you. Go to our Facebook page and send us a message on resort TV one on Facebook we can talk about that or my email address is Jay, in Nelson, at gmail.com you. Can email me so yeah we can talk about that for sure oriT send me a message on Twitter they can talk about it so notes are no worries on that easily. Always. Always love talking to you know people that want to support us any way they can and you know what the awesome. Way to support us is just to watch the videos watch, the videos share us out and watch. The ads all that kind of stuff and make sure if you're new you subscribe guys awesome, Susan. Mott piano done are you guys gonna watch the fireworks yes. Welcome. Bill big owl says if I miss one you know the way oh yeah, yeah. That's one of those YouTube things my students, always we're talking about that welcome Pat eh welcome, sorry for missing comments guys yep. Send a message through Facebook yep, great Marco hi glitching gamers makeup how's it going Disney, lover what what did the King get for Christmas Christmas presents that's fine, Matt Bob how's it going are, you want a Halloween party I'm not really sure Matt Bob but we'd love to meet you sometime hi. Pat eh give us a view of the tower Terry yes let's do it hey Jenna, I think. I'm gonna go give them a view of Tower of Terror real quick I'll be right back. Five. More weeks I'll be down there looking for you guys hydra hydra that'd be awesome totally. Enjoy bill's odds and ends guys that's a great channel go check it out so. Check out bill's, odds and ends one. Of our friends bill 'back hey. Paul Fox how's it going the Fox family he's been posting some videos on his channel about. Their trip to Disney when we actually got to meet them hey guys when will your Disney tag be up yes our themed life I'm, not sure when it's gonna be up but we're gonna put it up maybe, Thursday I think we talked about putting up the Disney tag on Thursday so, check that out we got a new subscriber. Oh. Cool. Andrews, friend Lizzie just subscribe hi Lizzie if you're watching, alright. So they want to know when we were going to post the Disney tag I said maybe Thursday yeah, I've, been on Tower chair of 23 times while that's pretty good Jenny it. Looks yeah, and you didn't actually end up in the real Twilight Zone that's the important part it looks so warm there what's the weather like it's not that warm actually it's like it's a moderate. It's not bad, weatherman. 66. I said 65 earlier, blah. Blah Eliezer is, this your job no this, is not our job Jenna has a job at a retail. Retail store and I, have a job as a middle-school, teacher I, teach middle, school band work string guitar so no this, is not our job. Rubber. Bait rubber baby buggy bumpers, no the, trolley car net in San Francisco is amazing Thomas says what, rides are opening this year Toy Story rides the, Toy Story land rides Alisa, just popping it before he board our flight I Lisa, oh. Yeah. That's, right be careful, purchase. Hello. Kids. He travels Pixar land I think it's gonna open this year there has not been as of, the latest update sometime, this year I think probably I've heard summer so. I don't know when though yeah. I'll. Be done in March Disney family love to meet you Cassidy. I miss having a tower Carrie yeah you guys missed the tower care in California or. As guardians of the galaxy really. It's. Very different I was very impressed with what they could do in such, a small space yeah you know but. I mean this is classic I'm glad it still exists in this form here yeah so at least we can travel here and still go on with the attraction well the first time I went on the Disneyland when I was like wait a minute the elevator doesn't go forward it just goes up and down and to be honest that's why I'm glad this one stayed because that part is really cool this is the more ornate one for sure yeah. Oh. Yeah. Haha, sorry spoiler alert she keeps why. Is Cinderella, good isn't a good soccer player she keeps running away from the ball. Pulled. Pork with pork loin Paul Fox, her. Coach is a pumpkin that's awesome guest so, she's not a good soccer, player because her coach is a pumpkin and she runs away from the ball Star.

Wars Land there's no official date either it's just 2019. So. Our theme y-yeah make sure again that you check them out they're an amazing Channel Partner Channel Star. Wars or galactic spectacular, is a night game show Hollywood studios so. It's based on Star Wars film series and features fireworks projection mapping fire lasers. Fog effects and searchlights cool, Disney. Tag is when we answer some questions, about Disney, just. Based on our experiences, and what we like so it's a just a way for you guys to get to know us better so. That'll be fun yeah I, don't. Understand the Disney tag it's just something fun, tell. Tyler and Zack to clean their room Tyler, and Zack you, heard your dad it looks like Shane yeah you heard your dad you gotta clean your room good. Night all thanks for taking us with you bedtime now 2:30, at. 2:30 to drive to MK awesome Erin can. We donate four thousand forty two thousand seven hundred to keep Jenna home they got wants to donate 42 thousand dollars. That's. Somebody else they, always ask if this is our job it's like no. Yeah. We yeah I I took the day off today I was supposed to work today all. Right red leather yellow leather. How's the weather it's 66 degrees. Paula rainwater is wishing we were there we're sending a surprise that's awesome Paula, the. Way that I got both of your autographs oh yeah Paul we were delighted to meet, you my. Son wants you to look for arnold schwarzenegger in the hollywood store oh okay. Tower chair absolutely hates me we. Were booked for August 15th whoo yeah, awesome Paul Hollywood. Tower originally known as the Lebel tour is a large apartment building, in Hollywood California cool I didn't know that, kidder. 96. Thomas. And Regine love guardians of the galaxy. California. Disney, and Universal Studios, don't impress me oh really I don't know jail, please. Subscribe to Lucky Dog Productions to help him get to 1,000, yeah lucky dogs a good channel to sue the. Shower builtin the tower I said shower was, the tower built in 1929, was a popular resident residence, for entertainment, industry, and employees. For many years and has often been cited. His inspiration, for Twilight Zone Tower of Terror cool. Never.

Will To scare fourth row rides Tracy says is, Disney spending too much on new rides from UK I don't think so David I think that they definitely need to you. Know to capitalize. On that on. All, of the popular, things that, they have all the popular franchises that they own how, about Mickey Mouse runaway train is there a sign there saying when it's opening no I think, it just has a year maybe but. What we can go check that out gentle, of your ears from Susan. Jenna. Susan loves your ears. Hi. Josh from Jenna from the Robinson family just tuning in this. She just said that she she loved your ears, how. Does crush go on the second floor he takes this elevator oh. Yeah. No that's cool I was I just wanted to tell you that I'm actually terrified of drop rides but our Kara looked better on the park skyline, yeah guardians, looks awesome though especially at night please say hi to Sandra from, Rachael I, have her watching with me awesome hi Sandra, and Rachel. So. Wish we could come home tomorrow instead of today we would have still been there to, see you we rode rock and roll coast for three times only so they're leaving they're going back. Yeah. We didn't get to see a mom and dad or with us there or they were at Starbucks no they're with us okay. Maus. Joy is here hello favorite. Disney movie oh man I don't even know we. Did some stuff on the tag well, yeah I have too many favorites, let's, talk about Meet the Robinsons is being underrated, I like that yeah now. Look. For a cm named Maureen she was my gym teacher from high school I think she works by the main interest that's really cool how do I know the way of course I know the way to Disney and I, know what you're talking about so don't laugh because I know what you're talking about but I'm just gonna make it Disney, Josh. And Jenna I've seen the movie twice they did an amazing job on, the music o'cool Renee. She's. Seen the movie twice maybe. Great showmen I think or I don't know, greetings. From Thomas and regime planning. My next trip for Jan 20 19 cool. Tower. Taro is my favorite ride there yeah. For sure Brian brow. By the way Brian be optical. On is now Brian be that. May be the last time I ever say it. Haha. It was a cool name though when. They take off the Christmas decorations Mario probably just of the week after I, subscribed. And clicked the bell them LG, cat rules cool oh there's. Julian hey Josh and Jenna love your channel thanks thanks, Julian wonder if he was the one that was donating the penny and then penny, at the time yeah, but that's awesome Julian thank you for supporting us we appreciate it. Yep. Two dollar donation from Julian thank you there's. An actual Arnold, and the Hollywood store it's recycled from the old Planet Hollywood it's, in one of our blogs we need to go check that out on the way back shower. Of terror that's right oh my goodness I'm Way behind one, hundred and fifty one dollar donated of donations, cool, what. Kind of card is Luke Skywalker have a toy Yoda, yes. Just. Donate it thanks Julian Rachel. And Peter is already, or is Rachel as Peter watching, no. Yep. Where is the et ride that is at Universal Studios psycho. Feature, the the shower of terror yes Tom it did Renee, and Jaden washing, cool hello in search of mom and dad WMT. Yeah. They reported that met. The Robinsons hey there's downscale he's back. Down. Scale. Down. Scale. Alright. So here's the rock and roller coaster let's check that out Tower looks awesome it does doesn't it prodigy getting, ready to board by ELISA, Disney. World where you can dab and not get in trouble that's funny hey everybody says hi to downscale was, the name I made up in the 90s to always have a unique name for things that's really cool Brian off, to froakie llamas a name he made up in the 90s. Never. Got a shout out for my birthday which was two weeks ago jo happy, birthday sorry I missed it today, land yes Meet the Robinsons I've, caught Bob that was really, cool I love that movie, lol.

The Penny's oh yeah I'm, organic, can. You can, you happy birthday to our six wish, happy birthday to Jerry he's four hey Jerry same, name as our dad yeah, happy, birthday Jerry hello, down steel Knights have you back and. Downscale. Saying hi to everyone Darrin finally got home from work, poor a roof rack that you seen the recent video of Atlas the service dog meeting Pluto I have not seen that did you see her okay. Well we need to see that. So. Welcome back to a downscale, awesome to have him back he. Came in a he came from his other planet and descended on earth and is joining us. How. Many subs you need before they monetize your channel a thousand, subs and four, thousand hours of watch time our. John says hi I've got Bob these jokes are drilled so, if I play bad why is tinker dirty he plays the food that's hilarious. Hi, magical news live he's back would love to see a video post. From Animal Kingdom with the new baby hippo tiger cubs yeah we have to do that time. For a $2.00 downscale donation yeah we're, just glad having back, thanks. To our thing wife my son of love. Looking for things from Hollywood. Studios from his favorite actors okay, he loves looking family with Misty we're gonna check that out in a minute Nancy, yeah everybody says downscale, loving. This keep. It up it makes us it makes, us one thing Oh to come back more cool David I'm glad to have you and. Make sure you guys subscribe and hit the bell if you're new let's, go check out the world's biggest piano over here hey. Downscale hope you're doing well and that Smith yeah hello. Donna. Says hi Bea Rogers not very crowded if not bad, got, Honey I Shrunk the Kids cool. Good. Evening Ginny, you. Know oh thanks. A Morgana got follow us on Instagram we're almost a thousand on there and also on Twitter and Facebook yeah we are resort TV one member 1938, Kenneth how's it going popcorn. Ready now watching, and go Pat oh yeah. Downscale. Say hi to everyone I'm, still, here I was listening to the car but couldn't comment no worries Daphney we want you to be safe my, husband says hi to all. Right Daphne, and family hello rock. And roller coaster starring Aerosmith is enclosed one steel roller coaster yeah get her alright, I need to catch up I don't know how fast that how far behind I am Roberts. Link Bob Bob bass from Connecticut, glad you had these live streams this week would, make the week really fun thank you for filming cool hola, Avery how's it going in my luck how's it going I'm trying, to read if I haven't read these people, I'm trying to catch ones that we haven't read we're, so close on reaching on reaching the hours a little ways to go on the subject.

Out Thomas ever after they are awesome. Channel and they're trying to hit the YouTube requirement, so check them out they're really nice people, definitely. Check them out Robin. Melton hello London Tom hello rock and roller coasters really. Check them out, so. Downscale, yeah thanks, for all that hello and welcome back to dollars from down. A. Lady. Oh yeah, presented. By Hanes oh that's funny I love that guitar Judith, said downscale, Laurie 'back hey how's it going Laurie. Blue. Polo, what. All the times never noticed the peanut hilarious, hi Mike. Mike. Says hi to downscale Tracy remember watching honey we, shrunk ourselves, oh and, Milo Kunis yeah. Josh. Can we see posted you playing the saxophone J I I. Don't have time right now to do that but I want to do it eventually yes, absolutely. So that's a yes, and, not yes but no yes but yes, but later yeah I really, want to do that though I remember. I subscribed, the resort TV one a year ago wow that's awesome Mitch Eggos that's. Gonna lose live Epcot Bob had foam. Can. You upload the Polly video actually. It'll be up sometime this week maybe not tomorrow good. Video streaming thanks Sergio hi Kate Atwoods ya the resort, true I love the music I sing am I on the ride for serve. Alright. Thanks, AJ Debbie hey there's Thomas Pat's joke over her in the frozen rod what. Kind of cars do they drive in Norway fjords. The. Oars that's a good one huh Andrea, like that one so. It says. Yes. Do, they drive fjords in Norway Disney. Keeper says love your channel is olaf still doing a meet-and-greet at Hollywood studios okay. Hey. Joss rock and roller coaster yet Thomas from Jean alright, I got to catch up just a little bit hey Patrick McLoughlin $5. Happy hello, Josh from Jenna happy Friday thanks Patrick Patrick. McLoughlin says, hello Joshua Jenna happy Friday Thank You Patrick, hey. Sam how's it going, instead. Of back straight back it's down scales back that's right I always thought it was do this like a lady oh that's funny dude looks like a lady yes. All. Right welcome. To the jungle yeah so funny that I'm working on day four of our trip and it's Hollywood studios oh. That's. Funny so Paul is working on Hollywood, studios on his video and we're at Hollywood studios okay hey Bonnie how's it going all. Right. LJ hello, Mike, says yes we want to see that cool Josh, can you play trumpet Cynthia says sort, of mostly saxophone. Alice. Hopper number 19,000, 133, when, I get a debit card this summer I'll finally be able to make a donation in organic hey no worries you definitely. Don't have to do that just just love it that you guys are watching. Us and anybody, that watches us know we never asked for donations we appreciate, but never ask. Josh. That, oh my goodness those jokes love them oh that's funny Lauri all. Right can, you walk my Fantasmic I'm not too close but a little bit yeah. We. Can walk a little bit close to it a, little. Bit close when. Does the Aerosmith contract, to run out that's a good question let's get a good shot at our here I don't, know when the Aerosmith contract runs out, favorite. Hollywood studios right I'd say right, now rock and roller coaster it used to be great movie right Avery hey, Jill agenesis, Toy Story jet rigs still, haven't located the resort hoppers well look at the stream here and you'll see exactly where we are yeah Patrick.

Patrick Says I told you I'd be back thanks Patrick. Hi. From Scotland, from Lucas gervase. Arsenal. You should you should you. Should organize once a year to do a group stream with other Disney streams that would be real cool Katie. Cousins, I'm so blessed that my housemate gave me a pair of those ears Jennifer Christmas I totally love them there. Are no Disney dollars anymore no unfortunately, big out they still take them though they're good forever. Star-lord. And Groot I think dude they do meet-and-greet, still at the launch bag hey. Josh I want to know something funny, about. This song from Creedence Clearwater Revival. Was there's a bathroom on the right was, there's a bad moon on the race oh that's funny. When. It was there's a bad moon on the race that's funny you're, the nicest youtubers, thanks to me I goes first, time watching I'm enjoying this tremendously, kara says thanks. Kara, welcome, to the resort Hopper community, and you, know make sure you subscribe hit the bell cuz we do this every Friday at 6:00 so. We'd love to have you every time we. Love we, love getting. New people on our family here all. Right we're, joined dinner while we watch you as a family so thankful for the live streams hey Eric how's it going so thanks Disney keepers I'm sending. A package Josh and Jen appeal box yes Paula Rainwater's, peal box is the best way to send it all. Right do you guys like Star Tours yes Renee that's, my favorite ride Thomas ever after yeah subscribe to the our TV one partner channels definitely. Do that. Are. You you're. Stealing William okay you're allowed to do that. Nobody. Else can do that. Lori. Stevens, $25. From Lori Stevens thanks Lori Stevens on PayPal, that, was on PayPal so thanks Lori Stevens thank you thank you possible. Partner channel moderator trip in November that would be really cool for. Anybody that's able to join us for sure. Lori. Says if you don't feel you can donate share resort TV one and watch the ads yes Lori absolutely, thanks Lori hey Jeffrey. Josh. You joined with Tim he plays as well Tim, plays something you play saxophone if. Tim plays we should totally have a band I, don't. Know can. You please wish my sister Julie is super happy Congrats. For getting a teaching job hey that's awesome. Thank. Ya thank you for telling us that we always we always love teachers and. And Julie. Congratulations. For getting that teaching job I have, disney dollars i thought they were just souvenirs yes but, yeah i mean that's oh, mom.

And A door over there we found mom and dad the mom and dad the Nelson family. So. I wouldn't. I wouldn't spend them either unless it was like a bunch of money I wouldn't spend the disney dollars either would you. November. Chance Sunday Saturday, partner, mob meet up in wwww, a call planning yeah Michael me -, yeah. Aerosmith. Has a 10-year contract okay so 2019. Paul says I. Don't. Know he Bree I haven't been to Tokyo DisneySea so I don't know what's our Terror is better thanks. Jeffrey Jeffrey, says love you guys Sergio used to work at fantasmic cool Jenna. At the wheel yeah Jenna probably needs to stream again. I'm. Sending you my cat to your peel box no you need to send the cat - the cat room Big Al make sure you don't send the cat to the peel box. Send. The calf to the cat room but we. Have litter boxes in there for, the cats sorry, Thomas you having the snack and we'll be back soon oh yeah that's a dad, said that Scott. Just got home it says hi hi Scott. Bring, it Renee Renee Scott. Yeah. Cuz. We all know she's in charge yeah. Scott's. Like yes yes she totally is, alright. Great Marco says. $183. Yeah thanks, and Renee says we a for teachers yes. She's a teacher to. Darin. Kruger $10 donation, thanks Darren, he says thank you for your videos every Friday I'm showing Julie how, to donate my money oh that's, funny lol I'm enjoying every second of it we were getting very excited, about booking, our, trip in February thanks again thanks. Darren. Talking. To people on here while I'm watching the stream cool, yeah. 300, likes Peter says thanks Peter he's. Got the little verified tag by his channel that's really cool that means, he's been verified by YouTube that's really cool thanks Peter yeah Tim. And the trackers my band name suggestion, yeah or, Tim in the hoppers. Enjoy. Your snack that's right Richard Oh, 1999. Not 2009, okay Paul the resort hoppers jazz band yeah Ross. All. Right never, seen Disney dollars Paul said. This. Is it this is new. So. This was G always jazz here but it wasn't I believe it wasn't vocal. Mostly. Glenn, Miller big band stuff our. Mom and dad the coolest parents yeah they are serrano. Hey. DK, the roads $5, on PayPal, from DK the roads thank you thank you thank you oh I. Don't know prodigy that's a good question I'm not really sure. Sometimes. You can get verified if you're part of a network or something. If. You have a patreon, oh yes a Disney. Freak 3 or nyah and, obviously. Don't don't feel obligated or, anything like that but yes we. Do have a patreon let's go check out this Planet Hollywood think it's, patreon.com, slash resort, TV one and definitely. We would you know we'd love to have you guys on there we've got a lot of people on there already and that that, really helps us be. Able to plan actually we're using that to, help pay for some of our tickets, well that really helps. Yes, Jenna just got a new volume camera I got a new computer so, yeah we're always investing, our donations in the channel look guys it's not busy.

Jenna's. Parents look like a cute couple on the day hey they're my parents too I guess. Wait, wait wait what no cat, room meow. Hey. Brian is Richard with yes Richard is right here hey. This is our John's Richard got. His RTV one shirt on. Guys. Good if you want one of these go to shop that's bread shirt calm slash resort TV one go grab a go, grab a resort hopper shirt Sam's. Phone is on 7%. Patrick. Can, only hang out for an hour so but just like the video thanks Patrick. And thanks, for the donation to Josh and Jenna would you mind wish me happy birthday absolutely. Frozen mama Rebecca. Yeah. We did it earlier but um when it will be happy to do it again B, Carter, hello Kinsey Paine hello my sister's a seventh grade teacher or second grade teacher blue polo says Laura. And bearish hello what's. Favourite Disney ride TTA for me and flight, a passage and so on for Jenna mom, and dad her back hey blue Gaynor. Delaney says smash the like button yeah all right I played the ukulele in piano cool Avery I got a catch up oh my goodness. Officer. D, Wow. We. Met him last week, officer. D you were so generous thank you so much Wow. I enjoyed. Meeting you both last week in person you fostered, an excellent community here and I'm more than happy to contribute to help this continue officer D oh my goodness, you. Are so generous thank you so much and I know that you know I wish we could I wish we actually could have stopped the chatter would be longer last week but. Next. Time come again next time come hang out with us but but really and. Truly he. Just seemed like a really nice guy and like I said we just want to make sure he, really understands how much we appreciate the support it. Means a lot like I said you, know I know somebody say oh well he donated oh so that's why you wanna hang out with him no we hang out with we hang out what we love hang out with all those little hoppers but he just seemed like a super nice guy so. Thank you so much officer D so, nice to meet you. Jenna, never looks creepy that's. Not true that's not possible oh and then Thomas ever after, five, dollars from Thomas ever after. For the coffee fund for this right here the, coffee fund hey. Thanks. Thomas ever after guys go check out their channel a great, channel a great, family channel a very nice whole family that is vlogging, together really nice people. Stays. Together yeah so thanks to everybody that's donated Wow, while dreamers Empire said you have 3d finger so thank you to Officer D and thank you to thomas, ever after thank you so much yeah. Everybody. Says hi on here there's top of Georgia hot steel and hiking yeah thanks, everybody. Do. You guys have to do exams. Yes. We do exams our kids do a test love, the music in it cool, alright. Did you say Jenna got a new body I don't think so I. Said Jenna's never creepy that was from Big Al I think he was just kidding, Oscar. D is so kind yes Donna he absolutely is can. I win another shirt, Renee absolutely, we need to do another giveaway yeah I saw, the current version of the Glenn Miller Orchestra several, years ago they were amazing, that's awesome I was from Tom I love that have, you ever been through the 50s restaurant yeah Jenna did it go. Back to the front, Genet. Yes. Jenna did video of a week and a half ago, and. Austria, is so generous yeah Heather just sub B Carter welcome welcome welcome, alright. So thumbs up okay so I got to skip ahead here just a little bit so sorry, I got way too far oh wait we got another donation, Julie. In five dollars you guys are so nice keep up the good work you, should do a hotel hundreds at Disney resorts as a series, or BS thing that's, really cool. Searching. For. From. Okay cool. That. Would be really cool Julianne so watching from Connecticut, goal its yeah thanks, Julian, jenna is not creepy cute yes, donations. Are generous, yes they are Josh.

I Love your shirt yeah by. The way. If. You want to get the Friday night live shirt you, can go on to shop that Spreadshirt mom's last resort eveyone and we, make a little bit off the shirts it's really not for making money but we just love for people to leave. We, love to see them because we love to know that you guys are part of our community, it makes us really happy to see the shirts because it's just like so it, means that you guys really are part of our community and supporting us. Yeah. So, anyway I'm and honestly we understand you know not everybody can buy one and we we get that and it's again it's not about the money we just love to see that you're part of our community and we. I. Think, CSX. Jim's wife has one we're gonna see that soon all, right so. Let's. See I missed a few my wife loves in many years yay fifties. Primetime Cafe is awesome, tonight's, current total is 328, yay I'm. Really sorry I'm missing some I subscribed. Yay have fun Thanks. Sorry. Alright. There we go alright so Anna says nice to meet you what are you guys gonna do next we're gonna go look in here hopefully this works oh my goodness guys I think it's a Power Ranger. The. Cat Power Ranger Jenna's the cat is the cat room. Okay. Oh here's, Arnold all. Right I. Want. To tone it down shirt oh. Really. By, the w

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Hey everyone! Thanks to the Great Marko, you can now see the chat comments on the live stream replays! Just click or tap on the "CC" icon and select "English." (Not the one that says auto generated... that is a transcription of our conversations). So, thanks to The Great Marko for making this possible!! Yay!!!

Another great live stream!!!

Enjoyed last night carnt wait for the next one From uk

Are y'all ever going to make a "Resort Hopper" shirt? (Ever since I suggested "Resort Hopper" as the fan name to y'all, my mother keeps asking if there's a t-shirt with the name yet. I also agree with others that there needs to be a "Buh-Bye" shirt or mug. Seeing how that's your signature line, it needs to be out there. And Little Chloe... she should be your mascot!) My brother is about to move to Florida and he bought his first annual WDW pass a couple days ago. I am super jealous of him, but in a strange way I was just as excited as he was. lol! (Living vicariously I guess).

We want to make a Resort Hopper shirt for sure! Just haven’t had time. It’s been crazy. I need to get someone to design it. We had a possible design, but we need to get it finalized. And, my regular job has been really busy lately. But, we really want to do all of the things you mentioned!

I’m rewatching it now, I chatted a couple of times but I don’t think you saw it but anyways I had to leave cause I went to eat for my birthday! Next live stream for sure I will be there!

Awesome! I had a great day, thanks!

ResortTV1 yes yes I heard it, thank you very much & I did have a good time! I said thank you to all the people that said happy birthday to me! Hope you have a good day ☺️

I saw your first one and said Happy Birthday a couple times, but maybe you didn’t hear it. Anyway, hope you had a great day!

That was funny what Andrew said to the Robot. Also tell Andrew that he has a Twin but he has Blond hair. It's always so refreshing to watch your videos. Yes I am still recovering and able to eat solid foods now. Still scary that she refused to read my Medic Alert form. Great Fireworks that look so cool. Have a great weekend. Cheers.!

Hey! I think they've figured out how to put the comments on the video!

ResortTV1 yeeaaa Great Marco!

Actually, The Great Marko figured out how to download the chat comments and convert them into subtitle files for YouTube's Closed Captioning Feature. He actually made a program to convert them! Pretty cool!! :-)

Sorry about missing tonight live stream. But my car caught on fire we had to put ot out. Scared us all my husband hair and eyebrows kind of got signed

Oh wow! That’s scary! I’m glad you are okay other than a few singed eyebrows. Wow. Stay safe!!!

Thank for another stream enjoy it

I left Orlando at 11am today and just arrived home in Michigan. Sorry to miss you!!

Sorry we missed you!

Good evening to you guys in Florida hace a great weekend i am saving up fgor my vacation to walt Disney world resort in Florida someday

Hey friends, just landed back in Michigan. I was in Orlando this morning!!

Hi Josh sorry i missed you my dad been sick

Wow! That was an awesome stream. My Top 2 favorite Live Stream moments, the evacuation off the TTA and now a walk through of the Star Wars Launch Bay. The video in there was perfect. Is BB8 as nice in person as he is on the movie screen?!!!? Thanks again guys!

Thanks! BB8 was amazing! Can’t wait to go see him again!

I'm changing my hours at my second job so that I can join on the live streams and not have to watch the replay.. I miss watching live

Oh wow! You changed your hours for us? That’s really nice! So glad you’ll get to watch live now!

Thanks, Avery!

Thanks, David!

Thanks! Glad you are feeling better! Very scary what happened for sure!

Thank you!

That’s awesome! I hope you get to come down here soon!

Hello! Glad you had a safe trip!

Thank you Josh he does

Hope he feels better!

Josh, you need ResortTV1 Bodyguards.....I would like to put my name in the hat for the position.

Thank you! That really means a lot. I almost told the guy that if he hurt me, he might have 22,000 angry Resort Hoppers after him... lol.

Do you think they will move the star Wars fireworks & the Star Wars: the March w/ storm troopers - shows to galaxy edge , when it opens ??

Not sure. I’ll be they will still keep the fireworks in the same place due to the fact that Hollywood Boulevard has a lot more room.

Sad to hear about your experience leaving Magic Kingdom. And worse that the cast member didn't help you.(by calling security) but doesn't surprise me with some of the changes I've seen at Disney World over the past few year :-( Our family still LOVES Disney- but I'm not a fan of some of the things they do.

Thank you! It was a tough situation, but I still love Disney.

That website "DreamersE......" activates my web security so I closed it.

Oh really? It doesn't have any issues with my computer. I personally know Dean who runs it, and I know there aren't any security risks on the site. Maybe we'll look into getting his site listed as a safe place online. Thank you for letting us know!

wow! its amazing.

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