House Hunters International ( June/23/2018 ) - Letting Go in Puerto Vallarta

House Hunters International ( June/23/2018 ) - Letting Go in Puerto Vallarta

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Do. You believe we're gonna live here I can't believe it Dave and Wayne are finally, buying their dream home, in Puerto Vallarta. It's magical, hair but, a booming, real estate market isn't the only thing standing in their way this. Is incredible. But it's the traditional, Mexican style I think, this is perfect, it's a shame to move here just, to buy something, that you can find in the United States, it's, a little too modern for me he's just picky about it the shower kinda looks like a brick oven to me I can, see this gig really. I. Love. This Plaza isn't, it great yeah Wayne, and I met, about 18, years ago and we. Had a lot of common interest and look at the backdrop, of the ocean who could ask for more I know we, knew we, liked, vacationing. In Puerto Vallarta we go there at least once or twice a year it's so selfie let's do it it's, a slower pace in portrait art oh it's not so rushed, like in San Francisco, okay. In. San Francisco we, were kind of financially, squeezed out but, we were saving, up to make. A move, we. Know that we, can get more for our money here, and hopefully. It'll allow us to live. Better here, so it's kind of a win-win. Go. Say. Hello. We're, looking for a place that's our forever home so we, want to make the right decision, because yeah, last. Time moving. Oh. My. God look at that it's, just like San, Francisco coastline. But with warm weather exactly. We're, both not working, and I, am concerned, about being. Cognizant, of saving money thank, God because. Birth. Of a yachtie is located, in the Banderas, Bay coastline, on the Pacific side of Mexico and, average, temperature year-round is around 80 degrees we've, got the ocean, we've got rivers the, beaches the mountains it's. Kind of like a Zen city Daniel's. Gonna get us a view of the ocean just like this I hope so, Emiliano, Zapata is, the real name for old, town and get. A lot of bang for your buck so the, market is going nowhere but if. You don't come down to Mexico, now you're, gonna miss out I think, we definitely need to have three, bedrooms three baths because we know we're gonna have a lot of family and friends coming to visit we, want to be an old town someplace. Where we can easily walk to the beach I, want, to see something modern. And more oak open-concept I, don't mind the openness but, I don't, like modern, personally. I think it's a shame to move all the way to Mexico, just.

To Buy something, that you can find in the United States kitchen. Is really important, to me I need a chef's kitchen I like to cook and I love to entertain so, you need a large space to be able to do that a deal-breaker for me is the pool I must, have a pool you, want to turn here you guys don't mind doing some remodeling I'd. Rather not do any remodeling. It, depends on the property. All. Right what about budget. No. We do the, budget is $700,000. Awesome, all right we're gonna add another zero to the budget. These. Guys want two completely. Different homes so, I'm. Kind of feeling anxious, and, nervous I, think. This house is more de than Wayne it's got all the old-world Mexican, charm but, Wayne's, open to new experiences so, maybe this will be one of them. Well, guys you want to be in the heart of old town yeah great. Neighborhood, yeah. Oh this. Is beautiful, this is Casa, Alberta. Against a three-bedroom. Three-bath house, it's, a newer home but it's got a lot of old-world Flair priced at seven or thousand dollars nice well, thanks. Rick to the pool, I'll. Bet cuz the name, oh. Wow. This, is amazing. This. Is incredible. I never would have guessed that all this would have been a matter, of feet on the street and it's so quiet and beautiful but, it's kind of more the traditional Mexican style, I think this is perfect. You've got your pool which, is yeah, I love the pool it's got the, open concept, what, you like I just get hits on most of the things you're looking for, I don't. Know why Wayne as opposed, to having a traditional home, it, couldn't be more different here, than in San Francisco, I really like it. The. Dogs are gonna love it here I think look at all the space for her yeah they would love it here can, you sleep having friends and family over. And. Dave, look, at this professional-grade. Oven. Wow. Nice I like, the size of it but I think I need to add some, clear, glass cabinets, or something that could give some more functionality. To it Dave's. Real particular about the kitchen he's just picky about heat he knows what he wants and he wants what he wants I. Don't, know about the tiles or driving me a little crazy but, a little. Simpler that's just you know it's work when it. These tiles are here to stay. But, you can really feel the breeze now feel the ocean, view though your. Pools the water view. That's. At least a 10, 15 minute walk to the beach from this house the, views from this place aren't doing it for me I like. The idea of the. Indoor/outdoor, layout, it feels, like we're, living in the tropics we're living in Mexico but I've worried that this might be a little too much outdoorsy. For me there's, no roof, above that courtyard, and we'd have to be walking through the rain to get to the bedrooms and stuff so I'm a little concerned about that then the, space is not really that function, I think my, shorts even match the tile look at that way where are you I could just blend right in. There's. A window he'll, do anything to get us a sign on the dotted line. Overall. I really like it a lot it's great, for indoor, outdoor entertaining. I love the pool I can't wait to jump in there but, the tiles. And stuff are a bit much in the kitchen and in the master bedroom I'd, be a little too much outdoor for me and like. To see some little more modern. And sleek my. Only real drawback is. The, proximity, to the ocean about, 10 minute walk and I kind of want to see the ocean and be, close to the ocean oh. My. Goodness, I love this having. A view of the beach is awesome. But it's a little too modern for me, they, may need to take on more than they bargained for I would take out this island, I just don't really want to do a renovation, that's. The only way I could live what's that oh my god. At. Carmack's, will buy your car even if you don't buy one from us because, maybe you're already buying a car somewhere else or maybe you want to shop around or maybe, you don't want to drive a car at all anymore like maybe you want to ride a camel into the desert and take a deep hard look within just, figure some stuff out for a while that's cool whatever, your plans for buying a car Carmack's is the place to sell your car okay, let's do this Tina here, we go I, believe. In you Tina come on now. Yeah. We can just hang out here. Listen. Up and I'll tell a story. About an artist, growing, old. Some. Would try for fame, and glory. Others. Are. Their. Presents, ordinary. Versus overachiever. A lot. Of paints say they can do the job but, just one can fair through it all. Behr. Premium plus, a, top rated interior, paint at a great price. Family-friendly. Disaster-proof. Find. It exclusively, at the Home Depot. Enjoy. Summer and style for less select. JCPenney, home towels only $4.99, and. Up to 60% off select tops and shorts for the family and select swimwear hurryin it's your chance to save big JCPenney.

Style, And value for all a Hilton, getaway means you get more because, you, get another day in paradise get, a Sun set on a Sunday, get, more stories, to share get, more from your summer getaway with exclusive, Hilton offers book yours only at Hilton comm it's. A clash of titans Hillary. She's. The designer he's, the agent. In, a battle for home supremacy. I could make this house work for you when I'm done you're gonna love it when I find you the perfect house, the only do you think you're gonna be saying it is listening. Only. One will close the deal are you going to love it or are you going to mr. Tom's fair in love and real estate. Monday, night at 9:00 only, on HGTV. Why. Does my are down is such a special place in your heart the friend that introduced, Dave and I brought. Us down here and you've, been coming down here since we really first met we have always wanted to live on a nice warm beach in San Francisco, there's only a half a dozen days a year that you can actually go up to the beach in part of our - it's a beach day every day it's, magical, here and I really believe it is yeah. The people in the city right yes, Wayne. And Dave are in pursuit, of perfection trying. To find a forever home in Mexico worthy. Of their nest egg we. Don't feel like we're coming to a foreign, country where we don't know how things work a slower. Pace, of life a little more relaxing, was, this like one of your first dates maybe, one of our first trips together so. After, you guys travel together then you realize this, could work or what yeah yeah. This. Is more the traditional Mexican style and I was looking for something more modern cleaner. Lines I, think this is perfect, they. Saved money to come down here so they, want to make sure everything, is perfect because this is it, I don't know about the tiles or driving me a little crazy do, you know how much work went into that Dave's, just picky overall, I really like it a lot my only real, drawback is. The proximity, to the ocean Wayne. And Dave both aren't willing to budge on their dream home so. Taniel finds a place with Wayne style, and hopes he can sway Dave on location, you, guys are familiar with the area yeah, we're, at the northern part of Old Town and there's the quality, River which is right over there great, this, is Casa De Aza the condo has a 500, square foot terrace which is. Nice. And it's a three bedroom three baths. Priced at sym under $35,000. It's. A little over budget but, it's modern well, that sounds good beachfront riverfront. And it's got the largest infinity, edge pool in Old Town so it's real cool and, know Dave's. Just gonna say no he, is, pretty, strict on his budget I think we can squeeze it but I don't know if you'll let us do it or not oh. Wow. I love this, it's. All open. Yeah. It's. A little too modern for me, and the. Kitchen, yeah. So. If I were to redo, this thing to, make it fit for our lifestyle, I would, take out this island, I would just make this thing a, nice big square, reorient. The lights reorient. The vent hood probably. Move the microwave, off the wall to get more storage there Dave, going on a rampage, on what he wants in this kitchen, oh. And, don't forget the brand-new. Refrigerator. Freezer, anything. Else there. We're. Already over budget I can't believe you're talking like this I just don't really want to do a renovation though. It's kind of crazy. Forever. Home that's. The only way I could live with it Dave. Is being really picky about this kitchen because it's very modern, so he's thinking I'm, gonna rip this kitchen apart and Wayne is gonna get turned off I want to look at something else I think that's a strategy wow, this, is a nice big, master. Bedroom, I love the size of this bedroom with, its own balcony wow, that's, great nice, very nice but, that is the biggest headboard, I've ever seen. You. Could probably convert, that headboard into another bed. Into. Another condo. Come. On guys I want to show you this master bath that is beautiful. I mean the bathroom. Is very modern bathrooms. I'm okay with modern bath yes I, think everybody, wants a bathroom, that's clean and updated, and functional, but we would have to make this house look a little bit less. Uber. Modern Oh what. An amazing I. Love. It I'm. Not surprised, I like the over-budget place I love, how big the, place is love, that it's modern, and, clean lines and, the pool oh my god you can't beat this pool look at that it sounded like Wayne, you're you, getting everything I. Love. The location okay. I love that it's pet friendly yep, even though Poole wasn't on my list this is a mega pool yeah but it's a little modern, for me over, our budget and, we need a gut job on the kitchen and.

That's Gonna cost some money and, that's sort of concern it doesn't bother me. There's. Still a budget, so yeah. Yeah. Because. They were hanging down here we've been in this area many many times really, great to have Daniel. Finds a way to deliver on budget, and beachfront. But, it still may not measure up to their high standards it's. A two-bedroom, two-bath, we like to have guests, so I worry about that small space I'm not crazy about either you're gonna love it we'll see about that. There's. So much clutter in your place you, wish you could erase and the, bathroom, near the foyer, is a mood destroyer, it's all ugly and updated. It's time you just upgraded. The back is here. Moving on and. That's, the joke. Good. Get. The Baxter bag for your next project. Any, object any surface. If you've got a life, you got a Swiffer. The. Moment you realize a good backyard, party, requires a good backyard, at Lowe's we have everything you need to create the outdoor space you've always wanted shop, Lowe's and save on a charbroil, five-burner grill now $1.99. Because. They'll never get a second, chance to see their first concert. Early. Ticket access to thousands, of shows every, year another, way we have you back the palace aback American, Express don't live life with that it's. Time to take back summer. With. The Mitsubishi Motors summer season past sales event. 0%. Financing for 72, months. And no payments, for 90 days on select models hurry. In to your local Mitsubishi, Motors dealer for our award-winning line of vehicles, don't. Let this season pass pass you by that's, 0%, financing for 72 months and no payments for 90 days on select months exciting. Offers in July fit drive, your ambition, Mitsubishi. Motors so. Let's see you. Delicious. Tempting, did. We leave anything else oh boy. Did we half the sugar and calories.

Introducing. Simply, light orange the. Best things in life are made simply, it's, Macy's July 4th sale with our lowest prices of the season on furniture mattresses and rugs get the Brandt sectional, for. $1,699. The sanibel queen bed only $389. Or get a queen mattress, $197. Now at Macy's. Power-boost. Inspired, by speed, innovated. By Moen. It, supposed to be whale mating season right now so hopefully we'll see some whales that would be cool yeah Wayne. And Dave have saved enough money to stop working holy, cow look at those dolphins they're, right next to us and focus their energy on each other in their dream destination. Of worth of I Arthur Mexico. Sometimes, you envy, the person, who is that. One who isn't like you that has those characteristics. That you wish you had. Look. At that he's. Fun-loving. He lives for the moment and, that's always a turn-on, look there he is again that's, kind of why I like Dave because he always is, thinking, ahead and, making sure that everything's, gonna be okay along, the way but, we complement, each other as well how, cool is that. When. We disagree we tell, each other what, we want and what what the other person wants oh my. Goodness, I love this it's. A little too modern for me, but, we do have kind of separate, once. Yes I'm conflicting. Yeah, once, I love, how big the, place is I love, that it's modern, and, clean lines and, the pool oh my god you can't beat this pool look at that but it's already over budget, and we need a gut job on the kitchen and, that's gonna cost some money I can't, believe you're talking like this I just don't really want to do a renovation though. That's, the only way I could live like that. Daniel's. Jumping, through hoops trying to keep up with their particularly, high hopes in a here today gone tomorrow market. They. Aren't backing down on their positions, of what makes the perfect property, so, tan yells hoping he's found some common ground, this is playa los Muertos, they have the busiest resort, beach an entire Bay you, guys everything down here yeah we've, been in this area many many times, perfect, central location, repairs, right there, really. Great now, well the column when a show is a beachfront condo its, hasta LaVista it's, a 2-bedroom 2-bath we like to have guests, so I worry about that small space I'm, not crazy about either but it has phenomenal, thick. Views, price, at only $600,000. In, our budget yeah. For. Us having three bedrooms, is, necessary. For entertaining, but I think you're gonna love it we'll see about that. This. Is the guest bedroom all, right that's cute yeah, that's nice indeed, you're. The big kitchen guy Wow. Good-size set, a lot of upgrades yes. Marble. This very specific, taste but I think it kind of works in here everything's, in a good. It's. A good size, yeah. Thank, God I know, I'm. Sure Wayne is thrilled I don't want to do any renovations, to this kitchen. I've. Got a nice little dining room perfect. Yep, opens, to the living open, come check, out this master. Size. Room yeah yeah but, aside from that we, really wanted a third bedroom and, I'd. Kind of like a little more modern, furniture more. Cleaner, lines this. Place is a little too traditional for me the, shower kind of looks like Govan to me it. Seems small, and a little dark and I don't know if I really. Liked it that much. When, you wanted a pool so yeah. This is nice it's a nice size yeah it. Feels great, Watson, warm I can swim a few laps in here I think that's good yeah and for, a building this big doesn't look like it used very much huh yeah well because you're in a beachfront building, most people are down there by the beach yeah that's true and the reason the big pool yeah, the rooftop pool or the area. Around there there's no real life there's not a lot of plants, and it's not, a happening buy. Yeah. This. Is what we came here for. I. Like. It there's a few tweaks I would I would change more some.

Of The decor, items. But. I didn't see anything structural, that needs to be changed really for now no, renovations. I think now all we really need is maybe some, paint update, the furniture, no. I like it too but Dave, loves to entertain we, like to have guests, so I'm worried, it might be a little too small for us and, what did you think of that loose top pool it's great to have a pool right, up above that's not far to go yeah seems, great for two people, but two people who don't want to do a lot of entertaining I like the price that, appeals to me I think there's a way to make it work, Dave. Wants one thing Wayne, wants another however. Someone's. Gonna have to win out in the end because they, can't have the best of everything in one place from the looks of it. Bringing. Back the neighborhoods, we work in is important, to us it's where we live. We're, gonna make sure this house is loved again all new good bones Tuesday, night at 9:00 on HGTV. Also. Available streaming, on the HGTV, app I. Can. Do more to lower my a 1c and I can do it with what's already within, me because, my body can still make its own inside and once-weekly, trulicity, activates. My body to release it trulicity, is not insulin it, comes in at once weekly truly, easy-to-use pet it works 24/7. Trulicity is an injection, to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when. Used with diet and exercise don't, use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic, ketoacidosis, don't, take trulicity if you or your family have medullary, thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity or, have multiple endocrine, neoplasia syndrome, type, to stop, trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of, a serious allergic reaction. Along, for swelling in your neck or severe, stomach pain serious, side effects may include pancreatitis. Taking. Trulicity with a sulfonylurea or, insulin increases, your low blood sugar risk common, side effects include nausea diarrhea. Vomiting, abdominal pain, and decreased, appetite these, can lead to dehydration which. May worsen kidney, problems, I choose, once-weekly, trulicity to, activate, my within if you need help lowering, your a1. Ask your doctor about once-weekly, trulicity. Yeah. Don't. Drink bitter drink better new natural bless, cold brew expertly. Crafted with 100%. Arabica beans, that slow steep for 12 long hours leaving, you with a smooth never bitter taste, introducing. New natural bliss, cold brew coffee stir, things up house. With. Neighborhood. Insight Street from the locals Trulia, helps you discover a place you'll love to live the. Wagner Fleck co paint sprayer is 10 times faster than a brush with more control to paint indoors or out with. Fleck Co you get complete even coverage with a great finish even, in tight spaces pour, paint right from the can and start spraying and it.

Cleans Up in just five minutes your. Home projects, will be more beautiful and easier, than ever with less mess it's. Simply, a smarter, way to paint, plexi, Oh a faster. Way to a better finish, I. Think. On. Marshmallow, island in the sky. This. Really gets me excited for learning, how to cook more authentic. Mexico, style dishes, yeah Dave, and Wayne fell in love with their favorite vacation spot, where to buy artha almost 20 years ago, and now they want to make it into a permanent home we're, really gonna need a bigger kitchen so I can spread, out and cook all this, maybe. They're, searching for the perfect place but, with their separate preferences, and pickiness. They're. Getting in their own way. Got. To figure it out yep, got to figure it out their. First choice is spot on budget, and design, at, least for day this. Is incredible. But it's kind of more the traditional Mexican, style I think, this is perfect it feels like we're, living in the tropics we're living in Mexico my, only real drawback is. The proximity, to the ocean, Wayne's, thrilled, there's a modern option. Yeah. Dave's, not, I love how big the, place is and, the pool oh my god you can't beat this pool look at that it sounded, like Wayne you're getting. Everything. But. This is over, our budget and, we need a gut job on the kitchen and, that's gonna cost some money the, third place is affordable, and beachfront. But. They're still finding flaws we, really wanted a third bedroom and I'd, kind of like more of a modern place, the, rooftop pool it's not, a happening Bible I like the price that, appeals to me I think there's a way to make it work. I have. One in mind and I think we can just eliminate right off the bat I hope it's the pool house yeah, okay, house I'm afraid yeah I liked it just not for the, beach yeah, so, let's strike that one off the list all right. Of. Course I should know that you would like the house it's over a budget with all the modern, yeah. I. Love. Those terraces. I love, the openness, of it I love, how, big it is that, headboard though that was that, was crazy but that, condo is over 3,000, square feet yeah, and to have a kitchen, that's that tiny I'd, be pulling my hair out yeah.

It Needs to be addressed so, what about Casa, Vista even. Though it's really traditional it's under budget so we could update, the furniture, especially, on the balcony, there the, kitchen, was much. Larger than what. I've seen it was beachfront, condos I like the view out to the ocean and the pool size was okay but was kind of quiet. Yeah I'm not sure I would go, there very often with, the beach right in front of us, it was. $100,000. Under budget that, gives us a lot of money to play with but the, Vista house I'm worried. When you think about the dogs and guests, it just might be a little small for us you, know how much you like to entertain and this is the only one that had, two bedroom two baths right, the. Terrace house it, is modern, and we would have to do some Mexican, touches, and it. Was a little over budget but, Daniels, a sharp agent, he might be able to get us a better price on it yeah so, if, we go with the terrace house yeah we're, redoing the kitchen though. Remodels. Well. That's. Our house. We. Can say hasta LaVista. Casa. Vista so. The feast of these stuff. This. Is just gorgeous is. I just, really. Love living, here look at the size of these slain my gosh like, as big as I am it's, just the perfect environment for us yeah we're, gonna be coming here a lot yeah, I think so too. So. Should I make this hot and spicy maybe, just a little spicy. The. Kitchen is undergone, a complete overhaul. We've. Got new cabinets, a huge, new island, new. Counter surfaces. Then. We've got a few more traditional, touches for day two fresh. Lime, juice margaritas. We've, got it exactly the way we want it now yeah was it really as bad as I thought it was gonna be. When. You're in paradise. You just can't, have a bad day I. Wish. We could have made the move 20 years ago. You.

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Congratulations from Julie & Jason, Dave & Wayne! Glad you got your third bedroom even though you had to endure SOOOOO much conflict about the kitchen remodel. We're looking forward to visiting to and finding out whether or not a fresh lime margarita hangover can lead to a bad day in paradise.

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