House Hunters International S147 E12 Game On in Amsterdam jin

House Hunters International S147 E12 Game On in Amsterdam jin

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Oh my god. Moving to amsterdam. Is a dream come true for john and victoria. It was always my life plan to move to europe, oh my gosh this is absolutely, beautiful. But compromise. Is the name of the game, it's just been a lot of growing up really fast. It's like this it's this big, that's so strange to me as a texan. This is european, living, you just gotta get used to it i'm really not getting that feel of being in a city i'd have to prioritize. My comfort and my needs over his which is not what you want in a marriage, honestly it's missing like everything on our. List. So here we are. We're finally here in amsterdam. We're boating. We're enjoying, the city, it's absolutely. Gorgeous. We've been together for five years we got married a couple years ago about to celebrate, our second anniversary. We uh literally had a friend in common that thought we would be a really good match, we moved in after just two weeks of us being together and we've been in love ever since. I thought about a house but i didn't realize that some of them were like mansions, on water. Yeah. Definitely look like mansions. I'm a web designer and a content manager, i also do a little bit of business organization. But the number one goal is to get our dream. Business off the ground, and so we are looking for a location, to open a bar, i'm a gamer and a self-confessed, nerd i want it to be a board game video game base bar, one of the primary, reasons that we wanted to move here, is um, because there's so many small businesses it's very pro small business, so it's gonna be like our, adult dream. We've actually been to amsterdam. Three times. The first time was our backpacking, trip, and we, loved it it did a lot for our relationship. The nightlife, was also a big part of it we do really like to go out. But their big plans, were delayed. After getting some scary, news. My mom is very sick, so. We stayed back to live with her in dallas. I'm really glad that we did it, i'm really glad that we had the opportunity, i really got to know my mother-in-law. So. After, after a long time of being there, no symptoms, it wasn't really slowing her down. Okay we understand, so maybe now let's uh move forward with the next part of the plan. This bar is gonna be very important it's gonna be a huge step for us we sold everything that we owned moved another country we don't know where we're gonna live and it's really exciting, but it's also completely. Terrifying. Amsterdam. Is very friendly for small businesses. It's very friendly for people to move here and set up something. The thing that i really noticed about amsterdam when we visited, is that there's about a billion small businesses, and that's my specialty. We we really have our dream set in mind and we did the research, we know what we're doing you know i have a good business, plan i have a strong business, model, we have a lot of passion to be involved in the community. This, is a quintessential. Dutch, apple pie, you know the dutch invented, apple pie, i've heard of a dutch apple pie. It's so thick you can see they're really really thick look at iggy being so good. At least you're a dog person. Yes. Let's talk about. What you guys. Are. Hoping to find. I want something with two bedrooms. I work from home so the second bedroom can be my office but we also have a lot of friends that promise to come visit, um and then also the other thing is that obviously it has to be dog friendly, um like near a park or it has its own yard. And it's really important for me to be in city center as close to the action, and right dead center in the city as possible, your dawn is a really good area, yeah, and we're kind of living off of our savings right now so i'd like to keep it under 1900.. Okay, oh yeah i really really like a bathtub. Well can i get you guys a couple of plates of gold, as well. John and victoria, have a very. Big wish list, yeah we don't know a lot about uh the amsterdam, neighborhoods but we do know that the anne frank house is here. So we love that it's very historic. I know, that. The idea, of this first base is 100. Going to be right. I'm just worried. That when they get in there the reality of it will not be this is the your dance, you can see it's the quintessential. Dutch rooftop. How cute, is this neighborhood.

It's Oh wow, you are in the city center okay we are in. City. This entire house right here, so we're looking at one bedroom, one and a half baths there isn't a garden, however. 1800. A month 1800. Okay so well you could buy me dinner for finding you such a. Great. You sound expensive. Okay let's go in it come on iggy. Go on. Okay. Okay, oh, okay. It's, small. It's a little unremarkable. It's really walking into your kitchen. So okay but there's this really big fridge. Where's the oven. I don't think there is an oven. Fascinating. This is 1800, a month. So something else i'm noticing is this huge dining room table here, uh especially with this white board and this beautiful window. We're gonna have a lot of room this is nice i can get behind this i know. Yeah i'm not a huge, fan of this room in general. So let's check out the next room i guess, yeah so you're gonna go upstairs, to your living room. This is going to be your living room it's full of character. Yeah i love this wow, it's so bright, it's well lit it's got a fireplace. How cozy, is this, i love it look how the desk is here iggy loves it it's a little small, it's not ideal. But i could like sit and look out over the greens. I thought you would be really negative but you're really liking it that makes me happy, i'm just trying to imagine, trying to make it work because i mean i really like the idea of having my own buildings, and maybe it gets better as we go to the bedroom yes yeah, oh my god there's a bowl finish. Victoria, is a little bit harder to read in this house as she's going in. She seems to really like it but she's also seeing that it's very very small. Wow, it's a bit like a tree house. I love the wood, and the white. But isn't, it romantic. That is a sink in the bedroom. Sure. So there's there's just a bed and a sink. And a shower and a toilet, and a shower and a toilet. All right so the bathroom, it's like a, it's a shower and that's about it yeah you're not gonna get your bathtub. Yeah you said you wanted city center yeah okay yes.

You're Absolutely, right, i can see him just like turning this into his home, so you're gonna go out here, and i'm just like. This this doesn't have a lot of functionality. Oh, wow, though, look at this. Oh, man, i'm pretty sold on having a house and city center, i'm seeing that this is such a hustly, bustling, neighborhood, so i'm really gonna have to push her if this is gonna be the right place for us i might be able to throw a plant or two i don't know. You don't want too many things you can trip on. The thing is though that's a little weird we can see inside there yeah that's like, dude that is, city living yeah, you can see and they can see in. Quintessential. Cute dutch home who doesn't want to live in that. It does take care of a lot of things for us it's got the dutch charm, and the great location. I mean it's missing, almost. Honestly it's missing like almost everything on our list mine is like a big table, and a big a big, fridge i guess okay having a place in city center for under budget is a big deal that's what makes me want to love it i think i'm just too practical, for this place, my priorities. Are my comfort, from being able to work and i just don't see it happening here i just don't, you just have to remember. What's the experience. That you want. So i'm i, i think i'm gonna, have to take them somewhere and show them something bigger. And then i'm worried that john will hate the area. Sarah finds victoria, more space, in a quiet neighborhood. Wow. I love it it's so unique. That just screams, victoria, oh i love it victoria, was gonna be all in i had no other choice in the matter. This makes up for it. Right. Maybe. Maybe. There's never been a better time to wow, than right now at cabinets, to go, start shopping today and bring home the kitchen you've always wanted, for less than you ever imagined. Discover, the latest trends and styles and cabinets. Counters. And durable kitchen flooring, that are built to last, and priced to wow, with special deals offers and financing, available daily. Find everything you need for the kitchen you've always, wanted. This is how you wow, for less. Only, at cabinets, to go. We're looking forward. Looking forward to getting back out there. To spending, time with people we've missed. And reconnecting. With what's real. Great, places are waiting. When you're ready to travel. Explore, them. Responsibly. This is actually the dog area so the dogs are allowed to be completely off leash and have full freedom in this part of the park, so this is a real dog park it's so hard not to smile, and to be, so happy, just walking down the street everything's beautiful, everyone's so friendly. I think amsterdam's.

Maybe, The most. Dog friendly place i've ever lived, come on buddy. Come on come on owning our own business that we know that we love you know like it's our own child or baby. Is going to be really important, and being able to, meld, our. Love for video games and board games, into the bar industry, it just seems like a perfect, match made in heaven for us, he hopped right in. Like it's the hot tub come in guys the water's, fine. Failure is not an option we moved all the way over here it has to be successful, we sold everything we owned. Victoria. She comes across like she also likes space, and he wants to be out he wants to be where the, magic is happening, take a really good look around here, because we're heading to our house. Okay okay. Is it right around here, no, okay. Okay. I want. John and victoria, to realize, that city center of amsterdam, is not just around the yordan. I want them to understand yeah i'm going to take you east. You might think it's far out but everything is accessible. I would say this is iggy smalls this property. Okay, okay yeah the cab right here took a while i don't even know where we are at yeah i see this really nice green area, yes he would love, this. John's really not gonna like that it's not in city center i mean i can get over it there's a gorgeous, park. There's lots of places to take my dogs, okay so we have this private little path, here. We have two bedrooms. And, okay the price, is right where you want to be 1900. A month. The only bad thing about this apartment, is the stairs, we are on the top two floors so you do have to walk. Up. Oh. Man. Wow. Take a breath oh man breathe for a minute. Look at this desk, area wow, okay, this is beautiful. This is gorgeous. Old-fashioned, stuff. And how do you feel about this space john. Um. It's okay. To be honest i'm not a big fan of the couch, the the the tv situation, is it's. It's okay. But the seating area looks comfortable, like it looks like a comfortable, space. I have no idea what's happening with the couch, i think he's just trying to pick something because it's not in the area he wants to be in. And as you come into. The dining, room which is i think really charming, it is, this is a nice dining room, very nice, it's very, beautiful. There's lots of kitchen area, and counter space, and, two. Evans oh my gosh, it's a double, oven, i can bake. So far i'm not yet sold we're in a residential, neighborhood, it's kind of quiet out here so just another set of stairs, iggy seems to be handling them fine yeah. You can go sideways, careful. Okay so the bed's a little small, i feel like iggy's gonna be all over me. It's not my favorite bedroom that we've ever stayed in but it's not the worst bedroom we would have been no and i knew we weren't gonna have a huge bed so i do like the big closet. Come in here.

I Got you, a bathtub. Oh bathtub. Oh my god it's not just a bathtub, it's a gorgeous. Bathtub, it is a big old bathtub. All right so the next bathroom's, over here. I like it so far it's more like it looks like it's gonna end up being iggy's bedroom. The bed's really small. But if we only have one guest instead of like a couple it should be fine, why don't you open that door. Let's go out there let's go oh he loves it there you go good boy. Oh my gosh this is absolutely, beautiful. You're on top of the world out here they really, are look at all the, plants. The scenery. The view. Wow i have a feeling you're going to spend most of your time out here it's nice so are we done. Oh yeah let's see how i'm done. It checks off every one of my boxes, i get a bathtub, i get my own room, we have a spare bedroom. I mean i work from home so i could just stay here all day every day, yeah uh right off the bat i'd say it's more for her than me uh the location. Isn't great it's not my favorite, i'm really not getting that feel of being in a in a huge, you know tourist loden city. This makes up for it. Right. Maybe. Sarah brings them back towards the your dan, and hopes the garden makes up for everything. It's pretty residential. A little too quiet, yeah. Well i heard western park is a really nice spot it's really popular, yeah i'm, i'm open uh so what do we talk. About. Foreign. We're looking forward. Looking forward to getting back out there. To spending, time with people we've missed. In places. We've never been. Someday, soon. We'll get back to exploring. We'll go out into the great wide open. And find adventure, there. But until then. Great places, are waiting. When you're ready to travel. Explore, them responsibly. Introducing, fidelity, income planning. We look at how much you've saved. How much you'll need, and build a straightforward, plan to generate, income, even when you're not working.

A Plan that gives you the chance to grow your savings, and create cash flow that lasts. Along the way we'll give you ways to be tax efficient. And you can start stop or adjust your plan at any time without the unnecessary, fees. Talk to us today, so we can help you go from savings. To. Living. I. Am feeling more and more confident, about riding this bike with every second. Good we want to be a part of. A historical, place with a lot of culture. With great food. With a great nice people. Oh man it's sunny. Should have brought my shades for this one agreed. Yeah i definitely should have brought some sunglasses. We had been through a lot already. Emotionally. We got back from our honeymoon, and then immediately, it was just a. Really a life-changing, situation, where not only was his mom sick, but we've lost our fathers, together. Um and it's just been a lot of growing up really fast. It's pretty, wobbly i wouldn't want to go any much faster than we are now. I don't want to go much faster than we are either i'm accident-prone. And we all made the decision, to move in with my mom she didn't even want to tell us that she was sick um because she knew that we would stay in dallas. Staying with my mom was a. Decision that i'm going to, cherish, forever for the rest of my life. Really adjusted, our entire, perspective, i think that's why this move is going to be really great for us, all right so i'm digging the bike. Uh yeah i hope so. If you want to be, in your area, with your price point you're not going to get anything you want, that's the reality, of life, so i'm going to try to appeal to both their tastes. And then let them fight it out, why does every building have a hook, isn't that really interesting, so the hooks, are to. Lift, stuff, up for when you need to move into the higher buildings because once you go in these houses, the stairways, are so narrow. That's also amsterdam, right. Right there. Great catch. Okay guys. How do you feel about this street, it is absolutely, gorgeous, there's flowers, everywhere, it's sunny, it's pretty residential. Right a little too quiet, you're not city city center you're not in the canal ring you're just outside of it i am trying, my darndest. To explain to them that this is a very small city, you can literally.

Skip Over there i promise you okay, you're looking at one bedroom, priced at 2 000.. Okay, yeah. Well i heard western park is a really nice spot it's really popular, so, yeah yeah i'm, i'm open, uh so what are we, doing. Let's check it out let's check it out. I'll remain positive. Okay guys, okay, so. Welcome, to your potential, new home. Yeah it's really the like bright colors. How do you feel about the size of this space. It's a little small, but i mean it looks sleek and modern i like that. Do you think you could do the like play play the game like video games here like all day, is it comfortable enough uh yeah. So here around the corner is your little office nook, oh wow okay. Um. I really like it it's not the same as a second bedroom but at least i have somewhere dedicated, to work. Let's go into the kitchen. It comes with plants, it's i mean it's a little small. It is a little cramped. Um where's the fridge. There we go there we go, there we go that's that's that is not an american, size that is a tiny. Tiny fridge, so again this is european, living, you just got to get used to it. All right. So. As you can see the bedroom i think is quite big and bright. Oh wow there's, so much storage. Yeah. Yeah, and so this is your bathroom. This is and yeah so not only is there not a bathtub, it's like a, it's a shower and that's about it. It feels pretty claustrophobic, in here i i feel, i think i need to get out of here should we go see the garden. Yes, you can tell that's iggy's i know i feel bad he's like i want to go to go see the garden. Okay, smalls. This. John and victoria, would be, your little private space. And here, the rest of that would be like a public, garden. Okay, so we're really gonna get to know our neighbors, yeah, i knew that there were garden spaces, in amsterdam, i just didn't know that they could be for you to just go spend time with your neighbors that's so strange to me as a texan. So you see john this is not like right, in the you're done but in the you're down you're not gonna get this. We're like one step outside the ring, but i i want to be a lot closer to the action, but i have my own office space. I really like that i'm worried that victoria, is going to, override, any other place that i may like she's really gonna drive a hard bargain for me. I feel like i should have to prioritize. My comfort and my needs over his which is not what you want in a marriage, but it is kind of when you're picking like your home office. Like home. We came here to be a part of the culture to make friends, to go out to try new places, i like to party you like the party we both like to party. Geico makes the claims process so easy i can manage my claim all in the geico app it's not just easy it's giving your dog your fitness tracker easy. Already got my 40 000 steps today. Geico, fast and convenient, claim.

Service. Introducing. Fidelity, income planning. We look at how much you've saved. How much you'll need and build a straightforward, plan to generate, income, even when you're not working. A plan that gives you the chance to grow your savings, and create cash flow that lasts. Along the way we'll give you ways to be tax efficient. And you can start stop or adjust your plan at any time without the unnecessary. Fees. Talk to us today so we can help you go from savings. To. Living. Oh wow look at all the boats, yeah the amstel, is huge it is it's really wide i really like it over here, i feel like our marriage is extremely, strong, because we've had no choice but to rely on each other through some really tough times and some really awesome times. We're kind of homeless. We have to find somewhere to live, okay, well, the garden department was, um. It, it was expensive. It is and you know at 2 000, i'm just, like there's no extra bedroom. I wasn't a fan of the location that's for sure, yeah i guess the location's, not perfect. So that's going to be a no on the garden apartment that gives us the old house. The whole, old house. Hmm. It's nice, but it's not ideal. Okay, oh, okay. It's uh. It's like this it's this big and. Yeah but we are in city center, it'll be real easy to party anytime we want oh, wow, though, look at this. Oh man. If i'm prioritizing. My work, i can see myself staying in the eastern house, wow, okay, this is beautiful. This is gorgeous. I get a bathtub, i get my own room, we have a spare bedroom. I'm really not getting that feel of being in a in a huge, you know tourist lodging. City. I know that you're really thinking about the whole whole house but i feel like i really, really want to talk about the eastern, rooftop. I, really i know you didn't love it as much as i do, but, it actually checks off almost everything i asked from her which is kind of surprising. Vintage feels, like it was made for me it was made for you but wasn't made for us, but remember, iggy and how he could have his own bedroom. And he can have his own bedroom, remember the bathtub, i remember the bathtub. You know what i don't even need a workspace, i'll work from the bathtub you'll work from the bathtub. Well stairs. Oh my god you had to climb up a lot of stairs, i forgot about the stairs.

I Think the whole old house, is a real big compromise. For me especially, when it comes to the office, well i think finding, under budget in city center is the right way to go. I, i feel like it's really easy for me to forget how much i really enjoy going out and being around other people i'm so focused on like how it's gonna work for my work i like to party you like to party we both like to party. So we're moving to city center. All right i i think i think you've swayed me. Here i'll get one for me and husband. There you go. Thank you. All right. We're extremely. Happy this city is more than we would have ever imagined. Her dog has like 54. 000, followers. I have a couple dutch clients, and a couple of american, ones, i got a bike as soon as i got here and i take off all throughout the city now. He gets to learn places to tell me about, i've scattered a few places for the bar we have a lot of great prospects, already. That dog is so spoiled. The small bedroom, we ended up getting used to it we like it it feels cozy and warm. In the kitchen, we make do with it. To show everyone how lovely, you are, we really love it we spend a lot of time with each other, and. That's something we also. Enjoy. Nobody does real life like discovery, plus, the greatest collection of real-life, entertainment, from your favorite networks, all in one place. Discovery. Plus, stream what you. Love.

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