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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to give you guys a tour around, my living room and show you all the plants that I have acquired elephant. In the room I haven't, uploaded a video in almost, two years we. Honestly, really don't even need to talk about it the only things you know are I started. And finished graduate school I live. Still, am living in Cleveland but I'm moving back to Texas this summer and, I. Have tattoos, and a lot more piercings, now that's it the recap is over you, have been updated, it's, like two years never even went by but, today I just want to show you my, house plants that I've been accumulating, I actually started, this. Year 2019, with two plants that. I had had for quite some time and, it. Is now May. Fifteenth, and I. Have well over thirty plants now so. It, is an addiction if you, are in the middle of your. Plant addiction, I welcome. You with, loving. And open arms if you are. Not. Yet in a plant addiction, and you're just maybe thinking, about it. It's. Great. I'm. Gonna give you a quick pan around my room so, that you can see overall, with the layout of my living room looks like and then we'll get started in talking about each little plant we're, actually going to start with this little set of plants, right here this is directly. Across, from this window which, is a north-facing, window, it is a rare sunny, day here in Cleveland Ohio so, just starting at the top I have an, oxalis. Purple, triangle, it is curling, in bloom as you can see it, has these beautiful. Lavender. Flowers. And, then of course the plan itself is just this gorgeous, clover, like with. Like this lighter, purple, in the middle oh it's absolutely gorgeous. This, plant is really cool because it actually closes, at night like, all of these completely, fold down I'll, insert a picture of what it looks like and then, they, reopen, during the daytime so that's pretty cool I found, this plant and a, local like, flea market plant sale in a neighborhood around me it was only six dollars which is a pretty good deal, next. To it I have a philodendron, this is a velvet, leaf philodendron. It is one of my favorite, plants I got, this online at logee's calm. I have, it still in its a nursery pot I just have him in a cover.

Pot So it'll look nice and, yeah. Velvetleaf. Because, he feels like he has velvet leaves he's, been growing like crazy I. Think I want to create a trellis. For him to crawl on because I like when plants crawl, next. Up we have one of my newest, additions, this, is a peperomia. Copper. Etta Kappa rata red I don't know I'll put it up on the screen but, this, is a beautiful plant it's like got this weird, green, tinge, to it in certain lights and, then. It's purple, and it's got purple underneath and I, just I absolutely love this plant this, whole theme is this. Area is dark green and purple as you can tell with the dark green purple and. We'll. Get to the other ones this. Is my, purple, waffle, plant he, is not doing so hot and it's a beautiful plant it's got like this green wofully, texture, which is why it's called the purple waffle with, these bright purple. Undersides, but, as you can hear he's a little crunchy, which. When, I go to nurseries, most of their purple waffles are pretty crunchy his. Leaves are getting a little crispy, so I used to have him over there in that window. But I moved him over here to. See if that would help him out a little bit he, also had some really bad fungus, gnat problems, and, when I repotted, him he did not do well at all so I ended up pruning back about half the plant and there is some new growth so that's good but fingers. Crossed for that little dude next. We have my wandering, jew in this, really, pretty old, terra, cotta pot it's, got some really clear designs hummingbirds, and stuff on it. Wandering, you is a pretty indestructible plant, again green on top purple, underneath beautiful. Beautiful plant, it's. Almost got like this little literary, effect to it it's beautiful and, it's. A pretty indestructible plant, also. Ridiculously, easy to propagate like you can cut anywhere like just. Snip it there stick, it in a shot glass of water which is what I do and, you'll have roots in a week this, right here is. Just a little string, of, some. Baltic, ivy. Pull em out so you can see a little better but. Uh I, just love the dark green it's. My favorite, colors, for plants, and I put him just, on this little bamboo stick that I have and I, kind of just tied him there and, I tied him there, loosely. So that way he can start, to begin to trail up this thing and eventually, whenever he outgrows. This little. Piece of bamboo all, I have to do is just, attach, another piece with. Some string and it'll. Work out great okay, now we're going to move to, the coffee table right here, I just have, four. Plants I kind of rotate what plants are here I would say this section, gets. The most some, of the most intense, light so as you can see we just have an aloe vera plant he's still in his nursery pot as well he. Has grown a lot has a lot of babies I'll, be able to celebrate those and give some of my friends, eventually. Over. Here we have just a snake plant again, I got this one at the same sale that I got my oxalis, from and. He's doing real good he's, still in his nursery pot as well I like, to keep my plants in there a nursery pot unless they need. To be a product for fungus that reasons or if they're really. Root bound this. Right here is a, pepperoni. Ax, peperomia. Obtuse. Folia, variegated. So. I have two of these pepperoni, --is this, is my variegated, version, he has grown like crazy like, this, leaf, right here is brand new this leaf wasn't there when I got him he's got a new leaf here, he, is just really loving. Life I have not moved him from this spot since. I got him because he really likes it here and this. Last plant I have, a. What. Is the name of this plant the. Olympia. False aralia that's, what it's called I got, this plant because I loved, how his trunk, looks it's got this like black. And white effect on, the trunks, and the stems, which I am really like I also, have a thing for plants, that will look like little trees it's. Like if it looks like a little tree or if it climbs or trails I have to have it so, this kind of like a little tree to me and. He's a pretty, slow grower but he's doing pretty good. We're gonna move over here to this, side, of the couch we. Have a, Dracaena. Hawaiian, sunshine which. This kind of has a little bit of a sad story I got him from Whole Foods didn't. Really know much about plants, at the time and I, ended up leaving, him in his nursery, pot not knowing that the nursery pot had, absolutely. No drainage holes so he was sitting in his own water for about a month I managed. To figure it out before it was too late and I cut off all the root rot and there, were some healthy hardy roots left but he, really isn't growing much at all this new growth has. Been here since the beginning of the year, I mean. He's not dying but, he's also not doing real hot I put, them in a terracotta so, it would be more well draining and I gave him a really well draining soil.

Right. Here we just have some basil that I'm actually growing from seed so, they're doing really good, over. Here on this, little giant, terracotta, saucer. That I have I have, another peperomia. Here, this is just the not variegated, version, which, is ideal, for me I not, the biggest fan of variegated, plants I love the. Greener and the darker it is the better for me and then I have my only three succulents, here I am, NOT a big fan of succulents, I succulents. I used to really be into succulents, but, now that I have normal houseplants, I can see how rewarding it is to watch them grow so quickly and, succulents. Don't grow very quickly also they only need to be watered like twice, a month so that really takes all the fun of being a plant parent but, I have this one here that I've had since December, of 2017 the. None of my succulents, except for this one have a drainage hole which I know is bad but, it's just the way they came whatever, they're. Doing fine I have, this succulent here, and this little pink pot. And. Then I have this larger. Succulent, here I have no clue what any of these are called again he. Is in a little t-rex pot, and he is so cute I got this from the dollar. Spot section, in Target now I'm moving on over to. The other side of the couch so it just came from over there now, we're over here this. Is, where the. Most, human part of the room is because I obviously have my humidifier here. Next to the humidifier, I have, my. Oh Nia it's actually four different photo. Nia plants in here. There's two, pink, I think they're called pink princess, pink. Angel I'm not sure and then two regular ones this, has grown pretty, well. I mean it's a slower grower, than, my other ones, but, he's still growing I've had him for about two, months. Now almost three he's, still at his nursery pot you can see he's starting to bust out a little so he will, repot him eventually but for now, I have him here and I have him really close to the humidifier, because I know they do really well in terrariums. But since I don't have him in a terrarium, I put him next to a humidifier sweet gets a lot of. Humidity. These. Last few plants are my only herbs oh well I guess is it my basil I have basil but these are my two other herbs, this. Is dill, my, dill plant this is the most dramatic plant, I've ever owned I will, show this picture right here is a picture, of. Like. Right when it gets thirsty and immediately droops this dramatically, and then this picture is just 30, minutes later after a watering, like how dramatic, is that I really. Need to figure out a better way to stake him then I have this herb which, I don't really cook with, at all but I am just obsessed with because, it's a pineapple. Mint. Pineapple. Mint it was, on sale, and. I just like absolutely. Had to buy it guys when you smell that when I smell this it makes my mouth water it's, crazy. It smells, a little bit just like pineapple, and mint I don't know they, grow it in some kind of lab and I'm so glad they do because. It's amazing, and. This is kind of like my a nursery, area so I have, a couple of plants here, this. Is just kind of pointless I just like what it looks like this is a black bean like a single black bean and a little tiny pot that, I grew just, to see if it would grow and it did and I really like the foliage I'm a big fan of the big leaves so, I kind of just keep watering him even though I mean, he's only ever gonna produce like three beans so it's kind of pointless but I just like what it looks like that's just another one, then. I have my. Little propagation. Station, so I have three. Shot, glasses that's, what I used to propagate my stuff this. One is some cutting from, a friend's.

Plant If they'll offer plant and I just took them and they are actually rooting and. Then I have, just a piece of my, golden, pothos in there rooting, I have. Two pieces of my velvetleaf philodendron, I've. Had these in here for a while though and they have not grown any roots so I don't think they're going to take which is fine, this. Is my wandering, jew and as you can see it has ridiculous. Roots this has only been propagating, for about maybe, two weeks max this. Stuff propagates, you could spit on the wondering you and it would propagate, and. Then this is some wandering jew that I actually. Cut. And propagated, and it's growing is starting to get a little leggy because it wasn't getting enough Sun so I put, it right here in the window here, I have, my monstera. Delicioso. Look. At how beautiful, and big this plant is guys I built. This trellis just, with some bamboo sticks, that I bought. At Home Depot I just kind of wrapped them all together and put it in the nursery pot he is still in his nursery pot this is just a cover pot but. This, plant. Is doing it beautifully, I mean look, at these massive, leaves, that are fully cut this is a brand new one that just opened this week and look out beautiful, I'm. Obsessed. With it I mean this plant is just like living, it up here and you, would not believe it because I bought this massive, plant at, Walmart, for $13. Can, you believe that that somebody was selling this plant for $13. I was just literally. Shook wasn't. Planning on buying it because me and Brandon are moving and this would be a pain to move but when I saw was only $13, I was like are you crazy I just went to a nursery today where they were selling this monstera. For. $15. And it was like 1/4 of, the size of this plant Walmart. Doesn't know what they're doing and I'm not complaining before, you move to, the TV area I want to show you the, two things that are hanging in the window so. I just got these. Macrame. Hangers. Off of. Target. This. Is obviously a spider plant this is from my research 8 reverse.

Variegated. Because, the variations, on the outside, and not the inside it's, also called the white edge spider plant and. He has really taken off. As you can see he has all of these shoots, he's, currently, has a flower he, puts out a flower literally. Every, single day at this point and I take a picture every single time I'm like obsessed with this plant this, has to be I don't like to play favorites but if, I was going to play favorites, I think this be a top. Three for. Sure I love this plan, then. Over here I just have, my. IV, this is another kind of IV that I have and, just this, hanging planter, and he's actually potted, in here he is not in a nursery part pot is, a macrame hanger from Amazon, I'll, link it down below if I can remember, but. Yeah he's, doing great he's. Actually a pretty slow grower which is kind of disappointing, because, a lot of my other hanging. And trailing plants are very fast, growing so, it's not as satisfying, but he's doing his thing he's, growing he will get there eventually. And. When I was actually sure what this is called I was under the impression it was a variegated wax, ivy but. I saw this exact plant at a different nursery, and they called it an iced ivy. I honestly, have no clue but if, you know you'd let me know and then we're on to the TV. Stand which is the last section, of plants, and the, section of plants that Brandon hates the most because it's over taking, the TV. Literally. Okay. We'll start over here this is my money tree plant I actually. Got this plate on my birthday so it's pretty special to me this, is a brand new growth that I has. Grown. Since I got it and. Then I have a philodendron. In Brazil, this. Plant I really really like big. Fan of philodendron, z-- because I like how they trail and they grow so quickly so, big. Fan of that guy he's still in his nursery pot then. I have a china, doll plant, now, this plant I had no clue what it was when I bought it I just got it because you. Guys did it looks like a little tree and, I. Now. Know that it's called a china doll plant because it's temperamental. Like a china doll and very sensitive, it actually has grown quite a bit since I got it I really didn't think it had been growing but when I looked back at a picture of what I first bought it it, really has been growing quite a bit but, it is kind of temperamental it'll lose just like a hole leaves seemingly. For, no reason, and it, is a pretty, slow grower to the point where I don't even notice that it's growing I.

This. Got a little bit of a burnt, tip here I used. To have him, on my coffee, table so I moved him over, here, next, to all of this so that he would get shade, he, never gets direct sunlight over here but he does get some bright sunlight and. Then. Down here I have my Alocasia, or Alec, Hey, Acadia. Alocasia. I don't know how to say it Alocasia, Paulie which it's actually not called an allocation Polly it's called an allocation, amazonica. And, if you want to know why we mispronounce, it and why, everybody gets the name wrong you can check out Betsy buco Nia's video on it because, she. Does. A great job of explaining it, but, I love this plant it is probably, the plant that I worry, it's. The second most worrisome, plant to me it's, just as kind of temperamental, it needs a lot of humidity hence why I have it not only by the humidifier, but I have it in a pebble tray which, like the jury's still out of pebble Dre's even work but whatever I have, him in a pebble tray I make, sure to keep him damp so, that he doesn't die. And. Yeah he does have a new leaf that unfurled, here, he, does have new growth down at the base but, I will. See how he does I worry, about him but, this plant is, spectacular. Like this is my ideal, plant the, dark green the funky, shape like not only is it this like a long Arrowhead, but it also has like wavy and, then, it's dark green, with these thick of veins and then purple. Underneath like are you kidding me it's. Wild. Absolutely. Wild, but. That's because this plant doesn't grow naturally, anywhere, in the world again, check out Betsy begonias video if you want to know, these. Two little plants here that I have right in front of our sound bar are just polka dot plants, I have. Them in terracotta eye they're, the same one but this one is just much more variegated, and this one's just not as variegated, plant is also really dramatic like my dill it'll, droop like like, it'll be like hanging over the sides like this all of it just move when. It's thirsty so but. I guess I prefer, that communicates, well than a plant that doesn't communicate well, over. Here I have, my two Hoyas. This. One is a I'm, pretty sure Hoya Cardosa. Variegata. And. I'm pretty sure it's crimson, Queen I could, totally be wrong I honestly, have no idea I just bought, this plan it just, says Hoya. But. It's a pretty big. Hoya I don't, think it's wholly, a tricolor. Because. The. Branches. Are not the, vines are not pink the, little leaves are pink but the vines aren't pink and that's pretty distinctive, tricolor, also. I don't think it's, tricolor. Because the variations, on the, outside, and not the inside so. I think this, is a crimson, Queen I could totally be wrong though but, I know it is a Hoya Cardosa, so, we got that right and then I have my other Hoya. He's. Still in his nursery pot kind, of jammed in this other pot he's.

Being Supported, completely by this he's not like hanging, by his branches, but, um he. Is a hiya. Iris. Murray I, got. This one from low guys calm, as well, and it's. Doing really well it's got really Hardy nice, leaves. But. It hasn't grown like, at all and, then, our final two plants this. Is my. Lucky. Bamboo plant, this, is always in my bathroom I just brought it out for the purposes of this video this is my I was worried about plant because I have had this plant since. 2014. So, I've had this plant for five years. He. Actually came with a partner, that made a heart Brandon. Gave it to me as, a gift but. That, partner quickly, got, some kind of disease and died which, was fine the, other part survived he, used to have this little branch with all these little leaves coming, out here but I actually pruned, that she, can see if she cut that off about, a month ago because they were all dying and I was scared that something, was gonna spread and it was working too hard to try to keep that alive how does cut it off. He's just not doing so hot he's not growing new leaves, he. His. Leaves before, I cut, them were browning, really bad and yellowing, I use. Filtered water, so that's not the issue he, does have a new chute here and the new chute was going very quickly but it has stopped growing I can, check, its measurements, by the, nods on the, actual bamboo and he has not grown it past this in about. Two or three weeks at this point. About. This I've taken a mount kinda Jrue it's clean the water I keep him watered, but I'm. Very concerned about him and, then last but not least one, of my favorite plants my, golden. Pothos I, just, love plants, that trail, I love plants that climb I love, plants that can physically, take over objects, like he's taking over my TV, I just. Think that he is beautiful, he puts out a new leaf almost every single day like this one's coming out and he. Just just constantly, has new shoots and I'm just I'm. So proud of him look here's another leaf I love. Him to death that. Is an overview of all, of my plants I hope, you enjoyed this video I promise. It'll be sooner. Than two years before I upload my next video, thanks. So much for watching guys bye.

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Idk why but that clip at 1:06 cracked me up

I can't really see it but I think that your philodendron cuttings have no nods. If there are no nods roots won't grow :(

Fragileduck yep! Learned that the hard way. All of my pothos cuttings did great and I realized that’s why my philodendron cuttings wouldn’t grow! Thanks!

Your bamboo plant looks like a flamingo

My addiction started april whit a ficus I have 17 now and want a chakatge oberfolia and a rubber plant.

Nice collection mam

Im in cleveland ohio and i share the plant addiction too lol...

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