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these are the acai palms the peconia  is made with the leaf of the acai i'm climbing up the tree right now first of all good morning from bellam we are gonna see  how acai is gathered and how they make it   and hopefully we will even  be a part of that process we're gonna get deep into acai like  we've never like we've never gone before so all of these palm trees that you're  seeing right here there are acai palm trees   and that is what we'll be  discovering in a different way today do okay we're here can hang on this that is how it's done okay we just arrived this  is where we're gonna see how acai is harvested   and made this is the part of the trip we have  been really looking forward to we eat tons of   acai but we don't really know how they collect  it from these tall trees so let's go find out   so these trees that we're going through right  now these are the acai palms so acai comes from   palm trees but a specific variety and that's what  all of these are so this guy's gonna climb up and   show us how it's done from the moment we arrived  in brazil i was hoping that we would get to see   where acai comes from and we had no idea that  we would actually get to see this so this 28 years old living in the island all  of his families lives in here contempt   more than a hundred years old his family lives  in here has life in the island has lived in the   island with the community of the combo island  and the pacific river and now he's going to show   demonstrate for us how to climb the acai palm tree  to do that you're going to have to use this tool   in here normally the peconia is made with the leaf  of the assay but boa and other producers in here   they discovered that the peconia made with a  plastic bag is more reliable than the ones that   you can make with the leaf this is used to chop  the palm tree or the fruit of assay the brazilian   for it is balayo okay but translating is a basket  so this one is used with wood and with plastic so   it will last way longer than the ones made just  with wood and in here is where we put the acai   that we retrieve from the from the tree he's going  to put on the feet the peculiar prepare the hands and just go up okay i won't lie this is crazy he's so high up there sometimes in the jungle they have to go from one  to one another like that to climb more of a sail   so wow so now we're going to climb the tree and you use  this little thing here you put your feet inside of   it and it helps you to kind of grasp the tree you  have to jump and kind of pull your feet around the   trunk of the tree and then you don't hold yourself  up by your arms you hold yourself up more by   the force of your feet and your legs going forward  against the tree so first you put your feet in yes   of course i'm sure he made it look  a lot easier than it actually is   open up a little bit of your feet it has  to be very tight okay then your hands   you gotta go like this one  in here and another in here careful don't break your toes this will  open your legs and stash both feet like this i can't do that no that's not happening  how does he do that it is a workout   no it's a two three yep yep  now pull back up okay okay   because if you can do like this you're like if  you do like this it's going to be more neutral i feel like it doesn't want to pull me  this way there you go go back up yep just hold the strength is on your leg so to collect the acai berries you have to go up   manually so he uses this plastic tie around his  feet and he uses that to get leverage and climb   all the way up and then he has a  machete to actually get the berries   so it's not as easy as you may think to get  these berries they don't use machines he just   goes up on his own hops from tree to tree and  collects these berries and puts them in a basket as you can see we were not very successful with  this i think it would take a bit of practice   it seems like it requires a little  bit of strength but mostly technique wow even she can do it i guess  without them whoa without it   wow good job alex is determined to get this took his  shirt off that means serious business   all right so you step into this nice little feet ring i'm going to try to break my record  i think i've gotten to about here oh look at that i feel confident that  if we ever got stuck in the amazon alex   could retrieve acai berries for me  and this acai is made with a machete   basket and a man climbing up a woman  too who's been climbing up look at this i'm climbing up the tree right now for samasai i have to say as we've learned about the acai  production and the chocolate production it makes   you appreciate the food that much more we already  love both of those items chocolate and acai   but now when i eat it i'm gonna think about  all the work that goes into it and appreciate   it that much more i think everyone should learn a  little bit more about where their food comes from   catch my breath because like lindsay said it makes  you appreciate it more a lot of people don't know   where their food comes from at all you kind of  turn a blind eye to where it's coming from and   the whole process behind it how difficult it is to  get something you just go to a grocery store and   buy borrowed chocolate or an acai bowl but there's  someone behind the scenes who's climbing trees   taking it down planting seeds doing a  whole process that takes a week or two like   in the case of chocolate so yeah we're  definitely guilty of that just going   through the motions eating the food without much  thought but this is teaching us a new perspective   all right after climbing those trees and  gathering acai we're going to shower in the river   or at least our feet we're just showering in the  river after gathering that up right feels so good   it's so warm okay let's get into the next step  of the acai making process we have a machine   here and we're going to learn how they do the  rest of it and then we're going to eat them   so after they retrieve the berries from the  tree they wash them with water and they soak   them in warm water to soften the skin once it's  softened then they can put it in this machine   to separate the skin from the pulp so he adds the berries and water into this machine   depending on how much water he adds that's  going to make it more thick or less thick   so obviously the more water you add the  more thinning consistency it's going to be oh yeah that is pure gold purple gold oh the color of that acai is amazing it  looks so good that purple it's a rich   purple color and it just makes you  want to eat all of it right now so the bucket of acai berries that he has  will produce around four liters of acai   which is quite a bit okay now the seeds are gonna  come out they're just gonna pop right out of here so what this machine is used for is to  separate the pulp or the skin of the acai berry   from the seed which is really most of it actually  it's just a little bit of skin and pulp to   mostly seed i have a visual for you so this is the  acai berry this is the seed so only five percent   of the acai berry is the pulp which is what you  eat you just throw away about 95 of the food oh   okay so now i must warn you this is fresher how  i'm blessed to live in my state yes you are i'm so   sorry for you now all right this is the freshest  acai we will ever try in our whole entire life amazing so this is how you eat it here so we  have the acai a big bowl that's the way to do it   and then we have a little bit of  sugar and then we have a little bit of   sugar here if you want it but we're going to  try that after we try it without the sugar   then we have the tapioca and we have the  mangoka first we're going to try it without   ice so it's not cold because sometimes when  things are cold it can change the flavor it's good even warm wow and you know  it's good when it coats your teeth purple   did it yeah you know it's pure mmm so  creamy that is a such a good consistency   perfect i do prefer it cold so i'm going  to add some ice i have a little ice too like alex said you know it's a good oxide when   it coats your teeth purple  and your lips are purple too how is it oh man this is delicious is it pure yes very pure very delicious and pure do you need to brush your teeth okay so i just put some ice and a little bit  of sugar in it because we are used to it being   really sweet but if you just  put a little sugar into it   to make it just a tiny bit  sweet that is how it's best so that is phenomenal you have flavors in this  that are lost when you get in other places this bowl and today has really shown us  how much flavor can be lost in the process   so in the process of shipping preservatives time  just the whole process of getting food from its   origin to your table you can lose a lot and in  this bowl there are a lot of extra flavors that   we haven't had before and that is just because  it came so fresh straight from the source   we're losing nothing you can almost taste the tree  hey it's lunchtime this is a tambaki fish we call   it tambaki okay where he's inside with what we  call piran okay it's a mix with mania flour and   tutuppi sauce this is jambu all right here we have  fried bananas fried potatoes sheeps uh carrots and   this is all for us we have a salad we have sauce  and we have the paradise rice with mango on it   the mother's beans it was his mother who actually  does that and this guy's this is the best that we   can offer this is the best of home cooking all  right we are about to have a home cooked meal   we've been eating a lot of food in belem from  restaurants but this is cooked inside of their   home the mom cooks it and it looks incredible look  at the teeth on this thing it's so handy this is fried banana this looks so crispy where do we even begin the fish caught in the river here they served it in its entirety so this is a pot of a bunch of beans some meat it  looks like a beef some bacon a vegetable or two   this one i can't remember the name of i don't  know if we've had it yet looks amazing let's that perfect beans this is what too much food and acai will do  to you can't really see him but he's taking a nap so as you guys know we put out videos on  youtube we put out as much content as we can   but we can't put out everything on youtube  we also have shorter video clips and photos   that we can't put here so if you want to see  more follow us on instagram lindsay travel bum   and alexander travel bomb hey guys  thanks for watching this video   if you want to see more videos like this one  click one of these and subscribe right here   because we're traveling all around the world  and we're sharing the whole thing with you

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