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I get so caught up in, the man. Thinking. Of traveling is, both eyes. I'm. Losing, sight cause, I'm falling. I'm. Songs, eaten. Deep. Down, inside. I can. Hire. Yeah. Cute. Eyes. And. You. Can tell. Are. You ready to take it back. Yeah. You may need to get all clean. Do. You want to show everyone how we cleared up your skin. Yeah. You got baby some skin, now. You. Want to show everyone. Yeah. Please, get in the bath, you. Want to take a nice warm bath I. Love. You. Okay. So these are the products that I'm using on, Grayson, skin right now it's by the company, so luxury, and all. I'm using in his bath is this. Stuff right here it's called coconut and oat milk, bath and you. Guys saw what the consistency, looks like this is what it looks like it comes with a little scooper, and you basically do like a few scoops underneath, some, running. Water in the bath and that's all I use I don't use anything else I don't use any shampoo or body wash I just use this and then I'll, use a washcloth. And like washed his body with. The, stuff that's in the water that's all we use huh, yeah. They do use, and, it works so well with your skin, you. Love it. So. I'll just yeah I'll just use the washcloth and kind of like rub it all over his body. Sometimes. I'll take body wash and go underneath his neck rolls right here because if. You guys have a newborn you know that's like, the. Area where it starts to smell, and. I don't give him a bath every night and I don't even give him a bath every other night I do it probably like, once or twice a week just because his skin was so dry, so. I think between spacing. Out his baths this. Stuff and then I'll show you the product that I use once he gets out of the bath has. Completely, changed his. Skin okay Grayson is out of the bath now and he, is all, changed, in a clean diaper and a clean onesie, and so. Now I'm going to apply this, stuff it's the all-purpose, cell-by-cell. Luxury. I'll, show you guys what it looks like so this is what it looks like it kind of reminds me of those sunscreen, sticks, that you apply, on your face except. It does not feel like that, whatsoever. So it. Goes on really clear, and it doesn't leave any residue at all it absorbs, super quickly into. His skin it's, not oily, greasy. It smells, incredible. So I'll just apply this all, over the spots where, he had really bad eczema, so. On, his knees were. Really bad and I'll insert a photo right here of what his skin looked like before we started using so luxury products and after. I think it was like two or three uses. Of using this stuff and. His. Skin is like. It, did like a complete 180 so. His arms were really, really. Bad so this is like the fourth time I think we've used this stuff, so. After four uses now his skin is like completely. Clear. But. That before, photo was. Pretty. Bad so his skin right here on his elbows were, super. Dry and flaky. And. Yeah. This is after now. This is the fourth time that we've used this stuff and even after the first use I noticed a slight improvement but, after the second time of using, this stuff this, combined, with the oat milk bath GameChanger. So. After the second use is when we definitely, noticed a huge improvement, and, then, like after the third use it was like completely gone so now. His skin feels like like. A baby's skin huh huh so the first and second time we use their products on his skin I also incorporated. The unscented, body oil after, I, applied the balm I would go in and massage this, oil on his knees and his elbows, because those were again really. Really dry and I think this stuff definitely helped as well I don't, really need to use this anymore because his skin is like completely, cleared up and if you guys have been following sense of Grayson was first born you know that he has not had the best skin since like day one and I have tried a bunch, of different things on him I've tried tubby Todd which a lot of you guys recommended, that, did not work well for him it works well for Shay though I've tried a bunch of different things and, so, luxury products are the only ones that work well on his skin and it worked very quickly too and this, is not sponsored by any means I wanted to let you guys know that this is no, way sponsored.

I Just. Was so excited to share these products, with you guys because I got a lot of questions on if, I could share if something, is working with his skin because you guys notice that his skin started to clear up in the vlogs I didn't want to share a product with you guys until I knew for a fact that it worked well and. I know everybody's, skin is different so just keep that in mind some of these products may not work for your little ones but it definitely is working for Grayson so I figured I would share it with you guys and, they, did it give me a coupon code so I wanted to share that too it's just my name Tara and it'll save you 15% off, your entire order so, if you guys want to check out so luxury products, I will leave their, link down in the description bar, along with my code, but, let me know if you guys try it and if it works for your little ones I am like a huge believer in this brand now and I probably won't use any other products on his skin I placed another big order with them because I didn't, want to find out other stuff so they, sell it in this little jar to, the oat milk bath which, is really cute I. Have, the tin can which you guys saw and now I have that one I just want to make sure they also have bath bombs I haven't tried these yet, but. I wanted to stock up on the South because that stuff is like incredible, and I know I shared this picture with you guys at a previous vlog when I first got, their package in the mail before I even tried their stuff I shared, this before and after but in case Grayson's. Before and after photo wasn't good enough this, is just. Incredible, so yeah. I'm just I'm so glad, that I was able to get my hands on these products and now share it with you guys because their. Stuff is incredible, so again, everything will be linked down below if you guys want to check it out. Yeah I can, carry all, that you've got. To. Have your hearts, is not a. Okay. Just put Grayson down for a nap and now I'm going to unload, our dishwasher. Because we're getting a new one installed, today in like an hour so, I need to make sure that this is empty so, that he can put our new one in. Okay. I'm about to do a load of Grayson's. Laundry, but I have to share this blanket, with you guys because I had no idea that barefoot. Dreams made baby. Blankets, I got, this off of Amazon, so I will link it down below for you guys it also comes in a grey color this is more of like a topi, Brown. I would say but. I love, it oh my gosh I love the color so much and obviously. You guys know I'm obsessed with Leopard, but. I feel like a boy could totally use this blanket, too so. I just wanted to share with you guys because I had no idea that. They made baby blankets, and if you guys are unfamiliar with what barefoot, dreams is it's basically like the, softest, material that you could ever. Buy honestly, it's so cozy. And I, think it's the perfect size. For a, baby, blanket it's not too big it's not too small and. So. I'm, obsessed, I'm about to wash it right now, so that Grayson can use it and the weather is starting to cool off so, it came at the perfect time but I cannot wait for him to use it it's so cute okay now I'm gonna get started on cooking. Dinner tonight because I'm gonna make something in the crock-pot so it's gonna need to sit for a few hours so I'm gonna make this slow cooker chili. Recipe. I got it from Pinterest. I'll link it down below for you guys but since we have a cold front here in Texas right now I'm gonna take advantage and, make some. Chili it sounds really good so I'm gonna put this together right now in the meantime I'm, just waiting for the guy to get here to install, our dishwasher, he said he was gonna be here between, 11:00. And 1:00 and, it's 11:30, right now so I'm just waiting for him to get here so yeah. I'm gonna throw all this stuff in the crock-pot right now and, that way it's one last thing I have to worry about for. Dinner tonight. I've. Seen those, faces. I've. Heard all. The lies. But. You ain't, gays, in. Someone. In, denial. Cuz. You are dying feels, right. But. You got a, real, hard, I, know, you want to be. So. I'm just sauteing the, onions and, the green pepper right. Now and, then I'm going to throw the ground turkey in here and brown that and then, I'll throw it into the crock pot and, add all of this stuff and that's. Pretty much it super, easy I don't even know if this is what the recipe calls for it to be honest I like, glanced over it really quick but when, i make chili i basically just throw whatever i have in the pantry in, either.

A, Pot. On the stove or a, crock, pot i think it'll taste better since i have a lot of time until. Dinner i'm gonna make it in the crock pot and hopefully so. They'll have a little bit more flavor i'm also gonna be throwing in a packet, and a half of this McCormick's, chili. Seasoning you, can just use the seasoning, if you have it all on hand we, just had these, in the pantry so I'm just gonna use these up but. I find that one isn't enough so I'm going to use one and a half today. Okay. I brown the ground turkey so now I'm gonna start adding everything to, the crock pot and. And. Then. I'm also gonna put a little bit of minced garlic in there - we love garlic in this family so I'm gonna do like a heaping I. Don't. Know what you would call this like a heaping. Spoon. And. Then I'm just gonna. Stir. It all together mix. It up. I'm. Probably gonna pour a little bit of water in here too but. If you like your chili like really chunky and not as watery then you. Don't really need to add water but add, really. Gonna add like 2, or 3 cups of water to this. Stir. It all together again. Okay. Now I'm gonna cover it and. Cook. It on high. For. Like. Four or five hours dinner. Is done, super easy I'm pretty sure these are cork, boards that I ordered for the kids artwork. Let's. Open it up and. See. I got this idea off of Pinterest, to. Display. The, kids aren't working stuff that they get from school on, a cork board instead, of like, right here because. This. Is filling up like way too quickly so I needed an alternative okay, yeah they're the two cork boards that I ordered from Amazon for, Bailey and Shay's arts and crafts that they bring home from school so. Once, Adam gets home from school tonight, and hangs them up because honestly, like that's even daunting, to me like I don't know how to install that but. I think I'm gonna hang, them up in my office on a wall in there so after they're, hung up and I put some of their arts and crafts up on this I will show you guys what it ends up looking like. No. Sicked. Sit. Down. Roll. No. Sit. Sit. Down. Roll. Good. Girl. Heel. Good. Girl. You. Are so smart, Chloe is so nice and white hi yeah. She's. Such a good pup is, she such a good pup. Grayson's. Away from his nap and I was showing him some of the bibs that I got from, mushy. They're. So cute, I know it's, a little early but honestly, before I know you guys he's gonna be sitting in a highchair and I'm gonna be feeding, him solids so I thought. These bibs were adorable. So I wanted to share them with you there's rockets on this one the, alphabet and then this one has Suns on it they're. So cute huh I can't. Believe how fast you're growing me. You're. Growing up too fast. You, Snowdown. Yo. Can, you slow down a little bit, say. No no. How's. That bone Chloe. The. Girls are home from school and they're having a little snack they're, having. Pepperoni. Yeah. Bailey. Called them meat what's, on your hand. You. Got a tattoo today. I repair it and. Bailey. Only brought one home she got out of the treasure chest treasure, chest, I can't talk on my trazan at school, and. It. Was for being good right yeah, and she, only got one so I. Tricked. Shay, into thinking this was a tattoo she thinks it is it's. Just a sticker, who is that Shay. The. Lighting is always so bad right now this time of day right. Around like two, three. O'clock. Those. Windows up there this is the reason why I made. The chili. Super. Early in the day because Adam, comes home and already wants it I don't, think it's done yet but he said he's hungry so he's gonna eat it well. Now. You know all the attention, not on you now. I know. You, had great. Patience. But, something, knocked you out. You, felt your. Limitations. And. Filled your mind, without. You. Wanna stay. Enjoy. Okay. Bailey is on her, second. Helping of chili she, spelled her water all over the floor and. She. Hasn't taken one bite of her food. Why. Don't you want to try it it's yummy. Okay. I just finished up with a bedtime routine the, kids are all in bed and asleep for, the night Adam, still at school it usually he comes home, like right before bedtime, but. I guess he had a lot of work to do or something because he is, not home Lee I think she'll be home soon though, so. I tackled. The bedtime routine solo, I'm.

About To hop in the shower myself, and, get ready for bed but before I do I wanted to let you guys know and give you a heads up on a few changes that are gonna be happening on, my channel, so the first thing I'm gonna be changing, my posting, schedule to Monday Wednesday. Sunday. Now instead of Friday there's gonna be a video on Sunday and for the videos on Sunday I wanted to start a new series on my channel called, tackle. Your to-do, list with me so, anything that you can think of that you would jot down on, your to-do list I'm gonna be filming a video on, me, tackling. Mine, and hopefully it will inspire you, and motivate you to, tackle yours, so that's. What Sunday's videos are gonna be like on my channel now from here on out and, I. Figured it would be fun so that way you guys can tune in to my channel on Sundays and we can accomplish everything, that is on our to-do list for the week ahead so that's the first change that's, going to be happening on my channel the second thing is those of you guys that watch my channel and needs subtitles in, Arabic the girl that translates, our videos isn't able to translate, them until. Later on in the day so. Usually. She has them ready to go time I post my videos at like 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning and, now, that she's going back to school she isn't able to get, the videos out in Arabic. At that time anymore so, she's not able to translate, until a little bit later in the day like 5:00 p.m. so. I'm. Not going to be changing, my posting, time to 5 p.m. I'm gonna, still keep it at 10:00 or 11:00 I, try to get my videos out of like 10 a.m. ok, my battery died right as I'm walked, in he's home from school now but I came in to my office to get a new battery but, what I was saying is I'm not gonna be changing, my posting, time to. 5 p.m. at night I'm gonna still keep it in the morning at like 10:00 or 11:00 a.m., but I, just wanted to give you guys the heads up that the translations, won't be up until, a little bit later on in the day so those are the two changes that are going to be happening on my channel moving. Forward, um, but. Yeah I think I'm gonna end the vlog here hop in the shower eat, some chili and wind. Up for the night and hang out with Adam now that he's home from school but, thank you guys so, much for watching today's video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed, it subscribe if, you haven't already and, I will see you guys very, soon bye. Because you can make it.

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اني من العرااق وااحب اتبعج

By mimoza cream from ebay it's perfect for aczeama skin

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Your a very beautiful and sweet good momma.

OMG I'm definitely buying the salve for my son. His eczema is so bad around his knees and shin area. Its so bad that his skin feels so tight and rough. I'm going to try this and hopefully it works for my little man.

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Oogle at Luxury yes!

Seriously cutest baby ever!!

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I speak and write Arabic and wont mind translating them for you . Just a heads up !

My 2 year old son has such bad exzema. Will it also work for toddlers?

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Not sponsored she is monitized she still gets paid if you click in the link the description box she is a very smart business owner nothing more

Hi Tara ! Love your channel. Am arabic ! And I'll be more than happy to help with the translation as soon as u upload !

من. فضلك. اريد. نضامك. الغذائي. للمحافظة. على. الرشاقة. شكرا

I love the So Luxury products! It’s local to where I live! My son is allergic to coconut however so we can’t use most of it on him but I use it all on myself! I got him the coconut oat milk bath for when he was first born and he would get hives

Baby Grayson so cute

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It’s fungal use a broad spectrum antifungal cream with a steroid the steroid only activates the antifungal so it works faster. No baths and use a latic acid and urea cream after showering dry skin spreads the fungal skin infection also none as excema.

Before I watched the whole video, I read this comment and was like... uh that's pretty random stuff to wanna see. But now I get it!! Good ideas.

I didn’t start my son on solids til 7 months when he had at least some bottom teeth to be able to chew 4 months is like really really early..... if I mean purée then yeah not solids though

ايوة اكيد تعرف ولا ليش تترجم المقاطع

Tara, did you know eczema is an auto immune disorder and vaccination is not recommended for anyone with auto immune disorders? I would consider stop vaccinating all of your babies if they struggle with eczema.

كيف اعالج ابني من القيء

في عمرو 6 اشهر


A moms to do list never ends

Have you tried the salve on his face? My baby the same age has a couple of dry patches on her cheeks. Tubby Todd helps but they continually come back.

p and then e

Shay is literally my son with the picky eating and sassiness (can boys be sassy?) stubbornness then haha he just turned 3

Love you

@tara Do you think the Só luxury products might work on adults also or is it only for kids??

Go through everyone’s closet and declutter!

Declutter the girls play room!!!

Kirky thank you!

Allison Galvez I'm sorry to hear that

Kirky yes it is I'm aware of it unfortunately my daughter was injured from vaccines at 5 months. We no longer vaccinate. Thank you...wish I knew before what I know now.

Eczema is a vaccine injury. It is in the insert. I would recommend doing some research about that.

فدوه ابكد بنتي ابنج اني من العراق

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