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Everyone, welcome back to my channel so if you're new around here my name is Eva I'm a Londoner born, and bred here and I thought it would be a really interesting experiment. To see how much, it costs to be a tourist in London for the day obviously, this doesn't include accommodation. Because I live in London so. There's my boyfriend who's gonna be joining, in on this experiment with me I think as a tourist, in London there is so much to do and for me one of the main things to do if specially, if you're coming just for a couple days would, be to do a London, tour bus I've done them myself around, London and there's a London air when you get on the tour bus and they ask you are you from and you say London there's, always that moment where the person, who's doing the tour is like okay. It's, a bit strange but. London tours are, so so good you find out so many facts about the, city and we. Will be doing one of those I'm actually gonna have a look online now and see if, booking. Online can, get me cheaper tickets then if we buy it in person so I'll let you guys know about that, so, without further ado let's get straight into it and see how, much is this gonna cost me so let's have a look for the best London. Tour bus and. Then. See which one people recommend we do big bus tours we've, done in other places in, Washington. Big, bus horse was amazing but. In Paris I didn't like it so much um. 13. Brilliant, London, bus tours to book right now time out I can always trust time out Trip Advisor's a good one to trust as well but time out I love. Them oh these, are like evening, tours big, bus London. Hop-on hop-off tour, actually think we've done the big bus tour in London and I did quite like it. The. Original big bus tour. London. Tall. This. Is a very, reputable. Tour. Bus company and then what was the other one Ellen, their. Original okay let's have a look on that one as well we can compare prices the original, London, tour. Nice the. Original tour London. Sightseeing. Tour. Bus. We're. Gonna compare prices guys okay so I. Want. An individual, 24-hour, ticket which is kind of annoying I kind of wish I could just do a two hour ticket because yeah. Because in the afternoon, we've got other plans but. Let's see how it is ooh. Okay. If. You're, an adult over 16 full. Price is 34, pounds if you, buy it online it's, 32, pounds 50 oh. If. You're a family of two adults and two children it's. 80 pounds, aha. Okay so big, bus London is more expensive Alan, you. Get a walking. Tour and a. River cruise with it though yeah, so they also have free access to walking, tours and a hop off free river cruise I've got a love a river oh my god I bet you it's gonna be raining oh we, can add a promotional, code let's see if London taught the original tour have promotional, codes. Okay. Let's see if this code, works oh. Why. Can I not copy okay. I. Think. This is the best one out of the bunch so.

Where's. My where's. My basket let's see if this works, redeem, code it. Worked, so. I'm saving 7 pound 20 now, now. It's 57 pound 80. There. Is a how do you know so here we have it I'm about to spend 57. Pounds 18 for me and Alan Londoners, to go on the, original tour we did this when did we do it hasn't no 11 it must have been. Wasn't. 12 it was definitely, 11. Wow. So, it's been 8 years since we're in London tour bus it was a nice summer's day out was very hot I probably burned my nose. Hm. Nice weather for London talk it's not that howdy yeah, probably the only way you're ever going to see London to be honest cloudy, so. I was just checking how I. Say. When I want my ticket for it says, that you just validate, your ticket at any, of the 80 plus, bus stops around, central. London I'm, thinking, we might start in Green. Park but. We'll see when other bus. Stops are but 80 plus bus stops that's pretty good. Sal. And I've just booked the tickets for the tour bus are. You excited for the tour bus you. Can be honest yeah, excited, you are having done that twice in so long in London it's fine it's. Fine I was just thinking about the money yeah. I was trying to be sensible oh well, done now I've done we're, going just, send me the tickets. Today we're alumni, act like tourists for the day in our own City London going to see how much it costs us so. They originally said that we were going to tally up the amount we've spent by one person so what I spent I think, as it's Alan and I and we're just going to pay for everything together I'm going to do it so when you see how much something, is costing us it will be somewhere around the screen know, that that is for two people so if you're one person half but if you're four people double it you can figure out from that firstly, to, pain how much do sit was to 8283, each that's so there's 560, I've already spent today adding, it to the tally as well as what I already spent on the tickets for the tour bus which was fifty seven pounds twenty, or fifty seven has eighty or something so, it's quite a hefty day already and now, we're going for breakfast that's. Gone yeah I'm also one thing to mention sorry, Alan if. You are going to be getting like the London Underground drink like that something to bear in mind is that you can just use a contactless. Debit, or credit card you, don't have to buy an oyster card if you have a contactless, card that's what we use if you don't have a contact this credit or debit bank, card you, can buy an oyster card at the tube station it's five pounds they haven't bought one for years but I believe it's still five pounds and then you couldn't talk about pay-as-you-go that's gonna get you the best rate but. If you are using a contact to serve a card that will be the same rate as nice to practice it's always an option as well so, obviously we want to be really, realistic with, it being life. Of a tourist so we're having breakfast lunch and dinner out today quite. The treat for us obviously. We don't usually do all three meals out in London so we will just eat at home so. First up is breakfast, and we are going to soda bug soda, bug I think that's how you say it and on. Having. A mind like now, Thank. You Alan on Varick. Street this, one my favorite places to come it's really just an excuse I mean Alan to go and eat a Danish pastry, and have a cappuccino but. Trust. Me if, you try this place you, will understand why. So the first ones in actually opens like two minutes after we arrive from just pretty cool if. You see it's got such, a nice seating area in here it's quite handy that where the first one sit because it means I can actually film the layout so. We've got two cappuccinos, to. Pastries, has cost us thirteen pounds, I think, Owen said the coffee's were around three pounds something each bearing, in mind yeah. Three each and then I got a milk as well I think that's a standard price in London for a coffee around three yeah I think so. Yeah all right and then, the pastries would have been how much huge. 350. 350. Yeah which is I think. Something. This tasty, we've had this before very, very nice it's good yeah, gave into it so, we're now just looking at where's nearest. In Soho, to go and get our original tour, bus. And, that's the bus. So. Arrow statue in. Piccadilly. Is finally, unveiled that had scaffolding, for ages if you're going to come now. You're, gonna see it in good form. Okay. We've got our official tickets, for the best of London, the original, tour bus and basically. They have four different routes, and then, you also get.

Tickets. To go on a London boat tour now, because we're only doing the tour bus for this morning, we're not going to be able to do all four routes and we're probably not gonna be able to do the boat tour however, I would say if you could spend. A whole day just going the whole way around London now for us we know this area which is the Royal kind, of route in blue very, well because, somewhere, we go around a lot so for us what we're going to focus on this morning is first we're going to do that orange route which takes us through. Like the British Museum, Russell Street some Pancras and then, we're going to join back here and do, the yellow route which you can see goes quite fast you can see bits of like hyde. Park, goes. All around the West End and then it will end up as well taking us through the city we're, gonna see the Tower of London Tower. Bridge shakespeare's, globe it's just across from where we'll see so we should be able to see it and we want to end up in the city for the afternoon, of our tourism day in London, so, let's get on the orange route and see, how it goes. I am so glad the Sun has come out just in time for us to go on this bus because it was feeling a bit gray earlier. When. The Sun shines on London it is a beautiful. Beautiful place. Just, to give you guys some context, as well we're currently in the West End so Piccadilly is just straight down there, Piccadilly Circus. See, how incredible, architecture, is here. This. Place serves traditional. English, munchkins. Okay. So after, tour bus we did the orange and the other route I would, actually maybe recommend, doing the yellow and the purple route I think you'll see a lot more but. We will do a full, roundup, of the tour bus and the entire day at the end of this video so stay tuned for that I have some receipts to show any of what we did so for the lunch we've got our firm there's some corners on the bus and. We went to Byron, Byron. Is a chain in London and if. You ask me where to eat don't say tiny new places that maybe aren't changed whether Byron. Burgers, are delicious and, it's one of the chains which I highly recommend actually there are a few chains that are pretty. Good at it aren't they the hard tourist track yeah Byron is one of them Londoners. And people in England in general love Byron so, we ordered all at food we got nachos two burgers, with cheese all. The fillings. And then we got courgette phrase and, normal, phrase and it came to a total of twenty. Four ninety five would I actually think is pretty good we just got tap water that. Was. Too bad especially that's for two people and then I mean this is not something that. Tourists. Need, to do. Parties. Candy. Or. Hearty sweets I should say it sadly it's such a English, thing to be able to go to a sweet shop it's like the classic British penny, sweets yeah see ya anymore.

They. Did they did have pence. We're. Not old. Parties. Is one of the last like. Sweet shops in London where you can get all. Different types, of old British, sweets and it's kind of like a pick-and-mix each is what you want to, put it in a bag and a scale and. Then they give it to you and, it's actually a really good price so we've got all of these sweets which is really good let's hear the weight. 150. Grams. Okay. Yeah. And that was two pounds 75, which i think is really good also should give us a hand free, yeah. And. Now we're. Going to the Tate Modern which, is free free. I need something free yep yeah, so, far today I've spent. It's. On the screen how are we like ninety close, mate. Yep. That's crazy. I wanted. To add in a little bit more about the Tate because I felt he didn't explain much about it it's probably one of my favorite. Museums. In London, it's the Tate Modern that we went to great. Location, so much to see around there if you are in London but, it's also got a lot of contemporary, modern art in there and such. A great collection of art actually really, worth looking around they. Also have an incredible viewing. Deck which is on the tenth floor, and. It's free as well so you get such an incredible, view of London up there I want to show you guys some clips I got from the top and the 10th floor of the Tate so. Beautiful, just such a good way to see London. Yeah. Somewhere, to visit sure so. It's windy but we're at the top on the 10th floor look. At the view CBT Tower to my left there's. Blackfriars, Bridge, some. Paul's Cathedral. And. Then there's that big pillar for the day millenium, bridge, man, there's, the city it's. Not amazing. So. About in some polls now what have you majored in issues reasonably, decides to have like a burger for lunches because our, original plan, for today was to get sushi. For dinner because it su is a chain, that does sushi really, good sushi to go and, half. An hour before closing all, of the sushi is half-price which, would have like really, helped with the money and. Also would have made sense why we kind, of had like a restaurant, meal at lunch but. We didn't take into account that it's about holiday and so, all of the it suits are closing already at 6 p.m., usually that opens 7:00 till 9:00 p.m., so, definitely. Miss the boat from that one and now, we're kind of just trying to decide do we push, the boat out go, to another restaurant or, do. We just grab a sandwich or something, so no. Idea what we're going to do but. We'll. See. Wagga - Koga wrong with the wagon - it's. Just gonna be like an extra double cheap treat. This might take some leftovers. Hope this right. Okay, we are now home it's time for a debrief I don't have a few pointers to you yeah, yep first, thing I want to talk about let, me open up my debrief, I've been making notes the. Tour bus tour. Was yeah, I think, we need to talk about first see when we recommend the company, and secondly. When, like, what kind of occasion would. We recommend that you guys do a tour bus obviously, it is a lot of money I think that was the biggest thing of all day. Yeah. My, personal opinion is the company was good there's. Four different routes, they can I get more yeah. Four or five weeks you get with the ticket which shows you basically a lot of London yeah you can get on and off at as many times as you want it also has a river cruise which is really cool and, however.

Because Of the price and the amount of time it takes to do the entire thing I, would, say only do that if you've never been to find them before and you're in London for more than a day. Basically. Because thing is if you're on a short trip it could work so well right because you can see all of London yeah in, that in one day could do essentially, but. The other thing too is the. Buses tensest, wait. At bus stops for quite a while sure like, 10-15, minutes so something, that wouldn't usually take maybe like on the tube you can get around, fairly. Quickly on the bus it's, a lot longer so at. That point then don't, really use it as a mode, of transport. To get places unless you want to see all of the places quite a slow. And steady pace yeah yeah I think, that's true but. I mean I love tour buses I really recommend them especially if you want to see a lot in a small amount of time and, another. Thing we were thinking is maybe to do a second, video like this like how, much it costs to be a tourist in London for the day but next time we could do like a walking tour which is more. Affordable you can get walking tours for like 10 pounds 20 pounds if I find free walking tours and a few tours and give a tip exactly, so there's so many options available but, really. The tour buses if you wanna see everything and also if you want to hear the history of it as well everything, yeah a couple and just a couple more points in tour bus because. The day was about. Bank holiday and there was like a run going, on, in the, city in London so. A lot of roads were closed, so the bus was on day version so you've, got to do them tour bus just have a look at if there are any kind of events, going on that I need to show many holidays it, may cause, disruptions, to you actual route tour, route and, another. Thing is we we, didn't actually have an audio tour. Like an a tour guide on our bus like, a lion why do we did like a like we didn't have an audio, guide. Thing but we didn't actually have a tour guide yeah. On. The mic but, I do believe they are on there but maybe, not all buses I think it's a one man one, but if their route I think maybe it's not in Caesar, maybe, maybe okay, next, up we're gonna review the tape the tanks yeah. How. Do you like, to take exactly. I think that's such a bonus in London is that the, majority of our museums are free and having your edible art inside so that's definitely something to do especially if you're travelling on a budget and it's, raining because like. It wasn't raining but if it were raining yeah. That's an amazing place to say hey, might an amazing, you can spend a whole day if you wanted yeah you're, amazing abusers, are out at the top the, 10th can I speak to Nancy st. Paul's you can see the city amazing, and it's free as well so yeah I said it you. Can't you, can't get. Any better than that thing exactly and I've got loads of flocks when we go to other London museums as well so if you want to see others haven't looked through my London blogs and, okay. Lastly. To review the food I think we made an error in that we did want to kind of have a cheaper. Grab, and go half price dinner which is why we had a restaurant for lunch now. In the poem restaurant for dinner my. Treat, but.

Not Something I would necessarily recommend, I also think you can do it a lot cheaper if you were travelling in London if you could make your own lunches, at, home and, then grab something for dinner that can be really nice way to do it or if you can make your lunch or like grab a sandwich or something I think if we were redoing, today, as tourists. Like if if we were in London for the day and even when we go on our own trips we often sometimes, you make errors in, no traveling, of course and, I think that why, would suggest is like try like. Breakfast, was great yeah that was nice, Gladius, shake yeah for lunch grab a sandwich will grab something grabbing go something, where it would be like ten pounds or under for. Dinner you can always do the same and do like a sandwich or something for dinner or you can treat yourself and go to a restaurant and but, if you have an Airbnb. Or an apartment or, even a, hotel where you can prepare some food yourself, like sandwiches put it in the fridge just go to a supermarket and buy things we, even do it on our own trips when we're traveling where we would go, to a supermarket buy some yogurt buy some fruit and we would make breakfast ourselves, make sandwiches, ourselves, and then just eat dinner at a restaurant it can save you a lot of money okay. So the total today is a hundred and twenty seven pounds, and five pence for two people, plus, the train back plus, the train back it's, never ending so, how amazing, - yeah, -. Plus two pound eighteen the way back, 132. Pounds sixty-five. That. Is an expensive day out in London he. Really is okay so I think a budget version is coming up next I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it informative for. If you're thinking to come turn in yourself or if you are coming to London yourself, there's definitely post comms to everything we did today and, if, you have any questions leave them in the comments we'll be sure to answer and we will see you in the next one okay. You.

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