How not to visit MAINE: Portland, Bar Harbor, and not enough time - Traveling Robert

How not to visit MAINE: Portland, Bar Harbor, and not enough time - Traveling Robert

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For. The past two videos with, being RVing in big cities first Philadelphia, and then New York Liberty. Harbor here was about a hundred and seven dollars a night which, is a little on the high end as far as RV, parks go but hey you're, minutes away from Manhattan so, if you want to visit New York with an RV it, is certainly, the way to go. Today. The weather is not, cooperating and, driving. In this area here around Jersey City with. A big rig, not. For the faint of heart. I, don't. Know why the GPS, keeps taking, me through these narrow streets, maybe, because I selected, avoid, tolls. Anyways. Today we are going to do a little more traditional, camping. As we're going to explore the great state, of Maine, just. Scratching. The surface though, as you, probably know from the previous videos, in this series because. Of my breakdown in North Carolina the trip has been severely. Cut, short, in, any case first. We have to get there and it's gonna be a long, and, tedious Drive. I'm, riding. Riding. Riding, riding. In. My RBI, RV. Wherever. I'm. -. You. Guys haven't free in. My RV. I waited. Until we reached New York to put gas somehow. I don't feel comfortable having, someone, else pumping, my gas New. Jersey and to some extent Oregon, are still the only two states where you are not allowed to pump your own gas because. Apparently the, operation, requires, a highly trained, professional. Well it looks like Florence, finally, caught up with us. The rain is relentless, I mean. Heavy rain for this lung. We're gonna stop at the Connecticut. And reassess, our travel. Plans because. Is not fun. I'm, riding. Riding. In my RV. Wherever. I want. And. Guys I'm free. Welcome. To Connecticut. Here. We are Connecticut, a new, state for us so, let's go into the Welcome, Center get, a map maybe and, cook, some lunch. That. Is starting, to rain again. I. Guess. It is time for a traveling, Robert are the cooking, show, we. Begin by chopping some onions, we. Saute them and put some salt I also, got this red, pepper. We. Add some dry, golden, wine a staple, in Cuban cuisine by the way some. Frozen meatballs, and I, think I forgot to show you when I added the tomato sauce and for. Some reason with this at would range things, take forever to, boil. A little. More pepper. Since we don't have any real garlic with the burner when, I put a little bit of her. Timing. Powder. Of. Course my signature, ingredients, oregano, and cumin as. Soon as this begin to boil. It's, not the most powerful stove outside yeah well, the Penan never properly, boiled, but we'll. See. The. Rain is relentless. And these are as I said remnants. Of hurricane, Florence, that, finally, caught up to us. And. There. Is heavy traffic of, course, because all this bad weather usually provokes. Accidents. Yeah. It, is a mess out here. And. There's. The cost of all this traffic hopefully, nothing major. Very. Serious, about lane usage, here in Connecticut. And. This. Is Waterbury. Connecticut, the. Church is st. Anne's historic. Building, here, unfortunately. We can't stop anywhere, if we want to make it to Maine today. About. Half an hour later we are driving through Hartford, Connecticut, capital. And, there's. The capital building. The. Capital building does have a castle. Vibe, to it doesn't, it aside. From the golden, cupola. Busting. And Providence. Can't wait to visit both in a couple of days. And. We are now in. Massachusetts. And all, of a sudden the Sun came out and we, see incipient. Fall colors here, in mid-september. Yes. Eventually, we, make it to the Live Free or Die State and. I, see an opportunity to take a picture, with the sign so that's exactly, what we're going to do.

New. Hampshire is only about 20, miles wide around, here so very soon we, are going to be in Maine. As. Soon, as we cross the Piscataqua River. We. Are in Maine. Let's. Take a picture here too. And, here. We are our, campground, for tonight, here near Portland, Maine, it. Is called wild, duck adult, campground. And RV park. Okay. Let's park it and go have dinner I hear they have pretty, good Lobster around here. It. Was a dark and, foggy, night, in, Maine. Anyways. I had this place here marked on my map called, lobsters. Shack at two lights here, in Cape Elizabeth so. Let's see how it is let's check it out here. Are. The live lobsters, and our. Lobster. Rolls. Let's. Just say I wasn't, all that impressed. Let's. Walk outside here, to this area by the water I bet, you during the day there, is a very, nice view here, and perhaps. It is one of those places more, famous, for the view than the food, perhaps. It is late and they were about to close we'll. Never know let's. Go into Portland real. Quick to get some groceries and tomorrow, tomorrow. Well continue, exploring. There. Is a Trader Joe's here in town. Well. We made it to Maine finally. I've been really looking forward to this so I think I believe we have some stickers, to, add to our map here in the Northeast area first. And foremost a couple of days ago I forgot to add Pennsylvania. As, we were in there if. You love yourself let's do that. Okay. With Connecticut, I'm kind of gonna cheat, because we didn't do anything, in Connecticut, but we ate and the, Welcome, Center so early. That counts, but I'm. Gonna add the sticker because why not and. We. Saw the Capitol Hartford, from the road. Okay. There, we've got Connecticut. And now, since, we're here we're, gonna add Maine. Here. We go. Now. In a couple of days here we're gonna add, Massachusetts. And Rhode Island, and unfortunately. On this trip. We're, not gonna be able to add Vermont. Or New Hampshire or. Maryland. Or Delaware, for, that matter and those states were in the original plan but as you know if you've seen the previous videos. This. Trip. You got got really, really short. Anyways. We're tired, I, think, tomorrow we're gonna go to Acadia. National Park. Good. Morning, where, the wild duck, come. Round, the. New, lat near Portland. Maine, and. I'm, gonna stay still half asleep. It's. Beautiful, out here. We're. Staying at this place, is called a wild duck, adult. Campground. Which. Basically. Means it's only adults no no, children here and. This. Is the furthest north a minute in the trailer has ever made it we. Only have time for one, thing here in the Portland, area so, we are going to go see the lighthouse and, why the rush you might ask well, now that I've driven all the way up here I want to see Bar Harbor and Acadia, National Park, you. Know I have to return big whites the monster, truck in about a week in Miami, and we, still have to go to Boston after this so, let's just see, the lighthouse hitch. Up and continue. The journey north. Anyways. Here, we are the Portland, head lighthouse the. Views here are starting to look promising so, let's, find parking. Williams. Part. We. Get our first, look at, the rugged, Maine coastline. Here, and, the. Lighthouse of, course. The, lighthouse here still, operational. By the way dates back to 1791. Making, it the oldest, one in the whole state, of Maine. The. Other lighthouse, called RAM Island ledge light station marks. The northern, end of the main channel the, main channel leading to Portland's, Harbor. And. Here's. A Portland's. Head again. Let's. Walk around a. Little bit I. Am. Assuming that is part of Portland, over there in the distance. If. You notice everybody's. Wearing jackets it. Is kind, of chilly up here our first taste, of the upcoming fall. Are. These the fog horns mmm, pretty cool. Time's. Up. If. You ever come to this campground. Beware, there's a really. Deep bump, on the road. It, looks like the leaves are about to start turning, in this area. Eventually. By, the town of Gardiner, we, get off the interstate in favor of more secondary. Roads and also in order to avoid tolls. It. Is a little bit of a roller coaster right at the rest of the way a little more fun, than, the interstate, if, a, little tiresome. After a while. Here's. Belfast. Maine, let's. Drive around to, see what it looks like before we continue. As. We. Leave Belfast. Maine it is time, to take a break and there. Is a state park nearby called Moose Point, and I. Don't know how much it is but, we're gonna stop there anyways, for, an hour or so. Four. Dollars per person for, non Maine residents. So eight dollars, for us a little steep for just, an hour but. I need, a break. Here. We are, upper, Penobscot. Bay. Someone's.

Been Getting artistic. With all this rocks, here, and very, pretty very, different. Landscape, up, here in Maine. See. How many tini is sort of off level, this, truck is just too. High even. Adjusting, the hitch to its lowest, setting but, you know what it. Is all I've got for now. Nice. Oceanfront. Property, huh. Well, took my break it is time to continue. We're. About to cross the iconic, Penobscot, Narrows. Bridge one. Of the towers even has an observatory, at the top. Hmm. Rainy, weather up ahead. Must. Be getting close, lots of traffic lots, of places selling lobster. Here's. Our campground, Mount, Desert, which. Is pretty, rustic. In fact they, don't even allow RVs, over, 20 feet land let's. Find our site and rest, because. Tomorrow tomorrow. We're going to wake up way before dawn, to, try and see the first sunrise, in, the United, States from, cadillac, mountain in, the kdn national, park. Here. We are. Campground. Very. Close to Acadia, National Park. That's. Some wood. Very. Nice. It. Is around 3:00 a.m. and. It's, really dark out here, why. Have we woken. Up at this ungodly hour, you, might ask well, as I said we want to drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain to, see the first well, allegedly, the, first sunrise, in the United States, it's. High altitude, here in the Northeast, makes, it a prime location for, this and. I. Think we came too early by. The way the reason we came so early is, I hear the parking lot usually gets full and when, that happens they don't let you come to the top of the mountain. The. Outlook, looks, grim with, all this fog but let me walk around and, see what we're up against. Beautiful. View huh I. Really. Feel sorry for this guy with, the tripod, and a nice camera and, all. Of us really, who, woke up early, I mean it's beautiful, fog, and it's really eerie but, it's just not, what, we came to see right sad. Part is everybody, woke. Up early. No. One is gonna be able to see anything. Sunrise. Is imminent. Let me go back. I'll. Be honest. It. Does not look promising. Sunrise. Is supposed to be like in five minutes. Maybe. All these clouds will lift up, and. We'll be able to see it but. As. I said does not look promising. I'm. Still gonna play my sunrise, music, because why, not. Well. That was an epic fail. The. Sun should be coming up right now and. No. Matter we'll come back later. We. Will come back tomorrow morning. You. Know we'll still here so. I. Think. We should go. Okay. So far, Maine is an interesting, state, with all these cool looking, rocks but I don't, know mother. Nature is not cooperating. Wait. A minute I see something here on the right some, islands, perhaps and it, looks like the fog is starting to clear up a little maybe. This is the view everybody, talks about. Yay. Found, parking. Here's. The famous view of the Mount Desert narrows. With all the islands, well, at least 50%, of, it as the.

Fog Begins, to lift. And. There's. Big white. Here. We are Bar Harbor. Let's. Walk around and, look for some breakfast. Or brunch. Preferably. With some Lobster, in it. Greetings. From Bar. Harbor Maine. Well. Here we are very. Picturesque, town, so, far, check, out this fountain here at Agra mount park. Some. Mimosas here, to start at this place. Hmm. And the lobster, Benedict, sandwich, it. Is called stadium pub and it was outstanding. The. Ivy Manor, in the, town seems, to be slowly. Waking, up we're, gonna pass by the National Park office because Acadia, is so fragmented, that it is impossible for them to have a gate at the entrance to charge admission so. What you do is you buy a pass here for your vehicle, at the office here in Bar Harbor and if, you have the america the beautiful' annual, pass like we do they, just give you a holder, that you hang on your rear-view mirror, and you put your card in there and you're good to go. This. Here is the bar island, path, only accessible, during low, tide which. Obviously. It's, not now and you can actually walk to that island, maybe. It will come back later when it is low tide compared. But. We very touristy, around, here with a bunch of boats where you can go whale watching and. All that stuff. Well. Let's, go explore, Akkadian, National, Park, there. Is supposed to be this park loop road. Initially. I thought that that was like a whale or some other large animal, but, apparently it's just something, underwater like, rocks, that, break, the waves. Very, interesting. Granite, rock formations. Everywhere. There's. A small trail here where you can experience, all, this, actually. It is part of a much longer trail, called, ocean. Paths. Okay. Let me go back I. Don't. Think I want to do the whole trail today although it, is tempting. It. Is very, beautiful, out, here for, sure and, I, just can't get over those layered. Rocks. When. I get old I want, to be like that. Let's. Go back up. Anyways. Let's continue towards. The next Outlook. Point. Check. Out the small fishing boat fighting. The strong currents. Other, points. Other, clips. Once, again we, see all these very interesting-looking. Rocks, here, in Maine all this eroded, granite, the, result of a long, continuous.

Geological. Process. And. Check out all those birds. I'm. Going, to walk a little bit here in the ocean, path and admire. The, rugged landscape. We, continue but let's, check this place out it, is called error Cove. It. Is very pretty, out here I wish I could see it when the leaves are turning perhaps. Next year. Here's, looking towards the ocean and here's. Looking, towards the cove and I also wish I could fly the drone, around but hey as you, probably know it is forbidden to, fly in any national park. We. Stop once again to, admire the rugged, coastline. Okay. One last stop. It's. Another overlooked. We're, gonna go back to the campground, take, a break and then we'll continue exploring. But. We stopped one last time here to see Eagle, Lake. Wait. A minute why. Are we leaving you might ask well. When we arrived there was a note on our picnic table so we went to the office and they told us that we had to move to a different site because, this site was, reserved, for, someone else even, though they had assigned me this site when we arrived yesterday so, I said you know what I want, my money back, we are leaving, so. We are. It. Would have been such a hassle to break camp and move around with, this big truck in such a narrow road besides, we were living tomorrow anyways. Wait. For it wait for, it boom, I just. Broke my sewer cap. There. Was this root on the ground on the side of the road and this big white drug doesn't have a wide enough turning, radius so I hid it. Let's, head down to Boston we. Will have to revisit Maine, some, other time because this, time it. Wasn't so great was it there. Wasn't enough time for, sure the. Weather did, not cooperate for, sunrise and, Mount, Desert campground. Here really, dropped, the ball and they weren't even apologetic. About it next. Time I think we're staying at the KOAT what. We missed well, in the afternoon, I was planning on going back to paddle accountant, and go. Have, a good lobster, dinner, wait. For low tide to walk on the bar Island path, you. Know what at least we got a taste of what is possible, here and we got to add yet, another sticker, to our map, next. Time we will probably allocate. A whole, week just to Maine as I had originally intended on the. Next video we will explore, Boston Massachusetts, and, we. Will see the Plymouth, Rock and go, to Providence, Rhode, Island for, this event they have called the water fire, as. Always thank. You so much for, watching and, see, you on the, road welcome. To New Hampshire.

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Very good as always Robert.We just got back from our first trip ever to the east.Salem,Vermont,Just about every place you just went.And yes to me some of the people up the east coast are very rude to people as we were one of them.We wanted to bring are money up to the east to spend and they treat us that way.And yes we were not impressed with the food either.The lobster was going for about $6.50 to $7.00 a pound in the restaurants.So all in all we will not be going to the east coast again we seen all that we wanted to see. We will stay focused going to the west and the south of the good old USA.Thanks for the video.

If it was Salem Massachusetts I can imagine all the tourists they are getting. For some reason people up north think all the drugs are coming in up by 95 from Florida... maybe they are.. I don't know. It is funny how up north once you get into the rural areas a number of people seem to have the same accent... we used to just call it the CB radio accent... but it does sound Southern quite often . Yeah it's a shame alot of criminals are ruining things for people... and I guess they do have a problem with them stealing gift cards as well and whatnot , to say the least

Well in Salem I pulled in a gas station to get gas. The girl said she does not take a gift card as a gas card, I said you are the first place that would not take it she said she will not open the pump up for me to fill my truck up .I said I do not know how much gas it will take to fill it.she she guess. So I just said $25.00.As i was leaving she was out side smoking a cigarette I ask her why people were so rude that live here/She said they do not trust people with an southern accent.I said I did not have a southern accent I'm from the north Michigan.Then she went on to say a lot of people are on meth and a lot of drugs around there and people are stealing from everyone and they don't trust any one.But that is the way all over I under stand that.As we pulled out of winter island camp ground then I knew why they had a guard shack when you went in and out, and closed the gate at 10 pm. Winter island is a good camp place.We never felt unsafe at the camp site.But I have heard once you gain trust with a person any person from the east coast you have a friend for life.Then you can be trusted.And you have to be that way now days.

Johnny C I am originally from the East Coast Philadelphia... one of the reasons a family member and I were glad to get out of the area over 11 years ago this because we didn't think the people were really that friendly even though we grew up there. Having lived in Florida and Texas I can tell you they are a lot friendlier in some other parts of the country. But I had read years ago that new englanders actually are not very friendly people especially if you end up moving there if you are not originally from that area... but don't confuse New England with New York ,Jersey, Pennsylvania... because from what I hear New England is not as friendly as those places I just named .. but Jersey New York and Pennsylvania tend to act tougher... the Mid-Atlantic States. But maybe you should be more specific and explain what you mean when you say they weren't very nice. But anyway 6:50 to 7;50 pound for lobster sounds really reasonable to me . Also we had noticed years ago that once you get away from the metropolitan areas of Pennsylvania , Jersey and New York.. and go to the smaller towns and more rural areas.. the people seem much nicer and have better manners

No shoreline Erosion no time so in the state of Maine and New Hampshire 4Sure .

TRUE !!! The Maine shoreline is "Made to last" a lifetime !!!!!!!!!

Love! Bar harbor ! We were there in July! Thank you for sharing your video from Team Terry rving on YouTube

Another fantastic video, thank you!

Robert, when will you be coming to Vermont?

I love your voice.

John Yes she is a great narrating voice... I first noticed it when I found his video where he went to the Biltmore Estate and that's what got me watching his other ones only just 2 weeks ago

Man I live in Maine shame you couldn’t enjoy it

I visited maine in july and camped in my car!

Hi Robert Congrats on ur new pick up truck u name it shadow Peligan. Anyway when are u gonna do new videos with ur new pick up truck. Ur gonna get the attention with it. I can't wait to see it go on the road and travel everywhere.

Robert, 84 has traffic just about all of the time accident or not. Just like the turnpike and 95 in Dade and Broward. Waterbury is mut fayo. Glad you kept on going. Muchas juvia in Connectict

Excellent video, Sunday morning wouldn't be Sunday morning without a strong cup of coffee and a new TR Video

Stephen King Land !

You are absolutely living my dream life

At some point in time, Robert, you're going to need to re-assess your travel plans & your TIME because your driving/traveling, but you're NOT SEEING ANYTHING. You're consistently trying to cram to much into too little TIME.

Hey! No cheating! You must sleep in a state for it to count! Haha! It’s fun to see people visit my native New England! Enjoy! Oh! Friends of my family stayed at wild duck many years ago. I love that area! There were much better seafood places than where you went, but it’s hard to know that.

sullydude24 So if I was to spend all morning afternoon and early evening in Connecticut going places and doing things... but drove out of the state and slept elsewhere... that wouldn't count...?

Hey it still a nice way to start off the day. Now hot breakfast

Nice Robert, sorry you had to rush through. Saw my exit right at NY/CT state line.

This trip has been marred with trouble but you have handled the disappointments with grace and humility.  Love Maine when we were there Cadillac Mtn. sunrise was beautiful !

Larry It’s one of the best Sunrises in

Maine looks very nice and 28:18 familiar, although I have never been there. Best regards from Finland!

Thank You

Jorma Tapio Best regards to from Dallas Texas

Very nice Video Robert

Like! Like and Like! Amazing landscape!

Great cooking show Robert! The meatballs and sauce look delicious. Do you know if the lighthouse in Maine still works like the one in St. Augustine?


Yes, it is still works

It was a dark and foggy night in Maine... Great job as usual Robert!

Gooooood morning Robert. Thank you for your new video. Your "do's" and "don'ts" in your videos are helpful. Keep the videos coming my friend; we enjoy them immensely. Congratulations on your new pickup truck, the Colorado. Fly pelican fly!

Enjoyed the video and I really hope that you get to come back and truly enjoy New England (especially Maine).

I hate it when they use all claw , little knuckle no tail in lobster roll. I feel short changed. They use Maine lobster here in the Keys. It is the same price frozen as Florida lobster is so whats the point of using Florida if Maine lobster is the same price at taste better !

Traveling Robert I really do hope you come back so I can show you “my Maine”. Yes the KOA is better , and for a great lobster roll a well known place isn’t always the best, there are plenty of breweries to visit too!

This time next year, to see the turning of the leaves

So nice to see the city’s.

Always look forward to seeing your adventures and boy is it nice to see them early! Being a Pelican Head has its benefits! Bless you Robert! See you on the Road!

Love the narration

are u related to antonio banderas? u have a funny accent lol.U should try more POV style shots and what u eat while u are dining..thanks for the views of Maine.

haha, no relation

I really like your Video ...well done.

Where's the completo Sazon? It is not Cuban if you don't have completo Sazon! lol :)

Robert, one expensive mistake was to gas up in NY vs NJ. You probably paid .50/gallon more than in that area of Jersey City. Yeah, imagine that, someone pumps the gas for you and it's cheaper! As a matter of fact before the gas tax increase under Gov Christie, NJ was one of the cheapest States for gas in the nation!

I absolutely loved this video. To see Massuthusetts, Maine and others as you drove thru. I have always wanted to go. Sorry about the sunrise but agree that the rocks were very unique and interesting. The views were captivating. I could have sat with the old couple forever.

Robert, after living in Maine for 30+ years, a week just doesn't cut it. Mountains to the coast and back, let me know when you return, can suggest an itinerary which will leave you breathless.

Oh Robert you made the right call going up US 1. It is agreed drive. I have stoped at Moose Point part also. Next time to get up to Maine go up the check out the fort to the left of the bridge going north.

Robert !! This video popped up in a search for something else. WOW !! Beautiful work, I love your style. The videography, the background music and your content. Just Beautiful !! You just got yourself a new subscriber.

Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy the rest of my videos

Another great video! Sorry about your sunrise and campground experience.

Thank you... you know it happens. It is not always perfect but it was still fun

What ever happened to the Rad bikes you used to advertise and talk about? Were they unreliable?

They decided they didn't want to advertise anymore.

There's a lot to do in Wisconsin and Michigan Robert!

Lemoyne State Park is pretty nice, although not a KOA. We went hiking up in some pretty neat conservation areas! I didn't find the seafood that great in maine, to be honest. I spend the whole week I was there being hungry and angry that I had to spend so much on food that frankly wasn't that great, and the portions were so small. However, in Ellsworth Maine, they have a few nice, lower priced restaurants, and the town of Ellsworth is pretty nice! Thanks for the video!

Nice to see Maine was brought up in Sedgwick little town out of Bangor. Sorry you weren't treated properly Craig sr.

That's crazy driving the RV rig through New York.

Love the RV cooking with Robert segment. What every you made look so good I began to salivate. Oh, and the voice over of you saying, 'It was a dark and foggy night in Maine" very funny.

Crossing from New Hampshire into Maine the scenic route is to exit to US1. Historic York and it’s beaches with a rocky coastline mixed in. The “Hubble ”, Ogunquit, Wells, Kennebunkport all before arriving in Portland. Might want to drive up to Boothbay and Rockport home of LL Bean. A much easier drive than rolling at 75 on the Maine Turnpike just to rush up to Bar Harbor.

Enjoyed as always Robert. You were in our backyard of Portland. Glad you made it to the Headlight Ft Williams Park. The “ Lobsta Shack” has been in business years. Agree food is just ‘eh, Its a spectacular view on a hot summer day. Acadia is beautiful. Bravo for continuing the drive as its a distance. Yeah you captured the foggy Maine coast its common. But can burn off quick, as the afternoon in town showed. A sunny day makes all the difference in experience. p.s. hoped you checked for Ticks after exploring. Better yet tick bug spray before you venture out. They’re seriously bad if bitten.

Nice...lots of rain. Sounds like the lobster was good. CDH&CDH

Thank you for this video of Maine, love it there. If you ever decide to head to Wyoming let me know, grow up there and I could give you some pointers.

You're welcome. I want to go in the spring

Great coverage of the NE Robert, definitely enjoy your videos man!

Really enjoyed this one I know this area in NH we spend a lot of time in Maine .....glad to hear you'll be back next year....thanks for another great video love the drone shots ....

Thank you. Definitely will try to go back next year

Very nice! We definitely want to visit Maine by air. How disappointing that you were asked to move to another site.....that's poor customer care, and poor reservation planning on their part. I doubt I'd be back there as well. Looking forward to seeing Boston and Rhode Island next Sunday!

Interesting issue with the Atwood Range. I never had problems with mine bring water to boil. The video makes it look like maybe your flame is low and I had the problem with an older rig I had and that was because my propane regulator was bad...I replaced it and WOW...big deference! Just a thought..... Great video as always...just got through your 3 hour plus journey to the West....loved it!

Howdy Robert, many thanks for sharing yet another 'Morales Super production Video' which sure made my day here.As always, a real treat for the eye and ear. Best wishes and cordial greetings from William across the 'Big Pond' (Bruges, Belgium)

It looked like low tide when you were talking about admiring the rugged coast line. I bet you could have walked down to some of the rocks covered with barnacles and seaweed and found mussels attached to the rocks. I would have pulled a bucket full off the rocks and later steamed them and eaten them after dipping them in garlic butter. Yumm!

I'm about halfway through and I have to tell ya..... I am thoroughly enjoying your videos. You have mad skills on all your camera's, great music and I could listen to your voice for hours!! New subscriber!

Just saw your video. You have the best voice on YouTube!!

Wow, you made really good time. I was there end of July or beginning of August & it was awful driving, the traffic... :/

I've been watching your videos for awhile and, its was nice to see you drive thru my home town Jersey City

This is my first time viewing, ended up on your channel by accident. I was going to click off after a few minutes, but your voice and descriptive narrative just drew me in. The next thing I knew 35 minutes had passed, with me saying " NOOOOO I want more". You did a fantastic job, I will subscribe and watch the rest of your play list.

Great travel and rv video man I have a playlist for camping and rv and travel

Hey Robert, are you still in the Northeast?

I'm back in South Florida. This was about a month ago.

Hey Robert! Great video! Thank You! When you were advised to move to a different campsite, I would have refused. If the authorities were called and told me I had to move, I would oblige. However, I'd accidentally leave the black tank valve "ASKEW" to "SPEW THE POO" all over that campsite! PEE-U-EE! It would be worse than if radioactive! Not usable for a 1000 years! The camp managers knew that campsite was reserved but didn't have the decency to inform you? I'd use their bathrooms and stuff the toilets!

Glad you made it to my neck of the woods. Maine is a great place to live. Http://

Maine..... Birth place of. Composer

Most peaceful state ever

Hey, Robert, were you at Wild Duck between Sept. 15th and 22nd? I think I see my white van at 11:06.

Yes I was

Great Video. Thank you for posting. This was informative and helpful.

I love the sticker map!!! Where do you get those, and the cute state stickers? Please don't say Amazon - I don't shop on AmaJeffGetsRichOnlyzon. ;)

I got it a Camping World... although, yeah, Jeff sells them too

LOVE MY TRADERS!!! Thank you for sharing all of this!!

WOW, you have a very fun travel show. Thank you I am subbing!! Traveling Mercies to you and G-d bless! PS: I love Cuban food, but I make everything without animals or their products. I even make "V" Tamales (and other "V" Mexican foods too!), Yummy!

Thank you. Glad you liked it

You earned yourself a new subscriber! You rock. I live in Bangor Maine and I was searching for videos about Maine travel. You have a great personality

As long as you give me proper credit if you publish it online. Thanks.

Do you mind if I use your drone footage for a video of my own? Thank you.

Look at Schoodic Woods Campground for your next visit to Maine. It is right in Acadia National Park.

I'll go there next time

breaking down and having your plans change “is” part of camping. once you accept that fact you will enjoy yourself more.

Another great video, as usual.

My brother and sister in law were just up in Maine. They went up to that same spot but didnt have much luck seeing the sunrise either. Love your channel and the theme song; Jess and I starting humming it every time there is a new video lol. Can't wait to see where you head next. :)

When we were at downtown Bar Harbor ( @ 25.25 ) it was SO foggy you could not see the water never mind a boat... I was so disappointed... when suddenly a breeze blew it away.. and WOW.. what a view! 2 minutes later back came the heavy fog! That's all we ever saw of it... oh man! 9 hour drive for a 2 minute view LOL PS: I like to look at those coastal rocks and imagine WHERE they might have attached on Europe's coast! Soooo long ago! : )

You go farther north in July , you will find new Yorkers in sweaters looking for the glaciers coming down from Canada, or snow , and it's 90 degree in Belfast, Maine. OMG they think it's cold because it's Maine. I love to watch them

The best bet for Lobster in New England is to go to a regular grocery store that sells live lobster... have them steam them for you (free service), ... melt up some butter .. and CHOW DOWN. *Don't forget the nut crackers for those claws! YUM.

You should have stop in front if the state of new Hampshire ligour store off the interstate highway. No other state sell booze on the highway, and at the fest prices. Enjoy your video

This one, I will likely be jealous. I love Maine!

Robert, what month did you visit Bar Harbor?

+Traveling Robert Thanks. We'll be visiting next year in late September and early Oct and was curious about the weather and how to dress. :)


Chemtrail at7:40

Yes, that was a little creepy

Who would have known.

Two Wright's made a great airplane! PS. I'm not your friend.

Two wrongs never make a right my friend. Always best for one's karma to "Be the better man".

LoL..yea.. that would FREEK me out. I hate traffic.

That's ok... more for ME!

I hear you. Someone drove away with the pump still in the car tank once... whole station blew up. Not pretty. Sadly.. when humans are involved ANYTHING Can, and Does happen! And we all end up paying the price. : (

Yup.. just need way more time to do it right.

Next time in Maine check out Lake Placid.

Big thumbs up on this one, when you went through Waterbury Ct you were only 3 miles from my home and traveled the Maine run I usually do!

that KOA is run by Aholes, Hadley Point Campground is the way to go. A week just for Acada isn't enouph. been going every year for more than a decade.

I could listen to you talk all day!

Bom dia ! We Like Legendas !

My wife and I look forward to every new video. We often go back and check previous uploads on reviews and locations. She likes your post over all other YouTubers.

Thank you so much

Cool. I'll be back next year

I live in Massachusetts and go to Maine all the time but I just go over the border to Ogunquit. The hotels are too expensive now and I don't own a camper so I don't stay over. After seeing your video I want to go to Acadia National Park. Hopefully next year I can find a friend that wants to go too. Great video and I love your accent.

that ct rest area is a free camping spot.very rare around im from branford ct.ct is nice.

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Robert I live on the coast of Maine. You missed some of the best. I go down to your area in the winter because I can't take the snow, cold and ice anymore. 5 months in Florida coming up.

Thanks Robert for the Maine video. My wife many years ago (1970's) used to work at a lobster house that showed up in your video! Testa's Lobster House! It really brought back memories for her. Needless to say we're hooked now and will be watching for your next visit to Maine and Bar Harbor! Thanks again!

Thank you, glad you liked it

OMG Robert! I ate at Lobster Shack in 2014 when I went around the country in my Subaru. I was thinking when you said you were looking for lobster that you were going there. You should have gotten the whole lobster, it is fantastic. That beach is all huge petrified logs, did you notice that?

I didn't notice that. It was too dark I guess. I gotta go back next year.

All brake lights working!

Long time no see Robert! - Good to be watching your travelling videos again! - Crisp, clear shots, beautiful nature and a soothing narrator to boot! Keep those very interesting and relaxing travellogs coming

It's more like, I'm pulling my RV. Love your show

love the drone shots. i was in Maine mid Sept for 14 days and plan on going back in the future. loved Arcadia.

I am pulling my Travel Trailer, an RV you drive.

your songs are always so good m8 I swear

If ever a voice was made for narration!

Name here Ron and wife Sandy. We are watchers of your channel and we have you folks invited in our living room going on a couple of years. We are looking to go to Quartzsite latter part of January 2019. Maybe we could do a live hookup. We enjoyed your adventures and would be nice to meet all the folks. My email: Looking forward to meeting you all. Ronnie

Looking forward to meeting you too

What a Beautiful state Maine !! Thank you for this video Robert !!

What a beautiful part of the USA...that shot @ 30:27 was just gorgeous.

Robert Traveling your also Professional Cooker thanks for the ride

I hope you stopped at Thunder Hole in Acadia!!

I hope you checked for garrapatas while in ME.

Stadium Pub... mmmmmm

Hey Robert, what kind of drone are you using? It's a great addition to your videos.

Thank you! DJI Mavic Pro

I remember when I discovered the "avoid tolls" option in Google maps. Life changing.

Fun RV cooking. Found some Spanish smoked paprika, great spice will use from now on.

I wonder if 6 or 7 bags of rocks or salt or something in the back of the pickup would leveled ya out?

I'm from Maine; you should have stayed at Sebago Lake State Park, it's a very clean camp area! I just Subbed

+Traveling Robert Are you staying on the coast, hit up some of the lake communities, or the Islands!

I’m going back in the fall so I’ll make a note of that

Maine is on my list to visit.

Who's the camera man during the cooking show?

Sometimes it is my wife, sometimes I put the camera on a tripod

the Lobster shack is for tourists..LOL...way better restaurants in Downtown Portland :) ;) ( I live near Portland from June to October and Florida the rest of the year)

I was born in 68, lived in NY til 79, Anyway my parents had a cabin in Maine. We went every summer until late 70's when they got rid of it. Many good memories as a young child of walking WAY out in the ocean when the tide was out and having to run back because it would come in fast. Will go back one day. Also that F250 is to much to pull that camper

My wife and I live 30mins from Bar Harbor. I love Maine!

maine is best to visit in summer

there is 65 light house in maine

too many places to go and see in such a short time.


I love the lighthouse and the shore.

What's your favorite state to travel through?

Maine+ Spephen King!

Highly recommend Boothbay and Shore Hills Campground. And some point you need to get that Vermont Sticker. My wife I an love Stowe Vermont and there are a ton of breweries with great IPA's

I wrote them down

Two places you missed in acadia.Thunder hole which you drove right by and the famous round rocks beach where all the stones are like pool balls!Oh yeah and the beach with the sand made of seashells!

Those boats were lobster boats.To be able to lay traps around the coast of acadia is top notch lobster fishing,and those who can are very lucky.

It's kind of funny to me when people go over the big bridge into maine they say piss-ka-ta-qua river.Just so you know robert in maine it's pronounced piss-kat-a-qua river.Right their is the home of the portsmouth naval base and where a lot of ww2 submarines were made and based.Really sorry you missed so much of maine.You saw the seacoast,but the mountains are very nice and you need to see them too.A place called Evans notch north of fryeburg maine inside the white mountain national forest is the place to go. On a clear day you can see whales in the ocean from the top of cadillac mountain.

Robert have ya been to sleepy hollow ?

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