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I was. Was, a recording boy sorry we're gonna. All. Right take two wasn't, recording the first time just finished up a workout, you were the possible heavy crew. Direct. This bloke it's just a question, how are we going to make today rate, how we're gonna make today great we're gonna hang out with a bunch of people so we're, going to the. Co-working. Space I'm, gonna have a meet and greet and then after, that we're gonna learn about literally all the investment, opportunities. Khufu from abnormal Fitness. Good. Just out here Columbia. Gonna be here for about a month or so and, then my deal I show people how to workout stay in shape while they're traveling even if you don't got a gym you just got a beat you got a fool no, matter where you went you can make it happen make the world to jump and that's me anywhere, anytime right. All. Right wait a second, I'm here in the callee office and I, feel like I need to explain what this vlog is actually, about what, we are doing here at life are far is actually, game-changing. I'm not hyping it up we're, actually creating, a new way of traveling a way of generating income on the road a way of connecting with like-minded people, and staying productive as. You live in international, lifestyle, passive. Income investments, co-working, spaces we're, taking the best from the hotel world and the best from the Airbnb world, in creating, a new category of travel, this building right here in open Yan Cali is an example of what we do it's, a building we crowdfunded, the purchase, of renovation. Furnishing, and we're about to open it up on the short-term rental, market to start generating passive, income, for the investors, so when it comes to living, internationally. Not travelling living, working, producing. Enduring. Life on the road Jabril. And the passport, heavy team are the, guys to go to so. In this vlog Jabril, dropped some serious, knowledge I promise, you these are golden nuggets that are actionable and useful, if you are interested, in how, to make money online how. To create. Location-independent. Income, just, like we do with real estate he's, exploring. The world of making money online if, you're serious about creating, a lifestyle. This Diwali, information. In this vlog and do something, about it immediately. Enjoy. Good. Wi-Fi. And then, just the community and then, I can't lie one of the women like in in the cities that I'm going to so. Those. Are the biggest things that I just like to see places that they're really up-and-coming that, I'm really not not. Everybody, knows about them yet and so I like to kind of bring those places to, the world Chiang, Mai origin. Which is diffusion, Lomax capital the world right now. Good. Question. I. Can't. Honestly answer it I'd say if there was more digital nomads I probably. Say sharing mine but. I would say I prefer, meta-gene. But Chiang Mai's my heart - that's like saying which kid do you like more and I, truly, loved him but if I can look at it I say I love them both but I probably do have the favorite shop I could just never tell anyone but I'm actually telling you. We, show destinations. And away. And the quality that basically, no one else is going on YouTube, and. So, and also we show destinations. That have pretty. Much unknown, to. People so we're here at managing Columbia the perception, is drugs prostitution it's, crazy and I get kidnapped but the reality, is it's a beautiful.

Metropolitan. City and people love they like wow it's nothing, like I expected and so many of the destinations, I like to display a places, that people have maybe, a perception, of but the reality, is very different and, I also love to show that, you can work and travel around the world no matter maybe, you do Instagram full-time maybe, you're invested. Maybe. Your face you have a Facebook marketing agency, maybe usually stocks maybe you're just customer, support there's, a way and a budget you can make. Attention. To. Some. People just want to work a job and actually be able to do it remotely like you can literally work for some major businesses. Some major corporations. And, do, that worldwide and do it remotely I run into people all the time but people just don't know how to access you, know you could be a freelancer you to be doing graphic design and, so that's one of the biggest things I see changing, in the world today is just pay attention to jobs that you can do with motely because then also that you can control the cost of living in like in New York you could be in London right you're in Chicago Wow from it's really it's a high cost of living but you know obviously the wages are higher and so if you can actually leverage, earning. You know in a Western currency and then, you know here you might be in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico using US dollars but they have really good value for the money you might be in Thailand there's so many options with just you know is there a few more opportunities every year is it growing. It's. Growing exponentially. Because of the marketplace I kind of explained it in this way when. I started marketing, online and had a business down there something. Like really 2000, 2001, and making. A full time income that, was like yo, you, don't know how you don't know anyone that plays you know maybe you're in England you don't know anyone who plays in the Premier League right in soccer or in, America, the NBA is really hard to know someone, in. Real life is like nah I don't know anyway and, then so. An American, example would be like now, it's, got more to the stage of now. Like, if you have know someone that works online full time like, a d1, do, like what do you want sports are kind of like the. University. And right Division one so now you go, from hundreds, to thousands. Of people, so someone like oh, yeah I know one, guy and soon. In the next few years it's gonna be like high school right, so everyone's. Gonna know someone, just because of the time and how the way the world is well I mean evolving. And so like that's the biggest difference there's, always like is it possible and that's the thing people NBA, that's, not really possible do, you want they're like okay more people are doing and now - it'll be like high school so. People. Think there's like a secret or the secret sauce all, it is is actually just learning, how to do it and it's, no different than, you. Know learning how to be mathematics. Learning. How to do you, know how to read English or learn Spanish, like there's a skill set that you're learning and a lot of people don't know that you can take your skills if you have right now and actually start monetizing, even.

If You're teaching people but I just saw this one. Case study of, second. Grade she. Used to be a second grade teacher and she puts together lesson, plans for, second and third grade teachers and she has a membership site and she, makes multiple six, figures a year sobbing. She'll. Basically educating other second or third date, and so people don't even think these ideas like a second, grade teacher together. Lessons plan so if they know how to put together cuz she was a good teacher and let. Me share with you how I put these lesson, plans together and so there's so many just different ideas be plugging into a community, of other, people, because. It's always crazy like I'm making this money doing stocks they think have to be these crazy think you can literally use the skill sets that you have right now to. Create a new life you know yeah. So. Okay so so, what are some actionable. Steps, that someone, can take to, start you know opening that mindset to this opportunity, to start finding. These specific. Access points, what are the what are the actionable steps somebody can take well. It depends on what, your skill set is right so, for. Me you might be a freelancer. But I would say get around people that are doing what you want to do and then start studying, what, it is that they're doing and then, one of the quickest way about just telling you straight up is if you find someone doing what you want to do ask for some consulting, and then don't be afraid to pay for it just like you paid it you pay to go to school and the best in people who are actually doing what you do and then that's the quickest way they can show you okay go this way go this way go this way these are the steps you need to take and so that would be my advice looking back if I was like okay, I want, to invest in real estate I want, to go find an expert like hey I'm serious about this let me pay you for your time use me a little bit of consulting or, if I want to long traffic design how do you do this on freelance so how do you plug in and do this if you want to be a filmmaker to travel around or find a successful filmmaker and say hey I want. To find out because soon here I want to do this alleges, but they want to put in the time they don't know putting the resources on people like yeah. They won't help, yeah. It seems to be happening so quick, that the best information are, from the people doing it and they haven't had time to create a course or, if they are creating, a course it's usually because that niche.

Isn't Around anymore right, sometimes what. I'd say sometimes, I'd say it depends on the teacher but. A lot of times yeah people who are really making it happen they're, too busy to. Actually. Teach, a lot of what they're doing so for me I spend most of my time like say, like 90%, of my time actually, doing what I do first like teach what I do and so, that's like a bigger struggle people always like because. They see me travel if I was a chaplain nobody would really care but. They're like how do you do how do you do it I just felt like compelled, like okay let me actually teach, right I do but I also want to put the spotlight on other people I've met so, many people around the world they're, living you, know their dream but, doing it so many different ways because if I just shit my way like whoa Facebook, is the only way that you can do it no I have friends that have Instagram. And they make multiple, six figures a year like, oh my god I just push but she's like no they are running serious, businesses, you know they're doing brand deals I'm people gonna pay like three thousand dollars a post just for posting, you know on Instagram but you know they there's a special method. To it I have other friends who trade slaps I have. Other friends who blog other, friends who do affiliate marketing you. Know other people who are best this. Hook like I said you know the secondary, teacher other people add memberships. Like there's so, many different ways you just have to think outside the box. Think. Outside the box sometimes, you won't be able to, directly. You know contact, someone who's, the best of the best but you can find someone who's really good you, spend you just kind of look where they think about just a Google search okay, let's, extend, that what about like, in a feasible what, about in a physical location are, there any areas you like to hang out when you're in a new city mall, an obstacle, absolutely, so like I would say co-working, spaces, are, so, if I'm gonna Bali there's one upstairs by the way you. Know if I'm in Bali I love, to hang out co-working. Spaces oh not, only for. The. So fast every night but one of the biggest things is you want that family kind of atmosphere, you want that family kind of feel and then people who are actually working abroad as well and then so you have those that community, aspect which is really good most people they come from the corporate world and, they're like oh actually cutting, this by being, by the cooler and having that little bit of talk I miss going out after work you know with my and then not somewhat allows you especially if you're in like a foreign location you're in Colombia, like I want to hang out with like-minded individuals, so.

The Co-working space you can always go out and get a drink of them people always start talking more but. People. Who don't parties go out I'm not sure. All right let's go let's go take a look at one of the properties, that we have it creates a passive income so you can travel and be. Productive on the road. This. Is one of our older. Typically. This property. Here was the one bedroom for. One thing. So. Me, knowing all managing, shame, by, Bali. They're, all digital. Nomads people who are location, independent, would you recommend people going to those places to meet people who are doing what they want to do I, think. It'll be a digital nomad yeah absolutely, yeah, what you're saying you're gonna find, the. Reason that people do go to these places Chiang, Mai and Medellin, Bali. Number. One good vibes good energy good weather and, the number two money does affect a lot of the things that you do so, you might have student loan debt or you might have whatever. Kind of money situation yeah, if, you're moving through these exact locations, were not only fun, you. Save money so, maybe you want to invest more right first you might be make let's say an income of, $5,000. A month in the United States if, you're, in Chicago it's. Gonna be pretty difficult to, save anything if you're in London it's going to be pretty difficult to live like a decent kind of life if, you're in meta-gene. Here, you can have a really, nice one-bedroom. Apartment. For. Less, I'm, talking. Really really nice if you're running the place long-term then. Food going out doing all that stuff you're still gonna be less then, I'd say mm. I'm not living, really well the same thing for shame are the same thing for bawling and you're going to be living a quality of life that's just it's. Phenomenally. Different I mean incredibly different let's, just say a taxi, for example, if, I'm in Chicago. Where, I'm not a lot if I'm taking a 20-minute taxi I'm, paying, 15 bucks 20. Minute taxi here three. Four dollars and all these little things add, up and so, that's. The difference if you can pay off that like. I said you can invest more and, then you can also just live a totally different life and maybe you're not used to without struggling you have to think about spending, and it allows you to have flexibility, especially if you want to be a digital nomad you want to grow your business now, you're like hey even, if you don't have it set up maybe, you have savings of like 25, miles maybe you have 50,000, whatever it is or, whatever it is that you have you, can come here without stressing, and, actually get something off the ground and have the time to actually make it work. It's. One of the fundamental. Rules of building. Wealth and investing. Is multiple. Streams of income. Busy. Busy busy been, busy like, non-stop, what, income streams that you focused on building right now. So. I have multiple, streams actually have a live ball gonna have to meet myself so. I, have online coaching so I have a Facebook. Online education. Course and then I have membership. Sites. Some. So. Then restaurant. And. Then also a. Business, in New York in the financial, education space, and looking to get more into real estate down here in. Columbia, and other places why, are you doing it why are you building multiple income streams instead, of just one I you. Got to have diversity I would, definitely, recommend, making. One, thing your main thing get good at it and then just keep having. You know other streams especially if you don't have to manage you. Know that can be good but you always want to keep your eye you. Know what's going on which, is which, is super important if you take the eye off the wall that's, when things kind of turn, to cockeyed. They say. Nice. All right we'll leave them to it he's doing an online, master. Class with some. Of his students so, fufu I get a question you, what's. Hard getting the Nate pack abs or making. An income online. That's. A tough question I mean both come. Down to just how bad you want it but. Given. Context, and like. What. You have on you I would, say making an income because. With APEC literally good. You. Just don't eat as much as. Long as you not. Eating as many calories as you burn him day or start to this fast. Make. Money, you. Need Tunes yeah you need to be people that someone. Has on TV, so. I seen it from a business or from the boys, he's, a bit hard and it's not over.

There Impossible, but, that's. A good question. So your filmmaker you're, putting together a course how, to make films it's, a good move to have another, you. Know another stream of income. Where. How do you how, do you provide value in, a course when, there's. Like already a lot of content, out there on YouTube so essentially yes you, know when, you there are a lot of great resources. Online, if. You want to learn how to do certain, transition, sign techniques, you want to learn how to color. Gray properly, you. Want to learn basics, of like okay this, is how you focus this is how you like the scene then short you you know you can learn those basic things some, of the times I've learnt the most and, progress the most in, in, the filmmaking has been when I've been working alongside. People. That are ahead of me so you. Know it's all well and good watching videos but when you're working alongside, someone, you tend, to pick up techniques so much quicker. Oh. Yeah nice new stem Chooch around our cottage. All. Right next up probably, two paisa. So. How do you mix work, and play when, you're on the road oh yeah. Let me really just do what, you love and so, for me, what. Is making, travel. Content, work is. Marketing. And so, in, play. Place. What I'm on it might look for them again when. We're filming nightlife videos and educating, people on what. To do or like here we're, gonna be shooting this video educating. People so it's like our life our, lifestyle, is warped, but then like sedative. So. Mia your. Instagram. Influencer, traveling, the world when. You get to a place like this are you on the lookout for an Instagram photo. Yes, your. Our huge, fans. Really. Fill the green so. I think that's something very unique. Here just, look forward and stuff that makes it. We. Don't want to make you miss it I'm gonna prove it top where you headed. Girl. Thanks for coming down check, it out what we're doing down here sometimes. All. Right well that's probably one of the messiest vlogs, that I've done in a while, there. Is a pretty, rushed, three. Days working. With Jabril and the passport, heavy team to. Make some content, showing, what. We're doing, in particular in, medicine, real. Estate is one of the most long-term. Generators. Of passive, income and that's what we're all about, with the HQ, were building, a international. Lifestyle. Marketplace, we, have the spaces the tools and the resources to. Start living. Internationally. You want to check out spaces, we have to rent go to life AFRICOM slash rent if you want to check out spaces we have to invest check, our left far dock home / invest, I'm, gonna leave it at that, that's my flight to Bogota and, then Cali we've, got some really exciting projects. Opening up in Cali one, of the most underappreciated, and. Under the radar cities, in, Colombia, it's - on class so the country is on holiday so we're gonna try to have a little bit of fun on the way I'll see you guys in, the next video. My. Name is Sam Miller I'm part of a group of real estate entrepreneurs. That, are creating. Turnkey, investments, as well as taking the Airbnb experience. To, the next level it means we turn properties like this into. Properties, like this. It's. Gonna be a wild ride click the like button on Facebook subscribe. On youtube right. Yeah.

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