How To Do Best Ways to Camp Florida

How To Do Best Ways to Camp Florida

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My. Name is Chad Crawford and I'm, pretty much crazy for all things. Along. With my dedicated, film crew we travel, the state in search of pure, Florida, adventure. Along. The way we'll meet some of Florida's finest, as, they show us. Rock. The Sunshine, State and, we'll pinch salt and squeeze lemons with our master, of Florida flavor chef, Justin beat Florida. Veggies, this. Is full throttle Florida, like you've never seen before. As, we show you how, to do floor. How. To do Florida is brought to you in part by bells department, stores, encouraging. You to live the Florida lifestyle. You. Know one of the best ways to do, Florida. Is to make camp within the gorgeous, and unique, ecosystems. Found right, here in the Sunshine, State campaings, a lot of work believe. Me it's, worth it so, we're, showing you our top, 5 ways, to camp, Florida. Style. Plus. Chef, Justin's, making a shrimp, pasta dish, fit, for a, king, this is one of my favorite recipes in fact this is one that I make at home once, a week so whether you're going Trinity. Or bring in all the, comforts, of home have. Fun can't. Verse yourself. In Florida's. Unparalleled. Beauty, from sunrise. A, starry. Starry, night. I'm, chad crawford and today, we're counting down how to do Florida's top 5 Florida, camping, adventures, let's, get started coming in at number 5 we pack, up the kids tent, and the, Chuck box and head, to Ocala National Forest for, some good old-fashioned. Family car camping it's. Camping, for dummies as we travel to one of Florida's true gems the Ocala National Forest, for. A family camping trip and Alexander, Springs and is. If filming a TV show in the middle of the woods wasn't challenging enough I decided to bring along my family, my wife Kristi my daughter Casey who's, six my five year old son chase, hey it sounded, like a good idea at the time camping, is all about the list you got to work the list okay if it's not on the list that it's not gonna go in the car and it's not gonna be on the campsite, candy, with kids can be a lot of fun and in Florida family, camping is a tradition. There. Yet when. You first arrived here are some things to keep in mind pick, a campsite, with some shade especially during, the summer look for a site on a relatively, high ground, the ladies will appreciate this one pick a spot in close proximity to, a water supply and bathroom. The. Spring was just a short walk from the campsite, and the kids were dying to get in the water with. A year-round temperature, of 72 degrees it's, a perfect, place to cool off I was. Impressed to see that Alexander, Springs had a full canoe rental facility, right there at the spring so he jumped in and began, canoeing, down the springs Basin and, let me tell you it was gorgeous. Studies. Show that children who are regularly, exposed to, the outdoors show, less signs of anxiety and stress and, that. Does wonders, for their parents, too and family. Car camping in the Ocala National Forest was. A perfect, way to experience, the real Florida. Let's. Get back to the countdown coming, in at number 4 we're, going primitive. As, we head to Florida's intercoastal, waterways to pitch our tent and one, of the gorgeous, uninhabited, spoil islands of the Indian River Lagoon system. Every. Year my dad and I try to get away on a father-and-son, trip, get. All the stuff from here into the boat right yeah this year we, decided to do a spoil, Island camping trip on the Indian River Lagoon in, Brevard County our, destination, would be spoil Island, campsite, number B c-47. Which is just a few miles north of Sebastian, Inlet right on the beautiful, Indian, River Lagoon prime, real, estate yeah. Spool, Island Campins a lot of work believe. Me it's, worth it look for a shady spot when considering where to set up your tent you sure you got this thing on right yep.

It's A little wobbly home. You, ready catch some bait yeah like I just saw something out there we're. Right. Over here perfect size. Don't. Miss them I don't miss him. Bar. Do you go that, long distance. Yeah. Yeah. You got some powernet. After, dinner we watched a beautiful, Florida sunset, and then, it, was time for the main event night, fishing in the Sebastian Inlet, getting. There at night was, a navigational. Feat in itself, great, thing about island camping is just being, so close to such a really great fishing oh yeah. For. Was it asked, lady fish like, little Tarpons, real, fun fish. Wild. And crazy that's. A lady fish he. Sucked, up that big. Old mullet and back. He goes I was after a snooker, redfish, but. A school of lady fish it kept sucking up all my bait nice being out here. Was so. The legacy my dad started, continues, to unfold everything. He's instilled in me is the, reason I embrace the outdoors, with such passion, and now I continue. This tradition teaching, my children to, love and respect the, natural, world around them so it makes spoil and camping your newest Florida, family tradition. Well. We're. Two down and three, to go before we reveal, our number one. Camping. Trip of our lifetime. This. Up still to come chef Justin's, regal. Recipe, for royal, red. Pasta. Oh this. Looks phenomenal I can't wait to get into it long live. The chef and, coming. Up we're, charting, a course for, camping. Adventure to. A place, untouched. By, time, three-hour, tour but, first we're, tapping, into our inner Florida. Cracker as the, countdown, continues. Moon. Got me here this is how. To do Florida's, top, five Florida. Camping, adventures. I'm, chad crawford and we're counting down how to do Florida's top 5 Florida, camping adventures, at, number three in the countdown we're, saddling, up and moving, out to, show you how to do horseback camping, Florida, cracker style. Long. Before Florida, was famous, for its beautiful beaches alligators. And oranges it was home to our country's, first cattle, industry the Sunshine, State's version of a cowboy was known as a Florida cracker because it allowed cracking, whip he used to drive his cattle we headed over to four of her Florida's Crescent Jay ranch my 10 year old daughter Casey, is a lover of all things horsey, and has been talking about this trip for over two months we.

Saddled Up and headed out for our three-hour tour of natural. Florida in its purest, form the, landscape, was a mix of hammocks, pine, flatwoods and low-lying, wetlands. The, sights and sounds of old Florida was all around, us as we've made our way down the trail. Did. You see all the baby alligators at last we made it to camp. Whoo. Moon. Got me here this, may be an old Florida experience, but the camping, is not primitive it, comes equipped with modern conveniences like bathrooms. Showers and hot, water. For. A child unforgettable. Memories are often cast in unforgettable. Settings and as Casey and I explored, the area around the campsite I hope, this would be one of those childhood, moments, she would never forget. Finally. It was time to sit down in front of a roaring campfire. And eat, some cowboy, vittles. After. Having our fill of steak and potatoes, we, kick back and enjoy the show oh my gosh the Bonus Time and. We watched the night sky light, up with stars like I had never seen before. Oh. It's, time to locate the herd put my new skills to the test as soon as the cattle saw us they took off KZ quickly, went to work on the left and I took the right and, Alan brought up the rear I have. To say driving, cattle is an incredible. Adrenaline rush together. We quickly got the herd in formation, and began moving them across the field to greener pastures. Wow. Alan thank you so much sir for sharing. This bit of tradition and history with me in KC's I really really appreciate it my pleasure stepping. Back in time to, live and work as a real Florida cracker it's, not only an amazing way to reconnect, with your state's rich history, but. It's also a powerful way to reconnect with your family so. Grab your Wranglers shine, your boots and saddle, up ride of, your life old Florida, style. Now. Back, to the countdown, cruisin, in at number two is the most luxurious camping. Experience, on earth well. On water that is here's. How to be the captain of your own domain as we show you how. To do houseboat, camping. You. Right, in the middle of the 310. Miles st. Johns River lies a place untouched, by time and progress. Crystal. Clear waters, are flanked, by ancient live oak palms and cypress, trees this. Is, River Country here. The st. Johns River runs, through the second largest lake in Florida Lake George and you can immerse yourself, in this spectacular place. As your own house, boat captain. Attention. Are. You guys ready for the cruise, and. Have. Fun. With. The wind in my hair it, was all ahead full to silver Glen Springs. We. Drove the houseboat, up to the sandbar, and dropped, anchor in the clear sparkling, water. The. Only thing left to do was dive, in and enjoy Florida the water was spectacular. There. We go I. Got. My daddy I got one look. House. Building is all about charting, your own course and creating, a personal, island oasis, wherever, you choose you undress. See. What you got. It's. Kicking back and having fun. Surrounded, by nature look. At all these fish. But. With all the comforts of home, and at the end of the day it, was time to fire up the grill, we got ignition and. Get some houseboat, burgers going. And. Then, we, bowed our heads and, gave thanks for this time as a family in one of the most special places on earth. This. Portion of how to do Florida, was sponsored, by Florida. Hospital healthy. 100, encouraging. You to live, an active life, to 100. And beyond. We're. Getting closer and closer to our number one camping, adventure an. Unforgettable. Trip of a lifetime. I have a gift wrap it up now or tomorrow but. First chef, Justin's. Cooking, with regal. Flare as, he decrees, that royal. Red, pasta. Shall rule the table, tuning the song get plenty of sauce on here and shrimp, when. How to do Florida's, top 5 camping. Adventures, returns. Today. We're counting down how to do Florida's, top 5 Florida, camping adventures, and, we've saved the best for last and it's coming up next but first chef, Justin takes us to yummy town as he shows us an amazing, Florida. Cooking recipe, check this out this. Florida, cooking segment, is brought to you by fresh, from Florida, remember, delicious. Is always, served fresh, from, Florida, today, chefs working with one of my favorites royal red shrimp that's, right we're serving it with pasta and we're gonna show you how. Chef's. Are working with the royal red shrimp absolutely. One, of my favorite shrimp, to work with these are amazing deepwater. Shrimp, from Florida and the royal reds they are a little bit rare so if you see them in your seafood. Store then you definitely want to pick these up because they are a treat chef what are we gonna do today all right today we're gonna make some seafood pasta one of those classic, iconic dishes and let me guess you're gonna put some olive oil in there right a little bit of olive oil first I mean this is like your your, classic, set up here big skillet olive.

Oil I feel like you start out a lot of your cooking with this setup right absolutely and just a little bit of garlic here a little bit of garlic this is actually elephant garlic so it's a little more mild so, to that I'm, gonna add a little bit of crushed red pepper as well so we want to make it just a little bit spicy and work this around still just a little bit all right so, now that their garlic's working around its got its flavors I'm gonna go ahead and add my chopped Florida, tomatoes. I'm. Gonna add a little bit of white wine. There. You go we're, gonna go with a little lemon zest. And. Lemon. Juice so, we're essentially making our pasta sauce here is this we are just what this is absolutely, I'm gonna go ahead and add a little basil pesto here, and, this is gonna give it a good Irby flavor, this. Is brought back up to a boil we can go ahead and add our shrimp you ready and when I add them for me sure and. Then put them all right in mmm. Absolutely. That, is looking good. All. Right we're gonna stir, this around a little bit okay so we got our shrimp in there all of our other ingredients are kind of coming together and so while the shrimp are cooking I'm just gonna put a layer of fresh baby spinach right. On top, Wow so I want this baby spinach to just kind of wilt I don't want to cook it too much and it's gonna do this on top so now we're gonna go ahead and plate up our pasta now this is some angel hair pasta on, my bowl here give, it just a little bit of a twist. Wow. And now it's time to stir this up a little bit I think. We'll try to give it a pan snap are you ready I'm ready for a snap, there. We go oh man. So this is where that spinach just just gets coated on that snap like that it really does it just just kind of coats and we just want it to will we don't want it to cook too much okay now we're just gonna go ahead and. Start. Ladling this on. Spooning. This on get plenty of sauce on here and shrimp. Absolutely. Just smells delicious, this looks phenomenal I can't wait to get into it it does give me a two Redding's I'm to work with here you are sir Fork, I'm. Going on this side I'm twirling you twirl I do I cut all. Right cutting the pasta, I'm just gonna go in oh there, we go I, got. Two on there oh oh. Oh. Sure. Absolutely, delicious. That. You know for. This recipe and many many more go to our website at how to do Florida comm mm-hmm, that's why I'm cuttin that was inappropriate this. Florida, cooking, segment, was brought to you by fresh, from, Florida. Remember, delicious. Is always. Served fresh. From. Florida. Coming. Up the big reveal an unforgettable. Trip of a lifetime it's. How to do Florida's number one camping, adventure and, it's coming up next. Coming up next how to do Florida's, number, one, favorite. Florida, camping, adventure is, revealed. When. How to do Florida, returns. And. Now. Gliding, down the swanee River and into our number 1 slot on our countdown it's. Truly. The trip of a lifetime, this. Is the one I will never forget and the, one you've got to try so. Sit back and, take it in as we, show you how. To do canoe camping. The. Black water of the swanee River winds. Through jagged limestone, cliffs and past, high Bluffs top, with ancient oaks. This. Remarkable, landscape, is unlike any other place in Florida and deserves. To be taken and slowly there's. No better way to experience this, primitive beauty that by filtering out on a canoe camping trip for my son Chase's birthday I, decided to take him on a father-and-son, trip, of a lifetime canoeing, and camping way, down upon the swanee River one. Of the things that struck me the most about the swanee was it's calm black water tannins, leached from plants, in the Okefenokee create. This dark rich color or, possibly. Better described by Chase who, said dad, are, we floating in root beer but. The Suwannee is probably best known for the song that made it famous back, in 1851. The song all folks at home which, is Florida State song by the way was. Written about this very River the Suwannee River, Stephen. Foster, the gentleman who wrote this song never. Actually even visited, the river. Stephen. You. Don't know what you were missing buddy from, the walls of cypress knees lining, the banks to, the remarkable, white limestone, cliffs, the swanee is a magnificent.

Sight To behold more. Than a hundred years ago steamboats. Cruise these very waters selling. Their wares to folks living along these banks. This. Will a good spot to camp. When. Setting up camp your priority, is always shelter, believe me you don't want to be setting up your tent in the dark. It's. Up well I got the camp fire going chase does what he does best Explorer, looking, for firewood, chili. Or stew makes, for a great canoe, camping meal it's easy to pack and hearty, enough to fill you up I, had. Been waiting all day to give chase his birthday present I have a gift you want open up now or tomorrow now, there. You go. Nice. They're. Pretty cool. Daddy. Happy birthday buddy. We. Ate dinner next to the fire watch the moon listen, to the wildlife but, mostly we, just enjoyed the moment it's. Beautiful out here at night Annette, at. First light with a gentle mist rising, over the black water it was time for a hot breakfast, ham and eggs and don't. Forget coffee, on button we got to pack up and get on the river. Before. Heading off to the rope swing we. Broke down our camp and pack the canoe up and got ready for the next leg and our journey down the river when. You get down to it it's really what canoe camping is all about a, journey it's, paddling, down a beautiful, river taking, in the amazing, scenery and stopping, to check out something that looks like fun just, because you can. At, nightfall you make your camp and rest before, moving on the next day as you continue, to explore, what, lies around the river's bend I. Would. Encourage you to take advantage of Florida's many camping, opportunities well. That's our show I hope, you learned something but more importantly, I hope you feel encouraged, to get out and do, Florida, for more info on this episode go to how to new Where you'll find bonus, how-to videos, and all of chef Justin, goe recipes, and be sure to check out our new Florida, page which is our giant list of events and activities all, over the, Sunshine, State yeah, you should check it out, how. To do Florida was brought to you in part by bells department, stores, encouraging. You to live the Florida lifestyle, how. To do Florida's, official, gear is provided, by gender, Mountain. Wheedle live outdoors, now. What is this right here those are keep the kids occupied so. You poke the kids with this or it can be done okay not, advised you. Know we're about to go experience. Just. Greatness. Okay. We. Had a little bit guys seriously. Okay. Ready let's do it keyword. Mosquito, repellant and burger and first, aid kit they'll get you their. Accommodations. For how to do Florida, provided, by the Courtyard. By Marriott Lake. Mary for a change of pace change the scenery you'll find everything you need at Courtyard, by Marriott Lake. Mary for reservations, call four oh seven four, four four one thousand. Classic. Chad remember, Yeah right there ooh yeah, perfect, yes. You.

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