How to make more friends and generate positive energy

How to make more friends and generate positive energy

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Hi everyone, happy to see you all We are at the train station, going to Kyiv with my Irish friends Guys, say hi The girls came to Ukraine 3 month ago from Ireland And I'm here to take send them off and not only me, but a lot of their friends Which they've made for 3 months, I don't believe that time flies so fast And the girls made more friends for 3 months than me for a year in Mariupol Today we’re going to talk about the 5th Happiness component “Relationships” And today’s video will be more informal than usually I’ll show how we spend time in Kyiv And we will take interview with Sarah and Aisling about how they connect to people so fast Maybe it’ll help you to find more friends, be happier and enjoy life more Get yourself comfortable and let’s get it started Very emotional moment the girls are very sad, and I'll try to cheer them up Will show them my previous video just added English subtitles We’re in Kyiv, checked in the apartment We’re going to a gym but before want to drink a cup of coffee I’d love to ask girls a couple of questions About what they liked and didn’t like about Ukraine The rest of the video will be in English, and I’ll add subtitles a bit later Welcome to Kyiv! Ok girls So you spent in Ukraine especially in Maripupol about  three months and you pretty much understand how life works with the people and the first question  I want to ask you - what do you like about Ukraine especially? So I really love the people. We met  so many gorgeous people and they're so kind they're so welcoming and we just felt really great  here and second thing that I really love is that they're absolutely crazy about dance so I love how  much they love dance they're up for Irish dancing flamenco whatever it is. They just want to dance. I love  that. Thanks for that Ais, Sarah what about you? For me, I have to first of all agree with Ais and one thing  I'd add about the people is I adore them and what difference I see with Irish people and people  in Ukraine is people in Ukraine seem to be super super proactive of all the great support we got  over the last three months every time we ask someone for help they would act on it immediately  I never seen anyone to do something so quickly in all of my life. Another thing that blew my mind and really baffled me was the contrast in weather here in Ireland where we come from there's no extremes from year to year or in all of our life really We arrived in winter and now we're leaving in  near summer and what we've seen was extreme conditions of snow, cold, barren and  then we got to watch everything bloom from seeds to like leaves on the trees  and this gorgeous spring summer bloom so that was just beautiful to watch i'd come back  for that again. Okay thanks for that and the next question will be much more tricky and please be  honest with me what you didn't like about Ukraine? Great I have a very clear answer for that and that  is I don't like that it's not part of the EU and we have to leave after 90 days that's just not cool. Oh yeah that's true. So Sarah what about you? What do I not like about Ukraine? It's so hard  to say because we had such a good time over here but one thing would be the  portion sizes in restaurants.

Every time we went somewhere we seen on our  plates we seen in the bowls there was such a small and now compared to what we  get at home. At home you can ask for extra It is great because they tell us the  grams and everything that you're eating but there was times we walked out of restaurants still hungry *nervous laughs* We had coffee and now time to work out and will take you to the gym We found one cool gym called Sport Plasa And before a workout I want to ask the girls the 3rd question The third question for you. You made so many  friends for three months, a lot of people were crying at the train station and I've noticed that  you can build relationships so fast and what tips can you give to people who want to make more  friends and be happier from relationships with others. Thanks for reminding us of that in my mind  it's very simple like if you want to make friends

you need to be a friend to other people, treat  people as you want to be treated but what I always think is great to remember is that people's moods  change like the weather and that you might meet someone today and you mightn't have the greatest  experience but if you give them a second chance and you meet them again tomorrow they could be  a completely different person because they could be just having a bad day yeah so i think give give  people a chance at least meet people three or four times before you judge them or make a decision  on whether you're going to see them again and to always feel united with people like  look at them, treat them like a friend and they'll feel that from you and you'll  have a better response. Ais what about you? great I love this question so for me I think  it starts from when you're a young child so as a child my mom put me into Irish dancing and  even to this day I still have my Irish dancing friends for life so it's very important to be a  part of a club and then in more recent years I wanted to replace that in my life so we joined a travel club and we literally have friends from all over the world so we're always making new friends.  We're really open to people we realize that we're all just the same. What I'd also like to say about  making friends is that to remember there's nearly

eight billion people in the world and there's  people that share the same interests as you all over the planet and i'd also like to say that  to have a mindset of believing that it's easy to make friends because there's eight billion  people in the world. We all love each other at some level, we're all human, we're all  similar and you know when you meet someone on the street if you have an opportunity to speak  do, give a person a smile. Simple things like that but some people do have lots of friends but they  feel like it's not the right connection for them or it's not supporting them and what they want  to do in their life but there's hundreds and thousands of groups online offline all over the  world that you can connect to. So there's so many gorgeous people in the world that want to connect  with you on the same level the same interests and i always remember that quote that friends  are the family that we choose in life We want to eat after the gym and we’re in a Thai restaurant called Spicy No Spicy This is our delicious food, and we are going to continue the interview So our interview is going to continue if you don't  mind and I want to ask you next next question I've noticed you are so positive  you're so energetic all day and how do you generate your positive energy? Do  you have any tips for that? Yeah so three things. One is feed your mind with positive self-talk, positive  things, so positive affirmations learn how to do them you can find out on Youtube it's easy the  second is exercise it releases serotonin, you're going to feel good after you're never going to  feel bad, as we've done before yeah? yeah and the third is meditation. We all go through  tough times in life and this is a great way of calming down, feeling into your body and feeling  better. Yeah how often do you think people

should do affirmation, meditation and exercises? Everyday hopefully yeah maybe with exercise you can have one day off but the rest every day  brilliant thanks for that. Sarah what about you? For me what I'd love people to remember is  that they deserve to be in a beautiful state as much as they can and they have the power to  change their state. There's so many different emotions that we have on a day-to-day  basis and if you're in a negative one you can take a breath, you can go outside  spend time in nature. One thing people can say to themselves is "this too shall pass"  over and over and over again to remember that their state is not permanent that they can  get back to a more beautiful state. Another thing I

always go to when i'm having a bad day is nature  going outside if you're near the beach if you're near a park forest whatever it may be even just  listening to birds outside your window can have a really powerful effect on your mental health.  Yeah. And then the last thing I wanted to say was a lot of people's negative states come from  interactions they have with other people so it's important for people to really take care  of themselves and also take care of others as well Your relationships in life are so important and  there was a research done 75-year study actually on the value of relationships in being happy  and being healthy so if you do a little check-in with yourself to see how are my relationships  and yeah if there's something that you can do even a small gesture to make them a little bit  better with someone else then do that. We are on a boat decided to go for a ride over Dnipro river And I will ask the last questions to the girls Girls, are you ready for the interview it's the last question this is  the fun funniest question I want to ask you so if you were Ukrainian President what would you  change in Ukraine? Okay great question first of all I would give every Ukrainian 1000 euros so that  they can take a trip to Ireland. I'll vote for you

Sarah what would you change? What would I change... I'd probably get on national television more often to tell the people on the ground that they're  doing great. The change that we've seen in Mariupol from the war a couple years ago to  where it is now is absolutely supreme so they are making such great progress and as well as  that I'd remind people in their local towns how beautiful the places are because we were  there and every question that we had off people was why did you bother coming here and yeah  they thought it was strange that we were there but they could just look around and take in the  beauty that's you know around them. And the last question I didn't plan it but I feel like you have  something to share with people watching this video What do you want to say about Ukraine? Yeah you  know that saying "don't judge a book by its cover" yeah this is what i think to be true about travel  as well some people won't have the countries that they heard something about that they think they  mightn't like it but give every place a chance and especially the Ukraine. It has been a hundred times  better than what we thought it was going to be even though we had some insight from knowing you. It has just been a dream come true and look

at Kyiv even behind us here, even smaller cities like Mariupol there's something great to be found in any new country you travel to and something to be learned  so definitely come here and try it out. It's class! Ais what would you like to say? Come to Ukraine. Book yourself a  flight. Come here. Did you hear that? Come to Ukraine! Perfect girls, thank you very much for  this interview. Oh my god this insight, I feel like it will impact people who are watching this. Thanks for for being and answering and agreeing on this interview. Ahhh it's such a  pleasure to be on The Happiness Project again and to everyone that we met in Mariupol and  Kyiv when we arrived first wow the support was incredible, the affection, the love, every moment  we had with you was just so special and it really gave us an understanding of how great Ukrainian  people are that we can take with us wherever we go and share these brilliant stories. Yeah  that's true Ukrainian people are great

as Irish as well. Big thank you to the people  of Ukraine we've had the best time here thanks so much we love yous. Thanks everyone for  watching and we're gonna take a ride on this boat! wow

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