How to spot paid online trolls and residential gangstalkers! Shaming Americans for having Opinions!

How to spot paid online trolls and residential gangstalkers! Shaming Americans for having Opinions!

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Hi. Guys okay I came across this, article I, just typed paid. Trolls, into the Google. Search engine and, there's. A whole bunch of information about that about, that and, I, think that this is the, problem. With, what. People. Are referencing. Related. To tampering, with the election, is when anyone. Can be paid to be a troll and. This. Article is on Steam it it says how to spot a paid troll and what to do when, you find one not, I mean the thing is not that there's much that you can do it says you may not want to believe this but there are people who actually exist. That, are paid real money to troll you on the Internet, people, who are given, money from political, foundations. And set, loose online, to, give you a hard time for having an opinion opposed, to their sugar. Daddy and sugar mommies that's what they do so. So, basically they're shaming, people for having a political, opinion, or stand for, something, that's important. Correct. The record is the. Main paid. Troll organization. You, will come across in the 2016. Presidential, campaign cycle. Alone they've, accumulated. Six. Million, three. Hundred and seventy six thousand. Eight hundred six, hundred and eighty four which they'll use to pay trolls online to harass you and so. That's kind of what they were talking about, related. To the, Russian trolls who are targeting, people and. And. So, you, know so it's just like, you stand up for something and these people just like come, at you and come at you and come at you III, this. Is a trend that I've noticed myself having, been online for, 22, years myself. You. Know before, everything. Switched. To, online you. Know to where. That's where the masses of people are at is online. You. Know there was kind of a lighter atmosphere. Of the internet and it was just kind of fun and playful and now, it's just gotten really vicious but, you. Know but I can't hope but also think that maybe there's a strategy. Behind that because the, traditional, medium, which, is a closed off. Closed. Off an anti diverse, because they have their own. Well. It's the cable box I showed, you guys that before, the cable box over there. Not everyone, can use that not everyone, can earn revenue, from it and so, the corporate, media has been controlling. The. Agenda is, more or less and, so I have my own suspicious. That the bad actors, that, President. Obama talked about that the bad actors, are, actually. The politicians. That they they're paid, in. Some capacity by, corporate, media but, they're under non-disclosure, agreements. And, and. So that's just my that's. Just my opinion and so, so, it's like so what's to stop them. From moving into our neighborhoods, and just harassing, people in neighborhoods. You know like because. I've mentioned, this before and. I did a video the other day and, someone. Had mentioned the gang stalking again, and I showed how we had all these cars that were just driving around on, Christmas. Day well actually it was the evening and, you. Know typically, there's, not a lot open there's not a lot to do but there's just all these cars driving around and they're like gang stalking that's, what they wrote and, so so which can be related. To. Activism. Or, political. Harassment so, if you stand for something. It's basically, basically, like they're trying to bully bully, you into an, opinion, or bully you if you, stand up for something you, know or but like here, yeah. I like here where I live. I'm not gonna go into that but I have my opinions, about that being related, to. Environmental. Activism. Because of the fact that they're doing like the houses, here in the, swamp and so that's a whole different matter and. That's something that that, environmentalists, have been combating. For. You, know forever, you, know so I would have never thought that I would have actually been living in something like that but, you. Know that's that's. I. Mean all I can do is just share. Things are in, my environment about that but I wanted, to show you guys this this is the a big, list here. Of. Websites. Many, trolls, are simply paid. Due. Paid trolls actually, exist. The. Practice, the line between paid, media troll, is a pretty thin one, and, if in fact there is a line what. Can we do to stop paid trolls, is it. Possible, to identify paid. Russian, trolls, the. Things you learn. Learn. Getting, paid to troll people online, cracks. Calm. You, can actually get paid to troll on social, media and it pays, how.

Trolls Are ruining. The Internet I I have a tendency. To agree with that but. At the same time I have to take it with a grain of salt because of the fact that it. Very well could be the traditional, media, corporate. Media who's behind, some of this because they want people to go back and they want people to watch the narrow vision. Of their box and so, so. Their box is an obstruction is basically, what it is they've. Taken away net neutrality, so, that means they're favoring, their own content, over everybody else's, so, basically, they're just trying to pollute, and ruin the internet, because. Because. People. Don't, want to watch. Their. Crap anymore and, people, are on to them and, and. And it's like we want to evolve to something else you know we want things that are good for us in society and so, it's like they just don't want to let go so they've had control. For. A long time do you notice how the word troll is in control. Con. Context. Con con, artists. Control. So, a, con. Troll. I mean, and that's basically, what, the film industry, is is a con it's a big con game that's what advertising is, as a Content game it doesn't have to be real and. You. Know so so the things that they put out don't have to be real they never did and that's why Trump. Is talking about fake. News all the time and and. So let's. Let's look at crack calm, you, know six things you learn getting paid to troll people. So so, we've established that, this is. Activism. Politics. And, things. Like that and, so it's like well where where does it stop so what's the point of just harassing people so so. It, and see I realized, that I know with the USA Freedom Act aka, the Patriot, Act whatever you want to call it whatever new name they call it after that and that's what they've been doing the politicians, have been changing. The names and so they come up with these names they're using, Congress, gov, as their, own personal, social. Media to tag each other into while. They exclude everybody else they, come up with these names and and. So they tag other politicians. And. And. And so. And. Then, they they, use a bunch of wordplay and semantics, simply, to confuse, people but it's related to trends, and things like that and so, then they're favoring. Corporate. Media content. Is that's. Just my observations. They're favoring the corporate media content. Because everything, is digital. And. So. But. This website. Says. I always tell the truth even when i troll ha yeah right, yes, I'm trolling you know that doesn't mean that I don't more.

Or Less mean. Every word that I say in my writing, but I punch, up my style and I put it in a way most, likely, to irritate people who, deserve, to be irritated, so, so, these are just people who are being antagonistic. And, purposely. Trying, to incite. Other, people, for. One reason or another, you know I mean because I I don't see anything wrong with actually, having conversations. Because. Of the fact. Because. Of the past history. Well, like if, you think of the cable box it's just one-sided it's, them telling, you what they want you to think basically that's all that spin is them telling you what is, important. What they think is important, to you and so. They, have a closed-off communications. Back to, them and they, don't want to listen and that that's how that's been but with the internet and so media and politics. The. Internet is two-sided, there's a two-sided, conversation. So it's just like in life there should be the. Other people, don't know what's best, they just don't, and. And. So the. Problem, with this closed off. Cable. Internet. Of. The traditional, media corporate, media is. That. No. One can deviate, from, the. Standard and that's what they have is they have a cookie cutter standard, because they want everybody, doing everything the same so, so it's basically a dictatorship. Is what it is and so and, and that's kind of like the symbolism, behind Donald. Trump running. The country which he really doesn't seem interested, in even doing, he doesn't even seem interested, in that job. You. Know I'm not even sure, that I see how the policies, that he's done are. Helping. People I just don't see how it is because the thing is it's like he, had signed something himself or, he, he can signing an executive order. But, unless there's a policy, or some precedents, put in place it. Could be undone just like he's done to President, Obama by undoing everything that President Obama did or now, Donald, Trump wants to take credit for things that that.

President. Obama wanted, to do and. And. So, you, know it's like granted, I know President. Obama was not perfect, when it comes down to. You. Know everything. You, know and I know, universal. Health care. Would. Be best for our country and. You. Know it's like we're paying for government employees to have health care, that. We don't have and, so it's like well why should we be paying for the government employees when they're the ones who are paid to keep things the way that they are and if. That's what it comes down to and. So. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah there I went into my little thing. You. Know so so it. Just seems like the. People. Who are the. Most edge, hated, who. They. Found ways to send, them to college or to get them to go to, college and. They. While, they control, everything and so they have a few people and actually, I even questioned, too because it appears to me that a lot of them are appearing. In masks. Too now or they're, using CGI of some sort so yeah, there's something going on and so it's like well where, does it stop well just where does it stop so we just, constantly, have, harassment. All the time because. The. People who are part of these networks are, our. Assholes. You, know is that what it boils down to you, know and so they have to harass people. In. Your neighborhood you. Know or keep people awake at night and create, sleep deprivation just. Because. They. Think that, you should see something else and, you, know granted I get I get that that corporate, media. Well. The politicians, are bought on both sides. And, they're the problem you, know the they're, the biggest problem, that we have right now. And. And, so but who are the net you know who are the networks and why is this permitted, and is this related to citizens, united or, like what people talk about with George, Soros or money coming, in from foreign countries and so, if it's coming from foreign countries and political, activism, is in our neighborhoods, and it's, harassing. People then. What. Kind of environment, is that creating, for our country. When. It comes to voting by, keeping, people who. Who. Are kept awake you know or kept awake and. You. Know you're just harassing people and being an asshole that's. Harass that's legitimate, harassing. Meant and bullying and. Like. What why isn't there a stop to that weren't they putting a stop to that because it's like if you're gonna deploy, people to neighborhoods, to. Be an asshole, to people in, neighborhoods. Then. The, person who's doing that maybe. They should be the. Maybe, they should be, have. A taste of their medicine, the money, people who are doing it I mean. That's what it I mean I don't know how to how, you put it in you an other way I mean. You. Know I've always thought that there. Are certain elements of, the internet that can be taught, using. Traffic, and things like that but but. It's. Like but it's like okay so if somebody is doing something for educational. Purposes. Wouldn't. You tell the community, it's like okay. We have people, who are learning or.

This. Is being taught it's part of a school thing so, but why would you be including, neighborhoods, in that or why would you be putting tourism. Into. Residential. Neighborhoods. You know but. Granted. Yeah but this is a it's. A commercial, business so when somebody else owns your. Land, in, your development, it is a commercial, business and so yeah. That's part of the thing here that I've concluded, that, there's activism, going on. To. Something else it would have been great that if somebody could have just come right out and told me but I had to figure it out myself because. Of the fact because, the sensitive. Nature I, guess of. You. Know that I just, figured, it out myself. You. Know well you. Know due to a series, of events, and little, bits and pieces of information that I picked up from community. Meetings and things like that and. And. So yeah so when, you're building commercial. Developments. And, it's. Not a real city that's. A commercial venture, I don't care what you call it it's not a real neighborhood that's that's not real neighborhoods. So. Anyway. Yeah. So so there's online paid. Online trolls, and. Activist. Political activists. And people paid just to be assholes to people in neighborhoods. That's. That, I mean there's nothing else more, to it there, there's just people who are assholes, and unfortunately. The. Things that I saw on, Facebook. That. Something, Facebook is even itsy appeared, that the military, was involved possibly somehow, too you. Know so are, people who used to be in the military let's, put it that way so they went in the military and they get out so there seems to be a lot of that there's, a lot of soldiers who go in the military and then get out so. So. I don't know I don't know what's going on or I. I. Do know that, a lot of film industry, networks. Pick. Up former military, for, their skills you. Know so so they'll, go in the military learn, a skill and then they work for the film industry. You, know building, things building, buildings, building, sets building, roads houses, things. That are related to the film industry and. And. So. Yeah. And. So they, do have but, it's like well what's the point of building cheap, temporary, crap that, doesn't amount to anything that's. The thing that I don't get you, know so we have people that are just forever. Trolling, or are. They laundering, money who knows you, know but, but but in the meantime. It's. An annoyance, it's. A big annoyance, you know so you you have an idea that where you were going, was, supposed. You know you didn't, had no idea that. What. Was happening. Prior. To the place that you were moving to so and that's what happens when they recruit people from up north to move down south you're. Basically, moving. Into, a troll fest own is what it is at the troll festas own because of the, nature of. Basically. Draining the swamp is what it amounts to you so anyway, that's it I have, nothing else to say but we have a bunch of trolls here, and. And, I think and it's related to Wall Street somehow. I guess and, so.

But. Thanks to a variety of people and things. That they've said and you. Know from. The community meetings, and things like that I kind, of figured out what's going on and. But. It's our local politicians. Who keep approving. So it's like well well, they. Someone's. Paying them you. Know cuz clearly they can't survive. Off, $14,000. A year so, they got to be getting money from somewhere else too, so. Yeah. That's what they pay our local politicians, is $14,000. A year. So, they've got to be getting money from somewhere else I. Mean. That's all there is to it they got to be getting money from somewhere else someone else has, to be paying them they, got to have another job to do something, else or, they, would not be able to survive to live here but actually, I kind of questioned a lot of them though because. When I when, I left Iowa, well there was a woman up there she moved in there and she claims she was from Fort. Dodge I'd, never seen her or heard of her before and she was running against. She. Was running against, my, high school boyfriend's, mother which. Who I knew I mean, I knew her but. This other woman, never heard of her but, if she just shows up out of nowhere she has an apartment and. That's the funny part you think about it so they, get an apartment and come. Up with this history, and claim that they've, lived there their whole life that's the story behind it they claim they've lived there their whole life and, but. But it turns out that. A lot of these people. Have. Have. Are. Not even living there, so, they have an apartment they pay for an apartment, and. They're not even living in the districts, that they're representing, so that that's what it amounts to so. Yeah. They're not even they just had an apartment in their name and they're, not even living in the districts, that they claim. They represent, and that's basically, what the, politics, has, sunk. To you right now is, you. Know people just going, in there doing the networking, or whatever and they're.

Making It appear, that they care and so they're just getting theirs they, get in and they get out or they stay in and they create. Policy, for their corporate. Media or whoever they're working, for and. And. So, they get their bread their pockets, greased all the time that's, what we have right now is people a bunch of sellout, this is what it is we have a bunch of sellouts so, I quit well what, about the working class people, what. About the working class people and so, I guess, if. This is the reason that I get trolled online, this is the reason I get trolled online, and. This. Is, for, me having an opinion about something as so, it's like so it, is that, right, to harass people just. Because people have an opinion about something, you. Know to to. Just, be shitty. Okay. Anyway, that's it.

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