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oh uh-huh okay good evening everybody uh welcome to another edition of travel matters i still remember your host claire forgets about clifford and um i want to welcome you to the end of the month of july and as we have seen the ending of this month so shall we all see the end of this year 2021. um i want to briefly discuss about uh the uk tourist visa the uk tourist visa and the uk work visa uh briefly i just want you to join me let's start with by uh sharing this uh video to our contacts to our walls um to get as much views as we can get so we can talk about this uh top topic uh first let's start with the uk work um tourist visa for for the past one more time or two weeks now you have been here hearing me uh learning about the uk tourist visa through the edo festival an award uh and uh it has been on our post um and i have also in interview about jj barry the host of the ado festival an award on this platform um to explain to to us true how the ado festival award is you can go to our youtube channel at travel matters clef travel matters on youtube just search clef travel matters you will get the video where we interview ambassador jj barry about the adopters festival and an award now what is this a do festival award the duffel special be organized by jj barry that that brings a thousand and daughter to the uk um to celebrate our rich cultural heritage and this edition happened to be the 10th edition so it's going to be a big ones will be massive and by the grace of god clef travels and our bookkeepings we are the official travel partner for the adult festival and awards show now i have urged every one of us let's try and use this medium to get a uk tourist visa through the adult festival and award the invite is out um the invite if you need the invite you can contact me or you can contact um ambassador jj barry um for the invite for this show get your in invite will be willing to help you package your uk tourist application to enable you apply for the uk okay let me bring up the banner for the do festival and award okay the banner is already up here so with this you can apply the banner is there so you can read it through okay okay um nosares is the uh official host for the cost of this event and the event will be taking place on the 17th to on the 19th of september there is just two months time so you will see i've now now seen on the uh 10th of next month of august to apply for this event so you can contact me or contact ambassador jj barry for your invites to enable you attend this event don't miss this location don't miss miss it out for i'm trying the years we have been using the cost of this event to apply for the adobe festival and an award for our clients and it has been working so don't just feel like uh maybe my in my talk in my own world no if you have the completed comment and we are going to guide you to make sure you have the complete door comments to enable you apply for the cost of this event for the cost of this event so the flyer is already on the screen as we can all see the uh venue is lighthouse all 62 l74 camberwell road london so the number is there you can go to the official site of edo festival you can confirm you can um see slides of the previous edition uh so you you you you won't feel maybe it's not a legitimate event so you could search on their gogo you can go on their face facebook and go type a doe festival an award so i want to urge you you can use this opportunity to apply and don't be shocked a lot of big dignitaries from a dough will be attended this event okay just hold on let me play this short clip for you okay a doe festival and awards the 10th edition nominees honorary award non-voting category his royal majesty ii the opera of benin his excellency mr godwin obaseki executive governor at daw state his excellency right honourable comrade philip shaibu deputy governor at doe state her excellency mrs betsy obaseki first lady at those state honorable era bar emokbai the man who casted the official emblem of festax 77 global artist award of excellence voting categories a dough man of the year captain hosa akumbo at the south kenneth emma swagman at dos central apostle professor johnson sullivan at dole north a dope woman of the year senator daisy haniri danjuma mrs angela ibagua mokure amina o izabello first lady kogi state adult youth ambassador male category a du youth enterpreneur 2021 this is for a deute who has directly or indirectly employed empowered and helped to give a dough a facelift honorable assembly for e-tech nation bright material jill wall hotel and raptor club ambassador wesley also wesley hotels wesley water honorable valentine aswan dvd oil ambassador destiny ibagua desktop holdings fba entertainment jude ira cambodia auto sales andrew mcmurdo ceo javerm nigeria limited osinbajo club ziggy adult youth ambassador female category honorable barrister of mossadi igbenadian immediate past member federal house of representative ebi priya lady mcconnick hairwall salon g works and decker p beauty salon best non-governmental organization in edo state godsend foundation one love foundation john cena boybe foundation best at the representative federal honorable omaregy ogbedi ihama oredo [Music] [Music] eague honourable danis indahosa of vienna north east of your southwest best adult senator senator matthew aisak monreal urokiti south senator clifford akimiya mona ordia central senator francis alimigena north best hotel ethanol hotel adore heritage hotel ui grand hotel randecki hotel best western home view hotel constantial hotel mosey hotel wesley hotel west view hotel and protea hotel best television station in a dough state independent television at doe broadcasting service african independent television nigerian television authority silverbed television channel's television best radio station independent radio rail power fm speed fm vibes fm and ebs radio best transport company era motors amelsa motors goddess good motors mooji line a degree motors big joe motors and faith motors and their online comedian of the year max crony dos scent a dopey kin young elder home of laughter mc casino brasilo mcl amano mc twinkle king james best young indigenous musician ed though the talented stars wilson higuato akobe stanley o yanawa influenza acaba aigi boviosa best old indigenous musician edo ambassador osamura joseph akaba man professor collins okay lobito prince dombre agama alaska ago these are the nominees and recipients for the award at the 10th edition of adobe festival and award uk to vote log on to vote for your favorite nominees okay welcome back so those are the nominees for the edo festival and award they are the nominees to receive an award for the course of this event so in case you are still doubting all the names mentioned there in in that video we'll be live in london for the course of this event so it's not just a little garden though this is one of the biggest adult event in london so don't miss this opportunity to attend the edo festival and award is an avenue for you to explore the uk you can you can go to london you can go to manchester go to any city at all so contact me contact cleve travels and the bookings or contact ambassador library our contact is um written below you can see the slide our number is there so you can contact jj barry you can contact me um to assist you to apply for the sake of this event so don't miss this opportunity to um get a six-month uk tourist visa you will be issuing a six-month uk tourist visa so don't be scared i will guide you i will help you prepare your uh application and i i can guarantee you that come on the night on the 17th to 19th of september i'll see you in in uk so that is all for the okay the some somebody asked say what are the requirements for um this uk tourist visa okay it is very very simple most importantly is your international passports you need to have an international passport to apply for this event and you you you must be working with a salary ana or you have a registered business and if you are a salary ender you you must provide your promotional letter your employment letter your introduction letter from your boss and um your leave letter the letter your company is writing grantee you leave to be able to um apply for because of this to participate for the course of this event i can guide you in drafting out those a letter i can guide you i can send you format and if you're a business owner and needs your um comprehensive registration if you have tax clearance fine if if you don't have it okay but for business owner you must um submit your states your um cs rotation then also you will need to um present your six account statement yes i just say it every time you can major on accounts yeah major on an account so your account must be wrongly so your account must be wrongly very very well okay some somebody said when we the application for this event is fire yeah you have nancy on the 10th of august to apply you have nothing on the 10th on the 10th is the closure date so 90 on the 10th you can apply for the sake of this for the cost of this event now you need a six-month account statement and the account must be running very very well with a closing balance of nothing less than 2.8

million in your account nobody is going to touch it the the the mercy want to see that you can actually sponsor yourself for the sake of this event so that is the uh um basic requirements to apply for the uk tourism visa now we also have another package okay let me bring it up uh okay we have another package for a uk um working visa by the greatness of god cliff travels on a bookings partner with an organization in the uk and they will be willing to offer any of our clients a one-year employment just for one year after one year you can renew your working permit over there in the in the in the uk but you're gonna you'll work for the organization for just one year for just one year so it comes with a working permit the job and an accommodation yeah it's a community it's a community it's a um community service social work uh for for those of you that want to know is a social work as a community service so you can contact me my number is there you can contact me on a whatsapp or tell the phone and so i can elect you more on how to apply for this uk working visa i discussed about the uk tourist visa and we have another package now for the uk work visa so it's an opportunity it is open this one is open now to you i think engine of august yeah this is open now team ending of august for this uk work visa mind you terms and conditions apply terms and condition apply so contact me via my telephone number zero seven zero six nine two four seven four two five or zero nine zero six six eight seven one four eight four uh and i'll be able to explain to you well on how to apply for the uk work visa so those are the two packages we have available for the uk and uh we will be very happy to work with you to package your application for you to be able to migrate in a genuine way to the uk you know there are so many news about uh um travel agency online you know if you if you go to my youtube channel at cleve travel math matters i stated um um ways you can add identify a fraudulent or a fake travel agent is on our youtube channel at clef travel matters so you can go and watch it how to identify a fraudulent travel agent is on our youtube channel and i also spoke about countries you can travel to without visa yeah country you can travel to without visa what you need to do just to buy your a flat stick ticket that's a nice country that you don't know of that you can go without visa so it's on our youtube channel at cleve travel matters and uh you will be delighted to know that there are some amazing country you can go which has visa for for example medias so if you want to know more go to our youtube channel and click on cleve travel matters you will see our different series we have talked about a lot of things you will be enlightened so learn more so these are the few uh information that i have for you today and uh i want to appreciate everyone that have been liking our page so you can share so a lot of persons can get this info about the uk for the tourist visa and for the working visa so you can share our page you can like our page you can recommend our page to us someone so you don't know who needs this info so like our page and uh for if if you need genuine gist about lifestyle about and entertainment um about you know normal gist you can follow radiant trend on instagram on facebook you will be amazed to to get past that information about and talk to me those of you that are watching ninja follow radiant trend to be getting info as they happen you know just you know we women are the lack of those this so just follow radio trend and uh you will get all the latest info uh we also have cliff otto's we are deal on um new new cars if you need genu cars new we can import any cars from us canada and japan for you um we said good number car genuine you can like clear photos on facebook and uh you can also like k express logistics without logistics in benin lagos pick up just general errands um k express got you covered so you can follow us on our facebook and also rich investors if you want to buy land you know um i was doing a live video one of in in my personal page at clifford gets about somebody mess message me is in spain the guy said in both land uh true somebody know but to his greatest substance overpriced when is he sending another one confirmed how genuine that land is they found out that somebody is already developing that land so if you you don't want an issue you want to buy a genuine land you can help you survey we can register your land contact rich investors you can search us on on facebook at reach reaching investors and we can help you secure that party any lunch one second buy houses if you want to sell house houses we can help you buy and sell so thank you very very much this is where i will end my live brokers i'll see you next friday join me on my personal page at um exactly photo just about every sunday by four as we talk about life talk about uh how to start up in the business with as low as twenty thousand so thank you very very much i'll see you again next week friday bye from now

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